Tuesday, March 31

This is what I get for not doing my homework when i'm supposed to.

i read stuff like this.

"“So… you made this?” I asked, seeing how embarrassed he was at the fact that he made a flower, of all things.

“Maybe,” he said back.

I wanted to laugh, but I thought he might take it the wrong way if I did.

Wow, Mr. Raincloud made Maximum a flower. That’s adorable. See what happens when you lighten up for the holidays?

Shut up, I told the Voice.

It always had the most convenient timing…

You know, it kind of reminds me of you. I bet Fang agrees with me.

What are you talking about?

Don’t play dumb, Max, I’m talking about the flower. It’s… stealthy… It’s unconventional. It was made for a good reason. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s what makes it perfect. It’s not like other flowers, but it’s still beautiful, nonetheless. It’s still a flower. Just like you, Maximum.

Are you trying to make me barf?

I faintly heard Fang trying to say something, but I held a hand up, telling him to wait.

Someone doesn’t know how to take a compliment.

I don’t want your compliments, and I don’t want you in my head.

Well, that’s just too bad, on both accounts. Now, thank the boy for the Max-flower before he flies away and beats his head against a tree.

The- the Max-flower? You’re nuts!

Probably. At least, that’s how I acted at the Itex office Christmas party. Man, that party was a killer.

The Voice went to the Itex office Christmas party?

Wait, Itex had an office Christmas party?

This is too much.

Happy New Year’s Eve, Maximum.

Hold on, you-

Sorry, I must be off now. Things to do, New Year’s parties to attend. Goodbye for now, Black Stuff for Difficult Teenage Boys Department. Well, now that I think about it, you would actually have to do a race-change to qualify. Or put on a black sweatshirt. I’m sure Fang has one, you should borrow it.

I’m the Black Stuff for Difficult Teenage Boys Department? That doesn’t make any-


And here I was this whole time, thinking it was talking about a microwave!

You’re a sick, sick voice. You’re… you’re such a freak! That’s not even funny, you sick…

It was gone. Of course it was gone.

Of course. "

yeah... i don't know either. it made me laugh though. :)
for the full story, go here.

rian (should start doing her homework now before she comes across something like "492,704 ways to fold a piece of paper." hmm... that sounds like fun!)

Monday, March 30

i'm flabbergasted. the government really does do stuff like that...

so, the title has to do with an earlier conversation that's been carried on with my friends & i over the years, and it just kinda ties in with this. so anyway... my friends & i seem to (at least once a year, anyway) talk about how the government has listening devices everywhere, so every time you come up with an idea, it gets made randomly. so, if i were to randomly come up with a crayon that contains five different colors in it for an easier coloring experience, the government would be all "hey, great idea Girl1492!" and then create that. It would then be in a commercial the very next day, while i was watching TV, and i would be all "Hey! someone stole my idea!!" and the government's all "Thanks so much for your brilliant idea, Girl1492!" and i would never know. so anyway... today, kristin & i were talking about creating a website that would allow you to look up anyone. (we were talking about looking up seiji koshiba [smile]) and you'd never believe this. Our name was "", and my dad just said to me, "Hey look at this website. it's called ''!" so i'm totally flabbergasted right now. yesh, flabbergasted. anyway... here's the stupid idea stealing government website.

Rian (not Girl1492... and i did not mean any of that literally. so government... don't arrest me please. [smile])

Sunday, March 29

YEah...about that last post. Sorry, but you guys can't read the blog...hehe. :)



edited my yax blog. no longer yax blog. check it out... i THINK the url is:

Umm...yeah. I'm bored. That blog probably won't ever be used. But does it look like I care?: -_-

Okie dokie...

So in honor of mu favorite Beauty Pop character, Seiji Koshiba, I decided to make a collage. I mean, there are absolutely no pictures of him online, unless you count the ones in the manga, and he's the best character! So I got some pictures together and made a totally awesome collage. Which you should see here: 

Click to make bugger, though you can probably already see the awesomeness from there. But it looks even awesomer click. you can see, I've spent my whole weekend coloring. It was fun, but time consuming. Not that i really wanted to do anything else. I did have other stuff I needed to do, though. Which I am doing now...well, not really, since I'm typing this. I just keep getting distracted, okay. Jeez. Sorry. 
Welll....look at the pic. :)


so i was watching tv while making some french fries (who cares if it's 10:30 AM?!) when i saw it.
Leo Little's Big Show. basically- a ripoff of Mike's Super Short Show. BOO! it wasn't even all that great, either.



mike totally kicks leo's butt.

:) Rian

Saturday, March 28

Oh my good golly gosh...again. brother is officially the most hilarious person in the world. And here's the conversation to prove it:

Playing monopoly, the awesomest game ever, in the dark, in honor of Earth Hour. If you don't know what it is, look it up.
Jason places some money in the middle of the board.
J: There. I'm putting money in the jackpot.
Mom: You can't do that! Don't just make up rules in the middle of the game! We've been playing since last week!
J: Why can't I? I can donate to the jackpot!
M: You cannot! This isn't poker!
Kristin starts laughing.
Mom hands Jason the money.
J: Why are you giving me this? It's not mine.
Kristin laughs harder and starts rolling around on the floor, which is half carpet and half wood.
J: What's so funny?
Mom starts laughing too.
Kristin tries to tell Jason what's going on.
It didn't work. that I think about it, it may not be as funny to you as it is to me...but you might still laugh. Try to imagine me rolling around on the floor, crying all over my monopoly money because I'm laughing so hard. :)


My colored picture's coming's what it looks like now:

Beautiful, huh?
I'll be sure to post the finished picture later!


I guess I haven't posted in a while...well, if you count a few days as a while...i do.
there's no reason, i guess. just busy being busy with stuff I really didn't want to do. oversleeping and missing the bus. staying up til midnight trying to print a paper. two days in a row. 
And then the track don't even want to know about that.
But whatever. I'm going to tell you anyways.
So we leave class around 11:30 to go the gym, where we were supposed to be getting on the bus. We didn't get on until at least noon. And we went to the field house, where we stayed for about an hour, because our coach was afraid the bus was going to break down, and we had to wait on another one. So we get to the track where the meet is being held around one thirty, i think, and it's sprinkling a bit. The track sucks, by the way. One TINY set of bleachers only...
So we get under the bleachers and set our stuff up there, so we don't have to worry about the rain. Or, we wouldn't have had to if it hadn't started pouring, and the bleachers hadn't started leaking. So we ran for cover. The only cover that DIDN'T leak was under the press box, which was about a 10 by 4 foot space. Imagine over a hundred people trying to fit under there. we couldn't even set our stuff down because the water that was leaking for the bleachers rolled down under there, making the ground wet. So our backs hurt too.
It continued pouring for about thirty minutes, and during this time, some people ran for cover at the nearby school. We didn't because they were still in school and wouldn't let us there was no point. so when it finally stopped raining, we went up in the bleachers, which were wet, and sat down. They announced that field events were cancelled, for the second meet in a row, and that the 3200 (two mile) would be starting at three. 
So then it started getting really sunny and hot.
That would be great, if the announcer dude would STOP insulting the runners and playing stupid techno dance music in other languages. He also played the chicken dance and the national anthem, and our coach made us stand up for that.
Then, someone yelled, "OH MY GOSH!" And pointed at the sky...guess what was coming towards us.
If you guessed a gigantic black cloud, you win virtual cookies. Have fun eating.
So then, all of a sudden it gets freezing cold and super windy, and the black cloud covers up the sun. And it stays that way. It was actually 47 degrees...
After that I ran, in the cold, went home, and ate chili dogs. Yay.
It was a weird day. Actually, it was a weird week.
Yesterday, I was turning in my newspaper and yearbook staff application to
 my journalism teacher, and he looks at it and...well, here's our conversation:

Him (no, not from PPG*)- Kristin? You're turning in one of these
Me: Yeah...
Him: Wow. Well, if you have any friends that are just like you, though I'm not sure that's possible, can you get them to join too?
Me: uh....yeah.

It was weird. I think that's all I have to say right now...oh yeah! You should see my awesometastical picture! I was bored, so I did some editing...on paint, the master of all picture editing programs. 

Beginning picture I stole from the manga I'm reading at the moment, which I really recommend, Parfait Tic:

Click to make bigger...
Now, for my creation:

Once again, click to make bigger.
Also, I'm working on a colored's not as good, but whatever. Here's the pic: know the drill with the clicking.
Just in case you didn't know, I'm kind of a computer geek. So ask me if you need help with anything. :)
So...I'm going to stop typing now. I think this post is long enough to make up for my absence. 

*PPG is powerpuff girls...
EDIT: I lied... my pics can't be enlarged anymore than you'll just have to settle for that size. Have fun!


well... last night was opening night for my play :) yay! it was pretty good, and we were all laughing our heads off backstage. :)

but that's not why i'm randomly posting today...

i'm randomly posting to tell you to play this awesome game. :) i mean, you don't have to if you don't want to, but it's really fun. If you don't understand it, just search it on youtube or something. :)


fine. here's a random video i found FOR you. :) just cuz i'm nice like that :)


Rian (is extremely tired.)

Wednesday, March 25

Of Role-Playing Game Launchers

"Guydo the Spy found an RPG launcher."
Me: ... A role-playing game launcher?
Dad: [laughs]
Me: [laughs too] BAM! HALO 3!
R (me): I should look that up.
R: OOOH! A ROCKET-POWERED GRENADE LAUNCHER! That makes a WHOLE lot more sense than a Role-Playing Game Launcher.
D: Yeah, when someone shoots it, everyone has to play.
R: [grabs a 360 remote off the table] yeah. [pretends to shoot a gun, then starts pushing buttons on the controller.]
D: I choose, Warrior!
D: Magician!
R: Mage! Then I'll be an Archer! [laughs]
D: You look really funny when you laugh.
R: I know. I was laughing earlier with my brother downstairs because we were watching this commercial & Ben 10 from Ben 10 Alien Force was standing there, then he pushed his Omnitrix & became a real person! & they had all this actiony music in the background... so i made my little brother keep humming the music while I was all, 'I AM IRON MAN!' 'MOOOOO!!' 'Well... That was embarrassing. Oof!' 'THAT VIRTUAL TRACK HAS IT OUT FOR ME!' And then we laughed, and my brother was all, 'You look funny when you laugh.' so I had to see, and I looked in the mirror in the bathroom & started laughing because it really is funny looking.
D: [stares, then laughs more]
R: [laughs again]
Mom: Get to bed!

Don't worry if you didn't understand some of my story- it's mainly inside jokes. i just thought i would share. because i'm bored. & going to bed. & not doing the homework I should've been doing. :)

Rian (hopes no one gets mad at her... for no reason)

Érdekességek a fordítók!

Tehát alapvetően én nagy ötlet az volt, hogy menjen rá a fordító, és írj egy másik nyelvet. Természetesen, nem tudok beszélni, nem tudom típusa, a magyar, hanem az is, ha ez a fordító jön (kissé) a praktikus. Persze, a fordítók nem minden hogy a nagy ... de a legjobb, amit tehetünk, oké?

[oh my gosh, that looks so cool. I now have to learn this. Anyway, moving on...]

Ok, issa ma jsibux mad fil lili jekk jogħġbok ... so I bidlet il-lingwa. Vous vraiment kura kollha li ħafna? Probabbilment ma. You are probabbilment ma qari dan xorta, int? Yeah, I really ma think so. Imma inti I love medja 18 nies! Allura ma leave us!

[I'm appealing to all those who do not know the English language! well... ok, maybe not ALL of them...]

몰타어과 재미를 헝가리어로되어 있지만 다른 문자와 언어에 내가있을뿐만 아니라 숫자 입력! 다른 문자는이 게시물에있는 혼란을 완전히 새로운 수준을 추가! 하지만 지금 당신은 아마 번역기로와 사라가하려고하는가 그러니까 어떤 언어를 사용하고 알아 내려고?

[Good stuff. Good stuff, there.]

ตกลงที่เกาหลี, ในกรณีที่คุณต้องการทราบ. ใหม่คุณสามารถอาจบอกฉันมีวิธีมากเกินไปสนุกกับบทความนี้. เพราะว่าให้เปลี่ยนภาษา. เป็นจริงคือความสนุก ... คุณควรลองบางเวลา! ไม่มีล้อ! คุณทราบว่าคุณต้องการ!

[O.O preetttttyyyyy]

但是,这是泰国为你,我猜想。漂亮的。但是现在,我必须向你告别,我的运行时间短,这一天是对我来说太短了,但似乎仍然拖累永远。好的。现在我只是随机诗?所以,再见。大家见面后。 有乐趣...什么,您都可以做!

Rian :)

Even Kristin Presents Queenly X-ray Zoos!

every capital letter represents one of the letters i haven't used for a title.

... that's how bored i am. you see, i COULD be annotating a book that's due tomorrow, or i COULD be starting a "position paper" for biology on the topic of "Should genetically modified people be able to participate in the Olympics?", but... instead, i'm here, seeing which letters i haven't used to title a post yet. see how bad i am?! & i've had WEEKS to annotate this book. i'm just a horrible procrastinator. USUALLY i get things done- so you don't have to be too mad at me (why?! WHY ARE YOU MAD?!- wait. you're not? [smile] tis why i love you average 18 people who come & visit once a day & never come back [smile falters a little]) haha that reminded me of a quote from somewhere where Max Ride was. something about "I wish sometimes that i could be living in a house, with a mom, dad, and average 2.4 kids" ... ok, that wasn't exact or anything, and i have NO CLUE what the average number of kids per household is... but that's the best i could do with my horrible memory (that is in no way related to the reason in which i procrastinate- i just do it cuz i'm lazy [smile]).

i'm not tired, but i'm falling asleep. i think Bell's makes me sleepy. like coffee. (i know- i'm weird. you don't have to tell me! or give me looks that say "You. Are. Weird. ... FREAK!" because i get those often enough)

anyway... today, i was reminded of my horrible eighth grade english class... my mom was making fun of me because i can't smile right because of Bell's (duh!), and that made me remember the time when i sprained my ankle last year. my english teacher, who got it in her head that my name was "Arianna" all year long until the very last day of school, called me "Cripple" the whole (approximately) 2 months I was recovering. like, when i was on crutches & in a boot & everything. it was really sad. :'( [horrible memories]

BUT HEY! I JUST THOUGHT OF A GReAT IDEA! will post again soon :)


Tuesday, March 24

If this doesn't make sense to you, you're not the only one.

My disorder (though i'm shortening it to "bell's" because i'm lazy [smile])

Bell's palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to one of the two facial nerves. The facial nerve-also called the 7th cranial nerve-is a paired structure that travels through a narrow, bony canal (called the Fallopian canal) in the skull, beneath the ear, to the muscles on each side of the face. For most of its journey, the nerve is encased in this bony shell.

Each facial nerve directs the muscles on one side of the face, including those that control eye blinking and closing, and facial expressions such as smiling and frowning. Additionally, the facial nerve carries nerve impulses to the lacrimal or tear glands, the saliva glands, and the muscles of a small bone in the middle of the ear called the stapes. The facial nerve also transmits taste sensations from the tongue.

When Bell's palsy occurs, the function of the facial nerve is disrupted, causing an interruption in the messages the brain sends to the facial muscles. This interruption results in facial weakness or paralysis.

Rian :) [click the words for more... but you don't have to. it's not all that interesting. (smile)]


Hmm...there was a whole bunch of stuff i REALLY wanted to say, but I kinda forgot...which makes this a pretty pointless post. So...bye?



see? i get stuck doing math, english, MORE english, biology, & MORE biology homework... while she gets to sit there, read various manga, & watch movies, while i'm working. but i guess... i DO read manga (while doing homework & listening to music) & we're SUPPOSED to watch a movie later... >.>;;

i guess i just wish i could do all that RIGHT NOW.

Rian (wants more time in the day- but then again, she's a procrastinator, so her opinion doesn't matter).

PSST: i guess i should tell you random people who are randomly going to read this? i'm DISEASED. not really. but i have this disorder in my face that makes a nerve inflame (or something like that) and then half my face doesn't work right. so right now, i can't: raise my left eyebrow, completely close my left eye when blinking, flare my left nostril, close my mouth completely, and smile right. :( but hey- on the bright side: i can actually raise one eyebrow now! yay! another thing: I GOT TO HAVE A CAT SCAN! it was totally awesome :)
so don't worry about me, ok? (like anyone was going to anyway...)
oh. & once more on the bad side: I have to swallow pills. i can't. :( so i have to take 4 twice a day- 3 little tiny ones (really easy to swallow, thankfully) and 1 HUMUNGUS one. i can't swallow it- only if it's cut in half. >.>;; & my face is really twitchy... especially my eye. because it doesn't shut all the way, it's kinda dry. therefore making it agitated. therefore making it twitchy. :(
but like i said- don't worry about me :) i feel fine, so there's no point in worrying! :) i should be all better in 6 weeks or so anyway, so... :)
rian :)

Sunday, March 22


I doubt that's a word, but whatever.

I stopped reading KITB. I got annoyed with it. I'm reading other stuff now...
There's really not anything else for me to say right now...
Oh yeah...
I'm watching the City of Ember for the second time. It's an amazing movie, but you should read the book first.


In both, the female character runs away from home and lives with her boyfriend...and the dad wants her to come back, and she has to get a part time job...weird, huh? I promise I won't make any more posts about this...sorry. I'll just edit this one if I have anything to add.


Sorry all my posts are about KITB and Mars...

Okay...another copycat is found!

in KITB, a random boy named MISAO pops up...he knew Kaoru (main male character's first name) in the past...and, so far, seems to be violent also.
in Mars...MASAO popped out of nowhere...he knew Rei before...and he's very violent.
Mars was written in 1996...KITB was written in 1998. so MARS CAME FIRST!
Sorry about my obsession right now...

Good thing about KITB:

Chise (the female main character) has an overprotective brother.

MARS: 19335
You just can't beat it...

Kiss in the Blue vs. Mars


Both male main characters have long blonde hair, are violent, ride motorcycles to school, and often skip school.
Both female characters have a..."bad past".
the male character saves the female one at the beginning and she falls in love with him...
No one thinks they should be together.
Both of the female character's fathers are...weird, to say the least.

Mars is better.
I like Mars' drawing better...
Kira and Rei are just awesome like that.
Katsugari(or whatever his name is) doesn't have a twin...
Kira can paint! can see which manga I like better, but as I said earlier, I'll continue reading KITB until I die of boredom or bad copying.
Mars is better.

okie dokie

Kiss in the Blue is okay...I'm not sure if i really like it or not, but it really is just a remake of Mars...but not as good. i'll continue reading it, though.


Saturday, March 21

W Juliet (AKA the MANGA post)

I still haven't figured out what the W in the title means... and in case you didn't read the post from earlier, W Juliet is the awesome manga I was reading earlier. Which I finished. I also found out that there is a sequel, appropriately named "W Juliet II". Great, huh? So I was reading it, but it's not complete I must wait. Along with all the other mangas I'm waiting on updates for.

I think that's all I was going to say...I'm bored now. I think I'm going to read Kiss in the Blue, since someone said it was good. But I already overlooked it, so I'm not sure I'm going to like it...
And now look. This post has ended up being all about Manga. MANGA MANGA MANGA.
Also, if you're looking for a place to read manga, I recommend It's amazing. But if I can't find something there, I go to I like onemanga's layout better.
Umm...nothing else to say.

random, i know, but hey- i'm bored!

so right now, i'm babysitting. again. & the kids... well... most of them (there are 4 total- me, my brother, the crazy 6th grader, and his little sister) are watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. :) so anyway... i was bored & on the computer and i saw that on my youtube tab i was going to look up the xxxholic ending theme song. so i did. and here it is. it's pretty cool... i must say, i like the girl on the left better... except for her hair. i don't like her hair. too long. :)
but one thing... i HATE that anime. sorry for all those who like it, but i watched an episode the other day, & i hated it at first site. i mean, their heads are too small, their legs are too long, & their arms... well, their too long too. :) i just don't like it. that, and they stole Tsubasa characters- the Dimensional Witch & ... that one little guy :) i didn't watch enough of it (but i was going to!) to figure out everyone's names... but i do know what i'm talking about. i'll put pictures! :)
Ok. while poking around, i found that they were kind of supposed to be the same. they were made by the same people... & yeah. so you know what? forget the pictures. get them yourselves! i'll give you names, though... i'm not THAT mean :)
Tsubasa: Modoki
xxxholic: ... can't figure out this guy's name, but you can type in Mokono or Modoki... either works.
Tsubasa: Yuuko
xxxholic: Yuko

"Augustus Gloop. Augustus Gloop. A great big greedy, nincompoop."
"Chewin, Chewin, all day long!"
(we're at the second song right now [smile])

Rian (says "Get that mud off your pants!" [smile])

i'm not entirely sure what this post is going to be about...

I just felt like typing something. Well...right now I'm reading an awesome manga called W Juliet. It is amazing. 4th favorite so should know the other three. But if you don't...:

3. Beauty Pop
2. Mars
1. Dramacon
Now you know (cuz it's mike's super short show!). Sorry. I think that all the time. I really have nothing else to say. Lime Green...
You should give us ideas for Lime Green songs! Lime Green is a band we made up...but they need songs. I was actually thinking of using them for a story, but I'm not sure yet. And even if I did, I'm still writing something right now, and I know what I'm writing as soon as I finish it's my third priority. Actually, it's probably fifth or something if you count school and track...not that I really want to. But I have to do good in school...and I want to do good in track. Make sense?
Hmm....still have nothing else to type about. 
platonic relationships...
yeah...that probably makes no sense to, look it up.

Friday, March 20

rambled jonsense... but that is my dinner.

Ok. though this happened a really long time ago (hey- it was a long play practice!), I'm reporting what I found interesting at dinner today... which wasn't much, surprisingly. We had shrimp scampi. at least... i think that's how you spell that... idk. but anyway... that's not what I found interesting. what I found interesting was this bottle. So kristin was talking about the whole "Hi, Me 5¢" thing... but, this bottle said "Hi, Or, Me 5¢". so it makes me wonder... was the bottle stuttering? Or, can it be that it was originally Hi 5¢, but they figure, you could say Me 5¢, so they just put both? Yes, I'm not stupid (totally...), I know it means Hawaii Oregon Maine 5¢... but whatever. You people take things too literally (from the person who says "the sky" when asked "what's up").

Then... there's this bookmark thing on the table from the library & it doubles as a book list... on dinosaurs. so there were a whole bunch of dinosaur books on there for little kids, like "Dinosaur, Dinosaur" and "ABC T-rex". But what I found interesting was the book "Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct". so basically, what I'm getting from that is the whole "'dude, you're a ghost' 'WHAT?! I'M DEAD?!'" kind of scenario. so here are some pictures of the book:

She's quite fashionable, I guess... & i feel kinda bad for her. I mean, EVERYONE IN TOWN KNEW EDWINA (quoted from above page, in case you didn't know that), but NO ONE IN TOWN had the guts to tell her that she was extinct. When she was clearly alive & well & fashionable. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE IN THAT TOWN?!

Rian (is currently reading manga until she starts falling asleep [smile])

there are some stupid people in this world...

... i was looking something up, and this is one of the "option" thingys that pop up under the search engine:

How many horns on a unicorn?

... omg. really now? i mean... i MIGHT understand if they had never seen a unicorn before... but most people know the answer to that question. i hope. >.>;;

Rian (is still working on homework... jeez)

(psst... that's a unicorn) -_-;;

Thursday, March 19

a randomly long post about NOTHING.

RECENT NEWS (dun dun dun)
Which reminds me of a Pearls Before Swine Comic

Click the picture so you can read it got cut off. won't get the P.S. part unless you've read the whole section...which you can do here.
Soo...the actual reason for this post is not to introduce you to the most hilarious comic of all time. Well, not originally. I was going to tell you about the motorcycle wheelie guy.
So we were stuck at an intersection yesterday, and there was a lady(wearing pink), to our left, and a guy to our right. They were both on motorcycles, so we figured they were racing each other.
So the light turns green and they both zoom off. The guy is ahead, but the lady suddenly speeds up and gets WAYYYY ahead. So we were laughing at the guy...and he suddenly starts going REALLY fast and does a wheelie until we can't see him anymore. It was awesome. And slightly weird. He won.
Then, today, we went to Marble Slab (is it to words?) for ice cream. I got the smallest one (LIKE IT!), and my brother got the next size up (LOVE IT!). We were in the car, on our way home, eating ice cream, when my brother goes:
J: You know, these containers look smaller than they really are.
K: Does that mean you got too much?! -laughter-
J: want some? was funny. And I'm not even going to start on our would you rather game last night...we were in the car on the way home (oops, looks like I started), and Jason suggests playing would you rather. So we did...all of his were things you could DIE from (would you rather hang by your toes from that light pole for ten minutes or do jumping jacks on top of that billboard?; would you rather be trapped in a closet with a poisonous snake or scuba dive with a carnivorous shark?). Then came the hilarious question to rule them also started a very long and hilarious conversation... about people smearing food on tables:
Would you rather have your name on a cup or a napkin?
Good times...
Well, I'd better go to bed. Big day tomorrow. Well, sort of. 

I got an inofficial request! :)

ok. our good Korean friend Alex Lee (HI ALEX!) said he didn't remember how the teen titans song went. so i'll put it here. because i can :)
which reminds me of that super old show He-man. why? because...


actually... i don't, all that much. only on this blog? in my life... not so much. if i did, well... let's just say people in Texas wouldn't be all that smart :)

Rian (thankz Alex Lee for his inofficial request because it helps her to procrastinate on the homework she knows she really needs to do for now [smile])

ok. so... Ami & Yumi sing the Teen Titans song. My brother forgot who they were. in case you did, too, here's the opening theme song to their show (which is also kinda old), Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi.

...omg. while looking at that video... something caught my eye. :)


... i changed my mind. :) this one's the stupidest worstest line rider on youtube EVER. :)
no offense to the person who made it- i personally think it's hilarious. but... it's still pretty stupid. :)


Wednesday, March 18

Hi, Me 5¢

Okay...If you have ever participated in a team sport, or even an individual one, actually, you have probably had a conversation with teammates about the Hi, Me 5¢ thing. 

If not, you're seriously missing out.
What it is is a label thingy on the gatorade bottle, and some other beverages, that means the bottle is worth five cents in Hawaii and Maine, when recycled. But it looks like the bottle is saying it costs five's an interesting discussion. Start it the next time you're bored with a bottle of gatorade. Also, on some bottles, it's in the wrong Me Hi 5¢. Which sucks. 
 Soo...yeah. I'm going to bed. 
Well, eventually. I just finished reading a manga called B-Shock, which is weird, and I don't recommend it to anyone. Though it was different than most mangas...sort of. Yeah...

I wish I had this much time on my hands...

seriously. it's like, all these people do is sit in front of their computers & do this! No offense to you people- they're really awesome. I just wish I had time to do stuff like that instead of:

  1. homework
  2. chores
  3. school
  4. all the other things that let me have no life.

So here's what I'm talking about (with my ratings...)

My favorite!

Pretty good.

Pretty cool (the music is from Katamari Damancy- a game like Beautiful Katamari [smile])

hahaha! this one's awesome :)

eh. it's ok. (but who am i to be judging...)

hahaha at the end it looks like it's trying to regurgitate it up! good one!

great idea! love it~


great job
! hahaha read the description, too :)

i hate that he didn't really go anywhere... but it's cool cuz i would never be able to do anything like that in a bajillion years :)

WOO. this one's awesome! i like the storyline, too! :) [see description]

hahaha i'm looking at this, and i see "The World's Best Line Rider" and then, right below it, I see "The Worst Line Rider on Youtube". hahaha i'll show both i guess...

! :)

THE WORST! :) [i actually thought it was hilarious!]

continuing on...

My second favorite! *the song is from Casino Royale (the James Bond movie), in case you were wondering. the opening credits song :)*

& with this, I end this super long post. Why super long? well, maybe (or maybe not) in length, but most definately in time. I published this at 9:20 pm. why does that matter? Look at the time down there & do the math :)
cuz i'm too lazy to! :P [too bad for you!]

Rian (is happy- she went to the library & a book store today! [thus the super long amount of time... but don't forget about dinner, feeding the dog, the times she was actually doing the homework she was supposed to be doing, & just getting distracted by many random things *smile*])

talk about dedication!

This person really likes Maximum Ride. & but hey. no kidding. :)
If you look... all the stuff on there is basically MR. & then some gaia stuff. but if you look hard enough... you find some really random stuff. Like Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog saying "I-must have-pie!". & a random picture of... Avril Lavigne? but mostly MR. :)
Oh, and fyi- I don't know this person. so person (or person's friend), if you happen to read this blog, THANKZ FOR BEING SUCH A HUMUNGUS MR FAN! :)
why? I'm not JP. at least... I HOPE I'm not JP... no offense to JP... but... it would be weird living my life thinking i'm a girl... just to find out I'm a guy & the author of a superfabulawesome book series... >.>;;
Rian (is kinda freaking out...)
Oh. fyi... if i offend JP... i'm sure he has a bajillion super tall black-suit-and-sunglasses-clad bodyguards... so I'M SORRY! GOMEN! LO SIENTO! uhh... SORRY *in french*!! DON'T SEND A BODYGUARD TO BEAT ME UP!!! I'm JUST A GIRL... or possibly you?!!! AHHH!! NO OFFENSE! DON'T BE MAD GET GLAD! *faints*

(rian is freaking out too much. [smile])

Kristin's Rant/RAmblings on Jumping, the best part of track!

Okay...I've had this need to talk, or type, excessively for a while now, so I figured it should be about something I enjoy. And at practice this morning, I decided it could be jumping! 

So, as you should know, I do long jump and triple jump. I like triple jump better, but that doesn't really have to do with anything...
See, the good thing about jumping is that you don't have to run as much as everyone else. Unless, of course, you run too. And I'm sure most of you don't understand all the mechanics of jumping, but you should know that you're supposed to try and jump as far as you can...I hope you know that.
Long jump is simple. You run, hit the board, and jump into the sand, which we call the pit. If you step over the board, it's called a scratch and the jump doesn't count, no matter how far it was. I hate scratching, which is good, because I rarely do. 
Triple jump is pretty much that same thing, but as the name implies, there are three jumps, instead of just the one in long jump. The board is farther back than the long jump one, because you need room for all three jumps. The combination is often called hop-step-jump. 
The hop is the first jump, though I prefer to think of it as kicking the dog that's chasing probably won't really understand that, but that's not the point. Next is the step, which is what it is...a step. You step off the leg you land your hop on and proceed into the last jump...the jump. 
It's harder than it sounds, but I love it! You should watch some videos of it...I'll post some in a sec. But just to warn you, these videos probably won't be of high school students, so don't think I'm jumping that far...because I'm not. My farthest jump is 28'10. I have to reach thirty feet by the end of the season, which, by the way, is in about three weeks. I think, anyways. 
I'm not entirely sure what my longest long jump is, because I know I haven't jumped my best this season...and I don't remember what it was before that.
The third jump probably looks the most like mine...The first one is a world record holder, and the second on is just a bunch of really really good people.
Well, I think I gave you enough info...though I'm not sure anyone will actually read this. But comment if you do. Please.
And thank you.

Haha! I stole kristin's awesome phone! :-D

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Tuesday, March 17

remember kristin's teen titans post?

well... listen to this.


i swear i almost died listening to this. my dad swears there's something wrong with my brain. because i laugh so much... & all my friends swear that i'm going to either die of laughing too much or i'm gonna start choking (as a frequently do for no reason) & then start laughing & then die. While they're all laughing at me. :) isn't it great having such great friends like them?! :)
but anyway... you should listen to it. no kidding.

... this one too. yo.

& you know what i just realized? if you go to youtube, & you look at the little YOUTUBE thingy in the top left corner, they've changed it to green for saint patrick's day from the usual red. :)
that's really cool :)

Rian (is going to go get an "evening snack" at some restaurant soon... maybe... hopefully...)

my computer's being stupid again.

Okay, so I know that I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy, I promise...but I guess I should tell you exactly WHAT I've been busy with, since I brought it up. Well, as you should know, it's spring break. Yippee!

Unfortunately, I don't get to go anywhere, because we have track practice Monday-Thursday. And it's pretty much mandatory. 
So, I went to the library yesterday and got about ten books, which is about my normal amount, though I haven't been in a while. I've already finished Vampire Kisses 4 (Dance With a Vampire), which was good. I'm still waiting on someone to turn in the fifth one, though. I also read two volumes of the manga based on the book Vampire Kisses. They're both awesome. Right now I'm reading Fact of Life #31, which is an awesome book...I totally agree with Fact of Life #564 and #3.  No, I'm not going to tell you what they'll have to read the book yourself. :)
Also, the new Max Ride book came out yesterday, and guess who bought it?! 
Me, of course!  I read it in a few hours, it was about 308 pages long, and it was pure awesomeness. FAXNESS GALORE. You know...galore is a funny word. Especially by faxness, which really isn't a word in the first place. Though it deserves to be. Hm...I might be going to see Race to Witch Mountain later on. The blonde girl in the movie...i'm going to be observing her. My mom and I think she would be perfect for Max in the movie! Though, in the fifth book, JP said Max's hair was brown...I'm not entirely sure anymore, though I think I've always pictured her blonde. That book was hilarious, by the way. 
Ah...there's a dead bug. Beside me. It scared me half to death. it's one of those big flying ones...i'm not a bug lover, in case you hadn't noticed.
Well, I think i'm going to finish reading now...maybe listen to more music. YAY~

The Rubber band & the Self-Phone.

I am the self-phone. why? because apparently, i'm like a giant cell phone set on vibrate, & i call myself. self-phone. i really don't get it either, but i'm in a laughy mood, so i laughed anyway. :)
My brother is the rubber band- he has this little gray alien thing that can fit on your finger (like a gooey alien finger puppet!). For you see, it is he that started EVERYTHING. So i'm reading MAX (the fifth book in the MR series! THANK U KRISTIN!! [smile]) & my dad's reading Captain's Fury. So my brother just comes in here & sticks the little alien thing in his face & starts jiggling it around. so my dad gets mad cuz he's trying to read & starts calling the finger puppet a booger & stuff. :)
so after a few slaps around the room & stuff, my brother goes off to do chores (that he later realized that he already did, so we had this big... drama-scene type thing about it- in which i laughed) so we can go to the zoo (i'm in charge of food... which is probably not the smartest thing. i'll eat it all [smile]). So i'm over here laughing because I realized that if i was laughing hard enough, then i started to sound like Muttley.
...apparently my facial expression is a picture, and a picture's worth a thousand words. actually... 1003. (>.>);; And we have to pinch the animals if they aren't wearing green- it's Saint Patrick's Day, you guys. wear green. avoid the pinching of me. especially if you're going to the Dallas zoo. :)
but anyway, i've been laughing a lot. :)
& i need to go be in charge of food. :)
so i should stop. because i told you basically everything i was laughing at. :)
& i'm smiling a lot- must be in a good mood. :)
which is a good thing :)

Rian :)

... no comment.



...I can't. Your fingers don't close.

can we say OW?

We don't have brains.


Rian (does not like early morning exercise- 8 o'clock in the morning exercise, to be exact.)

Sunday, March 15


You wanna know what's kinda lame? YES? well... you'll have to wait. :)

so my family & I are watching this show called I WAS BITTEN... & it's kinda gross... so we were watching it and we saw this guy who got bit by a rattlesnake (woopdeedoo- it's not like all the other people in the world haven't- and it's generally the same story, too- they get bit, get to the hospital half dead... & there's no anti-venom. whatever) and then we saw this guy... who was bit by a maggot. we're just like, LAME! it's like:

"I was bit by a shark."
"WOAH! That's hardcore, man!"

"I was bit by a lion."
"OMG! That's kinda cool!!"

"I was bit by a maggot..."
"... Was it like, 8 feet long?"
"... Did it have super maggot powers?!"
"Was it super fast?!"
"Did it have laser vision?!"
"What about sausage vision?!"

... see? you get bit by a maggot, you get asked things like "did it have sausage vision"- which i've learned is when you look at something, it turns into sausage. ... seriously. i don't want sausage vision. nah uh. i'd get SOOO sick of sausage... i mean, i guess i could live my life blind by like, taping my eyes closed or something, but i'd always be sleeping. ETERNAL SLUMBER! yay!!! :) actually... sausage vision might not be all that bad... *starts contemplating the advantages of sausage vision* hmmm... eternal slumber... that'd be GREAT! though it might be boring after a while... ah well... i'm watching heroes now... GO SYLAR! have i mentioned that I HATE nathan petrelli? if not, I HATE NATHAN PETRELLI. it was really annoying, cuz he's all up in Parkman's face going, "use your powers to save yourself! read my mind! use your powers!" & then when Parkman saves himself, Petrelli punches him and says "sorry matt. can't have you using your powers..." so i'm annoyed at him. & i was laughing at Sylar's father (who was just found, btw) because he has cancer, & he's on oxygen... and he pulls out a cigarette & starts smoking. -_-;; LAME! my family's theory: REBEL IS MICAH! :) i love micah. he's amazing. & for those of you who don't remember: Micah's Nikki's kid. You know- the one with the curly hair that can control machines?! & he was last seen at Nikki's funeral? just... sitting... in the church... it was really depressing. ha. Tracey, who has the ABILITY of freezing people, when asked if Petrelli had an ability, said "i have no idea what you're talking about."

In other news... Clinitech is a company that is real, yet doesn't exist. >.>;;

... I'm reading Hayate the Combat Butler... it's a pretty good manga. :) very hilarious. BUNNY!!! ... where'd the knife come from??? sorry. i'm still watching heroes... :) my favorite show. OMG sylar dude plays Mr. Spock in Star Trek the Future... niiiiice. :) he gets elf ears *smothers laughter*.

(ɥnp ou) ¡uɐɔ ı ¿uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ noʎ uɐɔ

:) Rian (is moving on to the cbox now...)

Friday, March 13

I don't think anyone in the history of the earth has been as aggravated as I am at this moment. >:(


All I'm trying to do is type this STUPID story, but it has to go and FREEZE after I've typed FOUR pages. So then, I have to exit, and when I go back, it asks if I want to recover the document, and I'm like, "Yay! It saved!"
And you know what it showed me?
The SAME 47 pages I had BEFORE I started typing today.
And the thing is, I want to type, but I don't want to RETYPE the stupid stuff I've already TYPED! I feel like smacking someone! Or maybe this STUPID COMPUTER! Though I'm not sure that would help the problem. But I am really too angry to think rationally at the moment. :(
Kris. Who is mad.

i just finished reading...

Meru Puri. It was a good manga. Slightly different that what I usually read, since it's more fantasyish, but it was still should read it.

By the way...
At least...not for a week or so...

Thursday, March 12

Entertaining/Educational songs!

First off...

(totally awesome, interesting, you get the point. listen)

(the best one there is. hilariousness. And very informative. so listen to this if you don't listen tot he other one.)

YEah...there were some other ones, but they were nowhere near as awesome. But you can search on your own if you want...yup. Eating pizza.


it's cold. i hate cold. it is also raining. i hate rain.

does this give you an idea of how the past few days have been for me? if not, let me add a bit...
i have three projects due after spring break. i hate projects.
i've had four tests in the past two days. i hate tests.
i have homework. which i hate.
Sooo...biology test i have to study for. Map test on the gigantanormous continent of africa, that REALLY needs to be studied for, otherwise i'll fail. and....NO TRACK PRACTICE TOMORROW! YAY!
I get to go home on the bus...which has a heater. :)
Hm...I painted my nails the other day. one hand(my right) is a dark blue background withyellow and light blue plaid. The left hand has a purple background with pink and white dots.
 Awesome, huh?
Well, i don't think I have much else to say, and I still have a bunch of tests to study for, and i need to check my email...maybe i'll post later tonight, though. i'm feeling the need to rant about something...

Tuesday, March 10


i just saw THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE! (& i've seen some pretty amazing things...)


Rian (is in awe of the awesome power contained in this video)

Monday, March 9

Enren-debut know the manga I was totally obsessed with for a while, High School Debut? Well I found out that they published a follow up (one month later) oneshot! I just read it and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SUPER EXCITED TO READ IT! so so awesome. If oyu haven't read High School Debut, you're seriously missing out. By the way, it's also called KouKou Debut, just in case you're wondering. And the followup oneshot is called Enren- Debut, which is also the name of this post...YAY!
Who is obsessed with M.A.N.G.A.

what REALLY happened

Okay...So about that post this morning. If you can even call it that. wAYYYYYYY too early for any normal person. Not that I consider myself normal in the first place.

Well, I went to bed about ten thirty, but I didn't actually fall asleep until around eleven thirty (remember, Daylight savings). And then I randomly woke up at four thirty. Not by my alarm clock or anything. Just randomly...and I wasn't tired at all, so I went downstairs to talk to my mom, who was also awake, and there was nothing good on TV, so I reread the first volume of mars, which is the only one I own. And Now I'm rereading the rest of it online. YAY! The bestest manga EVER! Along with Dramacon, of course... :)
Well, I kinda need to go to bed now, since I have a very important test tomorrow, in geometry, and I only got five hours of sleep last night...


i hate daylight savings time. that is why i am awake.


Sunday, March 8

jeez. WHYY?!?!

... no.
if u can't read it, click on it. it'll get bigger & u can read :)
but STILL. jeez. these are guys... & their names... are kuga jin & kujyou kazune. know 'em? LAUGH! cuz this is seriously ridiculous. jeez. if u don't know them... be glad. they're weird.
rian (has so many unanswered questions)

this one's a few pages on... >.>;;

... Rian... >.>;;

... edit again...
jeez. that's all i have to say.


I just finished a pretty awesome manga called Cat Street. It was really random, but totally awesome at the same time. Another one of my favorites. 

Also, I'm listening to how do you sleep by Jesse McCartney. I LOVE THIS SONG! It's SOOOOOO awesome! Especially if you listen to it really loud! And sing along! And dance! should listen to it. Man, I love it!
I like to go here and put it on repeat...YAY! That's what I'm doing right now...
So...what else is new? Um...nothing much, I don't think. Life is weird, as usual. My brother's being stupid, I ate ice cream, did homework earlier, didn't read a book I should have, since I read super fast and will be able to finish it in the morning. I want to go to the library and get the rest of the Vampire Kisses series, and another book called Blue Blood, which looks pretty good. They're both about vampires...YAY! 
"If I had my way I'd come and get you girl in your favorite car with the missing top..." awesome lyrics. Random, too. Actually, if you want random lyrics, you should listen to Dammit by Blink 182. I really have no idea why it's called that...but you should listen! "And maybe I'll see you at a movie sneak preview." yup...hilarious. Awesome song, by the way. You know, my life is mainly filled with three things:

I could honestly live without that last one, but whatever. It kind of balances out the rest. You know what? I love it when you hear a bunch of awesome songs in a row on the radio. Like yesterday, I heard Fall For You, How Do You Sleep and Face Down, ALL in a row! It was awesome! And I love it when my brother's not in the car with me and my mom...because then I can sit in the front and control the radio! Which basically means turning it up when an awesome song comes on. Though my mom pretty much knows what songs I like...My dad on the other hand...he usually ends up changing the station when something I like comes on...but whatever. 
Now I'm listening to Crazy by Simple Plan. Another awesome song. And I was planning on painting my nails today, but I didn't get a chance...I was goingto paint them purple, and it would have been awesome. But it's too late now. They'll smudge when I go to bed. 
Also, happy Daylight Savings! I know it's not really a holiday, but whatever. I just felt like saying that. And now...I'm listening to some random song by Simple Plan called MY ALIEN.
Weird, huh? 
Well, I guess I should stop typing about nothing.

... do i even NEED to ask?!

... if i do, the question is... WHY?! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?!?!

if you are asking why I'M asking why, just check this out.
i really want to know... why would you do something like that? i mean, yeah, so what? it's on tv and everything... but still!! IMAGINE IF U SAW SOMEONE LIKE THAT FOR REAL!!!

... Rian (agrees with that dog.)

Saturday, March 7

i'm going back to sleep soon, but...

... i thought i would share things with you all, just like a good blogger. :)
i did bad (in my opinion) on the only thing i ran- the 400. :(

"your like, so useless at sales, and that's why we love you!"

that was random. but anyway... i was sleeping up until... 45 minutes ago. :) so i think i'll go take a shower (after my brother) & come back out to the couch (where i am now) and sleep more. until morning, this is rian. >.> like i'm gonna become someone different over night.

Like, OMG, hi! i just like, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! OMG it's just like, so freaking amazing, that like, i love it! Oh, well, like, i'm SORRY... i didn't like, tell you who i am or anything... i'm like, Tammy, and like, I LOVE YOU! :)
Tammy (loves you!)

Rian (still me!)

psst: i wanted to show you something, too. THIS. weird. but ok. good night, moon!


well, life is weird, as usual. 

i was interrogated by the mom of my brother's friend about track, the paint in our living room and my phone. it was weird. and we had a track meet today. I'm tired. VERY VERY tired! like, i wanna go to sleep right now. yeah...i did okay at the track meet. i didn't place or anything, and i didn't really improve in anything except the 400...but everything else was about average, which sucks, kinda.
i just finished reading Hot Gimmick, which is a super weird manga. I don't suggest reading it unless you LIKE reading about stupid idiots who fall in love with other stupid idiots that have brothers who are in love with them.
WAYYYYYYY too many problems. REally. And that's saying something, especially from me. I LOVE reading drama filled mangas, but that was crazy and excessive.So, yeah...that's whats up with me right now. what about you? i'm bored and need someone to talk to. comments? please?

Friday, March 6


i'm wondering if this really works. i'm doing this from somewhere other than the blog... hahaha. i know, sounds crazy, but true. "where?" you might ask. well, I'M NOT TELLING YOU!! :D
it's a secret. shhhh. secret squirrel!
hahaha i used to love that show... unfortunately, i haven't seen it in forever.

in other news, i think i'm developing Ichirou-syndrome... if u don't know what that is, read Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume... which is amazing, btw. :D kk, gotta do some homework before some girl i don't know comes over & my parents leave me here with her & my brother. >.>
Rian :D

Wednesday, March 4

I think I'm going crazy...

but at least I'm being awesome while doing it! 

Um...I just checked my grades and the only grades teachers have put in so far are in biology and student leadership...i have pretty good grades so far...but i won't tell you what they are...they're a secret..well, not really. I have an 88 in biology and a 97 in student leadership! YAY!
oh yeah...i think the point of this post was to tell you about the weirdo manga i'm reading's called Hayate the Combat Butler. It's weird. WAYYYYYYYY weirder than love hina, or anything else i've read, which is saying something. Because I read some PRETTY weird stuff.
Yeah. I should stop typing. I just wrote myself a to-do list so I won't get off track. Which means that the fanfiction will be updated tonight! I promise.


That's the word I was looking for when I said job interview guess i could have just edited that, but you would have never gotten to see into my mind! The awesome thought process of Kristin! Yeah..



Did I mention that I was looking for something we could replace the iRp's with? I think I did, but you can never rely on If you have anything or ideas of something you would like to see in our super awesome right sided sidebar, please tell me. Because I like renovating...especially websites. Because I'm a nerd. A computer nerd...or is it geek? or...dork? Yeah, whatever. I like computers, and I'm good at coding and i feel like I'm advertising myself or...filling out a job interview thingy or something...whatever.


-sigh- AGAIN.


that's pretty much all i'm going to say, since I'm in no mood to relive the day...well, since you asked so nicely i might give you an outline...
0. Had odd dream about TAKS...
1. woke up late
2. didn't get to sleep on bus because it was too light
3. told people about odd dream (which involved soccer, cell phones, lotion and coats)
4. went to stupid classroom
5. finished test at 9:15.
6. saw stupid typo in test(this should probably be switched with number five...)
7. read book
8. finished in less than an hour -_-
9. other books were in backpack
10. stupid teacher person wouldn't let me get them..
11. sat bored for about THREE more hours (testing time was a total of five hours)
12. went the third period, world geography
13. ...i think that was the only good part of the day. we had free time.
14. went to lunch
15. stupid idiots with pizza stole our seats
16. went back to class
17. left ten minutes later to go to track...
18. bus was full, had to wait on other bus that...
20. got yelled at by coach for being late, though she KNEW it wasn't our fault.
21. had to run
22. eh...
23. oh yeah. black cat walked in front of car...lucky we didn't hit it, otherwise we'd probably be DEAD.

Yeah...not much else happened. But since I'm already listing, i guess i'll just continue into today, which was not as bad...

24. still no sleeping on bus
25. french bored me TO death.
26. had a "field trip" in photoj
27. Twilight guy was being stupid.
28. visited rianna's (and a bunch of other people's) biology class.
29. both twilight guy AND a friend (P1)of mine were being stupid...
After me and twilight guy and the rest of our group left the classroom.
TG: who was that?
me: my friend...
TG: is he your boyfriend?
me: did i SAY that?
TG: so he's not?
me: GAH! (well, i didn't say that...but i wanted to.)

and, apparently, P1 asked Rianna, after we left, if twilight guy was her boyfriend (?!).
Yeah...weird. soo...continuing.
30. was semi-bored, but partly interested, in geometry.
31. listened to stupid arguments between classmates
32. went to track (ugh)
33. spent most of the time jumping (:D YAY!)
34. one girl...fell and skinned her butt on the track. it was funny after it was over because at first we all thought she broke her leg or something...O.o
35. ...she was bleeding. it was still funny.
36. went home
37. was bored.
38. decided to type this post... should know what happened next. Actually, no, you shouldn't because I don't even know. That would be looking into the future, wouldn't it? weird...
um, so i really have nothing else to say. should read Kare First Love. It's really good... same with shiawase kissa sanchoume. And Angel Voice. That's one of my personal favorites. Actually, KFL reminded me of was pretty much the same general idea, and the ending was EXACTLY the same. SO weird, right? Yeah...have I already recommended Beauty Pop? I think I have...that's another one of my favorites, along with Love Hina. I read those around the same time. Well, I'm going to stop typing now. and do homework. And update fanfiction. And...sleep. Yeah. Especially that last one.

Tuesday, March 3

& it just HAD to end with the giant black cat.

jeez. today= my hypathorical* friday the thirteenth- would be the 4th for this year.

  • no mechanical pencils
  • no backpacks
  • no books
  • no drawing on desks?! (at least- no peacocks... >.>)
  • robbing of said mechanical pencils
  • that teacher just don't like me!
  • invalidate?? WHY?!
  • don't tell them i didn't give you anything...jeez.
  • lunch @ 1:40 (i'm starving! stupid pizza guy!), track at 2:20...
  • Compare & contrast Africa & Europe's rise of NATIONALISM!? WHAT THE HECK?!
  • look at all those freshmen. freshman, freshman, freshman. STOOPID DUDE!
  • LEFT BEHIND for 20 min. jeez.
  • 300, 2 200s, 2 150s... gah
  • ... kristin's mom forgot us!! :'(
  • in case you hadn't noticed... i'm in a bad mood. i don't feel like elaborating on this list right now... but i will. on a better day. when it's SO good that i can afford to explain all of this without my happiness glow being diminished too much... ok? so don't get angry. i might actually elaborate today... but no guarentees.
  • teachers who were "moderating" us... seriously.FYI- most of this was during TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills- if it's that, why do they treat us like ppl with no common sense or something?!), & i really dislike the "moderaters" now...
*hypathorical= a mix between the words hypothetical & metaphorical.

Monday, March 2

Dark Days in Monkey City *as said by Darth Vader*

^^^ not really a vid- just a pic of one!

ANYWAY... major woohoo-age. :D i made that up today. cuz i pointed something out to kristin on the way home, and she said "woohoo" so i said, "yep. major woohoo-age." :) it's really fun. makes me thing "MAJOR PWNAGE" so i'm like, whatever. sooo... TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills) tomorrow- totally not looking forward to it. on the up side: i have like, ALL day to read & i can carry all my stuff in my duffle bag instead of having to carry that & my backpack- as i usually do. also, NO GEOMETRY OR SPEECH!!! WOOHOOAGE! :) on the down side: i have all day to read. :( that'll get boring after a while, so i'll end up bringing like, 4 books. & i might finish all of them too, in the time i have left over. also, STUPID GEOGRAPHY & ENGLISH! I DON'T WANA GO TO UR CLASSES!!! >:o grr. but hey- TAKS is SUPER UBER easy... especially READING. jeez. you don't even really have to READ. just look at the question & go back to find it in the passage! >.>;; but i hate how some people take FOREVER doing it so we can't talk. there's like, an HOUR- every time, i'm sure- in which EVERYONE is done EXCEPT ONE PERSON & everyone gets mad at them. but i guess that's how it is in Texas. You get bored, you get mad at someone for making you bored? not really for me- but i don't know... texas is a pretty big state...
Rian (is gonna keep reading the awesome manga she's reading) :D

Sunday, March 1

updates, updates

So...February has ended. Well, actually, it ended yesterday. No leap year this year. :(

I really like leap years.
But whatever. I've changed the song, which is now Face Down, but RJA. I don't feel like typing their whole stupidly long name, so I'll just leave it at that. If you don't know, look the the music player or search it...
Hm...time to update the calendar, I guess. I need something else to do. I'm getting bored. Maybe we should do something with the iRp's...we're not really bothering with them anymore. Well, if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see, please tell me. Because I'm tired of being bored. And bored of being tired. That reminds me of a's Candle by White Tie Affair. Great song. It's also called Sick and Tired, which is what reminded me of it.
I also updated my blogger profile, just because I was bored. These are the things I do when I'm bored! ARGH!

i've been having problems with titles lately...

Yep...I'm bored. I really should be doing my geometry and current event, but I'm lazy too. I'm also a procrastinator. Really, all I've done this weekend is read manga, which isn't a waste of time, in my opinion. But I have been getting pretty bored..

Actually, speaking of manga, you should read Crimson Hero. One of my friends recommended it to me at the beginning of the school year and I read it, but our library didn't have alot of the volumes, and I didn't exactly think about reading it online. But today I did. And only chapter 45 is out so far, and the last two I had to read the magazine scans, which suck because they're horrible quality, random colors, and the site had WAYYYYY too many popups. but I got through it...though I had to restart my computer. Well, I figure I should spend at least SOME time doing something smart...or fun at least. So I'm probably going to go play guitar hero or something, then possibly do my math. Speaking of school, we have TAKS on tuesday...for those of you who don't live in Texas, TAKS is basically this really big, really important standardized test that everyone hates. Me included. It takes up the whole day and if you're like me, you finish early and get to be bored because you can't sleep in big places where people might be watching you. And you also might not be able to bring a book. and you DEFINITELY can't bring a phone...gah. So many rules. School is taking over my life! O0ooo. 
Hm...I think that's all I was going to talk about? I'm not entirely sure, since I actually didn't plan on talking about anything in the first place. 
I like my socks. They're neon pink. And awesome. Awesomer than you'll ever be! (haha)
NO! I just remembered about yesterday being an awesome food day.
I got donuts, sausage, orange juice, a frappuchino, McDonald's french fries and mashed potatoes! I LOVE those foods!

i went to sleep around 4:30 AM.... & me bro woke me up around 7:24 AM. :) yay!!!!!


OMG OMG OMG! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG! ... well, ok. not ALL along, but ... idk when. i just kinda, KNEW it. & no, i will NOT tell anyone what i'm ranting about, just in case you haven't reached the point in this thing that i have & you don't want a spoiler. so i'll keep it down to PRONOUNS! gah stupid english... ANYWAY. i KNEW it! now all we have to do is wait for him to realize HIS feelings too, and OMG! it'll be SOOOOO FREAKING AMAZING MAN!! AMAZING!!! i'll LOVE it! i really will. i'm just SO glad ONE of them has realized it! now... hmmm. now that she told him because she thought he was someone else... i wonder how things are gonna be around both of them now? because... i can't really tell, but i think he still likes her, but though her personality's cool, she's just not right for him. GET OVER HER DUDE! so ok, let me give you the rundown. girl1 liked guy2, but then she stopped liking him at one point & started liking guy1. guy1 likes/d (can't tell) girl2, but since girl1 thought guy1 was guy2, she told guy1 that she liked him. so guy1... idk what he's gonna do now! OMG THE SUSPENSE IS ALReADY EATING AWAY AT ME! like, no kidding man. can't wait until the next... installment... of this.... thing... i'm.... INTEReSTED in... comes out! :) see? i'm awesome at telling people things without telling them ANYTHING! it's so much fun to do that too. once again, i repeat, "like, no kidding man!" :)

And this ends my rant on stuff you now know about, but know nothing at all about! :)

sorry. i'm just being... random this morning. what?! i'm starving & had two cokes that i downed in 2 minutes each! (which is fast for me- i don't drink sodas all that fast normally...)

in other news... i'm watching all the shows i haven't watched in forever because they all come on at this time & normally i'm sleeping! so far, i've watched: Wacky Races, Action League Now, & right now i'm watching Chalk Zone! i'm just waiting for PowerPuff Girls or something to come on... :) oh. & just watched a clip from Jimmy Neutron? it was weird. RUDY'S GOT THE CHALK!

oh yeah. i played the GREATEST GAME EVER today... on the Xbox 360 :) it's called Doodleman. it's so pointless & stupid... but it's AWESOME! :) basically... you're a stickfigure... & other stickfigures fall from the sky. some are normal, some are ninjas, some are GIANTS, and some are SO FREAKING TINY THEY LOOK LIKE SPECKS! & you fight them. if you get a pencil, some random doodle (like Super Science Man!) appears & they help you destroy all the other random stickfigures! :) & the music!? omg it's just some guy humming some random "song". yeaahhh... ok. i'm going to go to another room now... so i'm gonna stop typing now. :) don't worry... i'll be back :)

well... since i was kicked out of the room with the TV on which the awesome old shows i haven't seen in forever i was watching (did that make sense?!), i am catching up on my anime (shugo chara & toradora) & will probably read until around 5 (seeing as i don't have to be up early tomorrow ((yay!))) and then sleep until breakfast/ my parents come to pick me up. for you see, i am babysitting. have been babysitting since... 6ish yesterday afternoon. fyi- it's 3:25 AM right here. :) totally a night owl- DEFINITLY (or is it definately- i've always spelled it the latter, but i've seen it spelled the previous...) not a morning person. definately. but i guess that's what i get for always having to wake up randomly early for stupid school- in elementary school, i had to wake up around... idk. when does elementary school START, anyway? but in middle school i had to wake up at 6... now i have to wake up at 5. maybe for elementary i woke up at 7? haha that'd work. :) so ok... i'm tired of this ranting now. gonna watch toradora... then... idk. BLOG MORE! maybe?? once again, i don't know. kk
Rian OUT! (or am i?) O.o



keep in mind... papa chester's proud of you.

Rian (is prided)

psst: is prided even a word!?

edit: i guess tonight/this morning is commercially. or something. ... FRAGMENTS. anywhoo... this is a funny commercial as well. here.

edit2: hmmm... i hope the autoplay works on this... but here. i was watching tv (as i have been doing all night long... & this morning) :) and i saw THIS! :)
i think it'll work... but idk. :) comment & let me know, kk?