Saturday, February 28


Today was hilarious...WAYYY too much funny stuff happened, so I can't even begin to describe it all. But one thing happened with my pants...I was changing into my pajamas and when I was pulling my pants off my right leg my sock came off, so I reached down to grab it, but then my pants like, tightened themselves around my legs, and then suddenly I was was hilarious. I was laughing SOOO hard. and then my brother's jacket's tag said: U.S. Polo Assn.

And we decided it meant United States Polo my brother's jacket was made by people who assassinate shirts...yeah.
and one song I really like right now(not my favorite, but whatev) is How Do You Sleep, by Jesse McCartney. Awesome song, especially if you listen to it WAY loud...
It's just one of those danceable songs that I can listen to multiple times in a row...or for like an hour straight. Like I did tonight. So...yep.

i must disagree

THIS is the single most funniest hilarious awesometasticallyrificfullylious (hahaha fullylious- fuh- lee- lee-us) video OF ALL TIME EVER IN HISTORY FOREVER & NOW.



First the theme song...

... now the catch phrase. :)

too many things mirror my life... & idk why. i used to be UBER shy and junk... now i'm like, Nudge's twin or something. trust me- if you don't know who Nudge is, it is a DRASTIC change. but ANYWAY.. my catch phrase.

Excuse me for a moment while I go get a mop; I’ve spilled sarcasm all over the floor.

i MUST thank rootlessdream and her fanfiction "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for this one...

hahahaha. ok... maybe not my CATCH PHRASE catch phrase... i guess... my catch phrase for when i have one of those days when i'm just being SUPER sarcastic- SUPER SARCASTIC... sister? idk... i was just trying to go with the flow. hey, that's a good song! Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age. but anyway... yeah. just thought i'd share. :)
Rian (doesn't necessarily think sharing is caring... unless you really DO care...)

Psst: WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! ^^^^ i have NO clue why i wrote that. maybe i'm actually breaking the bond between CRAZY INSANE and INSANE INSANE!? please don't take me to an asylum!!! ooh. brownies. i really don't care if it's 9:44 pm right now- i'm gonna have me a brownie. :) & fyi- i can't share with you. unless you random pop up at the place i'm currently located at right now... O.o STALKERS! GAH!!!

Friday, February 27

oh yeah!

this is the single most hilarious commerical in the history of the world.

Me and my brother go crazy laughing when it comes on, and we do all the dances and stuff! It's awesome!

today at lunch...

i remembered what I was going to say! It happened at lunch!

So...We were joking about Rianna's "harassing" the birthday girl. She was really just forcing her to eat doritos and grapes and stuff... so then we started saying that she was "harassing" this other girl, when she was poking her. And so P1 says, "hehe, that's double harassment!"
And I was like, " actually, that's triple!"
And she just looks at me crazy and goes, "did you say that's a stripper?"
I laughed SO hard, but no one else heard her, so they were looking at me like I was going crazy, especially after I started crying...
And then I repeated what she had said, and we were ALL laughing, and then people at the other end of the table we looking at us was SUPER hilarious. Man, I'm laughing just thinking about it. By the way, the MR fanfic that Rian and I are writing is under my account, since she doesn't have one, which is yeah.


I don't really have much to say right now, except for the fact that I didn't get my donut. 

Argh. I was really looking forward to it. And now..I'm reading manga and eating girl scout cookies. I really want to talk to someone...not anyone in particular, just someone. about something. Jeez. Where can I do that?! Sometimes, I hate the internet. tomorrow we have to track meet. At least, me and Rianna don't have to go. Not that'd I'd have to go in the first place. I don't think they let ghosts participate. Yeah...If you're wondering that, you should read rian's post from earlier today. it might clear up some things that I don't feel like typing. Yay for laziness! 
I also feel like typing a really long post today...but I have nothing to write about, so I doubt that's going to happen. Maybe I should just go into recluse and read. Or write. Or listen to music. Or something. 
Maybe I should type up my story? YEAH! I'll go do that now! It can be ready for the funeral! My funeral.
The ghost one.

Wednesday, February 25

This is what happens when...

... no one updates their fanfiction for 3 days in a row. no kidding- they didn't. so i came up with a good idea. :) write my own! but, because kristin has people on alert for her stories, we posted it under her name & i am still profile-less. (like my new word?!) it's called "The Secret Life Of..." and apparently, it's really good. me being the low-self esteem person i am, feel that it could probably be better, because i feel that it's not that great. but hey- people say they like it, so i guess it's ok... we're working on the next "chappy"- but it's not really. it's more of a series of oneshots that have NOTHING to do with each other... unless we say it does. :)

speaking of kristin, she died today. :'( it was tragic, really. she didn't get a donut, then she texted me after school on the bus and the message said "died".
so i texted her back. "Where do u want ur funeral to be?"
she replied, "i can't reply to this message. I am dead."
and she didn't respond to the more recent message... so i must assume that she actually died. so if u happen to see a post by "her", just know it's probably her ghost. otherwise, if i figure out her password and post under her account, i'll let you know it's me. :)

yeah. i was happy today because i got to ride the bus. that was the only good part of my day. that & the AWESOME cookies my friend (who's birthday i'll announce in a second) gave me.
so anyway... the birthday shout-out.


Rian (pronounced like ryan, if you hadn't figured that out yet.) :)

Monday, February 23

This is, hands down, the WEIRDEST Maximum Ride fanfic I have ever read in my life. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Click here to read...though I'm not recommending you do.
P.S: It is also very very cliche....yup.

I there a limit to how much you can put in the title? Or can i just keep typing to my heart's content? *typetypetype* hellooooooooooooooo?

darn, it stopped.



hehe...funny commercial.

Well, guess what?
Today was weird too.

Sunday, February 22


today was...well, interesting to say the least. i hit my head multiple times, once on a wall(head first? don't ask) and once getting out of the car, i think. and when we went to the store, i got chased around by crazy birds! in the parking lot...not in the store. but in the store we got lots of free samples! they were good:

twice baked potatoes
bread with butter
um...something else i forgot? then, we were rearranging a few of the rooms in our house!
we moved a bookshelf into my closet, which, by the way, is already filled. i have no more space! that's how many books i had just sitting around, not able to fit on my OTHER bookshelf. Um...i got mcdonalds french fries( with ketchup, of course), and I put a poster of the sun up in my closet. it's cool...yep.
and because of this totally amazing day, I am tired. very tired.
also, we went to ikea...awesome furniture store.

The TV and it's AWESOME wonders!

so right now, my brother & i are watching Random Cartoons. The first cartoon seen was... *clears throat*... *yells in screamo-music voice* THE BRAVEST WARRIORS!!! yeah. twas HILARIOUS. oh. i guess i should "speak" normally now... yeah. ok. so it was really funny. apparently, they had blown up a planet for these little green people with hands on their heads and pink petal things around the little part of ... OMG! i just looked it up on youtube and they have the episode i watched today!!!


woah. ummm... [awkward silence in which you look at me like i'm some evil person, and i become very randomly embarrassed about my outburst]

uhhh... you don't have to watch it if you don't want to... it's just really funny. & it eliminates the long explanation. :)

So then another one we watched was called "Solomon Fix" or something like that... ok. not on youtube. so it's about this teddy bear and his friends, another teddy bear and a stuffed monkey. so solomon got assigned to this kid named Ned who kept beating him up with a flashlight [*snicker]. so solomon had to get to this kid, so he PULLED A GINORMOUS FLUFFY BUNNY FROM A TINY HOLE THAT THE BUNNY COULD NOT HAVE POSSIBLY FIT INSIDE OF and started riding it. then a troll went into Ned's room, and solomon's all "GOTTA SAVE NED!" so he PULLED THE BUNNY OUT AGAIN AND THEN PULLED A SWORD OUT OF ITS EAR! and then the troll beat solomon up. so he lost an eye and had his "guts all hanging out". [that was a direct quote- the monkey said it] and then solomon decided he was going to make Ned a kite. twas stupid, but REALLY hilarious. for me, anyway. my brother didn't really understand it... and i'd show it to you if i could, but i can't. :(

finally, i watched one called Moobeard. it's about this cow pirate and his "navegator" which is a chicken. and no one can tell he's a cow. so everyone called him a pig. :) really funny. i'm not even gonna look for that one though- twasn't all that great.

unfortunately, there was no Gary Guitar :(

Rian (feels kinda sick-ish) :(

Saturday, February 21


Hay is for horses,

not for cows
they don't eat it cuz they don't know how.


Don't ask about the title...i really don't know.

well, we had a track meet was okay, i guess.
i ran the 400, which I did okay in, and then triple jump and long jump, which I did very well in, at least for me, but not good enough to was a weird day. totally hilarious at some parts too-
like earlier tonight. Jason was going through the guide(on the TV) and all of a sudden he yells out:
And he switches it to that was so funny...and my mom said we both need help. him because he said it, and me because i was laughing so hard at it i could barely tell her what he had said.
and now for a more serious matter that i am going to be cryptic about...
don't you hate it when people ignore you?
like, you say hi, and you KNOW they hear you, but they don't say anything back?
it's not nice...
and it makes kristin unhappy. and bored. very bored.
yeah. i guess i'll go be bored somewhere else. somewhere off the internet, since my mom insists.

Track Meet #2



no kidding. the wind was like, FREEZING, and it was already "60 degrees" or whatever (Fahrenheit, fyi). so the whole time, i was humming my theme song! wooh.
just cuz i love it SOO freaking much, ya know? and i guess it was kinda good luck... cuz i wasn't feeling too hot today (no pun intended... but it's still a pun >.<) when i had to run my 400m today... & the wind was going against the first straightaway. but hey- I STILL GOT SECOND PLACE!!! wooo!!! then the coaches were all "we want you to be the alternate for the mile relay! (4x4)" and i'm all like, "ok" but on the inside i'm all "NOOOOoooo!!! I'M DYING!!! DON'T MAKE ME RUN THAT TOO!!!! *cry*" but hey- no one cares about my opinion. >.>;; so i had to stay until like, 3 pm. yeah... i COULD HAVE been home around 1 pm cuz i ended up not running at all & the actual runners missed the race. (niiiice guys)
yep. i'll let kristin tell u about her day...
oh btw! last meet, i ran the 400 in 69 seconds... but today i ran it in 70. jeez. STUPID WIND!
& i'm probably sick. greaaaat. (SARCASM!)


Kala surya bersinar diangkasa
Burung-burung berkicau mempesona
Mega-mega menari tanpa duka
Hati penuh cerita tentang cita.

Gelora kabut senja bercerita
Selaras nada ini ku berkata
Melangkah bersamamu oh jejaka
Temaram di hatiku telah sirna.

Relung jiwaku hanyut tak menentu
Entah apakah ini... oh tuanku
Menutup mata aku dan membisu
berasa... cinta.... kalbu...

tentang cita, white shoes & the couples company.
(my theme song!)


Psst: i "forgot" to add this to the end of a previous post: FU FU FU!

If i walk into a room, this song should be playing

I EVEN MADE UP A DANCE TO IT- and we ALL should know:

rianna & dancing do not usually go in the same sentence.

no kidding. so now you know how SERIOUSLY AWESOME this music is. now all i have to do is find the lyrics. FYI, it's in a different language... which language, i'm not sure. :) all i know- i really like this music.

Rian (thinks it would be really cool if she walked into the kitchen right now & this music was playing...)

Friday, February 20

T-E-E-N     T-I-T-A-N-S

Kris... :)


So i was reading this fanfic...and someone said THE MOST hilarious I have ever heard in my entire life.

Hilarious, right? that's going to be my new catch phrase...oh yeah...awesomeness. still watching teen titans. beast boy reminds me of aang, from avatar...but starfire is my favorite because she's so CLUELESS! it's hilarious! Raven's funny too...reminds me of fang.


i'm in an okay mood right now. not entirely sure what's going on with life and everything, but whatever. i highly doubt you care about i took a mental inventory of what i was going to say...but i've forgotten it all by now. 

well, we have our second track meet tomorrow. same time. O.o
Luckily, i'll be going to sleep earlier this time. hopefully. i plan on it. we went on a "field trip" in journalism. it's actually photojournalism now, but you get the point. on our field trip we got to walk around school and take was really fun, except for this one guy in my group who was being...weird, to say the least. and Jason are getting ready to watch Teen Titans, which was out favoritest show from...a while ago. Actually, that's an understatement. It was a LONG time ago. But it is an awesome show. Hilarious, too. It comes on at 9:30, so I guess i'd better stop typing now...but i'm trying to...i dunno. do something. i was rereading mars...for about the fifteenth time. literally. since i've read every single completed manga that looked relatively interesting...even the super long ones. i'm not a big fan of oneshots, but i'll read them. i'd rather have a long time to get used to, and attached to, the characters. but that's when i end up crying...gah, whatever.

Thursday, February 19

Upside down & backwards... Read with Caution

(¡ǝuo lıʌǝ ǝɥʇ) uɐıɹ
¡ʇɐɥʇ ǝʞıl lıʌǝ ʇsnɾ ɯ,ı znɔ ˙ʍouʞ llıʍ uıʇsıɹʞ uǝʌǝ ʇou ˙ʍoɥ ǝuoʎuɐ llǝʇ ʇ,uoʍ ı & ˙sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ǝdʎʇ oʇ unɟ ɥɔnɯ os s,ʇı ʇnq ˙ɟlǝsɹnoʎ uıɐɹʇs ʇ,uop os ˙oslɐ 'dn ǝpıs-ʇɥƃıɹ & spɹɐʍɹoɟ ʇı ǝʌɐɥ ı 'ǝǝs uɐɔ noʎ sɐ & ˙oʇ pǝʇuɐʍ ı znɔ ʇı pıp ı 'llǝʍ ˙"¡¿ƃuıɥʇ ɐ ɥɔns op ǝɥs plnoʍ ʎɥʍ" 'ƃuıʞuıɥʇ ʎlqɐqoɹd ǝɹ,noʎ ˙˙˙ʍouʞ ı ˙spɹɐʍʞɔɐq & uʍop ǝpısdn ʎllɐʇoʇ 'ǝʞıl s,ʇı ʇnq ¿ʞo 'ʇsod sıɥʇ ƃuıʇıɹʍ ɯ,ı os

If you're too lazy to read that, read below:

LAZY! nah jk, here:

So i'm writing this post, ok? but it's like, totally upside down & backwards. i know... you're probably thinking, "WHY WOULD SHE DO SUCH A THING?!". well, i did it cuz i wanted to. & as you can see, i have it forwards & right-side up, also. So don't strain yourself. but it's so much fun to type like this. & i won't tell ANYONE how. not even kristin will know. cuz i'm just evil like that!
Rian (the evil one!)

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!
bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH bLaH!
don't ask.
i'm bored.
& it's 5:22 in the morning.
i went to sleep at 11:45.
& woke up at 4!
so yeah...
hahahahahahahahaha >.<
RaIn FaLlS fRoM tHe SkY sIlLy!
Rian wuz here yo

Wednesday, February 18



-sob- -cry- -etc-
hehe. Really, though, I shouldn't be laughing. That was ONE of the bestest mangas I have ever read in my entire life...There were only two better. Dramacon and Mars. And while I'm talking about manga I guess I should say something about anime, right? It's only fair. Well, by now you should know I'm in love with Peach Girl. I also like Toradora and Shugo Chara, both of which I am behind in watching...but I have watched bunches of other animes, though I read manga more. Yup...weird nerdy post.


i'll do my super long post the moment, though, I'm going to talk about the slight stupidity of america. no offense to anyone. Okay, so I just finished watching American Idol, and while I AM super happy that Danny (Gokey) made it through, since he is the best, I am a bit disappointed that Anoop, with the last name I can't remember at the moment, did not. Luckily, he still has a chance! Um...I was going to talk about something else, but I'm not entirely sure what it was...oh yeah! my random cravings! There are reasons for all of them, but they're not immediately noticeable. Yesterday I randomly wanted grilled cheese, which I got, and then I was craving potato chips...with hot sauce. My mom does that...she made me like it.

Then today I finally got the chips, but I really wanted some chocolate milk, which I don't like at all, and it's not like we have any in the first place. and now I'm craving ice cream, which I cannot have until saturday night. And to give you an idea of how weird everything is, today for dinner I had a chicken and cheese enchilada, salad with italian dressing, which I unfortunately used the last of, and a hot dog. with ketchup, not that you care...Yeah. I'm just in a weird mood right now. Not a bad mood, at least not today. But weird. Very weird...
guess what song's stuck in my head...
YEAH! YOU GUESSED IT! (At least, I THINK you did...)
Miserable At Mayday Parade.
In case you hadn't noticed, I really obsess over songs I like, especially when they're my favorites, since it's such an odd occurrence. 
I think that's all I have to say for now...
GO NCIS! YEAH TONY! GO ABBY! AND GIBBS! The rest of you...well, you're funny and all, but you're not my favorites. McGee is close, though. And Ducky's assistant dude whose name I can't remember at the moment...Okay. Leaving now.


i was going to post now, but i have to i guess i'll post later? it was going to be a random post, too...about toilet paper. yeah. i promise to post it. yay!



i like that band. but that is NOT the point for this post. the point is a



Spreading the news of world domination,

Tuesday, February 17

How long does it take to style your hair? I wake up like this.

sorry. that was just some random quote from a conversation in my geography class that i just randomly remembered, so i made it the title cuz i'm just not that creative right now. i agree with kristin. today was a... basically horrible day. -_-;; it's cuz it's TUESDAY. *sweatdrop* i know- no excuse, but still. here's my day:

  1. Geometry teacher randomly grades homework i didn't really do. so whatever. oh yeah- test on thursday, too. grrr.
  2. Speech teacher made us take a test, and a while back she said "You get distracted if you listen to music when you work." and then guess what? during the test she plays some "THANK A TEACHER"/"I TOUCH THE FUTURE, I'M A TEACHER"/"TEACHERS ARE AMAZING" country music. as if the praise of teachers wasn't enough- it just HAD to be COUNTRY music! (no offense to you country music fans out there- it's just not my style.) so i'm like, jeez.
  3. reading quiz in geography... then some more ultra boring notes on Africa. Don't get me wrong- Africa's pretty cool. but my teacher just DRAINS the coolness from it. >.> *sigh*. and, to top it off, there's a girl in my class who's... not all that smart?... sure. she's not all that smart, and she was talking about a 60-year-old British plumber guy with a black-dyed mullet. LIKE WE CARED. -_-
  4. One of the only good things that happened today- MY ENGLISH TEACHER POSTPONED A TEST ON CHAPPIES 1-10 OF A BOOK I HAVEN'T STARTED YET THAT WE WERE GONNA TAKE NEXT CLASS!! woo!!! i was so happy i gave her a giant pretzel. no kidding- i had some in my bag. they're awesome. :) so yeah.
  5. I almost passed out at track practice cuz i think i got sick at the meet on saturday. i still have a headache... & i can't type. :(
  6. YEN PLUS! wooooo!! (something to take my mind off what happened today)
so that was HORRIBLE TUESDAY. :'(
i hated it.
Psst x2: well... if you're gonna be like that (parading thingy)... well... i guess i forgive you? comment dude comment... >.>;; (not awkward at all... dress...) O.O


Forgot to talk about this.

There were pretty much only two non-suckish things that happened today...
1. I finished my story! (clap and cheer)
It's kinda short, but i'm not in the mood to care right now...i just have to figure out what i'm continuing next. Because I'm not starting anything new. I already have too much stuff started.
2. I got the new Yen+ magazine! And guess what manga's in there!
If you guessed Maximum Ride, then you're right!
Actually, you could have guessed lots of things and still been right...whatever.
Yep. It's so totally awesome.
I guess that's pretty much the highlights of my day. Now for that grilled cheese.


This day SUCKED.

Don't ask.
Well, you can if you really want...
I'm gonna got get some grilled cheese.

Monday, February 16


So, as you should have noticed, we got a new background! There are a few more changes, but I doubt you'll notice them. You should, though, since it took us, mainly me, about an hour to make them. And that hour frustrated me. 

Well, I hope you like all the changes! Comments are welcome, and greatly appreciated!
Kris, who is speaking for Rian as well.
You also might have noticed that in our header it says "filled with random stuff stuff".
I tried to fix it, but when I got rid of either stuff it didn't show any of our posts...?
So, yeah. Ignore that.



But it's not like I had anything else to do, so whatever. I'm going to fix all the coding on the sidebar and add some stuff maybe. I'm a computer geek/nerd.

Edit: Thanks a bunch for doing my job...-sarcasm-

Rian edits too: you're welcome. & THANK U SO MUCH!!! bestest best friend EVAH! >.< & u can change stuff too... i only changed one thing cuz i haven't started ANY homework YET that's all due TOMORROW... :)


I totally forgot to tlak about today in my super long post. 

Well, this morning I had to get up at eight, even though we didn't have school, because I had an orthodontist appointment. This was made even worse by the fact that I stayed up until midnight last night watching Stepmom, which is an awesome movie. By the way, I forgot to tell you what me and Jason did saturday night...i'll come back to that, though.
So at the orthodontist, the lady randomly started talking to me about how her husband was going on a business trip and that she was going to repaint their room green while he was gone. I wasn't really paying attention. I spent the whole time staring at this bug that no one else noticed. So after I got back, I went outside and ran 1.7 miles. It took like thirty minutes, but does it look like I care? It was kinda fun...just because I'm weird like that.
That's pretty much it...So saturdaY:
since my parents were out, me and jason had chickfila and watched movies and ate ice cream. The movies and stuff we ended up watching:
The Princess Diaries (love that movie. the books too. READ THEM!)
A Cinderella Story (BESTEST MOVIE EVER!)
Napoleon Dynamite (oh jeez...)
Small Soldiers (a very old movie with bad effects-hilarious nonetheless)
A Walk to Remember (I only caught the end...but I wanted to watch it all :'()
And some thing about the top ten songs in 2007. I remember number nine was What I've Done by Linkin Park. And Number one was Stronger by Kanye West. And Umbrella (Rihanna) was in there somewhere, too. I like the All Time Low version better, though. Listen to it.
Um...I think that's all. 
Kris. many posts today.

I know this is stupid, but...


so I'm finally posting this...

Yup...This is much later than I intended on it to be, but whatever. It's up, right?

So...about the track meet first, I guess?
Well, altogether it was okay. Some parts were horribly suckish, which I blamed on the fact that it was the day AFTER friday the thirteenth(speaking of which, i have a story about that...), and they made us go to a track meet on valentine's day. Then there were some parts that were awesome. So I guess I'll have to describe the day in all it's bad luck and glory...
So first my mom woke me up around four fifty. Because we had to be at the bus by five frouty five. But we didn't end up leaving until around six thirty. Despite this, and the thirty minute drive, we were the first team there. And the gates weren't even open yet. When they did open, we went in, then stretched and warmed up. And it was COLD. 
So...skipping to parts relevant to myself. Triple jump was supposed to start at nine. And it did. But in the middle of it, the people running it decided we should start over, for some stupid reason. So we did. Then they started calling for the 100, and I had to do the last three (out of four) of my jumps IN A ROW. Despite this, I got fourth place out of JV! WOO!
So then the 100...
Well, I started off fine. And then I tripped. And it hurt. So then I got up and kept running. And this stupid idiot was laughing at me, and I went into violent Kristin mode and was about ready to punch him, though I had no idea who it was. And now my knee hurts. I had to climb stairs with one legs, because I couldn't bend it.
Then I got a bit of a break, in which I ate lunch and my mom and Jason got there.
Next was long jump. At first they were going to have Varsity and JV at different pits, but then they figured out that on ours (i'm in JV...) the board was 17 feet from the pit! And none of us can jump that far! So they put JV and Varsity together, and of course, Varsity got to go first. So we sat for about an hour while they jumped, and scratched, I might add. That's basically a disqualification...I'm not going to explain it any more than that. Then it was our turn! Finally. And I did horrible. I scratched on 3/4 jumps, and the last one, the one I didn't scratch on, I got 12.8. Which is okay, but not very good. Then I left, and some girl I didn't really know asked me for a ride home?
Next up is me talking about my awesometastic NEON socks. Even better than NEON NINJAS! I got a green pair, pink pair and orange pair...And I can't get over how amazing they are! 
Next I'm supposed to be talking STUPID COMPUTER! Don't get me wrong, I love my computer, but sometimes I get really angry at it! Like when Word suddenly freezes in the middle of me typing and it takes hours for me to even close it. Or save. Or anything like that. But everything else works perfectly fine! Jeez...stupid.
Oh yeah...dude in tom thumb. So yesterday we were at the store and this song came on. You know the Sweet Escape, at least I think that's what it's called, but Gwen Stefani? Well at the beginning there's this part that goes:
(or something like that)
And there was this old guy, no offense, who was singing along to this. It was SO hilarious. Me and Jason just about died laughing. Luckily he didn't see us.
And jsut so you know, when I get bored I read manga. I go to and click on the completed manga list and, starting from the beginning, or wherever I left off, I click on titles and read the descriptions. If it looks interesting, I'll read it.I've read some really good ones lately, though I'm not sure what their names were...They were around the S's. I'm in the U's now, though. Almost done! And I'll have to find a new way to pass the time!
Oh yeah...remember WAYYYY up there ^^^ when I said something about friday the thirteenth? And that there was a story about it? Well, here it is.
Today, my brother informed me that The days in March and February are exactly the same. Which means we have ANOTHER Friday the Thirteenth coming up. I'm not superstitious or anything, but jeez. ANOTHER ONE!?
YEah...and I was also planning on talking to you about I'll do that now.
REcently I've started liking this band called Mayday Parade. It's an awesome band. The funny thing is that alot of their songs have really long names. And I mean REALLY LONG.
Like one, "You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds."
And another: "I'd hate to be you when people find out what this song is about."
And another: "IF you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask."
My favorite of all their songs, though, is Miserable at Best. It's my current favorite song ever. And a song has to be pretty good for me to say that. Really. So you should listen to it. Over and over again. And once you realize how amazing it is, you should put it on repeat, like I do, so you don't have to miss a second. And after that, it'll start getting stuck in your head for days at a time, which is awesome. And, maybe, if you're at all like me, you still won't know the lyrics after all of this.
I guess that concludes my super long post about everything that's happened these past few days. I'm glad we had no school today.
P.S.: If you ever hear me humming a song, it'll be the one I mentioned above. Because that song is awesome.

Sunday, February 15


i waited too long to post this, and my mom's making me get off the computer at nine. We don't have school tomorrow, so I'll post after I run and go to my orthodontist appointment. I think I'm going to get ice cream now...

And I seriously wish my computer would stop being stupid.
What I'm going to post about tomorrow, just so I don't forget:
track meet
stupid computer
dude singing in tom thumb
and probably something else...see ya.
Oh yeah! Manga!


watch. you'll laugh. it's KOBE.

If you or a loved one have ankles & play basketball, do something about it.

This one too.


this is long but good.

G is not a place.

not wockajobeez. -_-;; CRAIG SAGER. >.>

Psst: hey- all star game's on. you can't expect me NOT to make up for lack of commercial watching during the superbowl! >.<

Saturday, February 14

*i smother my laughter*

Ok... i know. this story has been out for a while. but i reread it... just now. and it's STILL one of THE most hilarious things i've read, EVER! no kidding.
So you should
it now!

Also... i like this song.


Rian (can only TRY to smother her laughter... but i doesn't work all that well...)

Track Meet #1

So yeah, today kristin & i had our first track meet. yay. NOT. it started at like, 8 (officially- the 3200 (2 mile race- 8 times around the track) started then). So... coach was crazy and made us meet at the school's stadium (not the one we were competing at) at freaking FIVE FORTY-FIVE IN THE MORNING! NO one wakes up that early (usually) on VALENTINE'S DAY... much less a SATURDAY... -_-;; so i'm REALLY tired right now. but hey- i only had to run one event. the 400 (quarter-mile... one time around the track). which was SUPPOSED to start at 9:45 ish. but NOOOO. they just LOVE to make us wait. so we, my friend and I, didn't get to run in our event until 11:30! GRRRR. but i won my heat (HAHAHAH! GHS ROCKS! xD) & so i'm gonna get a medal! yay!!!
So, i'm gonna let kristin tell you about her day (she's still there... maybe.)
Rian (jeez. i STILL can't type. took like, 4 times to type my name...)

Wednesday, February 11


i know. you must be tired of all these stupid videos getting on here. but this one's HILARIOUS! i promise! unless, of course, you a) just don't get it or b) have no sense of humor whatsoever. so yeah... watch this video!


ahahahaha. kk
tZvR (has VERY STRONG hiccups- they hurt her... is that bad???)

Monday, February 9

you know what I hate?

When you think you click the send button, but you really don't, and when you check back to see if the person has replied, it still says, "send?"

I mean, honestly! I wouldn't have typed the text if I wasn't going to send it! Jeez...
Kris. And yes, I know I just posted about two minutes ago, but this just happened to me and I needed to vent my frustration at stupid phone engineers.
Oh...I just realized that I signed out twice...whatever.
Kris. Hehe. third time's the charm.



Okay, I swear I'm leaving now...and if you didn't get that, reread it a couple times. And if you STILL don't get it, continue reading. 

hehe. :)

Hm...there was something I needed to post about today, but i'm not sure what it i guess i'll just give you a general update on life:

I hate mondays.
Is that good enough?
No? Darn.
Well, I was very sleepy today, since Rianna, Kimberly and I stayed up SUPER late on Saturday...and I kept dozing off in Geometry. And it was rainy, but we still had to run, and I was afraid i would slip...very afraid. luckily I didn't. ..Just had some cheetos. I like the puffy ones best because you can eat them without chewing and making a bunch of noise in class. I did that some homework to do, so I should probably stop typing. Luckily I finished my math project that's due friday, and I'm almost done with the group biology project that's due tomorrow...and I have math homework, definitions to write and a Russia test to study for. My night is gonna be fun! (that was sarcasm...just in case you couldn't tell)
And with that, I bid you adieu.
Hm...I don't know why I said that...just felt like it? You know, that's a really weird word. If you didn't know it, you'd probably think it was spelled adoo. Or ahdoo. ACHOO! No, I didn't sneeze...i just had some random word association I wanna play that game. Darn. my brother probably won't play it with me, either. Oh well. I guess I should REALLY stop typing now... you know what's funny, though? when I first typed "I bid you adieu," I typed bit instead of bid..."AND NOW I SHALL BITE YOU GOODBYE!" Corny, huh? And guess what? I STILL haven't stopped typing. Which you should know, since you're still reading...yup. I'm gonna stop for real now.

Sunday, February 8

How could I possibly forget?!

i'm so ashamed. i had this whole awesome post ready for the NEON ninjas... & i forgot. stupid memory! [in rian's mind: dur da dur!] <--see?! STUPID MIND! xD anyway... so i'll talk about the NEON ninjas. because after last night, i emailed them. & then i was officially sworn in. so now i can tell the world about it! YAY FOR BLOGS! :) so anyway... NEON is an acronym. Ninjas Eating Orange Napkins. (don't ask why. please. because i myself have no idea whatsoever.) So technically, we're the Ninjas Eating Orange Napkins Ninjas. and yes, i know, i'm repeating Kristin with the whole ATM machine and junk. yeppers. so anyway... i'm going to post awesome pictures now!! YAY! vvvv (neon ninja earrings?!)

^^^^^^^^ (orange napkin. yummy)

ok. this is just being random. so yeah... i guess i'd better work on something productivish while i have the time?? YEAH RIGHT! hahahaah i fail. of course. cuz of my stupid mind [dur duh dur!] -_-;; really now?!
Rian (always talks to herself... but that doesn't mean she likes to...)

My new favorites:


and Here

you know what!? i'll just go through and show you what i remember that we watched last night at kristin's (for i'm not there- i'm at my own house now...)

So we started with those two.
Then we watched THIS.
Next? this... hehehe
We watched the Puppet Saga again...
This was weird... i didn't like it all that much.
This was stupid. don't watch it. please.
This one was funny...ish.
These people are cousins... just fyi.
These people have problems...
... but we still watched this one too.
... we ended there... but apparently i skipped SOMETHING... cuz i remember we watched this one- it's SO AWESOME~! making fun of two videos at the same time!!! YAY!

yeah. just fyi. if you didn't watch any of the videos... they're all stupid. just fyi. this is what you get from us when we're watching random videos at like, 11 pm... yeah. no kidding. twas funny.

yours truly (in blogging, of course!)
Rian! xD

Saturday, February 7


So far... we've played guitar hero world tour, ate hot dogs (some chili dogs, but not really), watched Napoleon Dynamite (the plotless movie) while painting our nails, & just finished eating some ice cream. so i'm posting without purpose on kristin's computer right now... randomly. & she's reading this right now... oh well. that's great for her! :) i'm listening for perfect insanity by Disturbed (the only song i like by them) right now, & kristin's brother is playing... Sonic Unleashed. yeah. that game. ya know- the one where during the day, sonic is sonic, and at night, sonic's all werewolfish. Now i'm listening Time and Time Again... by ... Papa Roach... while Kristin's being "intimidating" and her & Kimberly (the person we're hanging out with) are STARING AT ME... AND IT'S ANNOYING!!! STOP STARING AT ME!!! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS CUZ KIMBERLY'S READING THIS OUT LOUD!!! :) ... ... now they're talking about fingernails & toenails. & now they're reading this again... and i'm singing this song in my head. xD yeah... i might post again later tonight. because i can... PARANOIA!!! (they started.. well, KIMBERLY, stared in Jason's face... and he got all mad and stuff) ... cuz of his eyelashes. yeah... Now Spaceman by the Killers. yeah. this post doesn't feel like it's taken three songs worth, but apparently it has. And now we're listening to the stupid version of Mr. Brightside... by the same band (duh). I hate geometry projects. & biology projects. and THREE FLIPPING ENGLISH PROJECTS. (sorry. Napoleon Dynamite got to me. again. xD) So we stopped listening to the stupid Mr. Brightside & are now listening to Joy Ride... again, by the same band. you guys need to get with it! :) just kidding... don't mind me! well... do, or else you wouldn't be reading this post, now would you?! NO. ... yeah. ok. i'm bored. we should do something, you guys. see? i'm so bored that i have to type what i want to say on the computer instead of actually saying it. yeah. hahaha JYEAH! woah! it doesn't say that that's a wrong word!!! Now we're planning of sneaking out ... and being Neon Ninjas. YAY! I LOVE BEING NINJAISH! I enjoy my music. duh. otherwise i wouldn't have it on my playlist, now would i? am i a sarcastic person to you? ... your answer should be OH YEAH... or something along those lines, because i am a VERY SUPER UBER MANIACALLY sarcastic person. trust me. i use it a LOT. but only if it makes sense. Kimberly... want to say something to our ADORING FANS?! xD Kimberly says: woooooooooooooo idk  y im saying this... hahaha this was a pointless waste of typing space........ lol BLACKSPACE!!!!!! =-O i wana be  neon ninja now..... and go to sonic:)

and now kristin: YAY!! yup...i have nothing to say...we should do something fun...we played guitar hero was fun. but now jason's playing sonic. not the restaurant...and i feel very repetitive. i'm basically saying the exact same things rianna said think i'm going now. YAY NEON (Ninjas Eating Orange Napkins) NINJAS! It's just like ATM machine...or the one i don't remember right now. oh yeah! RPG game. yeah...ATM is automated teller machine, so when you say atm machine, you're saying automated teller machine machine...i dunno why i'm telling you all this random stuff...cuz i'm bored and typing? when i type i do random stuff like this..i should probably stop now.... Rianna's back now... speaking of repetitive... "Would you like to be on a hit TV show like Hannah Montana? blah blah blah On a famous TV show like Hannah Montana! blah words blah A TV show like Hannah Montana! ... HANNAH MONTANA! ... You could be on TV with people like Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron! ... You can work with Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron! Just call this number: 888-999-6631.888-999-6631, 888-999-6631,888-999-6631. That's:888-999-6631. Remember:888-999-6631,888-999-6631." Kristin says: The stupidest commercial ever... it really's on the was trying to record it on my phone, but it never came on when i was should check it out...also, we randomly come up with awesome band names. like NEON and... the other band names my brother and I use on guitar hero which I'm not going to tell you because i might steal them...i'm very paranoid. about lots and lots of the cbox. some weird person posted a who bunch of stuff under the name should email them.
... it's not under Kristin's account. duh. vvvv see?! It's MINE!! xD tZvR :)
(Kimberly's bored. so she says bye too xD)

Friday, February 6

i think i'll post today...

yep. this post is mainly about how I found a relative of mine! (not really....) self given japanese name is Hoshi Yamazaki, right? you should know this...well, actually, i think i only posted about this months ago...sometime during the summer? yeah, so that's my name. and i was looking for mangas to read, since I finished Hana Kimi, which was awesome, and I saw this one about a girl whose last name was Yamazaki! My relative! hehe...though I'm not sure I want to be related to someone whose name is Tanpopo...yeah.

just forget that last post...

ok. instead of being positive, i'll just be scared. how about that?! so anyway... i was downstairs & i was looking at this box of cereal & it said "with RIDGES that ROCK" and i'm all, o..k... & the picture was really scary too. so i was sitting there just staring at it in fear, & then my dog just randomly snorts REALLY loudly & scares the snot out of me (not really- my nose is still stuffed up. if only...). Then, before I even posted that last post, i was reading this fanfic, & everyone was all happy cuz it was Fang's b-day & everyone had a good time at his party, when all of the sudden, some crazy masked crowbar man just pops up & starts beating Max & Fang up! i'm all WOAH! & of course, got scared. hmm... i wonder if i can find that picture for you... of the cereal, that is.

...or not. apparently other people are scared too cuz there are NO pictures of what i saw. & i'm too lazy and in a time crunch to go take a picture myself, upload it on here, & blah blah blah (i really don't know what else i was going to do with it...). yeah... so i gotta - NO SCHOOL BUS COME BACK!
Rian (is not really chasing a school bus, just giving herself a lot of paranoia and enough motivation to get off the computer until she has to leave.) :) <-- still trying the positive thing anyway, though...

i hate school. it's SO boring. I don't like this "run 489713 300s to get in shape" junk for track. i'm just being negative. sorry. I LOVE ICE CREAM! (hey- trying to start this day positively) yeah... & plus i just got caught up on a blog (you SHOULD know who you are... if you check your comments)... well, i probably should just tell you people cuz then everyone with a blog's gonna leave & check their comments & not find one for me (watch that happen) and then get angry & not read this blog ever again. so please don't leave us! we're just super nerdy IB (international baccalaureate) kids who can have like, a toe in a life that is NOT school related. no kidding. BUT HEY! saturday i'm going over to kristin's house! cuz we're having a party! with one other person! so in order to keep this blog moving (yesh, i have noticed it being REALLY slow- compared to what it once was, that is...), maybe we'll do a post over there. because kristin's computer's REALLY fun to play with. but anyway... i gotta go to school. POSITIVELY! yeah, no, not really. If there's anyone who's randomly near me & knows who i am & stuff, AND you like school, help me be positive! GAH! SCHOOL. just the name strikes terror in some people's hearts... yeah. but i should really stop typing now... see how bad of an IB kid i am?! once i start something non-school related, i just can't bring myself to stop (like reading for fun... gosh! get your minds out of the gutter!)
Rian :)

Wednesday, February 4

On a slightly funnier note...

my brother was sleeping, then my mom said, "Aric*. Aric. Wake up." so, being the predictable little boy he is, he popped up, grabbed the book he fell asleep reading, and started walking to his room. My mom said "get ready for bed!!" and he goes, sleepily, "that's what i was doing." so when he walked out of the room, my parents & i burst out laughing because he was obviously sleeping, not getting ready for bed. oh, and fyi, if my mom hadn't told him that, he just would've gone & laid down on his bed and fell asleep. No kidding. my brother's SO hilarious when he's in that state... ya know, the one where you are woken up suddenly, but you are still half asleep... yeah. one time... he tried to put shorts on his head. & another time? he tried to stick my grandfather's wallet on his foot. i said. hilarious. but i guess i should talk about me when i'm in that state? ... the only thing i remember is that one time, my mom came to check on me (this was like, 6th grade...), and said i was banging on my alarm clock (this was back when i liked hello kitty ((one of the few girly things i liked... i now don't like hello kitty & all her pinkness... *shudder*, but i will put up with it))) and she's all "Rianna. Rianna. What are you doing!?" and then i supposedly woke up, stared at her, and went back to sleep. True story? i don't really know. but it would make sense, seeing as my alarm clock did not ring all that much when i had it... :) yeah... but ya know... OOH! i'll go to youtube and see if i can find some hilarious stuff people do when they're half asleep!!! cuz one time my cousin said she had eggs in her head... haha. so anyway... okay. i just watched nine freaking minutes of the worst thing i have ever seen. so i'm not going to post it. apparantly people don't post their being-half-asleep on youtube... which is a shame, really... ok. well, i'm gonna go now...
riannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (woah. that was a random bunch of n's... idk why i did that.)

Stress Eraser (my rant that no one really has to read...)

I am like, REALLY busy right now. & it's making me stressed. which is not good for me. so i will sort out all my problems here. & maybe the stress will go away. So here's the deal- obviously, teachers don't know the meaning of "other classes" because i have a project in almost ALL of my classes!!! & they're all due around this time!!! & it's not helping that my computer went and got itself a virus that includes random pop ups that state that there is a "THREAT DETECTED!" or a "SPYWARE ALERT" when that's the stupid virus itself. -_-;; so, once again, it's not helping. so yeah. anyway, the dumb projects (sorry... i have a ((random)) habit of calling things stupid/dumb when i don't like it. like, i could say, 'Stupid pen'- but only cuz it won't work. yeah, i know, lame excuse. but still...) are CRAZY. like, here's what's up: Geometry: we're doing some kind of tiling or whatever, & it's due next friday. And i've only gotten like, 4 problems out of like, 20, done. Speech: thankfully, NO PROJECTS! Geography: we're just watching boring videos on Africa that have weird music (i swear- the ones we were watching today had Lion King music!!). English: Oral Report, Create-A-Country, "Anthem" (by Ayn Rand- it's pretty good) Study Guide, and i have to annotate it too. None of which i've started on. Orchestra: Solo & Ensemble competition this weekend... yay. (there's so much sarcasm than can possibly fit safely in that one three letter word...). Biology: some report on a disease (i got Tourettes). Spanish: just a WHOLE lotta quizes... *sigh*. Track... well, let's just say no one's really ready for that. Cuz, our coach STILL hasn't truly decided on who'll be on Varsity or JV (junior varsity) YET, and our first meet's Valentine's Day (February 14th, people). yeaaaaah... so as you can see, i'm TOTALLY DOOMED!
(those were my echo effects... just deal with them, ok?!)
hmmm... but anyway, all that stuff is like, due TOMORROW, and ALL next week. and to top it all off... like the Universe (which i've found has some kind of grudge against me and just likes making me miserable) just wanted to make things "so much better" for me... i'm failing math now. only by one point, but still. it's enough. & so now i'm all GAHHH!!! and screaming on the inside. i think my inside self is depressed right now. i'm staying coughsomewhatcough positive on the outside, but i feel like the inside me is like, DYING or something. no kidding. so i'm just trying to let out all my feelings right now. hey- today i found out that Hoobastank sings The Reason, & because i think it's a good song, i think i'll sing it here... but not in any fancy "lyric format" or anything- i still have stupid projects to go work on! i'm just trying to get "relaxed" right now. so here goes:
I'm not a perfect person. There's many things I wish I didn't do. But I continue learning. I never meant to do those things to you. And so I have to say before I go, that I just want you to know: I've found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new, and the reason is you. I'm sorry that I hurt you- it's something I must live with everyday. And all the pain I put you through- I wish that I could take it all away... and be the one who catches all your tears. That's why I need you to hear: I've found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new, and the reason is you! And the reason is you! And the reason is you! And the reason is you! I'm not a perfect person. I never meant to do those things to you. And so I have to say before I go, that I just want you to know: I've found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new, and the reason is you. I've found a reason to show, a side of me you didn't know. A reason for all that I do... and the reason is you.
ya know, that song really reminds me of Fang. Like, Fang's POV (point of view...) of the whole break up/ reunion thing. Ya know? he's sad that he left max, blah blah blah, he's mad just because HE left... blah blah blah... catch my drift? kinda? sorry for all the blah blah blahs... but i REALLY need to start my homework now. and i know, i didn't really finish my sentence. I just typed selfish instead of sentence... sorry if i'm selfish. but you know what?! maybe i should do this more often. just because I already feel less stressed. YAY for RANTS! oh, btw, a stress eraser is what i call this really squishy eraser that's in my pocket (right now actually- i'm still wearing my jacket- hey, you would too if it were cold & you were wearing shorts & a short sleeve shirt... ((TRACK PRACTICE, hello!!! xD))) and when i get frustrated during practice (or bored), then i'll just start squishing it. and please, do NOT steal my name/idea. Kristin & I are going to patent it sometime, and i don't want one to already exist when i go to patent it, just because someone read my blog. -_-;; hahaha that reminded me of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, when Max says "yeah, that's just what i need. A string of car robberies across the United States by some dedicated readers"... well, they're probably not the exact words, but they're pretty close. & that reminds me of "it's like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem." (now THAT was a direct quote, and if not, it was REALLY close) (please don't sue me for plagarism JP!!!) btw, she was talking about eating popcorn for breakfast & how it was a grain. like grits. ahahaha grits. Grits is amazing. (no, i'm not talking about the food, grits, but the person, Grits. and probably only Kristin knows who i'm talking about) I know, i know, i said i was going to do my homework. but hey- i'm a procrastintor. i swear, there's procrastination in my blood or something, because i do it ALL the time. thus all the stress right now. & plus, the teachers are all, "oh, it doesn't matter that none of the kids have probably had time to even START my project! they'll still have time to do 2097459237 pages of homework!!" ... yeah no kidding. so i'm DOOMED! again. only this time, there's no echo effects. darn. xD "when flowers gaze at you, they're not the only one's, crying when they see you!" (boston by Augustana) yeah... i'm listening to that song right now. i like it. obviously. :) *sigh* i guess i should go do my crazy amount of homework... -_- "think i need a sunrise, tired of the sunset. I hear it's nice in the summer, & some snow would be nice" (same song, same band) SPEAKING OF BANDS! there's this UBER AMAZING concert Kristin, a friend of ours, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wana go to- a Fall Out Boys Concert. but really and truly, we could kinda sorta care less about them (though I really do like FOB). Cobra Starship (GABE ROCKS!) and All Time Low (YAY RIAN!) are the bands we're really looking forward to. yeah, Metro Station and Hey Monday are gonna be there too... but mostly, we really wana go for FOB, ATL, and... CS? nah, cobra starship cannot be abbreviated. it's too awesome lotirofim. :) ahh! computer's making me type in Italics randomly!!! NOOO. so i guess i'll stop typing now... before my computer starts saying "Printer on fire." hahaha.
tZvR (or rian... but not the awesome drummer on ATL... xD)

Tuesday, February 3

happy birthday...

yay? i'm fifteen now...i'm also feeling a bit sick, but that doesn't really have anything to do with this post.

I'm going to bed.

Sunday, February 1


i didn't watch the superbowl. instead, i was stuck in a room with two friends whom i haven't seen in AGES. no kidding. (seriously- AGES. last time i saw them, i was one year younger... fine. i haven't seen them in AN AGE. -_-;; better?!) we were coloring pictures of Winnie the Pooh & friends (it was the new version... personally, i'd choose Christopher Robin over that new little girl ANY day). so i colored two pictures- one of Eeyore & one of Roo. they're my favorites... and we were watching Ghost Hunters... and of course, you can't have a show that's supposed to creep people out without pairing it with the scary commercials! xD (note my almost ever present sarcasm). then, my friends got on the computer. One of my friends, the one my age (one of them is a year younger), started talking to her boyfriend. personally, i could care less about her boyfriends. but this one was an exception. because the last one blew me up. so i had to see if this guy was ok. and he is. he didn't blow me up! in fact, he actually TALKED to me! without saying i was a freak or wondering aloud why his girlfriend was friends with me! though he was probably thinking that... oh well. i have his number in my phone- she called him on mine cuz her's died. so if anything goes ...askew... i can get on his case. yeppers. i'm just protective of my close friends... no kidding. you know that huge misunderstanding kristin was talking about AGES ago? well, the girl's one of my close friends... & the guy is just a friend. & i wanted to punch him before we figured out it was just a misunderstanding. see!? i can't help it that i'm nice enough to care about my friends to the point that i could beat up some guy! & since i have a reputation of being really nice & sweet & junk, a punch(or two) would come as a surprise to many. but that's just me. so ANYWAY... i didn't watch the superbowl. not even that stupid puppybowl. & i'm sorry to all those out there who think it's adorable- it's boring! i watched it one year, being the animal lover i am (actually... there's no sarcasm. i really do love animals!), and i was bored out of my MIND! (i've lost my mind i've lost my, mind i've lost my mind i've lost my ((it sounds better when disturbed sings it... song= perfect insanity))) i mean, all they do is run around, occasionally tackle each other, and drink some water. & everytime one goes to the bathroom, a stupid ref has to go out & clean it up. Really now!? do they REALLY need to do that?! (Rian's inner voice "yes. apparently they do") -_-;; whatever.
tZvR (is done randomly ranting about nothing important)
Psst: the title means nothing. just a bunch of random letters. like aobugailfaow. yep.

Maximum Ride movie peoples

Okay, these are the people that are already in the movie:

Calum Worthy- Iggy(I don't like how red his hair is, but other than that, he's good)
Jimmy Pinchak- Gazzy(pretty good, I guess)

and these are the people I THINK should be in the movie:
Avan Jogia- Fang (he's PERFECT!)
Paige Hurd- Nudge(she's pretty good.)
Elle fanning- Angel(she's perfect, since she could totally do the evil, crazy Angel and the nice, six year old Angel.)
...I'm not sure about max yet. Maybe Anna Sophia Robb? In some things she looks sorta maxish, but in others she...well, she doesn't. It's a bit weird.