Saturday, January 31


Why must mangakas insist on making me cry?!

This manga I was reading, Aishiteruze Baby, or something like that, was all nice and happy until the VERY end! I HATED the ending! It was so sad! -sniffle-
why do i keep reading mangas?

i have to agree.

with this FF author. she made a very good point with her author's note in the middle of a story, and though I do despise it when people do things like that, it' okay in this situation. Because it's funny, and true.


"'Kay, now that that's settled, everybody hurry up and eat. I don't like being in the open like this..." I told them, then hastily began eating, myself. (A/N: See, this is where punctuation saves lives. What if I had left out that comma? It would have said 'Then hastily began eating myself'. EATING MYSELF. Let's not kill Max...or anyone else, with incorrect punctuation!)

Yup...who agrees with me that this author is the best? Raise your hand. Now put it down so that you don't look stupid to any of the other people in the room! hehe...okay. I'm going to finish typing, and try not to start any more manga. though I can't promise anything...heh.

The Pedestrian's Friend

actually, idk what to call this. for you see, i'm going to write a random story thing! actually, it's just gonna be a whole bunch of random conversations that probably have nothing to do with anything. yep. it started on the cbox... La Tigre y El Peaton. si, si. Si no hablas espanol, es fresco (hey- my spanish isn't that great either). i'll have a translation at the end of the post. & HOPEFULLY it'll make sense. like i said- i'm only in my second year of spanish at school, so my grammer is NOT going to be good. at all. in fact, it's probably going to be horrible. but that's not gonna stop me! so i'll start in this one...

actually... i'll just see if i can remember the first encounter.
here goes... stuff. (oh, and the fact that i don't know how to do accents & stuff on my computer isn't going to make this any better...) xD

Grrrr. iSoy una tigre! Hablo en espanol.
iAy, mi! iUna tigre que habla en espanol! iCorrer!
Grrrrrrr. Soy una pez tigre chica. iSoy una perrrrrrrrrrrrdadora! BANILLA SORUTO!
iAy! La pez-tigre-chica es una perdadora porque habla en... japones? Buen cosa se pequeno japones... La pez-tigre-chica pregunta por... vainilla sal?
Si, banilla soruto.
Te gustaria vainilla sal?
No. Grrrr. Solo canto un cancion.
Oh. ...
...Tengo prisa. Tengo salir ahora. iHasta luego, la pez-tigre-chica!
De acuerdo. iChao, peaton!

and that ends that segment. since i've done two, i might as well post the second one too... but after this translation!

Grrr. I'm a tiger! I speak in Spanish.
Oh my! A tiger that speaks in Spanish! Run!
Grrr. I'm a fish tiger girl. I'm a looooooooser! Vanilla Salt.
Oh! The fish-tiger-girl is a loser because she speaks in... Japanese? Good thing I know a little Japanese... The fish-tiger-girl asks for... vanilla salt?
Yes, vanilla salt.
Do you want vanilla salt?
No. I only sing a song.
I'm in a hurry. I have to go now. See you later, fish-tiger-girl!
Agreed. Chao, pedestrian!

please anyone (who actually knows spanish) tell me if my spanish is wrong! or give me tips on how to fix it!!! but right now, it's breakfast time. so i will be eating breakfast... hahaha that kinda goes with the next segment of this... which i'll probably end up posting later... if i have time. :]

Friday, January 30

forgive me if there are typos

(is tired of this) tZvR !updated all you keep will this fix to try gonna ,kk .weird really sound it'd ,normal this reading started someone if ,haha .nevermind ... can't i but ,backwards still it's .this get to hard really trying i'm


I've been meanding to post for a while...but i was kinda lazy. and i was tired. and reading manga. is that enough reasons?

yeah...i read five or six mangas in the past few days...hehe. i'm kinda obsessed. And glad it's friday.
Speaking of which, this day was one of the most boring days of my life. i literally fell asleep in one of my classes. and in the rest, i wanted to. it was kinda funny.
Yup...not much to talk about right now. and i have fifteen or so emails...all from fanfiction about stories i need to read, so i think i'm going to read those then type a bit...because i want to finish as soon as possible. the typing, i mean. 
and i know, that even though I've been super duper tired today, i'm going to end up staying up VERY VERY late tonight..


): (sdrawkcab gnieb ekil ton seod) RvZt .dam eb t'nod ,elihw a rof tsop t'nod i fi os .tib eno ton .siht ekil t'nod i .desufnoc llits dna .tsol dna .desufnoc m'i ... .yllaer si siht

!?sihT daeR uoY naC

!EREH KCILC .siht uoy wohs ot ereh MA i .ereh ma i yhw ton ...yawyna tub .drah dnA .driew OOOS s'tI .sdrawkcab sgniht epyt em gnikam si & driew gnieb si retupmoc yM

Wednesday, January 28

My Loyal VCBs!!

if you are one, or if you at least look at the cbox every once in a while, you'd know why i'm posting THIS. if you're not, or you don't, well... obviously you don't know. unless you're a mind reader. then you'd find my reason- i don't have one! hahaha. it's just a funny commercial i saw while watching the mavs game (which i'm doing a play-by-play on right now). so since it's back on, i've g2g.
tZvR (is a mavs fan. but is being a good sport for all those warriors fans out there)

this commercial too HERE.

Yay for no school... but A-days= horribleness

yay! no school! I went out and played with the icicles (haha that's a fun word... like Reawakening!) in my backyard while narrowly avoiding being dripped on by the freezing cold water that was once icicles... yeah. but the only problem with having no school- projects. no kidding. today i (finally!) read Anthem (by Ayn Rand)- which i recommend- and did my second IWA for english class. Right now, i'm starting on my math project that's due... in 21 days... if i did my math right (Feb. 12, for all you lazy people xD jk!). Then, after i do my fill of this, i get to work on more of the Health Modules! (they're the things we're doing so that we don't have to take a health class!) -please note the HEAVY (metal!) sarcasm dripping all over that- sorry... i just randomly thought heavy metal when i typed Metallica! i like them. they're pretty cool. Iron Maiden, too, though i'm not sure they lie in the "heavy metal" catagory of music. you know, i really don't understand the different catagories of music. like, i get the whole classic, rock, hip-hop/rap, country catagories... but once you get into alternative rock, techno/alternative junk... yeah. i get REALLY confused. like... where the heck does simple plan land?! or...hoobastank!? what about... well... i suppose NiN lands in techno...? and LP in that weird techno/alternative spot... but idk. anyone care to help a girl who's sorely confused out!? *sounding desparate & hopeful* xD i'm sorry. this math project is really boring. & so are the health junks... they're due on the fifth too... & i've only done... 1/5? out of the FIRST one... i have to do TWO. so yeah... oh... and the title? well, it turns out that because today would've been a B-day, tomorrow can't be a B-day because then the whole school schedule would be all screwed up. so tomorrow is ANOTheR A-day. which is HORRIBLE. cuz it's REALLY not fair. it means i have Geometry (gag), Speech (goodnight *zzzz*), Geometry (woohoo! -HEAVY METAL SARCASM), and English (nooooooooooo) TWICE IN A ROW! and my dad's all "well, not really. you didn't have them today." and i'm all "today doesn't count! i didn't get to learn any spanish!!!" (cuz as we *should* all know, i LOVE my spanish!!! xD ime encanta la clase de espanol!) so yeah. gonna get back to work... *superubermegasigh* -_-;;

no school..

well, since there was a bunch of ice and stuff, we didn't have school! I actually got to sleep for four more hours than usual! amazing, right? and my geometry test was postponed, so i have more time than usual to study! 

also, this came from me thinking about twilight and my stories...i decided that if i ever get stuck, like with writers block or something like that, in what i'm working on now, i'm going to write one of the stories from the OTHER main character's pov. Like Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun. Though that didn't work out too well. But i think it could be interesting, especially with the stories i'm working on right now. yep...pants.

Tuesday, January 27

stuff u people probably don't need

MR movie

Avatar movie

DBZ movie


ok. now i know... some of these movies are going to be (or are) pretty bad. like the two live action movies. those- i'm gonna die laughing during those. Inkheart... my friend watched it, said it was ok, but the ending was different than that in the book- making it basically impossible to do an Inkspell movie. MR... i can only hope. Jax is going to be ok. i hope. and Calum... i've got my fingers crossed. Unfortunately, they're the only two that are even RUMORED to play people (gazzy & iggy). so for all those others who have yet to be found... PLEASE BE GOOD!! kk just thought i'd do a random REALLY EARLY rant on movies... well... kinda sorta not really. whatever.

Sunday, January 25

oh yeah!

hehe. I forgot the most important part!

It's awesome, though it doesn't tell the story of the whole first book. Just to the part where Max, Fang and Nudge get captured and are sent to the school with Angel. Yup...Leaving now.


...I'm working on homework now. Just thought I'd tell you this. I'm also typing. Yay for multitasking! I'm trying to finish this notebook, which is only a third of a story, all in one day. Well, not ALL, since rianna typed about fifty pages of it. If I can type ten pages each our, I can be finished around nine. Hopefully. But I've still got work to do, so I'm not sure that'll happen. And for some reason, I'm never in the mood totype during the week, though I really want to. Does that make sense? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter...but whatever. I need to get back to work. Stop distracting me!


Saturday, January 24


I just finished Love Hina. It was amazing, if slightly repetitive. But it made me laugh so hard!

It was super long, and took me about a week to read, which is a long time, at least for me. I highly recommend it! Read it now! If I were less lazy, I'd give you the link...but I have other, more important stuff to do.

best fanfic EVAH! go here. read now. laugh. a lot.

Friday, January 23


This is going to be super short, since my fingers are killing me, but I finished typing my story!! It only took about two hours! Whoopee.

My hand is cramping up though. I typed up about forty pages, probably more, which ended up being about thirteen pages on word. It's 22762 words. About average for me, but I have another  story that needs to be typed up, and it's about one hundred written pages more than this one.
I'll type that one up tomorrow, since I think my hands would die before I got anywhere close to done, and since my mom is making me get off, though it's not even ten...and it's friday. :(
And you know what?! My brother did an undoable deed, which obviously is extremely doable, since he did it....he ate all the ice cream! I was waiting on it and he ate it!
See, my dad doesn't let me eat ice cream during track season, since it slows me down, but since the season hasn't officially started, I can have some on weekends...which means today. But NOOOO, Jason had to go and eat it all. It made me mad.
Oh well. I feel accomplished.


This week...has been odd. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. Luckily, we didn't have track practice today, and I had ice cream at lunch! And we have resolved, or at least, I have, since I'm not sure anyone else understands, a semi-odd/confusing problem. I don't know why I told you this, since it doesn't really have to do with me, but it has to do with a few of my friends. But that doesn't matter, since it was all a big misunderstanding!

New topic.
There is a lot of homework, and multiple projects, but I'm relaxing for now. And I'm probably getting the Maximum Ride manga tomorrow! I'm not entirely sure, since it's not out yet, but I got the email saying that my copy is in...even more confusing.
So, I've been reading at TOTALLY hilarious manga. It's called Love Hina, and I swear, it's the funniest this I've read in a LONG time. I'm also reading High School Debut, which is AWESOME! Not so much in the humor department, though it does make me laugh, but more in the i love the characters and i want the new chapter to come out NOW department....if that makes any sense. 
So...I was reading my horoscope and it told me that now is a good time to finish things. So I'm going to try, just because. So after this, I'm going to try to finish typing up one of my stories. If I work hard, I should be able to finish it over the weekend. And then, I'm working on a story right now...I won't be able to finish that anytime soon, but I can work diligently. I also have about five other stories I need to type. But it's fun because I get to read everything again. Though I've read everything about five times. And I'm not kidding. I know the characters BETTER than the back of my hand. It's kinda fun...And I'm not going to get into that because I'll start getting all sentimental and blabbing on and on about how Rob is the best...well, actually, Roxie is, but whatever. You really do not want me to get into it.
There was something funny I was going to tell you about...but I don't remember. So I guess I'll start working on my typing. But first, the ice cream!! It's a motivator!
Kris, who is going to start working very hard to finish what she started!

*fangirl faint*


THE LYRIX TO CEREAL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are the lyrix...

now let me see if i can find the song... omc. wOw.
so that's just the REALLY weird really long version. anyway... here's the song on Imeem...

hahaha this is fun.

psst: i found the [[new]] and [[updated]] version of the vid... but it's not as funny. but i'll post it anyway... here.

gotta love spicy italian sausage

my dad was wrestling with my dog & he said "you are strong."
which, being me, reminded me of this.


Thursday, January 22

soooo... borrrreeedddd...

i might die. you know what i just did? i was laughing at my dad cuz he called my mom a yeti, then made a chewbacca noise. then i randomly made a Wall-E noise & he started talking to himself. so i was laughing really really hard, ya know? and i ALMOST CHOKED ON MY LAUGHTER. no kidding. it was SO WEIRD. but it made me laugh more. because seriously. CHOKING on LAUGHTER. CHOKING ON AN EMOTION... well... one that's... how do you describe LAUGHTER?! i need to know. CHEWBACCA. hahaha. what?? i told you i was bored. IS THERE ANYBoDY OUT TheRE!? (on top of the world, all-american rejects) yepp... u guessed right. i'm still spewing random song lyrics! yay!!! *yawn* ... that's not keeping me from being tired. oh... i guess i never told any of you random people out there en el mundo... MI AUTOBUS DE ESCUELA... REAR ENDED SOMEONE! cuz i can't say that in spanish. yeah... we were at a traffic light, and it turned green... and that creepy stalker bus driver dude (he returned out of the blue! AH!) started driving... even though we were in the middle of all the little tiny cars waiting for the green light. so we rear ended someone. at 7 AM. school starts at 7:30 AM. we didn't get to leave (the cops came... hahaha) until 7:26 AM. no kidding. so my whole busload of fifteen people were late to school... and no, we couldn't call our parents to come pick us up. something about having to know where everyone was... yeah. it was really fun though. and funny. so yeah... just thought i'd keep todo el mundo (minna-san)(everyone) in the loop! loop. why is it called that?? it makes me think that everyone is standing in a circle with a rope tied in a loop around them... and of course, there are always a few people who step back too far & end up out of the loop... so people reach out (sometimes) and keep them in. idk. really random. like me! ... must... resist... quoting... numb... repeat... THIS IS MY, MAIN OFFENDER! woah. that was SO random... it's main offender by... someone. i gotta look now. THE HIVES. yeah. like bees. honey. WINNIE THE POOH. WINNIE THE POOH... haha i still don't know all the lyrix to that song. i need to. just like the scooby doo theme song. yeppers. i enjoy many things that i don't feel like listing out. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. kk... i'm sleepy (still...) but no longer hungry (chicken, green beans, and rice can do that to a person... but no worries. i'll be hungry by 12 AM. :D) TACO BELL. haha the other day kristin called her mom & her mom answered, "Taco Bueno, how may I help you?" i like kristin's mom. she's practically my aunt... just because. xD yepp. i do that. and anyway.. i'm continuing my sentence from before. i'm sleepy, but no longer hungry, but most definately sleepy... wow that was repetative. like that word. repetative. rEpETaTive. see?! REPETATIVE IS REPETATIVE! ANYWAY... i'm going to sleep now. skool tomorrow... i can't wait until SCHOOL'S OUT FOR EVER! (school's out forever... by someone. Alice Cooper. who's a guy. idk either) also... that's the name of an MR book. SOF! TAE! STWAOES!!!! those are my favorite three... NO ME GUSTA TFW. BOOOO! OQ oq. why are they basically the same capitalized... but lower cased they are easily differentiated?! ... i really need to go now. stupid school & bus crashes & track= no ice cream... hehe. BOOOO.

Fine, then!

i've realized that we haven't posted in FOREVER. i blame track & the IB program. ... also anime & manga too... cuz i know that's what's been distracting me. xD yeah... ya know, i'm really sleepy. and cold. even though it's like, 60 or 70 something degrees (fahrenheit)(is that how u spell that!? i can never spell that right) outside. but that doesn't stop me from being cold! going to the library! not right now... but later. have i mentioned how much i hate track practice?? it's HORRIBLE. but today was one of the better days... we, well, I only had to run 6 150s. Kristin, on the other hand, only had to run 3... or 4... something like that, but anyway, then she got to go jump. i still finished like, 30 minutes before her though!! you know? every time i wana type the word "though", i always type thought. just like (i'm getting better at this, though) how every time i typed kristin, i'd always wana type kristing, just cuz it's my automatic default thing "oh look! 'in'. it's missing a 'g'! let's add one!". yeah... that kinda thing. "trashed my own house party cuz no body came" haha have you ever like, REALLY listened to the lyrics of a song?? sometimes they're REALLY hilarious. that quote was from Fat Lip by Sum 41. another funny quote might be, "If the world is ending, i'm throwing the party!" (Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship) ya know, when i was new to that band, or when that band was new to me? whatever. when i had first heard that band, i had always wanted to randomly say starship cobra. i mean, what the heck is that?! oh, and fyi, this is just a filler post. i'm just going to ramble on and on and on until i don't feel like rambling anymore. which might take a while. or not. idk. i seem to not know a lot of things, though. well, OBVIOUSLY i don't know a lot of things! i mean, i'm only a fish! haha that sounds funny. SOY UNA PEZ. hehe. SO WHAT IF YOU CAN SEE THE DARKER SIDE OF ME?! NO ONE WOULD CHANGE THIS ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME! HELP ME BELIEVE IT'S NOT THe ReAL ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME TAME THIS ANIMAL! (animal i have become, 3 days grace) yeppers, you caught me. i'm listening to my basically depressing-but-good-songs playlist! i'm not even kidding though. most of the songs on here are depressingish & sad/angry... but there are like, 4 songs on here that aren't like that. i just like the music, basically. but i might listen to that kind of music because it balances out my seemingly always optomistic attitude. no, i'm not depressed or anything. just tired. and sleepy. SLEEPY DOPEY SNEEZY GRUMPY DOC ... SNOW WHITE... [insert other three dwarves names here] yeah... i kinda forgot them. haha when i was typing three i almost typed tree... TREE FIDDY! haha you'd understand if you played weird adventure 2... but you absolutely must play weird adventure 1 first. which is probably going to make some people not play it. OH WELL! be confused then! just like me!!! ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE MORE LIKE ME AND BE LESS LIKE YOU! (numb, linkin park). i know it. i'm just bursting with random exerpts of songs today, aren't i??? apparently... kk... i think i'll stop. because i'm running out of things to type. just know, i am NOT really this talkative really... though i can be at times... just like Fang!! haha williams. greeaaaat. look what i made myself do. hehe. williams. xD WILLIAMS! hahahha! no... i'm not making fun of anyone who's name in any form or fashion is williams... it's just i was reading a fanfic in which fang's last name was williams. Fang Williams. Fang ERIC Williams. FEW. haha. & then he married max. MAXIMUM WILLIAMS! try saying that in an announcerish voice. haha that's really funny. i can only get to MAXIM... before i start laughing. no kidding. but alas, it is time for me to go... feed my dog. because i'm a fish. xD

Tuesday, January 20

my two legged cat has a wheelchair (0-90mph downhill)

watch this video now!!!

if you want to listen to about 1:15 seconds of random blabbering about "safety", then watch from the beginning. otherwise, just go to about 1:20, and listen. you don't even really have to watch... just listen. tis HILARIOUS... and to think i got it off of fanfiction. hey- it's not as random mumbo-jumbo-y as one might think. so yeah. my non-existent cat has 2 legs, so it's in a wheelchair that can go from 0-90 mph going downhill... trust me. if you listen/watch, it will ALL become clear to you!! xD i sound like some old sensei guy who reads too many fortune cookies. OH WELL!
tZvR (also has a seven legged cow named jorge)

Monday, January 19

This post is not worth being a post. o well

I LOVE TORADORA!! (especially the ending theme song!! haha no i love the show even more tho!!)
tZvR (SEE!! i told u it wasn't worth it!! oh well.. too bad for whatever. hehe)
[if you wanna know what my major malfunction, look at the time this was posted. VVVV]

edit: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! sorry. i just found the song ^ (from above...) on PROJECT PLAYLIST!! YESHYESHYESH!!!!!! i'm so happy right now. for all of you wanting to know what the song is... watch toradora! and then figure out the song title from there! or just ask me... but i'll only tell if you've watched at least episode 1. (i'll be giving tests, too. mwahaha)

Sunday, January 18


So...It did end up better than I thought, since I got to watch the new episode of shugo chara, and chapter 49 of high school debut DID come out. The only bad thing about that was that it was the last chapter...which made me sad. And though I didn't get the MR Manga, I did get to watch movies! I watched Eagle Eye, which was really super good! I totally recommend it. Then I watched Spiderman, who is the best super hero of all time! YAY! I also finished a story and got alot of work done on another I'd been working on. Then I had a kinda weird, but really cool dream. And to top this all off, I got pants! Yay pants! Yup...Yesterday was pretty awesome. I think I should go eat breakfast. Yes, I did just wake up at 11:15. I was sleepy. And I didn't want the dream to end. But it's over now. -sniffle-

And no, you don't get to know what it was a bout. It's my secret! :)

Saturday, January 17


how come SHE gets an awesome day like that and i get a SEMI-cool day??? here was my day: wake up cuz kris texted me at 10 & basically gave me a heart attack. no kidding. then i had pancakes. yum. after that we went to my brother's basketball game. when i got back home, i ate lunch & practiced my cello, then i did homework. after that, we went to Collin Creek Mall cuz my bro had a birthday party to go to (he has one tomorrow, too... but i'm also invited!! even if the whole party will probably just consist of his basketball team... and the oldest kids there are seventh graders... sigh. at least i'll be skating... & almost getting run over by all the kids who are like, 3 feet tall. no kidding, those kids are BEASTS when it comes to skating and scaring the snickerdoodles ((i couldn't think of a good word to put there)) out of me, thus making me almost fall down.) and so i just ended up: a) going to Border's bookstore & reading School Rumble manga, b) going to gamestop & playing one song (what i've done by LP) on guitar hero for the PS3, and c) randomly walking around. then we came home and i ate ramen. now my dad's playing a game he got at gamestop, Too Human, and he has the surround sound like, all the way up, so i'm slowly becoming deaf. this game is SO loud. EVERYTHING makes a noise. EVERYTHING!!!! and yeah. that was my day... i'll probably end up staying up late again tonight, too, even if i do have church in the morning. sigh. (i really just sighed there. for no reason, of course.) i enjoy snickerdoodle cookies. but anyway... i really envy kristin's day... even if she DID believe a sixth grader (i don't think it was the super uber hyper spitting one who was over here a few weeks ago) about the MR manga coming out TODAY instead of the ACTUAL date (Jan. 27) yeah. so i'll stop rambling right now. just because i don't feel like it. sigh. idk. kristin's day made me sad cuz it was SOOOO much better than mine. yeah. maybe i should switch lives with kristin. that'd be GREAT! XD
tZvR (KRIS!!! mwahaha i'm taking over her life!! kinda not really...)



Well...not really. Just the part about the Maximum Ride manga NOT coming out today. But luckily, I put it on hold, so I get it as soon as it comes out!! YAY! Yup...I'm still excited. Nothing can kill my AWESOME day!

I'm bored.

We're getting ready to go to Barnes and Noble now, and I'm going to get the MAXIMUM RIDE MANGA!! Luckily I still have sixteen dollars on my gift card!  AND I just found $15.75 in QUARTERS around my room. I also found nine dollars in ones...I lose stuff alot. But the best part about that is finding it. Like today, I found a pencil I had lost a few months ago, some socks I lost a week ago and my rings that I have been looking for since last weekend. I'ts been an amazing day! And MR is gonna make it better! I hope so, anyways. I need to paint my nails...and I want to play guitar hero. These things would make my day. So I'm going to do them as soon as I get back from the store!

Yay Saturdays! Oh yeah, and to make this better, the 66th episode of Shugo Chara just came out! And I finished reading High School Debut. Well, the parts that are out, anyways. I'm still waiting on chapter 49. If that comes out later today, I'll be SUPER SUPER happy! YAYAYAYAY!
Okay...So now that you know how amazing my day has been/will be, i'm going to finish taking off my nail polish and get ready to leave.

And to make this day better, I just found out that I am making ALL A's! Maybe I can keep it this way!

Weird Adventure

Yeah...awesome game.

There's a second one too, and it's just called WEird Adventure 2. they're amazing. play them.
Lean to the left, lean to the right, lean to the up, and back to the right!
Hehe...yay for stretch exercise things!
Good night.

Since i'm bored, i played both of them, and ACTUALLY AMAZINGLY FINISHED THE SECOND ONE!! so i figure, why not?? so here's the link to the second one. OOH! motas. yeah yeah!! let me get the link to MOTAS too. cuz that games amazing also!!! i love games like these. anyway... MOTAS ESTA AquI! just click the "Enter Motas" thingy on the page... yeppers. ok.
tZvR (wonders why she is still awake...)

Thursday, January 15

i laughed my face off

again. no... i didn't do that LITERALLY (crazy people), but figuratively... probably. anyway... i was doing my world geography homework (which consisted of cornell noting a section ((of many)) on Russia & the Republics) when I saw that traditionally, Georgians (no, not American Georgians, Transcaucasian Georgians!!) have a supra, or dinner party (but the word literally translates to "tablecloth", but refers to any occasion in which people gather & eat & drink). But my dad a) started talking about the CAR called supra... and b) thought i said, "My friend Caucasia." so i laughed. of course. typical me. ANYWAY! tonight at dinner, i was, once again, saying how much i would enjoy a supra because it includes a number of cold dishes, 2-3 hot dishes, followed by fruits & dessert... but you can add in any number of foods you want. at least, that's what it says in my geography book. so then... my dad said, "Rianna has a friend named Caucasia." so i started laughing really hard. and spinning in circles. which is what i do when i laugh REALLY REALLY hard. no kidding. ANYWAY (gosh, i gotta learn to stick to the topic!!) i was laughing, and my mom's like, "is that her real name?!" so i was laughing harder. and then my brother's like, "are you going to go to the fridge again?" because when i laugh hard like that, i usually steady myself using the fridge. idk why, i just do. so anyway (jeez! again!!) my mom said, "no, she's gonna SNAP MY PICTURE!" which is... well... i can't really describe it. so i'll post it. go HERE!!! so anyway, i started laughing again. finally (which means like, 5 minutes of straight laughing later) i finally got to explain what a supra was & how i said TRANScaucasia, not "My friend Caucasia."yeah... just another random post to show how weird i am. yeppers. like peppers. only with a 'Y'. yeah... RAMBLING DISCURSIVENESS!!!! xD
tZvR (continues rambling in her mind)
GAH! I CAN'T FIND THAT SONG!!! if anyone knows a song in which the only words are "OOOH!" and "SNAP MY PICTURE!" (of course picture being like "pick-chah"), please tell me what it's called & the artist/band!! i heard it on the radio, but i couldn't figure out what it was while sifting through the radio's playlist!!! I NEED TO KNOW! because now that thing that says "go HERE" has no link because i couldn't find the song. so sad. i'm sorry. but yeah... if u know it, please tell me!! cuz i also want it for my playlist... LAFFY TAFFY! sorry... just remembering a conversation that included that song, the snap my picture, & in the ayer. from lunch yesterday... yeah. ok.
tZvR (is really sad right now...)

I might as well do it now...TORADORA BIOS!

NOTE: The pictures of the characters are above the below the descriptions.

Okay...first is main character Ryuuji Takasu!
 So...about Ryuuji. Well, people are scared of him because of his eyes which supposedly make him look like a delinquent. He likes Minori, which I find odd since they're so different, but whatever. He's also a really good cook...Yep. ! Oh yeah. He's best friends with Yuusaku. Onto Taiga!

Taiga Aisaka
Yay Taiga! Okay, her nickname is the Palmtop tiger, because she's so fierce, but she's so small ( that she could fit in your palm...well, not really, but you get the point.) She has a gigantic temper, and hates Ami because...well, you'll have to wait to find out. She's Minori's best friend and likes Yuusaku, but she always gets super nervous around him. It's hilarious. She starts coming over to Ryuuji's house every night, mainly for dinner.

Yuusaku Kitamura
Once again, you should know he's Ryuuji's best friend. He's the student council vice president and one of the only people, at least at the beginning, who knows that Ryuuji isn't crazy or a delinquent. Ami was his childhood friend.

Ami Kawashima
Ami is a model...she randomly comes to their school, and she's really popular, especially with the guys, but Taiga hates her. It's kind of funny. She doesn't really fit in with the rest of the class, but she pretends...She also has two different personalities.

Yuri Koigakubo
Ahaha...This is their teacher. I just thought I'd put her in here since she's kinda crazy and has some problems sometimes. It's hilarious.

Another one I didn't really need to add, but whatever. He's Ryuuji's parrot and he certainly has some problems. That's pretty much all I need to say. You should just watch to find out about him...

Soo...did this make you want to watch it? Maybe I'll do another one sometime, but for something like...shugo Chara. probably won't be soon though, since this took like an hour. But It's not a waste of time... it's a work of art.

Wednesday, January 14


WHY?! Why would they tell me the MR manga didn't come out until the 27th?! Why?!
And of course, as I was not ready for this, I am not able to go to the store until Friday at the earliest. Sometime this weekend for sure. But I really am mad.
Kris. O0Oo0O0oOoOoO>:[
Hehe. Those O's are smoke, by the way. To show how mad I am.

hehe....i never really had time to post the toradora stuff yesterday. and i don't have time today. but i PROMISE i will sometime. Tomorrow maybe. umm...sheep!


Tuesday, January 13

check it!

most amazing music video i've ever seen. really. i think the end is sad, but the video is pure AWESOMETASTICFULSUPEREPICNESS!!!! just made that word up off the top of my head. because there isn't a word to fit how cool that music video was. and is. still. to me, it will probably never get old. unless i watch it a billion times in a row. which i won't. because i'm not like that. yeah... ANYWAY... uh huh.



has been interesting. track practice is wearing me out, especially since we have it everyday. And today, by the way, it was FREEZING! I had sweats, but jeez! And this crazy football coach guy made us run this random thing. It was really...annoying. and hard. So now I'm tired. I've actually been sleepy all day. So...on B days, like today, me and my friend sit with these people we sorta kinda know. And then one girl we don't know...she's kinda weird. But i'm not going to insult anyone. Or, i'm going to try not to.  Yeah. I'm bored. There's apparently not much to say...oh yeah!

American Idol comes on tonight! yay! finally something for me to watch...something that's not NCIS. don't get me wrong, I love that show, but it's on ALL the time. Like on Mondays, it comes on from 4-7 on one channel, then from 7-10 on another channel! The rest of the weekdays it just comes on from 4-7. But it's alot, trust me. that show is hilarious too! Yupp....I think I'm going to watch Toradora. Speaking of which, I've decided to post a picture of the main characters and give you random bios, just cuz i feel like it. And since I have nothing better to do. And since Rianna is too lazy (no offense) to watch the show and see the scary eyed guy. Which rhymes. Yep. So, pictures coming up. I'll put them in a separate that they can feel special. And while I'm convincing people to read/watch mangas/animes, I'll go ahead and give you my list.
Absolute Boyfriend
Probably some other stuff I can't think of right now.

Peach girl 
Fruits Basket
(Those first four are all on funimation)
Shugo Chara 
Something else I'm forgetting, I'm sure.

but the list is fine for now. Yep...RON! Hehe. none of you know what I'm talking about. WEll., you probably do, but it's somewhere in your subconscious since your brain can't remember that specific post right now. And I haven't posted on the latest...thing. I can't think of the right word. I want to say caper, but I'm not sure that can be use the way I'm trying to use it. So...Life. How's it going for you? I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat something, preferably breakfast foods.

not as good.

it's really not. today in spanish we watched the second semester of spanish spanish love song... and, i must reiterate (gah. stupid inner nerd. why'd you have to come out now? when i'm being LAZY?!) that it is NOT as good as the first semester. but... i must.

here it is... stupid.

here are the lyrix:

Listen to me
My love for you is on fire.
Listen to me
I buy shoes with money.
Listen to me
It's true I live with my parents.
Listen to me
I need a lot of cheese on my chalupa (what is that?!)
Is a very fine beer (hey... just telling the lyrix. ya, cuz u know me... drinking underage and everything.) (that was a sarcastic comment fyi... you can ask kristin or my parents!!)
Soap Opera
programs are ridiculous.
No leavo!
No leavo! (fyi... leavo is NOT a word.)
I have Sangria (what is THAT?!)
and a small dog for you.
No leavo!
No leavo!
No leavo!
I know Erik Estrada (idk who he is... but i heard he was on George Lopez one time...)
Erik Estrada is here.
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada is very handsome (if he says so)
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada likes many things
He likes music
and to walk on the beach.
Estrada likes Futbol (showing FOOTball ((futbol americano)))
No that other kind of futbol (which means soccer)
He's Erik Estrada.
On a bicycle with Erik Estrada.
To study with Erik Estrada.
I drink beer with Erik Estrada. (yep... back to the alcoholism... & i TOTALLY am like, bffs with Erik Estrada... even though i have no clue who he is...) (once again, sarcasm.)
In a gym with Erik Estrada.
Merry Christmas with Erik Estrada.
On the moon with Erik Estrada.
Erik Estrada!
Erik Estrada!
I know Erik Estrada!
(then the dialogue... which i'm too lazy to type. yeppers.)
Spanish Mike (that's what they call him in the information box thingy) is crazy. oh, excuse me...
Miguel de Espanol es muy loco. si, hablo espanol pequeno. yep. (i said yes, i speak small spanish... cuz that makes so much sense. really, tis a little spanish. but whatever. i'm being lazy.)
tZvR (is in pain... still)

(not really an edit, but i'm counting it: i fell asleep before i posted this. lotirofim. sorry)

Saturday, January 10

i'm cracking up right now

lotirofim watch the most hilarious video EVER right now!!

click here!!!

haha while searching for that i got this: clicky
great. now i'm in THAT kind of mood again... so therefore i will put all the videos i can find on this here. numbah one
woah. somehow... those videos led me to... this... one... it scares me. but it's in german and i have no idea what it says... tell me if you know german!!! clickerz
(kristin... watch it. at least the second one on the last one... you'll get a kick out of the title)
then this one came up... here
(tis in japanese... sorry no subs. just random videos)
ok. this one has subs. aqui
um... has anyone ever heard of this?? i have no clue what it says... sorry again. blah
woah ok... i just watched that & it's REALLY strange... i do NOT understand it... and what's with that one girl's hair??? anyway... NEXT!!
just because i haven't seen this show in forever... & it came up... so here.
just to get on people's nerves... i'll put this video on here... so repetitive!!! xD (so what if you think/ know i'm crazy! i'm used to it!!) but you have to watch ALL of it... the end is hilarious, promise.
ok. i don't understand it, nor does it make any sense to me... but it's funny. so yay!
here it is in english.
what the heck?!
i'm hungry.
ok. listen to this song. watched it? now watch this video. tis the same song... lotirofim. ok. same song again... but different.
i agree with the title.
alright. i'm done now. sigh. these things take longer than you'd think. cuz i have to watch the whole video. at least twice. and i've got boring things to get over and done with, cuz i have a party tonight. yeppers. so maybe i'll do another random post like this tomorrow... ooh!! i could do only songs?? idk. we'll just have to see.


i take NO credit whatsoever for this story. it's all everyoneisMISunderstood's, who does not own the characters. i own nothing... except this disclaimer. I CLAIM THE DISCLAIMER!!! xD anyway... this is funny. read. NOW. hehe jk you don't HAVE to if you don't want to... but you should.

“Max? I was wondering…I’m kinda bored and I remember this game we played at that school we went to with Anne. And what you do is someone starts the story, and then the next person adds something, then the next person, and so on. It was sooo fun and sooo funny! Please, Max?” Well, Nudge did seem to like this game and with the flock each having different personalities, this could be very interesting.

“Um, sure. Who wants to play?” Surprisingly everyone agreed even Fang. Shows you how freaking bored we were. “Ok we’ll do the same order as word association. Angel can start, then me, then Fang, after Fang, Iggy will go, Nudge after Iggy, followed by Gazzy. After Gazzy, Total will go then Angel again. We clear?” Everyone nodded so I said, “Go ahead Angel.”

“Ok, once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She was the prettiest person in the world, and she was fair and honest. Her name was Max.” I blushed from the earnest sincerity in her voice, and I heard Iggy give a dry cough. I rolled my eyes, and Angel said, “Iggy, she’s rolling her eyes.”

I said, “Thanks, Angel. One day, Max decided she didn’t want to be a princess, and that she didn’t like being a princess, because she didn’t like to wear a dress or anything proper like that.”

“Max gave the job to her good friend Nudge.” Not so specific there are we, Fang?

“Nudge got on everyone’s nerves. She talked too much, and was way too happy.” That surprised me. Iggy wasn’t usually mean like that. I glanced over and saw the playfulness in his eyes.

“Oh yeah? Well, Nudge was secretly, a um, fairy! Yeah! And she had all her fairy friends and unicorns and stuff. So Nudge got mad one day at this guy named Iggy. So Nudge used her powers to transform Iggy into her personal salsa dancer! Iggy wasn’t even good at dancing!” We all started laughing (except Fang, who just smirked) as Angel sent us a mental video of Iggy in a cocktail dress doing some complicated dance and messing up horribly. Nudge looked rather proud of her punishment and beamed once we were done laughing.

“‘Iggy the salsa dancer, you must go and dance at the Gasman’s house. Wear the most amazing, spectacular hot pink dress you can find. And it absolutely MUST be bedazzled. No questions! Go!’” We laughed at Gazzy’s imitation of Nudge’s voice. We all started cracking up harder when Angel sent us all another video, except this time Iggy was wearing a bedazzled hot pink dress with feathers all over it. Iggy’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“Iggy began the long walk to the Gasman’s house, when suddenly an awesome dog named Total showed up and decided to go with Iggy on his quest to the Gasman’s house.” Total looked rather upset that he didn’t come into the story earlier so I rolled my eyes at him.

“Total was rather unhappy that his master, Fang couldn’t come along. So Total called out, ‘Why must the world be so cruel!’ and then one of Nudge’s fairy friends, Angel, caused Fang to appear and Total leaped into his arms.” Angel seemed rather satisfied with her addition to the story.

“Fang had to go to the Gasman’s house too. But Fang was worried he would be scarred for life if he saw Iggy’s dancing. But Iggy needed the moral support, and Fang agreed to wear a cheerleading outfit and support Iggy the salsa dancer.” I knew Fang was gonna kill me for that later. When he glared at me, I just gave him my best innocent smile. Which probably wasn’t very good, but oh well.

“Fang changed his mind and didn’t wear the cheerleading outfit. Instead he gave it to the former princess Max, who had arrived when Angel poofed Max there.” Ew. Me as a cheerleader? Um wow. Ew. Angel grinned sweetly and I suddenly got the mental image of me in a cheerleading outfit. Ugh. Again I will say ew. Everyone else was laughing, except Fang. Fang was chuckling. Which I guess can be considered laughing but you know what I mean. Then I started snickering as I realized Fang had actually said “poofed”. That just doesn’t seem very Fanglike.

“Max was Iggy’s biggest fan. She made up this special cheer for him. It went like this, ‘Iggy, Iggy, he’s the bomb, he’s so hot he sets off the fire alarm!” My face flushed with anger and humiliation. And yes he did emphasize bomb and fire, cuz hes just a pyro that way.

“They finally arrived at the Gasman’s house. And then, um Max started cheering for Iggy again. But this time the cheering was different. She was all like, ‘I-g-g-y! That’s Iggy! Hey, hey it’s Iggy! We all love Iggy! Especially me!’ So then Fang, Iggy, Max, Angel who decided to come too, and Total entered the door of the Gasman’s house.” That girl has such a motor mouth.

“But Fang was in love with Max. So he got jealous of Iggy and started to cry because Max was cheering for Iggy. He screamed to the clouds, ‘Why does the world hate me so much!’ And the Gasman looked at Fang like he was crazy and thought he had issues.” Instantly we all cracked up at Gazzy’s imitation of Fang’s voice.

“So then they started playing this awesome song. It was called ‘Never Underestimate a Girl’ by Vanessa Hudgens so Iggy could dance. Iggy began to dance in his beautiful cocktail dress.” Total looked proud of his song choice. I really wanted to know how he knew that song. Probably Angel or Nudge.

“Iggy fell down on the floor at first. And then he got right back up again. Max decided she didn’t like Iggy anymore, and that she was in love with Fang. So she kissed Fang and said, ‘I love you so much, Fang!’” Oh, gosh…I felt my face heat up and I saw Fang smirking at me and I realized it was my turn.

“Er, then Max sat down in a chair, and yeah.” Well, sorry, but I was put in an awkward position.

“Fang was definitely scarred for life from Iggy’s dancing.” Yeah, kinda awkward for both of us.

“Iggy was very unhappy that Nudge made him come dance at the Gasman’s house, so he decided to start a rebellion against the queen. After all, the princess was annoying, and a lot of people thought so too. So they rebelled and Nudge was thrown off the throne.” I guess Iggy was kinda mad that he was a salsa dancer.

Nudge looked indignant. Oh boy, here comes a long rant…“Well, Nudge decided that she was going to get her revenge on Iggy and then she was taken away by an extremely handsome prince. And she got married and Max and Fang got married and Iggy died old and alone!”

hahaha wasn't that great!? i loved it. THANKZ everyoneisMISunderstood!!! love your story!! by the way, if you want to read it, click here: TFOB

tZvR= sore. which reminds me of a song.
PAIN! without love. PAIN! can't get enough. PAIN! i like it rough cuz i'd rather have pain than nothing at all!! (which is all true. there is no such thing as "loving pain". i mean, what the heck would that be?! i OBVIOUSLY can't get enough cuz i'm practically killing myself trying to get in ultimate shape for track. ((actually, that's all being forced upon me.)) i WOULD rather feel pain than nothing at all... cuz if i couldn't feel ANYTHING, there'd be... well, nothing. yeah i know, i'm not the deepest person in the sea, but still.)

Friday, January 9


The week is over, and I'm not dead. amazing, right? I am sore though. Horribly sore and hardly able to walk. Well, I wanted to recommend some short stories and books and stuff, since I've read alot of good ones over the past two days. First off, booksss:

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.
This is an amazing book. I'm actually rereading it right now, and the twists still surprise me.
Another good book is The Girl Who Owned a City. I'm not exactly sure of the author right now, and I'm too lazy to go get the book. This is one of my favorites, of all time, and I could read it back to back without being bored. I highly recommend it!
 Short Stories (which come from A Wrinkle in Time and Other Related Stories. I don't know where I got it, but...yeah. I recommend a Wrinkle in Time too. Another one of my favorites.):
Dark Princess. I can't remember who it's by, but it's amazingly written. It amazed me and reminded me, slightly, of Romeo and Juliet. Which I love. 
The Colony. This was absolutely spectacular, and that's not a word I use very often. I loved it, and the ideas were amazing. It seemed like something I would write myself.

And so my recommendations end. So sad...
Well, I'm going to something else.

Thursday, January 8

oh jeez.

first off- it took me about five minutes to get up the stairs because my legs are killing me and i had to take my backpack up too.

Next: This is the worst fanfiction I have ever read in my life. At first glance it seems okay, but there are multiple grammar errors, and the worst part is the "paragraph", if you can even call it that, in the 11th chapter. I'll give you an idea of how long it is:
1. I skipped most of it
2. In the beginning of it, the flock was getting ready to leave and get Max back
3. At the end, they had her back.
4. It wasn't just IN the story. It WAS the story. 

But go ahead and read it if you want to. Remember- I've warned you.

Edit...I CANNOT believe I did that. I forgot to put the link to the story...Wow. That was incredibly stupid of me, and it took me a whole day to realize it. Wow. Well, here's the link:

Wednesday, January 7

oh no

my spanish teacher showed us this in class today since we were doing absolutely nothing... only it wouldn't fully load while we were watching it, so it kept stopping at the most random moments...

don't read this til you've watched it.

if you don't know spanish, i'll translate it for you:

Hello, miss.
What is your name?
My name is Mike,
My name is Mike.
Where is the bathroom? (badly pronounced)
Happy Birthday.
What time is it?
What time is it?
La la la la la
I like the library.
I live in a red house.
I have two bicycles.
Many thanks and you're welcome.
How old are you?
One moment, please.
It's the one semester of Spanish,
Spanish Love Song.
My mom is pretty.
My cat is very white. (once again, badly pronounced...)
Pardon me,
Pardon me!
La la la la la
one, two, three, and four.
five, six, seven, eight.
nine, ten!
no remembro how to say eleven.
Antonio Banderes
Nachos grande (big)
and cinnamon twists.
it's the one semester of spanish
spanish love song!
(he then says goodbye ((WAY badly pronounced)) in french??? idk either)

yeah... it's so stupid. i hate that song. just like the james k. polk song... here. i'm NOT doing the lyrix to that song... cuz it's in english first off, and second, though i know all the lyrix, i'm too lazy.
yeppers. kk, that's all i wanted to do...
tZvR (me)

no kidding.

Track sucks.
Kris and Rian

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T


don't you just love how kris posts the SAME thing like, 5 times? (actually only 2 but still). lotirofim. and i love how the second from the top one has like, 4 more letters from the one on top... (not this one, kristin's) yeah... just saying.
Rian (when did i start saying 'Rian' at the end instead of tZvR!? hmmmm... suspicious actions! I'M BEING SUSPICIOUS WITHOUT MY EVEN KNOWING IT! ((until now, of course)))

Tuesday, January 6

Yes! This is amazing. Sorry about the random lines and stuff at the end. Ignore them. Focus on the sheer coolness of this phone posting thing.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

I think i may have found a way to post on my phone! If so yay! If not, boo and you wont be reading this.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

argh... is just a posting day. Mainly because people are getting on my nerves!!

This is what happened:
My mom told me to get off the computer, so i sat in my room with the radio up super loud while i wrote multiple multiple pages, and then, about FIVE minutes later, my brother comes in and says I need to eat cuz it's almost eight. I was like, whatever and continued listening to the radio because it was the top five countdown. Then Jason comes up AGAIN. Telling me to watch this super amazing NatGeo segment on space and hubble telescope, which he walks away from as soon as I reluctantly walked downstairs. Then my mom thought I wasn't feeling good because I was frowning because I was mad, and I was just thinking, "maybe if you hadn't interrupted me, I wouldn't be all frowny."
And it's even worse because I wrote like five pages in those few minutes with the blasting radio, but everyone had to come interrupt me so now i have no idea what to write and i can't use the music to help because the countdown went off and my dad and brother went to bed.
PS. Tuesdays are now on the least favorite day list, right after mondays, which of course, are first.
Good night!

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg... video night?!

i'm apparently a pirate. ANYWAY... i hate my A days too. here's my schedule:

Annoying days (haha get it?! A... Annoying... forget it)

Speech (ah... teacher's REALLY repetitive... and makes up weird acronyms)
Geography (stupid teacher picking b-days to choose seats... i liked my old seat better.)
English (eh. tis the same as last semester...)

B Days

Orchestra (at least i can semi-sleep in this class)
Biology (i have friends in the class... i'm cool)
Spanish (eh. PHIL!!)
Athletics (i love running)

yeah. as you can see, my school days are going to be semi-like kristin's- in the way that A days are somewhat harder than B days... but other than that, we only have TWO classes together... as opposed to last semester, when we had... two... classes... together... lotirofim! (what? i'm in a laughy mood... i just watched that hilarious twilight puppet video... hey. i'll put my favorite potter puppet pals (i would say ppp, but that's something else... KRIS!! PPP!!!) video on here, in case you've never seen one. but trust me, tis NO WHERE NEAR as funny as that twilight one... wOw. one question about that tho... why'd they call him team edward??? and i like how all the round objects had faces. and when james was breaking bella's leg, she was screaming in agony, and all the caption said was "ouch". yeah... anyway... potter puppet pals: HERE.

"If you want to destroy
my sweater!
Pull this thread
as I walk away!"
- Undone (The Sweater Song), Weezer

Lotirofim that song's hilarious... but one thing i don't get... the next lines are "Watch me unravel/ I'll soon be naked" and i'm going... are you ONLY wearing a sweater?? or is it like, a sweater jumpsuit or something??? cuz if you just undid the sweater... you'd just be sweaterless. you'd still (hopefully) have pants on... so yeah. if any of the band members of Weezer (I LOVE YOU!) are reading this... randomly... will you please tell me???
*Rian is in a weezer mood, so she goes off, humming Buddy Holly & Troublemaker (this version is weird... these people must be bored)(and also... it's fake. just fyi)*
(i take it back. this one's more hilarious... and THESE people were bored. but it's only part of the song... sigh)
PS. what?? it's hard finding a good version of troublemaker where a) it's not a video of someone videoing them playing a videogame with guns and they decided not to edit out the gunshots, b) it doesn't have Weezer looking... different. or c) it's not the simpsons... i don't like that version. it's really bad. so yeah... i'll find something eventually. and i told you. I'm in a weezer mood. and a video one, too, i guess. anyway... what? more videos on random things i find?? OK! (this post was started at... 7:15ish? and it's already 8:38 right now... hehe. LONGEST POST! (like, timewise... not in length...) anyway... more videos. right... ummm... ok. i don't know if i've already put this on here, so i'll put it here (possibly again). once again... shown to me by the super uber hyper spitting sixth grade kid, here is this song. haha when i finished and went to a new thing... an ad came up that said "Over 75% of people have failed the DUMB test". I almost cracked up... but refrained... i do NOT want to repeat the TPS (kristin's vid) incident again... anyway: i love this song!! this one's weird... oh and fyi, if you don't know, that song before the really long one at the end... the tarzan is handsome or whatever one?? they're both guys. yeah... everyone thinks he's a girl... but he's not. yeah... NEXT! this is one of the most RANDOM videos i have EVER seen. oh yeah! i remember these! they were on one of my insanity posts!! i'll put them here now... assasin's creed
captain basch from dalmasca... tetris! um... beautiful katamari... excuse me. katamari damancy.
ok! i'm gonna stop now... seeing as it's... 9:08... and my mom's getting mad at me cuz i'm not practicing my cello... hehe oops. anyway...
(yay for longest post script EVER!)
Rian, tZvR, Emi-chan, Rianna, Annair, Tammy, Annaire, and all the many other aliases (word??) that is one person... ME! xD

Now I know...

That everyone in the world really IS crazy. Especially the people on M-X. They had a super long argument over whether Ari's name is pronounced AR-EE or AIR-EE.

Honestly, DOES IT MATTER?!
I say AIR-EE, just because that's how it's pronounced in my head. I don't care how James Patterson intended on it to be, since if he wanted us to say it right, he should have written the pronunciation in the book. So there...And please, don't hesitate to disagree with me. 
I'm a very good arguer... not really a good debater, since I'd rather stick up for something I believe in, but that's off topic. Yeah...Ari's and airhead...well actually he's a deadhead...nevermind. I have no idea why i typed that.
So...I WIN!

long post for a change.

Okay...I meant to post this earlier, like when I posted the Dramacon thing, but I kinda forgot...

SOOOO, here's the BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER WINTER BREAK post! First up...let me tell you how much I hate my new schedule.
Now, imagine this line going on and on for who knows how long...this hate is fueled by the fact that my A days are spent walking back and forth ALL the way across the building, with people I don't know. And when there ARE people I don't know, I sit nowhere near them, excluding fourth period...Third period's okay, but the seating chart's all screwed up...And A days are all my core classes, which makes my backpack a KILLER. B days are going to be a piece of cake though. And photojournalism should be fun, too.But overall, I dislike the new schedule. WHY must the world change?! And sometimes, I wish I could go back to seventh grade...those were the good days. 
When I had teachers that taught us nothing and let us eat in class...ahhh. But whatever. Seventh grade is done and, i think that's a song. But I can't remember how it goes at this very moment. I'll let you know later. In the mean time, I guess I should TELL you my schedule. 
Biology (know no one...)
English (know people, just not people i talk to...)
World Geography (sucky seating chart)
Student Leadership (eh, it's okay.)

French (piece of cake.)
Photojournalism (piece of pie)
Geometry (piece of PI)
Athletics (Not so easy, but at least there's no homework.) just doesn't add up. But whatever. I guess I'll go finish eating my mashed potatoes and candy corn...but not together. DEFINITELY not together. might be pretty good. And I would try it if I hadn't finished all but ONE piece of my candy corn...whatever.



Ahem...sorry for that. But you should go read them...there are seven. They are amazing.


Monday, January 5


Man...I have to go to bed. But the worst thing is: SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!

By the way, you should watch the totally awesome anime called TORADORA! It's hilarious! especially the ending song...well, night!
My full name?!

Twilight Puppet Saga

This has got to be the most hilarious youtube video I have ever seen in my life!! If you have read Twilight, or even if you haven't,, you HAVE to watch this!!

And if you like Potter Puppet Pals, you'll LOVE this.

Don't read this until after you've watched it:
Now wasn't that hilarious?! I especially love the part in the meadow!
You wanna make out?
I'll eat you.
You complete me.

Who is the genius that created this?! So brother was laughing his head off.

Thursday, January 1


is this video. i mean, yeah, it's funny, and yeah, it's by weird al, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. wana see what i'm talking about? yeah? go HERE. gah. oh. you wana know who showed me this super hilariously annoying video that always gets stuck in my head? well, it was none other than Espe, aka SUHGSSGK!, aka super uber hyper giggling spitting sixth grade kid! from last night! yay for him. -_- (note my half-hearted sarcasm) Anyway... i don't like black eyed peas. i DO, on the other hand, enjoy the restaurant. (tis my all time favorite).


Wow. It's 2009. Amazing, huh? A whole new year...well, last night I stayed up until 5AM! And I didn't wake up until twelve. It's kinda scary. So before midnight, my cousins came over and we played monopoly. I don't think I've ever lost at something so badly before. I had NO property because on my first turns, I went to jail THREE TIMES IN A ROW. And by the time I actually got out and passed go so I could buy something, there was really only one color left. And of course I couldn't land on it. I just kept landing on OTHER people's stuff. And then, whenever I passed go I landed on the stupid income tax, it was horrible. So then we celebrated, and I ate candy corn all night. Then we watched some movies, and my parents came home around three so we went up to my room and drew pictures with crayons. 

Two hours later, we went to bed. 
Oh yeah, and before that I texted some people and someone called me and then I ate MORE pizzaa. Yep...It was fun. was your new years? Man, I'm bored...okay...BYE EVERYONE!
PS. School starts on TUESDAY! AUGH!



ok. sorry. had to get that out of my system. you see, there was a counter we had, and it kept counting down, so REALLY, according to that counter, it's 2012. i can now drive and vote, and i'm going to college. yeah. totally weird. but anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR! sorry... it's pretty funny. to me anyway. and the sixth grader sitting next to me reading over... my arm? i guess.. he's laughing his head off right now. technically, he's laughing at himself. cuz that's who i'm typing about, and he keeps giggling... still. yeah... SO ANYWAY... (pointedly TRYING to ignore the kid next the me) (scratch that, the SUPER HYPER SPITTING KID next to me (YOU SPIT ON MY EYEBALL!!! GROSS!!!) (tis ok ((he said sorry, and he keeps giggling))) ok... now this post is turning into one about the giggling, spitting, super uber hyper sixth grade boy sitting next to me. so i'm gonna stop talking about him... I LIKE MARSHMALLOWS! (STOP LAUGHING DUDE!!) AND ICE CREAM (SERIOUSLY STOP!!) gah. since he won't stop, i'll stop talking. typing. whatever. since it's technically impossible to sing on the internet. yeah...


now for an add from the super uber hyper giggling spitting sixth grader next to me!!!


Espe (that's the abbreviation of his youtube account... he's really: THE SUPER UBER HYPER GIGGLING SPITTING SIXTH GRADE BOY)