Monday, November 30

I realize that barely anyone actually clicks on the links i put up here, but still.

it's hilarious!!!

(^^ click on those...)
Rian (that is the worst game of scrabble ever. a few of the words are incomplete, you can't have two letter words, and he totally put the s in some random spot and said it was a word that's not even on there!!!! LIAR!!!! ^.^ heh)


So, sunday morning, my dad runs into my room, yelling, " KRISTIN, wake up! WE HAVE TO GO GET THE PANCAKES!"

I was just like, "what?" because i was still basically asleep, and i don't function well when i'm asleep. Anyway, it turned out we were going to this awesome mexican brunch place we went to once before that had amazing pancakes, and my dad wanted to get there before everyone else did.
Yeah. we got there before the restaurant even opened, so we went to walmart, which was in the same shopping center, and bought some random stuff. then we decided we would go to barnes and noble and DSW (which were also in the same shopping center) after we finished eating.
Anyhow, my brother, my dad and I all ordered pancakes. among other things. This is the crazy part.
they didn't bring and syrup with our pancakes, which was just plain stupid, but will make sense later, so we asked the waiter for it. He brought back some small bowls with stuff that didn't really look like syrup, because it was really light. I was about to pour it on my pancakes (which would have been disastrous), when i decided to taste it first. It was honey.
So we asked the waiter guy if we could have actual syrup, and he was like, "what is that?" and we told him it was honey, and he was all confused and stuff.
And the next part...I swear I said this before he did.
He walked back into the kitchen, which we could see into, and started talking to the cook, who had given him the honey the first time. And i turned to my mom, and I was like, "they don't have any syrup."
And about two minutes later, the waiter walks back to our table and tells us they don't have any syrup, and they have sent people out to get some. (it was kinda funny....i can see the future.)
Keep in mind that walmart was MAYBE a minute away. on foot.
So we wait.
And wait.
And wait. get the point. It swear it took like twenty minutes. At one point, i pointed to the walgreens that was across the street (which we could see out the window) and said they could have gone there if they were really desperate.
Anyway, after we got our syrup, we ate our then cold, but still amazing pancakes, and the manager took all of the pancakes off the check. So we ended up paying like nothing for the food.
And then we went to DSW, and I tried on shoes I would never wear, because I think that's fun. There were these boots in the clearance section that came up to my knees and were like, snake skin or something. and they had like, four inch heels. It was really fun, and when I showed them to my dad, he was like, "you can't get those. I already got them for you for christmas."
it was hilarious. we always do that, though. I'll pull something off the rack that's completely insane/gross, and he'll suggest we get it for my brother. :)
Anyway, then we spent forever in B&N and we each got a book. Mine was Gone, by Michael Grant. I've been wanting to read it for a while now, and I highly suggest it, because it's amazing.
anyway, I think i'll stop typing now, and go watch Jay Leno.
Headlines tonight!

Saturday, November 28

just about the weirdest site ever.


it's about cats, btw.


i'm awake

i love staying up late.

but not when i have to.


Friday, November 27

i spent my thanksgiving in a forest

I mean it.

We went over to my aunt's house, and after eating, me, my brother, and four of my cousins decided to walk to the park. It was funny, because two of the cousins are the ones my brother and i always end up having random adventures with. And so, when we were leaving, one of the adults was like, "be back before dark!" (it was three something-it gets dark around five thirty), and the two cousins we don't see very often were like, "why would we even be out that long?" and my mom goes, "you've never been on a walk with those four."

so, of course, the walk started off normal. We walked down the street (remember, we're in the middle of a neighborhood) to the park, but it was kinda boring, so we started walking around it. And one I saw this random path going into the trees. So we decided to follow it. It lead into this random forest like place. and then we crossed a random dirt road and ended up in an even thicker forest. We explored there for a while, then decided to go down another path.

Somehow, it led us in a circle, right back to the dirt road. We turned around and went back....and there was a random broken tv in the middle of the path. It seriously had bot been there before. So then we got scared and started comparing footprints in the dirt to our shoes. And there were some random new ones there that didn't match any of our shoes. And then there were the "dog" prints that really looked like wolf prints, because they had these super long claws.

Anyway, we went back into the forest and somehow ended up in some random guy's backyard. And then we got lost, but Jason found a way out. (yay jason!) Guess where we ended up. THE DIRT ROAD. Seriously, it was everywhere. We also saw a random dog and a kid on a tricycle.
Then we went home, because it was starting to get really cold and dark, and we had already explored every single path. And gotten lost multiple times. It was pretty fun.

And when we got back to the house, we ate desert and played connect four, which i am horribly bad at. :)

It was the best Thanksgiving ever.


Something weird...
My mom says that it was colder at two this morning.
Before the sun came up.
... Ooooweeee. What's up with that? Hahaha
Rian (wonders if, in winter, it is in fact the sun that cools the land?)

Thanksgiving #1

it was funny.

First and foremost: this was stuck in everyone's heads all night long, so at random intervals of time, you would here a part of THIS being sung.
Ok. Now that that's out of the way...
My uncle and I played the game Catchphrase (it's really fun, if you haven't played it before) on his phone, and we played it so much that it started the list over. Twas hilarious.
Also, that same uncle and I had an ongoing competition of Bejeweled (on his phone). He, of course, had filled up all of the high-score list previously, so I started in 8th, then moved up to 4th, and finall first place. And was undefeated until three hours later (we [meaning the whole family] played the game Last Word [also fun] within those three hours). I have yet to defeat him. Dang.
The food was delicious, and I had an exciting, super enjoyable Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. Yay.
So tomorrow, it's my mom's side... and the food will be SUPER YUMMYFUL! I'm excited.
Also, it's Black Friday tomorrow (called that, as I discovered, because a lot of people decide to shop on that day, so all the stores are super low priced- just like Black Wednesday in the airline business: the day when a lot of people fly for Thanksgiving)... Yuh. My mom's leaving at 2 in the morning (so like, 2 hours from now) to go shop. yeah. I'll be sleeping :) (hopefully)
And Devan and I managed to get the song from earlier this post out of my head and stuck in random lines from those Dr. Octagonapus videos. yeah.
AND (i really need to stop adding stuff) I've had random videogame background music stuck in my head, too.
Rian (can't wait for tomorrow!)

Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wishing a happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Well, everyone who reads the blog. :)

You guys rock...


Tuesday, November 24

and it all started with the Beef Jerky.

so today at dinner, we were talking about Robertson's Beef Jerky, the best beef jerky EVER. and of course, how awesome Robertson's Bacon would be if we ever got it.

and somehow, we started talking about how "All commercials [when my dad was a kid] were creepy."
So... i'll show you, in order, what commercials we thought were the creepiest. (by "in order", i mean, "in the order we watched them".)
  1. Was that takeout?!
  2. I will kill you! :)
  4. OMG!
yuh... my dad said that if you turn the soul knob too far up, it could turn into Fido.*
and i don't feel like looking up any more at the moment, so... yuh. have fun :)
Rian (welcome to Old People Camp!)
*Fido- see post titled "FAIL", and click the link for the movie.

Monday, November 23

While we're at it:

yes. The epic word of the day is:


as you can see, i've linked the Fail Blog down under the cbox, feel free to check that out. it's hilarious.
but while we're at it, this movie is a fail, too. check it!

A Note From Rian:

the facebook is complete.

So without further ado...

or at least, hopefully not much more...

anyway, yes, we will continue to post here. you won't all have to randomly move to facebook cuz we're jerks. though... that would be like, ultimate fan test.
but, seeing as only maybe a total of 4 known people ever read this blog, plus the 30 something possible unknown people who feel they are above commenting (just kidding. but we do enjoy your feedback, lovely unknown people). anyway... yeah. if you have a facebook, you should fan us! unless you don't really like us, but happen to be randomly addicted because we are so weird and you wonder what we'll talk about next. i really don't know.
yuh... so... yuh. i really don't know what to say about it... i would say it's awesome, but it's not really finished yet. Kristin's making it as we speak (cuz when i tried, i made it mostly dead [like Westley]). oh, well, here.
it's going to be awesome.
how about that?! :D
so... yeah. check it out... tomorrow. because it'll probably be done by then. :)
just thought i'd keep you guys (and girls, of course) in the loop!
Rian (is excited)

Saturday, November 21


watch these in order... they're hilarious. guaranteed. if not, too bad, you've wasted some time of your life. oh well.

Rian (and Devan are choking. too much laughter. oh well.)

from my high altitude balloon of red caped goggle bloggyness

i found my new favorite xkcd.

no joke- it's sooo hilarious.
rian (wheee)

Friday, November 20

Searching the Blagosphere

this is my favorite.

Rian (yes, blagosphere)

more hilariousness

two words: NEW MOON.

omg. that was HILARIOUS!
they actually had "good" jokes in there this time. quite witty.
and then they had stuff that i assume was meant to be taken seriously, but it wasn't.
like the super-slow-mo "running through the forest with Bella the Vampire" scene. haha
go see it. it's like, the third most hilarious thing i've ever seen. but you might like it.
Rian (wants to see the movie "Face-Punch" now... it seems HILARIOUS!)
psst: i'll tell you what Face-Punch is. it's the movie that Bella, Jacob, and Mike go see, where Mike gets sick. Basically, it went like this:
Dude1: Put your gun down or I'll blow your face off!
Dude2: Put both your guns down or I'll blow both your faces off!
Dude3: Put all your guns down or I'll blow all your faces off!
Dude4: Aw, forget this.
*cue gun shots and random screaming*
[Rian really wants someone to make that- a hint to any directors out there :)]
psst2: oh gosh. it's the TED!!! (see xkcd)


So, Rianna is over (cuz we're getting ready to go see New Moon), and we were looking up stuff, and somehow ran across this website with hundreds of hilarious comics!! Some are...slightly inappropriate, and there is some language, but not enough to keep you from reading.

Click Here to go to the awesome site.
Also, on a semi-unrelated kinda note...I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See how excited?
Kris. (and Rian [go team switzerland!])

Thursday, November 19

Some funny stuff happened today...

First off, my brother read me something from on of the Sonic fanfics he read... here it is:

Tails was putting up a sign which read, “Sonic Says.” And nodded in approval at his work. Sonic ran up to Tails and painted over it so it said, “Sonic Sez.” Then nodded while Tails rolled his eyes at it.

Sonic quickly spun around and began talking. “Kids, there’s nothing cooler than sharing your cookies with people you like, but when someone tries to put their filthy hands in your cookie jar, that’s NO good! They’re your cookies; no-one has the right to take one if you don’t want them to. So what do you do? First, you slap the fool, then you say, “Keep your hands to yourself, cheapskate!”

“That’s not very helpful advice.” Tails responded.

“Well it worked on Knuckles.”

“Yeah…just before he punched you in the gut and took the cookies anyway.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll find him soon, and then he’ll pay.” Sonic nodded in a serious manner.

Yeah. Pretty weird, uh? Also, I got a letter from a random college I've never heard of before... Houston Baptist University? Yeah, well, they made an error in their letter. I read it and I asked my mom if it was the correct usage of the semi-colon. At the time, she was on the phone with her english teacher friend, so, after she finished laughing, she asked her if it was wrong....and it was. it was so funny. And so, they forbid me from going to that college. here's what the letter said:

"You'll enjoy over 40 clubs and organizations, including an active Greek system; events like Husky Fest and Midnight Madness; and a wide range of intercollegiate and intramural sports."

Also, I wonder how the colleges know what I want to do? Because on this letter, and one i got earlier, they both said my intended majors were science and english, which is true...but HWO DO THEY KNOW!?

Anyway, I'm gonna go watch Jay Leno. Dakota Fanning, who is in New Moon, is on it. And Taylor Lautner was on earlier this week.



If you love brownies, you love life.
No more twenty page essays due on monday! However, jeff, you should write a one-page essay on taking advantage of the emotionally unstable! BOOYAH!
jeez. Community is such a weird show...
Rian (has an awesome new phone!)

Monday, November 16

blending in just like a pine tree!

ok. i saw this while looking for Holy Grails for my Medieval Magazine (maybe someone'll talk about that eventually). it's kinda weird... and late... but, idk. It's like, Political American Monty Python.

Rian (loves her ads... now if only she could write some good articles...)

Sunday, November 15

It's a House-On-The-Corner type of thing

so- weirdest thing ever just happened to me.

It's raining.
No, that's not weird.
What is weird is that when we were driving home, in our neighborhood, we have to turn at 3 different corners to get to my house. So we turn the first one, and it's like, "I-Am-A-Wall-Of-Rain-You-Can't-Pass-Me!" kind of rain. so... really really really really really really hard rain.
we turn the next corner, and it's like, "I'm Rain!" kind of rain- normal.
we turn the last corner- "I'm-Just-Letting-A-Few-Random-Drops-Of-Liquid-Fall-From-The-Sky!" kind of rain, so a semi-"my heart's not really into it" drizzle type thing.
and the corners are in the same general area, too. Only like, 20 yards (60-ish feet, roughly) away from each other (cuz it's about 3-4 houses apart... and i'm not really sure how long that is).
so... i'm just assuming that it's a "house-on-the-corner" type of things...
there's really no other way to explain it... unless you know the Cloud-Men or something :)
Rian (is reading James and the Giant Peach- i love Roald Dahl)

Sometimes, I wish that people who can do cool internet stuff could read my mind like the government.

if you don't remember the government... search the post. it was the one about... or whatever :)

anyway, i LOVE this show.
and i LOVE this episode. it's one of my favorites :)
so... you only have to watch till the opening theme song that is fun to play on the piano.
because... [insert title of this post here]. That way, I would only have to show you the segment, instead of having to link THE WHOLE EPISODE (<- click that) so that you can watch the one little 4-5 minute segment you should watch.
Rian ("TCBY= I Can't Believe It's Yogurt". because... all those letters are totally in there.)

Age of Empires

you should know that I absolutely love this's awesome. so, my brother and I have been playing it for like, five hours straight. and we started conquering all of the other civilizations, which is not something you can do unless you play for like.....five hours straight. It was awesome. also, that's why i can't spell. i keep having to fix words. like every other one. also, i said this guy was "stalkering" a villager. which he was. even though i told him to. it was kinda funny. :)


Saturday, November 14

The funniest thing I heard all night:

Robert Pattinson looks like a criminal- no, he is a criminal! maybe that's why he got hit by a taxi...

Rian (loves her friends... and cake. [smile])


so.... you know (maybe) that there are ads all over the computer for like, twilight shirts and stuff? well... there are.
normally they say stuff like:
"I like a man that glitters" or
"Team Jacob forever"
stupid stuff like that.
so i saw this one ad with three shirts on it. In order, they say:
"Imprinted" (with a paw print on it)
"Consider me Dazzled" and then,
"Team Switzerland"
Ok, not that i don't like Switzerland or anything (i do- I think I travelled through a bit of it when riding a train from France to Italy, and everything I saw on the way there was really pretty, so...), but... really.
Can anyone tell me what Switzerland has to do with Twilight?
Rian (is wondering if the people just made a shirt for "Team Switzerland" because Switzerland is awesome)

Friday, November 13

Quote of the day:

well... it's more of a three line conversation, really, but whatever. The quote is my friend's.

Friend: At first, I thought he was really pretty.
Me: And then you realized that he was a guy?
F: No. I got closer...

yeah, we were talking about the gay guys at my school, and how one of them wears make up. Yeah... twas funny.
Rian (all you need to know is: +/- Infinity)

Thursday, November 12

Why is it that if it's even slightly inappropriate, it's hilarious?!

like these movies:

Superhero Movie (think... Spiderman... with Dragonflies.)
Not Another Teen Movie (Think... every single teen movie put together. it's crazy)

they're just so hilarious... but so gross at the same time... ahhhh.
... well, i'm gonna go and eat some stew & bake biscuits (not cookies... unfortunately).
Rian (is chewing Trident Layers gum!)


Jeez. I wish the Hoveround people would stop being so persistent...Time to post the semi/notso famous story: WHAT?

Yeah, you heard me...
Just read it all the way through. I know it's kinda long, but it's pretty funny, and it won't take as long as you think since it's in chatroom form. Enjoy! I'll explain where we got the idea at the end.


Mom: son, I think you have a problem.

Jason: what?

Mom: a problem. Like, there’s something wrong.

Jason: what?

Mom: …so, we’re signing you up for therapy.

Jason: what?

M: therapy.

J: what?


J: what?

M: get in the car.

J: what?

M: maybe we should get your hearing checked…


-at therapy-

Therapist: hello.

Jason: what?

T: I haven’t asked you a question yet, Jason.

J: what?

T: …let’s get started.

J: what?

T: can you say anything other than what, Jason?

J: who?

T & M: -GASP-

T: you, Jason, you.

J: what?

T: back to square one.


-at school, with girlfriend Kayla-

Kayla: good morning, Jason.

Jason: what?

K: I said good morning.

J: what?


J: what?

K: forget it.

J: what?

K: let’s get to class.

J: …what?

-five hours later-

Kayla: you ruined my life, Jason!

Jason: what?

K: you and that stupid word! Shut up!

J: what?

K: -storms off-

J: what?


-at police station-

Officer: did you, or did you not, destroy your girlfriend’s phone?

Jason: what?

O: the phone. Did you destroy it?

J: what?

O: let’s try another question.

J: what?

O: Did you blow up Kayla’s phone with multiple tons of illegal explosives.

J: what?

O: -slap-

J- ow.

O: finally! So, did you do it?

J: what?

O: the crime we’ve been talking about for twenty minutes?

J: what?

O: -slap-

J: what?

O: forget it.


-in therapy-

Therapist: well, Jason, we’ve been making some progress these past few weeks.

Jason. –nods- what?

T: we’ve learned that you can answer questions nonverbally.

J :–nods- what?

T: but we can’t get you to stop saying ‘what’ afterwards.

J: what?

T: -condescendingly- You’re regressing, Jason.

J: -shakes head- what?

T: I’ll see you next week.


-at school, in English-

Teacher: -muttering to self- who to choose, who to choose… Ah! –outloud- Jason, can you answer the question?

Jason: -nods- what?

T: um, you did the homework, right? Just explain what you did to the class.

J: what?

T: -sigh- give me the paper.

J: what?


J: what?

T: -snatches paper off desk-




-at therapy-

Therapist: it seems we’ve run into a problem, Jason.

Jason: what?

T: according to your teacher, you wrote nothing but the word ‘what’ on your English homework.

J: -nods- what?

T: I didn’t realize writing was a problem for you.

J: what?

T: I don’t get paid enough for this.


-still at therapy-

Therapist: I wonder why you even have this problem…

Jason: what?

T: I mean, it’s obviously not your parents’ fault.

J: this is just how I am.


J: what?

T: -bursts into tears-



Announcer: Jason, we’re bringing you back.

Jason: what?

Announcer: sorry, my wife told me to say that. What I meant was-

Jason: what?

A: -sigh- someone felt your story was incomplete, so we’re talking to you again.

J: what?

A: I know it doesn’t make sense, but just go along with it.

-J & A joined by Therapist and Officer-

J: wow, I have never seen you all together.

T & O: what?

J: that’s my line.

T & O: -faint-

J: what?

A: I don’t know what’s going on.

T: -unfaints- Normally all he says is what! And now he’s speaking in full sentences!

A: Oh, I thought I was just being confusing.

J: you were.

T: we should have brought you into the story earlier! It would have save us all this stress.

J: what?

A: I’m confused. Why is there a police officer here?

O: -unfaints- I’m here to continue questioning on the crime.

A: crime?

J: what?

T: it feels like we’re going in circles!

O: that’s because we are!

-after hours of arguing, and more “what’s” than it was worth, the therapist and announcer leave-

Officer: finally, I have you alone.

Jason: what?

O: we must get to the bottom of this!

J: what?

O: this will only take a second.

J: what?

O: where were you…three months ago on Monday, at 7:59 pm?

J: what?

O: you are innocent until proven guilty.


-therapist pops up-

Therapist: I knew it! He speaks when he’s annoyed! Provoke him further!

O: okay, let me think… we have a situation. I repeat, we have a situation.

T: that’s great!

J: -punches both-

SO, how'd you like it? Well, even if you didn't like it, you should at least know where the idea came from. So here's the background:

Rianna and I were stretching in the gym before practice, and some guys were playing basketball.

There was this one really tall guy who kept shooting three pointers and missing, and everytime he did, he would yell, "WHAT?!" like he had just done something awesome and...totally pwned everyone. Which he didn't.

So, Rian and I were like, "what if there were someone who couldn't say anything but the word what? people would get so annoyed with him." She randomly called him jason, forgetting that it was my brother's name, but it stuck. And on the spot, we came up with the part abotu Kayla and his mom...and some of the therapy, I think. It was a very sudden story. It just appeared into existence.


In bcis this morniog. I learned that the blog and fanfiction are not blocked on the school computers. Thats amazing because nearly everything is blocked on the school computers. So, me and my friend we bored, and i decided to finally type up the what story. Since Rianna's been asking me to for while now. So i typed it us. And i was gonna post it, but it wouldn't let me. It let me type it and everything, but it wouldn't let me post! So that made me mad. Since i have it typed. Though, i can post when i get home. Also, yeah, i'm in class. But we're not doing anything. Kris.

Wednesday, November 11

I'm sitting on Lucky Couch


if you guessed "sit on Lucky Couch", you're wrong.
I did this thing so that instead of the little hourglass coming up when something on my computer's loading, these dinosaurs come up!!! One's yellow, and one's blue, and they walk around while things are loading!
it's so awesome! :D
Rian (is a fan of dinosaurs)

Tuesday, November 10

ok. so i just got the mail. and there was only one little brochure thingy in the mailbox.

it said:
"Life's too short to clean your own house."
So... I should just leave it dirty? or... is it just that my little life span's too short to clean my own house, so i should just go clean someone else's?
and you know, it wasn't even some kind of maid-service brochure or anything.
no, it was for "going green".
... people need to get relevant. seriously.
Rian (won't be cleaning anyone's house. she's too lazy.)

ok. so... another point- i just saw a commercial for something called the "Do-Over Hotline" (don't ask- i don't know either), and these people had a whole bunch (literally, there had to be at least a baker's dozen in there!) of emus running around. What do they have to do with anything? nothing.
apparently, the guy had talked to a salesman. what kind of salesman sells emus door-to-door? A stupid one who gets fired because he's supposed to be selling toothpaste, that's the kind.
Rian (is hot, for once. I hate weather here)

Monday, November 9


the work 'OK' is a sideways person!!!

the O is the head, and the K makes the legs & arms!!!
that is SO cool.
i don't know why i didn't realize this earlier. oh well.
Rian (is OK)

Sunday, November 8

Especially the Chicken Flavored... Beef is OK, too.

i know i risk sounding like a bigger nerd than you think i am, but would you be surprised to know that i went to my two favorite places today?

and would it totally blow you away if i told you that my two favorite places (EVER) are Barnes & Nobles [... wait. did i already say that was my favorite place? i think i did... but it is so worth repeating] and Half-Price Books.
OMG. i looked at H-P B, and totally thought it said "Half-Blood Prince".
but hey- ever since reading the newest chapter of this story (i love it!! great job, Phoenix Fanatic), my mind's been hardwired on Harry Potter... it's like, every time i turn around, BAM! Harry Potter books. Harry Potter accessories. Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter.
Hairy Potter. hehe.
ANYWAY! so... i was at those places, and i seriously could have died. I even said that aloud when I was there.
So... I found this awesome book that i'm only like, 14 pages into (and sadly, did not buy it... grg) called "The Order of Odd-Fish", or something. it's pretty good. I liked it.
Then... I saw the new House of Night book (i'm really annoyed with those... but i'm still reading them), the new Gallagher Girl (or whatever that is) book- just letting you know, Kristin. aaand... LOVELY COMPLEX!!! and Monkey High, too! and... i was shocked when i didn't see any HSD! O.O
it was simply... well, shocking.
And I bought a book of 501 Conjugated Spanish Verbs (very nerdy... but better than a dictionary- i already have three, anyway.) and Max :)
Oh, how i love headshots in Halo ODST- you hear a 'pop' when the dude (mostly Grunts) explode into confetti, and little children scream "Yay!" in the background. it's so hilarious.
oh, shoot. I have Ramen Noodles in the microwave.
I should go eat them.
Rian (a quick summary: Things Rian loves: Barnes & Nobles, Half-Price Books, books in general, Mangas, Head Shots, and Ramen)

Saturday, November 7

mrg. stupid ginormous "small" pictures!

... Really?!
sorry... but that's kinda odd...
like the Muppets.
what is a Muppet, anyway?? It's like... a hand puppet, rod puppet, and Marionette puppet combined! which doesn't really work, because if it had rods, or was a Marionette, the hand is pointless. but how else do their mouths move?!
anyway- my two favorites are Animal & Fozzie Bear :)

Rian (hates that even though she specifically tells the computer to make the pictures "small" and makes sure that they aren't really big, the pictures come out big anyway. jeez.)
[EDIT: there. it took me an extra like, 7 minutes or so, but i got it so that the pictures are actually small, and not "THEY'RE SMALL I SWEAR".]

Friday, November 6

Don't. Ask.

because i don't know, either.

i'm still laughing from the weirdness of this!
Part 2 (don't read the second chapter [unless you want to]- it's about the author giving away her stories)
but... really?! it's just so weird!!!
Rian (can type with both hands for a little, but it hurts, so she stopped)

Thursday, November 5

caller, not cleaner [this is an edited title]

ok... so there's this bug called "BAD_POOL_CALLER"

so if you scroll down here, look at what this dude said. it's pretty funny, i guess. :)
Rian (loves today's google page!)

Wednesday, November 4

speaking problems

... are things that my brother & i have.

me: You know what my New Year's Revolution should be?
dad: did you just say revolution?
me: yeah, i guess (laugh)
dad: i'll keep that in mind, & be sure to have my defenses up on New Year's Day.
R: no, it'll be a revolution against myself.
my bro: Don't revolute!
d & r: (laugh) revolute?
R: nice. Anyway, my new year's resolution should be not to hurt myself as much. cuz i just ran into that little corner of that thingy on the wall thing.
A & d: (laugh) what? thingy??
R: you know, the white stuff on the wall thingy? next to the stairs?
d: no...
r: yes... the little half wall thingy? that only goes halfway up to the ceiling?
d:... ok, so... the wall?
r: yeah. you know the white thing on top of it?
d: yeah...
r: i ran into the corner of that. so i must do that for my revolution.
a & d: don't revolute!

Rian (has a word whirlwind, & kristin has a typo typhoon.)

Happy 40th

Sesame Street-

Though I don't like some of the changes you've made since my Sesame Street watching days, i must say- Happy 40th anniversary. Thanks for teaching little kids to be obsessed with TV and to count to 10. And no, Cookie Monster never made anyone eat cookies. Nor did that Vegetable monster or whatever that was make anyone want to eat more vegetables than they already did. So... really? I'm glad you took him back, but... as a "sometimes snack"??? gah.
Anyway, I hope you improve and put more Ernie and Bert segments in.
Rian (has a hard time doing homework while icing her swelling sprained wrist... this is very unfortunate. And no, that was not sarcastic or joking or anything. This really sucks.)


i suppose that once a "Cripple", always a "Cripple".

yuh. long story.
basically, in eighth grade, i sprained my ankle (Break them ankles!), and my English teacher called me Cripple.
So, this week, I started it off by hurting myself a lot (of course on accident- what did you think?! that i like writhing in pain?!), and then today, i sprained my wrist. i want to say that it's anticlimactic, but it's quite obviously not.
anyway... at least it was my left arm, but i would have liked for it to be my right because it would've advanced my ambidextrousness training by a lot. now i can't even practice anymore.
ugh... so i guess i'd better get started on my wagonload of homework (it's not small enough to be a buttload, nor is it large enough to be a boatload).
Rian (is kinda in pain... i always say that there's a reason why i'm only in track...)

Monday, November 2

The best part about mondays

Headlines on Jay Leno...:

-An ad for a new house

"Your friends will puke with envy."

My Mom:

"Hopefully not in the house..."


I don't have throat cancer!


haha yup. I laughed so hard when i saw this... and i'm STILL laughing.
"Annunciate, do you even know what that means? It has nothing to do with physical contact."
Rian (oogahboogabooga!)

Sunday, November 1


yup. So today... or rather, yesterday, was fun.

Trick-or-treating is just fun in general.
it's way better than sitting in a corner for some Homecoming Dance... yup.
So... i won't describe the trickery or treating, as i stuttered. it was "epic-like" (like your word choice, Kristin)
so... i can't sleep.
and it's a good thing it's Daylight Savings Time now.
because otherwise, it would be FOUR THIRTY in the morning.
but instead, it's only three. :)
and for some reason, after every sentence, the enter button must be pushed.
because, ya know, no two sentences can go on the same line.
anyway... so... yuh. i can't sleep.
I even annotated a chapter in The Inferno by Dante Alighieri (it's pretty awesome, i guess), and watched three movies (Bedtime Stories [pretty good], Matilda [amazing- both the book & the movie], and Bolt [which i have now watched a grand total of... FOUR times!]) and came up with a theme- in all the movies, after a while, things got better.
and you know what- only a bag of sour patch kids was consumed this Halloween night by yours truly. and one half cup of Coca Cola. (i would've said 'Coke', but i'm pretty sure that someone out there would think that i randomly do drugs or something)
OMQ i just realized that i put THREE sentences on the same line (if you count the parenthesis as another sentence)
and i think i'm obsessed with the words 'and' and (ugh) 'sentence'.
no joke.
but... what more can you expect from me at... what would be four forty.
you should've actually expected less, since i can't spell words correctly, and i put 'sense' instead of 'since'.
"Could I have made something like this up?"
"Yes. Yes I could. Would I? No."
... my dad drew a guys face broken in half (like those broken hearts... only... it's a frowning dude's head) with blood running down my fingers on my hand in Sharpie.
and i just realized- i have to go to CHURCH with this.
heh... nice going Dad. :P
ok. I'm going to try to sleep now.
Maybe there's good music on the radio now, since it's not Sunday night still. :)
Rian (might actually annotate another chapter before she just randomly collapses)