Friday, December 31

Remember Cedric Diggory

In case you can't tell, I just finished watching the fourth Harry Potter movie, and I am not ashamed to say that I cried when Cedric Diggory died. I also have to say that I am most definitely Team Cedric Diggory. Sorry Edward. Anyway, I like how this person put it:

Yeah...Robert Pattinson is kind of weird. It's like his coolness died with Cedric.
So, anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I know it's not yet, but I'm probably not going to be posting around midnight, since I stayed up super late last night, so I figured I'd better say it now.
Also, here's the next comic:

By the way, since I don't think I mentioned this, I wrote and drew the comics very messily, and Rianna copied and colored these nice pretty versions you're looking at.
Maybe I'll post the originals if you laugh at my comics...
Just kidding. Though I would love it if we got some nice comments... Actually, you should just comment on Rianna's stuff since she has actually posted for the past three months or so...
I guess that's it. I don't really have anything else to say right now, other than the fact that I'm bored out of my mind and there's no grass to watch grow. speaking of, there was a watching paint dry website made by the same people, but since the paint finished drying, the webcam isn't going anymore. You can watch the videos of it here, though.

Trust Me.

Thanks, Kristin.
I'm bored out of my mind, so I went to the grass growing website... and all I see is snow. It's not even snowing- there's just snow sitting on the ground.
It did not help.
So I drew that. :)

psst: Kristin told me to add the second one, so I did. It's true, though :)

psst2: Here's something interesting to read! It's about an asteroid that I heard about in this song :) And, I'm happy to say that everything said about the asteroid in the song is true! :D

Letter From the Dead

Just kidding. I am not dead, though you may think so, since I've been AWOL for a few months...

I'm been busier and lazier than usual, so that's pretty much why I haven't posted.
Here's an update on my life since the last time I posted (if you actually care) :
  1. I got my wisdom teeth out
  2. I got a car
My memory also seems to have gotten worse, since that's all I can remember.... Anyway, another list. This time reasons why I haven't posted:
  1. Business Tycoon Online (wayyyy too addicting)
  2. Delacorte Press Writing Contest (just mailed my story on Thursday... I'm scared)
  3. Life
  4. Homework
So, this was kind of my welcome back, please don't kill me for being such an awful person post. I'll post later tonight about actual stuff. Until then, I leave you with this nice website for when you are bored: a live webcam of grass (so you can watch it grow! :D)
And.... since Rianna has been waiting on this so long:

P.S.: I will post some other comics later tonight


So, I have some more :)
Here's another one from last summer:
And here's one I just finished:
I've drawn this same picture... at least 10 times now, I suppose, and each time, it's different. Sometimes he's not holding any cars, sometimes there's one car in each tentacle. Sometimes, buildings are exploding, sometimes there are a whole bunch of cars exploding in the background. It's pretty cool. Also, I used my brand new markers to draw it, and I'm really glad with how it came out! Anyway, I drew it on the computer once, in paint, & here's how it turned out:So, yeah.
OH. By the way, I really don't want to copyright these pictures because that gets too legal and I don't really feel like going through all of that, so... yeah. You can use them or whatever, but please don't claim them, because I actually drew them :) blahbloopbleep.
Yay for drawing! It's really a lot of fun, even if you're bad at it like me :)
Now I will come up with more fun drawings!

Thursday, December 30

Being Forever Young Sounds Like A Stupid Idea

Okay, technically, in my time zone, it's still Thursday, so I'm still okay. Just a couple of things tonight- I got caught up when the neighbors (who are awesome) came over & we played on the Kinect, and also a game called Things.... It's pretty fun! Like... Loaded Questions, but without the questions xD Anyway. Apparently, the drawing program I got doesn't really let me actually draw, so what I'll do is make little doodles, take pictures of them with my webcam, and then post them on here :) Like, this one! I made it a while ago (last summer).In the meantime, I'm trying to make some sort of logo-ish thing for the blog, so we'll see how that goes.


Earlier, my brother started singing Forever Young, so I joined in. He immediately stopped, looked at me, and said, "Wow. I didn't know that you knew that song!" Me: "um, yeah. It was on Napoleon Dynamite, and it comes on the radio sometimes."
Aric: "... Really!? whoa! It's a Jay-Z song!"
Me: "uh, no, it's not."

So, just to get something straight- Jay-Z did
not sing Forever Young first. Just like Michael Jackson sang Smooth Criminal first, not Alien Ant Farm or whatever they're called (i can't remember at the moment).
Here's the original version.

Here's the Jay-Z version.

I like the original better, and no matter what my family says, I don't think it's the same voice. It sounds like a different guy sang it in the Jay-Z version, but they insist that it's the same, so... whatever. :)

I made good on my promise- I posted on Thursday.

Goodnight, people of the world :)


Tuesday, December 28

"Dude. What's mine say?" "Sweet! What's mine say?!"

Ah, I love that movie. If you've never seen Dude, Where's My Car... you need to. It's hilarious :)

Anyway, I'm sorry.
It's not really my fault that I haven't been posting- it's Winter Break after all. I'm hanging out with my family... and my new Kinect... er, my family. *cough*
Also, yes. I am kind of sick (truthfully). It's really annoying. Being sick, I mean. I tend to avoid viruses and diseases, but sometimes, I can't. :(

But anyway. My uncle got me this drawing program, and so maybe I'll try it out & draw some pictures for here :) I think that'd be fun! And then, if anyone even bothers to read this constantly anymore (if you do, I'm SO SORRY. I'll try to post more often. And I'll force Kristin to, as well- she really isn't as busy as you might think haha), then you can tell me what you think of my horrible doodles, or maybe give me suggestions of things to draw? I'm so indecisive sometimes, so it helps when you people tell me what you want :) so... I'll probably start that on Thursday, maybe! I'll make a note to do that.

so... yeah. Sorry. I hope you all have had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the Lunar Eclipse (did any of you see it?! I tried to take pictures, but my phone is very... particular about pictures of the moon- as long as there's not a lunar eclipse, I can take AWESOME pictures of the moon) and the Winter Solstice! I got a new camera, so maybe, along with my bad drawings, I'll post some pictures or something so you can compare computer drawings to drawings on paper :D that'll be fun. maybe.

Anyway... toodleloo!
I'll post for sure on Thursday :D
Don't die, don't freeze in the cold outside (don't lie- it's cold where you are, too!), and I'll talk to you (in a way) soon!