Sunday, May 31

uhh... math?!

so ok, i wanted to check out how much progress we were making on our 1000 post goal, so i went down to the blog archive thingy & added all of the posts up, and it said we had 744 posts total. so i subtracted that from 1000 to find that... since kristin said we had to get 261 more posts, we only made... FIVE?! because 1000-744=256. but i just counted & we made 16 more posts since then!!!
so i'm not sure. maybe kristin did her math wrong. but that's almost as likely as me not noticing that someone spelled my name wrong, which happens a lot, & i catch it all the time. so... maybe the calculator is a LIAR. boo. but then... GAH! i'm so confused. maybe i'm just crazy & making up numbers & putting them in the calculator to frame it, make it seem like a liar. maybe the number 1000 doesn't actually exist, but everyone just THINKS it does.

... ok. that was a totally pointless overreaction. whatever. i don't feel like counting out EVERY SINGLE POST WE'VE EVER MADE to see who's correct... so... maybe we can just say we have 1000 on July 16 :)
it'll make me feel accomplished, anyway. :P

Rian (says it's hot. inside & outside. ... it's making her sleepy.)
qweoufhnddkjcxlaf fscxhj- woah.
sorry. i just kinda like, fell asleep on the keyboard. oops. >.>;;
*does best impression of penguins in the movie Madagascar*
you didn't see anything... O.o

He muerto.

that means "I died." in espanol (spanish).
why am i hablando en espanol (talking in spanish) so much? because i came over to my grandparents house, & while everyone has been swimming since 1:30ish today (it's now 6:50, by the way), i have been cooped up inside working on my Libro de gramatico espanol dos(Spanish two grammer booklet). GAR! & when i wasn't working on that, I was making a pinata. it's a WHOLE lot harder than one might think. it's STILL not finished... stupid paper mache. i mean, i LOVE paper mache, but i HATE having to make things with it, cuz you have to wait HOURS before you can add another layer. grrr. so every hour i just got my hands covered in the awesome, yet stupid, flour & water mixture.
so yeah.
cena (dinner) is ready, so i'm gonna go eat :)

Background stuff

So, Rianna okayed (is that how it's spelled?) the background, so it's probably going to stay like this for a while. Hope you like it!


New, possibly temporary background

I found that sun pic on the internet (yay google!), but I edited the background, since it was just white. I like this background. First of all, an inanimate object has a face (so cute!), and second, it kinda goes with the summer theme. Pretty nice, huh? Well, feedback, please. 


Old Books

Last night, since I was bored, I went on fiction press. It's a website (the sister site of fanfiction), where people put up stories. So I read this one called Old Books, hence the post title, and it was totally the best unpublished story I have ever read in my life. And, if you know me well, you know that I almost never put up links to stuff I want you to go watch or read or whatever. But I will. Because this story was seriously awesome. So CLICK HERE to read it.


Saturday, May 30

Guess what movie I just saw!!!!!

It was totally amazingly awesome.
My friend, who is movie obsessed, has been wanting me to see it for a while now, so that we can talk about it...and we're both going to go see it again. Just because we're weird like that.

Yeah. I had planned on talking about all the different characters and awesome parts and stuff like that, but i'm getting lazy, so you'll just have to see the movie yourself. But the best thing about the movie was that it was funny. And hilariously funny at some parts. But yeah. Go see it. You'll thank me, even if you're not a sc-fi nerd/geek/dork. Or noreek.


WAM= Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

Mozart's initials spell WAM!
... just thought i'd let you know.

Rian (is so bored she that she actually has time to think about things like that)

ummm... some technical stuff.

kk, i just posted a post that i found i left as a draft 2 nights ago, & it when it posted, it went down to where it would be if i had posted it that night. so the title starts with "tonight" & says something about a list on my cell phone. :D just scroll down a bit- it's right above the sadie hawkins dance :)


Friday, May 29

Hippo Suit Guy

Ok. so in my last post (which was only like, 8 minutes ago), i mentioned the hippo suit guy. 

so i found him on youtube. :P
i swear, this guy is like, dumb or SOMETHING. most of the comments are like the comments my biology class made when we were watching it (in biology. duh). 
This is only 7ish minutes worth, but some of the most HILARIOUSLY STUPID parts aren't in there. If you're bored & ready for a laugh, i suggest watching the whole thing, & i think the link's in the description. :)

yeaaah... >.>;; that guy needs an awesome therapist or psychiatrist like Akio-sama. speaking of whom... has anyone seen him recently?! haha i bet half of you reading this don't know who Akio-sama is. well... yeah. that's what you get for not ever reading the cbox. :P haha just kidding~

Rian (has inside jokes too!)
psst: YAY! only 2 more days left of school! (for me & a few others, though) school is OFFICIALLY out June 4... but i get out on the 2nd! MWAHAHA! 
hahaha sorry. just thinking of kristin... it's another inside joke. sorry. 

Who knew?!

so i went & ate dinner at Kyoto's (a Japanese Steak House/ Hibachi & sushi place- it's AWESOME!), and when we were leaving, i told this lady thank you in Japanese. the following conversation took place:

Me: Thank you.*
Lady: Thank you very much! Were you on the field trip?!
M: ... what?
L: Oh. You see, two weeks ago, a group of kids came here on a field trip (luckies. i wanna go on a field trip to a restaurant!!) & they learned some Japanese.
M: ... oh. I just watch anime. 
L: Oh.
M: Yeah, I don't know a lot. Only thank you, sorry, good morning, hi, & what.
L: [she said some stuff in Japanese that I don't know] Wow. {to my mom} Can I give her some candies?! (like i'm 2...) She's really good!
M: {in my thoughts} wow. who knew that watching anime & listening to people speak in Japanese could get me some candy?!

yeaaah. so i got my candy :P & then we went to TARGET!!! (the awesomest store EVAH!) & i got a pair of sunglasses. My dad kept giving me ones with rhinestones XP and my brother & I kept on trying on ridiculous ones along with crazy hats that didn't fit. :D twas fun. 

Rian (told the story of the Australian Rabbits & that crazy hippo suit dude at dinner)
*= everything in Italics spoken in Japanese

Oh yeah.

I've been thinking that we need a new background. Something summery. I have a few ideas, so be on the lookout for that, not that you'd miss it. It'll probably be put up sometime this weekend or next week. I'm actually going to start looking now.


To go with my end of the year theme:

I'm going to talk about yearbooks! I absolutely LOVE reading what people write in my yearbook. It's like, one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world to do. Because it's the one time that you actually get to see exactly what people think about you! Not that it really matters, but it's nice to know, right? Even though they could totally be lying, it's still fun. It's especially funny to see what people you barely know write. In mine, most people are like, "you're really quiet," or something like that, unless I know them really well. And I love reading it when people write super long messages and basically restate every single conversation you've had with them this year. It's hilarious. 

So, I guess that's the end of my yearbook talk...two more days of school for me.


I'm not helping our goal by sitting here not posting. I'm sorry. I've been super busy, though. School's really almost over this time, though, so it'll get better soon. And I promise you'll see more of me. Actually, you'll probably never see me. But you know what I mean, right?

Okay, so I started reading this one series...The House of Night. The first book is Marked, which I just finished...It was good, but really weirdish. Also, my email's being stupid. It keeps asking for a random password, but I have no idea what it is! So I can't check my email right...which sucks, because I pretty much live on email. That and manga. And food. The list could go on. 
Also, my headphones are falling apart. Yesterday, my mom found a piece of plastic from my EAR. It's just because I use them everyday. And I've had them many years? I don't even know how many times I've super glued them. I love these headphones, though. 
By the way, right now I'm listening to You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. It's an awesome song, so if you haven't heard it, you should go do that now. I always get this one part stuck in my head:
She wears short shorts, I wear t-shirts,
She's cheer captain, I'm on the bleachers

And then a bit later it's kinda different:

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
And then the second line again. 

It's also a really cool music video.
And, speaking of...whatever I was speaking of, I'm reading a new manga. Duh. It's Skip Beat, which I've tried to read before, unsuccessfully, of course. It's really good though, so I recommend it. 
I guess I'll stop typing now. I'll try and post later, though. No promises.

Tonight is full of songs i found that i needed to check out because i found notes saying "check this out" on my phone.


ok, so the song is 1901 by Phoenix, and this has got to be the awesomest homemade video EVER. tis totally amazing.

... yeah, this was supposed to be posted with say it & sadie hawkins dance. obviously (if it's not obvious to you, reread the title & look at the times i posted above songs). 

Rian (was only reminded of this post when she started listening to that song with the AWESOME video [smile])

Thursday, May 28

Do you like my sweater?

All the girls in the bathroom talking
who they gonna take to the Sadie Hawkins
My ears are burning but I kept on walking
smile on my face and an air guitar rocking

The Sadie Hawkins Dance
in my khaki pants
There's nothing better
oh oh oh
The girls ask the guys
it's always a surprise
There's nothing better
baby do you like my sweater?

Sitting in the back of my next class napping
Got up, gave a speech, then bowed to the clapping
Told a funny joke got the whole class laughing
think I got a tan from the light which I was basking

The Sadie Hawkins Dance
in my khaki pants
There's nothing better
oh oh oh
The girls ask the guys
it's always a surprise
There's nothing better
baby do you like my sweater?

Scan the cafeteria for some good seating
I found a good spot by the cheerleaders eating
The quarterback asked me if I'd like a beating
I said that's one thing I won't be needing
And since I'm rather smart and cunning
I took off down the next hall running
Only to get stopped by a girl so stunning
only to get stopped by a girl so stunning

She said, "You're smooth, and good with talking.
You're going with me to the Sadie Hawkins"

The Sadie Hawkins Dance
in my khaki pants
There's nothing better
oh oh oh
The girls ask the guys
it's always a surprise
There's nothing better
baby do you like my sweater?

The Sadie Hawkins Dance
in my khaki pants
There's nothing better
oh oh oh
The girls ask the guys
it's always a surprise
There's nothing better
baby do you like my sweater?

hah. i've been meaning to get this up :) In case you didn't know- it's Sadie Hawkins Dance by Reliant K.
Rian (in my khaki pants, do you like my sweater? i think it's quite nice, but you may have a different opinion :P)

Say It by Blue October

It’s all about steam
It’s all about dreams
It’s all about making the best out of everything
You’ll know when your fine
Cause you’ll talk like a mime

You’ll fall on your face
You get back up and you’re doing fine
“a considerate clown, a preachy preachy machine”
is one of the sweetest things you would say about me
but I don’t have the time for your distorted esteem
why are you toying with my mind?

I don’t wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say, say, say it

I don't wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say it
I don't wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say, say, say it
Now you’re messing with my pride

You think you’re smarter than me
Well everyone knows you will never be smarter than me
That’s how it goes
I gained forty pounds because of you
Was there an “S” on my chest
Well I confess, you were too much stress
I’d have a heart attack at best
So now I breathe it out, I breathe it out
I spit it on the crowd cause they lift me up, they lift me up, they lift me up

When I’m feeling down
What am I spitting out? spitting out, something we never talk about
It’s called my …mind

I don’t wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say, say, say it
I don't wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say it
I don't wanna hear you say, say, say, say, say, say, say, say it
Now you’re messing with my pride

I’m sick of standing in your line
So now you’ll have to take it
take this to heart
I will never let you f*** me over
Stop talking down to me your war is old
your game is over
So here’s my coldest shoulder

I don’t wanna hear you say it
Now you’re messing with my pride

Something we don’t talk about
Something we never talk about

Rian (thinks this song's lyrics are funny- especially the bolded verse...[smile])
psst: i don't like the music video so much, but the song itself is ok. which reminds me... i'll do it in another post :P

wee woo. wee woo.

hi. in case you've forgotten me, my name's Rian. 

... i hope no one's forgotten me. look- it's not my fault that i don't post often anymore!!! my laptop STILL isn't fixed (it's been WEEKS!), and there's only ONE computer i can work on. usually, it's REALLY slow. it's a desktop, so yeaaah. some of you may ask (out loud, or in your head, or only when you read the question...) "Why can't you just get on the desktop?!" well, my dear readers, i cannot because there is a laptop right in front of this computer. "So?" you might randomly ask. Well... it's a work laptop. Therefore it is ALWAYS being worked on. ... or rather... there's always work being done on it. That sounds better. but yeah- i can't get on this desktop because there is always work being done on the laptop in front of it, and there is only one chair, and you can't slide the keyboard out without work not being done on the laptop because no one can use it. 

... that probably made NO sense. at all. 

so yeaah... i'll try to get on as much as possible to meet our 1000 post goal for our anniversary... woah. it sounds like "we" (whoever "we" might be... woah) got... married??? woah.

Rian (created a semi-awkward silence between herself & the desktop that is slow)
psst: those signs are MEAN! i mean really, what makes those children SLOW?! (ya know, the SLOW children at play signs?!) so rude. :P
psst2: fyi: i know what the signs mean. i don't need you to tell me... unless you really want to tell me???? whatever. :)

Monday, May 25

My boredness

WOOOOOO!!! We almost have ten thousand hits! Amazing, huh? By the way, we're kinda (and I mean that in the loosest sense of the word possible) close to 1000 posts! Even more amazing. Our one year anniversary is July 16th...If we can get 261 more posts in less than two months, we can have 1000 by the 16th...that's pretty impossible, though. That's 52 days from we would have to post six times a day. Or three each. Actually, it might be possible. School's out next week. So...that'll be a goal. I like setting goals. It's fun. I guess I'll stop typing random stuff and finish doing things I actually need to do. Bye.


Guess what I heard my brother singing the tune of IRONMAN!

I am ice cream man, running over fat kids with my van.

Saturday, May 23

This week has been crazy..

Last night, I stayed up til about two watching movies with my mom. We watched the first Planet of the Apes, and a few other random movies and stuff we had taped, like So You Think You Can Dance, Ninja Warrior, and Still Standing. It was really fun. 

We only have 8 more days of school!! Amazing, huh? We have this Monday off for Memorial Day, so four days this week, and then school ends next week on Thursday. Yay! Exams all next week...and teachers are still giving us projects and essays and stuff, not to mention the summer assignments. Crazy, huh?
Well...I don't think I ever got to give my rant on TV this week. Well, as you should know, the American Idol finale was on this week...I really wanted Danny to be in the top two, especially after I heard the song "No Boundaries". It totally sounds like it was written for him, which lots of people think. It just wasn't Adam's type of song, so he sounded kinda...icky singing it. And it was way to high for Kris' voice, though it was better for him than Adam. I'm glad he won. Speaking of which, the day after he won, the song was already on the radio. The world we, or at least I, live in is insane. 
And now to talk about Glee. I watched it, and it's totally an amazing show, but I just about died when they said it wasn't coming back on until fall. Whoever planned this is evil. And deserved to be tortured with...i dunno, bad tv shows or something. Hehe...
Um, I think that was all I had to talk about. Don't expect any posts this weekend, at least from me..I'll be out of town for Memorial Day. Yay, I guess. I get to jump on my cousin's trampoline.
And if you've ever played the arcade game Braid, you're awesome...It's an amazing game. And totally fun. Though I didn't actually play it. My brother downloaded it on XBOX Live and was playing it. I helped. He kept saying how "strategizing" it was. I was like, "strategic?" But he said strategizing sounded better...
Well, Thanks for reading, I guess. 
Kris (has no idea why she just said that). 

Tuesday, May 19

i just got this email:

gaaaaa  uuneu
nebe aeo  ibd ggbpa
goniu  naaaeunk

weird, huh?

Monday, May 18


ok, hi again. long time no post.

yesh, my laptop DOES have the "blue screen of death", but only when i try to get on the internet.
-_-;; of course.
so i stole my dad's. :) but yeah... i can't post as much anymore. oh well... i guess i should give an update of my life (as a teenage robot... only i'm not jenny. or XK9. or whatever. it should actually be "zombie" or something. anyway, moving on). I haven't posted a lot because:
  1. math project
  2. math homework
  3. english project
  4. english literary analysis essay
  5. geography cornell notes
  6. my brother's basketball games
  8. biology worksheets
  9. homework
  10. and just being busy in general.
so yeah. i've been doing everything last second because that's all the time i have nowadays. & i SWEAR i'm gonna be an insomniac before the end of this year... jeez. so right now, i'm REALLY tired... i even took a nap two hours ago. i'm hungry too- haven't eaten dinner yet. :)
but yeah... wildflower concert. i went there Saturday night... it was AWESOME!
we went later, so we saw Badfish do a tribute to Sublime... totally awesome. i would link songs on here, but they cuss a lot. so i'll just list some. :)

  • Santeria
  • Doin' Time
  • April 2(9th i think)
  • What I Got
and after them... THE TOADIES PLAYED!!! sorry... i'm a big fan of them. i can post some of their songs here! they're really awesome.

kk, i gotta go now!
hopefully i'll post later!!!
hopefully my computer will recover!!!!!!! <-- hope for that the most....

Rian (sneezed. WHO'S TALKING ABOUT ME?! [smile])


I guess Rianna's laptop is showing the "blue screen of death", and yes, that is a direct quote. Umm..I think that was all I was going to say. So she probably won't be posting for a while. Just in case you were wondering. School is almost over...I've been freaking out about that lately. But whatever. Time for me to...go do...something. I don't know. 


Saturday, May 16

Today was super crazy.

Well, first, I stayed up until two AM last night, and I woke up around nine...not much sleep, but I wasn't tired at all. So I had this appointment thing to go to because something was wrong with my scalp, and I got to look at it under a was really cool. So on the way home, me and my mom had some odd telepathic moments. Here:
Me: Oh.
Mom: Library.
Me: Yeah.
Then we both burst out laughing. It was weird because we were just sitting silently before this, and I didn't give any indication that I was going to start talking about the library books that we left at home that we shouldn't have, but she started talking about it. It was weird. Then, as we got closer to home, I pulled out my phone to call Jason to tell him we were almost there. As soon as I call Jason, my mom goes, "Kristin, you need to call Jason to tell him we're almost home." And I was like, "That's what I'm doing!" It was weird...
I can't remember what the third time was...but this time Jason was in the car. 
We made our own salsa today. It was awesome. I took pictures of it for my journalism project. Yay. And me and Jason wrote a song today. It's about a super conceited guy...the whole song is about how awesome it is. And it is totally awesome.
By the way, I discovered some awesome songs...
1. Live to Party- Jonas Brothers (we gotta live to party, bust a move, everybody's in the groove, tell the DJ to play that song, are you ready to rock and roll?)
2. If Only You Knew- Savannah Outen (this video's hilarious, and the girl looks SO familiar to me...I'm not sure who she looks like, though it's on the tip of my tongue.)
3. Don't Look Back (awesome song)
    Camera Shy -School Boy Humor (in camera shy, the lyrics I always remember are: so strike a pose and fake a smile, you're coming with me.)
4. or 5., I guess. Daylight- Matt and Kim (totally hilarious music video. Especially the fridge/freezer part)
Um....that's pretty much it.
Hmm... I'm gonna read my book. Well, not MINE. I got it from the's about physics. And superheroes...and how comics are usually scientifically correct. Yes, it's nonfiction. 'Cause I'm just a nerd like that.
Yes, Danielle, I LOVE 1984!
Hah, Kris.

Thursday, May 14

3 more weeks of school!!!

 Well, I've been a bit busy lately, so I haven't had much time to post. I've barely even had time to write, and I ALWAYS make time to just seems like everything's piling up at the end of the year, which kinda makes no sense. The end is supposed to be the END. But whatever. We get yearbooks on Monday. Yay. Yup...I've been busy, but I don't even have anything to talk least, not that I can tell YOU. Not that I'm implying that you guys are bad listeners...readers. You know what, nevermind. Forget those two sentences ever existed. If only I had powers like Big Brother in would never know.

That's a great book, by the way. Totally super awesome. 
You should read it. in Student Leadership, we had a free day. -GASP-
The teacher played chess with like, half the class, which included one girl, and every single guy, except the one talking to me and my other friends. And that's all we did. Talk. Well, that and lock a guy out of the was funny.
We talked about a whole bunch of random stuff.
Umm....I failed my virus/bacteria quiz. Yay.

Wednesday, May 13

OREO confused me.

So i'm working on a literary analysis paper (trust me, i am, for once [smile]) and i was looking at this powerpoint that was SUPPOSED to help me with embedded quotes. It did, but it TOTALLY confused me.
The example was "Humpty Dumpty", alright? everyone knows that? if not:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the King's Horses
and all the King's Men
Couldn't put Humpty together again
or at least it's my version. the OREO one didn't make all that much sense, cuz seriously "all the king's horsemen & all the king's men"??? but anyway... in that, is Humpty Dumpty the king?! I never thought he was- i mean, in all of the picture nursery rhyme books i've had, it never depicted him as the King. but this stupid OREO thing said he WAS. so now i'm CONFUSED. help me please? ¿Ayuda me, por favor? [insert however you say "help me" in french here] si vous plate?
Rian (continues working because she wants to watch the Mavs game... hopefully we won't lose...)
psst: OREO stands for "Own words, Required Evidence, Own words". tis for embedding quotes in essays. :)

Tuesday, May 12


"Did you know curiosity killed the cat?"

"Did you know the cat had nine lives?"


Sunday, May 10

So today was weird.

It was Mother's Day...I hope you knew that, especially if you've read this blog today. And I was goign to say especially if you have a mother....but everyone does.

Okay, so I was reading random stories on Quizilla, which, by the way, are all about vampires or girls going to an all boy's boarding school, never the other way around. They are seriously hilarious, though. The one I'm reading now is written by someone with low self esteem. In their author's notes, they kept talking about how much of a sucky author they were for using cliches. Which is kinda true, but I wouldn't tell this person that...if I knew them? 
Now I'm confused. 
Today was hilarious, by the way. Except, I can't exactly remember al of the stuff that happened. Sorry.
You really would have laughed too, since I did.
Hmm....We only have a few more weeks left of school. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!
Do you see how excited I am?

Mother's Day (my POV)

in case you didn't know- POV= point of view. :)

  1. so i stayed up until 2:30 this morning making my mom's card.
  2. then i woke up around 6:30 to get ready for church. i posted at 6:53 am. :)
  3. went to church, then went to Tom Thumb and got muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls, & starbucks.
  4. came home, and took a nap from around 10-12:46.
  5. watched random TV shows while doing homework- Still Standing among others. :)
  6. made pizza rolls for lunch around 2:16. (that's really late, but since i had been sleeping, i wasn't all that hungry *but i DID eat around 20 pizza bites- mom & bro ate the rest :'(*)
  7. made cards for my grandmother & aunt.
  8. went to my grandparent's house.
  9. sat outside & watched awesome/ hilarious videos. i'll put some of them at the bottom. :)
  10. came home, fed dog, helped cook dinner (baked potatoes & steak- yum!)
  11. ate dinner while watching iCarly (iDate a Bad Boy) & Shingu. :P
  12. blogging right now! :)
so yeah- the videos. they're not gonna be in the order that we watched them, & it won't be all of them, but yeah. just watch them- they're HILARIOUS.

haha i love the music for the first two (do do dododo do dodo) :P
& if you saw my attempt at lyrics for a song on an earlier post, you'll know what song the third one's like... the show is The Office, by the way. totally hilarious- check it out sometime! you can see all the episodes on hulu... here.

do weoooo do dodo do do! (office theme song)
Rian (had a good day today ((for the first time in a LOOOOONG time)))

that means tomorrow's gonna be horrible. -_-;; greeaaaaat.

Happy Mother's Day!

want to make your mom feel extra special this year?
forgot to make a card?

then go HERE, type in the name of your mom, and show her. See her surprise when she sees her name in the news for winning the Mom of the Year Award!

my dad did this last night, & it's awesome. & hilarious. :) try it out!


Saturday, May 9

I'm bored....and it's midnight

I just randomly felt like staying up here I am. My mom wants me to get off though, since my typing's kinda loud...
yup. We haven't posted in a few days, which is kinda weird. By the way, today was a totally awesome day. For many reasons. I also had awesome pants with random pockets on...yay!
Kris...who is still bored and planning on staying up even longer. YAY!

Wednesday, May 6


YES! I HAVE FOUND THE SECRET(at least for me)!
I can now successfully double space ALL of my posts! Not just the first paragraph! YEAH!
Who's totally awesome?

You should read this...

It's a manga one shot...about this stupid magician guy. And the only reason I'm recommending it to you is because the translators notes are super hilarious. took me like ten minutes to read, so it shouldn't take very long. Trust will laugh. 


i'm showing my friend how to post. i'll put the link of his blog under the cbox later. he's here right now (along with another person, & we'll be joined by like 2 more later) because i'm working on a stupid project that's totally ruining my life right now. no kidding. i've worked on it SOOO freaking hard... i'm gonna be mad. why? because now when i think about the word "project" i get angry & depressed at the same time. -_-;; it's annoying. i hate projects now. & after i finish this one (hopefully today), i'll have to work on another 2, so i'm mad.
1 person not here... sigh. too much to do.


Tuesday, May 5

So I'm reading this manga..(duh)

And this guy just found out that the girl he loves is his sister...and I know this wasn't meant to be funny, but I was laughing SO hard when he starts yelling, "Give back what you stole! GIVE ME MY HEART BACK!" It was hilarious because it was WAYYY too dramatic. He's crazy though. 

Speaking of crazy, today in Geometry, we were talking about this one girl's brother who is apparently always asked to take his shirt off...because he has a six pack. And this one guy in class starts describing all the different ways you can take your shirt off..and the last thing he said was, "Or you can just rip it off!" And this one guy goes, "YEAH! Like Superman!"
Which made me think of Spiderman 2, at the end, when MJ's all like, "Go get 'em tiger," and the next thing you know, he's out the window, as spiderman. How is that even possible?! I know he wears his suit under his clothes, but his mask?! And what, did he take off his clothes as he was jumping out the window? That would have looked, I love spiderman. Especially the part in the second one, I watched it the other day, with the train. I switch tabs, back to the manga, and the guy who's yelling for her to give him his heart back is just sitting there, and the girl is like, "come get it back forcefully." What is that supposed to mean? And...look at this picture...
It's like...acid sweat or something. Maybe it's radioactive...but whatever it is, it's GREEN!

Monday, May 4

My Life As A Rhombus

i swear that's a book... really weird title.
so i went to the library today (yay!) and that's where i saw ^^ that.
i got:

  1. a book i already read: The Name of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch
  2. The sequel to Skulduggery Pleasant, Playing With Fire.
  3. The third book in the Fablehaven series... which name I can't remember
  4. The sequel to The Alchemist, The Magician. (i stole kristin's The Alchemist)
so yeah. i'm reading the second one on the list first, because i read that first book a while back. i always do that- if i get a number of sequels (or anything after that), i read them in the order of "if-i-read-that-first-book-before-the-other-first-books". see, it makes sense to me, it's just hard to put into words. :P
anyway, so far, Playing With Fire is HILARIOUS! no kidding. i'll give some quotes.

"I am turning murder into an art form. When I- when i kill, I'm actually painting a big, big picture, using blood and, and... messiness. You know?"
"Have you killed anyone?"
"What? Did you miss what I said, about turning murder into an art form?"
"But you haven't actually killed anyone yet, have you? I read your file."
"Technically, yeah, all right, maybe I haven't, but tonight's the night."
dude gets beat up, says "i'll kill you both!" gets beat up again, starts whining about a broken nose, talks about how he's the "Killer Supreme" and junk. then he starts bawling like a baby. yeah... funnier part.
"Was it a test? I mean, I know I'm still new at this, I'm still the rookie. Did you hang back to test me, to see if I'd be able to handle it alone?"
"Well, kind of. Actually, no, nothing like that. My shoelace was untied. That's why I was late. That's why you were alone."
"I could have been killed because you were tying you shoelace?"
"An untied shoelace can be dangerous. I could have tripped."
'She stared at him. A moment dragged by.
"I'm joking."
"Absolutely. I would never have tripped. I'm far too graceful."

Ok, it was funny to me. I don't care if you didn't think it was funny, i thought it was, so i put it here :)
i've been doing that, you know. putting things here because i'm too lazy to go find it again, so i put it here. then i can find it EASILY. :P i'm so so lazy

Rian (is going to bed. goodnight)

HILARIOUS comic...

It's from this really weird manga I'm reading...

SOOOOOOO hilarious!

I know you've all seen the commercials...

Though I'm not entirely sure who "you all are"...and if you don't live in the United States, then I'm not sure you've seen them...but whatever. 

They're all in one. And it's totally awesome. I think I like the first and last ones best...and I agree. That old lady is STALKERISH!
Not to mention weird. I'm bored now...we only have like...24 days of school left. Awesome, huh? And I'm already exempt from my Biology exam, since I got commended on the benchmark.
And since I mentioned those videos, I just thought I'd bring this back up...
And while we're on the topic of that, you have to watch's hilarious..
^this one's SOOO much more hilarious than the Clicky one... Some people just have too much spare time. :)

Sunday, May 3


wow. i didn't think it was possible before now:

I was so bored that I posted a ... post? that was made of completely nothing.

as you can see below- all it says is: "From the mind of Rian at such-&-such-time. 0 people were awesome enough to comment"
yeah. i have no idea how i did it- i mean, i was about to make a title (zombie) and all of the sudden, the computer said "view blog" and all that fancy stuff, so i did, & yeah. it's kinda weird.

anyway, the reason i was going to post was to complain to all of you that i was bored. nothing new, but... can you believe how sad i am to NOT be doing homework right now?! i am SO SAD!! it's not even COOL! in fact, it's so totally UNCOOL! O.O (betcha didn't see THAT one coming :P) haha it looks like that face has a big nose. hahaha :)
make no mistake- i'm still sad. and unbelievably bored. i'm just good at covering it up- i do it all the time. well, covering up the boredom. i don't always cover up my sadness because i'm not always SAD. actually, most of the time, i'm quite happy :)
O.K. i wonder... is OK an acronym? hmm... what does it stand for? i'm gonna look it up right now!
... [about 1 minute later]...
ok. haha. anyway, i found some possible meanings of the word (or whatever it is) here.
ok, i think we're going to leave soon- never have i been this excited at the possibility of doing homework, either. actually, no, i've been more excited- because sometimes my homework is coloring or something super uber easy. :)

Rian (wants to do homework! *le gasp!*)
psst: hey, apparently there's this "Wildflower" thing over down here & a lot of cool bands are gonna be there... the ones i remember are: Le Freak, The Toadies, Hoobastank, and something about bugs? idk, i'll see later. but my dad wants to go to it (yay!), so i'm pretty excited! :)
now my mouth hurts? O.o uhhhh...

The most hilarious thing happened yesterday

So, it was raining super hard, and we were in the car, on our way to the grocery store. We stopped at a red light, and then I sneezed, and my mom started laughing and yelled, "SWINE FLU!" and rolled down my window. And then I was screaming because I was getting wet, and I was laughing was hilarious. I'm bored....


Saturday, May 2

Does Your Bathroom Smell "Moldy"?

"HELP! Our Dad makes us pass out these dumb flyers and mow yards to pay for our car insurances. He says he takes care of the "big jobs" but who knows since he makes us go to school during the day too! HELP!"

... yeah. all of the above is on some flyer we found on the door. :)

yeah, i went and saw the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine today... it was pretty awesome. I just didn't like what they did to Deadpool at the end. DEADPOOL= TOTAL HILARIOUS AWESOMENESS! I also hated the Gambit in there... Gambit's pretty amazing. don't know who i'm talking about? i'll put on some pictures :)


Rian (is an X-Men fan)

Friday, May 1


Lazy Sunday, i woke up in the late afternoon.
Call Parnell just to see how he's doin.
What up Parn?
Yo Samberg, what's crackin?
You thinkin what i'm thinkin
man it's happenin.
but first my hunger pangs are stickin like duct tape.
we'll hit up Magnolia and back off some cupcakes.
something about the bakery has got the best frostings.
i love those cupcakes like the two people in THE NOTEBOOK love each other.
2 no 6 no 12 BAKER'S DOZEN!
i told you that i'm crazy for those cupcakes cousin.
yo where's the movie playin?
off of west side dude
well let's hit off Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route.
I prefer Map Quest
That's a good one too.
Google Maps is the best
True dat.
68 to Broadway
Whatcha wana do Chris?
it's the chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
yes that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
you know that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
pass that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
yo stop at the deli
the theater's overpriced
got the backpack?
gonna back it up nice
don't want security to get SUSPICIOUS
Mr. Pibb+ Red Vines= CRAZY DELICIOUS!
reach into my pocket & pull out some dough
girl's actin like she's never seen a 10 buhfoe.
put the snacks in the bag
roll up to the theater
something about what we're handlin
you can call us something like some guy named Eric Burns?!
by the way we're droppin Hamiltons
something about being in our seats & movie trivia the something
they read off the question on the screen.
we answered so fast it was SCARY
the crowd stared in awe as we screamed
they're quiet in the theater room- it's gonna get tragic
we're bout tah get taken to a dreamland of MAGIC
it's that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
yes that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
you know that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia
pass that chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia

k. not exact lyrics. close as i could get. ya know, with being Cook'd & all... >.>

I have been Cook'd

i sat.

there's a computer.


Dane Cook.

3 hours.

ALL Dane Cook.

... I. Have. Been. Cook'd.


at this rate, someone's gonna need to give me a major organ donation

why? cuz i keep bustin a gut!
why? cuz i watched this video (along with other things)
why? cuz it was hilarious.
why? ... ya know, now i kinda understand why people think that's annoying.
why? no comment.

Rian (why?)
psst: i was just reminded of Finding Nemo- those seagulls? MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!
WHY?! cuz i just was. jeez.
why? ... ugh.

Emi? Emily? WHAT'S HER NAME?!

Okay, so I was rereading Beauty Pop, and I noticed that Kiri's mom is always called by a differeny name. I didn't just notice this, of course, but I just now thought to talk about it...So sometimes her name is Emi, sometimes it's Eiri, and sometimes it's Emily. It confuses me a WHOLE bunch...Not to mention it's totally random. So, yeah....if anyone has answers, let me know. They might just be nicknames...Seiji always calls her Emi, I think, but I've seen it Eiri in magazines and stuff talking about her(in the manga). And then Iori calls her Emily. It's really confusing...And I really just wonder WHY. But whatever. And in case you noticed, I didn't break this post into paragraphs, because I wanted to see what it would be like if I had a whole post double spaced. It would be awesome, right? Yeah.



& The people's court.

Jim ADLER first:

  • when another driver FAILED to YEILD!
  • broke is femur and his KNEE
Now People's Court:
  • E-I-E-I-don't-owe-you-idiot
yeah... it might not be funny to you, but to me, that's HILARIOUS.
umm... TAKS was easy today, but it was still boring. -_-;;

Rian (is carsick- that's what she gets for playing Go-Fish & reading on the bus... & is now laughing at the light switch with a face... IT DOESN'T HAVE LIPS! WHAT THE HECK IS IT TALKING ABOUT?!)

Glad this week is over...

It was really really long.

We had TAKS, which is basically the Texas standardized test's really boring, and you can't really do anything at all. The only REALLY bad thing was that I only actually had one test. The others were all benchmarks. So Monday was a normal day, but Tuesday-Friday we sat in testing rooms nearly all day. Well, until 12:30. Then we went to third period, ate lunch and went home. It made the day extremely long, since all we could do after we finished the test was read. After everyone in our class was done we could talk quietly and play cards and stuff, and after everyone in our section of the building was done, we could watch movies. But that doesn't make sitting in the same room for five hours any better. I seriously thought I was gonna die of boredom. Actually, in this book I was reading, there was this kid who went into a boredom induced coma. It was funny, even though he fell, hit his head on the wall, and had to get eight stitches. 
Speaking of books, I read twelve this week. I mean, I read fast, but it still gives you an idea of how bored I was, right?
I'm not sure I have anything else to say right now, not that I haven't said enough already. 
I've really been craving burgers today....I'm gonna ask if we can get some for dinner, since it is Friday. You don't know how happy I am that it's the weekend. I actually get to sleep!
I was really reluctant to get up this morning. I overslept...and then I fell asleep on the bus, though I didn't want to. I was trying to edit. But whatever.
I really don't want to talk about this, but the Swine Flu's really getting out of hand, huh? People are going crazy, though I really don't think it's as bad as everyone in the hallway I saw two people with masks "protect themselves" or whatever.
Also, I'm on the newspaper staff!!! Yay!
Umm.....longest post I've had in a while. Even though I haven't actually posted in a while. Sorry about that. Been kinda busy, in case you hadn't noticed all that up there. ^^^
The only bad thing about TAKS being over is that we have homework now... :(
Oh, and in case you were wondering, TAKS stands from Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.
Catchy, huh?
Don't answer that....Not that I expected you to.
Well, since I'm rambling on about absolutely nothing, I should probably stop now, huh?
I've said "huh" three time in this post. Yay.