Wednesday, September 30

El Senor Sasquatcho (domo arigato, mister sasquatcho- or however that goes)

It's yummy,
it goes in your tummy,
El Sasquatcho eats it,
because it is delicious,
and they look like FANGS!

Bro: Sasquatchi
Sis: Sasquatchia
Mom: Sasquatchu
Dad: George.
Cousins: GINORMOUS GRIZZLY BEARS (Kodiac brown bears)

me gusta :D
Rian (the song's about candy corn, by the way... i was trying to get my brother to try it.)
lol <-(click that)
... i wish our stick figure dude on the cbox danced like this...

Oh,I thought he was a human. But I guess this dude's a beaver.

My brother is hilarious. Anyway, this is the long awaited post...about the awesome stuff that has happened over the past few weeks that I haven't had a chance to post about.

First, and probably most important, Rianna's birthday party was awesome. It was on Saturday. That's actually where we came up with the Kanye West joke thing, but it was after most of the people had left.
We played this game called Loaded Questions, which we always end up having lots of fun playing. Basically, one person asks a question (from a card) and everyone else has to answer it, and the person who asked the question has to guess which answer belongs to who. It was completely hilarious.
So, the Kanye West thing started after some question asking: "What celebrity makes you not want to be a celebrity?" (Actually, it started somewhere before this, because I yelled out KANYE WEST!, and we all laughed, and then went to write down "real" answers. So I started to write Britney Spears, which was what Rianna wrote, but I crossed it out and wrote Kanye West. OR maybe that was where it all started. Who knows?)
Anyhow, I'm bored. So I'm gonna stop. but this is the longest post (that I've actually typed) that I've had in a while...

Tuesday, September 29


NyQuil's (sp?) Soothing Original Flavor is certainly original. But nowhere near soothing.

Going to bed..

I'll post later, i promise

but who knows when "later" is? not me, that's for sure.

anyway, i was looking something up, and saw this:

Replace these flat, lifeless, boring, YAWN-YAWN words with interesting, action-packed verbs

yuh. YAWN- YAWN words. i wonder what kind of words they are...
i'm doing homework.
that's due tomorrow.
and i've been watching Bones all day (oops).
so i need to work.
and stop typing.
Rian (over & out, until next time!)

i know i need to make a real post soon, but this is absolutely necessary:

Kanye West Jokes

My son butted in during a conversation I was having today. So I sternly told him to STOP KANYEING.

Kanye West's haircut isn't actually a haircut at all. It is the result of doctors trying to piece his scalp and skull back together like a jigsaw puzzle after Kanye had tried to interrupt Chuck Norris...which resulted in a roundhouse kick to the skull.

Ever heard of karma? Well, it is speculated that at the 2010 Grammys...Kanye West's chances of winning artist of the year are shot. Grammy judges have been quoted as saying "Even if he does win...which is unlikely...but if he does, we will instead give the award to Beyonce...I mean, we wouldn't want the man to be upset"

Kanye West's newest album...yet to hit stores will be comprised of only one full track. The remaining tracks will be 30 second samples where Kanye interrupts himself mid-song with "This is a pretty good track, and imma let you finish...but the next track is one of the best tracks of all time!"

Kanye West is gonna show up to patrick swayze's funeral, take the microphone, and say " i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute. but michael jackson had the best death of the year."

Yeah, that was hilarious...seriously, we ARE making fun of Kanye West, and using him as a joke, but we aren't being mean....if you start doing it, you will realize how hilarious it is. Kanye West goes to college....yeah, you can replace "your mom" and "yo mama" with kanye west...those are hilarious.

Saturday, September 26

Kanye west.

Thursday, September 24

The funnies of Fanfic


"set in princess times"
uhh... aren't there still princesses today? so... what "princess times" are you talking about?!

oh, i hate this:

FAX!!!!!! by memyself&i (i made that up... maybe)
Max & Fang meet at some place & they might get together but they might get with other people instead... read to find out!!!!
blah blah info Max & Fang


but i lovelovelovelovelove this story: Amazing Cliches.
omgizzle (to steal my friend's thing). it is the most amazing story EVAH!!!! i even got a chappy on there :D rainbowstrike is awesome! *insert supersmileyface here*

Rian (laughs at fanfic writers... wait. i'm one. oh, well *continues laughing*)
psst: CATFISH! :P hahaha

this is something one of my friends posted on facebook:

"Today, there was a new girl in my class named A.J. Ninami. She seemed like just another student. Then I read her name backwards. Guess who I'm asking out to Homecoming?"

oh, that's hilarious! :)
Rian (wants a name like that)

Wednesday, September 23


so... happy birthday, me.

i guess.
anyway, before i tell you about how weird my day was today, i'll tell you about this song i heard WAY early this morning- like, 4:35 AM (seriously- i'm not even exaggerating- that was the time exactly). It's called "The Impressions That I Get" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and besides reminding me of Disney Channel, it's a pretty good song :) hahaha

so... list time!!
  1. I wake up. at 4:34 AM.
  2. I go back to sleep?
  3. I wake up again at 5:09 AM. I decide it's too late for me to go back to sleep.
  4. My friend texts me "good morning:)" and i respond with "hello!" ... and the conversation was over.
  5. I read the 1000th post.
  6. Kristin talks to me, and i talk to my mom, and kristin talks to her dad & brother, and i talk to her brother and my mom at the same time. it got slightly confusing.
  7. My KHS buddy (the musical genius!) gives me a KHS cd for my birthday. It contains all three albums, I'm currently listening to it, and i am eternally greatful to him :)
  8. I get to school, and go to work on the English Project Kristin & two of our other friends are working on.
  9. My mom calls me... right in front of the teacher. I answer my phone anyway.
  10. I walk all the way down to where my mom is in the car, only for her to get mad at slow moving people, and drives off to the middle of the parking lot because she didn't see me.
  11. I go to the office to turn something in, but Redfearn (yes, geography teacher from last year) is talking really slowly to the person i need to see about being sick.
  12. I finally get back to English... and the bell rings 3 minutes later. all my running around was pointless.
  13. I took a math test. there were mosquitoes in the room, and so i would get distracted by them. I think I did good on it, anyway. we'll see. well... you won't. but i will. unless you're a hacker...
  14. I go to history. My friend runs over to me to tell me happy birthday, which caused the person who sits to my left to suddenly remember and tell me that, too. that causes the person who sits to the left of him to yell it, which causes the rest of the class to yell it.
  15. The dude on the announcements did not mess up my name super badly, which made me sad. I like to laugh at all the stupid pronunciations of my name.
  16. My history class sang me happy birthday.
  17. I go to athletics, in which one of my friends (yes, i know i have a lot of friends. i'm very amigable) follows me around going, "it's her birthday!" while pointing at me.
  18. I go to lunch. sit with various friends (some of whom have been mentioned here before...).
  19. We talk about various subjects, including: stupid brand names for food (aka: how my pudding says "pudding" on it), how foods are labeled, and people stabbing others in the back in the front in the face (the only way we can imagine it: a curvy sword [with corners, lol] being stabbed in someone's back, and it curves up and stabs them in the face.). I almost choked like, seven times.
  20. I went to theater, and we did improv. hopefully, that's enough said. if not- watch "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" ^-^
  21. On the way home, I relive the day, and totally burst out laughing sooo hard. people are semi-used to it, so they ignore me for the most part, or they just gave me weird looks (coughKHSbuddycough)
  22. I ate pizza bites :)
wow. that was like, super detailed. and i have a headache. and homework. wee.
rian (is tired. and cold.)
psst: last day of summer= SUPER HOT. first day of fall= SUPER COLD.
what happened to the happy, warm medium? it exploded.

Tuesday, September 22


This is the thousandth post! I wish I could make it more epic and all, but you know...if everything was epic, nothing would be. And then we wouldn't get to say the word. Anyhow, tomorrow is Rianna's birthday. She'll be 15...So yeah, wish her a happy birthday.

Note to Rianna: I was gonna make bring to lunch tomorrow. But I kinda forgot. Until just now. So, yeah.
To add to the randomness of this thousandth post, I hate running on the treadmill. The only thing I could look at without tripping was the little dashboard thing that told me how far I was running and how many calories I had burned and stuff. Because if I looked at anything else, I'd trip.
Also, I've got these random mosquito bites on the back of my thigh...i'm not sure how they got there.
And my mom's going to the emergency room...her doctor said it was just a sinus infection, but she says she feels really bad, so I hope everything's okay...but obviously it's not, because she hasn't told me to go to bed yet...oh, wait. there it is.
So, nice thousandth post, huh? Random...
Cold stealing vampires! Vampire Jacob! (which would kinda be awesome...)

Monday, September 21

i've been posting a lot tonight...

anyway, i remembered what i was gonna say in the first post.

yup. that's it, really.
Rian (has to wait until Wednesday to get any cake at all. this also did not help the ranking of today, which has ended in the 324th worst spot. sorry, Monday.)

word of the day. or life. whichever.


yes, we're back to the phobias, for all those who've been with us since the very beginning, or have just recently read the whole blog from start to present (if you have, kudos. you're amazing.)
anyway, Antidaephobia. the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

here's my take on it.

P1: "so, i understand that you have a stalker?"
P2: "yup. it's really creepy."
P1: " so, what's it like?"
P2: "... creepy. it's made me ultra paranoid, and i've gotten antidaephobia."
P1: "what?"
P2: "no joke."
P1: "... what does having a stalker have to do with ducks?"
P2: "... my stalker is a duck."
P1: "..." *backs away slowly*
P1: "um... yeah... *coughfreakcough* i've gotta... go..." *dashes off*
P2: "... well that was rude."

haha yup. it's cuz i'm bored. :)
Rian (still has Still Alive stuck in her head... and is wearing three pairs of long socks.)

"But there's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of cake."

hahaha, it posted before i even wrote anything on it.

anyway, i was gonna post about something, like, i seriously had it all planned out and everything... but i forgot. and my typing is sucking today, so please, if i make an error, don't hate. :)
actually, that was meant to be a ":P", but whatever. it still works. i guess.
um... yeah, the title. i've had that song stuck in my head all day- it's "Still Alive" by GLaDOS. don't ask me why the 'a' is the only lowercase letter- hey. i didn't come up with the name.
but yeah. i love the lyrics- they're so hilarious and mean and fun :)
meanwhile, back at the ranch (hahaha), i'm fairly certain that i'm not going to survive until tomorrow.
"Why?" you super amazing people who actually read this blog may ask.
because... well, this calls for a list.
  1. i kept hurting myself more than usual today. seriously- i was sitting and had just twisted myself to look behind me and i hurt myself. not to mention all the running into things, almost spraining my ankle (again), and other things that were harmful to my flesh. and insides. but yeah.
  2. in theatre, we were watching Who's Line Is It Anyway? (which is the most amazing and seriously hilarious show EVAH) to get an idea of what improv was (because we don't know), and i laughed so hard i cried. so, seeing as i was crying, and i had just sweated like, two gallons cuz we ran really far today in the extreme heat that i claim was summer trying to live on forever (happy last day of summer, by the way), i think i ran out of water in my body. my throat was dry, and i kept laughing, which caused me to choke because the air moving back and forth in my dry throat did something that made it hurt and made me choke. yeah, i have no clue either. only that i almost died.
  3. "Homework is a murderer (haha metaphor) and it kills if a person looks at it. Paper cuts are a last resort." or... my quote went something like that. i don't really know cuz i forgot. but i know the first sentence is right, and that i talked about paper cuts in the second. yup.
  4. i've just been sitting in weird positions that apparently cut off random circulation to my shoulders and legs. yeah, don't ask.
  5. i've figured that i'm like, a half-insomniac. seriously. it makes me really sleepy when i can't sleep (duh) and my brain doesn't work as well, which is probably why i'm having a really randomly hard time typing words. no joke. if i just left it just how it was, and didn't edit as i went along, this post would be the least readable post ever, and no one would have much of a clue as to what i'm saying. i mean, yeah, there'd be a few intelligible words every now and again, but... for the most part, it'd just be random words that i don't want to type but end up typing anyway.
ok, so it wasn't a very long list, but it was still a list. ugh. i have a headache now. this is all pointing to one thing- i think i'm sick with some unknown disease or something. no, i don't feel sick... but you never really know, what with what's all going around these days. i'm waiting for a Quokka flu to pop up in Australia or something. QUOKKAS FOR LIFE. hahha that was random caps because i think a shift key was stuck down. oh well. i'm too lazy to do anything about it. or put another 'a' in that "hahha" i have up there right after the caps.
and i still can't remember what the original post was going to be about. seriously, this is not looking good for my memory... i knew it was bad, but normally by now, i'd be typing ok, and i'd have remembered what i was supposed to type about.
or maybe this is what i was going to post about, i just can't remember, but my subconscious does? who knows.
i'ma eat a hamburger now. maybe that'll help. maybe that, and some cake.
what?! having Still Alive being stuck in my head makes me think of cake!! i'll post the lyrics later, you'll see why. :)
Rian (has leveled up. or down.)
psst: i have no idea what i leveled up or down in... maybe i'm in some mysterious video game. i'm a video game character. you know, that would explain sooo many things...

Sunday, September 20

F to the R to the E to the E to the C to the R to the E D I T RE to the PORT to the DOT to the COM come on everybody, grab your bike and sing along

Yeah...that commercial song has been stuck in my head for a while now. So I thought I'd post about it. Since it's so awesome and everything. I love all those commercials, by the way...but this one is my favorite(i'm gonna type the lyrics because I can and I feel like it):

Well I married my dream girl, I married my dream girl,
But she didn't tell me her credit was bad,
So now, instead of living in a pleasant suburb,
we're living in the basement at her mom and dad's.
No, we can't get a loan, for a respectable home,
All because my girl defaulted on some old credit card,
If we'd gone to free credit report dot com,
I'd be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard.

Sorry if some of the lyrics are wrong... Anyway, I kinda need to finish my homework and stuff. But hopefully I'll have more time to update this week. And onward.

Cranp'napple juice. A mix between cranberry & pineapple juice. My mom says it's good. I personally think it sounds gross, seeing as i like neither cranberries nor pineapples, but this is coming from the person who thinks that carrots & chocolate and chocolate covered bacon is delectable. Just saying.
Rian (likes saying cranp'napple)

Saturday, September 19


arg, me maties. me forgots that it be national speak like a pirate day. so me's startin' now. Land, Ho! actually, me be on land, so that don't make much sense, now does it?

Holy Polly and her Crackers! I's just realized that me could talk like Cap'in ShakeSPEAAARRRE!!! from ye movie Stardust.
Why yes, I could totally speak like dear old Captain Shakespeare- he's such a wonderful chap, now isn't he? Quite queer, now that I think about it, but still quite a wonderful chap. "Reputations- takes years to build, but only seconds to tear down." or something like that, is what he always used to say.
arg, set ye google page to speak like a pirate! It's really quite interesting- having your computer speak like a pirate! yarr. Shiver me timbers, that was LOUD. JUST LIKE PIRATES! *hears cheers in the background... YARRR!!*
this pirate speak thing is so cliched- i mean, i want to know: what do real pirates actually speak like?
no, i'm not talking about the people who pirate videos. I'm talking about the "capture the booty!" ship sailing "Pirates of the Caribbean" type pirates. well, maybe not Pirates of the Caribbean...
but hopefully you get my point.
Rian (will continue to speak like a pirate... and Captain ShakeSPEAARRRE!!! AAARRR!!!)

Friday, September 18

just a post


there's really nothing to post about.
but i felt like i should post, because we haven't in forever. who knows.
... that was random. the "who knows." thing, i mean.
so... my brother's having a sleep over birthday party. and only half of the kids are here. and it's so loud. no joke. but this is what my friend said to my question of why they have to be so loud: "because pizza is that good, halo 3 is that fun, and farting and beating each other up is the best thing ever."
and ya know, i have to deal with all this loudness in the room next door. because my room is next to the game room. so they'll probably be screaming all night long, and turn the TV on really loud in the morning to "help" them sleep. ugh. doesn't help that there's a cross country meet tomorrow, and i have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. again. bleh.
so... i'ma have fun tonight- sitting here, trying to sleep... and not achieving. i also have a lot of history and math homework, so i'll probably get that all knocked out tonight trying to sleep. sad, i know.
it's funny, though, because sometimes i walk out there, and they'll be all, "oh my gosh, i can't believe so-and-so likes so-and-so! it's so weird!" "i know! did you know that so-and-so actually likes so-and-so, though?!" "woah, really?!" "yeah, totally!" "too bad for so-and-so, then."
it's really funny. especially when they don't know i'm standing right there :P
lol- apparently one of the kids are spying on me. not much to see- i'm just sitting on the floor against my bed with a pile of homework beside me, a laptop on my lap, typing and texting away. it's actually quite boring... oh well. i'm armed with KHS, my cell phone, and my game of Text Twist. and homework, of course, but whatever. :)
hungry for pizza. hopefully it's almost done.
Rian (reminds everyone that it is national speak like a pirate day tomorrow- but don't tell anyone)

Neither of us have posted in a while, and I have a bunch to say.

Hence the post.

So...I've been having a slightly odd week. I don't remember much, since I kept forgetting to post right after it happened, but most of the stuff happened in chemistry.
First, on Monday, I accidentally broke a beaker. And then, on Wednesday, I knocked over a stool. And today, my teacher came up to me at the beginning of class and told me not to break anything. And I didn't, amazingly...
Anyhow, just now was crazy...I had to go outside and help my mom and brother mow the lawn. Which is not something I normally do.
Also, you should watch this. <--Click there ("this")
I mean no offense to anyone...but that is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while.

Sunday, September 13


Other than the fact that she has no emotion, I mean.

It's her voice! I was watching the New Moon trailer and I finally figured it out! I am so happy!
Sorry for not posting for a while....

Saturday, September 12

Karate High School

i'm going to seriously promote them.

i realize i might have said that a lot about other bands, but i'm not joking. I think they are seriously the best band i have ever heard before. The lyrics are amazing, the sound is awesome, and the people... well, i would know about them, but they seem pretty cool :)
Paul McGuire writes the songs, sings the songs, and plays the songs (keyboard & bass).
Aaron McVeigh plays the drums.
Billy Ray Valentine (aka Ray) plays the keyboards. with Paul, i guess.
Geoff Garnett plays the guitars.
... I seriously want to see these guys live. and get a t-shirt, all of the albums, and an autograph or four. :)
unfortunately, they're not on tour right now.
but never fear! you can still listen to their music everyday! (like me! hahaha)
so... here's the myspace (if you scroll down to the playlist, you can listen to the six or seven songs there, and also if you click the album button, you can listen to all 11 of the tracks on the new record. also, read the bio & stuff!)
Speaking of records... their first one was Arcade Rock, the second was The League of Tomorrow, and the newest one is called Invaders. and that was all off the top of my head (call me obsessed if you wish. but they're amazing, so i don't care)
anyway, here's the homepage, where you can find their facebook, the myspace again, the twitter or whatever (who knows the proper terms for that thing?!), Paul's blog, the new album (or something about it), and the iTunes thing so you can put them on your iPod like thing!
My two favorite songs so far are Sweep the Leg and Punk Rock Uniform. but hey- i just became a fan, what? three days ago? yeah, something like that, I guess. :D
oh yeah! you can also find a few on youtube... i didn't get to listen to a lot of those yet, but Paul likes some of the ones i saw on there, so you should check them out.
wow. Karate High School.
Karate High School.
... Karate High School.
yuh, I'm supposed to be doing Cornell Notes, but hey! we all know how that went down last year. :P So I figure- hey! Karate High School is like, off the charts 5 charts above Cornell Notes! (if that makes any sense... well, it does to me, but whatever) and I posted about Karate High School.
yes, I am saying Karate High School a bunch, you super observant people! (that was in no way sarcastic, i swear. unless you want it to be sarcastic? i'm going to say it yet again, whatever) It's like, catchy marketing. Karate High School! Karate High School! KHS! KHS! Maybe all day, you'll just randomly think "karate high school, karate high school... what is that again?" and then you'll look it up, and BAM! Karate High School.
jeez, a break from KHS. i just watched Quarantine, and i had my eyes covered (i am NOT one for scary movies), and my eyes are blurry and i can't see now. That movie was SCARY! no joke. now my brother put Spongebob on. "It's a small plastic disk that you throw!" "wow! I want to play!" "Yeah! If only small plastic disk that you throw had a shorter name!" "uh... what about small plastic disk that you toss?" "PERFECT!"
ok! back to my super long post about KHS! yuh. You'd look it up, find them, love them, and then tell all your friends! :D yay!
and that concludes this post about KHS. Hope you enjoyed! Tell your friends! Love KHS! FOR INVADERS LOVES YOU!
Rian (... everything I could possibly has been summed up in the above post. therefore, the post is in these parenthesis. you should read it again. :P [kidding.])

Edit!!! My friend wants me to say that he's a musical genius and he told me about Karate High School. or something along those lines. :)
Rian (dubs this day "zombie day" because she's seen the trailer for Zombieland twice now, listened to Zombies Everywhere by KHS a lot today [no joke], and watched Quarantine this morning and considered the diseased people zombies. so i'm just going to go out and say it, "ZOMBIES! OH MY GOSH!" [zomg])

Friday, September 11

So, yesterday, before we went to bed, of and my brother were watching his hamster, and we noticed that it has grey eyebrows now! It is so weird! Yeah... I am in journalism (newspaper), and we're just sitting here because its picture day and our teacher is in charge, so hes not here. Its kinda boring, but at least i an getting my homework done, right? Im doing math right now. And just to let you know, i really have math. But i wonder what would happen if i decided i really liked it? Did you know the blog wont accept text posts that are over ten texts long? That happened to of the other day. It annoyed me so much. I am at five now, and i know it wont be very long. Since thats just how the blog is.

Hi. I'm in athletics. It's boring. Math homework is boring. Cornell notes are boring. Dez & vida la vida by coldplay are not boring. Yay!

Thursday, September 10

¡Estoy Amigable!

sorry. i just like saying "amigable" :P

anyway, not what i'm here for. actually, it kind of is, but... tangent.
k. back on track. um, in my & Kristin's English class (yes, that is correct grammar, people, no matter how weird it looks/sounds), we do this thing where our teacher shows us a poem everyday. thus the site "poetry 180- a poem a day for american high schools". but today's was hilarious... click here :) yuh. and also, today we read this book called Skippyjon Jones (so awesome), and there's a summary here (be warned- it's a really bright red page, and i'm seeing spots while i'm typing this... but whatever)
yuh. ¿Estás amigable?
Rian (is.)

Wednesday, September 9

Since i dont have much time to get on the computer and post, im going to do that now, while im waiting on my late bus. Which chose now to come. Anyway, we found a lizard in the pantry yesterday. It was crazy because jason warmt there to catch it, so me and my mom had to clean out one of the shelves in the pantry so we could get it out of there. This incident severely delayed us getting to meet the teacher night.

Tuesday, September 8

So I asked Jeeves...

and laughed at the answer.

I'm looking for historical figures that I admire (because I can't think of anyone... any suggestions???), and I came across some guy named John Wooden. I looked him up, & saw he was the retired head coach of the UCLA Bruins. Then, I wanted to know what "bruins" were. So i asked Jeeves. and laughed. because this was the first entry that came up. It's from the Urban Dictionary, by the way, which might account for some of the hilariousness.

1. The team that killed the interest of bostonians in hockey with constant futility and an owner who might as well be dead for how often he makes appearances

haha. :) i like that definition. but for those of you who actually want to know what a bruin is, it's another name for a Brown Bear, apparently. yuh.
Rian (wants to meet someone named Jeeves... and Gina)

Sunday, September 6


so... Rian here.
Vicky to the left of her(:
yes, Vicky's a real person. No, i did NOT make her up... jeez. you guys are jerks.
And to the left of Vicky we have Erica.
who is also real. and i am having problems with typing. I feel like Kristin. :P
... we're eating jelly beans. yum.
vicky's texting...
whoever that is...
... erica stole vicky's phone, & is wanting to text this tyler person too...
hmmm... who IS this tyler person, anyway?
it's a mystery that is yet to be solved.
i guess i'm just gonna type this by myself. we only decided to do this cuz we were (are) bored, but they're too busy talking to this tyler person, whoever HE is... hmm...
i think he's vicky's boyfriend.
oh. now i'm confused. he WAS her boyfriend, and he's NOT YET (soon to be) her boyfriend??
... yuh.
whatever that means.
now they're making fun of my "yuh" because they say it all the time & it's gangsta? who knows.
yes, apparently it IS gangsta.
... and i STILL can't type. -_-
... magnifying glass?? can we say RANDOM?!
... [you people] "RANDOM!"
actually, i wasn't expecting that. so thanks, guys.
just so you know, i typed all of this... except for the two lines that say "and vicky to the left of her" and "and to the left of vicky is erica" or whatever they say.
vicky wants to type. yay!
Erica is trying to jack my phone): Meaniee & all she says is "LOVE YOU"
Ri-Ri's phone is broken enough obviously????? hahahahah wow so people "little kids" got all wet from a bounce house. YUH FOOL :P
hi there ;P my name is doug. my master made me this collar so i can spea......SQUIRREL O____o
hi there ;P My master is very smart and he made me this collar(: hi there ;P haah this is still Erica. and no, my name is not really doug..although,that would make for some good' :'( :D ahaha people say i'm bipolar...WHAT DO YOUHH THINK fool ;P ....yuh
And I have a thang for capsss((:
[Rian has no comment.]
told you these people were dorks. or weird. or whatever i told you they were.
now they want to make a blog.
GO BLOGGERS ("of America" as Vicky added... but i say, "CANADA TOO" [that was for you Alex])
i also told you they were making fun of me & my gangsta "yuh" [see above comments by Vicky & Erica]
.... seriously. if you don't think they're real... too bad. they are. tough luck for you.
how do you get 7 comments on facebook about going to chicken express?! really now. that's soooo stupid.
... and look who's talking. >.>;;
soooooooooo... i'ma stop this post... it's really long. and pointless. and no one probably read all the way down here anyway, so whatever, losers :P just kidding, people!!!
Rian, Erica, & Vicky (are freaks. deal.)

The coolest lizard i have EVER seen. EVER.

it's called a flat lizard... and it's RAINBOW. RAINBOW!!!! how awesome can you get?!

Rian (blames her little brother for all these pictures of animals... all he watches nowadays are Animal Planet & Discovery channel...)

Friday, September 4

Guillemots eat Herring. Guillemots & Herring get eaten by Humpback Whale.

i swear, that was super high up there on my "top 5 funniest things i've ever really seen ever". too bad i can't find the video anywhere... sigh. that was hilarious.

Rian (likes how the herring is the only drawing...)
psst: in case you didn't know... herring= fish, guillemots=birds (that fly, & swim underwater), and whale=... whale (duh)

Thursday, September 3


I wish I like, co-owned Barnes & Noble. no joke.

then i could totally have my dream week. but since I am not, in fact, the co-owner, or any kind of "higher up" in the Barnes & Noble industry (or whatever), i can only sit here and wish that some random competition/contest thing would come up so that one (or five?) lucky person (people?) can spend a week (nights included, and free food/beverages from the Starbucks included inside) at Barnes & Noble. i would DIE. no joke (i am very serious about this... possibly).
Because I just went to Barnes & Noble (in the midst of this very bad storm that's going on) and saw like, fifty books i never knew existed, and want to read just as bad as i want pudding (the answer is still no, Kristin :P). So yeah. A week would give me plenty of time to read those "like fifty" books, and then some. :D it would make me the happiest person in the world for a year. i mean, unless i had a super super super bad day (or week... or month... or... period of time?) that totally made me depressed... but then, i would claim co-ownership (... i wish) of Barnes & Noble and grab another week to spend there.
You may ask, "Why don't you just buy the books?"
My reply is, "Have you ever been to a Barnes & Noble before?!"
because yuh. it's freaking expensive. my fifty-some-odd books would cost a fortune... or at least, more money than I possess and am willing to spend (or my parents are willing to spend... whichever). so... yuh.
I am sooooo tired. no joke. everyone's been telling me i've made no sense all day long.
i believe them... i didn't even make sense to myself today :P
but i was totally serious about the above... just saying.
Rian (claims co-ownership of the Barnes & Noble in her mind)

Wednesday, September 2

hilarious fanfic moment

Edward is on the phone with Emmett...hangs up, laughing really hard.

Alice: What happened?
Edward: -explains-
Alice: Yeah, I heard everything!

If she heard everything....why did she ask what happened?

Tuesday, September 1

it's so weird.

three super random songs are stuck in my head.

If you wanna be my lover by the spice girls (out of the blue)
Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega (because it came on the radio?)
TMNT theme song (cuz my brother kept singing it)

... the theme song's funnier by smosh. so i'll put that one on there, too. here. it really makes no sense, but it's still funny. and fyi, the song's not till the end... yuh.
Rian (just got home from school, and is very tired)