Friday, May 14

A Lesson In English:

motif: [moh-teef] (noun)- a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., especially in literature.

Well, my colleagues, this literature that I'm currently talking about is REAL LIFE.
Let's begin, shall we?
So, we're going to start with the obvious, and a greeting. Happy National Chicken Dance Day. Today, May 13, is National Chicken Dance Day.
Please click this link now. When it is over, please click "Back" and return to this post.
Ah, I see you've returned. Did you enjoy that?
I sure did!
Okay. So, I previously told you that today, we would be learning about motif. If you've forgotten what a motif is (already?!), the definition is at the top.
The motif of today, if you haven't already guessed, was CHICKENS.
If you do not know what a chicken is... I cannot help you. Ask a friend, neighbor, or an adult you trust.
I will now tell you a story. So, please, relax in your swivel/metal/laz-e-boy chair, and enjoy.
Today at school, people were carrying around chicks. [baby chickens, not girls.] They were extremely loud (no joke), and... seriously. People had them in their hands and were just walking around with loud baby chickens in their hands.
Tonight, at the orchestra banquet, we had fried chicken for dinner. It made me laugh, because I was thinking of the people who were carrying around baby chickens as I ate the fried chicken.
Also at the banquet, I won a gift card for Chick-fil-a. [A chicken restaurant]
Later, I was showing a friend some pictures, when I found a picture of me wearing a chicken hat.
Yes. Chickens are a motif for today. I can only imagine what will happen in four days, on Mike The Headless Chicken Day...
Also, watch this video (which contains, you guessed it, sheep). It's pretty cool. It makes me think of a sign, that says something about calling to get sheep for your birthday party or something... (see sign here)
GLaDOS... I mean, Rian :) [i hope i didn't bore you. I'm just bored. And trying to fix my inability to write stuff at the moment. It only sucks because I've had to write two papers in the last two days, and they've all been awkward to me.]

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Kris said...

sheep for sale. for all your special occasions.
Sorry, I had to look it up... I actually have it saved on my computer. just tell me if you want me to put it on the post..

Rian said...

If you want to edit it in, be my guest. It's your post as much as it is mine... :P