Tuesday, January 13

not as good.

it's really not. today in spanish we watched the second semester of spanish spanish love song... and, i must reiterate (gah. stupid inner nerd. why'd you have to come out now? when i'm being LAZY?!) that it is NOT as good as the first semester. but... i must.

here it is... stupid.

here are the lyrix:

Listen to me
My love for you is on fire.
Listen to me
I buy shoes with money.
Listen to me
It's true I live with my parents.
Listen to me
I need a lot of cheese on my chalupa (what is that?!)
Is a very fine beer (hey... just telling the lyrix. ya, cuz u know me... drinking underage and everything.) (that was a sarcastic comment fyi... you can ask kristin or my parents!!)
Soap Opera
programs are ridiculous.
No leavo!
No leavo! (fyi... leavo is NOT a word.)
I have Sangria (what is THAT?!)
and a small dog for you.
No leavo!
No leavo!
No leavo!
I know Erik Estrada (idk who he is... but i heard he was on George Lopez one time...)
Erik Estrada is here.
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada is very handsome (if he says so)
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada likes many things
He likes music
and to walk on the beach.
Estrada likes Futbol (showing FOOTball ((futbol americano)))
No that other kind of futbol (which means soccer)
He's Erik Estrada.
On a bicycle with Erik Estrada.
To study with Erik Estrada.
I drink beer with Erik Estrada. (yep... back to the alcoholism... & i TOTALLY am like, bffs with Erik Estrada... even though i have no clue who he is...) (once again, sarcasm.)
In a gym with Erik Estrada.
Merry Christmas with Erik Estrada.
On the moon with Erik Estrada.
Erik Estrada!
Erik Estrada!
I know Erik Estrada!
(then the dialogue... which i'm too lazy to type. yeppers.)
Spanish Mike (that's what they call him in the information box thingy) is crazy. oh, excuse me...
Miguel de Espanol es muy loco. si, hablo espanol pequeno. yep. (i said yes, i speak small spanish... cuz that makes so much sense. really, tis a little spanish. but whatever. i'm being lazy.)
tZvR (is in pain... still)

(not really an edit, but i'm counting it: i fell asleep before i posted this. lotirofim. sorry)

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