Friday, March 18

The Music Is Cute :]

I will totally end up thinking of this if I ever need to ask for/have someone ask me for a jump xD

This sucks

So, I was typing that last post (about what I did in San Francisco), and I accidentally clicked enter before I finished the title. And the rest of the post, obviously. So then I went back, and I was editing it, but my computer randomly shut down the internet! D:

So now my post is gone... I guess I'll finish it in the morning. I don't know why it didn't autosave...

Thursday, March 17

I don't think I

Wednesday, March 16

Spring Break!

Yeah. So... we're pretty much officially half way through Spring Break now.
That stinks.
But it's been pretty fun so far... Kristin's in San Fransisco, so that's why she hasn't posted in a while.
I just haven't posted anything. Sorry.
But for those of you who care (I know there are at least 13 of you haha), I think I'm going to get my driver's license on Friday! I'm kind of excited. And tomorrow, an awesome friend of mine is coming over, and it's gonna be a lot of fun!
Oh. I just painted my nails like rainbows... and that's pretty cool.
Um, so... yeah. I really don't have much to talk about. It's been a pretty mundane Spring Break (if I leave out the hilariousness of Dance Central). How's yours been? I'd love to hear from you random people haha
(this is a lame ending. I'm sorry.)

psst: If you want to request a song for the Awesome Box, feel free! I'm kind of just changing it every once in a while, and usually it's just songs that are stuck in my head at the moment. So, yeah. If you have a song, I might put it up for a while (you know, it's gotta be appropriate, people).

psst2: I totally just remembered to put this on here- I started reading this hilarious comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja! It's super funny, and it involves: A doctor, who is also a ninja. That doctor's family. A twelve-year-old-velociraptor-riding bandito who grew a mustache out of sheer force of will. Ben Franklin's clone. Pirates. and much, much more haha :) give it a look!

Tuesday, March 8

Happy Mardi Gras!

So, here's the story I was talking about a while ago- it's the story of a teacher's dreams getting crushed. Yes, while that might sound horrible, and it kind of was, it was still pretty funny :)

A month ago today, my English teacher (let's call her Mrs. X) walked into class with beads on and she yelled, "HAPPY MARDI GRAS!" Of course, a majority of us students looked around at each other, with the same message in our eyes- "Um... Mardi Gras is usually in March, right?!" But Mrs. X loves to talk, so she began telling us of how she told all of the other teachers, and how excited she was, and how if we were in New Orleans (because she used to live there), we'd have the day off of school. She also told us of her plans for later that day- she was gonna go to some restaurant and eat some crayfish (exciting, right?). And after about twenty minutes of this, she finally was ready to begin class.
Now, on the other side of the room (at the same time my friends and I were kind of looking at Mrs. X like she had cotton candy sprouting out of her ears), Kristin & a couple of other friends were being productive. One friend (who will be called "K"- and no, this is not a Kokoro reference, I promise), had a relative who lives in New Orleans and decided to text her. So, by the time Mrs. X was ready to begin class, K's relative had already texted back. So K moved to the front of the classroom (we were giving presentations & she was the timer) and said, "Um, Mrs. X? My [relative] who lives in New Orleans said that Mardi Gras is on March 8."
And Mrs. X's face dropped like a rock.
It was hilarious.
Many students started laughing (I will admit to a giggle, because I am a mean person) and Mrs. X became very flustered. She was, of course, very sad to find out that she was a whole month early (as a friend said, "I dunno how they celebrate in New Orleans, but in [state name], we don't celebrate things a month in advance," and "It's like being Christian and not knowing when Christmas is!" haha), and she had told all of the other English teachers that today was Mardi Gras. There was an attempt to make Mrs. X feel better:
Student: Aw, Mrs. X, did you wake up all excited because you thought it was Mardi Gras?
Mrs. X: Yes. :(
Student: Well... now you get to do it again!! :D
Class: LOL
... Obviously that didn't work too well.
And, just as a kid was going to start his presentation, Mrs. X suddenly stood up and began walking toward the door. She quickly explained, "I have to go tell all of the other teachers that today is not Mardi Gras."
As she left, we all looked at each other once again, and thought two things:
1) The other teachers probably already knew that February 8 was not Mardi Gras, and
2) How did her husband let her walk out of the house knowing that it was not Mardi Gras?
We generally believed that he was just gonna let her find out on her own.
When Mrs. X walked back in, she asked us, "Do you see the egg all over my face?" and then, as if we didn't understand, explained, "It's a metaphor." -__- whoa, really?
So that was a good way to start off the day.
Let's hope that today is just as great, yeah?
Happy Mardi Gras!

Saturday, March 5

i hate track meets.
we were sitting on the bus because our coach told us to, so i was trying to sleep. And then someome sat on my face. I mean, seriously? Pay attention, please.
and then some lady yelled at us to get off the bus, so now we're standing outside in the cold, and i'm tired.

psst: here's the song to go along with this post from yesterday: FML by The Failed Attempts (aka Kat & her friend haha)

Friday, March 4

Don't Ask Me How I Remembered This...

But it's so funny at the same time.
And truthfully, I don't know where this came from- probably because I was watching this, and he is bad, and... yeah, I dunno.

What does red velvet cake taste like?

So on the bus today, a couple of friends and I were talking about cake in general, when one of them mentioned how much he loved red velvet cake. Another friend chimed in with how much she liked it, and the other friend simply said, "It's just normal vanilla cake with lots of food coloring." (okay, in order, I will give the friends nicknames. The first guy is Talls, the girl is May, and the final guy is Fishy.) May insisted that Fishy was incorrect- red velvet cake is chocolate cake with red food coloring. Talls & I were just laughing, because we didn't really care. He didn't care because he just likes it and doesn't care what kind of cake it is, and I didn't care because I don't really like red velvet cake (it's like cheese for me- I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't like either [but I know I'm not- there's probably a few other people out there who don't like them, either]). So then Fishy and May started yelling about what red velvet cake tasted like, and I just said, "It tastes like red velvet cake," which got a general nod from everyone. So Fishy, Talls, and I moved on with the conversation, talking about legit Star Wars cakes, but May wasn't done yet. In the middle of our conversation, she burst out yelling that red velvet cake was chocolate cake, and then that it was a mix of vanilla and chocolate cake ("BUT THERE'S STILL CHOCOLATE IN IT!"). So basically, she had just googled "What does red velvet cake taste like?" and found that. She started reading things she found- and then she said, "chicken." According to someone on the internet, red velvet cake tastes like chicken. And to someone else, it tastes like coffee. And to another person... it tastes like something I can't say on this site, but it was funny :)
So that's what we talked about on the bus.

Lamest way to end a story, ever. (i'm sorry)

I think I need to stop telling stories, because they're never as funny as they were when it happened. But I feel that saying "you had to be there" is kind of rude. I mean, I guess it's better to try to explain it, even if the other person doesn't see the humor in it, than bringing it up and not telling them at all? Yeah...

But this is not what I was going to post about. I was actually going to post a different story... But I feel like it should wait until the actual day... yeah, okay. I'll make a future post :D remember those??? If not, um... well, there are some around this past summer, I think. If you want to look :)
Um, yeah. Now this post kind of feels... inadequate? Pointless?
well, here. Check out some Mandelbrot Sets- my friend showed them to me today and the fractals are really super cool! :D
Have a nice weekend!