Tuesday, December 29

You know what word just kills me?

I mean it.
Whenever anyone says it, I burst into laughter.
For some reason, I have this image of some old guy going, "or hor hor hor," whenever anyone says chortle.
I don't know why.
It just sets me off.
And while we're on the subject...don't ever come between me and my potatoes. Jason learned that today at dinner.

Monday, December 28


So, I had this really weird dream last night. It wasn't a nightmare, because I don't really have REAL nightmares. They're usually just dreams where stupid stuff that scares me happens. Over and over again. And I wake up and keep picturing it...

Anyway, last night's dream was about a bear.
Apparently, I was in some game store with my brother, and we kept browsing through everything like five times, and playing all the demos over and over again. Then it was time to go home, and we walked through this park. My brother disappeared or something, because I didn't see him again for the longest time.
Anyway, I ran into this guy who was fishing, so I sat down beside him and we started talking. Then, this random bear comes out of nowhere and he was like, "just stay still and it will go away."
I really wanted to run, but I didn't because he said it was okay.
But it wasn't. The bear started running towards me, so I started running away, and basically, that's what happened for the rest of the dream.
I jumped over ponds, ran through trees, and all that. Finally, I ran into Jason, who was being chased by a snake. The snake started chasing me.
I woke up. I went back to sleep.
The bear and snake kept chasing me.
I woke up, and didn't go back to sleep because I was tired of being chased. Physically tired, like I actually had been chased by a bear all night long.

Yeah. I'm too lazy to make up my own post about my own "nightmare" I had last night. Weird. Stupid bfft.
I don't even really know what was happening in my nightmare... just that I was on my street.
I was walking down the street with some random guy I don't think I know (but in my dream I knew him, so he wasn't a stranger), and all of the sudden, out of no where this giant lizard thing comes and attacks him. and my vision just like, zoomed in on it. The lizard thingy had rat teeth, and it kept biting his arms and his nose (?? trust me- i don't know, either). We finally got away from it, and ran into my house. When I locked the door, I randomly realized I left some super important object outside on the driveway. I don't remember what it was, though... but we couldn't do anything without it. Not joking. He said that he wasn't going back out there (for obvious reasons), and I wasn't about to go out there and get eaten (for we could still see the lizard/rat thing pacing back and forth in front of my driveway from the window by my door). Yeah. I woke up then.
And went back to sleep because it was 5:09 in the morning.*
This time, the dream changed, as it usually does. This time, I had some random deformed, clay cup with vines around it, and i filled it with ice water. I then walked outside and walked to the corner, where Santa and his sleigh (complete with all 9 reindeer) and some of his elves were waiting. I gave the water to Santa, and he started talking to me inspirationally and giving me random hugs. Then he flew off, leaving me a whole bunch of gifts.
And suddenly the world of Phineas and Ferb was teleported to my neighborhood. I was Candace, but still me (if that makes sense). Like... If I were in Candace's body, I would still act like myself. But if I were in my own body, I would act like Candace? something like that. Anyway, yeah. I hung out with Jeremy & his family for the rest of the time.
My dreams are weird. Deal with it.
Rian (*- I randomly always remember the exact times I wake up in the middle of the night. or morning. whatever)

Saturday, December 26

SNL- Taylor Lautner

So, to add to the Christmas fun, my cousin and I watched SNL on On Demand because we were bored. And the episode that Taylor Lautner (Jacob, from the Twilight movies, just in case you didn't know) hosted was hilarious. Let me find the funniest clips...

Well, click HERE for the full episode. You may as well just watch the whole thing. :)
If you have verizon fios, you can watch it for free on On Demand. Look it up.

random adventures

So, you know how I spent Thanksgiving walking through the woods with my cousins?

Well, I spent Christmas, walking to the park with them.
It was enjoyable, despite the fact that there was still ice on the ground, and it was about thirty degrees. And windy.
The most hilarious part was that the six of us were all on one swingset at once, and when anyone started to go really high, the swingset would start flying out of the was kinda scary, but it was really fun.
The second most hilarious part was that my cousin's friend randomly stopped by and gave us a ride home (since we had walked to the park and it was getting dark and cold-not to mention the fact that it would have taken about twenty minutes to get home, and we already couldn't feel our toes.). That may not seem funny, but you try fitting seven people into a car that fits five. To make it worse, this is who was in the car:
2 twenty year old guys (my cousin and his friend)
1 seventeen year old guy (other cousin)
1 sixteen year old girl (other cousin)
1 fifteen year old girl (me)
1 fourteen year old guy (other cousin)
1 twelve year old guy (my brother, Jason)
Yeah. I sat in my cousin's lap, and my cousin sat in his brother's lap. It was hilarious, and we really hoped we didn't get pulled over, because none of us were wearing seatbelts. YAY!
Just kidding. Anyway, it took about two minutes to get home, though it seemed much longer than that since I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.

Friday, December 25

hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 24


Can anyone else believe that it's snowing, in Texas, on Christmas eve? Yesterday it was seventy degrees, by the way.


Sunday, December 20

ohmygosh, baaaaaaaacon.

this is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when you read a certain story in the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Archives. i'm not telling you what it is. unless you want to know. but i'm pretty sure i've mentioned it before... oh well.
really... there's nothing i can say here. i mean, yeah, there's plenty of things i could say... just nothing i can say here. if that makes sense to you...
anyway... um... i laughed my head off when i saw this. i mean, they even had the little "AAAAAHH!!" music!! oh jeez. yeah, click here if you want to see it.
and yeah, there are bacon clothes, too. just google 'bacon clothes', and you'll see. that, and 'things made out of bacon'... hah.
oh jeez. look at this: clicky it's only sad because people probably do that. but other than that, it's totally hilarious because people might actually do that.

... and on a totally different note...
i wish i were THIS GUY RIGHT HERE. just saying. he's amazing.
oh. and this is really useful for trying to look up numerous things at one time and not wanting to go back and forth between multiple tabs or browsers. clicky!

Rian (never got out of the 90s and is so much more rad than you! [thank you for that! hopefully you know who you are...])
psst: my bad. this is an edit, in case you were wondering, and starting to think you were going insane. unfortunately, you are not. that little voice you hear in your head? it's Destrey :P [see IDEK on youtube...]. ANYWAY. i'm here to say i was wrong. the republic of bacon does not have any "AHHH!" music. it has, "ALL HAAAAAAIL!!! (bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon)" music. there IS a distinction (if you couldn't tell). so yeah.
oh. and the feelings of being watched? it's the farting spider hahahah [once again, blame IDEK]

um... yeah. hello, again.
it's been a while.
you'd think that when break starts, i'd have an endless amount of time to just bug you wonderful readers with so many annoying little posts about random stuff like Incredibles' Masks (i mean really- how DO they just stick to their faces like that?!).
but no.
um... i really just kinda posted to post, ya know?
so... i don't know what to say.
i mean, i guess i don't have to say anything, but...
Rian (likes Fallout 3, More Than A Feeling by Boston, and her grandmother's homemade bread.)

Saturday, December 19

Just so you know.

just so you know, that's a jesse meccartney song.

Anyway, i just needed to post. i have a post in progress, but i need to finish it up, so i'm just posting this for now.
Yeah....i'm going to see new moon again tonight. it's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

Sunday, December 13


KAT: (it's in all caps like it's gonna catch your attention or something, because being at the top of the page just doesn't cut it, apparently)

happy happy birthday!
from kris and I to you!
happy happy birthday!
hope you don't catch the flu!

yeah, hope you have a wonderful birthday, Kat :)
You're awesome!
You're wonderful!
You're simply... some cool adjective that rhymes with wonderful! yeah.

Kris & Rian

Sunday, December 6

this weekend was so insane...

And not entirely in a good way.

I'll post about it later, because i've barely gotten any sleep all weekend and i need it. So, i'll just tell you to watch this movie...
It's a really enjoyable performance...

Saturday, December 5

Gary probably doesn't cry anymore.

i must say, one of the most hilarious music artists i have ever heard is MC Lars.

I found him one day- we were listening to some "Hip Hop Nation" or something on TV randomly. The little discography thing came up, and it was showing people who's style is similar to the particular artist that was on. MC Lars came up. well, Beck came up, too... but I already know that Beck is hilarious :)
Anyway. I only remember MC Lars because his name sounded hilarious. It still kinda is... yuh.
So... after listening to Project Jenny Project Jan (who i just realized were on Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist... they were "Are You Randy?"), I decided to listen to MC Lars again.
My favorite song by him was Download This Song... but now I'm not sure.
I mean, there's Gary the Green Nosed Reindeer... and Roommate from Hell (which mentions Dante's Inferno and how the class describes my English teacher (with the babies)... wow.) OH. i just remembered- PJPJ came out with a new song i like, called Pins and Needles. Yeah.
So... yeah. there's not really anything else to say... but you should listen to a few of their (PJPJ & Lars') songs. you can find PJPJ on Lastfm (google it or whatever), and Lars is everywhere.
Rian (just saw a new commercial... and has figured that she randomly likes random songs about random stores, like Ikea and WalMart.)

Thursday, December 3

this makes me extremely angry

After next week, I'm not going to have anything to watch. Not really, anyway.

As you probably know, I am super obsessed with Glee. Well, last night's episode was awesome (and you should watch it). But, of course, next week is the season (fall) finale! Hopefully that means it will be coming back on in the spring. If I have to wait a whole year, I will die. I just about died waiting for it over the summer.
To add to my misery, Vampire Diaries is on an 8-week hiatus! Of course, they stopped it at the best part, and I'm going to have to wonder about Elena for weeks on end! Anyway, it comes back on January 14th, which is somewhere around when American Idol starts. Luckily, I have Christmas specials to tide me over. Otherwise, I don't know what I would do.

Wednesday, December 2


so all your teachers have probably told you, "Don't use Wikipedia, it's a very unreliable source!"

and then they tell you how they go and change important figure's names by one letter, and then, if they see that misspelled name on your essay (or project, whatever), they know you went there.
Well... do you want absolute proof that Wikipedia is a totally unreliable source?
Here you go.
it's the last sentence in the little paragraph about Roland terBorcht.
it's actually pretty hilarious...
for more on that, read his last paragraph HERE.
haha. boys and girls, this is what happens when ennui controls your life and doesn't allow you to do the last 27 questions of your 60 question math homework. if that sentence even makes sense. i'm in math mode right now... but i'm slowly losing my grip on all reality.
soon, i'll be jumping into a fighting stance like Uru in SKS [click] (see our favorite mangas in the side bar, but it's Shiawasse Kissa Sanchoume... or something along those lines. i can never spell that correctly) every time i look up from my math homework. oh, how i hate math... at least i'm ahead in like, all my other homework :) that's the only plus here.
well... that, and the... um, interesting... information about terBorcht. haha
i realized... just like, 3 seconds ago... that that's not really proof against Wikipedia's inaccuracy.
this has proof, in the second paragraph. they try to blow it off... but whatever. AQUI! (here, in spanish)
Rian (is consumed by ennui, so don't use Wiki [which apparently means "quick" in Hawaiian, making my sentence make no sense, but ennui doesn't care for correct use of diction, obviously] as a site for your projects or essays... unless they are on hilarious, fake topics, or just for fun. mostly just for fun. seriously.)

The coolest thing ever...

and i don't know how to do it.


yes. so cool!
Rian (loves the Lazer Collection...)
psst: i don't know what's up with the lines, or the indentions... but whatever. i'll figure it out later, i suppose.

Tuesday, December 1

oh yeah.

i keep forgetting what i'm really supposed to be doing.

i'm doing a thing for the newspaper about christmas movies. so tell me your favorites!

contrary to my previous post...

I never got to change anything. Mainly because I didn't find anything worth changing. Honestly, I love the blog like it is. I love the cbox (because it has customizable smilies, even though it has gotten worse as it's gotten older), and the song, and besides that, there's not much else to change. Unless I were to add something. But I didn't really see anything that we really needed that wasn't some insane stalkerish thing. Like a sign that tells you your IP address, your full name, your address, and what internet service you're using. I mean, seriously? if you can see it, i can see it.

I mean, I already know all that stuff anyway....
Seriously, though, be careful on the internet...people can find out almost anything about you. Like birthdays... and middle names...especially if you have a unique name.
Anyway, I'm just digging myself deeper..
So, ignore like the last few inches of text. I mean it. Forget it all.
See? Another thing you can do over the internet. Hypnotize and erase memories.
I wish.
Well, not really.
As I said, digging deeper.
(this was a really weird post, wasn't it? i think it was)

so, i'm having a moment.

Don't worry, i'm not crazy or anything.

i'm just having a computer geek moment. and i really want to edit a bunch of stuff on the blog...but i don't know what to edit. in any case, if you see anything weird going on in the next few minutes, it's probably me. if something really crazy happens, please tell me. i don't want to destroy the blog. anyhow, i'm gonna go have fun being nerdy. also,i finally changed the song.