Thursday, July 31

My fourth post in a row

I'm so sad. I was reading this manga online called Absolute Boyfriend, and it was sad! The guy left and never came back! I hated the ending! But it was a really good series. If you want to read mangas online, go to Okay, that was a really random post, but I just had to say it. Besides, I don't have anyone to talk to, since Ri's been banned from the computer this afternoon. Someone please come talk to me!

Sad AND lonely,

Random things that happened today

Okay. Some very weird things happened:

1. I noticed that the librarian looks like Elliot Yamin (i hope i spelled that right) from American Idol
2.I only got two books from the library, which must be a personal record
3. I saw two ladies in Albertson's with identical pajamas and flipflops on
4. we were in the car and I saw a helicopter
Me: Look, a helicopter! It's going fast.
Mom: Yeah. Maybe it's going to a hospital.
Me(stupidly): why doesn't it have it's sirens on?
Mom(sarcastically): There probably aren't very many things that will get in it's way up there.
Me: Oh yeah.
Long pause.
Brother: Hey look! A helicopter! And it's going really fast, too!
5.I've been to Ross three days in a row.
6. This is what  a chicken package said: Naturally 100% chicken!
how could it be 100% chicken unnaturally? Is that possible?

Yeah. And all this in less than two hours. Now you know how I spend my life. 

Another short post

I just found a packet of taco seasoning in my corn chex.

Questioning the sanity of the people who box cereal,

Today's Fact!

Did you know:

pearls melt in vinegar. 
so don't ever pour vinegar on your mom's favorite pearl necklace. Though you will have a pretty good excuse.

"Hey! What happened to my necklace?"
"It melted!"
"Do you honestly expect me to believe that?"
"It's true! I'll prove it!"
Take your mom's second favorite pearl necklace and pour vinegar on it.
Then run.

Funnyful. That was a random made up word. Oh well. Two days until Breaking Dawn.
Thinking up funny scenarios that involve pearls and vinegar,

Wordtastic Words...and REMINDER!

Hello, Donut!
Today's word is:

ONEIROPHOBIA- a fear of dreams

For O, not so many great ones. yeah. Ok.

Don't forget: contest today!!!! Comment at the end of the day... And get on tomorrow for the winner! and winner, cbox me so that I can get you those cookies of your choice!!
Look out for lemons!
wanting cookies and thinking about how SHORT this is,
Rian (emi-chan)

Wednesday, July 30



Okay, sorry about that . i just had to vent. But now it's time for:

On average, 100 people choke to death on ball-point pens every year.

That's kinda scary. How do you even fit a pen into your mouth? Sorry, but this post is gonna be very short, since I'm getting ready to watch episode 40! i've been waiting on this forever! Well, not that long, but whatever. You get the point!! 

Sorry about possible typos because she's in a rush,



Hello, Donut!
TOMORROW IS A HOLIDAY! Tomorrow, July 31, 2008, Is "Annual Laugh Until Your Dog Looks At You Funny" day. so that's what i'm gonna do. just sit near my dog and laugh about random things... i'm gonna do weird things and have other people look at me funny, and that'll make me laugh, and then hopefully my dog will look at me funny. I have a bullmastiff... he's very big... and i guess that makes him look mean???? Cuz everytime he's around little dogs, the owners say something like, "Wow! Your dog could eat mine for a snack!" and if my dog makes any sudden movements towards theirs, they pick it up and run away. It's kinda funny. BUT ANYWAY!... yeah. If you don't have a dog, go to a friend's house that has (a) dog(s). It could be very fun. Once your dog looks at you funny, don't just give up for the rest of the day! OOH! I SMELL A CONTEST! ok. For the whole day, keep track of how many times your dog looks at you when you laugh. You must STOP laughing after everytime, and then you can start as soon as he/she looks away. At the end of the day, comment here on how many times. The person who ACTUALLY participated (yes, I AM aware that there might be cheaters) wins. What you win, i'm not sure yet. OOH! I'll give you some cookies. yes. that's the prize. cookies. You can ask for whatever kind you want, and i'll try to get them to you... Ok. We'll arrange to get you cookies if you win the competition. Remember! This holiday is TOMORROW, so no starting before then... and get some sleep tonight. Don't stay up til midnight trying to make your dog look at you... that is just dumb. so ok. It's been decided. Can't wait for tomorrow, now!
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi-chan)
hehe. watch as you see all these people walking their dogs and laughing. That'll be kinda funny... if anyone decides to participate... :)

Wordtastic Words

Hello, Donut!
well, I figured I needed something like Kris's that worked... she uses factacular facts, so i decided that wordtastic words would kinda work, too... ANYWAY, today's word is:

NEBULAPHOBIA- a fear of fog

yeah. I just like this one. Just cuz it's cool like that. Nebula= something to do with stars, Phobia= fear of. Fear of something to do with stars. WRONG! I don't know WHERE they got the fog from, but o well... Yeah. not much to type about today...
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi-chan) ( SO BORED!) :P

Tuesday, July 29


So today I actually went to the eye doctor, not the normal one. It was really weird. When we were sitting in the lobby, this random old guy started talking to us. Then he handed my brother a 1,000,000 dollar bill. It was one of those fake ones, but it was still weird. Then, when I actually went back into the room where you do the tests, it got weirder. The doctor guy kept asking me random questions, and whenever I would answer yes, he would say, "yes sir." Then he'd poke me until I said it. But he was joking. I hate it when you're just sitting there and then they're like, "Okay, I'm going to look at you eye." Then they shine a flashlight in your eye and tell you not to blink! It's impossible! What I think is stupid is that they turn off the lights and THEN use the flashlights. Weird. They could have just kept the lights on. But I'm not going to question the oddities of optometrists. Well, maybe a little, since I need a parting message anyways. At least they're better than orthodontists, at least when you don't get eye drops. And you know what I just noticed? A whole bunch of doctor stuff starts with o. Optometrist, orthodontist, orthopedist, orthopaedist (and yes, it is a word), and probably some other stuff I haven't heard of. What's with the O's?

Pondering the questions of the universe,

I'm bored and this is totally random

Hello, Donut!
Ok. I am bored, so I'm gonna do something. From now on, I'm gonna share what google tells me. Today, google told me that today was NASA's 50th Anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, NASA!!!!!!!! So I'm just gonna keep doing this. Cuz I get bored very easily, and I go to google a lot. so yeah. and plus, I actually came up with this idea. hehe. Ok. I'll edit this when Google decides to share something else interesting with me! (and I'll put the date and stuff so you know when everything is.)
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi-chan) END PART 1: 29 July, 2008 1:38 PM
hehe! I made it fancy looking. (it does look pretty official, doesn't it?)

Factacular Factness!

The fact of the day is:

Kristin got bored with her old story and now she's decided to start a new one about a girl with telekinesis.
Just kidding, though that is a fact. The REAL fact of the day is:
The King of hearts is the only king without a mustache.
This is probably one of the most random facts ever, but it is true! Maybe it's because he's the youngest king. Or maybe the land of Hearts doesn't allow mustaches. Hold on, and let me see if the Jack of hearts has a mustache.
Yes he does. So I have no idea why the King of hearts doesn't have a mustachio. Let me see if I can find some good pictures to post.
That one's good enough, I guess. Even though I put the size to small, its gigantic! Oh well. Time for me to leave. Wait! Speaking of cards, I learned a new card trick! Unfortunately, if you don't know me, you're probably never going to get to see the amazingness that is magic. Actually, it's counting, but whatever. You know all those card tricks are fakes. It's kinda funny because I was teaching my brother how to do the trick and everytime he does it, the chosen card it two cards to the left of the card he chose! It's hilarious!! Okay. I really need to leave now. 
Wondering about the laws in the land of Hearts,

Letters are put together to make words like this one

Hello, Donut!
Sorry. I randomly slept in... I normally wake up around 8:30 or so, but today i woke up an hour later! Totally random. Anyway, word for today is:

MNEMOPHOBIA- a fear of memories

yeah. None of the M-phobias were very good ones, so I decided this was the craziest one. Yeah. wow. I'm sorry for ANYONE who is afraid of memories... none of them must be pretty bad... I guess... yeah. Ok. I'm gonna go eat breakfast now!! YAY!!! Since I finished all my honey nut cheerios, I'm gonna eat cinnamon toast crunch... which i guess is in my top 5 favorite cereals... 1) Honey Nut Cheerios 2) Frosted Flakes 3) Cinnamon Toast Crunch 4) Chocolate Rice Crispies 5) uh... idk!!! hehe. Ok. Enough about my cereal prefrence (is that spelled right?) , you only came here for a phobia. So I'll let you go. BYE!
look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi-chan!)

Monday, July 28

Short and Random

This is probably going to be the shortest and most random thing I have ever posted, hence the title, but marshmallows taste good with salt.

Questioning my own sanity,

Crazy Orthodontists- and interesting facts

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

This is a really random fact...And I don't really have anything else to say about it,so I'll start telling you about my trip to the orthodontist this morning.
First off- it was not fun. I had to get a new wire, and the lady started by yanking mine out. Thenn she stuck the new one in, yanked it out, cut it, stuck it in AGAIN, cut the other side, and then stuck it in one more time. I thought that was going to be the last time, but NOOOO. She was talking to another lady about how she couldn't eat salad(???), and then they started talking about some movie called PeeWee's Big Adventure. She was just sitting there holding and talking over this thing that was supposed to go into my mouth. Then, when she finally comes back to Earth, she put the wire in, but it took like ten minutes because it was bigger than before, or something like that. Trust me. Orthodontist appointments are never fun. And I've been doing this for four years. I should be getting them off soon, though. My next appointment is the second day of school. I'm still wondering how the blog's gonna work when Ri and I have school stuff to do...we probably won't be able to meet every night. Speaking of which, we have our 200 hit party tonight!! We're bringing ice cream!! 
Well, I wish. I probably wouldn't be able to eat it anyways, since my mouth hurts very badly. Applesauce will have to do. Okay, I'll stop badmouthing orthodontists and go play Monopoly with my family.
Wishing on the sun, (and thanking the people that created Tylenol)

Tomorrow's... well... Today's word...

Hello, Donut!
So, on Mondays (which is tomorrow for me, but today when you are reading this), I am going to have Private Cello Lessons in the mornings from 9-9:45. I don't want my daily posts to be later than usual, so I'm going to do them the day before, so then they will appear on the day and at the time i want it to! I'm gonna see about 9:02 or so... hehe, I like unusual times. 9:02 sounds important for some reason, anyway... ok, so yeah. Back to the point. The word of the day is:

LYSSOPHOBIA- a fear of rabies or going mad

Ok. I'm scared of getting rabies, and have a small fear of going mad, but I think people (in cartoons, anyway) are funny when they have rabies, and I go mad everyday. So yeah. I'm obviously not a lyssophobe. Ok.
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi-chan)

Sunday, July 27

Random things I found on the internet

I was really bored today, so I was looking up random things on the internet. I found some hilariously funny sayings. These are my favorite.

I understand that Scissors can beat Paper, and I get how Rock can beat Scissors, but there's no way Paper can beat Rock. Is Paper supposed to magically wrap around Rock leaving it immobile? If so, why can't paper do this to scissors? Screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people? Why aren't sheets of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they attempt to take notes in class? I'll tell you why, because paper can't beat anybody, a rock would tear that crap up in two seconds. When I play rock/ paper/ scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my ready made fist and say, oh, I'm sorry, I thought paper would protect you.

Don't think of your self as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.

“When there's a will, I want to be in it.”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.”

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Never argue with me, I'll drag you down to my level and beat you with a bat.

Did you know that when someone annoys you, it takes forty-two muscles to frown, But it only takes four muscles to extend your arm out and smack'em in the head.




(U U)o 

Obviously, the bunny's not a saying, but I thought it was cute. Comment if you thought this was funny. I did. And I laugh each time I reread it... hehe. Here I go, laughing again...

Wishing on the sun and waiting on Breaking Dawn (6 days!),


It's ANOTHER word

Hello, Donut!
Today's word is:

KATHISOPHOBIA- a fear of sitting down

Wouldn't your legs get tired? How do you lay down? Do you just fall on your back and hope you don't split your head open? Yeah. It seems kinda weird to be scared of sitting down, if you ask me... unless some frightening experience happened to you when you sat down- THAT i would understand. But otherwise... Yeah. Talk to me if you know anyone, blah blah words words.
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi Tsukiko, a nerdy ninja)

Fact of the Day!

Today's fact:

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
This is very interesting, and I think that shouldn't Earth turn clockwise, since we're "Venus's Twin"? It makes sense to me, but I guess those science people don't think so. I have my own theories about things that go on in the universe, but I don't really have the time or space to post one. The funny thing is that, while I'm typing this on Saturday, you will be reading it on Sunday. I'm going to be spending the night at my cousin's house, and yes, the same cousin who's been spending the night here, and I don't know if I'll have time to post. So I made a delayed post. It should post at 9:41 on Sunday. Thats the great thing about blogs. Time travel! Just kidding. Well, I should probably go now. I'm hungry and listening to Fall For You. If you've read this blog at all, you should know that this is my favorite song. Also, i learned how to play the intro on the piano! I'm working on the other part now, but it's harder and the stupid youtube people , no offense, don't do very good tutorials. Well, I've got to go eat breakfast.
Wishing on tomorrow's sun,

Saturday, July 26

a word.

Hello, Donut!
Hey. The word for today is:

JAPANOPHOBIA- a fear of Japan, Japanese culture

Yeah, but there were only 2 words. Either Japan or Jews. I chose Japan just because we are talking about Japanese stuff all the time, and everything (almost) seems to be made from Japan. So people would be afraid of everything that has a made in Japan sticker on it. Once again, blahditty blah blah malarky. :) Sorry, I just enjoy doing that. Ok. I'm going to leave soon, so bye!
Look out for lemons!
Rian (Emi Tsukiko)

Factacular Factationness

Did you know...

Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there.

I'd like to believe this, but I ALWAYS get bitten by mosquitos, even if I'm wearing repellent. It gets on my nerves. Once, I had 7 mosquito bites AT THE SAME TIME, and they were all on my legs, probably because in the summer the only thing I wear is athletic shorts and flipflops. And a shirt, of course. My mosquito bites get gigantic too, even if I don't scratch them. I had a total of 9 when I was at camp and I have 2 now. It's not fun, but I guess I'll have to deal with it.

I painted my nails the day before yesterday, but now they're chipped because I went swimming yesterday. I was looking at my fingers while I typed, so I noticed it. Okay. i've gotta go, since I'm really not supposed to be on at all.

Wishing on the sun,


Friday, July 25

Breaking Dawn!!!

I hadn't realized it, but the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn comes out in 8 days!!! I had thought I still had to wait for a long time. The funny thing is that I reserved it at Barnes and Nobles about 3 months ago! i'm kinda obsessed. Like with Maximum Ride! The fifth book comes out March 18, 2009, and the first graphic novel comes out in January 09, and the second in October. Then, the movie is supposed to come out sometime around 2010!! I just thought I would blog about this, since I'm bored and I just remembered. Hi to all you Twilight fans out there!!! And MR fans, too!!

Wishing on the sun (or maybe the moon, since it's night),

We're fishies!

Not really. But we did swim, which is something we have in common with fish. It was very fun, wet, and hot. Very hot. It was funny, because when we played Marco Polo (or Bob Polo), no one ever called Marco. But we still yelled polo. My brother refused to go into the deep end because he was convinced the noodle wouldn't hold him up, even though we told him a million times it would. Well, maybe not quite that many. So then we had cookies that Ri made, and I stole some to take home. Not really, she gave them to me. They were very good. We also had Ruffles, and I was bored one day so I made up a saying.

Ruffles have so many ridges they need bridges.

I now have very dark tan lines. Speaking of which, my chex were not honey nut chex, they were corn chex, the really bland ones. So, I did like any person would do, and I added sugar!! very fun. and Yummy. Yeah. By the way, Ri and I love the amount of hits we've gotten, which is alot, around 170, and we're having a party! We would really like it if someone would join us, because we know you're reading this, and we've said this a million times. So, readers, please participate! Otherwise we'll fail you! Ha! just kidding. I don't have access to your schools database... or do I? okay, I'll stop rambling now and do something else... like write, or play guitar hero, or create piano hero, or go to Taco Bell and get some food. I like that last one.
Hungry, random, and wishing on the sun,

Cereal, Swimming, and Factation!

All polar bears are left handed.

This makes no sense to me, mainly because I don't even know what a polar bear would need a hand for. They don't write, they don't brush their teeth, and I don't think they eat with their hands. If I ever go to the North Pole, I'll ask the polar bears. Maybe I'll see if it'll shake my hand. So,yeah. I'm bored. Ri and I are going swimming today! fun! I'm bored again. i think I'm gonna go have some cereal. Either Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Chex, or Frosted Mini Wheats... I always have the Frosted Mini Wheats, but that's because they're good. I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch the day before yesterday. I guess it'll be Honey Nut Chex, then. 
Pondering cereal choices while wishing on the sun,
And I know Factation is not a word.

I need a new name for words...

Hello, Donut!
Ok. The word is:

ILLYNGOPHOBIA- a fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.

Ok. I can understand this one when you are high up (meaning at least 50 ft. up in the air), but does this apply to ANYTIME?! So you are afraid that if you stand on a curb, you could get vertigo? You're afraid of looking at your feet from a standing position for fear you might get dizzy. Yeah... NO!!! :) Ok. If you know anyone with this phobia, blah blah blah blah blah. You've heard it all before. Arg. If you haven't, look at my other word of the day posts... you'll figure out what i'm talking about, cuz i don't feel like typing it anymore. I'm gonna be lazy. :P Well, alright. Since I have nothing of intrest to blog about right now, I'll stop typing.

PS: speaking of lemons... I was watching this thing (i don't remember what) and they said they were going to seal all the evil. That just made me think about the lemons. So they are going to seal all the villains that are lemons. hehe.

Thursday, July 24

Skating= Major fun... and pain.

Hello, Donut!
Kris and I went skating at Texas Skatium today, and we had a lot of fun. It was really awkward, though, because all these daycares and summer school kids (all ranging from pre-k to maybe 2nd grade) were there. And their shirts made it a rainbow. We had people with pink shirts, orange shirts, yellow shirts, green shirts, blue shirts, and maroon shirts, which we counted as purple. So Kris and I were like the oldest kids there. It was sad, though, because all these little kids were running US over. They would either skate REALLY fast and move like RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and almost make us fall down, or they would go REALLY slow so we almost fell on top of them. Speaking of falling, when they fell down, they stayed down until someone came and helped them up. It was really annoying, especially if they were in the middle of where we were trying to skate. There was one kid who decided going the opposite way was more fun, so we had to watch out for him, cuz he was really short and in a camo t-shirt, so yeah. I met 2 people... One was Toby, a little little kid who didn't skate... at least i never saw him skating... and Kaitlin. We met her when she zoomed by us on a corner and yelled,"WEEEEEEE!!!" in a little squeaky voice. She then looked at us laughing at her, started laughing, then fell down. She stayed down for like, 5 minutes before someone came and helped her get up. So we decided that she would be a fun person to talk to, but man, were WE wrong... she turned out to be really mean. She would sneak up on us and yell stuff, like,"WAHOOOO!!!" and stuff and scare us, then she would push us. She pushed Kris and made her fall down, but she fell down to so it was ok. Then she pushed me while i was turning, so I ran into like a dozen little kids and made them all fall down, and then I fell down, and then I decided to leave. I did NOT wanna be caught in there with her. But then it turns out that she came out too... and we got scared. I think she was following us, cuz she ordered us to get back in there... yeah. They played lots of Hannah Montana (>.<>
and little kids on rollerskates!

i can't think of a name i haven't already used...

well, the fact of the day is:

If you went on a car trip at the speed of light, you'd get to your destination before you left.
I find this very interesting. I was talking to Jason, and he was arguing that it was impossible for you to get somewhere before you leave because you have to leave to get somewhere. and I was trying to explain that you would get there at the TIME before you left, but he kept going on about how it was impossible. Yeah. I'm going to paint my nails, then at 11, Ri and I are going skating!! yeah! Maybe Ill blog about it when we get back!
Wishing on the sun,

Wordularness (word-ju-ler-ness; adj)

Hello, Donut!
Ok, I realize that I've already shown you this word, but since I only like this one from the choices I have, I'll use it anyway. The word of the day is:


I just think it's funny because that phobia is like the longest word I've ever seen... I should know. I use long words. Anyway, pronunciation time!!! (hippo- pot-oh-mawn-strow-sis-quip-uh-dal-yo-PHOBIA) wow. Even the pronuncation is long! I'm not a hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobe! Are you? Well, I guess if you just to one look at this word and was scared of it, then yes. You ARE a hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobe. I like that word. It takes a while to type, but it's a cool and fun word. Ok. Look out for lemons!

Wednesday, July 23

Dentists (or at least my opinion on them)

Hello Donut!
Ok. Here's the thing. Dentists are good. They'll clean your teeth for you and make your teeth look nice and shiny and pretty. But they act kinda strange sometimes... So they wear scrubs. Any place where they look inside people or animals for the public, you can find people wearing scrubs. It's not strange. But the DESIGNS on the scrubs can make you think sometimes... Especially when A) everyone wears matching scrubs, B) someone shows up with scrubs on that look really weird (they don't fit, they're just weird, etc.) or C) a guy is wearing pink floral scrubs. THAT is just weird. Next, they talk to you. That's ok, except when they start working in your mouth and try to keep up a conversation. I mean, do they even really understand you when they ask, "so how was your summer?" and you respond," ha hahaha haha hahaha he hahaha hahaha ha ha ha ha HA HA ah ah ha ha aha ahahah." ????? I don't THINK so! I don't even totally understand that- it just looks like someone's laughing and saying ahhah! because they figured something out. yeah. That is NOT OK! Then, they try to do seemingly unnecessary things- like Ok. Here's what happened to me: spacers, a thing that went on the roof of my mouth but was not a butterfly, then braces for 2 years, then a tooth positioner, then a retainer (still waiting for that, by the way). Here's what happened to my friends: spacers, braces for 2 years, retainer. I mean, IT DOES THE SAME THING, SO WHY DID I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT?!?! seriously! But yeah, i'll finish my rant on dentists. I know it may seem kinda random, but it's not because i just got home from one. Oh yeah, my appointment was at 12, and I got floride, so i can't eat or drink for 30 minutes (time's up at 1:15). Did they think I had eaten lunch before I left? NO! I'm starving over here just because of that floride stuff that normally tastes nasty- a word of advice: NEVER TAKE THE FRUIT FLAVORED ONES UNLESS YOU HAVE TRIED ONE AND IT WAS GOOD- ALWAYS GO FOR MINT OR CINNAMON FLAVORS- THOSE ARE THE BEST OPTIONS!!! yeah, i know. that was more like... 27 words of advice, but oh well. yeah, the only reason I say that is because no one can make good artificial fruit flavoring nowadays (especially cherry flavor-eww!), and all fruit flavors taste gross unless they're coming from the actual fruit. ANYWAY, like i said a long time ago, I'll finish my rant on dentists. So, Look out for lemons!!!!
With a super clean mouth (that's minty fresh)

I'm mad

This is kinda funny, but not really, since my cousin said she had never seen me get mad at anyone, and if I did, it would probably be really bad, and I should take pictures. But I'm not mad at anyone. I'm mad because I didn't get to have my toaster strudel!! So, we were making breakfast, and my cousin, not the same one mentioned above, said she wanted biscuits. Me and my brother were getting toaster strudel, so I made the biscuits, and when they were already in the oven, she started getting toaster strudel. I had already made mine, and Jason (my brother) was starting his. So then my  mom was like, "Well somebody has to get biscuits!" So then I was like, "Well, Jason can have my toaster strudel, and I'll have a biscuit." Because that's just the kind of person I am. (big head for a moment there) But then, my cousin ended up getting a biscuit AND a toaster strudel. and that's why i'm mad. But the biscuit was very good. Usually, I don't eat the bottom, because it's all hard, and stuff, but this time it was golden and soft and buttery! Yum! So, I guess I'm done ranting about food. It gets annoying typing toaster strudel and biscuit all the time, because I keep forgetting the a in toaster, and the second i in biscuit. Well, I guess I'd better go talk to Rian before she dies of boredness...


WoRd Of ThE dAy

Hello, Donut!
Warning! If you have the following phobia, DO NOT READ THIS SITE!
Today's phobia of the day is........

GELIOPHOBIA- a fear of laughing

I can see how people can live with being afraid of laughing- people might ridicule their laugh or laugh at them. But if I had geliophobia, I would die. Seriously. I laugh at least 200 times EVERY DAY!!!!! so yeah. Once again, if you know someone who has Geliophobia, let me know!!!! I wanna meet them!!! :) Look out for lemons!!!

Laughing all the time,

Today's Fact

Sorry I couldn't come up with a more interesting title. Okay, todays fact:

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
This is kinda funny, because once, we were on the bus, and someone was telling me I blink too much. Really, is there a limit for these types of things? 
Last night, I stayed up until midnight trying to finish a stupid puzzle. We went through all the pieces, but we didn't find the one we were looking for. I hope we're not missing any, and it's just temporarily gone. I think I'm going to have Toaster Strudel for breakfast. My brother gets mad at me whenever we buy them, because I only like the apple ones and I won't let him get any others.
Same goes for poptarts. i'll only eat the Brown Sugar ones.Well now that we're done talking about my food habits, I'd better go eat. I'm hungry.
One more question, though. You know how people say you can wish on a star? Well, couldn't you just wish on the sun? Technically, it is a star. It's just closer than all the others. Four light years closer. Yeah, in case you didn't know, the closest star to Earth, Proxima Centari, is approximately 4.2 light years away from earth. This I learned in Math Science Team four years ago. I have no idea how I remember these things, but I do. Okay, I'll really stop talking now.
Wishing on the sun,

Tuesday, July 22

I'm really bored, so I decided to post a random, and probably really really long, blog. Well, my cousin's spending the week over here, and we might go skating sometime! hopefully Rian can come! Today, I was playing guitar hero, and i finally beat the song I was stuck on! Also, yesterday, me and my mom were in the car, and we saw this tree monster(or at least that's what it looked like) on the side of the road. We were on the highway, so we couldn't stop, but we wanted to take a picture of it to send to Jay Leno. We decided he would probably say something like ,"And this is what they have on the side of the road in Texas." Yeah. Weird. I wish I could have gotten a picture. I'll try and take one the next time we pass by. This is a really random post... Today we went to the music store and I was looking for the music to Canon in D, but it wasn't there, so the guy had to order it for me. We really need to get a new piano. We have one downstairs, but it's really loud and you can hear it through the whole house, so sometimes I don't want to use it. We used to have a keyboard upstairs, but it broke. You know what I hate?! We just got a new computer, and it's a Mac! But i can't play any of my favorite games, like Age of Empires, or Sims, on it! It's very annoying.  This morning in the car, we were talking about college, even though it's four years away, and I was wondering if Rian and I would still have the blog then. That would be pretty cool, cuz we'd probably have regular readers, and stuff like that, but I don't know anyone who's kept a website up that long. It's possible, though. It'll probably be harder to keep up with during the school year, since Rian and I are both doing an advanced program, but I'll try my hardest. We might not be able to do the dailies... Yeah. That was a really random post, and I think I should stop typing now. By the way, if you don't watch Shugo Chara, you should, cuz it's the best show ever. Well, pretty close. 

Endlessly pondering the questions of the universe.


Hello, donut!
Today's word is:

FRIGOPHOBIA- a fear of cold or cold places

There weren't many phobias that started with F, so I had to choose between this one, a fear of the french, or a fear of cats. Not much to choose from, so yeah. Ok, not much to right about right now, but i'll post if I can...
Look our for lemons!


Today's fact is:

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.

I found this interesting. So during summer, it's better to sleep all day than to wake up early to watch TV. I don't watch too much TV anyways, but I wonder how many calories blogging burns. 

Monday, July 21


I know it's later than usual, but here's the word of the day:

EPISTEMOPHOBIA- a fear of knowledge

ok, here's another one I don't get. How do you live without knowledge? I mean, you're born with the knowledge that you're alive. You go to school and get knowledge, but even if you don't do that, you have to have SOME kind of knowledge!!!! Well, I mean, I guess you could be afraid of what knowledge you have, but seriously, what's that gonna do?! You can't just erase your knowledge! Totally weird. Well, ok, I'm gonna stop now.

Watch out for Lemons!

PS: If you don't get the watch out for lemons thing, well, that's just proof that you aren't reading the blog! READ IT!!! It makes more sense if you read it from the beginning to the end... like anything does! :P Look out for lemons...

It's too early in the morning for facts, but i dont' care

Todays fact:

The elephant is the only animal that can't jump.
I was trying to prove this wrong too but I didn't get very far. I did think about ants, though. Do they count as animals? Because I don't think they can jump.

Sunday, July 20


Today, me, my brother, my mom, and my cousins went to play tennis. We don't actually play tennis, because we're not that good at it, but we hit the ball, and try not to make it roll out into the street. I was having a very very very bad tennis day today. Once, I tripped over my own racket while running for the ball, then, when I was trying to catch it, I ended up hitting myself in the face. THEN, my cousin ACCIDENTALLY hit the ball at me, and they were all yelling "Kristin! Kristin!" So when I turned around, it hit me. I had to duck about five times so I wouldn't get hit, and once, when trying to hit the ball, I spun around and fell on the ground. I was laughing like crazy the whole time. it was really fun though. You should go try it. It's kinda like Extreme Ping Pong, a game my friends and I play a camp. Basically, you hit the ball, no matter what. It's really fun, but sometimes people get annoyed at us for playing. it was very fun though.

Nursing my wounds,
(I'm not really hurt, it was just fun  to say)

Fact Time!

Did you know...

That no piece of paper can be folded more than seven times.

Trust me, I tried, and ended up wasting alot of paper in the process. I had the weirdest dream last night, but i can't exactly remember what it was about. This is probably going to be one of my shortest posts ever, since I can't think of anything else to say. If I remember my dream, I'll post.
Oh yeah!! Yesterday's party! It wasn't that great, since Rian's mom made her go to bed early, and no one else came. But I blasted music, made up a dance to the Sailor Moon theme song, and drank pink lemonade. Ri snuck on later, which i didn't notice til this morning, and she had her own one person party. We're expecting a better turnout for the 100 hits party! I will probably be very soon, since we already have 73! Also, the Avatar season finale was AMAZING! But I had so many questions afterwards. What happened to Zuko's mom? Are they ever going to tell us? What happened to Azula? Did she stay chained up and die? Did anyone die?Augh!It can't be over! Oh well, It turned from my shortest post ever to a pretty normal sized one. Right now I'm listening to Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade, and it is my favorite song ever!! Honestly, I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. Yeah. So listen to it, and tell me what you think. I also like Suppose, which is by Secondhand Serenade also. Also, I was rereading Maximum Ride yesterday, the first one, and I foound out that i really like the parts where Max has brain attacks. I don't know why, but i do. I also like the party where she's talking about how the whitecoats keep saying expire instead of die, and she's rewording scenarios in her head. "Billy! Don't expire that bird with your shotgun!" Hilarious. Well, I've edited this post twice now, and it's really long, which I'm sure you know if you've read the whole thing. Yeah. I'll post later.


Do you like chicken? Go to Coopie's for all your chicken needs. They have chicken statues, pictures of chicken, murals of chicken, chicken fried chicken, and a VIP dining room. So here we go, I will (in detail) describe this restaurant. Inside all of the windows and on the awning, there are statues, or models, of chickens. When you come inside, the first thing you see is a little counter with windows covered in chicken drawings by little kids. Also, there is a chicken (model) there named Phred. No kidding. Then, if you move a little to the right, there is a cage hanging from the ceiling with a model chicken with a purple and white polka dot bikini on. If you look at the ceiling, you will see chicken heads and feet coming out, as though someone had thrown them up there. On the far wall, there was a mural with a cowboy and an indian riding on chickens, while holding drumsticks in their hands. On the menu, pretty much everything has chicken. Like on the breakfast part, they had Waffles... with chicken fried chicken. I mean, who would eat that?!?! well, probably someone, if it's on there... But I will give you something- they make DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls. so good... and their biscuits are pretty good too... yeah. so go to Coopie's and eat some chicken.

Watch out for lemons~!

PS: I was looking for pictures of this place, and SAW THIS ON THE INTERNET!!! awesome! (but this was AFTER i had already posted this- it's been editted.)


Today's word is.............

DEIPNOPHOBIA- a fear of dining or dinner conversations

Hmmmm... I'm not so sure about that, seems kinda weird to me... you know, I think the person who comes up with random names for things has insanity problems, because how do you get dining and dinner our of deipno? sounds more like DINO to me. It should be a fear of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool... as long as they aren't eating you, or killing you in some way, form, or fashion, or eating your friends and family, or even existing... I just think they are cool to look at. Hey, you see how smooth I am at changing the subject? From fine dining and dinner conversations to dinosaurs eating you or people you know in just 1 simple-ish sentence. Yeah, well, I'm still tired and I have church in an hour... So watch out for lemons!!!


PS: Ok, I realize this whole blog was totally random, but that's just like me. Randomly on the topic!

Saturday, July 19

Movie Review

Yesterday I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was a really good movie, especially if you like sci-fi or fantasy. I give it 4 out of 5 stars! A great family movie!

I've never really done a movie review before, but I was bored, and it was something to do. Maybe I'll do one everytime I see a movie. 
Til later,


Ri and I are having a party tonight to celebrate 50 hits! It starts at 9:30, and will probably go on until around midnight. We would really like it if people would talk to us! We've never had a conversation with more than 3 people before, though most of the mare just with us. We're here every night at 9:30, so even if you don't come tonight, come tomorrow! And our counter is broken, but I'll try to get it fixed soon. We already have 54 hits, and it's only been about 4 days! I'm about to go school shopping, so I won't be back on til probably 5 or so. Then Avatar comes on at seven! Its 2 hours!!Well, I'll see you later! I still haven't come up with that alliteration, so for now, I'm Kris! Well actually, I'll always be Kris. So, yeah. Maybe i'll sign it, Always, Kris. Yeah, that works. Okay.

Always, forever and more,

Another day, Another Fact

Today's fact is:

The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets. 

Seriously, who names these things? And who cares? The other day, i was in the store with my mom and she said, "Go get me two loofas." (I'm assuming that's how it's spelled) And I was like, "What the heck is a loofa?!" It turns out thats what they called those puffy things you take a shower with. I never would have known! Okay, so now that I'm done ranting about loofas, I'll introduce my new parting message.

cookie sand donuts!

it was a typo in a conversation between me and Rian. I actually meant to type cookies and donuts, but the s was in the wrong place. Also, sometimes we have weird names in the cbox, so don't hesitate to ask who is who. I'm usually *kris, unless I'm imposterizing someone. I just recently changed to KRIStina, because Tina was my made up name last year. My two names form one name! Its true- 1+1 does = 1! There's the math lesson of the day! Share it with people, mention where you learned it, and they'll probably come here to see witness our weirdness in person. -gasp- Witness our weirdness!! That is a great slogan! I could also use it as my parting message! Yes! The greatest things happen by accident, it's a proven fact. At least by me. I should probably stop typing now, since this post is gonna take up the space of two posts. I wouldn't be surprised if no one was reading this now, because they got bored ten lines ago. Wait, where is ten lines ago? Hold on, let me count... That's actually where I was introducing cookie sand donuts. Well, if you want to get technical, it was a blank line, but whatever. Okay, I will stop typing now, before I take up all the space. But really, I can't help it! I'm a writer! Writer's write! -gasp again- I got an idea. Maybe I could use Witness our Weirdness as the slogan, and I could come up with an alliteration for mine. yeah, I'll be doing that now. bye!


I'm very confused right now. I don't get how people can survive with this phobia of the day:

CHROMATOPHOBIA- a fear of colors

seriously. white is a color. Black is a color. You can't just paint everything in your house white. You can't close your eyes. What do you do if you fear colors? Just live and be scared all the time? Even in your dreams you see colors- yes, gray is a color too! Totally confused. If you have ANY idea on how chromatophobes live on, please let me know... just because I really want to know, seriously! Well, the sun is rising, and I'm still tired. I'm gonna go back to sleep soon, so... remember,


it could just save your life one day!!!!! So keep a lookout for lemons! (that's my new ending, it's funnier ((just slightly))than yassoo) See ya!!!!!

Friday, July 18

line rider

Ok, I'm really bored again because everyone left me on the cbox alone, but anyway. There is this really awesome game called line rider (it's on McDonalds commercials). Now most of you guys think of the lame commercials, but line rider is seriously awesome! This one is my favorite one, and the music is cool, too. Another one to watch would be this one (it has cool music, too...). You can make your own, too. It is really cool. You have- well, it gives you instructions. So just go to this site, and begin your addiction to line rider. Yes, I said addiction. Because once you start, you will just want to keep making cooler and cooler ones, and you'll want to complete ones you couldn't complete earlier, and it just goes on and on. So, yes, begin the addiction! Play Line rider!!! and talk to us. Paleez?! we get really lonely... :) :P
Alright, I'm out. yassoo!... I really need to come up with a better ending...


Ok, i'm bored, and I've decided to blog about all of the insanity i'm seeing today. Insanity doesn't have to mean crazy. It can mean things like... not normal, and... people doing things that most other people can't do. Also, there are 2 types of insanity. Normal insanity is when you talk to yourself and do random things at random moments. For example, Kris and I are insane in a normal way. I mean, just look at our cbox! I talk to myself every other hour pretty much... and sometimes I change my name so it looks like I'm talking to someone else! Totally normally insane. Then there is insane insanity, which means that you have super powers. Whether they be useful or not. Most powers are NOT useful. For example, this guy has a useless power. I mean, when he's done, his hand is probably stuck like that! Then he can only do 2 things with his hand: 1) hold it in that one place, and 2) vibrate it. Very useless. Oh, and at the end, they are signing a form that gives donations for that guys hospital bill to get his arm fixed. Yeah. I made that up, but still! Also, the person who built this tower is insane (the second kind) I mean, totally weird. Ok, I'm editing this, cuz i've found more insanity things. Like Azula from avatar. She is INSANE and should be locked up in an asylum. You can look it up- lots of people are saying that she's gone crazy. Also, even though this person claimed they were bored, I'm seriously doubting that. If you turn off the sound and just watch... yeah. INSANE, but quite possibly in the normal way. You never know. OK, i think i'm done here for now, so i'll end it. But if I find anything else, I'll post it! Watch out for lemons!!!


I was really really bored so i made this animated comic. please comment. that's all i really wanted to say, so bye! 


Today's phobia is ....................................

BATHMOPHOBIA- a fear of stairs or steep inclines

hah- i had that memorized without even meaning to, i mean, c'mon! i have a list of over 200!!! I DON'T NEED TO MEMORIZE THEM!!! o well. No, i am not a bathmophobe, and neither is Kris, seeing as we both have stairs in our houses, especially since our rooms are upstairs and kitchens are downstairs... wow. that would be horrible. never to get to the kitchen...

ANYWAY, if there are any bathmophobes out there, give us a shout!

YASSOO (that's a greek chao), Rian

Fact of the day!

Today's fact:

No word in the English language rhymes with MONTH.

It is true. I tried, I looked it up, and i wasted my time. Just don't write any poems with it and expect it to rhyme.

Also, I just finished watching the 38th episode of SHUGO CHARA!! It was great, but it made me so mad, because I thought they were going to put the lock and key together, but nooo, it didn't fit. Since i'm talking about Shugo Chara, I might as well give you the pictures of Ikuto and Kiseki, my two favorite characters.

Okay. Well I think this is the longest post ever! Rianna and I are going to chat @9, so anyone who wantss to join us is welcome. Please do. 


Thursday, July 17


Today kris and i had our first conversation with a veiwer. His name was Aaron and he is a New Jerseyan. He likes smiley faces, and even though he was telling me to take a chill pill most of the time, i think he needed one after a few minutes of talking to us. He went totally crazy. He watches avatar (who doesn't he asks) and started reading Maximum Ride but never finished it. Earlier today, Kris and I were having the most confusing conversation ever- with imposters and random people and everything. But then Aaron jumped in and turned that confusing conversation to an exciting one. So thanks, Aaron, for talking to us! I told all you that we needed an act of kindness from you!!!! please talk to us!!!! We can be really boring people, or we can be super exciting!!! Just talk to us, and you will help make our day.

Thankz! Rian


Ri and I just had a very interesting, long, and kinda confusing talk with someone named Aaron! Now we're happy! Do you see what a simple chat will do for us? Now you know what the result will be when you join one of our conversations. Thanks Aaron! by the way, we had lots of fun, and made up the word waoory, and impostering. i was pretty much the only one doing the impostering. i imposterized my mom, the soapoperaguy, Rian, visitors 10,11, and 12, and some other random people.



we are very desperate! we keep talking to ourselves on the cbox, and asking people to get on and talk to us, but no one does! AND i keep giving instructions on how to!

Click Join
Start Typing

It's really that simple!!! Just scroll down until you find a big box with people called *kris and Rian talking about something totally weird and just jump in!!! We don't care! We're talking to ourselves here! (especially me. I do that a LOT!) Anyway, talk to us. We know we have veiwers- there is a counter right below the cbox!!! so please! help us to not go crazier than what we already are and just talk to us. Remember!! A simple act of kindness can go a long way... :) So come on down and talk to us!

Anyone wanna join us?

Rianna and i are getting really bored all alone, so please join in on our conversations. i wear wewon't be mad, unless you interrupt us talking about avatar. but we won't be mad too long. I hate it when people come and look, but don't leave any evidence! comment or something. oh well. if you comment enough, or talk to us alot, we might even make you an honorary author! Comes with a virtual plaque! Yeah. So that's basically all this post was about. I hate being lonely.

guitar hero

I played guitar hero earlier today, and I decided that I was going to do a contest! The first person to guess what my current favorite song on guitar is, will win! I don't know what you'll win yet, but i'll post when I figure it out. The rules are:

you can only guess 3 times, and it has to be in a comment to this post
your name needs to be on the comment
rian can't guess, since she probably knows already...maybe
you can't ask me
if you do ask me, you're automatically disqualified


song of the month

Ri and I decided we wanted music, so we will now have a section at the top, where you can listen to our song of the month. this month's song is Caramelldansen by caramell! It's in swedish, by the way, in case you were wondering what they were saying.

commercials are cool!

All I ask is why. Why do people hate commercials so much? I mean, I can understand ones like this one here: , but ones like this: ? NO WAY! Unless you are some kind of freak who laughs at nothing, then that commercial at LEAST made you smile. yeah, I know, the whole link makes this blog long, but i can't figure out how to connect words like HERE and THIS to those links. So if you do happen to know how to do that, let me know. ANYWAY... commecials are cool. So next time you're watching your tv and the commercials come on, don't just TiVo through them! watch them! there is something funny in (almost) every commercial, and if you have a broad enough sense of humor, then you can catch that! And even if you can't, then there is gonna be something kinda sorta catchy in there. Like, I have this WHOLE SONG memorized, and can sing it on the spot if you asked me to! : ! Yeah, I'm gonna stop now- cbox me! :P :)

the trip

Ok, a lot of people have been wondering about my trip. It was lots of fun, and i really enjoyed it. So pretty much, i was gone for 20 days (june 19-july 8) and I went to France, Italy, and Greece. More specifically, we went to Paris (saw Eiffle Tower, Louvre, Versailles), Venice, Florence, Rome (Coleseum, Forum, Vatican City), Naples (Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii), Olympia, and Athens. Like i said, i had lots of fun, and I made lots of new friends, some of which live in florida, since we met up with a delegation from florida... yeah. If you want pics, go to my myspace: and look at my pics. they aren't all up yet, but i'll get them there eventually. If you have any questions, you could just comment here about them, and I'll comment back... maybe. JK! :P Alrighty, talk later!


That little box to the left of the posts and under the author info is a cbox. basically, its a way for us to communicate. well, that's pretty much all i had to say, so, bye for now! and by the way, most of my day in the summer is spent on the computer, so i will try to respond quickly if you post.

Word time!

Alright. I'm now going to tell everyone the word of the day. They are going to be funny phobias, so you can impress your friends- but if they have a ~ by it, just know that it is one of my words (one of the words I use all the time and I don't want anyone like YOU to steal it)(that sounded incredibly stuck up...) . ANYWAY! The word of the day is.........................................................

ALEKTOROPHOBIA- a fear of chickens

There you go. So if you know someone has a... random (?)... fear of chickens, just know that they have alektorophobia! Have a super day! XD (that's a smiley face- just in case you couldn't tell.)

Did you know...

Yay! It's time for interesting facts with Kris! The first ever interesting fact posted on knr is:

Apples, not coffee, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning!

So have an apple in the morning instead of coffee. besides, coffee ruins your teeth. I found this interesting. maybe i'll research it some more later.
Also, I was really bored the other day, and i found this website called Roiworld. it's a korean dress up games site. it's really fun and there are some english words in case you don't know korean. i know i don't. But I do know some japanese:
mata ne! (see you later!)


hey- just letting you all know-

Officially, on Thursday, July 17, 2008, Kris and I will begin to do a word and interesting fact of the day, everyday. If we can.

and no, it does not start right now- i meant at least after 6 in the morning! and it is 12:15, just for the record. :)

okiedokie, I'll get back with my word- kris is doing facts- sometime AFTER 6. No, we will NOT tell you our sources, but YES we did find them on the internet. Just trust us!

Wednesday, July 16

total randomness...

i agree. gt (gifted and talented) schools make us very special. they also teach us how to use special telekinesis powers, according to my cousin. Did you know that if you look at the moon RIGHT NOW,it's almost full, and you can see Venus beside it? Yeah, totally awesome. by the way, i think awesome is my favorite word. that and interesting. that's how i describe everything. okay, i'm going to take Rian's advice and stop typing before i take up the whole blog...really, i want to know if anyone is reading this... maybe we should tell our friends...i'll email people.


Yo! i'm rian... meet you? i guess. Yeah, so i'm gonna start blogging now! Maybe i should, tell you stuff about me? My birthday's on September 23... so technically, i'm ahead in school :P also... I ramble a lot. Yeah... Avatar is cool- i'm happy that it's so funny, yet sad that it might be the last season. Anyway, let's talk about something interesting... like why everything i write is SOO long. well, i kinda (don't ask me why) elaborate on like everything i write, and that just makes everything long. i guess that's what you get from being in "gifted and talented" skools (we're special in more than one way :] ) . Anyway, i like commercials. I know that's totally random, but i do. Especially the new capri sun commercials. They are totally funny and awesome. I also like the Pops commercial with the super heroes. tehe. funny stuff, man. Fun-ny stuff. ok, i'll stop writing now before i take up all of the space on this whole entire blog... Bye now! :)

really bored-and good news!

Ri (or Rian) is now a co-author of intheminsofknr!! Now i won't be up posting in the middle of the night alone! Also, I was just playing this game on called qwerty warrior. it was really fun. It's a typing game. try it and comment if you beat my score of 37880 points!!

first post

I started this blog a while back with my friend, but we didn't get very far, so I've decided to start over. She may post occasionally,so be on the lookout! 

Summer's going by really fast. I'm going into 9th grade, and there is about a week of orientations. Plus, the new season of Avatar just came out, and I think it's going to be the last. Sadly. I'm really bored, so i might post again later tonight, but I think I'm going to set it up so Ri can post. I hope she responds to my emails! If anyone's reading this, please tell me. I don't mind talking to the air, but I'd like to know if there is actually someone there.