Sunday, January 31


i am so happy! my chemistry grade just went up 15 points!!


i'm not sure what was wrong with me this weekend

But I've been on like, a cleaning spree or something. Saturday, I just had this urge to organize. So I cleaned up my room, went through a bunch of old stuff, listened to old songs on old cd's i found, and threw away a bunch of junk. My mom could barely pull me away to come eat. Then, today, I went through my dressers and took out a bunch of clothes that didn't fit, and some stuff I never wear and reorganized all the drawers. Later this afternoon, I realized that I had meant to vacuum, but I never got around to it.

It was kinda crazy, but my room is nice and clean now.


so, our xbox died last weekend. Luckily, my dad is a computer expert and fixed it today. I'm so happy i can finally play guitar hero!


Saturday, January 30

The Bug Thing I mentioned in my last post (i think)

The Second Time

Basically, bugs freak me out. And last night, I thought I saw one (I was crying/laughing on my brother's floor) that was right in front of my face, so I started screaming, and then Jason started screaming. And then he looked closer and told me it was a feather from the duster. So then I started laughing even harder. And Jason was SUPPOSED to flush it down the toilet, but it apparently didn't go down, because a few minutes later, when I walked in to use the bathroom, I nearly had a heart attack. Jason doesn't understand how I thought it was a bug in the toilet, since we already knew that it wasn't, but I can't explain it. So, yeah....Yesterday was insane.

I'm quoting my dad on this:

"There are two things wrong with this video.

  1. The cat. and,
  2. We finally found the guy who does the voice of Mario."
It's quite true, actually :)
Here ya go: Mario & His Cat.


I Want This Car.

Check it!
Rian (claims it after they're done)

we're at the point.

You know, that time during the night when everything does absolutely crazy? Yeah. That's where I am. Well, me and my brother. I just about died laughing earlier, I swear. I had to run to the bathroom, too...and then i thought i saw a bug. Everything went haywire. Rianna knows exactly what i'm talking about. Later, maybe i'll link those posts. But anyway, Jason and I are going to stay up and laugh ourselves to death. Sorry if I don't get to post anymore. XD

I don't think I've ever used that smiley on the blog before.


Friday, January 29

streets of rage 2

We have that game on Dreamcast. I LOVE playing it. It's an awesome game and all, but it was made in 1992, so it's has semi okay graphics, but this really stupid annoying 2d-ness. Like, you can't hit the enemies all the time because you're not exactly in front of them, and you can't tell. Anyway, it's a great game, especially for sibling bonding time. I would tell you to play it, but I'm pretty sure most people don't just have that game lying around somewhere. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure we have only beat the game once. You get three continues per game (for both players together), and three lives each time you undie. When the first person dies for the last time, they're out of the game, but the survivor can keep playing until he/she dies. And I always die first. Anyway, it's amazingly fun, and jason and I just finished a nice game (lasted about an hour) of it. It's one of those games you can beat in one sitting. If you can beat it at all, that is.


Jason: I NEED teleportation powers. Wanna hear why?

Me: Sure.


Yeah. That made me laugh.


Twilight Graphic Novel

Personally, I laughed my head off when I heard about this.

You can read like... two pages here. I really do want to read it, though.
Speaking of, the Maximum Ride movie is still stuck. I'm not sure what happened, but it's set to come out in 2010 (which it is now, in case you hadn't noticed), and there's no cast or anything.
Okay, I'm totally having flashbacks. I'm listening to my Radio Disney Jams 5 cd.. It's like, eight years old, but has some really great songs on it.
I know there's a video somewhere of me singing Call Me, Beep Me (the Kim Possible Theme Song), and my brother's favorite song used to be Hey Juliet (or is it just Juliet?) Whichever, it's by the band that probably doesn't exist anymore called LMNT. It's actually a pretty good song. And I still know all the words.
PS: I'm going to be looking for info on the Twilight graphic novel. I'll post whatever I find.

EDIT: The first volume of the graphic novel will be coming out March 16th, the day after the new Maximum Ride book (Fang) comes out. What a week! Also, it is being published by Yen Press, (the magazine Yen Plus) that publishes the Maximum Ride graphic novel. Amazing, huh? Hopefully, that means I won't have to buy it, since I get the magazine.

Blast from the Past

Yes, I've been posting a lot today.
Yes, I'm bored out of my mind.
Yes, I have nothing better to do, since I'm babysitting. :)

So, anyway. Earlier, while I was feeding my dog, the Pepper Ann theme song randomly popped into my head. Wow, I haven't seen that show in forever. So... Here are some super awesome TV theme songs of shows we watched (maybe) when we were like, 4. :)

Pepper Ann
The Noodle Dance! (PB and J Otter)
Recess (I've never figured it out. How does she manage to close that door without closing her hand, too?!)
Johnny Bravo (facepalm)
Cow & Chicken!

Dexter's Laboratory!

Yeah, there are a few others, but I'm gonna stop there :)
Hope you enjoy!
Rian (loves nostalgia- especially for old TV shows)

When I Grow Up...

I want to be a cryptozoologist because it sounds cool. Even though I would probably be scared out of my mind and super paranoid because I'd be afraid that a lake monster or thunderbird would pop out of nowhere and eat me.

your turn!
Please fill out the following form accordingly.
I want to be a ___________ because ______________________________________________________


For people who enjoy math (and even those who don't).
I suggest reading the comments, too. They're hilarious.
Rian (again)

Ah, Friday= long post

So today was pretty nice.
At least, compared to the rest of the week, it was the best day.
Why? Check "Rianna's Happiness Chart for 1/29/10" :D

Ok. So, I know you can't read it, so I'll just... do something. LIST TIME!

  1. I woke up (and thought about the ice cream party I would have in math)
  2. (Up) My friend talked about losing his pants (and the pants diary)-- More on this later.
  3. (way way way way FAR down) My math teacher forgot to buy ice cream! (I even brought a spoon!!! [cry])
  4. (up-ish) I understood math. YAY!
  5. (up) The math teacher said that she had leftover ice cream from a previous class, and we could have it (plus the ice cream she owes us) if there was enough time.
  6. (Down) We didn't even get that ice cream.
  7. (up) We made fun of my math teacher because she kept forgetting stuff (like ice cream)
  8. (up) we only got 8 problems to do for homework tonight (YESS!!)
  9. (up) I read EMAILS FROM CRAZY PEOPLE! (clicky)
  10. (up) There was no track practice today (or yesterday)
  11. (up) I made a Happiness Graph :P
  12. (down) Some of my track friends had never eaten a snickerdoodle before. (poor, deprived children)
  13. (up) I ate snickerdoodles. \(^-^)/
  14. (not on the graph- yet- but down) We have Chemistry Homework, and I didn't even go to chem today.
so yes. Today was pretty great, I guess.
So the pants.
Ah, Friend1.
So, last year, F1 was stupid (again) and asked "When was China started?" [to see more on this, click here!]. So this year, he had to lose his pants.
So I get to school and I see him standing in the middle of the hallway. I walked up to him...
Me: You look bored.
F1: Yeah, I'm tired.
Me: Same here.
F1: ... So I lost my pants.
Me: *stares*
Me: *bursts out laughing*
F2 (he was there with the China thing, too): *walks up* ... What?
Me: *keeps laughing*
Me: *still laughing* Because you deserve to be laughed at!!
F2: Why?
F1: I lost my pants.
F2: ... uhh.. What? How do you lose pants!?
F1: I don't know!!! So I went to karate practice last night, and I took of my pants Jet Li style, then folded them really neatly and put them on top of my bag. I tied them to the back so that they wouldn't come off. Then, after practice, I threw the bag in my brother's car. So I woke up this morning, and I couldn't find them! I even looked in my shoes! So I go "Mom?" "Que?" "Have you seen my pants??" and my mom starts cussing me out in Spanish!
F1: Maybe I should make a journal.
Me: What?! Yeah! Lost Pants Days: Day One.
F1: *falls to the ground laughing*
F2: What the eff is wrong with him!?
Me: He's gonna make a diary.
F2: About what?! "1/29, 9 AM: Still can't find my pants!"

So yeah. Twas quite hilarious. And when people would walk up, he would ask them for their help in finding his pants. I told them that they went to China :)

In other news, I did research for Spencer :)
CLICK HERE SPENCER I TOLD YOU IT WAS REAL!!! (sorry, the website's good, but it has a lot of stupid ads in the middle of everything [stupidly])

Rian (had a good Friday, and thanks the T-Rex for it)

Tuesday, January 26


I have a bunch of stuff i wanted to say about today, but my mom's making me get off the computer, so i guess it's gonna be a mobile post. if i don't forget, anyway.



Okay, that's from a conversation my brother and i just had. It reminded me of this awesome website.

Click Here. -Epic Win FTW!
The name is really repetitive. But the site is great. Pretty hilarious. And basically the opposite of failblog.

Oh yeah- If you're looking for another hilarious website, search people of walmart. It really makes me understand how stupid people can be- and how many people don't own mirrors.

Monday, January 25


Oh, jeez. Watch this, please?
Edward broods like a weirdo stalker, and... did he just say Carlisle's supposed to be 10 years old!?
Rian (what kind of person needs an eyebrow stylist anyway?!)

i have a bruise on my thumb.

it hurts really bad.

and it's tiny, which kind of makes it worse.
Okay, so does anyone watch Vampire Diaries? It's awesome. It came back on last Thursday and made me very happy.
Anyway, I don't have much else to say today, except for the fact that my favorite disney movie is Tarzan, and my second favorite is Lion King. I know i used to own the Lion King, but i'm not sure where it went. Anyway, you can rent them both (and a bunch of other movies) for 99 cents for five days! I suggest it.

Saturday, January 23

It's ALIVE!!!

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here- "Huge Success".
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Aperture Science.
We do what we must because we can.
For the good of all of us- except the ones who are dead.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake,
You just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake.
And the science gets done,
And you make a neat gun for the people who are
Still Alive.
I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart and killed me.
And tore me to pieces.
And threw every piece into a fire.
And as they burned it hurt because
I was so happy for you.
Now these points of data make a beautiful line,
And we're out of beta- we're releasing on time.
So I'm GLaD I got burned,
Think of all the things we learned for the people who are
Still Alive.
Go ahead and leave me.
I think I prefer to stay inside.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
Maybe Black Mesa.
That was a joke, haha, fat chance.
Anyway, this cake is great-
It's so delicious and moist.
Look at me still talking when there's science to do.
When I look out there, it makes me glad I'm not you.
I've experiments to run,
And there's research to be done on the people who are
Still Alive.
And believe me, I'm
Still Alive.
I'm doing science and I'm
Still Alive.
I feel fantastic and I'm
Still Alive.
While you're dying I'll be
Still Alive.
And when you're dead I will be
Still Alive.
Still Alive.
Still Alive.

Rian (In honor of finding MOTAS again. That, and I said [way back in June, or something] that I'd put up these lyrics. I suggest watching the lyrics side... it's awesome.)

Yesterday was great.

I'm not entirely sure what made it so great, but it was just one of those days, you know? I think i'll make a list...

Reasons why yesterday was great (possibly):
  • the weather was very nice, except for the stupid strong wind. It kept blowing me (and the sand) all over the place.
  • i got to jump at practice. that always puts me in a good mood.
  • i didn't have to take the reading quiz (you basically write an essay) in english, because I was one of the few people who didn't fail in other one. In fact, i got like, a 92. I read my book.
  • that book was really good. and hilarious. this girl ran over a vampire with her car.
  • chemistry wasn't excessively hard. normally that class puts me in a bad mood but yesterday was great.
  • we found out our teacher watches pokemon and spongebob.
  • Vampire Diaries came back on the night before (thursday), and it was AWESOME
  • i talked to one of my friends about it at lunch.
  • i finished both of the fanfictions i was reading. one really good and slightly annoying one was called Taking Chances.
  • That made me think of glee (it's named after one of the songs they sung) and glee always makes me happy.
  • i played sims and finally fixed the glitched maid with the resetsim cheat. it made me happy.
  • i think that's pretty much it.
Yeah. I had an eventful day. But I forgot the biggest reason:
It was friday!

Wednesday, January 20


Hot & Spicy News with Ranjit & Chad.
Exit Music (for a film). Not Radiohead- a cover.

Monday, January 18


I haven't posted in a while. I'm not exactly sure why, but I haven't. Actually, last week was really busy for me. School sucks.

On the other hand, GLEE RULES! I bought the season 1 dvd and Rianna and I watched four episodes today. It was great.
hmm... I guess i'll post later. When I figure out something to post about. Sims, maybe? Yeah...that game is crazy.

The Man Who Fell Sideways (apparently, soon to become a major motion picture!!)

Rian (loves XKCD)
psst: it's not really gonna become a movie... but if it does, let me know. I wanna be the first in the theater. Well, after Randall, of course. And the people who star in the movie... but whatever.
psst2: aw, i just realized it's too big. So i'll just write the third & fourth panels of every line out down here, so you can still read what it says.

So he fell. Constantly.
*gallop gallop*AAAAAAAA
"I think... I think I'm..." "Falling for him?" "I wasn't going to say it."

Yes. I realize that that didn't work out so well... but i like this one, so i don't care. :)

Sunday, January 17

Oh, this is too good.


Just watch.
Rian (c'mon. you know you want to.)

Saturday, January 16

Wow, I have been posting a LOT lately, huh?

just say "yes, you have," and move on with your day.
Or night. Whichever.

Anyway... Most annoying song as of this moment is...

Best intro music ever goes to...
(the first 1:03 is the intro... or whenever there's a break in the music & 3 claps)

Rian (the first painful song is thanks to my dad. The second awesomerific [wow. haven't used that word in a while] song is brought to you by my Music Guru!)

--More Movies--

Ok. So, i just went an saw Avatar in the Imax, and it was amazing. No joke. Totally awesome.
But before all that, the previews came on. I loved them!!!

The first one was the Percy Jackson movie, and I can't wait until it comes out!!!! Omg it's gonna be amazing!!!!
The next movie that previewed was Knight and Day or something, and it was hilarious!!!! I definitely want to see that when it comes out... It's gonna be awesome! :D
After that was a NEW Alice in Wonderland!!! Oh, it looks like it's gonna be good... I wonder why Alice randomly became popular again?? I really like that book, anyway...
Then came another movie about dragons... How To Train Your Dragon! Haha my favorite quote from the trailer? "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile." Oh, he says it with such a flat, monotonous voice, and it's hilarious!! It looks like it'd be fun to watch... (haha, i do realize that when I wrote the title of the movie, it sounds like some lame ad or something) :P
And then there was also this awesome documentary on the Hubble spacecraft... But they had to ruin the awesomeness by tagging on at the very end (seriously- it was about to flick to the next preview), "narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio." i deemed it a fail. Seriously- I don't like him all that much. That Romeo & Juliet... jeez. That scared me.
Yeah... Oh, I totally suggest watching the trailers. Except for the Romeo & Juliet one... oh, man. The only part I actually liked about that movie was the very very beginning- the part where the Capulet boys & Montague boys fight at the gas station, do the "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" bit, and say, "DRAW YOUR SWORDS!", and they pull out guns called "Swords". After that... eh. I like the script (ya know, the book with the play in it? Script.) better. :)
-- Rian
HAHAHA!! Ok, so there's this Hoveround wheelchair thing, and it was invented by this guy named Tom Kruse. But if you're just listening, you could totally be all, "TOM CRUISE?! WOAH!!" hahaha

Maybe this is why I liked Barbies when I was younger.

In 1993 a group in the United States calling itself the "Barbie Liberation Organization" modified Barbie dolls by giving them the voice box of a talking G.I. Joe doll, and secretly returned the dolls to the shelves of toy stores. Parents and children were surprised when they purchased Barbie dolls that uttered phrases such as "Eat lead, Cobra!" and "Vengeance is mine."

... According to Wikipedia, of course. :)

psst: If there are links on "United States" and "G.I. Joe", they were already there. Just saying.

Friday, January 15

What is this nonsense?!


Oh, I feel like watching a movie. Ooh, this one sounds good!
DANG! IT HAS FREAKING NICHOLAS CAGE IN IT! I don't feel like looking at him, so I'm not going to watch it. Never mind.


Oh, I feel like watching a movie. Ooh, this one sounds good!
DANG! IT HAS FREAKING DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON IN IT! I don't feel like looking at him, so I'm not going to watch it. Never mind.


Hopefully, no one person will be in every freaking movie I feel like watching in the future. We need new celebrities.


I'm in a punny mood.

my friend and i were talking about Nacho*, and he said that made him Hungary. I asked him if he wanted some Turkey, and he said, "No, Iran away from home." so... PUNS!

  • At a tire store: Time to re-tire.
  • Over a display of batteries: Wanna start something?
  • In a music store window: Guitars for sale. Cheap. No strings attached.
  • In a pet store window: Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year.
  • On a peanut stand: If our peanuts were any fresher, they'd be insulting.
  • In an ice cream and dairy store: You can't beat our milk shakes, but you can whip our cream and lick our ice-cream cones.
  • In a shoe store: Come in and have a fit.
  • In a real estate office: Get lots for little.
  • In a butcher shop window: Never a bum steer.
  • At a poultry farm: Better laid than ever.
  • On a southern street: No U-all turns.
  • Over a bargain basement counter: What you seize is what you get.
  • In a beauty parlor: Curl up and dye.
  • In a restaurant: Don't stand outside and be miserable. Come inside and be fed up.
yeah... idk. i was looking for some puns, and well... yeah.
Enjoy (i know i did)
Rian & Nacho. :{D <-- (Nacho)

Sunday, January 10

weird conversation...

Me: Mommy?

Mom: Chicken tetrazzini!
Me: uh....
Mom: yes?
Me: I was just going to ask if I could take this upstairs.
Mom: oh..

It was kinda funny.

Ok, wow.

It's true, but it's a stupid reason to make a facebook page- no joke.

wow. ok, so i love this song.
here's an awesome video someone made for it on youtube...


Rian (now loves this band, but can't get the stupid free iTunes thingy from Starbucks to work, so she can't download it to her iPod. Oh, so sad.)

Friday, January 8

Urban Dictionary: Glee

A musical comedy series, also described as if High School Musical was punched in the stomach and had it's lunch money stolen.

Weird font.
But i'm lazy and don't feel like changing it.

I realize that he's kind of annoying...

... but how can you not love him?!

This is a shorter video.
This is a longer video.

They both have some of the same stuff in there... and they're both pretty hilarious.
I love him.
Who is him?
Why, the one, the only...
Rian (Be a-fred. Be very a-fred.)
psst: Hey! This frozen yogurt tastes like... invisible!

Fanfiction RULES!

YEah...I know Rianna just did this, but I felt the need to post the story I just finished. It's really long, but seriously the most hilarious fanfiction i've ever read in my entire life. I mean that.

Once you get the joke, even the title (Friend Boy) is funny.
While I'm recommending things, I am currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. They're pretty good....
The funniest thing about them is that the vampire's name is Bill. I think it's hilarious.
Another random, but funny thing is that there is a gummy bear stuck to my bus window. It's been there since Tuesday. Here's a pic:

Yeah. I kept thinking it was a person running after the bus.
That's basically an update on the past week. I swear, that's all I've done.

I praise good fanfiction.
Read this!

Tuesday, January 5

Iggy Pop is kind of amazing.
Just thought you should know.

Monday, January 4

Cue: 'Aww!' and Bambi Eyes

So I figure this is going to be my last non-procrastination post for a while.
Unfortunately, my New Year's Resolution (not revolution, thankfully) was to stay as organized as possible (without making myself look like a geek- I am a nerd, thank you very much) and to procrastinate as little as possible. Sigh.
Anyway, I figure I should post something good.
So... this post is going to be about something I've been thinking about for a while now.
Artificial Fruit Flavoring.
So, in my opinion, no one can make a good cherry flavor. It always tastes like medicine to me, and it's just... ew. But then again, I don't like cherries. That could have something to do with it.
Grape... ugh. I personally cannot stand artificial grape flavoring. I mean, I love grapes, but I had a bad experience with some grape juice in... well, at my daycare, so probably pre-school, (and the next year, I recall something bad with a fish stick, but no one believes me. eh.) and I just can't stand anything grape flavored that is not a grape.
Hmm... Green Apple is ok sometimes... but I've never understood this: Why is it green apple? Why is it not just Apple flavored? And what about red and yellow apples?! I mean, there's nothing special about green apples that make them taste totally different.
Strawberry is great in those little strawberry gummy snack thingies... and in Skittles. Nerds (the candy, not the people), too. Strawberry Starbursts are ok sometimes, too. But another question: Why strawberries?! Did people grow them in straws or something? I should really look this stuff up. HAH! Procrastination project :)
I enjoy lemon flavored things. I used to eat lemons raw when I was younger- they're quite delicious, actually. Just until you get to the rind, though. That's gross. But anyway, I'll eat anything lemon flavored. No joke. I even had some lemon flavored toothpaste at one point... it was good :)
Speaking of oddly flavored toothpaste, I currently have orange flavored... it's ok. Tastes like a minty orange sherbert (or sherbet... whichever. I spell it like it sounds...), and it's ok. And before you make any queer assumptions about me- normally, I get regular old mint flavored toothpaste. Just saying. But orange flavored stuff is usually good, too. But I don't always eat orange flavored stuff.
Ok, I don't know about you, but I really really really like artificial raspberry flavors. Don't ask why... I don't like raspberries at all. Yes, I have tried them. >:P
So... Ok. That wasn't as great as I imagined it would be... but then again, I have school tomorrow. That thought in itself just causes enough stress, so it's not like this would've been the greatest post, anyway. Sigh.
In other news, Junior Mints are amazing. You should have some. And for another procrastination project, I'm going to photoshop a box of Senior Mints. Yeah...
Rian (wishes all a great[ish] day tomorrow)

Saturday, January 2

wow. just- wow.

I had the strangest dream ever last night.
You can pick your cause, though for some things, I know what caused that. But last night, I watched Star Trek (again), 5 episodes of Naruto Shippuden :), read a bit of Operation Red Jericho (a very good book so far!), listened to Green Day, and my brother's Phineas and Ferb cd (that I got him for Christmas. At least he only listens to it really loudly at night, and doesn't sing it loudly day after day). So, just FYI, i might have to have visual aids to explain some things, so this post might be pretty long. Just warning you a bit.
So yes. Onto the dream.
It started at school.
No, not my school, nor your school... just a school I made up. It was only a cafeteria, by the way. We just sat around at the little blue round tables with umbrellas. So I was sitting with these friends that I made up (they don't exist), when this dude named Nin (yeah, I don't know either. but apparently, he was really popular in my dream. once again, I don't even know) came over and said my name (keep in mind that I am still Rianna). I stood up, and he came around and gave me a hug. We had a conversation. He let go. We hugged again. Had another conversation. The pattern repeated for a few minutes. Really random, I know. Maybe I just needed a hug last night. Who knows? Anyway, we walked over to the table he was sitting at, and instantly became best friends with his friend Gloria. So I sat and talked with them for a while, and Nin would randomly hug me at random intervals (idek. seriously. i guess i really just needed a hug or something). After a while, everyone started getting traits of people in Phineas and Ferb. It was really weird. Like... someone would randomly start talking like Isabella, or get Candace hair, or a Phineas head. Kinda creepy. But then everything went back to normal... except people were randomly coming after us. So we were all scrambling around the cafeteria, or school, rather. Then I guess someone discovered some kind of slide thing on the second story (yes, a two story cafeteria. hey- don't judge. it's my imagination!), so the people chasing us gave up, and we started playing a game with the slide thingy. After a few minutes, I glanced off to the side, and noticed Master Jiraiya from Naruto watching us. And I randomly felt like I needed to go somewhere with him, but because he belongs in the Naruto universe, I couldn't make his appearance known to anyone in the school. So i turned to Gloria, who was in front of me, and I made up an excuse. "Gloria, I have to go look for your... Notebook! Oh, wait... you probably have that with you, don't you? Well... I have to go look for your... Voice Laughter Closet." (don't ask- no one knows what that is) She looked at me, accepted that (super transparent) excuse, and I ran off with Jiraiya (shudder). Then my dream kind of did this "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" kind of thing, only it just skipped to the scene, it didn't say "Meanwhile". And what I saw... wow. It... well, just look at the picture on the right! (I photoshopped it, in case you couldn't tell.) Anyway, there were three of those, and they hopped along to a weird door type thing. And started laughing. My invisible omniscient self gave them a weird look. They stopped laughing and said, "I wonder if this is the Voice Laughter Closet?" and hopped away. Yeah.
Meanwhile, I had turned into Naruto, and Jiraiya and I were treasure hunting. In a level of Little Big Planet, I swear. We were running around, and I would stop and say, "Hey! I think that's a lever up there!" so we would jump up and pull the lever. So we were running, and then we stepped on a random spring board, and it pulled a Lego Batman (a game my brother has forced me to play with him day after day. Tis probably where the penguin rock thing came from- the rock part is from Lego Rockband, I swear.) My dream zoomed in on this round lego rock, and it stayed like that for like, 10 seconds. I got annoyed. Finally, it zoomed back out, and the rock started rolling towards us. So Jiraiya and I ran. And the rock chased us. Totally an Indiana Jones moment. So eventually, the rock got stuck, and we continued on our way. But then it happened again (different rock), and we were chased AGAIN. Except... we were on a ski ramp. That was covered in a purple persian rug. Also, the ramp kept going in almost a full circle, like an incomplete loop di loop. But yeah. I was running up the ramp, trying to evade this rolling rock, (Jiraiya had just poofed while we were running down the ramp), and then my brother woke me up. Wah.
Now I will never know how it ends.
Rian (wanted to play lego rockband, but was once again forced into Lego Batman. Sigh. At least I know what a fo'c'sle is!)

Friday, January 1

We hope your 2010 is wonderful!