Monday, November 29

If only, If only...

(if it doesn't fit, click it!)

Friday, November 26

So. Much. Fun.

So much, in fact, that this ONE LINK deserves a WHOLE POST.

Go there. Click EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. :D it's wonderful.
So does the dude's comic- if you look at the top of the page and click where you see "Zach Weiner" in light blue letters, you can read Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. :) great stuff.

Also, another great thing to read (something I've become almost obsessed/addicted to, actually) is Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques. :) You have to start from the beginning, though- it actually tells a story. A brilliant one, at that!
Oh, jeez. I just went back & looked at the first comic (I'm on 761), and it's soooo different! And then if you look at the more recent ones... wow. It's all so much better!

Anyway... yeah. Sorry for the lack of posts- I'm trying to keep up with four Thanksgivings and birthdays, and I don't even know about Kristin, so... yeah. Sorry. Hopefully we'll be able to post more before exams start, and during the December holidays (I don't know about you, but I tend to get extremely bored during that particular break. Why don't any of my favorite shows come on in the middle of the day?!?! [frown])

Oh. And to all of you who had gone out today for Black Friday shopping... did you have to deal with this? :) I hope you were not severely hurt!

I hope you continue to have a wonderful week, and... yeah. Hopefully a new post will be up relatively soon!

Saturday, November 13

Look at What I Saw on Wordpress!

Um... it might be too small, for a change. D:
But you can still click on it to enlarge it, remember? :D
Yeah. I made an account on wordpress to join my dad's blog on there, and I saw this! It's pretty cool. I like how it says that Kristin & I talk about taking on the world.
Are we... superheroes or something?
Sure. Why not? :)
Yay for popularity & advertising.

Friday, November 5

Mu= -Ff / Fn

I felt really smart because I actually understand this comic :) It made me want to finish my physics homework right now... but then I realized that my pencil is still in my backpack, which is in my room... and I'm too lazy to go get it.
Sorry, physics homework.

(btw: the equation is read: mu [pronounced: Myoo, or for you Pokemon fans, Mew] uh... anyway. Mu equals negative frictional force over (or divided by) normal force.) :D