Saturday, August 28


Aric made me listen to this song, so now it's stuck in my head >:[
On the bright side, the video makes me laugh :) It's called: "I Love You Baby" by Pandera.

Rian (made it so that you can click the picture or the words! yay!)

Friday, August 27


So, this year, I have a government class (I totally just realized that we never posted our schedules or anything usual! no first day posts, or anything D: I'm sorry!!), and it's awesome! Gotta be my favorite so far this year (yes. I know that it's only been a week. But it's felt like months, so...).
ANYWAY. So today in government, we watched this documentary on Chinese democracy (insert gapes here). Basically, if you didn't know, China is communist. Recently, though, they've been integrating with Western society, so they all have TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. It's really very cool. So in this documentary, basically, this class of third graders (they're eight) was told that instead of having their class monitor appointed by the teacher, they would hold elections, and the class could vote. So a girl (Xaiofei), and two guys (Luo Lei and Cheng Cheng). It might sound boring, but it's so hilarious! Cheng Cheng is a master politician, and he likes being naked all the time. No joke. Half the documentary, he's in his underwear. It's hilarious xD But really, you should watch this! It's so... different! They're starting the democratic ideas in the young children, so that when they get older, there will be democracy in the future (my teacher guarantees in our life time). So... yup. Here it is!! :D (oh, I have to warn you- these kids are soooo mean! And they insult each other all the time. It's kind of sad... but the insults are either the same all the time, or they sing them.)

By the way- this happened four years ago. :) Tis awesome.

Sunday, August 22

Last Minute

click here to see the best picture ever!

and here are some funny videos:
I made this for you!
Beached Whale!
Jellyfish! (if you can, read the things in parenthesis! it's hilarious!)
Malk! (Molk? Milk?? whaaa??)
Trees Hate You!
And just cuz it's soooo cool: Techno Jeep comes back!

Well, school starts tomorrow. :/ best of luck to all of you starting at the same time as us, keep on keepin' on to all those who've already started, and you people who haven't started yet: you stink, but do well, anyway :)

It's creepy.

Isn't it?
I figured I should post before school starts (only two more days!), since I haven't in like... a week or so.
Anyway, I just read the most amazing series ever. Like, it's totally my favorite now, and I just want to go to Barnes and Noble, buy all the books, and carry them around with me for a week.
The series written by Kenneth Oppel, and the first book is called Airborn. The second is Skybreaker, and the third is Starclimber. They were all absolutely amazingly awesome, completely hilarious, and totally unputdownable. I stayed up until three in the morning reading Skybreaker last night, and I just now finished Starclimber. I probably read each of them in about four hours, and they're pretty long.
So, I totally recommend those books. They're kinda science fictiony, but not too heavy on the scientific descriptions, so they're really easy to understand. Plus, the second book contains what has to be the cheesiest line ever:
"If my heart was a compass, you'd be north."
Now for another topic.... school. It starts tomorrow and I still can't believe it, though I'm kind of glad because I've been getting pretty bored. You know, except for when I was reading. :D
Here's a nice list of things I hope you do:
1. Read the books. PLEASE.
2. Have an awesome first day of school. If you're not starting school, have an awesome Monday.
3. Come to our party tonight! (the one for 20,000 views) Bring your sense of humor and a friend. And some snacks, I guess.

hmm, I like this font.

Saturday, August 21

I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad, the random strangers I've never met, Bakers of yummy foods...

Hahaha thanks, everyone! We've hit 20,000 views here, and now I feel like we're quite popular :) So I'd just like to say thanks a bunch to everyone who's ever just been on the blog (for I'm fairly certain that many a people have just randomly come across it, glanced at it, and moved on), but an even bigger thanks to all of our friends who've actually read it- you guys get some cupcakes (if we had any). Also, if we had any sort of merch (besides the really badly put together but still pretty awesome motivational poster and the two t-shirts we made [the letters are coming off of mine!!]), we'd probably send some out to you all. /:
But look! I figured out how to take screen shots (finally.), so if you missed seeing the EXACT 20000 views, well, here ya go!Once again, thanks so much, and if you want, you can pretend that the next t-shirt you buy is a KNR one, and same with the next cupcake ;D (i know, i know. it's still pretty lame, but whatever).
Kris & Rian

Friday, August 20


I was bored, so I watched this movie. It's hilarious! It's only too bad that I didn't get to start it at the beginning. But the part I did start it at was awesome- they had just unburied the vampire lady xD hahaha
If you get the chance, you should totally find a way to watch this!

I wish I could make pancakes like THIS GUY. I mean, I can make pancakes, but... yeah. pancakes.

How cool would THIS be?! Pretty cool, I think. Except... you'd be eating ninjas. Which is not cool- they'd totally destroy your stomach. Oh well, I think I'd eat them anyway. :D

More Whose Line

Let's Make A Date!
Scene to Rap!
Sound Effects!

Ugh. I'm gonna have to start taping these now that school's starting up again :(

Wednesday, August 18

Someone do it!!


Hey, it would totally work in this song!!

Tuesday, August 17

Public Service Announcement

Hello, this is Rian here, talking to you about naming children. Not everyone in this world is a nice person. There are people out there who we call "bullies", and they generally just make fun of people and maybe they'll beat someone up, too. Therefore, you can't go around naming people things like "Infant". Yes, when they are born, they are an infant. But people grow older. When they're a toddler, they're no longer an infant. Also, the "bullies" might give them the "ah, does the baby want it's mama?!" taunt all the time. Do you want your child to be made fun of? Do you want your child to have low self esteem? If not, think ahead when you name your child. Also, just because your child's name contains the first five letters of the English alphabet, that does not mean that they will like their name. Especially if it's "Abcde" (pronounced like "obesity"). No one wants that name. It sounds like "obesity" for crying out loud, something that people are trying to stop. Your kid will probably be teased, as well. And please, learn to spell before you have a kid. "X-Ver" does not spell "Xavier". It spells "exdashver", which sounds as stupid as it's spelled. No one wants that name, either. This was a P.S.A brought to you by the mind of Rian, a person who doesn't want any kid to have their feelings hurt because of their name. While a name is something to be proud of... Parents, just think ahead when you name your child. Learn how to correctly spell the name of your choice, unless you want it to be different... but even still, keep it reasonably close, please.

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" -- G.I. Joe P.S.A.s.

Monday, August 16


According to the fifth definition in the Urban Dictionary, this word means:

An extremely powerfull weapon cablable of killing anything in its path. Many people try to use the TMP, but fail misserably.
Only the best hugest nerds that play CS all day long, are able to snipe with the TMP on maps such as de_dust2 and de_inferno

Many times have i been raped by a huge nerd at huge ranged, but this is only possible with a TMP.

The only weapon cabable of beating a huge nerd with a TMP is a huge nerd with duel scoped, duel berreta elites with duel laser sights.
Huge nerd #1 is CT and buys TMP.
Huge nerd #1's team is ecoing and decides to all camp B.
Huge nerd #2 is T and buys Elites.

Huge nerd #1 tries to sniper with the TMP at mid through DD.
Huge nerd #2 Duel Sniper Duel Elites mid from T spawn.

Huge nerd #2 killed Huge nerd #1 with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Heaton with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Potti with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Fisker with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Element with a duel elites

The only thing I know is that CS is Counter-Strike, and it's a game. Other than that, I have no idea what went on here (besides Huge Nerd #2 killing everyone), but I liked the spelling errors and "Huge Nerd #_" and all that stuff. :) haha

Sunday, August 15

new word!


It's pronounced THO-MAH-TURGE, and it means:
A miracle worker (or basically someone who does amazing things).

So the next time you've been defenestrated while somnolent, you'd better hope there's a thaumaturge there to save you. :D


If you don't know those other words, you should click them...

This is kind of a pointless post, but my favorite songs by Pierre Makes Some Noise are called 4 and Plan B.
Also, if you need good songs to run to (especially long distance), you can download all of Pierre's noise here. Also, if you just want to listen to some more songs by PMSN, click here!

*T-Pain voice* I was on a boat, shortaay!

So, my trip to Houston was very exciting :)
I got to hang out with my best friends that moved down there on Thursday and Friday, and it was great fun. The eldest brother makes songs on Garage Band, so we listened to a couple of those. In one of them (my favorite by far), he screams "CHICKEEEEEEEEN!!!" It's great. The middle brother and I watched the movie Taken, and the best part of that movie is: "No, no, penguins live in Antarctica!" Ooh, the first night there, we watched Terminator Salvation, and about halfway through the movie, the younger brother pulls his blanket up to his neck and starts muttering whole sentences in his sleep. No one could understand him, but it was funny :) Then, when the movie ended, my brother turned over in his sleep and said, "Okay, I'll go to sleep now." That was funny, too. And, if they happen to be reading this, to the youngest brother: "Pull your covers up to your neck, son." :D
Saturday afternoon and this morning (Sunday) were spent with some equally amazing friends who live on the lake. Peter and I played "Hide and Hide" with my brother and a younger cousin, but I will not explain the rules. But it was fun. A lot of my family was there, too, and we played three straight games of Mafia until 1:30ish AM Sunday morning. It was so fun, but I kept dying (the one time I got run out of town, Peter shot me in the head & threw me in the dumpster... so I still died). Later this morning, a few of us went out on the lake, and my dad, my uncle, my cousin, Peter, his younger brother, and his dad all wake boarded. I just took pictures. But it was still fun, and I enjoyed watching all of them. My family was funny (let's just say that they all had... problems. Dad, don't deny it. haha).
All in all, I had a really great time, and I wish school that one stupid place that stops all fun didn't have to start so soon, so that I could go back sooner!

Saturday, August 7

In response to my last post...

About how I'm always mistaken for how much younger than I am... Well, I was in Target the other day, and maybe it was because my mom was waiting for me by the door, or because I was holding the car keys, but this lady called me Ma'am. It made me feel old....

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post about... I'm kind of lazy.

Friday, August 6

I, personally, am kind of tired of Twilight. That didn't make this any less funny, though!
Check it out!

Thursday, August 5

Pies, Rings, and Final Fantasy. Link, too, I guess...

All Your Pie
The One Ring to Rule Them All!:
one (there are options to the left of Frodo... click one)
three (in my opinion, the funniest one!)
The Return of Ganandorf!
The best song ever: Final Fantasy Tribute (hahaha)
All About Random Battles!

Tuesday, August 3

I get that a lot.

Read this. The post isn't really the funny part, though I totally know how she feels. The funny part is the comments from people saying things like, "Yeah, when I was 25, I went to a restaurant and the waitress gave me a kids menu. When I asked for the adult menu, she told me they gave kids 12 and under the kids menu. She didn't even believe me when I showed her my license. :("

Yeah...It's pretty funny, but I really do know how they feel. The other day, one of my mom's friends was over, and she asked me what grade I was going to. When I said 11th, she started freaking out and told me she thought I was ten. Then she asked if I got pulled over a lot when I drove.
I know I'm always mistaken for a freshman, but jeez... Anyone else know how I feel?

Best Ever

I'm telling you- this right HERE is the best Song Styles on Whose Line EVER! It's great :)

Monday, August 2


so, I went to the park today with my neighbors. (this is only a big deal because I haven't gone outside without my entire family in forever)
Twas fun :D
When our parents called, we told them we got eaten by mutant lobsters... until we decided to go into details about how they were mutated... (includes: ninjas, space, zombies, robots, etc.)
Parks are awesome.

Sunday, August 1

Clash of the Titans

So, I don't know if you guys have seen either of the movies, but you should go rent them if you haven't. I just watched the remake, and I just have to say that the original is so much better. I mean, Bubo (the robot owl thing) barely even appeared in the new one! ...Just kidding, I don't actually care about him that much. The remake was still pretty good, but if you compare, it's definitely not as good. I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the horrible effects. I do love those old sci-fi movies...

Anyway, that's pretty much all I needed to say.

Baseball?? It must be AstroTurf!!

So today I went to my grandparents' house, and we hung out with them, my uncles, aunts, and cousins :D
It was an amusing day.
To start it off, we played Catchphrase. It's a really interesting game... if you don't know what it is, read here! I really don't know why, but somehow, in every game I play, China is mentioned. It started with my grandmother... She was trying to get us to say, "Oriental Express", and her hint was, "Uh, uh, uh... CHINA!" It didn't really help much. Today, my aunt kept using Chinese food ("thinking... uh, Chinese pasta! Chinese food!! [the words were "Use your noodle" and "Egg roll"]) as her hints. Also, the title is one of my grandmother's things... She was trying to get us to say "AstroTurf", but kept talking about baseball. (click the word if you don't know what it is.)
Before we moved outside, my uncle said to me, "Hey, I saw this stupid music video yesterday, and it made me think of you." He showed me, but warned me that it would get progressively worse as it went on. To see it, click here! It's really funny, but the whole time, you think, "uh... what the heck?!" We decided later on that the person who wrote it was using Cleverbot.
Then we moved outside to the pool, where an elaborate game of painful catch was started. It mainly consisted of my dad, both my uncles, and my cousin. I joined in for most of it, along with my brother & my cousin's daughter. I've decided that tomorrow, I'm going to wake up, but my eyes will be bruised shut. Then, I will try to turn my head, but my neck will be too bruised to do anything. I think everyone else (my uncles, dad, and cousin) would be bruised even worse than I, though, so my more probable guess is that we'll all just be kind of sore. Getting hit with those water balls (you know, the ones that soak up water & stuff) & the one water frisbee is painful. D:
Finally, we moved it back inside to eat yummy foodstuffs and watch one of the most hilarious movies ever- Kung Fu Hustle! I'm gonna learn the dance that the Notorious Axe Gang do :) it'll be fun! hahaha