About Kris

Name: Kristin 
Age: 17
Birthday: February 3

About me:
I'm pretty awesome. (haha, just kidding-sort of) Anyway, I like to write. A LOT. That's pretty much how I spend all my extra time. That or reading, anyway. My favorite books are Maximum Ride and Twilight, which you should probably know if you read the blog at all. There are also a bunch of other books I absolutely love, but I know you' don't want to be bored to death, so I'll leave those off.
Fanfiction rules my life, even more than writing. I spend an insane amount of time on that website ( I would tell you to try it, but I don't want to get you hooked too.

My favorite mangas are Dramacon (buy it!), Mars, and Beauty Pop. I don't have much time anymore to read other mangas, so those are pretty much the only ones I've kept up with and reread.

I also don't watch anime as much as I did over the summer, for the same reason. Even so, I still have favorites, because I'm cool like that. Peach Girl is the best show ever (I will elaborate on that later), but I also like Shugo Chara, Suzuka, Spiral, and Fruits Basket.

Music is awesome. I don't need to say much more than that. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I will. I don't really have a favorite song, because it changes too often when I find new music, but I do have favorite bands, and songs I listen to pretty often. 
Bands/Artists: All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Hot Chelle Rae, Taylor Swift, Mayday Parade, Jesse McCartney, Secondhand get the point (that's not a band)
I'm not going to list any songs for the same reason I didn't list books- there are way to many.

I like playing games. Any kind. Computer games, video games, board games, card games. You name it. I play lots of games of the internet when I get bored. Shopping City is awesome but aggravating. You should still play it. I used to play Maple Story, but not so much anymore. Too time consuming (time vampire). The Sims is like that, except I still play it. I just limit myself to the weekend (which, to be honest, is really hard). I absolutely LOVE board games (Monopoly and Loaded Questions!!) and card games. Pretty much the only video games I play are Guitar Hero, DDR, Burnout, and Dead or Alive. Sometimes, my brother can rope me into playing other games (usually Sonic or Halo). 

Speaking of, I often mention my brother, because he's hilarious. His name is Jason.

I enjoy watching TV. I think my top three favorite show, in order, are Glee, Peach Girl, and Vampire Diaries. Merlin is probably fourth. I also like So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, and Hell's Kitchen. I watch a bunch of other stuff, but that pretty much sums it up. Glee is just the epitome of all epicness in the world. Peach Girl just makes me happy (and sad at times), and I've seen all of the episodes (25, I think?) about five times. Or more. And I still laugh at it and enjoy. Vampire Diaries is just plain awesome. Seriously. Merlin is probably the most hilarious show in the history of the world. The producers/ writers (or whoever makes it hilarious) have the best sense of humor ever.

I'm also in charge of most of the technical stuff on the blog. Cuz I'm a nerd like that. Seriously, it's really fun, and sometimes I just go through and edit stuff (to be more awesome) because I'm bored. In case you're wondering, I was super obsessed with Neopets for a long time, so I learned HTML and some CSS (though not as much as HTML) so I could make my profile (or whatever they call it on there) awesome. And guilds. Guilds were the best part about Neopets. And Destructo Match. That was the awesomest game ever. I still log on just to play it sometimes. Anyway, enough of the nerd fest.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing else for me to say. I mean, if I elaborated anymore, I would end up going into our inside jokes and stuff... You know, that would be pretty interesting.   (Kanye West) I also thought about going on about some of my characters, but you know I'm pretty paranoid. And not a stalker. I think I'll end on that note.

The bolded stuff is pretty much the summary of my life. I think it's pretty awesome.