Friday, July 31


So...lately I've been playing this map help me study for a geography test I'm gonna have the first day of school. It's pretty awesome, so click here to play. And today, finally, after almost a week, I have completed the game with a perfect score of 144!!! I'm so happy! Now I just have to learn the physical map...darn. Anyway, if you go to my school, you should try it.

I must say... Live action english dubbed martial arts movies are hilarious haha

Thursday, July 30

The Diaries of a Newly Found Out Dead Person [#1]

If that makes any sense.

But yes, I have just found out that I, Rian, am a dead person. For various reasons, I find myself starting this "Diary", even though diaries are supposed to be kept secret from the world and this one happens to be on the blog. Oh well, I was never one for the normal.
So today, just as I finished eating dinner, my father started talking about "Ways to Stay Safe During the Summer", which is found at the back of this medical pamphlet that comes around every once in a while. So he read that, and broke it down like this:
  1. You can get skin diseases, so stay in the shade. (I like the sun, so I stand in it's light.)
  2. Stay inside with air conditioning because it's hot. (I went outside to feed my dog earlier.)
  3. Don't be alone near "Any type of water". (this is when i turned on a faucet at the sink... alone.)
  4. Don't eat any food (right after I finished eating.)
  5. If you have a bug bite... run (I got a mosquito bite on my leg just a few hours ago.)
Thus, all of the above are causes of my death. My life begins anew as a dead person, and I am categorized as the "Giggling Dead".
I must be off now... Important dead people things to do.

A game you should play when you're mad at the world and feel like blowing trees up.

trust me. just click here, and vent your anger. to keep the game going longer... just don't blow up the trucks until you're done. :) the trucks blow up the whole place. but, i mean, i guess you can start a new game if you want... it's all good.

Rian (is playing that game because it's fun, and because the trees explode!)

Mediterranean Avenue

haha that's my favorite spot on Monopoly... that and Baltic Avenue. I mean, you pass go, you land on one of those, and you lose $2 or $4, depending on which one you land on. Quite hilarious.

but not the point. hah, i realize that i do that a lot- titles that generally have nothing to do with the point. but... i just... i don't even know. it's the way of my brain. Do something random to throw people off. haha. Maybe it's something like that... but my brain's weird and there's probably some part of it that has some malicious plan to... do something malicious. heh.
anyway, um... Oh yeah! in one of the posts, i said, "Where the Wild Things Grow" and there is no such thing. it's "Where the Wild Things Are", and i felt so idiotic when i looked at that, because i claim to be a "huge fan". hahaha i'm such a dweeb though, so don't pay me much mind- i'm the one who's never serious. I swear, someone said, "Let's be serious." so i put on a serious expression, looked at the people around me, and then proceeded to bust a gut while everyone got mad at me for not being serious. Hah.
Rian (thinks that this was a more serious post than usual... maybe it was the crazy thunderstorm this morning that woke me up & scared me half to death because of all the lightning everywhere while i was laying next to a window...) :D

Wednesday, July 29

Okay. So I saw this commercial...

It was a Kids Bop commercial. And I know they annoy me to death, so I'm pretty sure they annoy you too. So, if you're looking for a good laugh, watch this: Click. And if you haven't already, watch all of his videos. They are... FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC! (haha, Tyce...)



We've had over a hundred posts this month. This is PRETTY special, just so you know, since this is only the third time it's EVER happened, and the last time was in September. So yeah. Pretty awesome, huh?


The Oddities of Fanfiction

So...I was just scrolling through the list of fanfiction topics, all of them, and I came across something....interesting. Click Here. If you didn't click, I'll just tell you. It's TETRIS. What kind of person writes a tetris fanfic? Also, they're hilarious. I urge you to read at least one. I don't think I've laughed that hard in...a few hours!


worst flashback in the history of forever:

Juju was at the hospital, in the bed next to me. I adopted her at that moment. That was two years ago.


Dear James Patterson,

I am sorry to inform you that I am severely disappointed in your most recent book, Daniel X, Watch Skies. I have previously read the first book in the series, and I while I thought it was alright, I am a much bigger fan of your series Maximum Ride. I'm in sort of an odd mood right now, and I'm feeling the need to criticize, so don't take much of what I say to heart. To me, Daniel X seems to be something you don't take seriously, like it's all a big joke. Everything about it is corny. In no universe would bloodthirsty aliens use the dominant species of their current conquest, in this case, Earth, as entertainment- especially in the way it was portrayed in your book. And, I think, that Daniel isn't very realistic. To me, he seems like a book character, one that I would never be able to pretend was real or dress up as for Halloween. In fact, I was so taken aback by the second book that I have stopped reading it. I read two other books this morning, and yet I was still unable to read yours. I like the plot, of course; an alien hunter who is actually an alien himself is hunting down all bad aliens on The List to avenge his parents' death- it's the details that are the problem. Anyway, I'm getting bored of griping, so why don't you finish reading this, then go reread your Daniel X books, and send me a letter back? I know I'm stretching it a bit on that last one.


Tuesday, July 28

So i'm stuck in the airport. I've been rolled over more than 10 times by now, & it's getting annoying. While i'm waiting, i'll tell you amazing people something funny that happened yesterday.
so i went to this store called Sneaker Q to find some Giants (football team) & Knicks (basketball team) stuff (& we found out that no store sells that stuff at reasonable prices). We found a hat, & i was gonna get it for my dad. It was funny cuz this one sales lady was trying to figure out who the hat was for, & when she saw me taking it up to the counter, she said, "oh! It's for you!" & i told her, "no, my dad."
then, the cashier guy was wondering if it would fit, so he tried it on & was like, "it fits me... A little loose, but you want it to be like that, right?"

(Sorry- that was as much as my phone could text, but i'll continue)
i told him sure, & then he took off the hat & was like, "don't worry- i washed my hair!" twas funny. Then, he gave me a two dollar discount on it because i'm from texas. & then, he gave me two free eyeliners. I don't even wear makeup, for crying out loud!! Hahaha
another totally irrelevant thing- my new friend Seth "hired" me at the Museum of Natural History. Because i know so much about space. (Thankz kristin!) Yeah, Seth works there. He's pretty awesome. Hahaha
Rian (is happish. & still stuck at the airport. Gah.)
(edit: I fixed it so that they're both together now!! yay! hahah)

Monday, July 27

Manga Recommendation

I just finished reading what's out so far of a manga called Monkey High. And I highly recommend it. It's amazing. compare it...It's kinda like Lovely Complex and High School Debut. Mainly LoveCom. Seriously, though, read it. Here's a link:


my brother's craziness

He pops into the room: dance dance like it's monday- cuz it is. Dance like it's tuesday.


...he's weird.

Sunday, July 26

I just watched Knowing (or the knowing, whatever). It was pretty good, though incredibly creepy. Still, good. I would recommend it. It was a full two hours of science fictiony goodness. Perfect for a nerd like me. :) Anyways, you should watch it. 


Holy sebaba i can't believe i forgot to tell you awesome people about what happens on october 16! Where the Wild Things Grow is gonna come out in theaters! That's right- it's gonna be a movie!
totally amazing book, in case you never read it (which should be a crime, haha)
Rian (wants the cat suit or whatever it is that the guy has... ^-^)

The unspoken rules of the neighborhood boat party

That sounds like a super cliche book title...just might use it someday. Anyways, the inspiration for this comes from the lake sorta kinda by my house, where, almost everyday, this HUGE herd of boats gathers. They're not close enough to talk, and sometimes there are people in the water, but it's still really random. My mom and I have been speculating about it all summer. It's really interesting. I have no idea what the story (TUROTNBP) would be about, though.

Okay, this is random:

Jason: We're focusing entirely on what we're doing right now.
Me: So...sitting?
Jason: Yeah.

Man, I love my brother. He's hilarious. And yes, I know I'm the one who said the punch line in that convo, but most of the time, it's him. I just do it when my mind reacts fast enough to come up with something funny. Which is often. :)

Ok. Ready for a super long text that's probably going to make for a fairly short post? You are? Alrighty then, let'sa go!
so, g-force. Pretty ok movie. Basically, these guinea pigs are trained by a section in the FBI & then they get "fired", just to go on another mission to thwart an evil plan to destroy life on the earth's surface. Yuh. Pretty ok.
after the movie, we went to a place called "king's plaza diner", & we got this waitress named mary. My grandfather wanted to order something with 'bombay', but mary thought he was saying 'bonbay'. Finally, she said, "oh, bomb? Like, kapoooosh!?" and it was really loud. Very hilarious.
Rian (has stuff to do, so she'll say more later)


So you know how Glee had that one episode premiere at the beginning of summer and they said it would be coming on for real in fall? Well, I found out the date! It's September 16th! I'm so happy! It's an awesome show. Here are some random quotes from my family these past few nights.

Mom: If I hadn't been watching, I would have thought I cheated.

Jason: Where are they?
Me: What?
Jason: The edibles.

Me with sarcasm: Yay, sports radio!

Me: Why would we want to shake his hand?
Mom: He's the one that's been talking this whole time!
Me: Oh... 
(I was dozing off anyways)

Just watched g-force: will give details later. Twas ok.
also- news for october 16. ^-^

Saturday, July 25

NOTE TO SELF (and the rest of the world)

My brother is hilarious when he gets mad. He screams and then starts muttering incoherently, and making all these random hand gestures. It's priceless.


Today was super hilarious

There were a few parts I can't really remember (most of them, actually), but I remember the most hilarious one. My mom was talking about barney (idk how we got onto this conversation), and she ended up telling us about how she used to want to take me to try out for barney...and my brother goes, "I don't think kristin would be a good singing dinosaur." (or something to that effect- curse my memory) And so I burst out laughing, and was like, "she wanted me to be a KID on the show. not BARNEY!" All three of us just about died laughing on that car ride...


So last night, we watched the movie "The Taking of Pelham 123" (which is really good, i must say), & today, we had to ride on the subway. & we walked past ryder's alley. It's weird. & for those of u who haven't seen the movie, i have two things to say- 1) ignore all the cussing & just go watch it! & 2) just believe me when i say that it's weird.
Rian (likes boats, got pics of the statue of liberty, & got some pizza. Good day!)

The neckline slimmer!
gah. I swear, this is one of the stupidest inventions ever. Youtube it, i can't put links on my phone.
Rian (watched independence day last night... Twas hilarious)

Friday, July 24

dude on TV: It's time to PLAYYYYYYYYYY...FAMILY FEUD!


You know what sucks about today?

We officially have one month until school starts. Exactly. School starts on the 24th of August. And this summer went by WAYYY too fast. But there's not much I can do about that right now.


One of my favorite Fanfictions...

It's Maximum Ride, of course. Here:

Seriously, it's awesome, you won't regret it, and it won't take long. So read it. Now.

Yay! I made it to new york! We're in a taxi... It's quite different than i expected... I didn't realize they were so... Windy. Hahaha the windows are down though, so... :)
the plane ride was uneventful... & we almost didn't make it on the plane at all, actually... The whole process was really confusing. More mobile posting when stuff happens!
Rian (is getting whipped in the face with her hair... Brings back memories of spins in ballet class years & years ago)

Adios for like, 4 days.

so yeah. i'm going to the Big Apple (New York).

it's gonna be exciting (obviously).
I'll mobile post- don't you worry your little head :)
yuuuhhh... just giving you some warning, so that way, if you get a post like, "Aric just squashed the Statue of Liberty... in a picture.", then you know what i'm talking about (kind of).
Rian (had to wake up at 3 AM for a flight at 7 AM... sooo tired.)

Thursday, July 23

But I love snakes!!

last night I had this dream that i was having a sleep over at some random building with a bunch of random friends that i can't remember right now (no, i didn't forget their names, i just forgot who was there). Anyway, there were snakes, and they were awesome! so i was checking out these two that were swimming in this puddle on the driveway of the building, when they suddenly come and attack me! and i remember thinking, "well, they missed me, but they kinda didn't" and at first, it looked like they were biting each other, but then, they were biting my arms. Twas weird. Anyway, my dream self totally freaked, and i was suddenly zoomed forward in time, to when my friends & I were having a pool party (at the same building). I was standing by a friend, and another person was sitting on the step near us. Suddenly, that friend who's standing was all, "Oh jeez. This thing tried to pop out and eat me." and from the wall they pull this random ginormous green snake that could not have possibly been there the whole time, but my dream self starts freaking out again. only, dream me is trying to stay calm, so dream me (now dubbed dR) tries to keep breathing evenly. Except, dR was breathing too slow. It was funny, though, because the person on the step was all, "Oh my gosh! She's hyperventilating!!" and pulled dR over to the step, while the friend with the big snake throws it out of the pool an impossible distance. So friend on the step makes me breathe normally again. And i woke up. With a headache, because i was probably breathing to slow for real. or hyperventilating. don't know. But yeah. it was like, 5:30 in the morning, and i couldn't go back to sleep because my dream self now has a freaking phobia of snakes. it's really annoying, because in reality, i LOVE snakes! they're amazing!! :D but yeah. weird dream, as usual.

I also made a search engine, but it's an inside joke, so most people probably won't get it. hahaha it's quite funny though, because i told the people who know about the joke that i would make a search engine that said that... and i did :P

Rian (leaves for New York tomorrow at 5 in the morning. woopee!)

Wednesday, July 22

Oh yeah.

I seem to be forgetting things lately. But I was supposed to be telling you about the odd time last night and my story. So...last night, my brother and I were getting ready for bed, and I was reading SC, and I didn't want to stop, so I was secretly on the computer (secret from my mom...) while my brother read in my room. And I read about three chapters, which, in SC, is about 300 pages...and when I got back into my room, it had only been ten minutes. My brother had only read one page of his book. And yeah, he's a slow reader, but he's not that slow...It was just really weird. REALLY  weird. And now, the story.

So, last night, at 1:22 AM (or this morning?) I finished my story!! It it 298 pages long, which kinda sucks, but if I add the authors note, which is unusually long, like the story, i get to 301! Which is totally awesome, at least for me. And it seriously took me forty minutes to write the last three pages of the story. It was insane. Well, I think I'm done ranting about how crazy last night was. I'm hungry. Snacktime.


I swear, I'm gonna die if they don't update this soon. I just finished reading the most amazing, sad, completely incredible manga ever, and it's not complete! I swear, I've been crying for the past three chapters. And it's so awesome...oh my gosh. This sucks. The manga is Sand Chronicles, if any of you were wondering. And it is one of the best mangas I have ever read in my entire life. The weirdest thing is that the mangas I usually read are romantic comedies, I guess, and this one isn''s kind of a drama romance thing. Seriously, though, go read it. Now. It's on onemanga. Actually, I want you to read it so much, I'll post a link (omg, amazing, right?).


I made a search engine...


Isn't it amazing? To make your own, go HERE.


OOOK! so yeah. Like Kristin said, the next MR book is coming! so i made a countdown!!! :D

I'm gonna try to find one to put on the blog in place of the contest questions & stuff... but for now, here's my countdown! (it's for my time, so...)

Rian (can't wait until March 15, 2010!)
psst: it might say "local time for Chicago", which i'm sure it is, but it's also local time for anyone in the Central Day Light time zone (hah. sounds nerdy)

Tuesday, July 21

My brother & i were laughing for five minutes straight. Why? Because the shoe (my piece) killed the people in the houses & tripped over itself, & i lost count of my spaces. So then i went to redo the counting, i made the shoe tiptoe. And then it killed itself. So we laughed at that. & then we laughed at each other laughing. And then we laughed because no one else would understand why we were laughing. & then we laughed because we were choking, couldn't breathe, & couldn't move. Yeah. Then later, we laughed at hannah montana & g.i. Joe camoflauge (or whatever) suits.
Rian (is, for once, out of laughter O.O)

My brother finally got the free parking. Hahaha
Rian (is still rich)



Kris...has kinda calmed down now.

So my brother & i are in the middle of playing monopoly, & we swear- the game hates Aric. It keeps making him pay random fees, & he has not landed on the free parking space once. I, on the other hand, am annoyed because the game loves me. Maybe because i spent ten minutes being ocd setting it up. So it was hilarious... My brother lands on my Baltic Avenue, so he needs to pay me $4. So he grabs his whole stack of ones & gives it to me. Turns out, his whole stack contains $3. Twas hilarious.
Rian (is rich)


Yes, you read the title correctly. Goat. Just a second ago, I was standing on the stairs, talking to my mom, when SOMETHING ran across the window...outside. 

Me: That looked like...a goat, but I'm sure it was a dog. (it was spotted, kinda like a dalmation)
Mom: -turns around- that's a goat.
We watch the goat run through our neighbors yard and our yard, before it's chased by a boy, who is apparently the owner (?!) of this goat. Of course, he didn't catch it. It's still running around outside somewhere. But now, my mom and I are wondering if it's even legal to have a goat in a neighborhood like this...It's just weird. We can't tell if this dude is one of our new neighbors or not, but...whatever, he's weird. We are not having a goat boy as neighbor.

main characters

Okay, so you all know that a main character is supposed to have some kind of flaw, right? Well, this is good most of the time, but you know, sometimes people just go too far... For instance, the series I'm reading now, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The main character is a crybaby. He cried when he was about to die, he cried when he realized he couldn't die, he cried when he realized his friend was a vampire slayer, he cried when his uncle left, he cried when his girlfriend's friends called him a dork- he's a crybaby. AND he's a vampire. It's annoying. Don't get me wrong, the series is amazing, but seriously. Vlad is in tenth grade. He needs to learn how to get over things...also, last night, while my brother was brushing his teeth, a bubble randomly came out of his mouth and floated away. Yes, he was talking to me when it happened, but it was still really weird. I've never seen that happen before, especially no on accident. Well, I guess that's enough for my random post of the morning. Our party last night was awesome, by the way...


Monday, July 20

Erg. Probably gonna be late. Actually, im sure of it.

Tiramisu (and other random songs)

no, tiramisu is NOT a song. at least, not one i know of... hmmm... a song about tiramisu... ANYWAY! haha

so about the tiramisu. I've only had it once before. So, some of my cousins are moving, so i went to visit them one day, and they had tiramisu for dessert. i was all, "i've never had tiramisu before..." so she gave me a piece, and it was AMAZING! except... i had to scarf it down in like, 2 minutes. So today, she came over and was like, "I brought Rianna something..." and i look over and there is... A PLATE OF TIRAMISU!!! so i was happy. I finished my awesome dinner, and began to eat it. That's when the laughing REALLY began. I mean, she was laughing because I kept smiling about the cake, and she's all, "Glad I could make your day!" and i would laugh, too. So the way i ate my tiramisu: There are 4 layers. cake, icing stuff, more cake, and then the top icing stuff. So i would eat a little piece from the bottom layer, then take almost the exact same amount from the next layer, and work my way up. then back to the bottom to repeat my organized consuming of cake. So basically, it was eaten in rows. Even rows. And she laughed at me, so i laughed too. And then my dad had to bring up the way i eat deviled eggs (which i'm not going to explain), so i was laughing harder. but hey- i got to enjoy my little piece of awesome tiramisu for like, 20 minutes. :D
Anyway, after that, i was doing the dishes, and i had this song (number one on the following list) stuck in my head. So i tried to think of others... and got these.
  1. Hi Hi (haven't seen this in forever... what happened to it?!)
  2. Peep (gah. i blame my brother- i wake up to this ALMOST EVERY FREAKING MORNING! it's really annoying... i don't understand why he even watches it... i mean, it's a toddler show, and he's 10... almost 11. so sad. but really annoying. gah.)
  3. Go Monkey Go! (haven't seen this either. it's funny)
Rian (wake up! WAAAKE UP! it's another beautiful day! sorry. i watched a mojo jojo video for that... here. <-- click that...)

will explain later.
Rian (is eating the aforementioned cake)

The Phone Rang.

And I did what any normal person would do. I answered it. And here's the conversation:

Me: Hello?
Recording: Please hold for an important message.
Recording: All of our associates are currently unavailable.
Me: -hang up- What kind of important message is that?
It was kinda funny.

Kristin's randndom post about writing and stuff that no one probably cares about, but that Kristin is going to post anyways

So...I barely got anything written while I was gone...seriously. Like, ten pages on one story, and like, two on another. And then, the long story, the one I've been trying to finish for a while now, suddenly decided that it needed a sequel. See, when I got to the part where I wanted to story to end, I realized I had left a whole bunch of questions unanswered, and secretly, I didn't know the answers to them, instead of dragging the story out to where it became annoying, to both me and the reader, which, at this point, is nonexistent, I've decided to make a sequel. Wow that was alot of commas...Yeah. I'm not entirely sure if it's just going to be a sequel, or if I'm going to write ANOTHER story after that, to make it a trilogy. I'm not really sure about anything right now. 

While I'm posting, you should take THIS quiz. It's pretty awesome...and so am I, according to it (99.9%, to be exact).
So, how's life?

Don't forget!!

Tonight is the blog's birthday party!! Unfortunately, there will be no cake and ice cream, unless you supply it for yourself. :'(

Anyway, if you want to join Kristin & I tonight, feel free! We'll be on the cbox starting at 8:30 pm Central Time!!!

Oh. Soo... I guess I should announce the winner and the answers...
Answers first (since I totally forgot to go check the comments earlier to see who all participated. I'll name everyone else, too, I guess.

  1. Kristin's birthday is February 3.
  2. Rianna's birthday is September 23.
  3. At the very end of the blog, it says, "Thanks a lot for reading the best blog ever! Kris & Rian"
  4. Lately, our normal meeting time is on Thursdays at 8:30 pm.
  5. Kristin's favorite color is green.
  6. Rianna's favorite color is blue.
  7. The Blog was started on Wednesday, July 16.
  8. Usagi is the bunny at the top of the blog... underneath the big "INTHEMINDSOFKNR" title thingy :)
  9. Our favorite book series is Maximum Ride.
  10. You can get thousands of free blogger templates at PYZAM.COM!
soo... time for all the contestants! (the winner's name will be in a different color [smile])

Thank you all for participating:


So... yeah. Congratulations, Kat! Um... just contact me sometime, and we'll get your prize set up. Thanks, Danielle and Marisa! (Danielle was second place- Marisa only answered one. nice :P haha)
So yeah. Jeez guys! I know that those three people were not the only ones to visit, and visit over 10,000 times. >.> you people (i know like, 10 who did- including my dad, kristin's brother, 2 of our nonbloggy friends, Kat, Alex Lee, and some random people who randomly pop up and tell us how awesome we are haha) need to comment more! talk to us! we like feedback, so it'd be nice to hear from you! :D

Thankz again!!!
Rian (looks forward to a new year, and hopes that more people besides those aforementioned [haha that's a cool word] will comment or join us in cbox chats!)

My brother thought that you could only play guitar in guitar hero... *Double facepalm*

Sunday, July 19


So...I actually got home around nine thirty, but I'm not posting until now because I just finished read all my emails. Seriously, it took that long. I had 81, and we were only gone for...well, less than a week. But whatever. I had like, forty fanfiction chapters to read. And now I have to check up on mangas. Yay!!

Maybe more about the trip later...though you pretty much know everything. Oh!!
Boys Like Girls, which is possibly the bestest band in the entire world, has a new album!! And the most amazing song, Love Drunk, is on it. Seriously, go listen to it! It's awesome! And while you're at it, go listen to all their other songs. Please. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Since we had to check out of the hotel at noon, and my dads tournament didnt start til 11, we are now roaming around homeless. We do this alot. And our last stop is always barnes and noble, where we read books we dont buy. I can usually finish a whole book and a few graphic novels. In case you didnt notice, we do this a lot. We actually went in a random costco and got a bunch of random free samples.

slap slap all your troubles away! slap chop!

hey- this might be ridiculous, but please watch it! :D

Rian (was just trying to find a pic of the mayor's office... jeez)
psst: the title has nothing to do with anything. i just like that video (the slap chop rap) hahaha

Oh, no.

So ok, this morning, i was walking downstairs to the computer (hah) and i looked out the window by the front door to see a bug. THIS bug, actually (sorry the picture's bad... twas the best i could do with my cell phone on a shiny window). ... sorry. you can't really see it...

yeah. I'm talking about the big one, by the way- the little yellow ovaly thing is a Yellow Jacket that's getting it's blood sucked. XP
yeah. twas really weird. It's a really scary bug, though!! :'( i didn't like it right there by the door... but it's gone now. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... hahaha
Rian (is certain it's a vampire bug. that's mutated. and huge.)

Saturday, July 18


So, I...borrowed my dad's laptop. Actually, he and my mom went to Dairy Queen, so I'm using it while they're away. I'm a bit tired of mobile posting right now. And watching that stupid spngebob marathon thing. My brother is busy being obsessive. So...idk what to talk about. I kinda already said everything in my mobile posts.
Gonna see X-Men Origins tonight, i think. Also, our hotel room is amazing. Seriously. I forget we're in a hotel. It's like an apartment. Except for the fact that my brother and I have to sleep in the pull out sofa bed. But you know, it's amazing otherwise. Well, I'd better get off. If I want to do anything else on the computer, I'd better start soon. Talk soon!
I should be home late sunday night..also, my dad is third in the tournament so far! Yay.

Today is the first day of my dads two day golf tournament, which is why we're out of town in the first place. So...wish him luck!

Thursday, July 16


Guess what?! This post is being posted at the exact same time as our first post! You can go look! And the reason that it's like that is because I planned it. Yay for me. So anyways, I was planning on talking about all the awesome stuff that's happened this year. Unfortunately, we didn't reach the thousand post goal, but we came close!! Also, we got our ten THOUSANDTH hit a few weeks ago! Amazing, right? I remember when we we still in double digits!

Seriously, it's amazing how much has changed since last year! I'm not going to tell you about it, since, if you've read the blog at all, you know. And we've gone through who knows how many layouts and backgrounds! Also, I was rereading some of the February posts, and on Wednesday the 18th, I posted about High School Debut ending and how awesome it was...just so you know, Rianna.
ANYWAYS, last summer, my favorite song was Fall For You, which, I'll have to admit, is still an awesome song. Though right now, I'm leaning more towards White Horse, by Taylor Swift, who is pretty awesome. And, since it's been a year, I'm fifteen, not fourteen. Duh. Um, what else has changed? Oh yeah. I got my hair cut. (this is turning out to be a totally random and pointless post about things that have changed) It doesn't really matter, since you can't see, but you know...
Well, back to the blog and it's birthday. The biggest indicator that it's a special day is that the Harry Potter movie comes out the day after. Oh yeah, and if you've missed it, we're officially celebrating the birthday on monday. So meet us at the cbox at 8:30 or so!
Maybe we should have Birthday contests or giveaways...but for what? I can't mail you a prize...I can email you, but what would I email you? Someone suggest something, please. I like spcial events, but special BLOG events aren't as awesome, since we don't really KNOW any of our readers, except for the ones that have blogs, like Kat and Alex and Danielle. Actually, we know Danielle from middle school. But you get the point. So, if you're a regular reader, wanna let us know? So we can...mention you and stuff? I enjoy talking to people I don't know. I'm not sure why, but you know...that's just how I am.
Maybe I'll make you some personalized, like, with your name or whatever. Like maybe you want a new background. Since I'm good with the computer, I could make one and email it to you! Yay!
By the way, this is a time travel post, so I'm going to post about the contest today, which is...Wednesday the 8th.
Well, I think that was a productive birthday post! Let's have another awesome year, hopefully with more people! :)

The Pixies!!! O.O

so lately, my dad has been attacked by tiny pixies that no one can see or hear- our proof? They keep stabbing him.

Yeah, so he's only been stabbed with one tiny unknown object on his back & one of his own hairs on the side of his foot, but that's proof enough for us.
But it was hilarious because at dinner just like, 4 minutes ago, my brother was reaching for his bottle of chocolate milk when the cap just randomly pops off, up into the air, and lands on the table. totally random.
Rian (hopes to befriend the small pixies and not be attacked.)


so yeah. it's been a year! I mean, it's not really cause for a celebration, but it kinda is. I mean, you celebrate your birthday every year, correct? If you don't, i can understand. I mean, it's just another year. Nothing too special... (unless you can die on any given day for no apparent reason... wait. we all can. so uh... maybe they are pretty special, eh? hahaha) but anyway, something like this... I think it's worth saying, "Congratulations!" for. Cuz I mean, seriously... I know i get like, obsessed with things, but after a while, i totally forget about it until YEARS later, when I start messing with it again. And the process repeats until I finally just get rid of it. But this blog... it has never ceased to amuse me. I've had a lot of fun this year... and I hope you awesome people stick with us for another one, and many years to come... I mean, I know. we, well, ok-it's mostly always me- can be kind of annoying what with our totally random babbles and rants and just plain "hi!"s, but hey... you don't get bored too easily, right? :)

Wow. This post is making me either sound like a REALLY deep person, or a really rambly annoying person. :P
So yeah. Thank all of you who've stuck with us! I'm glad you people helped us surpass our goal of 10,000 people, and even though we didn't get within 100 of our 1000 post goal by today (counting Kristin's post that will come later, we only reached [as of now] 882), I still had a whole lot of fund doing this for a year! Hahaha thankz you awesomely amazing people! :)
Don't forget! If you want, you still have time to do the contest- we're gonna check out all the answers on Monday, July 20, and then I'll announce the winner, along with all the correct answers :)
Thanks again, and keep reading!
Rian (still has Kat & Marie's awesome song stuck in her head... tofurkey & creamed corn. sounds like a Thanksgiving feast [not really])

My brother has some problems. We passed by some cows and he goes, 'omg, i saw a unicorn!' and we were just like...huh? And my mom tells him to think for a few seconds and then tell her what he saw. And hes like,'it had a horn on its head, i swear!' and we just stare at him and he says 'well, maybe it was just a horse...'
It was hilarious.

Happy Blogiversary!
Or is it merry? Well, i guess it doesmt really matter. So...later tonight you should see my official blogiversary time travel post. This one is mobile(duh), and im going to talk about the harry potter movie!
It was amazing of course, but there were a bunch of things in the movie that werent in the book. And it didnt have alot of the quidditch stuff, which made me mad. The worst thing was that harry and ginnys kiss wasnt like it was in the book.(p533)And that was one of my favorite parts! One of my other favorites was when harry was yelling at cormac mclaggen and got hit by the bludger. (P415) the good thing about the movie was that it was hilarious. Man, i love ron. Hes my favorite. In case you hadnt noticed, my favorite characters tend to be the funny ones. Like iggy and jacob and emmett. Well, i guess thats enough for now. My fingers are getting tired and im already on my sixth text, so i think thats enough.

Go Kat & Marie! Two amazing people!! :D

haha so we have a very good friend named Kat, and she, along with her equally amazing friend, Marie, made a song.

I must say, it's one of the shortest, yet awesomest songs i've EVER heard!! it's currently stuck in my head.
so go here to listen to it.
and here's her post about it! (because i want to give her more credit :P)

Rian (promises to post something meaningful about the blog-iversary later!!!)
i love creamed corn! >.<

Happy blog-iversary!
i'll post something meaningful later... But can you believe it? It's actually been a year since we've started.
... I guess you probably can.
yeah... Like i said, meaningful stuff later.
rian (is still sleepy- it's early here)

Wednesday, July 15

Get away from the computer!

Aric: Can you help me do my dishes? [weird voice]

Me: No!
A: Please?
R: no! it's not my problem!
A: Yes it is! You're the one eating everything.
A: I didn't know!! (you were eating everything) Well now you know! (you were eating everything) And knowing, isn't the battle! [normal voice]
A: You're eating the computer right now while i'm not in the room! Stop feasting your eyes on the computer! WHAT?! You're writing all this down?! *falls on keyboard* WHY?! [weird voice]

... now he's asking what i've got against weird voices. and he was trying to take the chair from me, so i stood up.
Rian (is being attacked. viciously)

Saw harry potter. Was awesome, but long. Full review later!

Me, too

yuh, i kinda hate public bathrooms, too.

I mean, seriously!
The ones at school always smell weird, so I don't like those...
The ones at gas stations are GROSS (sorry, gas station people... they really are...)
The ones in stores are always just... strange...
The port-o-potties are just DISGUSTING! (i pity construction workers)

...wait. Why am i talking about bathrooms?! this is soooo weird.
I'm just bored.
Rian (needs something better to do than rant about bathrooms... gah)

Sometimes, i hate public bathrooms. Half of the stalls are missing movie theater!

Top 10

yeah, actually, after thinking about it, and remembering a few others, i'm changing the order of the top 5 and going ahead & giving you the top ten... i mean, i'm bored. there's nothing better to do :P

  1. High School Debut
  2. Lovely Complex
  3. Beauty Pop
  4. Schiawasse Kissa Sanchoume
  5. Dramacon
  6. Absolute Boyfriend
  7. Ouran High School Host Club
  8. Yakitate!! Japan
  9. Perfect Girl Evolution
  10. Hayate the Combat Butler
Keep in mind, those are just my top ten.
And if you have any other excellent manga you'd think I'd enjoy, please let me know! i'm bored, and need some other stuff to read! :D
Rian (should probably be going to the library soon... books are due today)

Don't you just hate deadlines? But I mean, I love them at the same time!

yeah. it's a love/hate relationship- I love deadlines because whatever is due, i'm done with it (usually), but I hate them because that means I don't have a lot of time to finish whatever I'm working on. yuh...

anyway. that's not the point. The point is: Tomorrow is the Blog's Birthday! or our Blog-iversary! hahaha
so yeah. that means that anyone who wants to (besides Kat :P) needs to answer the questions for the contest!! Remember- the prize is a surprise, kinda. We're gonna give you something that we can make on the computer and send to you, so yeah. If you don't want to leave your email address in the comment where your answers are, check back on Monday, July 20 (i don't know why, but i wanted to type January for some reason...), and we'll announce the winner!!! :D I guess I could post the answers along with the winner, so everyone can know the answers... I'll repost the questions on that post too. :)
Oh! it was hilarious! I was talking to my friend the other day, and I accidentally made a typo on a smiley face, and it TOTALLY had a MUSTACHE!!! look!!!

you can also do:
:}D :{) :}) :{( :}(

hahaha that last one looks like a two headed person!!! that's awesome!!! :D yeah. totally random, i know, but when HAVEN'T i been random.
GAh i'm so bored. really. no kidding!!! and it's really hard NOT to play with the big plastic bag full of play-doh that my dad has for work & won't let my brother & i touch :( hahaha
So yeah, anyway, be sure to get your answers in!!! The rules & guidelines/ Questions are in the sidebar -->
Do your best!!! (if you're even gonna try. It's not hard...)
Rian (feels like talking to a friend, but her friends aren't talking to her [frown])
psst: I love Lovely Complex- awesome manga. reminded me of High School Debut... hahaha
by the way:
Manga List!
  1. High School Debut
  2. Lovely Complex
  3. Absolute Boyfriend
  4. Schiawasse Kissa Sanchoume
  5. Ouran High School Host Club
Those are my top 5... and they're like, REALLY close. I'm pretty sure that only number 3 or 5 can be changed with something else- numbers 1, 2, and 4 are on my top 5 list forever :) and that is by no means in order, but it's fairly close. :) Actually, Dramacon should be on there... but i don't know what to switch it with!!! It'd probably be 6 on my top 10, if i kept the order of the top 5.
Anyway... uhhh...
Rian (Mustache= Must ache. hahaha)

Getting ready to go see the new hp movie! I'm so excited! I actually reread the whole sixth book yesterday so i'd be ready! Also, if you didnt know this, the seventh movie will be in two parts. 2010 and 2011. Yay! If you hadnt noticed, im a big harry potter fan. On a less obsessive note, we visited the capitol today. The library was awesome. I mean the capitol building in Austin. Texas. Well, gonna get back to my book now. Its hot outside, by the way.

Tuesday, July 14

Just passed a taco place called 'Tacos Manny'. It was weird and funny at the same time.

G.I. Joe!


actually... just go here- this person collected them. :) so you can watch whatever ones you like!
personally, i'll probably end up watching them all by tonight... hahaha

Rian (thinks that some Public Service Announcements can be hilarious!)

Monday, July 13

Kid: Hey G.I. JOE! I accidentally stuffed my dog in the microwave!
joe: Microwaves are dangerous!
k: I didn't know!
j: Well now you know! And knowing is half the battle!
ppl: G.I. JOE! A real american hero!

lol my bro & i made that up... Tomorrow, i'll try to put a youtube video up with real ones... Haha. It might not seem funny to you, but you haven't heard us :P

Rian (actually thinks that the kids are talking to Duke, but it doesn't matter)
psst: lovely complex /is/ hilarious!
the //= italicized.


Today, when I went to the orthodontist, he said that I'll probably get my braces off the next time I go!! (August 10th) This is a freaking miracle to me, since I've had my braces on since the beginning of fifth grade!! Yup...I don't really have any pictures of myself without braces!! It's kinda weird. But AWESOME! (not the picture thing...) I am SO excited!! Well, I'm gonna go eat or something...


Vacation? Yay!

That reminds me of iCarly...

-hey! who slammed that locker?!

Uh...yeah. I love that. So, this post was SUPPOSED to be about how I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow I probably won't post. ): Except for possible mobile posts and some ttp's i've set up. So...bye!! Might post once more tonight, but don't expect it. Also, we've updated our fanfiction, The Secret Life Of... It's a Max Ride fanfic. Under my username. Umm...yeah. So, have fun this week! I'll be back on Sunday! (yay) Man, I'm gonna have so much to catch up on when I get back...fanfictions, mangas, tv 

Sunday, July 12


So, Kat has answered some of our questions!! She's the only one so far...but luckily (for you) she got some of the questions WRONG. Well, technically not wrong, but she didn't answer some.

Um...yeah. So submit your answers? Please.
Kris. (Rian is here too, by the way. Maybe we'll post later)

man, i love parodies.

You should watch this one, by the way. It's awesome and hilarious.

Also, Rianna's spending the night expect a joint post!

Friday, July 10


Man, I love that...nonword.
This post is mainly going to be me blabbing on and on about how awesome it is that my current story is the longest so far (which is usually how things like this work). So if you don't want to listen to me blab, i suggest you stop reading. Just this post, not the blog. No one go around telling people that I told them to stop reading MY blog. That would be stupid.
Now, onto the blabbing.
My story is in it's third notebook (!?) and I only have about three pages left until I have to start a fourth! (can you tell how excited this makes me?) Also, it's like...280 pages long. I'm nearing the end, but that doesn't mean much, considering it takes me SO long to write endings. It's because I have to go slowly and make sure they make sense, and sometimes I just don't want the story to end, so I drag it out...But anyways. I should be done before school starts.
The only REAL problem for me, which most people probably won't see as a problem, is that I get SO attached to my characters. It would probably kill me to kill one of them, and that wouldn't do anyone any good. So I try to avoid killing. Also, if you join us on the cbox sometimes, you'll see some...odd names. Some of them are names of characters I'm particularly attached to. And when I say attached to, I mean it. I wrote their story, 175 pages of actiony goodness, last summer, and every few weeks I still feel the need to write short stories about them. Even though it's not my longest story, it's certainly my favorite, and possibly my best. But anyways, the story I'm writing now has pretty awesome characters, but the only problem is that there's ALOT. It was unavoidable, though, with the circumstances.
The most fun part for me, is coming up with mental images of characters and forming their histories. I love it, because then you know why they are the way they are. Writing just makes everything make sense.
Well, if you've even read this far, you've probably had enough of my random ranting. If not, be sure to let me know. I'm sure I could go on for hours. It's been done before...but that's more so when I'm talking to people.
Seriously, you should never get me started on things like that. Because I will go on and on. Another topic to avoid if you're short on time is stuff about space, or scifi-ish stuff. You know, asking me if I think time travel is possible (yes), about black holes, the formation of the universe, aliens, wormholes; stuff like that. I've seriously talked people to sleep. Well, it wasn't all my fault, considering that it was probably three in the morning, dark, and it was my cousin, who can fall asleep at a moments notice.
See, here I go again. Rambling off on some random topic that only has the slightest bit to do with the original topic. But whatever. I'll stop now.

you're gonky :P

gonky is a word, and i won't tell you what it means.

... wait. if it's in the dictionary, that is NOT the definition i'm using.
cuz i don't even know what it is!

anyway, i made a secret post.
basically- i made a post today, and then i posted it BACK IN TIME! [twas using that weirdo announcerish voice... you (hopefully) know the one] heh.
yeah. you can look for it if you want...
i guess maybe i'll give hints?
  1. 8
  2. Cars
  3. uhhh...||| |||||||| | || |||| ||| |||||||| |||| = $$$$
... sorry if you were expecting obvious hints.
but hey- if you're bored, and you don't understand that, just call up a friend and you people can solve it together! or you can solve it by yourself.
actually... i just barely understand it myself. the hints are hard. sorry :P

Rian (is YOSHIMITSU IN DISGUISE! [not really.])

The weirdest(and grossest) thing just happened. I was reading a pretty good book(found- margaret peterson haddix, one of the best authors ever) and turned the page to find it filled with hair. Not just one or two strands either enough to make a whole barbie! Also, since this is a mobile post, and it took more than one text, i wonder if it will post as one post or three? I guess we'll see.

Thursday, July 9

Oh yeah.

I was supposed to be posting to tell you that the contest rules and stuff are now in the sidebar! So you don't have to go searching for the post.Good luck!


if we were robots...

My name would be R.I.A.N.N.A., which stands for:

Robotic Intelligent Assassination and Nocturnal Nullification Android

doesn't that sound AWESOME!?
and kristin would be K.R.I.S.T.I.N., which stands for:

Kinetic Robotic Individual Skilled in Thorough Infiltration and Nullification

that sounds awesome too! :D
i like my robot name... but i think kristin's sounds a bit cooler... but i get to have fun with mine because i assassinate things intelligently and am an android :)
R.i.a.n. (Robotic Immediate Assassination Neohuman- hey! not too shabby... actually, it sounds cooler than my whole name :P)

I'm bored

Not much going on right now...I am kinda sad though, about So You Think You Can Dance, which my mom and I always accidentally call Dancing With the Stars. Next week they'll be switching partners, so my favorite couple, Jason and Caitlin, will be split up!! :(

But anyways...I'm eating cheez-its. i still haven't figured out why they spell cheese like that, and i just noticed it like, yesterday. Or something like that.
Random chocolate eating cupcakes. Mini cupcakes.
Well, since this post doesn't appear to have a point, I think i'll stop. Might post later, though.
Also, interesting story idea...ideas, Rian.


i'm bored
I need something to do. maybe i'll write a story!
i'll write a story! :D
ooook. let's start an outline:

Who: Jacob Anderson & Emma Taylor
What: are next door neighbors and best friends
When: their whole lives so far
Where: in Montana ... a town called Rowett (pronounced: Row- eht)
Why: their parents work together at the same company, Ssenisub, and so they spend a lot of time together.

hah. i don't know yet... maybe i'll make it a super cliche story- the classic girl next door business, or whatever, or i could make it neutral- they stay best friends forever, eventually one moves, and some stuff happens that reunites the two friends later on, or maybe everything goes horribly wrong- emma likes jake, but jake likes Ava (emma's best friend), and then there are fights, emma moves, jake realizes he liked her more than emma, but they never see each other again. or i could possibly involve aliens? or- oooh! GIANT ROBOTS! :D hahaha i'm not sure yet. but we'll see. if anyone has ideas on my blog story, let me know!
Don't forget to answer the blog quiz for a special surprise! remember- if you want to get the surprise, you must answer the most questions correctly by Monday, July 20, 2009. And please, don't cheat! Don't say, "Oh look! someone left a comment! let's read it! *click* oh look! answers! let's copy them- they might be right!" please. i mean- it goes to the FIRST person, not the person that cheats!! so yeah.

Rian (needs to think up ideas for the story... and a title.)

... There needs to be band-aids that stick to your feet & palms...
I mean, i have an ant bite right at the base of my toes, & it itches like crazy! So i put a band-aid on it... That lasted like, 2 seconds. Then, i cut the bottom of my other foot, & i'm using duct tape to keep it on. >.>;;
rian (was watching jeapordy, & now wheel of fortune!)

Jeez. The Grim Reaper must be as bored as I am.

we have another death...

95-year-old Oscar Mayer died!!! O.O :'(
it's so freaking sad!

So I have my two favorite Oscar Mayer Wiener songs on here.

The Classic "oh i wish"

Rian (knows that unicorns are not real- unlike Brittany Spears :P)

Wednesday, July 8


I'm doing this in a more...formal manner than Rian. We're having contests to for our blog readers, since it's our blogiversary! It will start now, when I post the questions, and it will end Monday the 20th! All answers to the questions can be found somewhere on the blog. The prizes will be...SURPRISES! But, to give you an idea, it will be something you can use on your computer. Like if you want a new background, or something like that, tell us! And we'll do our best to either make one or find one. Like I said, I can work wonders with a computer. So, if you don't have a blogger account, or even if you do, it'd be nice if you included an email address with your entry.

So, rules:
1. The first person to give the correct answer (for each question) is the winner, unless we can't get ahold of you.
2. If no one answers a question, we'll give ourselves prizes! (yay)
3. No hints. Don't even ask.
4. Leave answers in a comment on a post, with the question numbers please!

1. When is Kristin's birthday?
2. When is Rianna's birthday?
3. What is written at the very end of the blog?
4. When has our normal meeting time been lately? Time and day.
5. What is Kristin's favorite color?
6. What is Rianna's favorite color?
7. What day was the blog started?
8. What is 'Usagi'?
9. What is our favorite book series?
10. Where should you go for 'thousands of free blogger templates'?


I beat kristin to this! Though she'll probably come and add more detaily stuff... but anyway, that's beside the point.

So, for the blog's birthday, we are going to have a contest! So far, this is what's going to happen (as far as i know, anyway... and we all know that what i know is not very much. i'm very out of the loop most of the time- and that does NOT mean i'm loopy... though i am sometimes... jeez, i digress [again]) woah. let's start that sentence over... So far, what we plan to do is make quizzes or something for all of you lovely blog readers to answer. I guess you can answer in the comments? We'll sort this out later. Anyway, the person (or persons- like i said, not sure how this is going to work out completely yet...) who win(s) will receive a prize from the both of us. of course, it'll just be something we can make on the computer... it's not like we could randomly send you a gift card (or cookie, for that matter) through the mail... that'd be kinda weird. No offense, but i'm fine with comments and cbox posts- i don't really need fan mail (haha)

wow. i'm really sounding like i'm full of it, eh? sorry. i don't mean to...
... [awkwardish silence (that means i'm just sitting here trying to figure out something to type, and you're probably gonna keep reading this stuff, so it's not really awkward on your part...)]

hah. if i wanted to sound full of myself, i'd just post Kristin & Jason's (no, not the people at the library... anyway, her name's spelled different) song. THEN i'd sound like a total airhead. :P hah.
Rian (is not a candy that makes people's heads turn into balloons and explode, though she thinks that would be quite comical)
psst: i'm gonna laugh if kristin actually posted something of this before me, and i post this saying i beat her. hah.

Mobile Posting

So, as you have probably noticed, both Rianna and I have set up mobile I won't have to worry about those stupid lines any longer!


Yay! Go mobile posting!! :D

Testing, testing, 123. I'm hoping this'll work...

First mobile post! Im making sure it works.

i'm just trying to figure out how to mobile post without those stupid lines....

I can post from email, but i don't have email on my phone. I could always use my mom's phone, but I doubt she'd let me...let me look it up, and then i'll post about the contest thingy.

EDIT: I set up mobile I just have to try it!! Yay!

Sample post

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Kristin and Jason

Okay, so the funniest thing happened at the library today...and I'm going to have to give names, so I hope they don't mind.

This one lady who works at the library is Cristen...and I'm Kristin. And the guy I  work with some days (like today) is Jason. And apparently, Cristen's husband's name is Jason. And so is my brother's. It was SOOO weird.
Also, I got to shelve books today, instead of just working the summer reading club desk. It was fun, annoying, and dirty.

Now, I am officially confused. well... More confused than usual, anyway.

I totally thought that we started the blog on the 17th of July... but obviously not.

I've been sprouting lies to everyone in the world because i'm weird! (and didn't know the truth...)
that's not cool. So yeah. The Blog's Birthday (Yes!) is going to be Thursday, July 16, 2009. Yep. You know, suddenly, the word "yes" looks like the weirdest word i have ever seen. not even kidding- i typed yes up there, and it look wrong... I had to capitalize it so it looks less weird to me.
ANYWAY, enough of my problems :)

We're still having our little gatherings or whatever you want to call them on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm central time, so please feel free to join us! It's very lonely.
Birthday is the 16th, but the party is on Monday, July 20, 2009. Same time (8:30 pm central time) I guess... I'll check on that.

Rian (is not looking forward to today- it's looking like yesterday all over again... and yesterday was SOOO boring i almost died. no kidding.)

Well this sucks

So I just realized (actually, Rianna told me) that I will be on vacation next week, and therefore not be able to get on the computer for our one year celebration (Thursday the 16th, which I may have gotten wrong before?)!! Which explains the title, really. I'll have posts though, since I can time travel, but I won't be able to get on the cbox unless my dad brings his laptop with us and lets me use it. So, we're going to officially celebrate (with both of us) on Monday the 20th. Um...I'm gonna go eat breakfast, so bye!