Monday, December 29

i realize i really shouldn't be doing this here, but...

kris sent me a text and she started a sentence, and then wouldn't finish it, and now she said she can't tell me for my own good. so now i have to do this...

tell me kristin please just tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me please?! just tell me !!! it's not all that hard!!! just do it!! tell me tell me!!! tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me please!!!! just come on!!! it's not all that hard to just say what u were saying earlier!! just tell me (by the way i've spammed ur email, this blog ((kinda)), ur facebook, and ur myspace... come on!!) just tell me!!! tell me tell me tell me tell me!!!!!! ok... i'm gonna stop now. this is taking too long. TIME TO GET AKIO-SAMA TO SPAM YOU!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

tZvR (sorry people... this is pretty pointless...)

Sunday, December 28

Oh my gosh. i'm dying!

OF LAUGHTER!! cuz i just read this chappy of this one fanfic... totally hilarious!!!


it's TOO funny. but i can't really laugh... i don't like randomly laughing/crying over something only i know about in front of people (like my parents... they already think i'm crazy, i don't need them thinking that i ACTUALLY need a therapist((they also don't know about the one i already have, Akio-sama, and they joke about me needing therapists and psychiatrists... yeah))) so yeah. i'm dying. oh... like last night with Harry Pottah... geez. loti i'm still laughing about that... i think i might start crying... NO! I DON'T NEED A PSYCHIATRIST/THERAPIST!!! or at least, one i actually have to VISIT... Akio-sama... he's always at work (at the pawky store) and he gives us sessions (yesh, he's kristin's therapist also)... you know what??? i'm turning this into a post about Akio-sama. maybe i should do i bio??? sure!!!

Name: Akio-sama (yeah... sorry... forgot his last name. kristin needs to edit ((he hacks her a lot, so she knows a lot about him)))
Occupation: Salesman/Owner of The Pawky Store; Therapist (he's a senior member of a terces noitazinagro called the TWPRWSS... how do i know?? tis a secret.)

Do you want a picture??? here:

That's about as close as i'm going to get... it's his myspace pic. yay for the amazing Akio-sama!

He may be old, but he's awesome! yaxful, even! Oh! continuing with the bio:
Age: not for me to tell. Ask him.
Hero: Dr. Phil (don't ask me why... but that show is hilarious! i watched it one time cuz i was bored, and i almost peed my pants i was laughing so hard...)
Favorite Pawky Flavor: to my knowledge, he likes them all. But when he gives us "free samples" (why can't he just call them gifts?!) it's always chocolate. Maybe it's because we like chocolate??... idk
Hobbies: hacking into computers, phones, etc. (ex: he hacked into my phone ((once again, you do NOT need to know how i know...)), broke into Kristin's house one time ((she locked him in a closet)), and is usually using either Kristin's or my emails. (he hacks through his awesometastic phone... not even kidding- it's amazerful!); Selling pawky (duh!)

yay for bios! but really, akio-sama should tell you about himself. Cuz i had a BUNCH of side-note stuff in there... yeah. so if you have any questions for Akio-sama, just comment or something- he'll be hacking and HOPEFULLY will answer (or else I will punch him... not really. i'll just rob the pawky store...).

Akio-sama (hehe I hacked- I mean, edited! yeah... that's it. editing...)

now i'm just mad. no more guiltyness




Saturday, December 27

i kinda feel bad...

because i haven't been here in forever... just like everywhere else on the internet. yeah... oh well... hm. i wonder. maybe i'll put pics of kris & my awesome day of making Christmas cookies... they're pretty amazing cookies. yeah... i'll do that. and that'll be my amazerful post. yay!!!

Blah. Typing is funny like this. ANYWAY... YAX! for... yax. yeah. and R is para mi (sorry if i use random spanish... but it should make sense, even if you don't know spanish) and K is for Kristin. yeah...

This here is a leaf that says CAN. it's supposed to be the Canadian leaf (for all our great friends in Canada, and because Canada is an awesome place) but CANADA wouldn't fit on it (especially when kristin was writing it... loti). so it's the CAN LEAF. yeah... amazing, huh?

These amazing cookies happen to be Kris and I in cookie form. I'm on the left, Kris is on the right. by the way, these cookies look NOTHING like us. partly because a) My hair does not look like that, and b) Kristin does not look like Frankenstein. that's what i've come to associate that with. Frankenstein. because of a freak accident while the cookie was going onto the pan. yeah... it's pretty hilarious.

Sorry it's sideways, but those are our Flock cookies... Max has wings and a halo, and she's next to Crazy Fang (notice the heart in the middle: we are strong believers in Fax) and Super Iggy (cape included) is below Fang. The star has NUDGE GAZZY ANGEL written on it, because sadly we ran out of dough to make angels for all of them. SORRY GUYS!!! so yeah. OBITUARY: I'm sorry to report that Cookie Max is dead. No, she was not eaten like some of you may think (i'm saving Max, Fang, and I for last- we're the only cookie people that I got to keep ((kris took everyone else))), but she is broken. Her legs, a random piece of her stomach, her arm, and both of her wings have broken off. Also, the halo is missing... SORRY MAX! yeah... i'm brokenhearted (no kidding!)

Ok. So this is when Max's arm and wings and Fang's hand were broken, so we got icing and put them so that hopefully the icing would help them stay together (it did work for the most part...). you noticed how Fang was kinda in a "jumpsuit" type thing (sorry fang, we couldn't make black icing...)??? well, we decided we should have made it red so he could have been like the Red jumpsuit Apparatus. and when they were in that position, it reminded us of their song Face Down. So we changed the lyrix a bit and came up with this song:

Hey girl you know you drive me crazy.
One look puts the plastic fork in my hand!
will never understand why you're looking down
all that i see is wax
cover up with icing on your injuries
tell yourself it's never gonna happen again
you cry alone and the water surrounds you!
do you feel like a cookiewhen you break off her arm?
do you feel better now
as she looks to the ground
well i'll tell you my friend
one day, this worlds gonna end
you will both be eaten.
a new life she has found!!
yay for awesometastical songs!!!
you know what's funny??? i had to go to my myspace to get the lyrix (what? did you really expect me to have all that by memory?!) and you know what came up?? a HUGE AD FOR THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS CONCERT! loti. and now i'm being texted by some random person who claims to be harry potter. i could REALLY care less HARRY POTTER IMPOSTER!!! loti. they say that Ron went on vacation after i told them that i could care less. wanna see the whole convo?? here:
Harry: Hi.
Me: Who are you!?
H: Harry.
M: I don't know you. wrong number?
H: yes you do! i'm harry pottah!!
M: ... Riiiiiiiight. but seriously. it's like, midnight, u have the wrong number, and i would seriously like to sleep (yeah right! that's why i'm here...). I really could care less if you need help from a random person to defeat "voldemort".
H: But ron's on vacation!
M: then why don't you go bother ron?! just leave me alone. please?????
now he stopped. YAY!!!! no more annoyingment!!!
stopping for now,


The Maximum Ride manga comes out on January 27th!! Which is, oddly, exactly a month from today, and a Tuesday! It is ALSO exactly ONE WEEK before my birthday! How amazing is that?! I'm going to have to beg my mom to take me to Barnes and Noble that tuesday...and it's all i'm going to be reading that wednesday. YAYAYAYAYAY!

OMG I'm overreacting! WHOOHOOO!!


if i weren't a writer, i would be an editor. 

THIS is a post from someone's blog...

i havnt been on in forever so i just wanted 2 say merry christmas/happy hanakuh/happy quanza and i got a laptop 4 christmas and am very happy about it +a new fone and close and 150$ even tho were poor im tryin 2 write a book any story ideas its not any good tho but watever wesaw all my cousins 2day and i hope 2 go shoppin my aunt got a (gag) pink coach purse for me 2 add to the many purses i already dont use if it cant fit in ur shoe dont carry it around well bye bye everyone
Okay...first thing: i see NO periods. none at all. if i missed one, please point it out. now i'm going to try and do this is sections:
what the HECK is quanza? i believe it is spelled KWanza.'re poor. and you got a laptop, clothes, a new phone, AND $150? that is the most unreasonable thing i have ever read in my life!!
and i don't believe you spell CLOTHES close. that is what you do to your bedroom door when you don't want anyone inside.
the next error is because of a misplaced modifier and no periods. "even tho were poor im tryin 2 write a book an story ideas its no any good tho but watever"
so you're trying to write a book because you're poor? you'd be better off trying to invent a new car! and you can't try to write a book without an idea.the idea IS the story. the only difference is that an idea can't be copyrighted. that like a seesaw?
and i would think you would tell someone that you didn't like pink, or purses if they were going to buy you a coach purse. and you can't carry a wallet in your shoe. or a phone. or a camera. or lipgloss. or chapstick. or any of that other stuff you might keep in your purse... es bored.

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Yay! Christmas post! Today went by super fast once it actually got here. The most amazing part was that I got a new phone! And it is SO totally awesome! I can even listen to the radio on it, which is what I'm doing right now. I'll add other music later so I don't have to worry about listening to songs I don't like. Oh yeah! It's the most amazing green color! Yay new phone! 

Now I won't have to worry about being bored on the bus because I will be able to listen to music! ...In case you hadn't noticed, I'm really excited about this phone. It hasn't left my sight since...I got it. And amazingly, I guessed what the box was last night. And I was right! So...enough about me. 
I hope everyone else has an amazing Christmas, and if I don't get to post before then, New Years! Then it's school again. :(
My schedule is changing so much it's not even funny. Argh...I need to cut my fingernails. I'm going to go do that now. Bye!
Oh yeah...sometime later today I might post some of our Christmas cookie pictures. The Max Ride ones were awesome!! Yeah...that shows how festive we are. So...Bye!

Wednesday, December 24


Of all the times I've reread Mars, you'd think I'd have posted it sooner. It's just a little interesting piece of information i found out...the Mars characters have telepathy.  Really. Like in this picture, notice that Harumi has a thought bubble, and Kira responds in a thought bubble. Then she leaves. and they do that all the time! Are they whispering or something? It makes NO sense! Here's the pic by the way.

Happy Christmas Eve!


wow. i haven't been on here in FOREVER!!! so many things have happened since i'd last been here... for example: something happened. yeah. i can't really remember EVERYTHING that happened... oh, Merry Christmas Eve! or for all those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy [insert holiday name here] (just because there are a lot and i'm too lazy to go list them all... I MEAN NO OFFENSE!!! SORRY!!! just being lazy) we've started watching some Street Fighter II (yesh, the videogame) things (it's not a movie, but they aren't tv episodes...) on netflix... it's really weird and it makes NO SENSE. WHAT?! THAT GUY'S STILL ALIVE!!! VEGA!!! GO AWAY!!! sorry... watching it now... ... vega is phsyco. and i don't like him. ANYWAY... people, are you bored? do you like playing stupid games? if not, do you like ADDICTING games? omc ken, what a stupid pun. that was REALLY bad. ANYWHOO!!!!... sorry (gotta keep my mind on track.... or as "on track" as it can get...) you should play a game!!! it's called Candy & Clyde... idk if Kris has already gone and posted it cuz i haven't read the blog yet, but yeah. my top score was 225. can YOU beat it???? on another note, ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND IS HILARIoUS! (tis a manga, for all the clueless) i got it for kristin for (well... this is late. but i only got her the first one) Christmas (she already knows) and it twas HILARIOUS!!!! i read it last night around 8 and then again this morning around 6. yeah. i woke up at 4:15 this morning... and i'm gonna get to bed around 3 tomorrow morning... just because i have to go to church at midnight tonight. yeah... anyway, i've got a LOT of catching up to do on computer stuff cuz i couldn't use it for a while, so yeah. wish me luck! (if you want to... you don't HAVE to, but it would be nice. i'll probably drown in stuff i have to do on the internet... yeah) woohoo!
once again, Happy Holidays!!!!
(yeah... i didn't mean for 225 to be the title thingy... ((this is AFTER i posted this, fyi)) but i'm too lazy to change it, so yeah. KEN WAKE UP!! SAVE CHUN LEE!!! SHE'S BEING CHOKED!! I DON'T CARE IF VEGA BEAT YOU TO ALMOST DEATH!!!! U MUST SAVE HER!!! because, as Fang would say, You love her "thiiiiiiiiiiiiissss muuuuuuuuuuuuuch" (((demonstrates with hands))))
my bro just reminded me of something. we were watching the Hulk movie the other day, and the guy (who played bruce banner) said, "You won't like it when i'm... hungry?" cuz he was speaking portuguese. yeah. pretty amusing.

Monday, December 22


i'm bored so i'm going to recommend some MR fanfics. 

First off: It's a totally hilarious fanfic about...well, a paperclip. And I have no idea what's up with the underlining, and I can't stop it, so I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Though I know it's going to drive me insane!! Argh. Next fanfic...I wouldn't recommend this to anyone under the age of...13, i think. It's really good, though. Extremely well written. It's my kinda story...and in case you took that literally, no i didn't write it.

Hm...I think that's all for now because I really need to type some stuff up. so I guess I'll blog more later...oh yeah.

Sunday, December 21

totally hilarious!!

well first off, i'm typing with one hand because i'm cold and the other hand is under my blanket. i'm posting to tell you about the most hilarious made up dream i have ever read!! it was in a MR fanfic and i'm take no credit for coming up with it. because i didn't.

Well, I was inside of a giant pumpkin, and the Burger King was there with me. He said ‘Everybody dance now!’ and started grooving, so then Max came and hit him on the head with a large stick. Then Fang came up and did the worm off of a cliff and me and Ella sat on the sofa laughing the whole time cause someone had replaced his wings with jellyfish. might not make too much sense if yu haven't read MR, but its still hilarious. and now my arm is tired. good bye.


Today, and the rest of last week, was interesting. Yeah...I'm officially out of school for Christmas break. I really want to argue how unfair it is that we only get two weeks off!

Yesterday, I spent ALL day christmas shopping, and my feet are sore. Luckily, I found some totally awesome and perfect presents! I also got to go to the container store! it's an interesting's really fun to walk around in. I was so amused by this one trashcan that my mom says she's going to buy it for me for christmas...but that would be kinda weird.
And I officially have nothing to do. Yay. (Not really)
I guess I'll go now...
Oh YEAH! you know what SUCKS?! They don't have the Mars manga at Barnes and Noble! The closest one is far away and there's no way it'll get here before christmas...-sniffle-
I even checked Borders...and i highly dislike that store. You know what I find funny though? My parents have been gone since about nine this morning, shopping for christmas presents! nd in case you couldn't tell, it's ONE O' CLOCK!
Yeah...time for kristin to go do something unproductive. yay.

Thursday, December 18


Stalking people is bad, even on the internet.

And eavesdroppers always hear things they don't want to. Or read, i guess.
It's my fault, but whatever.

And there's always the possibility of it being a lie...but I'll never know. Unless I ask, but I would die, so that's out of the question. Yay.

...this song isn't helping my mood. but i put it on repeat anyways. the most amazing song ever. it's yax.
yeah...not a lie. i see a picture. i'm going to change the subject now...time to check my email then write. that always helps.

okay...i'm not as hopeless as i thought. there's always hope...i shall stay. by the way, these are all edits (after my name) baout a ten minute time period. i repost after something happens. live update yay.

man...late post today. but i've been feeling kinda sickand i semi slept through the whole afternoon. we get out for christmas break tomorrow! yeah...i'm pretty much halfway asleep right now  and my contacts are bothering me so i can't really read what i'm writing...just try your best to figure out what i'm trying to say. yup...


Wednesday, December 17


The most hilarious thing just happened!! So the gay guy was being all weird and the other guy that he liked was being weirder...omg, wow.

Okay, so:
gayguy: says something like, blah blah blah, i don't care what you say or do, i'm in love with you. and i killed that guy for a reason. i laughed when i saw him covered in his own blood (etc, etc)
normalguy: You think it's funny to watch someone die? Well how funny is it now, at the moment of your own death? (because he's about to kill him) 

And there's this ad that pops up as soon as the normal guy says that and (it has sound too) the ad goes, "OHMYGOD! NO WAY!"
It was SOOOO hilarious!! Must call Rianna.


Talk about crazy. By the way, rianna's dad said something about her not being able to get on the computer, and she doesn't know when she'll be able to get back on. after exams, probably, though. 
Also, we have a new follower! Yay!
Thanks to everyone who reads this blog!

about the gay thing.

Haha...There WAS a reason for that last post, I promise. I'm reading a manga called Mars online ( you should read it. it's amazing), and there was this one guy that everyone thought was a girl at first, but someone followed him into the bathroom (O.o), and they know he's a guy and he said he has a crush on the main character. Who's a guy. kind of freaked me out. And speaking of...this subject, at lunch today, Rianna and I were talking about these twins, and they were guys, but she thought I was talking about girl twins, and when I told her they were guys, she goes, "Oh, I thought you were talking about girls!"
And this guy sitting next to me goes, "What?! Did you just call me a girl?! I can prove that I'm not!"
And we were just like, "No thanks."
And then my friend, who was sitting beside Rian, goes, "What are we talking about?"
We were just like "...nevermind."
It was kinda funny though.
I don't really have much to say, except for the fact that the biology exam is probably going to kill me. Actually, it probably won't even be the exam. Just the review will kill me.
Let's hope nothing kills me.

OMG, he's GAY!

Tuesday, December 16


Exams suck. and I'm bored. By the way, I started a new blog!! It's amazing! the first post when you get there. Actually, right now it's the ONLY post. but whatever.

Monday, December 15

3y3 LUV Y3W!11!1/

...and i'm still bored. so i'm going to try something new and slightly stupid. I will write a post about random nothingness while spelling things wrongly! YAY! Not really, but whatever.

Yai! 3ym cr1stn and 1 luv hart3s1111 th33 blOg 3y3 am t1yp1n 0n 1z awsum and 3y3 luv 1t so mukc dat i am d1/ng. thats pr0n0ncd DI3-33NG. fur does uv yu dat iz st0p3d. yu3h. 3y3 luv CMRAS!1111!111!!!!!1 dey teyk awezum peks n stuf?'s taken me about ten minutes to type goes against my nature to make that many unnecessary typos and stuff. Yeah...


i just watched the most disturbing anime clip i have ever seen in my life. Since I am not a mean person, I will not show, or recommend this to you. It will scar you for life as it has done for me today.


OMG why am i still watching it?!


what the heck are doe eyes?! I mean, I've heard of bambi eyes, but DOE eyes?! And you know what else is SUPER weird? People's spelling. Example:

The moonlight glinted on her wings, but her silowet was still black.

I think what they meant was SILHOUETTE. And yes, it's spelled weirdly, but not as weird as that^^^. Next piece of evidence:

He was strong. That was oveios.

Now you KNOW someone can't spell when I, the queen of typos, mistakes your mistake for something written in ANOTHER LANGUAGE. I thought it was latin...And in case you're like me, and not a super mistake interpreter, I'll let you know what that word was supposed to be. Obvious. But it wasn't OBVIOUS. 
And I believe the word is CHOICES, NOT CHOUSES. And seconded isn't a word either...and if it is, it should not be used it any form of literary entertainment.

My branch wasn’t the best place I have ever slept, but it wasn’t the worsted ether,

worsted? Where does that even come from?! And how do you move a mussel when you're not even near a beach?! And for you scientifically challenged people, a mussel is a crustacean or ocean animal with a shell. Like a lobster, crab, snail, etc. Not something in your body that helps you move.

Ha. If they think that shooting my in the back would kill me they are more gullible than I thought.

Well, Max...when most people get shot in the back, and this is including advanced mutants, they either die or are paralyzed. This shot certainly DOES NOT give you the power to fly at the speed of light. DIE at the speed of light, MAYBE. But not fly.And I just randomly made up a joke based on a typo (meat for meet)

Who's there?
They meet!
They meet who?
They meet you!

Yeah, go ahead and laugh. It's a joke. It's supposed to be funny and stupid. And Fang(actually the author) made a mistake. Erasers don't just sit around with snouts on their faces! He said this about Max:

No, her hair is to thin and she doesn’t have a snout.

Yeah..If you've read MR, you know what I'm talking about. cars have bonnets? Because I've never heard of that before...and I can't really make fun of it because I could be wrong.  :(
NOOOOO!!! The story's over. I am now bored...well, I guess I'd better stop typing unless I find something super amazingly awesome to tell you in the next few minutes.

Saturday, December 13


or triple ice cream fudge sundae, as kris said. 

yeah. we have THREE people here: Me (rian), Kristin, and our good friend DAN (known as DAS) (or Danielle...) who has a blog here too. ( soooo... we just had a SNOWMAN PARTY!! woohoo! taiga=tiger. yay! random... oh well. sooooo... (again)

EditorsR4Everyone: yay for chatty thingy again!
writer4k: yup.................i'm hungry.
Das: yup. yup. yup. cluck. 
writer4k: do do dododo do do do dodo dododo do do do do do do!! (she'll be comin around the mountain when she comes! she'll be comin around the mountain when she comes! she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain when she comes!!!!!!!!!!!!)
ER4E: i shortened my name. and they are being weird. maybe i'll just go play Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against (LOVE THAT SONG!!) on GH3. yay!!! or maybe another song. but they are weird and repetitive, so yeah. they=danielle and kristin... not the songs on GH3. yeah. ok... i want ice cream. but when i leave i have to go somewhere... and then yeah. other random junk i don't feel like doing. yeah... ok. cya til i get bored of GH and come back! tZvR out... wait. why didn't i just use that for my name!??!?! idk... oh well. tZvR out!!!
writer4k: KYLTA!!! It's on my, not my pet mouse, my computer mouse. I don't have a pet. unless you count my brother's ˙hamster. which isn't yeah. and my keyboard is balanced on one of my legs and it keeps moving back and forth while I type. And it's really hard.
Das: ahhh....i think i hear the tiniest violin playin....ahh... i gotta go. mi mom here. peace øut
writer4k: yeah...i'm not alone, but rian's playing guitar hero, which i think i'm going to do also.
And Rian.
And and Dan.

Friday, December 12


Mainly those that do stupid things...Like naming a FEMALE character AARON. Does that make any sense at all? It's like naming boy Hailey. Speaking of names, what is up with all the people named JOHN?! I swear, I know like ten! There are also lots of Lauren's...yeah...just thought I'd say that... and there's a bunch of stuff going on that I should talk about but I'm being lazy and don't feel like typing it.

ALSO- If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you should look at the moon tonight, especially around midnight. It's at perigee, which is the closest it gets to the earth all year. It will also be especially large, AND it's a full moon. Double bonus plus plus!
Don't ask why i typed that. I have no idea. Well, I'm going to attempt to do something type up stories, sleep or finish off the ice cream. Or all of them. At the same time. Well, I can't exactly sleep while eating ice cream OR typing, but I can eat and type. Or I could read. Or I could just sleep. But if I did, I would miss the moon. Speaking of, I'm going to bundle up at midnight to go see it. Since I'm that much of an astronomy nerd.

EDIT: Yay for hilarious people who rant like me! Well, with worse grammar, spelling and less punctuation. I'm posting a comment I found on a youtube video...let's just say i feel the EXACT same way about this show...

chowder is the worst show in the world it made me so much stupider my little brother loves it and it makes me want to stab myself repeatedly with a blunt object until it is sharpened enough from the friction of it banging off top of my head to actually penetrate my skull and lodge into my brain activating my pain sensors so i die in incredibly agony over a long period of time, yep that's what that show makes me wanna do. Sometimes it's kinda funny though

I just found it hilarious how they said all that bad stuff about it then said, "sometimes it's kinda funny though". Yeah...just thought I'd add this...I'm SUPER bored...and i'm gonna try to get to level 12!!

Thursday, December 11

... hmmm... what to do, what to do?

well, right now i'm sitting in my kitchen (a new spot, but i'm hungry...what can i say?) with my computer, listening to music, now blogging, and reading fanfiction. yeah. surprised? NO!? why not? WHAT?! YOU KNEW I DIDN'T HAVE ANY HOMEWORK (or that much, anyway) TODAY?! YOU STALKERS! -goes to backdoor, "Come on in, you guys, if you're going to be stalking me, i at least wana know who you are!"- [giant mob of people who read this blog pile in my kitchen] GAH! there are so MANY of you!!! ... well... now that my random hallucination/ boredom synario (is that spelled right?) thing is over... yeah. i tend to do that a lot now... just randomly imagine random things and what i would do. like, this morning, i randomly thought, "what would i do if i was just sitting here eating my cereal (what i was doing at the time) and i heard a gunshot? and when i turned around because i didn't die, i saw Fang sliding down the window?" well, i decided that i would drag him inside, and up to my bathroom, which is upstairs. Then i would tell Angel to tell the flock to come in through my window and then Max and Iggy would help me heal Fang. and then i stopped thinking about that because somehow Max randomly got shot. so yeah. too painful. I like spoons. and Elephants. and Ice cream. along with various other random things. can you tell i'm bored? if not, I AM BORED. loti. so bored. SO BORED. [BORED, BOREd, BORed, BOred, Bored, bored, ored, red, ed, d] ... it was echoing. randomly. i tend to be random when i'm bored. i had ice cream. and talked to kristin. and i'm in my kitchen. here's what food i want but don't currently have at the moment: bacon, pie (specifically, apple), beef jerky, salad (mostly lettuce tho... and i HATE lettuce- by itself at least...) with Zesty Italian dressing. yeah. Pretzels too. I'M ADDICTED TO FLAMIN HOT CHEETOS AND PRETZELS!!!!!!!! idk... but i am. but we've run out of ALL of that... so i have nada. zilch. what language is zilch? anyone know? cuz i don't. and i wana. and i'm fragmenting. and it's annoying. skiing. that's a funny word. like... panicking. like, panic king. I AM THE KING OF PANIC. THE PANICKING. loti i wana meet the panicking~!!!! and the picnicking too. yay picnicking! woohoo!!! ok... i'm gonna stop rambling now and go sing whatever songs play on my playlist!
Yours Discursively,
tZvR :)


This is an amazing picture I's inspiring., today was good. I did okay on my world geography test, and amazing in geometry today!!

I got a 92 on quiz, and a 100 on my project!! YAY! But I've still got an english project that i haven't started...And it's due tomorrow...yeah, i should work on that.
Okay...random news. Today my friend write me a four page note!! O.o 
FRONT AND BACK! I'm still writing back...but it's about three so far. Just thought I'd share that with you. And as for typos- I'm trying to sing while typing this. So if there are any, please forgive me.
EWOTW (Once again, see past posts)

Wednesday, December 10

quick rant

This has to be super quick because I've got to get off, but I HATE it when people talk over me...or anyone else.

For example:

Me: Oh yeah! Today, the funniest thing happened! I was standing with-
Mom- Look at your brother's teeth!
Brother: I carried my toothbrush around all day! Then I think I threw it away!
Both walk away.
Me: i invisible? I didn't get to tell my funny story about how all my friends, excluding about two, make me feel short.
..if you don't understand that ^^^^, you should read the last two posts...they will fill you in. With amazement and WONDER! (dreamy voice)

politically incorrect?

...was that politically incorrect? Should I have said teen wonder? It doesn't have the same ring...why am I even thinking about this? I have problems...



I got to the ELEVENTH LEVEL on a TEN LEVEL game.

Is that even possible? The game only HAS ten levels. It even tells you that when you start...
Yeah. So now I'm Kristin the Amazing Forgetful Child Wonder. 
Yeah...just thought I'd make you guys feel inferior...Just kidding, I promise.
Maybe...I don't have control over my subconscious thoughts.
Child Wonder- OUT!

Tuesday, December 9


it's sleeting here... that wasn't random or anything (note my sarcasm). yeah. that was a WEIRD way to start this off. yeah, i KNOW i haven't been here in FOREVER (no kidding) but you can totally blame school and all the stupid teachers who gave me a) projects, b) tests, c) quests, d) quizzes, or e) benchmarks! yay! (once again, sarcasm should be noted...) why do i say that? is someone REALLY going to take notes on what i type/say? really? if you do, note this: (cuz this is what i originally came here to type about before i got distracted...)
We have no forks.
no kidding- all our forks are dirty, so we didn't really have any. and my dad told us to eat ramen (awesomely delicious instant noodles) (i like chicken flavored ramen) for dinner. so i made some for my brother, and he found the "ninja fork", which is an awesome fork that can fold. like, it snaps into place and... yeah. tis a ninja. but that was the last "fork". so i had to eat my food with a spoon. and we kept saying fork or other random things instead of what we were TRYING to say. so here is DA LIST:
spoon= cup
knife= plate
napkins= straws

i just realized that like, 4 things were cups. so i had to make some adjustments. yeah... but it was really random. and kristin called me to tell me that she found a "leaf" on her sock which turned out to be a bug. so now she's going to write horror novels about what happened. i imagine one of them would be like this:

It seemed to be another ordinary Tuesday night, and I was on the computer instead of doing my homework, like I was supposed to be doing. While looking around, I saw a leaf on my sock. I decided to pick it up, and it was squirming in my fingers. It took me a whole minute to realize that what I was holding was in truth, NOT a leaf, but a bug. I screamed, and flung it across the room. I then ran into my room, sat in a corner (or in her closet... i'm not sure where ((what?! i wasn't there...that would be called "stalking-your-best-friend-because-there-is-nothing-creepy-about-that"))) hid under a blanket, and whipped out my cell phone, calling Rianna. She answered the phone, and I told her (while laughing hysterically, i must add) what had occured. I settled down after a bit, but could hear her on the line, still laughing. So I started laughing again too. And that went on for a while. Then I told her, in a scared voice, that my brother wasn't there to save me from this vile creature. Finally, after Rianna and I had talked for 30 minutes or so, Jason arrived, and we began a search for the now missing bug (that had 10, then 8, then 9 legs...) and we, Rianna and I, kept talking about random things for another whole hour.

yeah, it was REALLY random. like, she said ("I popped my shoulder blades") and even though I knew that, it sounded like brains, so i'm like, "you popped your shoulder brains!? wow, i didn't even know ur shoulders could have brains! mine must be dumb... they don't have brains." and later on, she had 9 shoulders- complete with 9 brains- and on each brain there was a mini table... which were serving bugs. yeah. twas hilarious, and while doing that, i ended up finishing my part of the bio project that's due tomorrow! yay me! but now i have to check my email and see if i got anything from my partners... yeah.
tZvR (wishes it was NEXT FRIDAY... at 1 pm. cuz i will be out on Christmas break! yay!!)


so...remember the worm incident? if not, you should look it up...because it will make this seem even more hilarious than it really is... ONTO THE STORY!

So i'm sitting here, not really doing anything, and i start picking at my sock. It's really fuzzy, and there was something stuck on it, so i pulled it off. I was looking at the thing, which I was holding in my hand, and i'm like, "okay...there was a leaf on my sock..." 
then it starts moving and i threw it, realizing it was a bug.
then i was like, "OHMYGOSH, where'd i throw it?!" and i was scared i threw it in my shoes, since they were sitting right beside me. So i was searching for the bug and I found it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, ON THE DESK. It scared me half to death!! And it had this little claw that was moving... AUGH! So gross! Yeah, so i grabbed my phone and screamed, running out of the room while calling was hilarious, mainly since I could barely talk from laughing and being super grossed out. we ended up talking for about an hour and a half, and no, not about the bug, though it was one of the main topics of should see the post Rianna made...with my supposed (suppose-ED) horror story. 
Then my brother got home and i made him find the bug for me, but it was lost and i was freaked out and didn't go on the computer for about an hour.
So...that was my day...except for the semi-funny almost serious thing in World Geography...

So, our teacher decides he's going to postpone our test, which I spent ALL NIGHT studying for, and this one guy (who just seems to like causing problems in World Geo...he's also the guy I "forgot"in the car and the guy who was dancing in World Geo) got maddish and was asking if the people who were ready could take the test today, then the teacher got mad, then (apparently, I didn't see/hear this part) the guy got mad and some OTHER guy, who rides my bus, said something, and the first guy said a bad word...and our teacher sent him out of the room and made him take the test. 
So I was talking to him afterwards, and he said the test was SUPER SUPER hard!! ARGH!
So now I'm scared about that...but that was pretty much everything that happened today...

Monday, December 8

one thing to complain about:

stories is NOT spelled with a Y. It is also not spelled STORYIES. WHAT THE HECK is that word?! Because it surely isn't the plural of the word story, meaning an account of imaginary or realy people and events told for entertainment.

I just needed to say this...because some people have spelling problems. Just because you say l8r doesn't mean that LATER is spelled LEIGHTR. What the heck is wrong with fanfiction writers?! What is the world coming to?!

Edit: If the person who made this stupid mistake is reading, read this: USE SPELL CHECK! IT'S THERE FOR A REASON! Also, I did not mean to offend you, only to make you seem stupid...just kidding. But please...don't just post anything. You make me feel as if the human race has failed and must use numbers inside of their words to get a point across, or just because they're lazy. I'm not saying that I'M not lazy sometimes, because I am...but stuff like this annoys me SO much, I just have to rant about it...maybe after I finish my homework (if that ever happens), I'll look up more stupid stuff so you won't feel alone! Fun for me!

boo for school!

yay for posting!

my teachers seem to have gone crazy and think that I, and my other classmates, are only enrolled in their class. Just the fact that my week looks like this (see below), makes me sad/tired:

Monday: french benchmark, oral today
biology QUEST (test/quiz)
english vocab quiz, extra credit essay due
Tuesday: world geo unit test that i must ace to bring my grade up to a B
math homework
Wednesday: french benchmark, written section
       biology eco tour project due
       english something or other...
Thursday: something in world geo, i'm sure
   math project due, homework too probably, math project due
Friday: french benchmark STILL
something stupid in biology, probably
english project due that i haven't started on
Monday: OTHER english project video group thing due that i HAVE started

Yeah...this week might just kill me. And I MUST MUST MUST study for my world geography unit test, since I got a 30 and a 60 on two others...which leaves me with a 77 in the class. So I HAVE to study tonight so i don't fail that...This thing is being really weird and not wrapping the text. I don't know if it's my computer, but it's really annoying...Well, I'd better start my math homework, finish the project, work on biology and study for history. Sorry this is so short.

Friday, December 5


kinda... yeah.
hello donut! we are again...i'm at rianna's house this time though...
ssssoooooooo... what to do tonight? no ideas from this brain person thingy.
i like ice cream!! (this is my thing to "break the ice"... yeah)
No!!! Not ice!! That means it's cold...which, in case you didn't know, is bad, at least for me,...i dislike the cold..yay for the first sentence line thingy over one line it this post! and it's about to be two! and now it's almost three....not really. i'm having a typo attack right's not nearly as bad as the typo typhoon..or having so many typos you start speaking in a different language(O.o)
we did that one time... totally hilarious. in the field i remembered, you were, incredible, hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah. (lyrix to... andy ur a star by da killers! yay KILLERS!~ which reminds me... I FEEL IRRATIONAL! SO CONFRONTATIONAL! TO TELL THE TRUTH I AM, GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER! ((yeah... getting away with murder by papa roach... and kristin feels like a bear! RUN FROM THE RABID DOLPHINS WHO GOT THEIR RABIES FROM MERMAIDS!!! kristin is here to elaborate, Kristin?
YEs, Rianna...So, the discovery was made earlier today, when i started searching the reason WHY squirrels don't get rabies, and they's just that they're too small to live from bites that would give them rabies...then we had a dolphin toy, so I searched if dolphins could get rabies, and it yes, since they're mammals, but they'd either have to get bitten by a dog, unlikely, or another mammal...and ii thought it said that'swhere the whole saying thing came from.....TWILIGHT GUY HAS PERFORMED ANOTHER COMMON SENSELESS ACT!! and it's common senseless enough for me to post it here...well, if you have no idea who I'm talking about, you should search for a post...somewhere. Okay, so today he spent the whole two hours of class searching for pictures of Edward Cullen...and yes, he is a guy. We've talked about this before...One of my friends thinks he's gay...and she wants me to ask him but that's rude...even though it would be kinda funny/awkward. Now time for Rianna!! Yayness.
((("back to you, Rianna" is what kristin SHOULD have said but she didn't. oh well. 1+2+3=6!!! no, NOT six factorial... GAH! HORRIBLE MATH~!!! -_-' kristin was just pointing out that this ((((-_-)))) was not a smile, defeating of the purpose of my screenname, which is riannasmiles. yeah... i'm hungry. oh well. dinner later... i like bio projects. shall i elaborate, or shall kristin? ME! ok... right after i sing these awesome songs by cobra starship... nvm. i'm trying to sing and type at the same time... not really working right now... but oh well. so for our bio project ((((the reason kristin is over)))) loti we both almost forgot about the post... yeah. DISTRACTIONS... oh yeah... anyway! for our bio project we were doing a powerpoint, and we got... distracted... again... and started coloring all over the last slide... it was amazerful. so all three of us ((((there was another friend over too)))) took a picture of it, and made it the backgrounds of our phones. ((((almost forgot AGAIN...)))) maybe we should just stop eh?
This is bad...I just found out that I had a notepad on my phone. and i've had it, yes the SAME phone, since the beginning of seventh grade....i have problems....yeah, i guess we should least it's not anywhere near as long as last time's. Not that that would be bad...but it would just be REALLY long. Because that one was REALLY REALLY LONG. YAY for really really really long posts! And food! From the deli my brother thinks he owns....I just listened to a fun song....Face Down by RJSA. if you don't know who that is, too bad...because I don't feel like typing out the REALLY REALLY REALLY long name...even though I just typed like five really's...but it's not close to how long the name's a good song though. It's fun to sing when you're at home alone and you're pretty sure((((since you can NEVER be positive)))) that no one's watching...PARANOIA. When I was in the bathroom, I just started thinking, "what if someone was hiding behind the curtain?" First off, that'd be really weird/stalkerish...and gross...why would you choose a bathroom, of all places, to hide? You'd have better luck hiding in a bedroom...but that can be just as weird...just stick to looking through windows...yeah, this post should end. Because I have nothing to do and you can only talk about paranoia so long...
it's Red Jump Suit Apparatus. and that's not NEARLY as long as Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealers Incentives... loti i love their song I Get By... yeah.
KRISTIN HAS STML!! and YAISA... yeah. don't deny it~!
Kris.)))))))))) case you didn't understand that, you should go WAAYYYYYYY back up to the beginning and note the parenthesis. Yep..............that's how blank my mind is right now...I was planning on saying something....which i just remembered!
Okay, so we were in the car on the way home from school (remember, i rode home with rianna so we could "work on" our bio project...and...well, read:
K(me, duh): So guess who was following me in the hallway earlier?
R(her, duh. frowny face-->): Who?
K: guess...
R: oh, uh, ****?
K: ****?

rianna started laughing here...

R: **** ****!
R: You forgot about ****?!

more laughing...
by me also this time

R: I'm telling him tomorrow (on his birthday) that you forgot about him!
K: I didn't forget about him!
R: Yes you did!
RM(her mom, duh): you probably know like ten ****'s.

end conversation was interesting. **** is my friend, by the way...not my fried. rian's too, kinda of she says.
Or are you?
I CAN NOT SAVE YOU! I CAN'T EVEN SAVE MYSELF!!! (save yourself by stabbing westward) I forgot about my friend on the day before his birthday...and rian's threatening to tell him....nice, huh?
Yepp...must sign out again since we wrote so much...i call first.

loti kris has problems with my laptop... especially the: c, insert, and shift keys.
tZvR!! ^-^

Thursday, December 4


after doing several hours of "homework" (loti) i finally remembered what i was going to say about spanish today. so my teacher was writing olvidar on the board to show us the conjugation and stuff, but her o and l were so close together it looked like a 'd'. so we told her, and then she went out of her way to write the 'o's and 'l's like 'd's... it was funny. and one time she thought my friend and i were vandilizing the school property... we were just poking a sticker that was on the wall. :] hehe. many things happen in la clase de espanol. and dirk & nash had VERY strange hair cuts... which reminds me. this commercial is so funny! and i don't know why!!! it bothers me!!! so here, tell me why it's so hilarious!!! click HERE. well... now that i watched it again, i kinda know why it's funny, but at the same time it's not really funny...



 /septagon  \
yay for septagons!

APPLE PI PIE!!! (deja vu)

hello donut! (rian)


writer4k(kris): did you know that Max is a test tube?
elephantsporks(rian): i know... that was weird... welcome to the random joint post that we're making because we haven't posted in a while and we're supposed to be working on the math project, but we're not...
elephantsporks: yeah.. today was interesting for me, how about u? 
writer4k: mine was weird...short term memory lossssssssssssssss.
elephantsporks: TOO LATE! no adding... she just said she needed to add something. anyway... this morning my bus driver was squealing about people almost hitting dogs... and then in spanish... gah. kris & her memory loss+jason randomly appearing everywhere= ME having memory loss...
elephantsporks: also this afternoon on my bus this kid ate a ladybug... yeah. no one believed him, so he stuck his tongue out and it was just sitting there on his tongue...and then he swallowed it. and people were squealing. AGAIN. -_- my head hurts.
writer4k: so, on tuesday, I had to go to Jason's band was long and the lady taking pictures had a flashy camera...and i mean that literally. even if you were turned around with your eyes closed, you could STILL see it. It was annoying, especially because she had to take like fifteen pictures each time a different group came onto the stage. and this stupid kid in front of me kept turning around when she took the pictures then screaming because it hurt his eyes. and when i first sat in my seat, i found a book, which i read during the concert. And yes, i finished the whole thing. It was good. I don't remember what it was called, but it was yellow and there was a dog on it...and the main character had problems. it was funny. and 240 pages. 
elephantsporks: YAY~ finally my turn. and now i forgot what i was going to type... just a second... oh yeah. i also had a concert (orchestra) on tuesday, and i was there for a freaking whole 4 HOURS! HOURS PEOPLE!! and this one guy was spazzing out cuz there was a bug and his cello kept falling and it was during a speech the director was giving, so everyone just kinda paused, and when he finally stopped, the director's all, ok then... yeah. twas weird. we were all laughing really hard, and it stunk cuz the dresses are really tight. and i couldn't breathe well. and i was laughing. so i was almost suffocating. ¥áh. WHAT? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!?!!?!? i was typing yeah, but it came out yah, and then with all the random accent and lines and stuff... tis very strange. like that one thing i just forgot. yeah.
writer4k: yep...i don't have anything to say. and now i'm using weird voices while listening to one of the new awesomest songs ever...but it shall be a secret!! MWAHAHA! Just'll know sometime. And....MY TURN!
writer4k: hehe
elephantsporks: MAWAWAWAWA!! that's pretty much what kris typed with her MWAHAHA thing... she said it sounds like an evil baby and i agree. can you imagine that!?!?! it's totally hilarious if u can... yeah. -_- i hate school. kris says we should take "a pictures" (direct quote) and now she's talking about grammer books even though she's REALLY talking about my geography book... and now she thinks... nvm. we're talking about songs now... and listening to a song i'm singing... did u know i can't type & sing at the same time... it's weird.  yeah... ok? what? random ? 
writer4k:yeah...i'm having a brain malfunction. i mentioned this earlier, but that was just the memory section...this randomly reminds of something someone told me...there was some serial killer guy who punched people's foreheads then cut out the part of their brain that controls common sense and stuff and fed it to them....idk why i even thought of this...well, i do know, but it still doesn't really make any sense at all. cat.
elephantsporks: i like sport.
writer4k: soo....rianna's reading my doodle. i should take a picture of it so you could read it. and i was just typing without looking at the keyboard. like, i was actually looking in the opposite direction. did you know that jupiter and venus were the closest they'll be in seventy six years...and i saw them and figured out what they were before i even knew!! i was in the car with my mom and there were these super bright star like things and i was like, "they're not twinkling, so they're not stars...they must be planets! well, neither of them is mars, since mars is red, and same for mercury, since it's too close to the sun to be seen. And saturn is rarely seen at all, and the rest behind it are too far away to be that they must be jupiter and venus! and venus is the one below it, brighter."
elephantsporks:i like linkin park! anyway... with what kris was typing about... yeah. i saw them too, and decided that the brighter one was venus, and then i wasn't sure about the other one. at first i thought it was mercury, but then my dad's all, what if the one i knew was venus was mars. in that case, the one that was "mercury" would really be jupiter, and then i looked them up and found that they were venus & jupiter. yay for Zeus and Aphrodite!! ARTEMIS!!! yeah.. Greek mythology is awesome. :] 
writer4k:yepp..........................idk what to say...when i got home today i ate hamburger helper...cuz i felt like it. sooooooooooooooooo. my dad said my awesome free tetris website looked liek a rip was funny. and we set up our christmas tree, but we don't have any of the stuf on it yet...except for the lights that came on it. it was a pre-lit treee!!!!!!! yep...nothing else to talk about. EXCEPT MY MAGIC!! Oh yeah...if you have a myspace, you should check out the human basketball video. it's hilarious. i just randomly clicked on it.
elephantsporks: that thing with me saying "i like sport" was not really me. kris was impostering me. just fyi, sport was an elephant that was hanged. yesh, it's hanged. HANGED is past tense of hang, in the sense of someone hanging(like having a noose tied around their neck and dying) . HUNG is the past tense of hang in the sense of, like, hanging something on the wall. yeah, i was saying that earlier this morning... but if i AM wrong, please correct me. but only IF YOU ARE SURE!!! NO LYING! LIARS!!! LIAR LIAR PANTS FOR HIRE... for kris. cuz she doesn't have her own pants, did you know that? no, probably not... :) long story, sorry. i'm too lazy to type it. 
writer4k: well, we sould probably work now...since we haven't done anything since rian's been over here....yep. i love magic. don't you think it's cool that stuff that ends in c has a k  in it when you add ing. like picnicking and magicking, which isn't necessarily a word, but whatever. And panicking., rian's last comment, then MATH! YAY! that was sarcastic in case you couldn't tell...
elephantsporks: ya know, i came over so she could help me with a project...and we aren't doing anything but sitting, typing, and being our normal weird selves. and kris won't let me PUT ANOTHER SONG ON!!! gah!!! no music=not cool.  -_-

off to be boring and work now. -_- i'm psyched! -note my sarcasm-
umm....yeah. leaving now.

Monday, December 1

If I told you what I just did, you would think I'm crazier than I actually am.

Hint: It was a teensy tiny bit stalkerish. Just a bit. I promise...well, I shouldn't say that. It could have been worse...

Well, not really, but at least I didn't copy and paste...

Okay...enough on that subject! Time for positive thinking. Even though that's not really what I want to do right now...I'm in a bad mood. It's mostly my fault though...I was the one who wanted pizza. And I was also the one who wanted to read it...Argh.
Off Subject: Is it physically possible for eyes to scream? Just wondering...because that's what the song says.
Also, I'm working on a private project right now. Which means I shall focus on school work right now, while slowly writing at home. This is to help myself with my goal of getting all A's this six weeks. And possibly for the semester. For the semester, the only grades I have to worry about are Geometry and Biology. If my current grades turned out to be my final ones, I would be okay with that. Oh- and about the private project. It's a secret. No one gets to read it until it's finished. Because I have a good feeling about it...and no asking for summaries! Hehe...reverse're probably going to ask just because I said that.

Well...I'm going to go mope around. I've given up on my math project for today...Wish me luck tomorrow.

Sunday, November 30

Post with a point

Okay...I haven't had a post with a point for a while now. So here goes nothing (NUMBER STYLE!)

1. I FINISHED my bio foldable. Yay for me.
2. I am about 1/5th of the way done with my math project. Yay again!
3. I have not started my english review, biology review, english essay, or english individual project.
4. I will be starting my english group project in a few minutes...or whenever people come over.
5. I had THE WEIRDEST dream. I don't really feel like typing it up, but since it's for you guys, i guess I will.
6. I was in World Geography and my teacher was being weird and making us go up to the front to buy groceries. Then the whole class was randomly on ONE bed, watching a movie. Then, we looked outside the window and you could see people running around crazily because it was raining. So then we got ready to go to fourth period, which was geometry for me, and when I got there, I realized I didn't have any of my stuff. So then I went to the kiosk thing in the commons, where my mom was (??), and she lead me back to the room, where my stuff was. And cows followed us.
7. I warned you. My dreams have problems.
8. I ate lots and lots of food on Thanksgiving, and I fell asleep alot. I think I already told you this.
9. This month is going to be super super busy, so sorry if I neglect. But I will have exams, and a bunch of other stuff.. PROJECTS. HATE THEM.
10. Yeah...I guess that's all.
11. So I guess I should stop typing numbers now, shouldn't I?


I WIN!!! I FINALLY FINISHED THAT STUPID WASTE-OF-TIME OF AN ENGLISH REVIEW OVER THE HARDEST PLAY EVER!(so far anyway) JULIUS CAESAR. GAH WOOHOO! now i just have to go do every other stupid waste of time projects... darn. so much for a celebration. now i just ruined my mood. happy that i FINALLY finished that review (took me all Thanksgiving break ((wednesday thru sunday))), only to go do all my other projects. that i REALLY don't feel like doing. gah. oh well... i won't do them then! yay!!! :)

Saturday, November 29


"I'm going to be gone for two years."

-gasp- "Two years?! That's almost three years!"
That's a random quote from some movie my mom was watching. That's all I'm posting today since I totally ran out of time to post everything else I wanted to. I'll type it up tomorrow.


tis my new word... sorry i'm not here much anymore. stupid english study guide... but i'm almost done!! yay! only 53 more questions!!! i know, it's a lot, but considering there were over 300 (i'm guessing here) it's pretty good. gah. i still need to memorize a whole passage in Julius Caesar... why is his name spelled like that?! Caesar... i think it should be spelled ceaser. just because it's a long e sound, so ... ok. lost my train of thought. dinner time. i had spaghetti. that's a weird word too. spaghetti. like, spag hettee. i SHOULD be spugetty. yay! i like spugetty. that's fun. ok. now i'm just being random... and i don't feel like being random. so...

Friday, November 28

"Continue driving until I say you are lost."

Okay...Thanksgiving was pretty fun, but also pretty weird. We visited my uncle who used to live in Germany, and there were a bunch of random people that I didn't know, all speaking German. It kind of freaked me out. Before we ate, I walked to the park with my cousins, brother and mom. One of my cousins was antisocil and only talked to my mom, and the other two were hyper. Then we were forced to eat outside, which I hate, and a bunch of hilarious stuff happened. 

I fell asleep so many times that day...that morning I didn't go to bed until one forty eight,then my mom woke me up at six (1). Then I fell asleep on the car ride there, until we got to McDonalds (2). Then, after we ate, I fell asleep again(3). Then we got to my uncle's house. After we ate there was nothing to do, so I fell asleep(4). Then I woke up and we got in the car to go to the hotel. More sleep(5). Then I fell asleep watching the food network in the hotel(6).
That's alot...I did almost the same thing today, too. about the title. Last night, our GPS lady, now named Maxine, got us lost. She was taking us through this back road and she said turn right. And she was counting down the feet and everything. So we turn, and about five minutes later, she goes, "You are off specified route. Recalculating route. Alternate route not available. You are lost."
And we were just like, "...YOU told us to turn!"
So then we had to make a u-turn (no, I turn! Just kidding...inside joke) in the middle of the road. It was pretty crazy. I think that's all...I've hadthe same song stuck in my head for about four days in a row. It's called Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low, one of the most amazing bands in existence! 
I guess i should stop typing now...It wasn't really as much as I thought it would be.
Well, bye! 

Wednesday, November 26

People who have problems using punctuation annoy me.

I found this on one MX user's page.

yo ashlee if u have readed twilight u willunderstand if not to bad ok i got to the part of were he told bella he imprinted on ness and she got mad if i were her i would have eaten jacob but first i would cover him in barbaque sauce

This makes me feel like an editor and critic, but that's the kind of mood I'm in. so deal with it...Or stop reading. First off, no punctuation whatsoever in this paragraph wannabe. The next one's my favorite: READED? Readed isn't, and never will be, a word in the english language. It is also not a past tense form of the word READ. would have EATEN JACOB? 
Reasons why this will never in a million years happen:
1. Jacob would kill you first
2. If he didn't, Seth or Bella would (despite the fact that you "are her".)
3. You could do anything else to bring harm to Jacob, yet you choose to eat him? Why not kill or stab or something like that?
4. If you were Bella, you wouldn't want to eat your best friend. You also wouldn't cover him in barbecue sauce.
5. Barbaque is not a word.


I hate biology. and geometry. and english.

dumb teachers gave us homework over the break!!! GAH!
now i have to do like, 3 projects- one for each of those classes, while having THREE DIFFERENT THANKSGIVINGS this week!!! erg. now i have to do homework instead of stuffing my face and talking with people i haven't seen in forever. aoiawgoiadegoiaswnhgolgsw. see?! that's how mad i am. i've resorted to talking gibberish nonsense. loti rambled jonsense. so today, i have to go do research for bio project, then do research and somehow START my geom project, then answer like, a bajillion questions on my english thingy. gah- worst thanksgiving break EVER.
i'm now super depressed... hopefully christmas break will be better.


GUESS WHAT?! I FOUND FANG!! Well, not me. But I found some people talking about who would be a good Fang. And he's amazing! Really. I guess I should post the picture....Here:

Amazing, right? If you want to see other pictures, click here.
If he's not chosen as Fang, I'm going to die. 

Edit: I can see the picture, but I don't know if other people just click on the link above.

Tuesday, November 25

turkey day reviews!

I can't stand it when people talk about things they don't know. Someone left a review about my fanfiction:

To Jen's comment on the climate:
Texas is not near the Ocean; it's near the Gulf of Mexico, which connects to
the Atlantic Ocean by Florida.  I think it has a tropical climate.  I know
Louisiana does.  I had to do a report on Louisiana a while back.

Apparently, she thinks that I'm stupid. And that I don't know what the climate in Texas is. I LIVE in Texas. And just because it's close to Louisiana doesn't mean it has the same climate. And what the heck does she mean it's not by the ocean?! It's water on the surface of the earth. It is the SAME thing. I'm sorry, but this made me really really mad. It makes absolutely no sense at all and I really want this person to have an account so I could talk to them about it. Or yell...
P.S. Yay for Thanksgiving break!

I'm happy, i'm feeling glad. I've got sunshine, in a bag.

i'm useless, but not for long- the future, is coming on. loti that's Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz, by the way. anyway, i got out of school about an hour ago, (yay!) and i was happy. am still happy- don't worry, the bad mood's almost all gone. THANKZGIVING BREAK!!! YESh, which reminds me of those capri sun commercials, strangely. which makes me think- WHY do people insist on Thanksgiving NOT being a holiday? You may not think you do, but if you put up Christmas lights BEFORE Thanksgiving, before NOVEMBER even, to me it signifies a rush. A rush to get to Christmas. Because people are greedy and all they can think about is what they want to get as a present. Or who they want to get the present from. blah blah blah. RESPECT THE TURKEY. RESPECT IT! loto capri sun commercials rock. ya know what i'm saying? if not... go HERE to find out. yeah. now my bad mood is making a come back. DARN IT! i was already to be all happy/cheery cuz of our 5 day weekend, but NO. NO NO NO. arg. i'm a pirate. loti. ok.
tZvR (go to MAXIMUM X PEOPLE!!! it's totally AWESOME!!!!)
i'm sorry. the person i'm talking to will know what i'm talking about. The rest of you can be confused about it if you like... loti. oh, also for my friend: maximum-x and the blog

Monday, November 24

The world has problems.

I'm in a bad mood. And it's not helping that stupid idiots can't even make correctly timed videos to the FEW songs that I don't know the lyrics to. And then random people just stop talking to me without any reason. They just leave. 

Yeah...This is how bad of a mood I'm in: 
The stupid story that I was writing because I wasn't writing my other one because I couldn't, got on my nerves, so I killed it. It ended with the main character dying because she got run over by a car. 
Here's something I noticed: When I'm confused, I'm usually in a bad mood. When I'm in a bad mood, I can't write. And when I can't write, I get mad.
Basically, Confusion=Madness. Stupid transitive property.
Even criticizing the Twilight movie didn't help...Or talking about how I talked for four minutes and fifty five seconds in a speech about stretching that I was sure I was going to do horrible on.
Also, when I'm mad, I get antisocial. By the way, check out this review of the Twilight movie.
It's amazing. Some parts of it were hilarious. Yup...I think I'm turning into Alice...both of them. Jeez. I'm leaving now. I really have nothing else to do but I'm bored to death and no one is trying to help me overcome my boredom. I've tried everything- banging my head on the desk, eating crackers, chewing gum, killing characters, trying to have intellectual conversations, drinking lemonade.... So now it's time for the last resort.

What the HECK was THAT?!

i REALLY don't know. loti ok. i'm talking about a dream i had...

I was in a car and we were driving on a highway with a neighborhood next to it. i looked out the window and saw an airplane. It was really close to the ground and i said, "hey look an airplane!" I saw it tilt upwards and go through most of the motions of a loop-de-loop, but when it got the climax (it was upside down) it randomly fell on top of the neighborhood. the wings broke off and then it did an intricate tumbling routine and ended up in the streets. I was all, "OMC!" and my dad says, "Oh no i didn't mean for all those innocent people to die!" and I was all, "what?!" and he says, "Yeah, I put a bomb on that plane because i didn't know it would have people on it! i thought it would be carrying a space ship!" the plane was a 747, by the way. i did a facepalm (loti) and then walked off. about that time a random image of pikachu flashed in my head, and then the song Human (the Killers) came on, and this is how it went:
I did my best to notice, when the car came down the line. Up to the platform
of surrender, I was brought but I was trying. Because tonight will be the night
that I will fall for Human, over again.
Then I was all like- WAIT! that's SECONDAND SERENADE!!! not the killers!!! WHAT?! and it was about that time that I woke up to hear Human on the radio.
also, today everyone was falling. P1 was playing Cicero (we were on a "nature walk" in english ((meaning we just went outside and sat down)) and were also acting out Julius Caesar Act 1) and he fell down. Then, P2 was walking in a meadow type thing in the front? back?! idk where NEAR our school and he fell in a hole. it was hilarious.
My dad just asked me an interesting question, and I wana hear answers... maybe.
Is Australia just Austria with an L?

Sunday, November 23


i am going to have 4 Thanksgivings. no kidding. I had ONE today, then one Thursday, actual turkey day, and then one Friday, and one i DIDN'T know about, on Saturday. yeah. it was good food. and now we're watching Star Wars Episode 1. yeah. very interesting. this is a short post. yeah. IF YOU HAVE MAXIMUM X CHAT WITH ME!!! lol. YIPPEE!!! that's what anakin said. loti. ok

my dream.

Yes, I'm still gone, but I borrowed my dad's laptop to post about my dream because I'll probably forget by the time I get home. It was one of the weirest dreams I've ever had in my life, and that's saying something.
So I was running around a park thing with Rianna, and there were all these signs saying stuff like, "Rian and Kris rule!" Then we randomly won a contest and were shipped off to a haunted house on some island in South America. But Rianna wasn't even with me in the Haunted house. It was me, my brother, and some other random people. So we all went to sleep, and slept on the couch together because we were scared, except fr one kid. He slept in some random bedroom with the door closed. So in the morning, I woke up and went to wake him up. He got out of bed and was closing his door, when the house started filling with water. It was a two story house, and it was filling up house. So I grabbed one of those foldy tables and smashed the window to let the water out. But then the lady who owned the house got mad at me for breaking her window and she started throwing dishes and stuff at me. So I was trying to protect myself with the table, but it had become soft, like a blanket. Then I started whipping the lady with it and she kept getting mad, then she disappeared. That was the end of the dream.
Yep..It was very weird. Well, I'd better go now. We have to check out of the hotel at noon and hopefully we get to go to the Barnes and Noble! It's awesome and has two stories.

Saturday, November 22


maximum-x. rocks. my. two. different. socks.
yeah, i'm wearing two different socks, you got a problem with that!?
anyway, i have lots of new online friends and it's totally fun!!! yay for awesome friends!
i'm not going to list them all... that'd take forever. but there's sable & ku-chan... they're fun, here's the blog that i will put with the other blogs later. clicky. (it's not really theirs, but i only know them so...) Then there's spazzi who has an awesome site that i can't remember right now. sorry spazz. so yeah. ok. lots of random boring things to do today (HOMEWORK!) so i'll keep it short.

short post

Leaving. Will not be back until sunday night when I will have to write a five minute speech about stretching. Must go eat donuts. Will post Sunday night.


Friday, November 21

more weirdness

Okay...I found my phone. In the pantry. For real.

I was on the phone while trying to put up a cereal box, so when I finished talking, I set the phone down on the shelf, put up the box and left. Makes sense, right?
Yeah...getting ready to eat AWESOME MCDONALDS FRENCH FRIES!



Today was a weird day. I was so out of it, I have no idea what was going on and everything confused me. And everyone was talking about super heroes. And I listened to weird jokes riddles things...yeah. I'm going to get ready now. And I need to call people to get ready for meeting at the movies. So I guess I should go...
I JUST LOST MY CELL PHONE! It's here somewhere, but I don't know where I set it down...I keep calling it with the house phone and I hear it vibrating, but I don't know where it is!!
Updates later.

Ridiculously Awesome

My story (the short way):

Kristin and her dog were walking in the park and sat down on the bench
across from me. She pulls out her notebook and pencil and starts reading. i start reading MR (The Angel Experiment) and i go and describe all the
characters (max, fang, iggy, nudge, gazzy, angel, jeb, & ari). Kristin
then beckons me over to her bench, and we start talking about how inhumane The School is. Then she tells me to read her story. It was about an adverse group of people in a transparent airplane. It hits turbulance, so they summon a giant chimera that burgeons and it saves the plane from being obliterated. The people climb down the giant chimera and successfully dissuaded a miser from cutting down the plant. and they gave him the antidote for his illness. then they traveled through the village and installed suffrage. they figured out that the village
was on the edge of a cliff when one of the more stoic people in the group fell off. what people didn't know was that one of the fatuous people in the group wanted to save him and fell off afterwards. the recluse who lived at the bottom of the cliff went and brought the bodies back up. then the people didn't know what to do with the hermit- should they let him in the village, should they not? so some of the villagers climbed up to the top of the chimera with him and then they pushed him off, and then the other villagers were mad at them. Finally, a random pirate comes and gives them a clue for them and they acertain that doom is going to come to their village, and then a giant came, by instructions of the pirate, and squished the village. the end.

ah! it's messed up! so yeah, that was my story in SL- we needed to use
45 vocab words and i didn't know half of them... loti. most of them aren't in
there though. but anyway, in bio my lab partners and i (we sit three to a table)
found a piece of paper and made a game out of it. if i ever get it, then i'll take pictures of it and post it. totally awesome. in espanol, we were talking about puppies(cachorros) and someone said cuchara (spoon). yeah. then on the bus EVERYONE was randomly riding, so it was really weird and i had to sit all the way in the back. with all the juniors & seniors. and my only other freshman friend went up to the front to go sit with this one guy because the guy offered. so i felt lonely and yeah. but i'm going to go watch Twilight soon! yay! i'll post about it too. ok? i won't give TOO much away... omc that was hilarious! sry- my dad's watching judge judy... and she asked this guy how he gets by (cuz he doesn't work) and he's all uhm, and she says um is not an answer. so he's all, "I uh, um, i... i... i do alright." and we burst out laughing. yeah. ok. going to get ready for kristin to come pick me up! and eat food- i almost kinda skipped lunch cuz i was working on that story. i almost didn't have enough time. so yeah. i only ate chips and a sandwich... yeah. ok.

tZvR (is annoyed at this... but happy/anticipating suckiness from the movie!)

Thursday, November 20

I'M OFFICIALLY DEPRESSED... but slightly happy

why? because fang's blog kinda ceases to exist. why? STOP ASKING!! sry. he's not going to post there anymore because of the new website he has. Where is it? Maximum-X. tis a mix between MR & Daniel-X, but mostly MR. because Fang's in charge, that's why. But i'm still sad. maybe i'll join them. as all you MR fans should! :] jk you don't have to, but yeah. nevermind. So that's why i'm totally depressed yet slightly happy.

Click here for Maximum-X.


This is the weirdest thing I have ever read in my life. It is out of character. This person needs to be force-read these books. I will gladly do the job. None of this stuff would ever happen. Ever. Including the part where Max is super excited because she cussed more than Fang. And the part where she is mad that she got Fang for a project partner. Or the part where she faints. Or the part where Ella and Iggy are making out and Fang and Max are watching and Ella hears them abd Iggy doesn't. Or the part...

you get the point, right? I should probably give you the link now, shouldn't I? How cruel would it be if I said all of this and didn't give you the link?
"Very cruel!" The readers (you) chorus. 
Well, since you said that, I'll give it to you, just out of the goodness of my heart.
I bet you're probably wondering what kind of fanfiction that is, right? And if you are, you should see a therapist because you have problems. And because that isn't the story!! If you REALLY want to read it, click below. I promise it is NOT a picture of pandas or any other exotic animal. It's a picture of me! Just kidding. Lick the link.
Okay....I'm in a STRANGE mood today. Someone help me...

hilarious day...

This post is dedicated to Twilight Guy, the most hilarious person in my journalism class. My friends have started to question his gayness (yes i just said that) due to a few things:

1. his obsession with twilight
2. his handwriting, which is girlier than mine
3. His name...(his ACTUAL name, not Twilight Guy...that's just what I call him. But no to his face)
4. ...i think that's it. today he wrote me a note. with bad spelling and grammar. I'll take a picture of it so you can see his handwriting.'s backwards, but you're going to have to deal with case you were wondering, his handwriting is in the blue pen. Yes, the one with all the coloring and everything. 
Okay, I'm never going to eat a giant heart shaped butterfinger (??) cookie because of him. Here's what happened.
This one weird girl had the cookie mentioned here^^^, and was asking if anyone wanted it. Twilight Guy, now TG, said, "Sure."
So the girl walks away and TG starts eating the cookie. Then he gets this disgusted look on his face and spits it on the rest of the cookie, balls it up in a napkin, and sets it on the floor. Then this girl comes up and asks if she can have some of the cookie. And he gives it to her...without telling her. Then she's eating, and I'm just laughing hilariously!!
It was a funny class...a funny day, actually. In speech, we were grading papers. Here's what someone's said.

Q: If you are in an interview and the interviewer asks you this question, how do you reply? "Are you able to walk long distances?"
A: I have a car.

It was so hilarious!! And for those of you who haven't taken speech, that is an illegal interview question because it is referring to your physical ability/health. My answer was, "Yes, I will be able to if it a part of the job."
Yeah...Then came journalism, which you read about already, and then World Geography. Our teacher kept leaving the classroom and all this crazy stuff happened when he left. For one, this guy randomly started dancing, and a totally different, random teacher walked in and called him out. He came back a few seconds later. Apparently, the teacher wanted him to dance for her class too! It was hilarious!!
Then, geometry was awesometastic! Every single thing that was said was hilarious!! I don't even remember it all, but I was laughing the whole time. and I got an 80 on my test!! I was totally convinced I was going to fail! Yep...that was my day...time to go write a speech!


that's today's word. because today was pointless. we learned some kind of proof in geometry that almost put me to sleep, in gym we just dressed out and sat around, in geography took notes we started 2 weeks ago and after lunch we had a "dance off" because the teacher left the class, and in english there was a debate between like, 4 people in the whole class. i sat there eating Cheetos (the flaming hot version) and basically not doing anything. So on the bus one of my friends told me three jokes. i'm only going to tell two, but if you REALLY want to know, cbox or comment.
Joke 1:
Two peanuts were walking down the street, and one of them was assaulted.

Joke 2:
A guy walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered his drink. The barkeeper went away to get it, and the guy hears, "Hey. Nice shirt." He looks around to see who said that, but there wasn't anyone around that could have said that. So when the barkeeper comes back, he asks, "Hey- did you see who told me 'Nice shirt'?" The barkeeper responds, "Oh yeah. It was the peanuts. They're complementary!"

get 'em? assaulted, like, a Salted? yeah. and complementary- complementary peanuts... yeah. they may be bad, but they were funny. So if you want to hear the third one, comment or cbox... and i'll probably tell kristin, so if she remembers and she happens to know, yeah. but commenting is better... unless you decide to check the cbox like, every 15 minutes... yeah. or if you happen to know my email (stalkers!) or my HOME phone number (SUPER STALKERS!) then you can reach me there. or if you have my myspace (AH!) or facebook (SUPER AH!) then yeah. YOU STALKERS!!! I'M SCARED NOW!!!!! bLaH. what can i say? I'm a paranoid person. ya never know... until you know. loti. NEVER SAY NEVER CUZ NEVER'S JUST EVER WITH AN N IN FRONT OF IT!!!! :] O.o
tZvR (is probably being stalked... even though she's at home.)

Wednesday, November 19


Okay...Yen Plus update. There's a hilarious manga about a girl who wears a pig mask because she is cursed. So at the beginning, this guy goes up to her because she's randomly sleeping in his bed. And he takes off her mask, and her face looks EXACTLY the same as the mask! It was SOOOO hilarious! And apparently she has to marry him to get the curse off, but he has no idea who she is. And she keeps calling him milord. Like MY-LORD. It's called Pig Bride just in case you want to look it up. 

And the most hilarious thing happened! He was mad because he was being forced to marry her, so he says he's going to run away and she goes, "Noooo!!! I'll leave!"
And then she builds a tent in his corner. And he's like, " I thought you said you were leaving! What are you doing in my corner?!"
She says, "In order to portect milord, I cannot distance myself too much. Please have mercy."
It's totally hilarious!! Especially since it looks like she has no expressions because of the mask...

Edit: And now she's cross stitching pig faces into his underwear...
Edit again: Now she's amused by a laptop...she's never used a computer before.