Monday, May 31

I wonder if:

Admiral Ackbar was named after Emperor Akbar?

Yeah. I'm doing research for my summer homework (because I was just swimming, realized I still had school [WHY?!], and figured I might wanna get my brain back in gear [as close to possible]), and I'm looking up Old Delhi and New Delhi. What about either of them, I have no idea. I'm just researching them. So I found this guy named Shah Jahan, and when I clicked his name, it was all, "The Favorite Grandson of Emperor Akbar."
Of course, me being me, immediately thought, "Admiral!" and then thought it might be mean. But I wonder if the Admiral was named after the Emperor. That would be pretty cool, i guess. :)

So now, I'm falling asleep (meatfest=exhausting, then swimming= sorry. you're out of energy. Please refill at the nearest nap time), and eating Junior Mints, while trying to eat them all. yay for multitasking! :)


Sunday, May 30

But it's all good, because I'll ask Peter's beautiful millionaire wife to fix it :)

post to see if like button will work.

yeah... just a test post. might delete later.


Rian's Rant on Children!

Ok. So, over the course of many years, I've come to realize something.
People think that kids will do anything and everything they see.
I mean, yes, in a few instances, a child will see something they think is cool or funny and will try to imitate it (sometimes, it's not the best idea). But- here. Examples:

Sesame Street decided that kids were too fat, and said, "Hey! All these kids are probably eating cookies like Cookie Monster! We should make him eat fruit because then they'll eat fruit!"
NO! Kids are still going to want to eat cookies. Not all children are going to suddenly love fruit and vegetables just because that's what Cookie Monster eats. Sure, the parents can use it as a prompt to get them to eat, but that doesn't mean that the kids will like it and actually want to eat them!

Another example: I'm reading my Far Side book, and Gary Larson keeps getting letters from people saying, "Oh, I can't have my children see a cat dangling from the roof of a house, because they'll want to try to catch the cat & do that!"
Uh, no! First off- how is your kid going to get on the roof, anyway?? Second... I don't think the cat would like being tied up, so your child might sustain a few minor injuries, and not try to do it again (unless they're really determined).

People, kids are smarter than you give them credit for. No, I'm not saying to treat them like adults, because they're not. They're just kids. But I'm not saying to treat them like babies, either. By the age of 6, I was able to tell the difference between right and wrong (even if I did lie a lot. But I knew I was lying, and I knew that was wrong, in any case), and I'm fairly certain that any child, as long as they're taught this at home, will not go around reading comics and saying, "hey! I wanna try this dangerous stunt!" and actually go through with it. Sure, we all have that thought that says, "Let's do it!" but rarely is it ever followed through.

Meh, sorry. I've gotten tired of being treated like a baby, and I'm sure that there are many other kids who are tired of it, too. We're individuals, we have brains, we know how to use them. Please let us :)

Rian (was not trying to offend anyone... don't hate me please!)

Saturday, May 29


Because Kristin is superamazing, I had a superamazing day :)

The day started off when I woke up to my mom telling my brother that we needed to clean our rooms. So clean I did. Twas fun, I guess, but I figured out the reason why I hate to clean my room (i have to take everything out, organize it on the floor, and then put it back... so my room gets messier as i clean it).
Then, we went to my best friend's house, and I got to hang out with him & his brothers! He's going to University of Michigan, so the next time I see him might possibly be my graduation. Or his younger brother's. It really just depends. :(
When I got home, though, is where the superamazing part begins. I was doing dishes when Kristin came over & GAVE ME A GIANT BOX OF JUNIOR MINTS! I like, died on the inside. I died because I was exposed to 1,999,999.99998% awesomeness, which was way more than I could handle. So I ate (one!!) and continued on.
Later, my dad gave me the "not-really-required-but-everyone-in-the-family-has-read-it-anyway" reading, so I get to read these two hilarious books (they're really comics. The Far Side, to be exact. Personally, Calvin & Hobbs, or Pearls Before Swine would have been better, but The Far Side's not bad [smile]. I really quite enjoy it).
And finally, a few hours ago, my dad made me make TWO bacon explosions! That's when I decided that I was going to become a professional bacon-weaver. I already have the commercial set up in my head and everything. It'll go something like this:

Lady: Oh, I love bacon. Unfortunately, every time I want to make a bacon explosion, I can't bear to touch the slimy raw bacon or the gooey raw sausage!! It's tragic! I wish there was something I could do!
Announcer voice: And now there is! Come visit [Rian's super legit bacon-weaving store name here]!
Me: Yeah! I'll weave the bacon for you, and I'll even spread the sausage on it! I can even prepare a whole bacon explosion for you, so all you'll have to do is cook it!
Lady: Oh, Rian! You weaved this bacon like a pro!
Me: That's because I am a pro, miss!
*cool music and probably the announcer saying something about my super cool store*

Yeah, I know, the commercial seems kinda lame. Ok, ok. It is lame. But whatever, I don't really care. It can have some unicorns or something running around in the background. :)
Rian (the Bacon-Weaver)

Lolzorz! So, apparently, when my parents went to the store to buy bacon, it went like this:
Mom: *holds up two packages of bacon* do you think this will be enough?
Dad: yeah, i think it'll be enough.
Random guy who walked up in the middle of the conversation: you can never have enough.

Finally! Someone who understands!
Tonight, i have decided upon two things. 1) i will become a professional bacon-weaver. 2) next time i go to the store, i'll loiter around the bacon. If anyone asks if they have enough, i'm totally gonna be that random person. :D

Friday, May 28

And I Thought I Sucked At Math!

Seriously! I always thought that I sucked at math, but even I know that there's a difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents!
It's 27 minutes long, but it shows you how badly people can suck at math. It's worse than me. Which, in my opinion, is very bad, because I'm horrible enough at it that if anyone's worse than me, we're doomed.

"What?! But I thought 2 + 2 = 4804!!!"


that is so wrong that it's not even funny.


By the way: this is xkcd. Meaning the guy on the phone is probably Randall. Poor, poor Randall. At least he knows how to do math.

I had a little bit of cereal for breakfast this morning (i was feeling a little sick), and today was wonderful. :D

So, there aren't really any songs of the day today (unless you want to listen to Zzzonked by Enter Shikari!), but there are a couple of amazing things.

Firstly, remember THIS OFFICE? Well... if we could do that, and THIS, it'd most definitely be one of THE best places to work. EVER. (i suggest reading everything in the second office... the boards & calendar are hilarious)

Secondly... well, I guess this could count as a song of the day, even though it's more than one song...
The Evolution of Video Games. It's a medley of a bunch of videogame theme songs, and it's amazing! I mean, come on! They even have ExciteBike!! I love that game. And Duck Hunt. Fun stuff, man.

So, now I'm off to cure my hiccups and eat a burger. Have a wonderful evening!

New Moon Parody

Remember this?

Both pretty awesome...
Eclipse comes out June 30th, in case you didn't know! is trying to destroy my life.

I mean it. They started a mobile version of the site! Do they just want me to read ff constantly? Because that's what would happen. I would never get to sleep, because I'd be up reading. I'd fail all of my classes, because I wouldn't pay attention and I would sneak away to the bathroom to read, plus I'd never do my homework. It would probably end up killing me, and then I'd be on the news. Therefore, I'm not going to even look at the mobile button. Well, I'll try not to. But no guarantees.


Thursday, May 27

[dots]... #5? 4? maybe 6?

i really should start numbering these things, huh? But i'm too lazy. Oh well.
Ok, so i've had another bad day today, and I've traced the source of bad days this week to breakfast. So, today's songs are going to be about breakfast.

Cereal Time by Muck Sticky
Do You Like Waffles?
Uh... Pancakes, Pancakes, Waffle!?

Yup. It's best to have the above breakfasts, instead of, say, Cake. Though it is yummy, and awesome to have for breakfast, it may cause your day to go poorly. Or at least, worse than expected. :(
Rian (needs Friday to come and go. FAST FORWARD x24: GO!)

Wednesday, May 26


Jonny Sniper by Enter Shikari
Kicking Your Crosses Down by Circa Survive
Voices by Saosin
Long Walks on Short Bridges by Sky Eats Airplane

If you actually listen to the songs, it might occur to you that Saosin and Circa Survive are similar in style and sound. Because I'm lazy and don't feel like explaining why, I'll just put links on here that go somewhere that does explain it.

Saosin & Circa Survive (this article is mostly about CS's new album [Blue Sky Noise], but it mentions the Saosin thing, so...)
Anthony Green (this very, very briefly discusses the S-CS thing)


Lolzorz! I couldn't decide if I wanted to put a Weezer song on here or not, and look what I found! Kids/Pokerface cover!
But anyway, here's your Weezer: My Name Is Jonas

Tuesday, May 25


this is nice :)


I've had a bad day.

Parting of the Sensory by Modest Mouse

Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse
Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse

Have a better day than me!

psst: if you want something a little more lighthearted, clicky! (i like their cover more than the actual song. But if you want the actual song, it's here [subtitles in Greek?])

Monday, May 24

This Really Needs A Super Cool Acronym [SotD]

Oh. Dots? It'd be out of order... "Day of the Song"? That sounds like a holiday. But SotD just looks stupid, ya know? Any suggestions will be welcome!! :D *winkwinkcoughcoughnudgenudge*

Anyway, the songs for today are:

Empty by Enter Shikari

Box by Tokyo Police Club (FYI: some of the lyrics in this vid are wrong [smile])
Things That Rhyme With Orange by I Set My Friends On Fire
Electric City by Joywave (or The Hoodies. They changed their name fairly recently, I suppose. Look 'em up [smile])

Anyway, even though it's only Monday, and I have so much longer to go, I really can't wait until this weekend. I get to see my best friend graduate (no, this is not Kristin. I'd be extremely jealous if Kristin were already graduating), meaning I get to see him & his family for the first time in like, 3 years (they don't exactly live close)!! Then, MEATFEST! It's the best day of the year (besides Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and the last day of school)!! Basically, Meatfest is a party my family throws in which there are many meaty foods. No worries- my aunt's a vegetarian, so there's gonna be some vegetables, too. But yeah. We're gonna make the bacon explosion again... mmm. I loved making that- so much meat!! And after that- MONDAY! But you know what's so great about it? THERE'S NO SCHOOL!! Oh, it'll be nice. Especially since this week is randomly full of tests, and next week is exams. Speaking of exams (a very frustrating topic nowadays), I'm very frustrated.* So, throughout the year, we take this test called TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), and if we get commended on that (meaning... you get a certain percentage correct? I'm not exactly sure. I'll ask Kristin in a bit), we get to exempt some exams. BUUUT: I heard that we won't get our TAKS scores until next week. Exemption forms are due June 2, and exams are the 3rd and 4th. So it sucks. We won't know what exams to exempt, we won't know which exams we're taking, and we won't know which exams to study for. So, I guess I'll just go ahead & be ready for everything... wah.
Oks, time to get to work!

Sunday, May 23

Best game ever.

It's a zombie game called Infectionator. Click Here to play and enjoy.


Saturday, May 22

[Song of the Day]

Yes, i know. I said there would be none in the mornings. But it's a Saturday, I got five and a half hours of sleep, and I have no idea of when we're leaving for some wedding this afternoon.
so, the songs of the day are:

Nuts n Milk by Unicorn Kid
Wolves by Talk To Animals (Unicorn Kid Remix)
Comfort (I guess it's by Apparatus, and features Monomate?)

Yeah. Today's a dance music day. I kinda like the fact that I can jump around to music with no words :) It's really fun.
And yes, if you haven't noticed, I really do enjoy Unicorn Kid. He's amazing, and he has a lion hat. :D
Hmm. Maybe tomorrow I'll put some Tokyo Police Club up? Or maybe later today. It depends. Ah, forget it. I'll put up more right now, cuz I don't feel like doing my homework that's due on Thursday.

Powder to the People by Dance Gavin Dance

Citizens of Tomorrow by Tokyo Police Club
Travel Hymn by Circa Survive
and, why not-
Sorry, You're Not A Winner by Enter Shikari (personally, I like the interlude 3 intro to this song, but whatever. This one's really cool, too [smile])

See, now you have music that has words, and is not dance. :)

Friday, May 21

[Songs of the Day]

Biscuit by Unicorn Kid
Come on! Come on! by Morgan Laurence
Big Fish, Small Pond by Monomate (there's cussing, but it's still amazing!)

Yay! i love those songs! :D
Now to work on homework.

Ok. So, i've always like SGG by Freezepop...
but I just found this Robotkid remix of it... and it's amazing.
Science Genius Girl by Freezepop
SGG Lazy Remix by Robotkid

Thursday, May 20

Awesome Game, Hilarious Music Video!

sorry it's a bit off center... trust me. i would fix it if i could.

Also, for you Zelda fans out there- I swear, this song always makes me smile

Murciélago Hombre

Don't you hate it when you know you have to do something, you keep thinking about it so you won't forget, and then, 20 seconds later, BAM! You go to the place you're supposed to go, and can't remember what you were going to do?
That's exactly what I just did. :(
Anyway, since I'm (finally!) ahead on my homework (as in, everything I can work on now is currently due on Thursday, May 27!), I've decided that, on days when I have nothing (or little) to do, and I remember, I'll post a song of the day!
A song of the day may repeat itself, because basically, it'll just be a song (or a few songs, I guess) that has/have been stuck in my head. (aka, no song of the days in the morning. There are so many parenthesis in this post... wow) Also! I just thought of this- it'll let you listen to some of my favorite music! Tell me what you think in the comments, please! :D
So, today's SONG(s) OF THE DAY are:

Tree Village by Dance Gavin Dance

Rock Solid by Dance Gavin Dance (it cusses...)
Rescue Plan by Galleries (i can't find it individually, so here's their myspace, and you can click it there, as well as listen to other songs by them!)

Enjoy, and please comment!

Tuesday, May 18


Monday, May 17


Happy Mike the Headless Chicken Day!
click to read more!

:D -Rian

Sunday, May 16

If you don't know, here's a guide.

Unfortunately, if you don't know, that also means that you've been walking around pantless for a while. Click here to learn exactly how to put on your pants.

It could be quite useful in the future.

Saturday, May 15

How to be later than late.

A How-To guide by Kristin

1. tell the people meeting you that you are on your way.
2. stop at the house of the people you're supposed to be picking up and sit and talk
3. make the people you're supposed to be meeting wait so long that they go ahead and order food without you
4. keep sitting and talking
5. make the people you're supposed to be meeting wait so long that they finish eating
6. stop sitting and talking
7. make the people you're supposed to be meeting wait so long that they text you and tell you they've already eaten and are leaving.
8. arrive at meeting place, two hours late
9. text the people you were supposed to be meeting and tell them that you arrived five minutes after they left

Please never make anyone suffer through this as I had to at the hands of the people I call my cousins...


PS: none of this was exaggerated.

Friday, May 14

A Lesson In English:

motif: [moh-teef] (noun)- a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., especially in literature.

Well, my colleagues, this literature that I'm currently talking about is REAL LIFE.
Let's begin, shall we?
So, we're going to start with the obvious, and a greeting. Happy National Chicken Dance Day. Today, May 13, is National Chicken Dance Day.
Please click this link now. When it is over, please click "Back" and return to this post.
Ah, I see you've returned. Did you enjoy that?
I sure did!
Okay. So, I previously told you that today, we would be learning about motif. If you've forgotten what a motif is (already?!), the definition is at the top.
The motif of today, if you haven't already guessed, was CHICKENS.
If you do not know what a chicken is... I cannot help you. Ask a friend, neighbor, or an adult you trust.
I will now tell you a story. So, please, relax in your swivel/metal/laz-e-boy chair, and enjoy.
Today at school, people were carrying around chicks. [baby chickens, not girls.] They were extremely loud (no joke), and... seriously. People had them in their hands and were just walking around with loud baby chickens in their hands.
Tonight, at the orchestra banquet, we had fried chicken for dinner. It made me laugh, because I was thinking of the people who were carrying around baby chickens as I ate the fried chicken.
Also at the banquet, I won a gift card for Chick-fil-a. [A chicken restaurant]
Later, I was showing a friend some pictures, when I found a picture of me wearing a chicken hat.
Yes. Chickens are a motif for today. I can only imagine what will happen in four days, on Mike The Headless Chicken Day...
Also, watch this video (which contains, you guessed it, sheep). It's pretty cool. It makes me think of a sign, that says something about calling to get sheep for your birthday party or something... (see sign here)
GLaDOS... I mean, Rian :) [i hope i didn't bore you. I'm just bored. And trying to fix my inability to write stuff at the moment. It only sucks because I've had to write two papers in the last two days, and they've all been awkward to me.]

Tuesday, May 11


You should totally watch this video. We discovered it today in Newspaper, and then kept replaying it... we probably watched it like, ten times. It's awesome.


Sunday, May 9

The Bearer of Bad News

Face it- no matter how many times you practice, you'd never be able to both catch and throw that paper without looking. and then somehow manage to hit the person in the face, too? Forget it. Sorry if I totally just destroyed someone's dreams :(
But, that's what I'm here for. No, not shooting people down, but for stating the ugly truths about things. For example: Yes, there are bugs. No, they're not going anywhere. So sorry, but you have to deal with them. No matter how many you squish... there are so many more out there. :)
Anyway, I wish a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers, great great great grandmothers, soon-to-be-mothers, and... moms.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Moms in the world...

And kids, if you forgot, here's a nice ecard... Click.

Just show your mom that.


Thursday, May 6

New word...

So, as the title suggests, I discovered a new word today. Not totally new, like never before seen, but new as in I've never heard it before and I thought was fake.

It means sleepy... So, the somnolent Monday morning, the somnolent IB student, the somnolent dog... you get the point. Now use it!

Text ColorSo, I'm reading a story where Bella dressed up as a boy to go to this all boys summer camp with her brother, and either the author hates Bella and wants to make her seems stupid, or the author is stupid. It's got to be one of these, because there is absolutely no reason for a girl who is dressing up as a guy to wear lip gloss, pink underwear, and still use strawberry scented shampoo. Same with the freesia body wash and razors... if you're gonna be a guy, just don't shave your legs. Seriously. These people have got to learn better survival techniques.


(nice fanfiction rant, huh?)

Also, it is not possible for someone to grimace audibly. Oxymoron.

Notice the italics.

Wednesday, May 5

Photo of the Day

Isn't it just perfect? And as weird of a sign as it is, it's totally true and helpful right now!
Only 21 days of school left! Don't ride trains while depressed by your schoolwork and keep hopes up!
(motivational message of the day or something)

Tuesday, May 4

Yay! I'm a genius!

Just kidding.

I fixed our problem, though not without some work on my part. It was fun, though. Basically, the box we have at the top, which used to have music and a story, was having some problems. So, I had to find a way to get the music we wanted without having to use the embed codes from another site. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. I just had to store the file on a data hosting site, then use the link it gave me there to set up the music player. Unfortunately, we're going to have to type the name and stuff by ourselves, because it doesn't do that on it's own now.
Anyway, I'm done being a nerd. Um...I think that's it. I just chose a random song for now, but it might change soon, so... I don't actually know where that sentence was going.
Oh yeah! (not about the sentence I never finished...) I started reading this series (vampire, of course) called the Morganville Vampires. It's really good...
Guess that's enough rambling.

Monday, May 3


"Hey, it's Him!"







"Just tell me his name already!"



Poptart Math.

I don't know about your house, but in mine, Poptarts are always gone in about three days. I decided to do some math...

Poptarts in box: 8
Poptarts are doubly packaged, so packages in box: 4
People who eat Poptarts (most of the time): 2
Poptart packages divided by number of people: 2
Number of days 1 box of Poptarts will last: 2

Probability I will get last Poptart: 0


Song Lyrics

If I could write a song, I would stick it through the bad translator. Then I'd make the translation a new song. It'd be awesome.
But, because I'm lame, I can't write songs (or good ones, anyway). So, I took lyrics from some of my favorite songs and stuck them in there... and it makes no sense. :)

"You have to give it all up, when you realize what you're leaving behind. I wish I was lost, but this was an alternate destination!" -- The Artificial, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: If everything is! I hope that all problems.

"We speak in different voices when fighting with the ones we love! We speak in different voices, why can't we say what we're thinking of?" -- Voices, Saosin
I got: For each family, we fight for the conversation to sound different! We think that, from.

"Watch life flash before your eyes, and hope for the best. Even in this well lit room where you lay down to rest, you cast a shadow that stabs you in the back!" -- The Artificial, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: Lightroom can add and support bhfaiteadh eyes!
(I typed in bhfaiteadh and found that it is a word that means exactly what it is.)

"I can't get started from the part where I left off yesterday. Should've spent my time a little wiser!" -- Get Out, Circa Survive
I got: I cannot speak! It takes longer for my bag.

"Sorry you're not a winner with the air so cold and a mind so bitter! What have you got to lose but false intentions and a life so pretentious?" -- Sorry, You're Not A Winner, Enter Shikari
I got: Indeed, the condition of the heart and the cold war, one, green; that a person. Important and dangerous, but not enough in my life, or not?

And my favorite:
"There is substance in this silence, the proof of what surrounds us. Photographs are a mirror image- look deep, and see yourself within them!" -- Giants in the Ocean, Sky Eats Airplane
I got: Silence is the latest New Show!

Rian (I got: Kovarirovat [what the heck?!])

Saturday, May 1

Say 'YES' to:

This shirt.
This house.
This song.
And this song, too!
This clock.
ice cream.
the dress. (sorry- it's what i've been thinking this whole time)
saying yes :)
Rian (hahaha)