Friday, June 1

So... There's a possibility that this blog is over.

Yeah. Quite unfortunate... I'm really sorry. But Kris & I just graduated from high school yesterday (finally) and we'll both be going off to college next year. Also quite unfortunate, Kris and I are splitting ways... We'll be attending different universities in the fall. While we may post here every once in a while, I can't leave you all with hope that we'll be starting up the posts again any time soon. I'm really sorry. This blog has been a major part of my life, at least, and therefore I (and hopefully Kris) could not bring myself to delete this blog. Knowing that we've made a difference in other people's lives also keeps me from wanting to totally eliminate this. I think that it will be a lovely thing to look back upon in the future... So if you have this bookmarked or even, dare I say it, someone's homepage *dramatic gasp*, don't immediately scrap this. Like I said, it is very possible that there will be very infrequent posts in the future. :) Thank you, readers, so much for all of your support. While the Facebook page is updated even less than the actual blog, I encourage you to like us there if you want to attempt to get in contact with us. If there is something that would just make your day to see post, let us know! I'll try to make sure that it will happen, just for you. Note that if what you say is deemed inappropriate by either me or Kris, your post on Facebook will probably be removed and we will not post that. Just a heads up... But yeah. Thanks so much for everything. It's been great. So until later, I hope you have a wonderful life! Rian

Thursday, March 8


I totally made some. You should be jealous.
Here's the cake batter:

Here's the baked cupcakes:

and here's where I partook in this delicious dessert so we could get a look at the inside:

Yeah. Super awesome, and super easy.
Just make some vanilla cake batter, split it up according to the number of colors you want to make, and then use food coloring. I hear that gel food coloring makes it more vibrant, but I didn't have any of that, so I just kept adding normal food coloring until I got the colors you see above :)
Just wanted to share, since we probably haven't posted since January haha


Friday, January 20


Yeah. Sorry. This school year is super busy, and I'm sorry we're losers.

Feel free to call us that as much as you like.
Anyway... In spite of the long long long... Very long breaks from the blog we've been taking recently, I wanted to give you all some hope.

yeah. it may seem gruesome now... but once you get past the fact that yes, people apparently are selling chunks of ground meat with sprinkles in it, you realize:
How cool is that?!
So now, we can all search "Radiant Farms" on Google, get directions to this place from your house, and viola! You can be the one(s) to free the unicorns and allow them to breed in the wild, thus (hopefully) allowing their population to increase and then maybe someday there will be enough so that everyone can see a wild unicorn with their own eyes!
You could totally see real live unicorns, and not just ground meat that has sprinkles on it and claims to contain "Magic in every bite!" (it's probably the sprinkles you're tasting).

But yeah... that's some sketchy meat.
Honestly, at first glance, I didn't even know what that was... I thought it was like, a gross, melty looking cake.
If someone offers you unicorn meat... I'd pass.
Unless, of course, you were cruel enough to go to Radiant Farms just to slay a few for yourself... jerk xD We wanna see unicorns, too!

Anyway, yes. Hopefully the fact that unicorns exist was enough to make you consider forgiving us for being losers.


Sunday, January 8

I really should be working on my history homework...

Link to #1:
Link to #2:

Read before you click the links... I have issues with technology.

... But it's due on Friday and I have about 1/3 of it done already.
I'm such a horrible procrastinator.
Anyway, I've been watching videos off the daily what (a tumblr/cheezburger site) and I've seen two hilarious videos so far. And since this machine is kind of lame and doesn't know how to give me embed codes (it's me being technologically challenged, I'm sure), you have to click some links.
First! This little girl and her dad are so hilarious... It's so lolzy.
Second! This is one of the best Doritos ads I've ever seen. Too bad it's not an actual commercial... Also, the list of ingredients is in the description, so you don't have to be a "doof" (as one of my friends would say) and keep pausing the video in order to see all of them. Smh.
Yeah. Hope you've been having a better 2012 than I've been having!
Your favorite technologically challenged blogger (hopefully),