Saturday, January 17

I'm bored.

We're getting ready to go to Barnes and Noble now, and I'm going to get the MAXIMUM RIDE MANGA!! Luckily I still have sixteen dollars on my gift card!  AND I just found $15.75 in QUARTERS around my room. I also found nine dollars in ones...I lose stuff alot. But the best part about that is finding it. Like today, I found a pencil I had lost a few months ago, some socks I lost a week ago and my rings that I have been looking for since last weekend. I'ts been an amazing day! And MR is gonna make it better! I hope so, anyways. I need to paint my nails...and I want to play guitar hero. These things would make my day. So I'm going to do them as soon as I get back from the store!

Yay Saturdays! Oh yeah, and to make this better, the 66th episode of Shugo Chara just came out! And I finished reading High School Debut. Well, the parts that are out, anyways. I'm still waiting on chapter 49. If that comes out later today, I'll be SUPER SUPER happy! YAYAYAYAY!
Okay...So now that you know how amazing my day has been/will be, i'm going to finish taking off my nail polish and get ready to leave.

And to make this day better, I just found out that I am making ALL A's! Maybe I can keep it this way!

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