Friday, January 29

Ah, Friday= long post

So today was pretty nice.
At least, compared to the rest of the week, it was the best day.
Why? Check "Rianna's Happiness Chart for 1/29/10" :D

Ok. So, I know you can't read it, so I'll just... do something. LIST TIME!

  1. I woke up (and thought about the ice cream party I would have in math)
  2. (Up) My friend talked about losing his pants (and the pants diary)-- More on this later.
  3. (way way way way FAR down) My math teacher forgot to buy ice cream! (I even brought a spoon!!! [cry])
  4. (up-ish) I understood math. YAY!
  5. (up) The math teacher said that she had leftover ice cream from a previous class, and we could have it (plus the ice cream she owes us) if there was enough time.
  6. (Down) We didn't even get that ice cream.
  7. (up) We made fun of my math teacher because she kept forgetting stuff (like ice cream)
  8. (up) we only got 8 problems to do for homework tonight (YESS!!)
  9. (up) I read EMAILS FROM CRAZY PEOPLE! (clicky)
  10. (up) There was no track practice today (or yesterday)
  11. (up) I made a Happiness Graph :P
  12. (down) Some of my track friends had never eaten a snickerdoodle before. (poor, deprived children)
  13. (up) I ate snickerdoodles. \(^-^)/
  14. (not on the graph- yet- but down) We have Chemistry Homework, and I didn't even go to chem today.
so yes. Today was pretty great, I guess.
So the pants.
Ah, Friend1.
So, last year, F1 was stupid (again) and asked "When was China started?" [to see more on this, click here!]. So this year, he had to lose his pants.
So I get to school and I see him standing in the middle of the hallway. I walked up to him...
Me: You look bored.
F1: Yeah, I'm tired.
Me: Same here.
F1: ... So I lost my pants.
Me: *stares*
Me: *bursts out laughing*
F2 (he was there with the China thing, too): *walks up* ... What?
Me: *keeps laughing*
Me: *still laughing* Because you deserve to be laughed at!!
F2: Why?
F1: I lost my pants.
F2: ... uhh.. What? How do you lose pants!?
F1: I don't know!!! So I went to karate practice last night, and I took of my pants Jet Li style, then folded them really neatly and put them on top of my bag. I tied them to the back so that they wouldn't come off. Then, after practice, I threw the bag in my brother's car. So I woke up this morning, and I couldn't find them! I even looked in my shoes! So I go "Mom?" "Que?" "Have you seen my pants??" and my mom starts cussing me out in Spanish!
F1: Maybe I should make a journal.
Me: What?! Yeah! Lost Pants Days: Day One.
F1: *falls to the ground laughing*
F2: What the eff is wrong with him!?
Me: He's gonna make a diary.
F2: About what?! "1/29, 9 AM: Still can't find my pants!"

So yeah. Twas quite hilarious. And when people would walk up, he would ask them for their help in finding his pants. I told them that they went to China :)

In other news, I did research for Spencer :)
CLICK HERE SPENCER I TOLD YOU IT WAS REAL!!! (sorry, the website's good, but it has a lot of stupid ads in the middle of everything [stupidly])

Rian (had a good Friday, and thanks the T-Rex for it)

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