Friday, February 20


i'm in an okay mood right now. not entirely sure what's going on with life and everything, but whatever. i highly doubt you care about i took a mental inventory of what i was going to say...but i've forgotten it all by now. 

well, we have our second track meet tomorrow. same time. O.o
Luckily, i'll be going to sleep earlier this time. hopefully. i plan on it. we went on a "field trip" in journalism. it's actually photojournalism now, but you get the point. on our field trip we got to walk around school and take was really fun, except for this one guy in my group who was being...weird, to say the least. and Jason are getting ready to watch Teen Titans, which was out favoritest show from...a while ago. Actually, that's an understatement. It was a LONG time ago. But it is an awesome show. Hilarious, too. It comes on at 9:30, so I guess i'd better stop typing now...but i'm trying to...i dunno. do something. i was rereading mars...for about the fifteenth time. literally. since i've read every single completed manga that looked relatively interesting...even the super long ones. i'm not a big fan of oneshots, but i'll read them. i'd rather have a long time to get used to, and attached to, the characters. but that's when i end up crying...gah, whatever.

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