Saturday, July 24

I Seek the Grail!

yeah... I'm watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail... again :)
Anyway, today we went down to South Beach and kind of walked around on Lincoln Avenue. We went to this restaurant called Carnevale and I got some Penne Arrabiata (or something). It was really good, actually. Except it had "Incredible Sauce" aka "You're-doing-it-wrong-sauce". Why? Because it was made backwards. When you have something spicy, usually when you drink water, your mouth burns even more, and when you eat bread, your mouth doesn't burn as much. In the case of this sauce, when I drank water, it was better, and worse when I ate the yummy bread that I get at some restaurants that I do not know the name of (speaking of the bread here).
Anyway, when we first got to South Beach, we stopped at a corner to watch the Raw Miami Group breakdance. It was amazing- and it was just their warm-up! They're really good :)
Also, this guy has been coming up a lot, so I'll tell you the story. A while back, my mom, brother, and I went to the mall near our house. There, we saw a guy riding a three-wheeled Segway. He reached just less than the speed limit in a school zone, and his siren went off- accidentally. Everyone kind of started laughing at him... trust me. It was funny if you were there.
Yet another thing- I like the people here. They're very rational minded. At home, it starts raining and everyone starts freaking out and running for cover like they'll melt or they're hydrophobic (coughKristincough). These people just go about their business. It's nice.
SHRUBBERY! *dramatic music* ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! *more dramatic music*

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Lipid said...

What is the average flight speed of an unladen swallow?

Rian said...

Well, which kind? African or European?