Friday, May 27


Dear Reader,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever. But you have to realize- school has pretty much been wrapping up these past few weeks... or month... so I've really been too busy to do anything non-homework related. Trust me, if I could have posted, I would have. But I've been up to pretty much nothing but school lately, and it's a nightmare. Now, with these last two weeks of school, I feel as though I'm wasting time. We're not doing anything. I go to school, do nothing, and come back home to do more nothing. And that's what's so horrible! I get home, have no homework, and I'll sit down at the computer and wonder, "whoa. what was it that I used to do on the computer before I got so busy?" and I'll draw a blank. I have no idea how I used to spend my time and procrastinate so much. Did I play flash games? I'm fairly certain that I didn't. Did I read stories? Probably not... Did I just aimlessly search Google, Wikipedia, or YouTube? I don't think so. What did I do?! This summer is going to be either the best, or the worst. I'll either find some non-summer homework way to spend my time that is so much fun, or I'll sit, bored to death, doing homework every day of every week. So, lucky you, I remembered, "hey! whoa! I actually have a blog! Let's post- that's something to do!" so... here I am. Surprise! I wonder if you were even expecting anything anymore. Probably. As far as I can tell, people think this site is too awesome to just not have anything anymore (and now you all probably hate the blog. Sorry for bragging. Or... getting a big head or something haha). So, dear reader, I suppose I will update you all on my life (since I know that you all want to know all about me, because I am so popular. [again, you all probably hate me now. sorry]). Recently I've expanded on my love of dinosaurs, developing a so called "Velociraptor Walk" and stance that I've kind of just fallen into. It's become some sort of weird habit now... and I feel like a dangerous creature. Fear me, Rawr! >:] yadda yadda. So... I've read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and highly suggest it to anyone who's a) never read it, b) only watched the movies, or c) a huge dinosaur fan and didn't know that such a book existed. Because it is a good 598 times better than the movie. And I finally checked out the sequel, The Lost World, and found a channel that actually plays the second movie (AKA: the best movie of the trilogy) on TV, so I'm excited. Hmm... what else? Oh. We dissected a cat in anatomy the other day... that was... interesting. I'm not going to elaborate, however, because I don't really want any cat lovers or animal rights activists on me, talking about how wrong that is because I don't really care. Oh. Today some cleaning people came over to my house... and when I got back, my room was a mess. And by that, I mean: messier than it already was. They had shoved all my stuff around, so I had to reset up my organized messes, and dust stuff off (there was more dust in my room than before, so my allergies are killing me). But whatever. I probably could've cleaned it, but I was lazy. Another thing: ... wait, no, I forgot again... actually, I just remembered. MEATFEST THIS SUNDAY! I'm excited! Another bacon explosion, possibly some kind of turtle thing... I have to go to some website called "Epic Meal Time" or something to look, I've been told. So... that'll be exciting. I have to decorate, too. Fun stuff. Um... I've gained some really awesome best friends, and we have the best inside jokes... that's pretty cool. I'm still as clumsy as ever, so you don't have to worry about that... well, you might, in case I die... but other than that, don't worry so much haha. Mmm. Two new blogs I'd started reading a while ago & then stopped, and kinda am too lazy to pick back up: The Problem with Young People and Cake Wrecks. Hilarious stuff, guys. Um... I kind of feel like that sums the past month up pretty well. For, you know, non-school related stuff. Jeez. For some reason, I've recently been feeling like every day is Friday and every evening is Saturday, because I just though, "Oh! SNL comes on tonight!" but... it doesn't. That's tomorrow. Yes, this is proof that right now, just about everything is a waste of time. If I'm not sleeping, eating, or breathing during an activity, then it's wasting my time hahaha just kidding. That would be horrible.
So, yes, dear reader. I hope you can forgive me for not posting for over a month. That was bad of me, I know, and maybe, hopefully, it won't happen again. But no guarantees. None. At all. Because if I guarantee anything, then I'll probably fail you. And I couldn't deal with too much of that sense of guilt. So... I hope you have a wonderful time until I post next, and please- be aware of velociraptors... or just dinosaurs in general. They are dangerous creatures and can definitely eat or kill you. So... read this comic again, and stay safe!

Have a wonderful life, reader. You rock.