Friday, July 30

Who's Advertising?!

Okay... hello, all you random people who have randomly come upon our blog all at once.
Unless you are one person...
Yeah. So for all you who don't know, someone (or some people) has (have) been commenting on our cbox lately. For all you who don't know what that is, scroll down & look at the side bar. Hopefully, you'll know it when you see it. All the posts have been around the same time, which is why I'm suspecting it might be one person who puts random links & names.
But yeah. Thanks, whoever you are, for advertising, and thanks to you people (person) for reading! Also, remember that you can comment on the post itself (someone put "Nice post" on the cbox... but there are a lot of posts, and I don't know which one you were talking about). You just click on the little pink line of words at the bottom of the particular post (it says "[insert #] people were awesome enough to comment")... yeah.
Thanks again for stopping by! :)
Kris & Rian

Wednesday, July 28

Or so I've heard:

Tuesday, July 27

Real Quick:

So yesterday, at the airport, I swear to you that I saw Miss Honey. If you don't know who I'm talking about, read Matilda by Roald Dahl, and then watch the movie. The lady who plays Miss Honey in the movie is the lady I saw. Same hair cut, same smile, same little hesitant movements... I'm telling you. If it's not Miss Honey, it's her twin or something. Unfortunately, the two little girls she had with her looked nothing like the Matilda in the movie... but it would've been awesome if they did!
Today on the plane I sat next to a 107 year old man. He was pretty cool, but the lady who was helping him around was not so much.
Last night at the airport I took to walking back and forth in a big giant hallway, and one security lady asked me if I was with the cleaning people. I was dressed in dark skinny jeans, a grey shirt, a brown jacket, and my "snazzy kicks" (my favorite pair of shoes). I looked at the cleaning crew (of advanced years, dressed in AA jumpsuit things). Uh, no, ma'am. I'm not with the cleaning crew.
Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday! I'm gonna finish my homework today, hopefully :)

Reasons why i dislike Miami International Airport.
1) the gates are too far, which makes for a lot of walking, & i don't have a skateboard.
2) they constantly play what sounds like a mix of elevator/ wii resort music.
3) fire alarms go off for no reason.
4) there are no good food places. No mcdonalds, no starbucks, nothing good.
5) i've been stuck here for 16 hours.

fixed this one, too. meaning- I'm back home now!! yaaay! :D

Monday, July 26

Mm, fun stuff. So, we're stuck at the airport until tomorrow morning (hopefully). We is my mom and I, by the way- my dad & brother got out on this last flight. On the bright side, i'll probably end up finishing the rest of my summer homework. I've been really productive today.
In other news, if you look around and notice that there is a lack of Spanish-speaking girls in your city, they're in Miami. Just letting you know, in case you were worried.

yeah, I fixed this. And most of the girls have left by now, so they might be back home. :)

Okay, so airports suck. I always get stuck on the way back. I've been at the stupud miami international airport for almost 12 hours, and the next flight doesn't leave for another 2 hours. :/ also- the fire alarms keep going off. I don't think there's ever an actual fire, but it keeps going off, anyway. Which is stupid.
Anyway, i'm hoping this message doesn't get split like the last one, but whatever. I'm hoping kristin will fix it if it does :)

Sunday, July 25

Too much time spent watching hotel Tv.

The other day, we received the lamest Wolverine toy ever from McDonalds. Why is it so lame? Because his arms and legs don't move, but he's got retractable claws. The thing about the claws, though- they're all connected, and they're not even sort of sharp. As my brother says, "Wolverine got a manicure!" yeah... it's pretty lame. Also, next chance you get, invite my family to come over and watch "Mystery Diagnosis" with you. That show can be made into the silliest joke ever, I swear. Some of those parents are stupid, too. "Oh, my daughter has had the worst headache ever for seven days. I guess I should take her to a doctor... BUT SHE'S FAKING! YOU'RE A LIAR! GO TO SCHOOL! SUCK IT UP!!" xD yeah.
Okay, off to dinner now. And next time you're in a hotel room, keep in mind that they're "itchy and claustrophobic," so be sure to scratch the walls and keep the windows open. :)

So, an update on the Super Lame Wolverine (SLW)- it actually turns its head. All the way around. Like an owl.
Also, when you try to make him attack something with his claws... They retract. He's never gonna get close to scratching anything, even in the super lame circumstances. -_-

In other news- last night in Miami, we're leaving in the morning. Blah.
I'll post later, I guess. In the mean time... anyone in a sparkly article of clothing is SO ICY!

Saturday, July 24

I Seek the Grail!

yeah... I'm watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail... again :)
Anyway, today we went down to South Beach and kind of walked around on Lincoln Avenue. We went to this restaurant called Carnevale and I got some Penne Arrabiata (or something). It was really good, actually. Except it had "Incredible Sauce" aka "You're-doing-it-wrong-sauce". Why? Because it was made backwards. When you have something spicy, usually when you drink water, your mouth burns even more, and when you eat bread, your mouth doesn't burn as much. In the case of this sauce, when I drank water, it was better, and worse when I ate the yummy bread that I get at some restaurants that I do not know the name of (speaking of the bread here).
Anyway, when we first got to South Beach, we stopped at a corner to watch the Raw Miami Group breakdance. It was amazing- and it was just their warm-up! They're really good :)
Also, this guy has been coming up a lot, so I'll tell you the story. A while back, my mom, brother, and I went to the mall near our house. There, we saw a guy riding a three-wheeled Segway. He reached just less than the speed limit in a school zone, and his siren went off- accidentally. Everyone kind of started laughing at him... trust me. It was funny if you were there.
Yet another thing- I like the people here. They're very rational minded. At home, it starts raining and everyone starts freaking out and running for cover like they'll melt or they're hydrophobic (coughKristincough). These people just go about their business. It's nice.
SHRUBBERY! *dramatic music* ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! *more dramatic music*

Okay. I figured this out the day we got here, but what are the odds that our room number is the same as my bus number? Seriously. School doesn't start for another month. -_-

Thursday, July 22

I need a skateboard/roller skates/ a good bike.

So it's day one in Miami. It's been pretty fun so far- we got to the hotel too early & they didn't have our room ready yet, so we walked. And walked. And walked and walked and walked.
Of course, I was wearing flip flops the whole 40 blocks total we walked because I thought we were gonna go to the beach. Therefore, my feet hurt a lot. :(
But we did get to the beach and the pool. We attempted a sand castle (it didn't really work out), and jumped around in the waves. We then went to the pool, which was pretty fun, I guess :)
Just a bit earlier than the time this post was posted, we started walking around again. We went to the awesome restaurant that was recommended to us by a super amazingly nice lady at Subway (that was at the halfway point of our earlier walk... we turned back when we finished eating), Cafe Prima Pasta. I swear, they make the bestest stuff ever! I took a picture of my spaghetti (regrettably, only AFTER I ate one of the super huge meatballs, so I just cut the other one in half & tried to make it look like I hadn't eaten any yet), but I'd have to say, the cookies at the end were the best. They were cookies, but they tasted like cookies 'n' cream ice cream. Oh, it was delicious!! Then, we stopped by a Publix (it's a grocery store) and bought some neon band-aids (because I need them badly... my balance has been terribly off since Wednesday morning, and I can't seem to stop hurting myself), and then ran back to the hotel before it started raining :) Now, we're playing Farkel, and I'll try to post again throughout our stay here :D
OH YEAH! And as we were leaving the Cafe, we walked by this aerobics place with some cliche workout music, so my brother and I were like, "1 and 2 and 3 and 4!" so we walked around like that, and out of no where, this guy in a car says, "5, 6, 7, 8!" and we laughed :)

Tuesday, July 20

Spongebob and Patrick in real life

Click here.

The pictures are really weird, and kind of creepy. I especially like the last one with the dolls. Also, there are some more when you look through the comments. I just found this extremely amusing for some reason.

This is true. I like this guy :)
Yeah, I can see why people would disagree with him, but really. Many people like the music that's being advertised a lot today, but frankly, most of it sucks. (sorry) I mean, sure, I'll listen to it every so often (mostly because my dad and brother like it), but I could never listen to it for long periods of time. Because of this, though, the kind of music I listen to isn't stuff that a lot of people could listen to.
uh... yeah. I'm not as good at sharing my opinion like that guy. Read the article, please? I'm asking nicely :) haha

Days of the Week

Taking Back Sunday
Hey Monday
'Til Tuesday
Wednesday 13
The Friday Night Boys
Saturday June (Band)

All of the previous are bands... well, maybe not the title. I don't know about that. But yeah. And don't ask me if they're any good- before today, I'd only known about Taking Back Sunday (they're ok), Hey Monday (they're ok), and Thursday (never listened to them before). But yeah- there's your week :)
Oh, and I just found this out yesterday afternoon- I'm going to Miami on Thursday (hahaha). I'm kind of excited. I've never been to Florida before... so yeah. See ya there, people who live in Miami! :D

Sunday, July 18

Worst game ever

And I mean that. Click here.

It's just... amusing. Make sure you play until the end (there are only three levels), so you can learn to be like the guy who made the game, and never take your failures seriously.


I'm just going to throw this out there- if you google "Inthemindsofknr", you get some pretty weird stuff. Lots of sites that translated random posts, and then random stuff like, "Twitter- Rian quotes" that's just stuff that randomly has my name in it!? (i don't have a twitter)
I don't even know.
Happy Ice Cream Day, in any case. Make sure you have some! :D

Doctor by Cute Is What We Aim For
Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered by Chiodos (don't ask me why it's called that- it has nothing to do with any of that.)
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X by The Fall of Troy

Those songs have been stuck in my head for the past two days. -_-
AND, because I'm hopeless at computers sometimes, I'm trying to find the address for the blog on Facebook (if people want to look at it [it's not as awesome as the actual blog, but we post some stuff on there that we don't here]), so... yeah.
Enjoy your Sunday/ Ice Cream Day :)

Saturday, July 17

It's a J-O-B Job!

Personally... I don't know why we'd want more people to know how to carjack... but it was funny anyway, so here ya go:
Do the Car Jacker!

This is what I've been talking about!

You see, I get very annoyed when people fight over the which language is the hardest to learn. The answer is English. Obviously, if you were born in an English speaking country, or had relatives that spoke English to you at a young age, it's not that hard. You were raised speaking the language, so it's not hard. Just like if you were raised speaking Spanish, or Japanese, or Hungarian. But for a non-English speaker, it's the hardest language to learn. Eddie Brill, an amazing comedian, talks about it HERE. :)
But really. Sometimes, the letters "gh" are silent, as in the word "light", but sometimes the letters create a "f" sound, as in "enough". Sometimes, "ou" makes an "uh" sound (rough), while others it makes an "ow" sound (round). Random k's and p's and g's get stuck before words that really have nothing to do with them- knife, pterodactyl, and gnome, for example. It's so hard to learn, and I get really annoyed when people don't get it.
But, seeing as Americans kind of force others nowadays to know English (some people are just too lazy to learn a new language... and Rosetta Stone doesn't always help [trust me.]), I'll encourage those who are learning. Unless you only know mean people, I'm sure that someone will help you out :)

Friday, July 16

Mosquito Bites

I thought this summer was some kind of miracle. Until yesterday, I hadn't gotten any mosquito bites! That I knew of, anyway.

Well, yesterday, I stepped outside for (literally) about two minutes, and got bit (bitten?) seven times. Once on each arm, once on the knuckle of my thumb, and FOUR TIMES on my leg. The ones on my leg are in this nice little diamond shape, like the mosquitoes were having some kind of artistic contest. Anyway, I itch really really badly... It also doesn't help that I seem to scratch in my sleep.
So, you should protect yourself.

Thursday, July 15

AVPH: Aliens versus Predators: Holiday

This is what happens when the Aliens hide so well, that the Predators believe that they are all gone and begin to integrate themselves into human society, assuming that people didn't run in fear of them on sight.
(or at least what Predators do when they come to Earth for vacation time...)

Lindsay Quit Lollygagging by Chiodos

Oh, this song is so amazing. It makes me want to cry. And if you listened to All Nereids Beware or The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined, and you didn't like those, this song is nothing like them at all. It's just piano & vocals :)
And in other news, My Darkest Hour by Scary Kids Scaring Kids is probably one of the most hilarious music videos I've seen :) My favorite part is when they're at the red light and that other car stops beside them... their faces are so funny xD But remember- you shouldn't rock out like that when driving. Things that happen in this video are possible, and it'd be bad if you got hurt.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, July 14


So, Rianna was wondering why I have a ringtone of Tigger's laugh... so here's the story.

My cousins were over, and as usual, we were busy talking about random stuff. For some reason, we started talking about Winnie the Pooh, and then, how creepy Tigger's laugh really is. We decided that Tigger is really a serial killer and all his victims hear before they die is his laugh...
So then I found a ringtone of it online. I'm not exactly sure why, but I felt like it. Maybe so I can play it on my phone and sneak up on people who are standing alone in dark alleys...

My favorite part of the day

I like plants.

We have a lot in our backyard, and I like to water them when I go outside to feed my dog. I don't know why I like it- I mean, it's at the end of the day when the sun is shining right on me, there are a bunch of mud daubers flying around (I know they're harmless, but their similarity to wasps makes me wary), and we have a lot of plants, so it takes forever.

But I like it.

I also like taking pictures, so I'll put a few up, I suppose :)

Some baby birds......that are gone now (it's only been 3 days since we became aware of their presence)Hibiscus Flower
Yup. Plants are cool :)

Segway and Segue are not the same, even though they sound the same.

Alright! So I've set myself a goal, and this one I'm making an effort to meet. I told myself back in June that I was going to do the impossible- I was going to finish all of my summer homework by the beginning of July. Like I said, I knew it was impossible, and I failed to meet the goal. So now, I've given myself until Friday, July 30 to finish everything, and so far, it's looking like I can do it. So I'm kind of excited for this. Hopefully, my easily distractedness won't get the best of me.
Speaking of being easily distracted, I've downloaded Plants vs. Zombies, one of the best games ever! It's so much fun, and it really provides a challenge. During the summer, I really don't know why, but I tend to do more things that work my brain than I do during the school year. I guess it's because when I'm at school, I already use my brain a lot, so when I don't during the summer, I tend to lean towards watching Cash Cab, and playing strategy or word games. But the weird thing- I love to read, but during the summer, I really just can't seem to sit down and read a book like I can during the school year. Maybe it's because books become a better distraction for me during the school year, while in the summer, I have plenty of other distractions. I don't know. It was just a guess.
And, while I'm thinking of Cash Cab (I'm segueing quite awesomely), I really have been watching a lot of TV lately. One of my favorite shows is America's Got Talent. It's really a lot of fun to watch people do amazing things :) Anyway, right now the top 48 contestants are preforming live in Hollywood, and these are the three I voted for last night- Future Funk (so adorable!), Fighting Gravity (mind blowing!), and Nathaniel Kenyon (this is his Las Vegas audition- he was sick during the top 48 one, and besides, this one is better. He's pretty good). Can't wait for tonight's performances!
And, I almost lost my ability to segue. But I just remembered where I was going, so I stopped segueing and just changed topics :)
So I've been listening to a lot of music this week, and I've decided that I enjoy The Fall of Troy, Go:Audio, and You Me At Six, along with kind of... rediscovering, I guess you could say, Cute Is What We Aim For and Attack Attack! (not to be confused with Attack! Attack!). I'll just put one of my favorites by per band up here...
Panic Attack! by The Fall of Troy
Liquid Confidence (Nothing to Lose) by You Me At Six
Take the Floor by Go:Audio
Bro, Ashley's Here by Attack Attack!
Loser by Cute Is What We Aim For
yup. Right! I was going to talk about my ant bites next :)
I'm really allergic to ants, so when I get bit, the bites swell up a lot. Which kind of sucks. Anyway, so I got one right below my big toe, and it swelled up and conquered my entire foot (this is not an exaggeration), and then I have two on my other foot almost right next to each other, and while they haven't expanded too much, they're super itchy. So, yesterday, while I was working on my homework, I started drawing (it's actually very hard to draw on your feet. Who'd have thought?!) I drew ants attacking my feet where the bites were, and then, I drew one stick figure per ant, complete with it's own sword, shield, and angry face, and called them the Anti-Itch Warriors. Yesterday, two of them were battling it out with two ants, while the other one couldn't get past the giant force field that safely contained one huge ant. Today, that force field was destroyed, and the ant is on the run. On the other foot (heh), the ants have been destroyed, and the Warriors are in the process of containing the poison from the bites, and will (hopefully) finish the job tomorrow >:]
So kids, the moral of that story is, "don't stay inside too long. You could go crazy." Maybe I'll go to the park tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13

iTunes on shuffle produces hilarious results.

So, I was just listening to my top 25 played songs, and Confessions, by Usher came on. If you don't know, this song is actually split into two parts. I'll get back to that later. The next song just happened to be a ringtone... of the tigger laugh. You know, HOOHOOHOOHOOHOO!

Anyway, the last part of the Confessions intro says:

I know you hate me
I know I hurt you
But there's more

And then,


I burst out laughing...

Monday, July 12

I hate it when books make me cry.

Fortunately, it doesn't happen too often. Today, though, I read an amazing book called Just One Wish, by Janette Rallison. It was really really really good. I mean that. Basically, it's about a girl whose younger brother has cancer and will be going into surgery later that week. She really wants to make him happy, so she tells him she found a genie and that he can have two of the wishes. He doesn't wish for what she thinks, though, and she has to do all of this crazy stuff to make his wish come true. When it wasn't sad, it was funny, and it was just a really good book. I highly recommend it.


Sunday, July 11


You should totally hate me for not posting earlier. I have half an excuse, but that's not really enough. I was in Vegas from last Saturday until Thursday...I meant to post before I left and after I got back, but obviously, that didn't happen. Anyway, I'm just going to mention some of the really cool stuff we got to see in do. After this, you will never listen to anyone who says there's nothing in Vegas for kids.

Basically, we drove to Albuquerque (which I learned to spell on the trip...), stayed a night, drove to Vegas, stayed three nights, and drove back to Abuquerque, where we stayed before driving home.
Half of the really cool stuff was stuff we passed on the way there. IF you believe it, New Mexico and Arizona are way more deserted than any part of Texas I've ever seen. We would drive for hours and not see anything but cows and canyons. I have no idea who owned the cows either, but there were fences...
We saw Cadillac Ranch (which we actually stopped at on our way back). Basically, it's a bunch of cars sticking in the ground that people have spray painted over and over. It's really cool. If you want to know more, click here. It's really cool, but it was also really muddy when we stopped, so we didn't get to go close to the cars.
In New Mexico (the first time around), basically all my brother and I did was be suspicious of every house/building we passed, and make up theories about aliens and secret government bases.
In Albuquerque, we got fudge from here. It was the best fudge I've ever had in my entire life. If you get a chance to go there, you should. They also have free samples.... :D
Anyway, the ride was 18 hours total (to get to Vegas). We passed by Hoover Dam on the way there, but it was pretty miserable out (102 degrees), so we didn't look very much.
In Vegas, we pretty much did all of the normal know, except gambling. We saw: Caesar's Palace (got lost)
The Coca-Cola and M&M building shop things (the Coke one was very cool. We took a picture with the polar bear -click here-)
Paris, Las Vegas (I don't even know if that's what it's called, but we got lost there too.)
Bellagio (we didn't go in, just watched the fountains)
The Mirage (saw the volcano...there's kind of a funny story about that...i'll get back to it later)
Treasure Island (missed the show, but it was still pretty cool)

There was probably some stuff I forgot, but oh well.
When we first got to Vegas, we ate at In-N-Out... It was really good. Too bad we don't have them here.
The Volcano thing.... So, we were watching the volcano erupt, and there were a whole bunch of people there. Of course, I'm kind of short, so me and my brother were standing a couple feet away from the people in front of us, because we wouldn't have been able to see if we hadn't. So, in the middle of the show, this huge guy walks up (with his wife) and stands directly in front of me. Like, all I could see was his blue shirt. My dad was standing behind me and he tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, "hey." And when the guy turned around, he looked really really scared. It was pretty hilarious. Anyway, he moved...

So... on the way back, we stopped by Lake Mead, which, if you remember, is where Max, Fang, and Nudge were in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. You know, when they were going to save Angel. It was really cool there. It was also huge. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit...
After that, I pretty much slept all the way to Albuquerque (yes, that again), which was a good eight or nine hours. From there, I slept a lot of the way home (another few hours). Yeah... that doesn't really matter.

So, that was my trip, in the least detailed form I could produce. I'll try to post more often...

Saturday, July 10


I have to say: I really like comedy.
When I'm feeling bored, or down, or just can't sleep, I'll watch a comedy movie. The stupidest stuff always seems to make me laugh, and it makes me feel better (laughter is the best medicine, I'm sure you've heard). But usually, that's it. A comedy movie, a comedy TV show, maybe a joke a friend told me. But tonight, I watched a bit of stand up (actually, I watched a few minutes of "Last Comic Standing" before, but I didn't like how you couldn't hear all their jokes. And I've listened to Dane Cook... so it's not the first time I've seen stand up, but whatever. Moving on.) and I saw Donald Glover (you might know him from the show "Community"?). Dude, he's hilarious. Here are some of the bits I saw, and they made me laugh (obviously)
Our 9/11 (it's so true. Yes, while this can be found in an elementary school, it can also be found in my high school.)
Crazy Stories
Ooh, and I've probably already done this, but I'll go ahead and put some Dane Cook up, because he's awesome :D (but he cusses... so don't watch it if you can't. Now you can't say that I didn't warn you)
Comic Relief '06
Kool-aid Man
Breaking and Entering
And a classic: Burger King
Oh, I love comedy :D until people start laughing at me when I'm being "serious". They say I should be a comedian, I say, "No. I'd have to prepare stuff, and when I try to be funny, I'm not. SO, I won't be." They don't believe me. Oh well.

Friday, July 9

Meat is meat, just like parts is parts.*

It's not as good as the butterstick, but chili dogs are pretty good, too :) it's great because big words are involved, and they don't fit.
Also, make your announcements as seen in infomercials like this one. I know I will!

In other news, because I have been reading this book ("The Monstrumologist"), I've been waiting for this creature to come out and eat me. I'm waiting for nightmares, because I am easily frightened by my imagination. Actually, no. It makes me think of this guy, who is not scary at all. Well, he used to be. Not so much now :D
*I know there is a grammatical error in the title. But because I am me, I say that it's all right. :{D

Thursday, July 8

Barney's On Fire!

Yes, this is more Whose Line. I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with this show. But what can I say- I really like improv. Seriously. Whose Line is improv, and Improv Everywhere is... planned improv, if that's even possible.

Witch Hunter
Dishwasher (I don't know about you, but I used to do this all the time. Mix them up, I mean...)

Today, I went to Firewheel, and it was awesome. We went to Barnes & Noble (best store ever!) to get a book for my brother, but I ended up getting the book "Infinity" by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's really good, and I'm already halfway through it. The only thing that's hard for me is that they're in "N'Awlins" (New Orleans), so a lot of their last names are French, and I keep forgetting. Other than that, it's really good. Then, we went to the best Mongolian place EVER: Genghis Grill! The food is so good. And the candy they have is really amazing, as well :) After that, we kind of walked around, and then drove to Half-Price Books, the second greatest bookstore of all time :D (by the way: When you end a sentence with a smiley face, do you still put the punctuation mark afterward? It looks weird when you do, but then again, I was talking to my brother earlier about the importance of punctuation [There's a huge difference between "Let's eat, kids!" and "Let's eat kids!"], so I'd feel like a hypocrite if I didn't. I'm really not sure, though). ANYWAY: We went to Half-Price, and I got a book called "The Monstrumologist" by Rick Yancey, and it seems really amazing, as well. Combining this with Orson Scott Card's "Empire" and its sequel, "Hidden Empire", I'm kind of paranoid right now. I'm waiting for some type of Zombie/monster/terrorist to pop out of my closet or something, yell "Surprise!", and then start chewing on my arm like a cannibal. Yeah... maybe I'll just go brush my teeth or something. By the way: Sorry, Dad, I ate the rest of the Cookies & Cream ice cream... again. Just keep in mind that I'm taking really good care of the plants, and if you killed me, you'd have to do it because Aric doesn't spend as much time out there :) Just saying.
So, yeah. Enjoy the Whose Line, and I'll try not to be paranoid, while my dad doesn't get too mad at me :D (see?! Do I put the punctuation or not?! HELP!) I'll make sure we get some more, I promise. We're out of syrup, anyway.

Wednesday, July 7

Youtube Movie

Ok, ok. It sounds ridiculous, I know. When I first heard of it around an hour ago, my first thought was, "So they're just going to take every video on Youtube and make it into a super-long movie?! No way! That'd be so weird and random and not many people would be able to watch it."
But, after reading about it here, it makes a little more sense, and it's really not that bad of an idea. I was laughing, though, because I'm fairly certain that some videos submitted will be totally edited: "Yeah, I'm a superhero who fights crime every day!" or "I'm a ninja infiltrating my enemies lair! Time to kick butt!" or "I'm a mermaidunicornmonkeypirateninjarobotpegasuszombieghost (or MUMPNRPZG) in human form! Watch me destroy dragons, save princesses, and fall in love with a regular mortal!"
But now that I think about it, we're gonna have some people going, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna make my life a reality TV show! Lemme get all my sworn enemies and the gangs I know together, and let's argue all day!" or even, "Woo. Let's go to the supermarket." hah. I can totally imagine making a documentary. Or even something like the Crocodile Hunter, "Ah, the li'l doggy's runnin' away from me! Look at the gracefulness of that stride! Yup, she's a li'l beauteh!" hahaha
OK. So now, if you want to do this, DON'T TAKE MY IDEAS! Might I suggest, though, that you just do what you normally do? I think that'll be the best. :)
Rian (did not say you could not take her suggestions... but if you do take one of my ideas, I wanna be in it with you!!! [smile])

Here's a great commercial. This kid makes all the babies in the world jealous. He's the equivalent of [name of hot actor here], only for babies.
He's so
Full of Fashion!

Tuesday, July 6

woo! so I kind of just hyper-extended my thumb, or something, but I've had this song stuck in my head all day long :)
Electric Feel by MGMT
The funny thing about this song: it's really good, but for me, it's not one of those really good songs that I can listen to whenever. Nah, it always sounds so much better to me when I'm not expecting it to come on. If I'm sitting there waiting for it to come on, then it's not gonna sound as great. I really don't know. Listen to it anyway!

Saturday, July 3

Alex Lee

Read his blog! He's an amazing photographer and artist!
I really like the music he's put up, as well. Basically, he's just a super cool person. I wish there were more words to describe his amazingness :)



Sound Effects:
Film Dub:
  • CORN ON THE COB! (starts at 8:38 in this video. Sorry, I can't find it by itself anywhere else [frown])

Oh, I love people who can't make noises appropriate to the situation. They're the best people to do sound effects. Another thing- have you noticed that Drew Carey only chooses elderly women? It's awesome.

Friday, July 2


(both the song and the city!)
Seriously- if I ever randomly create a band, I would like for our music to sound like that. No joke. It's simply amazing. And I ask that you listen all the way through, because while the beginning is super cool, the middle and the end are the best :D
psst: yes, I have been to Rome. It was amazing- I went to the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, and, of course, we got to hang out with the street vendors!! They're awesome.

Thursday, July 1

Awesome interactive Twilight game.

So, I was on Youtube and I just happened to run across this amazing interactive Twilight game thing. It was fun and extremely hilarious. Click here to play from the beginning.


Phoenix Diary

Ok, so I'm looking at Phoenix's blog, and they have this thing where they put songs on that are unreleased, or as they call it, "rare" songs, that they really like. I'm making my way through, and I've found some pretty good songs! I seriously suggest that you listen to them, if you get the chance :)

Cyril Neville- Gossip
Spacemen 3- Come Down Easy
Kraftwerk (Ralf & Florian)- Tanzmusik
Joy Division- Disorder

And I had a lot of fun with this: Remix! it's so great :)

Because my friend Kim brought them up last night...

...And Then You Die! by Karate High School
Sweep the Leg by Karate High School (oh! ISMFOF! Yay Matt & Nabil!)
Ok, here's the whole Sweep the Leg, because Paul didn't finish that one. ugh. (don't ask about the pictures... I don't even know.)
The Secret Handshake by Karate High School
Sometimes When You Lose, You Win by KHS

Actually, I'm really quite upset with them right now, because at least Paul (the singer/dude who is full of himself and says he does everything [but we still love him]) is being stupid. They haven't made any new music for what, 2 years now? maybe. They haven't been on tour in a super long time (more than 3 years, I'm certain), and now when people ask about them, their response is something along the lines of: "Oh, Paul's missing and we can't find him, so we're just kinda sitting and waiting for him to come back" or "Yeah, Paul died six months ago..." and it's kind of getting on my nerves. But, I still enjoy their music, so I can't be too mad, I guess.
Now I want pizza.
psst: just a random song that ALWAYS gets stuck in my head: Lisztomania by Phoenix