Monday, August 31 riding my bike with jason and his friends. We saw an had cream truck earlier. It was playing christmas music. Deck the halls, silent night and we wish you a merry christmas. Also, Ive seen four motorcycle guys in the span of ten minutes.

Sunday, August 30


saw this while working on history homework (we have to make a notebook cover- i swear. ask kristin) I'll write what they say.

Max: When no one's looking, I play with my My Little Pony collection.
Fang: Those brown packets Max gets monthly in the mail are my gay magazines.
Iggy: Sometimes I squish someone's boobs and use the excuse that I'm blind and I couldn't tell.
Nudge: I once dated 9 guys in one week.
Gazzy: When Nudge & Angel go to the mall, I go to Victoria's Secret and stare at the bras.
Angel: I've looked into Iggy's mind. Uggh! You don't want to know.
Jeb: teehee. I've seen Dr. Martinez naked.

most of it's kinda inappropriate, and perverted, but it's still funny :P
Rian ( name is jimmy & you better not wear it out!... i love green day)


yuh. it's a youtube post.

had a party last night, my friends & i spent the majority of it watching youtube (we were soooo bored. made a movie later, but it's not done :P). so here are some videos we watched that i haven't posted prior to this post. heh.
Ghosts: 1 2 3 4
yuh. those are the funniest ones, i think. i mean, besides the ones that we watched that have already been posted... gah. no me gusta tarea, pero tengo que hacerla. (basically, i don't like homework, but i have to do it... but yuh- not so great at Spanish, so don't get too mad, please!)
so sleepy. time for math homework. greeeaaat.
Rian (if you don't understand the Fabio thing from ghosts episode 2, click here)

Saturday, August 29

Edward: Black.

Jacob: Cullen.

Bella: Swan.

Fanfics are hilarious

Jacob: You...slapped me.

Bella: I didn't slap you. I just gave your face a high- five.

I really haven't said anything about my retainers yet

So, I got them on Wednesday...and they give me a lisp. So it's kind of hard to talk, especially to people I don't know. Like in French, we were playing this game, and people kept asking me my name. And of course, it was the day after I'd gotten the retainers, and I couldn't really talk. so I was like, "Kritin. KriTHin. KRIS-TIN." It was crazy. Anyhoo, I can pretty much talk normal now. Yay.


Haven't posted much...but here are some random sites to check out. All kinda random. Click the numbers.

1 2 3

Friday, August 28


... i'm getting Chinese food for dinner.

Rian (is bored, so put up this pointless post so you people can pointlessly know that this is one of the all time best days ever. just saying)


well, one of them, anyway.

so... yay! it started out great, and the only thing i need to make it end great is have Chinese food for dinner :)
so... yeah. the bus ride to school was hilarious, and i almost exploded. but i got to Spanish, & my teacher took a metaphorical knife to my brain & killed it- to the point where i couldn't really do anything correctly for the rest of the day. yeah. that made it... kinda bad, actually. so yeah. Then the pep rally. it was... like all the other pep rallies, really. i mean, they did all the same cheers & stuff, so yuh. then, after the pep rally, kristin & i basically ran (shh! don't tell- no running in the hallways) to athletics to see if we could ride the bus. we found we were gonna watch a movie (that actually turned out to be a powerpoint that our coach couldn't figure out how to work), and we hoped for people to get there soon so we could ride the bus home on this beautiful Friday afternoon.
our dreams were crushed.
anyway, (oh, totally forgot- in English, while working on paragraphs of stuff, we listened to very calming Christmas music [???] and talked about that song "You're a Jerk"{or whatever it's called} and the dance that goes with it. so stupid & pointless...) we watched the powerpoint & during that, they played the Alma Mater like, 5 times on the PA. Even though most of the school was at the pep rally to sing it twice (everyone but the freshmen. heh). yeah.
So yeah, basically, the only thing that can make this day one of the all time best days ever is to have Chinese food tonight. \(>.<)/
Rian (really likes that smiley face. it's fun)

Thursday, August 27

Zombies, Oh my gosh.

i found the lovely complex anime. oh my gosh, it's almost as hilarious as the actual manga!! >.<

so yuh. watching it now. um... first part of the first episode here. um... maybe i can find it somewhere else later? idk. we'll see.
Rian (has school tomorrow, which is most unfortunate)



so i haven't been posting recently because the computers were getting fixed, and i was computerless (obviously). I'm greatly relieved to finally announce that yes, my laptop has been finally fixed after like, what? 3 months? something like that. so... this is gonna be my big post for now.
anyway, yeah. school... it's going pretty ok, i guess. I have Spanish III (in which my teacher rambles in Spanish [she's "still learning" and only "slightly more advanced" than us. which does not sound great] at 7:30 in the morning, while we, the class, are half dead), Chemistry (in which i have an awesome teacher who's... hilariously awesome), Orchestra (in which we either do nothing, or play really hard songs really fast), and English (in which... it's ok.) on A days. B days include Algebra II (i still don't understand why the higher ups always stick me in math first thing in the morning... it's not like i'm ready to learn or anything at SEVEN FREAKING THIRTY in the MORNING), History (the teacher's alright... more like I expected than everyone else- i mean, they all thought she ate puppies or something. jeez), Athletics (which is ok... but we're doing sprints & agility during school, and long distance after school, so... it's annoying), and Theatre? yeah, don't ask me why i'm in that class. but it's fun, so i deal.
yeah... nothing much going on in life, except for the never ending pain, sleepiness, and just overall laziness that usually go on in life.
Rian (is glad it's almost friday...)

Tuesday, August 25

You know how big semi trucks have those little flaps behind the tires? Well, i just passed one that someone had drawn a moose with wings on. FLYING MOOSE!!!
rian (is sleepy on her way to school)

Monday, August 24

First day of school...

Yay? I seriously don't know. One thing I DO know, though, is that my schedule is insane. All of my core classes are on A days (algebra -2-, history, chemistry, english -3-), and all my slack off, kinda boring classes are on B days (bcis -a computer class-, creative writing -should be interesting-, french, and journalism/newpaper). And I also have a super list of supplies I need to get. And my mom has homework, since she has to sign like fifteen thousand papers. I also have homework. Real homework. I need to study for my second map test (did amazing on the first), finish my algebra, and organize. One of my favorite things about starting a new school year is buying school supplies. I'm not sure why. But it is. And supposedly, according to a junior on my bus, sophomore year is easy. Whatever, I'm gonna something.


Saturday, August 22

Just saw a guy riding a horse down the street. Maybe i really do live in texas. Kris.

Friday, August 21

Green Day

After playing Rock Band this morning, I turned the TV back to ... TV mode, i guess, and MTV was on, playing Green Day songs.

sooo, i have rediscovered my love for Green Day. :) They're so amazing!!! I kinda wanna see them live sometime... it'd be fun. but anyway, watching those music videos, I came across a few things.
Firstly, I found the reason why everyone's so randomly afraid of the dentist. They all watched this music video & this part of the movie Little Shop of Horrors. haha
Second... well, this is just funny. It's Green Day's Walking Contradiction. i fell off the couch laughing at this... it was soooo hilarious. Keep in mind, this is back when Billie Joe had blonde hair... personally, i like his hair better like it is now, but whatever.
yeah. oh. when you watch these videos, it's best to watch them in this order. it makes more sense hahaha :) but i think that's how it was supposed to be played... probably. Holiday, then Boulevard of Broken dreams (for some reason, they took it off of youtube? so look it up on like, project playlist or imeem or something). omg this is the Boulevard of Broken Dreams one... but it's hilarious. jeez.
Finally, to end this wonderful Green Day post, this song has been stuck in my head (you get to see how i like his hair in this one), and this one... well, i just haven't heard it in a while, so... yeah. :)
Rian (cannot say that Green Day is her favorite band... but it is one of her many favorites [smile])

Thursday, August 20

always interesting.

So, we just finished our cbox conversation...seriously, I know these things make us seem super weird, but it's fun. Anyway, today we talked to Jacob and Edward, from Twilight, for the first time, and Fang, from MR, for like, the hundredth time. And then some...original characters. Not made up, really, but people we've created for things. I don't feel like elaborating, so if you don't get it, forget it. I'm going to bed.


If this post had a title, it'd probably be something like, "Rian rambles about stuff."

sooo... i don't really have anything to post about... i just felt like i should post since i haven't in a few days (hah. sounds like i'm addicted or something)

oh jeez. There's this song called I'm Not An Addict by Reliant K, and it was sooo hilarious because the first time kristin & i heard it, we thought she was saying, "I'm Automatic!" and it was weird. because... then she'd be a robot. weird! but yeah. i have a lot of songs stuck in my head right now... 21 Guns by Green Day, Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails, and Still Alive by Glados. yeah. totally random, that last song is. but i finally figured out how to fix my wireless guitar for Rock Band (i couldn't calibrate it to the xbox, so i had to figure out how to do that), and i was playing. so yeah. 21 Guns got stuck in my head when i was watching MTV (nothing else was on, really, so i spent commercials listening to music) and it came on. And by watching MTV, i found out that I Write Sins Not Tragedies (or whatever it's called) is by Panic! At the Disco. yeah. I know. you don't have to say a word. :P anyway, Head Like A Hole got stuck in my head yesterday because there was a playlist with it on, and then i was thinking about it when it came on the radio. Yeah.
Holy sebaba! i just realized i wrote a whole paragraph on like, 5 songs. well... technically it started with one & became another 3, with a few random songs in between.
On another note (while still talking about songs), my cousins and brother have gotten me almost obsessed with Phineas and Ferb songs. no joke. My brother watches the same episodes with the same songs on them everyday, my cousins sing them, and i have them recorded on my phone. it's really quite sad... especially since i can sing a lot of them by memory. yeaaah... it's a good thing that i won't have time to be obsessed when school starts... speaking of which, i have to go practice my ambidextrousness (zombies! oh my gosh! that's a word! ambidextrousness!) now. Yeah... i've always wanted to be ambidextrous... i just hadn't been practicing. so i play the guitar on Rock Band in Lefty mode, and starting now, I will write the alphabet (capitals and lowercases) with my left hand when i'm bored! yay!!! hahaha i sound soooo lame. :P
Rian (does not wish for the school to start again... she can wait another month... or 468768... >.>)
psst: OMG! i just realized that you can't change the font anymore!! What's with that?!

another hilarious video courtesy of Jason


Yeah, it might be kinda weird if you're not a Sonic fan, or if you don't know what it is (do those people even exist?). But it's still hilarious.

Wednesday, August 19

you know what I just realized?

We only have 5 days until school starts.

Where has the summer gone?

Tuesday, August 18

Sorry I didn't post earlier.

I got home at like two, but I ate directly after that, then promptly forgot about posting. Yay. So anyway, about the orthodontist. Contrary to popular belief, or at least in my case, getting my braces off didn't hurt at all. Yeah, it was uncomfortable, but it didn't HURT. Yeah. So the lady took off the brackets (all at once....), then pulled out the bands, which I was thinking would hurt the most. And surprisingly, it really didn't. What did hurt was when they were first putting the braces on and they had to size the bands and they kept putting them on and yanking them off. Anyway, so after she took everything off, she used this weird thing to scrape all the glue stuff off, and then used this weird electric toothbrush thingy to clean my teeth, and then we were done! Well, mostly. They had to take the molds for my retainers, which was super gross and annoying because I couldn't breathe. And THEN, they had to take all the annoying pictures and x-rays and stuff. That took the longest.

Anyway...I just finished typing this this morning, around 9:30. I actually started it around nine last night.

Hahaha we're sitting in the dark. Why? Because the power went out. Except it's back on now. So... We're getting ready to watch the movie watchmen, so i might post on that afterwards. Maybe. Or i might go to sleep. :)
Rian (is still sitting in the dark...)

okay, so i'm getting ready to go to my orthodontist appointment...and since my mom is a teacher, and she had to go back to work this week, she's not going to be taking me. She called me a minute ago, talking about how weird it was that she wasn't going to be there for this "milestone". It was kinda odd, but I get what she means...On a lighter note, I just finished watching a movie on On Demand. It's called Campus Confidential...I think. I can't really remember. It was pretty good, but kinda weird. Anyway, I'm going something.


Monday, August 17

i swear i've brushed my teeth at least four times today.

Because I'm super paranoid and stuff about tomorrow. My appointment is at about 21 hours...yay. Anyway, I think I'm going to go ride my bike. Cuz I'm bored and I feel like it.


i am bored.

so bored. so very bored. so extremely bored that i'm typing this. yay. boredness. i was eating cap'n crunch a few minutes ago. the box is still sitting beside me. and so is my bowl filled with leftover milk. and my etch-a-sketch. and my flash drive. and an earring. and like five napkins. and a deck of cards that recommend books. and some colored pencils. and... you get the point. so. reading some fanfiction. that doesn't make me any less bored, though. first comma i've had this whole rambling paragraph. yay. anyway, just brushed my teeth. had practice this morning. 6:30. not yay. ran whole two miles without walking. wasn't as hard as it has been. um, still bored. don't know what else to do. continue reading fanfiction, i guess.

Sunday, August 16

paranoia, dreams, movies.

Okay, so Friday night I watched 17 Again. It was an amazing movie. And seriously hilarious!! So yeah, if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. And...well, if you know me at all, you should know that I kinda get paranoid and obsessive over super important things to me. And sometimes the paranoia comes in dreams. Like how last year, right before school started, I had all these insane dreams about me missing the bus, because I was really worried about it. So, as you should also know, I'm getting my braces off on Tuesday. And last night, I had all these insane dreams. There was one where my orthodontist only took off my bottom braces, and then he put on these weird makeshift braces things...Because apparently my teeth weren't straight. And in the next one, he took them off, but I had this HUGE gap in between my front two teeth, and so I pushed my teeth together and it disapeared. And then in another one, I went to the orthodontist on Monday, and he took off my bottom braces, but apparently, I had to come back the next day to get the top braces taken off. And THEN, the weirdest one, where I went on Tuesday, like I was supposed to, and I couldn't remember anything that had happened Sunday or Monday (because TECHNICALLY, it hadn't happened yet), and he took them off, but there were all these little kids running around the room, so he abandoned me to talk to them. And then, while he's walking off, he yells over his shoulder, "Be sure to read all my books!" And I was so confused, because I didn't know my orthodontist had written any books, so I went out into the lobby waiting room thing, where my mom was, and there was this freaky rabid/insane sheep. And my mom was just sitting beside it. And then, all of a sudden, it was gone, and I was like, "OMg, where'd it go?! It's going to kill me!" And stuff like that. I was freaking out about this stupid sheep.

Yeah. I told you I get paranoid. And I meant it. Anyway, I hope your sleep isn't plagued by rabid sheep.

so this morning, i watched a movie that kept popping up on my Scene-it game, and it turned out to be one of the bestest movies i have seen!

It's called Stardust... and it's fairly new, which i was surprised to find. So i watched it alone (which was totally fine) because no one else wanted to see it. but of course, every last one of them (them being family) came upstairs and watched the end. And then they kept asking questions... and being loud... and my mom kept saying it was stupid. so i'm kind of mad because they go up at the very end and then they're all confused and stuff. So i'm like, "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST WATCH IT?!" but whatever. :) i saw it, and i'm happy. It was really hilarious... i recommend it >.<
Rian (liked the guard, Captain Shakespeare, and the village name the best hahaha)

Saturday, August 15

The next one should be called, "The Chocolate Factory"

"I think I'm gonna be sea sick."

"Ok, here. Try one of these."
"What are they?"
"They're Rainbow Drops. You suck on them for a while, and then you can spit in seven different colors."
"Spitting is a bad habit," she says, while picking her nose.
"I know a worse one."

Gah. I'm watching Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. It's soooo hilarious. Though I must say, I like the cast from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory better. My suggestions: a) take out Willie from Charlie & exchange with Willie in Willie Wonka, (if that makes any sense, but i don't feel like typing out the whole explanation, so i'm not gonna... sorry), and b) dress the Charlie Oompa-Loompas as the Willie Wonka Oompa-Loompas. And that would make the best The Chocolate Factory cast EVER! :D
hahaha >.<
so... yuh.
Rian (wants a rainbow drop... it'd be soooo amazing! :D)

this is this funniest thing i've heard all day

so... i was reading a fanfic (a totally awesome one... it's called What They Don't Know... and it's MR, of course, but you should totally check it out), and in this fic, they keep saying, "ZOMG!" and Max always wonders what the Z stands for. So i read the reviews to see if anyone said, and someone had googled it. (i laughed at that, and then wondered, "why didn't i do that?! i've been wondering forever!!" and it made me feel stupid hahaha)
so apparently, the Z in ZOMG stands for... *drumroll, please*... Zombies.
yes, Zombies, of all things. so basically, ZOMG is... Zombies! Oh my gosh!
which i find totally hilarious. i'm gonna start saying that now... no, not ZOMG, but Zombies! Oh my gosh! just randomly out of the blue. like the word brummagem. it's so much fun to say... and it's in the Series of Unfortunate Events, which i am rereading now because i feel like it, even though i have 4 short stories i need to annotate. oops. oh well. haha :)
yuh... zombies. which reminds me... Army of Darkness. one of the stupidest movies ever, yet a totally amazing movie. It's the third one... you have The Evil Dead (watched that, and it was ok, yet totally freaked me out cuz my mom was in the back making weird noises cuz she was freaking out...), Evil Dead 2 (which we skipped), and Army of Darkness. (click on the names of the movies) They're probably the some of the only few scary movies i will ever watch... i'm not a big fan. I mean, you probably wouldn't be if you got nightmares from E.T., too! hahaha yup. watched that movie in daycare.... gah. daycare. my friends and i ranted on that yesterday over a pizza dinner... so i don't feel like reranting. haha reranting. that's fun.
Rian (needs to stop typing, and work on more homework... or read more fanfiction... *coughcough*)

Friday, August 14

i just read the most stupidly illogical story ever.

So, this girl goes to California to stay with her father for the summer, and she ends up "falling in love" with her new sisters' boyfriend. And then, out of nowhere, she's suddenly pregnant, and she realizes she doesn't love him, and that she's actually in love with HIS twin. And so they pretend that he's the father, and all this crazy stuff happens. She waits like, six months to tell her mom that she's pregnant, and her boyfriend proposes, and they break up like five times. The last time, she drives back up to her home in Washington, where her best friend's parents force them to stay away from each other, and the secretaries and counselors talk about her behind her back. So then she drives BACK to California, where everyone is happy, except when she finds out, after they get back together, that her boyfriend is "cheating" on her, with his ex, but then they get back together, somehow. And then the girl has her baby, but realizes that she doesn't love it. Then, in the last chapter, titled HAPPILY EVER AFTER, her boyfriend gets into a car crash, his heart fails, and then he dies, a few days before their supposed wedding. And so the girl leaves the baby she doesn't love with her family and drives back to Washington where everyone hates her.

Great story, huh? Not.

Thursday, August 13

So, in case you didnt know, there was a meteor shower last night and the night before. Last night, around ten, my brother and i sat outside and looked at the stars. I pointed out constellations and my brother...well he looked at them. And, when i was making him look for the summer triangle, we say a shooting star! It was awesome
, but we didnt see anything else all night. I went in around eleven thirty. Hm...idont think i told you about track practice. We basically run two miles each day, which is not fun. Ive been sore this whole week. And it really hurts to walk upstairs. Anyway, im gonna go be bored. Kris.

Wednesday, August 12

my brother just showed me this stupidly hilarious video.


I swear, it's weird and random and stupid, but it is SO funny. Especially he cake part... "No, DADDY!!!"

I have so much stuff to do, and i'm too lazy to even attempt any of it.

I've been reading fanfiction all day, when I should have been working on homework or studying or something other than eating fruit snacks. The only semi-productive thing I've done today is to go on the barnes and noble website and browse. So far, I've made a list of 21 books I want to read/buy. Also, I've had about two bottles of water, and I'm starting on my third. I had an hour long phone conversation with my mom about random pointless things, and I'm planning on riding my bike tonight. My mom stayed up last night to look at the meteor shower, and she promised that if she saw anything, she'd wake me up. She didn't see a thing. And I slept like a bear. 6 more days til I get my braces off, if you count today.


here tomorrow, gone today- we're a part of the secret parade!

so... i've had this cd for a while now, and i actually listened to it all the way through today, instead of only listening to my favorite songs on there like i do normally.

and i heard this song.
and i like that song.
so i post this song.
... that song.
hah sorry, had to do that :P
but yeah, i really do like this song. it's the most calming, amazing song i have heard. haha
so... listen to it? i'm a huge fan of the afters, so yeah. my other favorite songs by them are myspace girl, secret parade, never going back to ok, we are the sound, tonight, and one moment away. yeah, and those are just off the one cd i have. so... if you want, you can check those songs out, too :)
Rian (is watching the green as it gives to gold)

I just took a nap!

... well, i did...

anyway, before i took a nap, i was listening to the radio when i heard this story...
i find it fairly hilarious, but stupid. I mean, really. can people not yawn anymore?! jeez.
Rian (.... oops. just yawned.)

Tuesday, August 11

because i'm bored:

i am going to rant on the word "whose".

It's such a weird word! whose. i can understand "who's", but that's "who is" and that wouldn't make much sense in the place of whose, but still. i don't really know what makes me think that it's weird, maybe the "e", or the "h", but something about it just looks... off. I don't really know... it just does. whose. hose. sorry. i think it's the h that throws me off. I mean, you can't have the word "who" without the "h", then it'd just be "wo"... like, "woe" spelled wrong. wrong. that's a weird word too. i don't know. maybe it's just something about words that start with "w"s and don't have a vowel right afterwards. for example, the words "weird" and "wonder" don't look all that strange. But on the other hand, "white" and "whose" look odd, like, the "h" isn't supposed to be there, but they just put it there to make the word longer. I don't really know. And i'm going to stop here before I start ranting (again) on the subject of why anything is called anything. like, why is it called a word? who comes up with that stuff, anyway?! so yeah. i'll stop & talk about some other things.
It was really weird today... I ate an apple that tasted like chex mix... and thinking about ramen made me think of Taco Bell's soft tacos... and i had a random Christmas song stuck in my head... the one called... i don't know, something "of the bells". symphony? chorus? i'm not really sure. but it was stuck in my head, & when i told my brother, he's all, "Ding! Fries are done! Ding! Fries are done!" to the tune. actually, he was just weird today about songs. On TV, he thought these people said, "Get a shirt, that's your homework!" and it was totally random.
There's a battery in front of me that's about... an inch (10 centimeters) long and it says, "Extra Heavy Duty". weird.
So, yeah. In other news, I can't wait until "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" come out. It's gonna be awesome. That, and "Fang" (the 6th installment of the Maximum Ride series... duh!). Super eXcited. Yes, with a capital "X" because I feel like it. Oh, X reminds me of two things: 1) Mr. & Mrs. X from The Nanny Diaries (super amazing movie, highly recommend it), and 2) ... *in announcer voice* SUGAR. SPICE. AND EVERYTHING NICE. THESE ARE THE INGREDIENTS TO CREATING THE PERFECT LITTLE GIRLS. BUT PROFESSOR UTONIUM ACCIDENTALLY ADDED ANOTHER INGREDIENT: CHEMICAL X *cue explosion* THUS, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS WERE BORN!
hahaha sorry. I watched that yesterday at my cousin's house. :)
So ok, I think I'm done here. For now.
Rian (is super bored, but knows that tomorrow she has track practice, homework, and an important phone call awaiting her... and she wants no part of any of it. too bad, so sad, i guess)
PSST: oh my gosh I can't believe i forgot! My dog was being weird today, too, and my mom said, "What's the deal, Pickle?" and I started laughing. She asked me what was up, and in return, I asked her why she called my dog "Pickle". Apparently, it's some kind of joke: "deal, pickle" -> "Dill Pickle". yeah. it took me 5 minutes, plus her saying the deal/ dill thing, to figure that out. so now i laugh at random points in time because of the dill pickles. it's funny.

Monday, August 10


So, I went to the orthodontist today...and last time, you know, he said that if i wore my rubber bands, which I did, i would be getting them off next time (or, technically, a week after that). And so, today, the lady sits me down and takes off my...little round...rubberband thingys. They call them AK's, I think, but whatever. And she just lets me sit was like, ten minutes, and I started freaking out. I swear I was going to...explode or something. Anyway, the head orthodontist or whatever looks at my teeth, and he's being all silent, because I guess these people are just TRYING to torture me, and finally he's like... "Good Job." And then he tells me about retainers and stuff (WHICH ARE LIKE 400 DOLLARS (!?)), and we go out to talk to my mom, and I'm all smiling, and the lady at the front desk, who knows me by know (I've been going there for FIVE YEARS!) is all happy and congratulating me and stuff. Yeah. It was like...a party. Except no cake. So yeah. I'm getting them off next tuesday. At noon. YAY! And then I get my retainers )not so yay?) the next week, which just happens to be the first week of school. Sigh...


Sunday, August 9

today is not my day.

Just so you know, this story is don't read it if you don't want to. But it's funny too, I promise. At least, it is to me.

So...the okay part of the day was earlier, at church, where I was sitting beside this girl who kept playing games. Her mom was obviously trying to keep her quiet, since she played a whole bunch of educational stuff. Anyway, that was the normal part. So...I was at home, and the I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up, so I started walking to the bathroom. And of course, I made it, but not to the toilet or the trash can. I kinda threw up all over the floor and the rug. And then I slipped in it. I was laughing when my mom found me.'s been an eventful day. I'm going to go see the G.I. Joe movie tonight...oh yeah, I just read a super awesome Twilight fanfic....wait...maybe I already posted about's called Sacrifices. Also, I'm reading a really awesome book called A Stranger in a Strange Land. It's sci-fi, and like, five hundred pages, but it's really interesting. Hmm....bored. Only two more weeks until school. Also, my orthodontist appointment is tomorrow! After track practice....yay.

Saturday, August 8

best fanfic ever.

Including the Maximum Ride ones...this one is Twilight and has been my reason for existing these past few days. It's that good. And I love it sooooo much. So read it. Click Here.

Seriously, I was crying for like, three chapters straight. And then more...and these chapters aren't short. Anyway, read it.

Friday, August 7

Movie Updates!

so, yeah.

Today i went to see G.I. Joe (knowing is half the battle! haha- if you haven't heard that, check the PDAs [already posted]), and during the opening previews, i saw two pretty amazing ones!
The first one I saw I didn't recognize until the kid turned the key in the elevator of the Empire State Building. and that description probably doesn't help anyone guess what it is. So I'll tell you (not like I didn't plan to from the start...). The book that is FINALLY becoming a movie is... PERCY JACKSON & THE LIGHTNING THEIF! yay!!! & it looks like it's gonna be good- same director as the Harry Potter movies. I'm uber excited. :)
The next preview I saw I only recognized when a kid picked up a green ticket from an unidentified black car that said the name of the place on it. I didn't read this series, but a lot of people tell me it's good, so i'll probably try to check this book's series out sometime soon. Another book that is finally becoming a movie is... CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT! woo! haha
so... I hope you check these series out if you haven't already... and... enjoy your night/day? i don't know, do something fun :P hah
Rian (read the plot keywords for the cirque du freak movie & laughed at them... i encourage you to scroll over the "SPOILER ALERT" thing [because it gives nothing away that the plot summary didn't] and read it)


i'm not sure what's up this week, but we seem to be having a posting'm posting. i hope you appreciate it, even though it's super pointless and such. So...i'm reading twilight fanfics. I'm telling you, authors get much more carried away with those than mr fics. should go read some. um, a super hilarious one is Family Therapy Cullen Style. Yeah.....


Thursday, August 6

Some people will just do anything to add a 'y' to words...

like "Old Folky".
I mean, seriously!! "old folkies", of all things!! gah. my grandmother was talking today, and she said, "I'm glad I'm not in the Old Folky category yet." and when I asked about the old folkies, she said, "That's what people used to say!" and I laughed. of course. hah. Old Folks, Old Folkies. Not much difference, except for the random not needed y -> ies.
Rian (is not old folky.)

Tuesday, August 4

new meaning to: you had to be there

My mom and I are in the car, on our way home from Target.

Mom: -says some random stuff that makes no sense-
Me: Uhh...
Mom: You had to be there, in my mind, to get weren't there.
Yeah. If you hadn't noticed, my parents are extremely weird.

Sunday, August 2

oooh...record number of posts last month.

Yeah, it was only by one...but who cares? Anyway, it seemed as if we hadn't posted in a long time, so I felt the need to post. The only problem is, I have nothing to post about. Except for the fact that I just read a really awesome manga called Otomen. It's hilarious. So... read it. It's on mangafox.


Saturday, August 1

it's a thug story, yo!

She knits sweaters in her XS white tee! check it, yo!


Rian & Kris :P