Monday, February 28

Seriously, this guy's accent changes like, 4 times.

But that doesn't make it any less funny.
And true :D
Just say "no way" to drugs, guys :)

Friday, February 25

I'm sleepy.

That's mainly because I spent all day pretty much running around crazy. It was semi-fun.

This morning, I was in physics tutorials, and I didn't realize it was time to go until it was 7:28. The bell rings at 7:30. So I had to run all the way across the school, which is huge, in two minutes to get to English. With my giant backpack. It wasn't a very fun experience.
The rest of the day was relatively normal, aside from an annoying math test.
After school, though, I met with my TOK group (see the post three before this one) to film a movie for our project. And trust me, it is the most complicated movie ever. Basically, it's about how past events can affect how people act, and it's from the POV of this kid as he grows up. It's actually really cool.
What's not cool is the fact that it took about six hours to film. We started right after school, at 2:30, stayed there until about 4:30, went to one girl's house to use her sister for about an hour, then came back to my house to film the end. It was exhausting. But also hilarious and very fun.
So, just now I got two very nice reviews/messages from a girl on fanfiction! They made me happy! That's actually the only reason I'm posting... but a post is a post, right?

Sunday, February 20

I'm never going to answer a phone again. Just saying.

EMBED-MURDER BY PHONE - Watch more free videos

Friday, February 18

"We want you to each make a fist. But we don't want to teach you how to punch. Instead, we feel a slap is more effective."

This is so bad.

Okay, okay.

so... it seems that we have fallen back into our "oh, maybe I'll post later"/"... i have a BLOG?!" slump. sorry. So... I'll update you guys on my life, since I obviously have nothing better to talk about. Plus, I just like talking about myself.
Okay, not really, but whatever. I'm sick, leave me alone.

So, way back when on Saturday, my TOK group met for the first time to begin preparing for our presentation that happened today.
Now, if you don't know, TOK is a class called Theory of Knowledge, in which we basically just discuss what we know and how we know it. So, yeah. Our project was over the four ways of knowing: Sense Perception, Emotion, Language, and Reason. Because my group was comprised of 2 reason people, 2 perception people, 1 emotion person, 1 language person, and myself (who is more of a "I'll use all 4 ways" kind of person), we unfortunately could not decide on a way of knowing and got stuck with emotion. So last Saturday was a day spent goofing off with my friends, being off (and somehow still on) task the whole 5 hours we talked (with me on skype with them for the last 3). Then on Sunday, Kristin & I went to the Science Museum to look at the dinosaur exhibit for a TOK reflective essay... and just because we wanted to look at dinosaurs (and yeah, we went to the planetarium, too, duh). In the dinosaur exhibit, I discovered that T-rex children were fuzzy & feathered, that there were such things as Gigantoraptors and Supersauruses, and that the blue heron is a living dinosaur! Also, I rediscovered my irrational fear of Tyrannosaurus Rexes- there was an automaton head of one slightly hidden around a corner, but because Kristin & I did not walk by the motion detector quickly enough, it wasn't activated. So I warily kept my eyes on it, and almost walked into some automaton of a long-necked herbivore with scary looking teeth :)
After we walked through the dinosaur & science exhibits (I found out that I have 19.36 lbs of skin, and that it takes 167 minutes to walk off a hamburger & fries), Kristin & I went to the planetarium. It was so super cool (except for the little kids who kept crying and screaming, "IT'S DARK IN HERE!")- we got a nice look at the universe via a 3D projection on the ceiling, and there was lots of random dance/rave-esque music being played. Saturn was described as "The Lord of the Rings" (which made me wonder if the LoTR world is in fact Saturn, and they just call it Middle Earth), and the four inner planets were dubbed "The Rocky Midgets". Yeah, I dunno. It was hilarious, though. And then later, the guy gave us a sky show, and inadvertently revealed to me that there is a UNICORN CONSTELLATION! O.O It was pretty amazing.
Then after that, I got together with my Spanish group, and we worked on a Spanish project. Basically, we were supposed to be travel agents & attempt to convince our whole class, in Spanish, to go to Mexico.
I went to bed that night about 1:35 AM.
Monday, I woke up at 5:15 (as I do every morning), and went to school. I don't really remember if anything interesting happened on Monday... but I do remember that I had orchestra rehearsal after school & then a chiropractor appointment, so I got home at 7ish and did homework until like, 12:14 AM.
Tuesday... yeah. I remember nothing about Tuesday. Must've been boring, and I even went to bed at like, 11:30 PM or something!
Wednesday, my friend and I went to a Mavs game! We had special tickets, so we got to go stand in the high-five tunnel (oh, that made me remember that I need to declare my room a "high-five zone"), and we got to high-five anyone and everyone who came down the tunnel. First, we high-fived some random girl, and then some random guy. Then some maintenance people came in with a table, some EMT guys came through, and some more random people. Mark Cuban (owner of the Mavericks) walked through, & he was all sweaty & stuff, but somehow smelled minty. It was weird. Then the Mavs came through, but they were super tall, and most of their hands were way higher than mine... but it was still pretty awesome. And then they won against Sacramento, so... yeah. I got home Wednesday night around 11:38, and I got on skype with my Spanish group. They then said, "Hey Rianna! You should do the intro. And hey, since none of us have publisher, could you make the brochure? And hey, since I can't print it, can you make the hoja de informacion (information sheet we got to use as a kind of wanna-be cheat sheet)? OH! We didn't make a powerpoint. Wanna make it?" so I went to bed Thursday morning at 3. But they helped me, otherwise I just wouldn't have gone to sleep at all. So I'm not really mad or anything.
Thursday was the day of the Spanish presentation. I think we did alright- since I was tired and bad at Spanish, I kind of started it off weirdly, but as it went on, it got better. But I'm pretty sure I got sick in the middle of presenting. Woo. Then, after track practice, I went to my friend's house again to work more on the TOK presentation, which, as I said earlier, took place today. So I got home on Thursday at around 7:20ish, and went to bed probably around 12ish.
Today was just okay. I was sick, and I was wearing a dress (does not happen often). We presented, and that was kind of... out of sorts. It looked like we didn't really know what we were doing, even though we kind of did. haha
So, since our first track meet's tomorrow, I think I'll just go to sleep in like, 2 hours. yeah. Sounds good :)
Enjoy your weekend, maybe I'll post at the meet or something.

Sunday, February 6

Lazy Sunday? Most Definitely.

Ah. All I've done today is listen to awesome music, and then I'm going to a party later :)
Today's been a pretty good day!
Here's pretty much the brunt of what I've been listening to:

Neverland by Bad Rabbits
Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim
Don't Let the Man Get You Down by Fatboy Slim
White Sky by Vampire Weekend
Run by Vampire Weekend

Also, I've rediscovered a band I haven't listened to in a really long time, so:

Electric Choir by Joywave

And yesterday was a "pretty music" day, so I listened to lots of:

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
In the Morning and Amazing by Circa Survive
Mandala by Circa Survive
Kill the Director by The Wombats

Yeah. And here, if you don't know where the title came from: LAZY SUNDAY!
Have a great day!

Psst: Here's a song that's been stuck in my head for a while: Such Small Hands by La Dispute

Saturday, February 5


For some reason, I haven't been getting emails since Wednesday... I just realized this now.

I had 55 emails when I checked, most of which were from colleges telling me "happy birthday". That was kind of weird.
Anyway, being out of school has obviously made me forget to do obvious things like check my email.
P.S. I added that picture of 3D dinosaur erasers so that my post wouldn't be so boring... It's still pretty boring.

Thursday, February 3


So... it's my birthday. We've also been out of school for three days now, because of the snow. I'm considering it a nice present, even though it's kind of gotten old now. There's really not much to do in the middle of a weekday.

Yesterday, Jason and I played with Legos for a while, which was fun, and Tuesday I went over to Rianna's house to work on some English stuff. Despite what everyone thought, we did actually work. After that, though, we drew grizzly bears....

Anyway, it is insanely cold outside. Like, it hasn't gotten above 25 or so since Tuesday. There is still snow outside, even though it stopped snowing Tuesday night. I haven't left the house since Tuesday.... Basically, I have done absolutely nothing since Tuesday. And it's been fun. :)

2 Things:

I totally messed up this post. My bad.

  1. I have no idea what Punxstawney Phil saw yesterday, so... Anyone know if we have 6 more weeks of winter, or an early spring? I don't particularly care either way, but it's nice to be prepared :D So, Happy late Groundhog's day!

Okay. So, I'm done being annoying.
for now.
Yeah! So, Happy birthday to my bestest friend ever! I hope you have a super awesome day, and I will spam you in every way I know how to wish you "happy birthday" the most. xD It'll be fun!
psst: Peter- I think you were right about that bad luck thing... This is our third day in a row off from school! D: