Tuesday, March 23


Once again, the crazy things parents say (reminds me of that show... that i can't remember the title of. oh, well.):<- not a... mad face, now, i guess. it's not a face, it's just the closing of a parenthesis, and a colon. Ugh. These emoticons make things so confusing sometimes! (this was an edit...)

"He was one of those people who wear black tight jeans, with that weird hair that covers one eye. You know..... nemo."

Close, but yet so, so far. :)

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Kris said...

Kids say the darndest things?
i think that's what it was... and nemo? seriously?
yes... fang is so nemo. you know... he did get separated from his dad....technically. but he wasn't really looking for him. anyway..

Rian said...

YES! That's the one! :)
yeah. My mom said, "Even I'm not THAT bad."
and I laughed.

Nice Nemo/Fang comparison.
yay, short story. The flock watches Finding Nemo, and Fang starts thinking about how the movie relates to him. Angel cracks up, and calls him Nemo. Forget Fang, Nemo sticks. Max & Nemo. Nemax? Oh, lawl.

Rian said...

Oh, there was another one:

"What about those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, weren't they rats?"
"No, mom... They're turtles."

pahahaha way to go