Sunday, November 30

Post with a point

Okay...I haven't had a post with a point for a while now. So here goes nothing (NUMBER STYLE!)

1. I FINISHED my bio foldable. Yay for me.
2. I am about 1/5th of the way done with my math project. Yay again!
3. I have not started my english review, biology review, english essay, or english individual project.
4. I will be starting my english group project in a few minutes...or whenever people come over.
5. I had THE WEIRDEST dream. I don't really feel like typing it up, but since it's for you guys, i guess I will.
6. I was in World Geography and my teacher was being weird and making us go up to the front to buy groceries. Then the whole class was randomly on ONE bed, watching a movie. Then, we looked outside the window and you could see people running around crazily because it was raining. So then we got ready to go to fourth period, which was geometry for me, and when I got there, I realized I didn't have any of my stuff. So then I went to the kiosk thing in the commons, where my mom was (??), and she lead me back to the room, where my stuff was. And cows followed us.
7. I warned you. My dreams have problems.
8. I ate lots and lots of food on Thanksgiving, and I fell asleep alot. I think I already told you this.
9. This month is going to be super super busy, so sorry if I neglect. But I will have exams, and a bunch of other stuff.. PROJECTS. HATE THEM.
10. Yeah...I guess that's all.
11. So I guess I should stop typing numbers now, shouldn't I?


I WIN!!! I FINALLY FINISHED THAT STUPID WASTE-OF-TIME OF AN ENGLISH REVIEW OVER THE HARDEST PLAY EVER!(so far anyway) JULIUS CAESAR. GAH WOOHOO! now i just have to go do every other stupid waste of time projects... darn. so much for a celebration. now i just ruined my mood. happy that i FINALLY finished that review (took me all Thanksgiving break ((wednesday thru sunday))), only to go do all my other projects. that i REALLY don't feel like doing. gah. oh well... i won't do them then! yay!!! :)

Saturday, November 29


"I'm going to be gone for two years."

-gasp- "Two years?! That's almost three years!"
That's a random quote from some movie my mom was watching. That's all I'm posting today since I totally ran out of time to post everything else I wanted to. I'll type it up tomorrow.


tis my new word... sorry i'm not here much anymore. stupid english study guide... but i'm almost done!! yay! only 53 more questions!!! i know, it's a lot, but considering there were over 300 (i'm guessing here) it's pretty good. gah. i still need to memorize a whole passage in Julius Caesar... why is his name spelled like that?! Caesar... i think it should be spelled ceaser. just because it's a long e sound, so ... ok. lost my train of thought. dinner time. i had spaghetti. that's a weird word too. spaghetti. like, spag hettee. i SHOULD be spugetty. yay! i like spugetty. that's fun. ok. now i'm just being random... and i don't feel like being random. so...

Friday, November 28

"Continue driving until I say you are lost."

Okay...Thanksgiving was pretty fun, but also pretty weird. We visited my uncle who used to live in Germany, and there were a bunch of random people that I didn't know, all speaking German. It kind of freaked me out. Before we ate, I walked to the park with my cousins, brother and mom. One of my cousins was antisocil and only talked to my mom, and the other two were hyper. Then we were forced to eat outside, which I hate, and a bunch of hilarious stuff happened. 

I fell asleep so many times that day...that morning I didn't go to bed until one forty eight,then my mom woke me up at six (1). Then I fell asleep on the car ride there, until we got to McDonalds (2). Then, after we ate, I fell asleep again(3). Then we got to my uncle's house. After we ate there was nothing to do, so I fell asleep(4). Then I woke up and we got in the car to go to the hotel. More sleep(5). Then I fell asleep watching the food network in the hotel(6).
That's alot...I did almost the same thing today, too. about the title. Last night, our GPS lady, now named Maxine, got us lost. She was taking us through this back road and she said turn right. And she was counting down the feet and everything. So we turn, and about five minutes later, she goes, "You are off specified route. Recalculating route. Alternate route not available. You are lost."
And we were just like, "...YOU told us to turn!"
So then we had to make a u-turn (no, I turn! Just kidding...inside joke) in the middle of the road. It was pretty crazy. I think that's all...I've hadthe same song stuck in my head for about four days in a row. It's called Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low, one of the most amazing bands in existence! 
I guess i should stop typing now...It wasn't really as much as I thought it would be.
Well, bye! 

Wednesday, November 26

People who have problems using punctuation annoy me.

I found this on one MX user's page.

yo ashlee if u have readed twilight u willunderstand if not to bad ok i got to the part of were he told bella he imprinted on ness and she got mad if i were her i would have eaten jacob but first i would cover him in barbaque sauce

This makes me feel like an editor and critic, but that's the kind of mood I'm in. so deal with it...Or stop reading. First off, no punctuation whatsoever in this paragraph wannabe. The next one's my favorite: READED? Readed isn't, and never will be, a word in the english language. It is also not a past tense form of the word READ. would have EATEN JACOB? 
Reasons why this will never in a million years happen:
1. Jacob would kill you first
2. If he didn't, Seth or Bella would (despite the fact that you "are her".)
3. You could do anything else to bring harm to Jacob, yet you choose to eat him? Why not kill or stab or something like that?
4. If you were Bella, you wouldn't want to eat your best friend. You also wouldn't cover him in barbecue sauce.
5. Barbaque is not a word.


I hate biology. and geometry. and english.

dumb teachers gave us homework over the break!!! GAH!
now i have to do like, 3 projects- one for each of those classes, while having THREE DIFFERENT THANKSGIVINGS this week!!! erg. now i have to do homework instead of stuffing my face and talking with people i haven't seen in forever. aoiawgoiadegoiaswnhgolgsw. see?! that's how mad i am. i've resorted to talking gibberish nonsense. loti rambled jonsense. so today, i have to go do research for bio project, then do research and somehow START my geom project, then answer like, a bajillion questions on my english thingy. gah- worst thanksgiving break EVER.
i'm now super depressed... hopefully christmas break will be better.


GUESS WHAT?! I FOUND FANG!! Well, not me. But I found some people talking about who would be a good Fang. And he's amazing! Really. I guess I should post the picture....Here:

Amazing, right? If you want to see other pictures, click here.
If he's not chosen as Fang, I'm going to die. 

Edit: I can see the picture, but I don't know if other people just click on the link above.

Tuesday, November 25

turkey day reviews!

I can't stand it when people talk about things they don't know. Someone left a review about my fanfiction:

To Jen's comment on the climate:
Texas is not near the Ocean; it's near the Gulf of Mexico, which connects to
the Atlantic Ocean by Florida.  I think it has a tropical climate.  I know
Louisiana does.  I had to do a report on Louisiana a while back.

Apparently, she thinks that I'm stupid. And that I don't know what the climate in Texas is. I LIVE in Texas. And just because it's close to Louisiana doesn't mean it has the same climate. And what the heck does she mean it's not by the ocean?! It's water on the surface of the earth. It is the SAME thing. I'm sorry, but this made me really really mad. It makes absolutely no sense at all and I really want this person to have an account so I could talk to them about it. Or yell...
P.S. Yay for Thanksgiving break!

I'm happy, i'm feeling glad. I've got sunshine, in a bag.

i'm useless, but not for long- the future, is coming on. loti that's Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz, by the way. anyway, i got out of school about an hour ago, (yay!) and i was happy. am still happy- don't worry, the bad mood's almost all gone. THANKZGIVING BREAK!!! YESh, which reminds me of those capri sun commercials, strangely. which makes me think- WHY do people insist on Thanksgiving NOT being a holiday? You may not think you do, but if you put up Christmas lights BEFORE Thanksgiving, before NOVEMBER even, to me it signifies a rush. A rush to get to Christmas. Because people are greedy and all they can think about is what they want to get as a present. Or who they want to get the present from. blah blah blah. RESPECT THE TURKEY. RESPECT IT! loto capri sun commercials rock. ya know what i'm saying? if not... go HERE to find out. yeah. now my bad mood is making a come back. DARN IT! i was already to be all happy/cheery cuz of our 5 day weekend, but NO. NO NO NO. arg. i'm a pirate. loti. ok.
tZvR (go to MAXIMUM X PEOPLE!!! it's totally AWESOME!!!!)
i'm sorry. the person i'm talking to will know what i'm talking about. The rest of you can be confused about it if you like... loti. oh, also for my friend: maximum-x and the blog

Monday, November 24

The world has problems.

I'm in a bad mood. And it's not helping that stupid idiots can't even make correctly timed videos to the FEW songs that I don't know the lyrics to. And then random people just stop talking to me without any reason. They just leave. 

Yeah...This is how bad of a mood I'm in: 
The stupid story that I was writing because I wasn't writing my other one because I couldn't, got on my nerves, so I killed it. It ended with the main character dying because she got run over by a car. 
Here's something I noticed: When I'm confused, I'm usually in a bad mood. When I'm in a bad mood, I can't write. And when I can't write, I get mad.
Basically, Confusion=Madness. Stupid transitive property.
Even criticizing the Twilight movie didn't help...Or talking about how I talked for four minutes and fifty five seconds in a speech about stretching that I was sure I was going to do horrible on.
Also, when I'm mad, I get antisocial. By the way, check out this review of the Twilight movie.
It's amazing. Some parts of it were hilarious. Yup...I think I'm turning into Alice...both of them. Jeez. I'm leaving now. I really have nothing else to do but I'm bored to death and no one is trying to help me overcome my boredom. I've tried everything- banging my head on the desk, eating crackers, chewing gum, killing characters, trying to have intellectual conversations, drinking lemonade.... So now it's time for the last resort.

What the HECK was THAT?!

i REALLY don't know. loti ok. i'm talking about a dream i had...

I was in a car and we were driving on a highway with a neighborhood next to it. i looked out the window and saw an airplane. It was really close to the ground and i said, "hey look an airplane!" I saw it tilt upwards and go through most of the motions of a loop-de-loop, but when it got the climax (it was upside down) it randomly fell on top of the neighborhood. the wings broke off and then it did an intricate tumbling routine and ended up in the streets. I was all, "OMC!" and my dad says, "Oh no i didn't mean for all those innocent people to die!" and I was all, "what?!" and he says, "Yeah, I put a bomb on that plane because i didn't know it would have people on it! i thought it would be carrying a space ship!" the plane was a 747, by the way. i did a facepalm (loti) and then walked off. about that time a random image of pikachu flashed in my head, and then the song Human (the Killers) came on, and this is how it went:
I did my best to notice, when the car came down the line. Up to the platform
of surrender, I was brought but I was trying. Because tonight will be the night
that I will fall for Human, over again.
Then I was all like- WAIT! that's SECONDAND SERENADE!!! not the killers!!! WHAT?! and it was about that time that I woke up to hear Human on the radio.
also, today everyone was falling. P1 was playing Cicero (we were on a "nature walk" in english ((meaning we just went outside and sat down)) and were also acting out Julius Caesar Act 1) and he fell down. Then, P2 was walking in a meadow type thing in the front? back?! idk where NEAR our school and he fell in a hole. it was hilarious.
My dad just asked me an interesting question, and I wana hear answers... maybe.
Is Australia just Austria with an L?

Sunday, November 23


i am going to have 4 Thanksgivings. no kidding. I had ONE today, then one Thursday, actual turkey day, and then one Friday, and one i DIDN'T know about, on Saturday. yeah. it was good food. and now we're watching Star Wars Episode 1. yeah. very interesting. this is a short post. yeah. IF YOU HAVE MAXIMUM X CHAT WITH ME!!! lol. YIPPEE!!! that's what anakin said. loti. ok

my dream.

Yes, I'm still gone, but I borrowed my dad's laptop to post about my dream because I'll probably forget by the time I get home. It was one of the weirest dreams I've ever had in my life, and that's saying something.
So I was running around a park thing with Rianna, and there were all these signs saying stuff like, "Rian and Kris rule!" Then we randomly won a contest and were shipped off to a haunted house on some island in South America. But Rianna wasn't even with me in the Haunted house. It was me, my brother, and some other random people. So we all went to sleep, and slept on the couch together because we were scared, except fr one kid. He slept in some random bedroom with the door closed. So in the morning, I woke up and went to wake him up. He got out of bed and was closing his door, when the house started filling with water. It was a two story house, and it was filling up house. So I grabbed one of those foldy tables and smashed the window to let the water out. But then the lady who owned the house got mad at me for breaking her window and she started throwing dishes and stuff at me. So I was trying to protect myself with the table, but it had become soft, like a blanket. Then I started whipping the lady with it and she kept getting mad, then she disappeared. That was the end of the dream.
Yep..It was very weird. Well, I'd better go now. We have to check out of the hotel at noon and hopefully we get to go to the Barnes and Noble! It's awesome and has two stories.

Saturday, November 22


maximum-x. rocks. my. two. different. socks.
yeah, i'm wearing two different socks, you got a problem with that!?
anyway, i have lots of new online friends and it's totally fun!!! yay for awesome friends!
i'm not going to list them all... that'd take forever. but there's sable & ku-chan... they're fun, here's the blog that i will put with the other blogs later. clicky. (it's not really theirs, but i only know them so...) Then there's spazzi who has an awesome site that i can't remember right now. sorry spazz. so yeah. ok. lots of random boring things to do today (HOMEWORK!) so i'll keep it short.

short post

Leaving. Will not be back until sunday night when I will have to write a five minute speech about stretching. Must go eat donuts. Will post Sunday night.


Friday, November 21

more weirdness

Okay...I found my phone. In the pantry. For real.

I was on the phone while trying to put up a cereal box, so when I finished talking, I set the phone down on the shelf, put up the box and left. Makes sense, right?
Yeah...getting ready to eat AWESOME MCDONALDS FRENCH FRIES!



Today was a weird day. I was so out of it, I have no idea what was going on and everything confused me. And everyone was talking about super heroes. And I listened to weird jokes riddles things...yeah. I'm going to get ready now. And I need to call people to get ready for meeting at the movies. So I guess I should go...
I JUST LOST MY CELL PHONE! It's here somewhere, but I don't know where I set it down...I keep calling it with the house phone and I hear it vibrating, but I don't know where it is!!
Updates later.

Ridiculously Awesome

My story (the short way):

Kristin and her dog were walking in the park and sat down on the bench
across from me. She pulls out her notebook and pencil and starts reading. i start reading MR (The Angel Experiment) and i go and describe all the
characters (max, fang, iggy, nudge, gazzy, angel, jeb, & ari). Kristin
then beckons me over to her bench, and we start talking about how inhumane The School is. Then she tells me to read her story. It was about an adverse group of people in a transparent airplane. It hits turbulance, so they summon a giant chimera that burgeons and it saves the plane from being obliterated. The people climb down the giant chimera and successfully dissuaded a miser from cutting down the plant. and they gave him the antidote for his illness. then they traveled through the village and installed suffrage. they figured out that the village
was on the edge of a cliff when one of the more stoic people in the group fell off. what people didn't know was that one of the fatuous people in the group wanted to save him and fell off afterwards. the recluse who lived at the bottom of the cliff went and brought the bodies back up. then the people didn't know what to do with the hermit- should they let him in the village, should they not? so some of the villagers climbed up to the top of the chimera with him and then they pushed him off, and then the other villagers were mad at them. Finally, a random pirate comes and gives them a clue for them and they acertain that doom is going to come to their village, and then a giant came, by instructions of the pirate, and squished the village. the end.

ah! it's messed up! so yeah, that was my story in SL- we needed to use
45 vocab words and i didn't know half of them... loti. most of them aren't in
there though. but anyway, in bio my lab partners and i (we sit three to a table)
found a piece of paper and made a game out of it. if i ever get it, then i'll take pictures of it and post it. totally awesome. in espanol, we were talking about puppies(cachorros) and someone said cuchara (spoon). yeah. then on the bus EVERYONE was randomly riding, so it was really weird and i had to sit all the way in the back. with all the juniors & seniors. and my only other freshman friend went up to the front to go sit with this one guy because the guy offered. so i felt lonely and yeah. but i'm going to go watch Twilight soon! yay! i'll post about it too. ok? i won't give TOO much away... omc that was hilarious! sry- my dad's watching judge judy... and she asked this guy how he gets by (cuz he doesn't work) and he's all uhm, and she says um is not an answer. so he's all, "I uh, um, i... i... i do alright." and we burst out laughing. yeah. ok. going to get ready for kristin to come pick me up! and eat food- i almost kinda skipped lunch cuz i was working on that story. i almost didn't have enough time. so yeah. i only ate chips and a sandwich... yeah. ok.

tZvR (is annoyed at this... but happy/anticipating suckiness from the movie!)

Thursday, November 20

I'M OFFICIALLY DEPRESSED... but slightly happy

why? because fang's blog kinda ceases to exist. why? STOP ASKING!! sry. he's not going to post there anymore because of the new website he has. Where is it? Maximum-X. tis a mix between MR & Daniel-X, but mostly MR. because Fang's in charge, that's why. But i'm still sad. maybe i'll join them. as all you MR fans should! :] jk you don't have to, but yeah. nevermind. So that's why i'm totally depressed yet slightly happy.

Click here for Maximum-X.


This is the weirdest thing I have ever read in my life. It is out of character. This person needs to be force-read these books. I will gladly do the job. None of this stuff would ever happen. Ever. Including the part where Max is super excited because she cussed more than Fang. And the part where she is mad that she got Fang for a project partner. Or the part where she faints. Or the part where Ella and Iggy are making out and Fang and Max are watching and Ella hears them abd Iggy doesn't. Or the part...

you get the point, right? I should probably give you the link now, shouldn't I? How cruel would it be if I said all of this and didn't give you the link?
"Very cruel!" The readers (you) chorus. 
Well, since you said that, I'll give it to you, just out of the goodness of my heart.
I bet you're probably wondering what kind of fanfiction that is, right? And if you are, you should see a therapist because you have problems. And because that isn't the story!! If you REALLY want to read it, click below. I promise it is NOT a picture of pandas or any other exotic animal. It's a picture of me! Just kidding. Lick the link.
Okay....I'm in a STRANGE mood today. Someone help me...

hilarious day...

This post is dedicated to Twilight Guy, the most hilarious person in my journalism class. My friends have started to question his gayness (yes i just said that) due to a few things:

1. his obsession with twilight
2. his handwriting, which is girlier than mine
3. His name...(his ACTUAL name, not Twilight Guy...that's just what I call him. But no to his face)
4. ...i think that's it. today he wrote me a note. with bad spelling and grammar. I'll take a picture of it so you can see his handwriting.'s backwards, but you're going to have to deal with case you were wondering, his handwriting is in the blue pen. Yes, the one with all the coloring and everything. 
Okay, I'm never going to eat a giant heart shaped butterfinger (??) cookie because of him. Here's what happened.
This one weird girl had the cookie mentioned here^^^, and was asking if anyone wanted it. Twilight Guy, now TG, said, "Sure."
So the girl walks away and TG starts eating the cookie. Then he gets this disgusted look on his face and spits it on the rest of the cookie, balls it up in a napkin, and sets it on the floor. Then this girl comes up and asks if she can have some of the cookie. And he gives it to her...without telling her. Then she's eating, and I'm just laughing hilariously!!
It was a funny class...a funny day, actually. In speech, we were grading papers. Here's what someone's said.

Q: If you are in an interview and the interviewer asks you this question, how do you reply? "Are you able to walk long distances?"
A: I have a car.

It was so hilarious!! And for those of you who haven't taken speech, that is an illegal interview question because it is referring to your physical ability/health. My answer was, "Yes, I will be able to if it a part of the job."
Yeah...Then came journalism, which you read about already, and then World Geography. Our teacher kept leaving the classroom and all this crazy stuff happened when he left. For one, this guy randomly started dancing, and a totally different, random teacher walked in and called him out. He came back a few seconds later. Apparently, the teacher wanted him to dance for her class too! It was hilarious!!
Then, geometry was awesometastic! Every single thing that was said was hilarious!! I don't even remember it all, but I was laughing the whole time. and I got an 80 on my test!! I was totally convinced I was going to fail! Yep...that was my day...time to go write a speech!


that's today's word. because today was pointless. we learned some kind of proof in geometry that almost put me to sleep, in gym we just dressed out and sat around, in geography took notes we started 2 weeks ago and after lunch we had a "dance off" because the teacher left the class, and in english there was a debate between like, 4 people in the whole class. i sat there eating Cheetos (the flaming hot version) and basically not doing anything. So on the bus one of my friends told me three jokes. i'm only going to tell two, but if you REALLY want to know, cbox or comment.
Joke 1:
Two peanuts were walking down the street, and one of them was assaulted.

Joke 2:
A guy walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered his drink. The barkeeper went away to get it, and the guy hears, "Hey. Nice shirt." He looks around to see who said that, but there wasn't anyone around that could have said that. So when the barkeeper comes back, he asks, "Hey- did you see who told me 'Nice shirt'?" The barkeeper responds, "Oh yeah. It was the peanuts. They're complementary!"

get 'em? assaulted, like, a Salted? yeah. and complementary- complementary peanuts... yeah. they may be bad, but they were funny. So if you want to hear the third one, comment or cbox... and i'll probably tell kristin, so if she remembers and she happens to know, yeah. but commenting is better... unless you decide to check the cbox like, every 15 minutes... yeah. or if you happen to know my email (stalkers!) or my HOME phone number (SUPER STALKERS!) then you can reach me there. or if you have my myspace (AH!) or facebook (SUPER AH!) then yeah. YOU STALKERS!!! I'M SCARED NOW!!!!! bLaH. what can i say? I'm a paranoid person. ya never know... until you know. loti. NEVER SAY NEVER CUZ NEVER'S JUST EVER WITH AN N IN FRONT OF IT!!!! :] O.o
tZvR (is probably being stalked... even though she's at home.)

Wednesday, November 19


Okay...Yen Plus update. There's a hilarious manga about a girl who wears a pig mask because she is cursed. So at the beginning, this guy goes up to her because she's randomly sleeping in his bed. And he takes off her mask, and her face looks EXACTLY the same as the mask! It was SOOOO hilarious! And apparently she has to marry him to get the curse off, but he has no idea who she is. And she keeps calling him milord. Like MY-LORD. It's called Pig Bride just in case you want to look it up. 

And the most hilarious thing happened! He was mad because he was being forced to marry her, so he says he's going to run away and she goes, "Noooo!!! I'll leave!"
And then she builds a tent in his corner. And he's like, " I thought you said you were leaving! What are you doing in my corner?!"
She says, "In order to portect milord, I cannot distance myself too much. Please have mercy."
It's totally hilarious!! Especially since it looks like she has no expressions because of the mask...

Edit: And now she's cross stitching pig faces into his underwear...
Edit again: Now she's amused by a laptop...she's never used a computer before.

mood o meter

yay twilight movie. i'm in a weird mood...not hyper. a couple of level down...let me draw the mood o meter

-super awesomely extremely cool

-totally awesome




-leave me alone

-i hate life

-what could be worse than this?

yeah...i'm at the ... level. nothing to do, no one to talk to. being forced to eat...yeah. but i'm not it a bad's kinda weird. yay for mood o meters!

How To:

Make Scrambled Eggs!


  1. eggs (the number is up to you)
  2. a bowl
  3. a fork
  4. salt, pepper, and maybe other spices?
  5. a small pan thingy
  6. a spoon (like, a wooden or plastic ones that you would mix... idk cake mix with?)
  7. a stove
  8. milk
  9. cooking oil (like pam or something.. canola oil, olive oil, whatever i guess...)

Step 1: crack eggs on a hard surface.

Step 2: break the eggs into the bowl... don't get ANY SHELL in there. Just get the white & yolk... and also get your fingers gooey.

Step 3: whisk the eggs in the bowl with the fork.

Step 4: put pan thing over a flame on the stove.

Step 5: spray/pour oil stuff into the hot pan.

Step 6: Pour fork-whisked eggs into hot & oiled pan.

Step 7: Play a game. Stir the eggs around (in the pan, of course) and try to keep them from sticking everywhere. it's really fun.

Step 8: Whisk until the eggs look to be cooked to your fancy.

Step 9: turn off the fire and keep stirring until eggs stop hissing. Then put on a plate.



  1. Bread
  2. Honey/butter
  3. Toasteroven/Microwave (oven)

Step 1: Put bread into toaster/microwave oven on anywhere between 239-269 degrees F.

Step 2: only keep it there for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: take out... AFTER turning off whatever you used. **Caution** toast & oven thing CAN and most likely WILL be hot. (in case someone can't tell)

Step 4: put honey/butter on warm bread/toast.


idk why. i had that for breakfast this morning... yummy. and then i had ice cream. yummier. yay for xbox 360 awesome homepage place!!! woohoo!!! it's fun. ok.

tZvR (is once again pondering WHY the post HAS to be double spaced...)

Tuesday, November 18

Making ATL playlist...yay!!!

Kristin is superly awesomely excited!!
It probably was the lemonade...but who cares?!
I'm listening to the song OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
The amazing complexness of technology!
I love it!

Edit: I have created the playlist! In case you wanted to know, these are the songs that are on it:

Dear Maria Count Me In
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Poppin' Champagne
The Beach
Last Flight Home

I'm sure I'll add something else later. Updates on the best band ever soon...
And yes, I made that AMAZING picture! NO STEALING!
But if you ask, I may make you your own with the great and all powerful powers of paint!
Wow...crazy mood today. YEAH!
...I don't think I've ever signed with my full name before.
See ya later.


That's means: THE BEACH! THE BEACH!

Because I found an even awesomer song by ATL called......


Yep..It is totally awesome.


New best song EVER!
Listen to it.
I think this lemonade has made me a tad hyper...

dear maria count me in/vegas!

Today...was so off schedule! We had a fire drill during the math test, which was timed, and out bus driver had to take some kids to a field trip, so he was late this afternoon. We had to get on another bus and ride with them until our bus driver could meet us. Yupp...and guess what?! I totally discovered an awesome band! All Time Low. I was on youtube, trying to find something to listen to, and i just randomly clicked it. I like Dear Maria Count Me In best. And Vegas.

Yepp...not much else went on today. 

COMMAS, and other random randomness

yeah. one of my friends likes commas. so... ok. i know it's random, but do you think i care? no. not really. not at all, actually. :] ok. so i'm in a slightly better mood... all i have to do today for homework is write four cards for math (not too bad) which i already finished. now i just have to skim 411 pages in this 800 page book that i was supposed to have read by tomorrow, but of course, because i had to read it for an assignment, i read it REALLY slow. and it took me three hours to read two chapters. no kidding. so i'm skimming. yay! i like skimming... it's really fun. but then you see random things and you have NO CLUE what's going on... loti. guess what i did today!? I READ THE MAXIMUM RIDE MANGA! in kristin's YEN+ MAGAZINE!!! yay!!!!! i also read a new one for me- One Fine Day. I really like it- tis HILARIOUS!!! It's about No-ah, Rang (a mouse girl), Guru (her older brother- a cat dude), and... darn. i can't remember his name... but it's another brother and a dog boy. yeah. arg. now it's gonna bug me until I figure out his name. NANAI! i remembered. yay me! ya know, so far, i've used only 10 commas. i'm sorry, friend... that is, IF you're reading this. That'd be nice if you were... and then you could comment!! YESH! :] ok. well, i've gotta get to skimming- I wana be done before 5:30 ish... but not right now. I'm going to have a snack. If i can find one. blah. FRESHILICIOUS! sry. that was random. i just remembered it though. you know what's fun? trying to get people to say/spell honorificabilitudinitatibus (on-er-if-ick-uh-bill-ih-tood-ee-nee-tat-uh-bus). hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, too. bLaH. i like dinosaurs. i want to make a GINORMOUS chocolate chip cookie. like, i just envisioned it and EVERYTHING. it looked awesome. ok. Mr. Tummy is hungry. If Mr. Tummy no get food, he gets CRANKY. lotio. so i'm gonna go get Mr. Tummy some food... yay food!
tZvR (and one very cranky Mr. Tummy) :]

Monday, November 17

Is there really a point?

no. homework has NO POINT except to make poor children work really hard on stuff they probably don't even understand, so that way their heads can explode later on in the day. If only we had some kind of method that was less painful- like... idk. getting hooked up to a machine that put information in your head. Then, you don't have to worry about doing ANYTHING. you just KNOW things. that would work out pretty well for all us poor children who have to go to something called high school/college. Because really, elementary and middle school aren't all that bad. it's just learn the basics, and relearn the basics. high school is: learn new things and relearn things in more confusing ways that no one can really understand. college, i really don't know about, since i haven't been there yet, but i would assume that if you actually work, it can be pretty pointless. just like all school. yeah. i just got done with random busy work vocabulary homework over words I already knew.
tZvR (is still in a bad mood...)



Yeah...just had to vent for a sec. People are being weird...
Edit: SEE! AVOISION! (which is a word i just made's when you're being avoided) ALWAYS HAPPENS AFTER AWKWARD QUESTIONS! I should know...
Jeez. Updates later.


Jeez, i have like five posts in a row it really makes no sense for me to be posting another one...but i randomly remembered something.

Yesterday, after breakfast, my dad was asking me all these awkward was super weird. well...i'm going to START working on my homework now...


Oh yeah. You have GOT to read this story. I was reading the new chapter late last night and I got in trouble for laughing so much. It was the absolute funniest thing I had ever read in my entire life. I swear. It was awesome. I guess I should give you the link now, shouldn't I?

Even if you absolutely despise Maximum Ride (God forbid), you will die laughing. Well, not DIE. that would be bad. But read it. If you don't, I will stalk you for all eternity...
(I'm going to reread it...the most hilarious story EVER!)


I jsut got the magazine Yen Plus! And guess what it has in it?! Maximum Ride!! Rianna, I'll bring it tomorrow so we can read. It's already into the story, but we've read the book, so we know what's happening. Oh my gosh, I'm excited. So excited that I stopped in the middle of the story to type this.

Also, I looked up showtimes for the movie, and online, it says we can buy some...there's a 7:15 show. We'll have to call people and see...but it would be awesome if we could go Friday.

I kept my promise

YEah. The one guy on the bus read a little bit in the middle of the story, and the other guy has my notebook. After some careful thinking on the bus, I have figured out why I dislike people reading my writing, especially random people I don't know. But I won't tell you. MWAHAHA!

I might later, but right now, I don't feel like typing it all. Besides, you might think I'm crazy after reading it... :) was pretty good, I guess. We actually learned a fun and easy dance today, so that was fun. I had two tests, which were not fun. Then we drew on the chalkboard in english. Not much else happened. Not worth telling, anyways. 
Oh yeah, today on the bus, the first guy mentioned above was talking to some random other guy about Twilight. He didn't know this though. So my friend says, "I don't really like Jacob. I mean, I feel sorry for him, but..." (She's an Edward supporter by the way)
So then I was like, "I don't feel sorry for Jacob. I just think he's awesome."
So then the guy turns around and he's like, "What?! I'm listening."
It was so hilarious because he had no idea what we were talking about. Oh yeah, and he called my story "adorable".
Yup...I guess I should stop typing and finish my homework. I don't have much to do, luckily. I did it all yesterday. Study for math quiz test level 1...I think that's all. Unless I want to get a head start on the multiple projects I have been assigned.

Sunday, November 16

oh yeah...

I can't believe I forgot the most important thing!

And yes, I just now remembered...even though it has been multiple hours.
Not to be conceited or anything...
Yup. So now I've started my next story!!
Seven pages and counting!!


today had to be one of the most BORING and TIRING and POINTLESS days of my WHOLE LIFE. I guess this post is going to be a rant on homework, cuz that's what i did ALL DAY LONG!! i JUST NOW finished all my biology, math and only HALF of my english cuz that's all i feel like doing. I don't have to have it done til Tuesday, so i will do the other half tomorrow. but i STARTED my homework at... 10:15ish this MORNING and FINISHED at 5:20. and i only had an hour break because we went to my uncle's house, and it's a 30 min trip from here to there. and since we drove there and back... well, i think (HOPE) you get the point. it's TOTALLY UNFAIR how much homework we get. see- last year, we got... idk, 32 problems for math and we complained. this year, we get 12 problems and it's a NIGHTMARE. not even kidding. i hate school- i really want to know what is wrong with those who like it. and WHY they like it. if it's just because you get to hang out with friends, ok. i'm cool with that. but if it's because you get to WORK... well... maybe you should visit a mental hospital? jk. loti- i'm not THAT mean. at least, i HOPE i'm not that mean. i TRY not to be mean... ok. this is just getting repetitive. also, it didn't help that i couldn't spell anything today. i obviously can't type either... anytime there's a word with u then s in it (because, obviously), the s comes first, then the u. so the word becomes becasue or obviosuly. yeah. see, my brother's over here playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (good game, i must add) and I'm over here until 5:30, when I will read my book for SL that I have to have finished by Wednesday... that i'm only on page like, 263/ 800 on... yeah. i have to at least get to page 687 or so TODAY, so that way I can finish the other...113 pages tomorrow & tuesday. argy arg arg malarky. yeah... bLaH. i guess i should stop wasting time and do something fun before I leave the computer pretty much permenantly for the day... GERGENSCHNIEL!! I HATE SCHOOL AND TEACHERS (except Kristin's mom... and KIND OF my SL teacher...) AND HOMEWORK AND POINTLESS THINGS AND DIFFICULT THINGS AND ARG ARG ARG ARG ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr... now i'm in a bad mood. and will probably STAY in a PERMENANT bad mood til THANKSGIVING BREAK... or at least til Friday, when the horrible Twilight movie will come out, and I'm probably going to go see it. bLaH. Any words of encouragement/ cheering up or whatever would be nice, but i really don't CARE. cuz i'm in a bad mood.
tZvR ("Notorious, I'll squish you like a jelly bean. i'm BAD." -I'm Bad, L.L. Cool J.)


It's not even noon yet and today is already going down the crazy road.

First off is my dream. Well, I actually had two. The first one is more normal.
I woke up and it was monday, but I hadn't done any of my homework, so I was rushing all over the place trying to get it done. Then I realized that it was Sunday.
Yeah. Simple and short. The next one...not so much.
The city I live in is kind of split by a lake, so there's a bridge connecting them. In the dream, there was a dinosaur terrorizing the half I live in, so the other half blocked everything off so we couldn't get over there. I guess they thought we were going to bring the dinosaur over. So everyone was scared, running around and hiding behind cars. I was in a weird cafe like restaurant, eating pancakes. Then the dinosaur came over and I hid under a car. Then I thought it was trying to eat me, so I started running, into like five dead ends I might add, and eventually to the bridge. So I continued running and ended up jumping over the little fort thing the other siders had built to try and keep us out. So when I got over there, I wreaked havoc and ran around shopping with one of my friends from dance, and a girl from church. Then, somehow, I ended up back on my side of town, and the dinosaur was being all quiet and reading books. When I came, it randomly grabbed me and made me ride on it's back, and it started walking over to the other side. 
And then it ended because my brother woke me up. Yeah...I feel like a math nerd. Today, I was writing a shopping list. Here's what it said so far.
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
So then I randomly yelled out " TRANSITIVE PROPERTY! TOILET TOWELS!"
And my mom and brother were just staring at me...It was kind of awkward...Yeah. Not much else to say right now. Bye,

Saturday, November 15


That's my new word. I randomly made it up today when I needed something to say. Today...was a weird day. My mom got mad at me multiple times, I'm having other problems, and someone is trying to persuade me to go to the winter ball, even though i kinda don't really want to. But I don't know yet. And he got mad because I didn't go to the football game to watch him dance. Apparently it was epic.

The game, not his dancing.
Yeah...and certain people keep ignoring me. 
Luckily, I found my pencil! The one I lost like two weeks ago in my room. It was under my bed. Even though I searched there like five times. Yeah...I got a new jacket coat thing too. It's awesome. And I'm on a suger rush because of the funnel cake and homemade powdered sugar...All you have to do is put regular, granulated, sugar in the blender and blend it for a while. Some recipes say you need cornstarch, but we didn't use any and it turned out fine. Well, I guess I'll shut up now...I need to sleep, but I can't. Maybe I'll write. I've been putting it off because I know that if I do, I'l finish. I'm on page 263 i think, and I only have the epilogue left to write. It's kind of depressing. This is my longest story by almost 100 pages. I wonder how many words it is. If I was just a teensy bit more bored, I would count them all. 
By the way, McDonalds french fries are the best. We had some today in the car, and I finished mine before my brother even started eating his...So then I started taking his and he got mad. And I use like three packets of ketchup for one large fry...not like, a single fry, but a large order. 
Yeah...I should stop typing. But I have nothing better to do since person mentioned above went to bed. And no one else is on. Maybe I will write...or paint my nails. Or sleep.
Nah, I don't know about that last one. 
Today, I ran into one of my friends, not literally, while dropping off my brother's science project like thingy. It was funny...Then she left and I had to choose between talking to my brother's friends or their parents.
Mommy just told me to get off the computer, so i guess i will. Yes, I call my mom mommy...
Good night.


I had the weirdest dream...

For some reason, I was walking in a desert alone, then I randomly appeared in this weird Ihop like place with a bunch of people from school. They aren't really people I know, just people I've seen. So we were walking around the restaurant, and there was all this really weird stuff like people and cows in cages, gigantic bottles of milk and stuff like that. It also looked kinda futuristic, with a bunch of silver and stuff. So we ordered, but we didn't order milk unless we watched them milk the cows for it because we were afraid they would poison it.
It didn't really make any sense.
Yeah...I've also been wondering: why doesn't hair grow on the underside of our arms? Is it because we don't get sun there? Or is it just built into our DNA? Do you know anyone that has hair on the underside of their arm? Also, for some reason, recently, I've been absorbing random factual information easier. Today, my mom was talking about coffee, and I randomly blurted out, "Did you know that Hawaii is the only state in the US to produce coffee? Like, coffee beans?" It was really weird. But I do that alot. Like when I was explaining why water makes plants stand up straight...I'm a nerd.

Another one...

A new band has come to my attention: Cobra Starship. and by finding them on pandora, The Academy Is... . yeah. i know, but what can i say? I like music. almost always listening to it. and if i'm not, i'm playing some song over and over and over (and over) in my head. or i'm humming. or singing. yeah. kk, i guess, maybe, JUST MAYBE, someone out there wants to know WHO THE HECK COBRA STARSHIP IS. well, then click the following words to find some random info and songs!

Send My Love to the Dancefloor (lyrics are better than the actual vid... trust me.)
Guilty Pleasure (once again, lyrics are better! then you can sing along!)

check out other songs!

ok... so The Academy Is... i'll see if I can find some good songs by them. let's see:

You Might Have Noticed
Chop Chop

There. My duty is done... for now.
tZvR (the musical brains)

Friday, November 14

wow. totally hilarious.

I just found the most amazing thing ever. It is hilarious. watch the whole thing.


Okay, so today was pretty good, i guess...until i lost my pencil had to borrow a stupid squeaky one because i didn't have any more lead, then had to write with a pen, which I hate.

And then, on my way up to stairs, i tripped, steadied myself, ran into a wall, and choked on my spit in about five seconds. It was weird.
I'm getting ready to eat...Yay.
All these random people keep yelling at me to go to the football game (like CERTAIN people who post bulletins begging me to go!!), but I'm still not going. It's cold, looks like it's going to rain, and I only know one person who's going, and that's because she's being forced to by her parents.
So...I think that's all. 
Arg. And I randomly promised these two people things that I don't's the same thing too...WHY?! WHY DO ALL THESE RANDOM PEOPLE WANT TO READ MY STORY?!
I mean, if I know you, yes,maybe. But otherwise, no. 
So I did know these two people. One lives down the street, and I bought the other one ice cream today...maybe they'll forget! Yeah!
Whatever. Not going to get my hopes up. It's not that I don't want to let them read it. I'm just afraid that they will think of me differently, or just say it's the worst thing they've ever read...I don't think that's going to happen, but I'm a paranoid person.

DISCURSIVENESS!!! (it's a fun word, what can i say?)

right now i'm listening to a sadish song. ok. it's pretty depressing, actually. but i like it. so i listen to it. i know. random. but not as random as this one girl was when she told me i sucked because i had a book... it was WEIRD. and FREAKY. and RANDOM. and IN MATH!!! ok. i'll stop talking about school... i've noticed that. all of our posts are centered around school. is life really THAT BORING where all we can talk about is SCHOOL, of all places?! AH! so i will talk about something else. like the long awaited Twilight movie. woohoo. it's gonna be HORRIBLE!! YAY!! hehe... you see, i was having some pretty high expectations for this movie- that is until i saw Cedric Diggory, Sharkboy, and Sophie (from Jumper)... did you know Charlie was from Law & Order?! Geez. that lowered my standards... and the trailor... O MY GOSH! could you get ANY MORE DRAMATIC?! ok... don't answer that. i REALLY don't wana know. but still. i was pretty sad. So i decided i was going to go watch it with a bunch of my friends on premier night, which happens to be in SEVEN DAYS!!! WOOHOO!! i've dubbed it: The Movie Everyone's Going to Hate, But Will Watch Anyway. yesh. ... ok... lots of elipses, eh? loti, if you don't know, elipses are these: ... . yeah. lots of random assentish words too. hehe that's a word i just made up off the top of my head. speaking of words, i declare a poll type thing. Personally, i vote yes, but it's up to you. it's a totally awesome word, by the way. (Fresh-ih-lish-iss)

tZvR, signing out... kinda.
(this is a good trailer for the movie... check it out!)

Thursday, November 13

too much hilariousness

go here... tis FUNNY!!! ok.. go HERE
the lady reminds me of that one lady who does the ERICA commercials... loti
tZvR (idk WHY, but i find the need to sign all my posts... even though it says in the little thingy at the bottom of the post... yeah.)

This is going to be shuper short and quick because I have stuff to do.

 First, I started my new notebook! Yay. My english teacher is getting on my nerves again. And...I think that's all. Today was totally uneventful.

Big words

Discursive = Nudge & I
Laconic, Taciturn, and Terse = Fang
those are the only words i've made associations to with people/ characters out of books. i really am discursive though... but not as much as this guy out of this book i'm reading... wana see? here's a passage!! or five...

"A track which has a ditch on each side of it is called a road. Yes, gentlemen. Now, do you know what a ditch is? A ditch is an excavation on which several people work. It is a hollow. Yes. They work with picks. Now, do any of you know what a pick is?"

"He stopped officers on the street and engaged them in unendingly long conversations about omelettes, the sun, thermometers, doughnuts, windows and postage stamps."

"At a banquet in the officers' club Colonel Kraus von Zillergut (the guy who is discursive) said quite out of the blue, when there had been mention of Schiller: 'Now, gentlemen, I saw a steam plough yesterday. It was driven by a locomotive, but mark my words, gentlemen, not just by one locomotive, but by two. I see the smoke, I come nearer and there is one locomotive and on the other side another. Tell me, gentlemen, is't that funny? Two locomotives, as though one were not enough.' He was silent for a moment and then remarked: 'When the petol in the car is used up it has to stop. I saw that yesterday too. And then they talk nonsense about perpeetual motion, gentlemen! It doesn't go, it stands still, it doesn't move, it hasn't got petrol. Isn't that funny?'"

that guy totally confused me, and now i can't get the whatchamacallit working right again. it's all... over in the middle. the paragraph thingys. idk. and it's centered... WHY?! i didn't DO anything!!! don't you hate it when you know what someone ELSE is saying, but when they say something and you feel like you should say something, you don't know what you're talking about? sorry... this is really random. loti in geo one time i told my friend she was really random and then asked her if she wanted a grape. cuz i like grapes. yay for grapes!! loti that's random too... oh well. i'm gonna go have some snickerdoodle cookies now... they're my favorite. and if you're wondering why i'm not gonna go eat grapes, it's because i already HAD grapes today... and we finished that scary movie with the lions... yeah. REMINGTON DIED!!! AHH!!! not cool. and John had this dream that his wife & kid came to africa (like they had planned to) and then a lion attacked them and ate them. everyone was scared, but i was angry at the lady for not listening to John... yeah. so John killed the lions (thank goodness!) and because it was based off a true story (AH!) the actual lions are in a museum in Chicago. the movie is called The Ghost and the Darkness, for anyone who wants to watch it. pretty awesome!!! ok. food time now. this is long.

tZvR (is really confused, as usual- and can't type. Arg!)

Wednesday, November 12


maybe i'll elaborate on this later. but for now, i have to finish typing up cornell notes (idk how you're supposed to do that, but i just made a table and am filling it in) and type at least a few pages of kristin's story... that i have to come up with a title for. then i have to go read a book that i'm on page 210ish or so out of 800, that i have to have read by next wednesday. fun fun, eh? loti. ok. so i was just stopping by... just cuz kristin would get mad at me if i skipped today, even if i were busy. so yeah... have you noticed that most of my titles are not even words? it's just frustrated muttering sounds. weird. but i couldn't come up with a better name for them (or the posts) so i just went with it... yeah. ok.
tZvR (reporting for duty!)

questions and stuff

Today I realized for the first time that one of my characters is modeled after a person in real life. I didn't realize it until then, but they really are very much alike. It's kind of weird, especially since I didn't do it on shall NEVER know who it is. :)

Now for the question:
Do you ever find yourself calculating time by the people around you?
I really want to know if I'm the only one who does this. So after 4th period on A days, there's this girl who meets her boyfriend after school. She stands in the same place every day, and based on how close the guy is to her, because he has to walk from his class, I can tell how much time I have to get to the bus. Today I was late getting out of Geometry and they were already together, halfway down the hall. It's weird. But I do the same thing when I'm running late to class.
I look around me and see if any of the people look they would be punctual. 
And I don't know any of the people I'm talking about right now. I feel like a stalker...
Yep. My day was okay, and some hilarious stuff happened, but I don't feel like writing about all of it...So I'm going to work on typing up my english notes now.

Tuesday, November 11



It's a hilarious parody about bad grammar. Wow..

...i hate biology.

ok, not really, but i DO hate (is a strong word, but i reallyreallyreally don't like you!) sry. i'm gonna be having random pieces of songs in my posts probably... anyway, i reallyreallyreally don't like my bio teacher. here's what she's making us do:

  1. Dupont essays
  2. Current Events
  3. Biome Projects
  4. Review for Test on 17th
  5. and she's probably going to squeeze 3408240 labs in there.

arg. too much! same with english and the teacher's BUSY WORK!! i guess she doesn't really have a lesson plan- we were GOING to start Julius Caesar, but some random teacher had to come in and say we couldn't start that until AFTER Christmas break, so we have BUSY WORK to do up until next semester. arg!!! i think the last grading period (since we don't have 6 weeks anymore... stupid grading cycles with it's 5-6-5 first semester & 7-6-7 second semester!!) gergenschniell!!! arg. bleh. wOw. i just realized that i used to say something else all the time, but i can't remember because i've been saying arg the whole time. YAY!! i love THIS song... Come Out & Play by the Offspring. actually, i love like, lots of songs. want a list? no? too bad.

The Offspring:

  1. come out and play
  2. you're gonna go far kid
  3. why don't you get a job?

The Killers:

  1. Somebody told me
  2. when you were young
  3. human (it's DANCER, not DENSER)
  4. Mr. Brightside

Papa Roach:

  1. Forever
  2. Getting away with murder
  3. last resort

Modest Mouse:

  1. Float On
  2. The Ocean Breathes Salty


  1. Troublemaker
  2. Say it ain't so
  3. my name is jonas
  4. Undone (the sweater song)

ok. i only feel like posting those songs... too lazy to go look at anymore. blah. oh wait- there's also:

Cut Off Your Hands

  1. You and I
  2. Expectations
  3. Still Fond

Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealers Incentives

  1. I get by

Snow Patrol

  1. Take back the city
  2. i like lots of songs by them but can't remember the names.

now i'm not gonna post anymore... maybe tomorrow!

tZvR (figured you guys would need a longer post to make up for her lack of being here)


oh yeah, i totally forgot!

guess who's gonna be on the news tomorrow!?!
SECONDHAND SERENADE! I wish I could skip school to see it, but I'll just tape it. Thank God for DVR. Yay.
Just thought I'd mention this before I got drown myself in my homework.
And I'll probably have multiple paper cuts tomorrow.

School sucks...oh well

I've had wayy too much homework. And I forgot that my biology current event was due. And my English teacher totally hates our class. Here's what we did in that class.

1. Watch video on William Shakespeare
2. Take Cornell notes on video
3. Must type up cornell notes and turn them in Thursday
4. Guy in video was talking to fast
5. Took quiz on video
6. Learned that we needed to memorize parts of Julius Caesar
7. Learned that we must also copy this off the overhead/board thing
8. Took up a whole front and back of a sheet of paper
9. Turned in papers
10. 3 minutes left of class

The worst thing was the the memorization thing was obviously busy workk because we copied it all down and she made us turn it in! So how the heck are we supposed to memorize it if we turned it in?!
It was really annoying.
The rest of the day was okay, though.
Not much else to say...Really almost done with story now. But I don't think it's going to fit in the notebook because I still have to write the wedding and the part that comes afterwards...And I only have 14 pages left in my notebook.
Bad Boy by Cascada. It's super addicting and I have to listen to it super super loud. I have my headphones in, but my brother, who's down the hall, can hear it...yeah. I'm probably goign to be deaf soon, but whatever. Time for me to leave. I need to:
1. Finish my stupid proof for geometry
2. Check and make sure i finished my cornell notes
3.  Type up english cornell notes
4. work on MORE english homework
5. do research for biology project
6. DO biology current event.
Nice list, huh?
I guess I'd better get started.

Monday, November 10

I'm sorry...

i know, i haven't posted in like, 2 days. here's MY weekend:


  • totally bored & did basically NOTHING. yay.


  • played rockband a few times.
  • did pretty much nothing. again. i know, i'm boring.


  • played rockband again: endless setlist- finished it- yay!
  • did boring homework.

Right now:

  • multitasking- watching heroes, listening to THIS song (which i love: I Get By by Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealers Incentives-i know, long name, but they're totally cool), AND posting.
  • i will then talk to kristin in 3 different places, just because we can.
  • i'm also randomly laughing at jason. with his scary toilet. lotio.

yeah. that's pretty much all... NNOOO!!! SYLAR'S GONNA KILL HIMSELF!? NNOOOO!!!! sry. i told you- i'm watching Heroes!!! awesome show!


Okay, i found two random people singing Fall For You on youtube...they're not especially good at least by my standards. I think the first one is better, but he sounds kinda gay...ish.

The second guy is just bad.

this girl is pretty good too:
And in case you were wondering, this is what the real song sounds like:
Just thought i'd share this with you... now going to finish my math homework.


This weekend was super boring at first but then it got really really interesting, which prevented me from writing, which is going to make this post really long.

I'll go in chronological order.
1. I was bored to death almost the whole day.
2. At least until my brother and I walked to the park, stayed for an hour, then walked back again.
3. Then I was bored again.
4. At seven, I went to the movies with friends, and we saw Madagascar 2. 
5. It was pretty good, except for the fact that these kids sitting beside us were laughing at every single thing, even though half of it wasn't funny at all.
6. Then we walked around the mall a bit.
7. I don't remember what I did when I got home but I think I was bored again.
1. Sunday we woke up early and went to TOPH, The Original Pancake House.
2. It was good, we had alot of food.
3. We went to a random golf tournament and walked around for a couple hours.
4. I'm still sore.
5. My brother got a golf ball from a pro golfer with an accent.
6. We got home and my parents were watching The Happening, and it looked interesting, and not scary at all, so I watched it too.
7. It was good, and I have no idea why it was rated R, except maybe the random acts of violence.
8. The main character, Elliot, was so hilarious. He always did the randomest things.
9. We watched some other stuff on tv, like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryout thingys...
10. My mom forced me to get off the computer and wash dishes, even though Jason didn't have to.
11. Jason went to bed.
12. Jason had an emotional breakdown. At least, that's how I'm describing it.
13. He came downstairs crying because he couldn't sleep. Apparently the movie was stuck in his head.
14. And lots of crazy stuff happened and when he finally went back upstairs, I had to go to sleep too. :(
15. And he said it was too quiet for him to sleep, even though it was anything but. 
16. So I told him to turn on the radio.
17. He did, but apparently, the volume was already up and he screamed because it scared him. 18. Then the toilet started randomly making noise and that scared him too.
19. Then he went and sat in a corner.
20. And while this was going on, I wrote about twenty pages. Go inspiration!
1. I wrote more! Yay!
2. First period was boring.
3. Second period was boring, except for the fact that I apparently inspired some guy to write a story about werewolves.
4. Third period was hilarious, as always. We did boring stuff first, then watched a stupidly hilarious movie. Then went to lunch.
5. Yeah...I was telling Rianna and some other people about Jason's breakdown, and we were laughing so hard that people from other tables were staring at us, and of course, I was crying.
6. It really wasn't that funny then, but when I was telling it, I found it hilarious.
7. Then we talked about random stuff...
8. Then, while we were supposed to be taking notes, we were all talking, and amazingly, our teacher, Mr. Redbeard, didn't even notice. And no, his name isn't Mr. Redbeard, but Rianna and I like to call him that because that's what his name reminds us of...
9. Then, on the way to math, this guy, who's in my third and fourth period, was telling my and my friend to walk faster, so we started walking slowly on purpose, and he tried to pass me, and I scooted over, and accidentally rammed him into the lockers. It was so hilarious!
10. Then, all through 4th period, he was trying to tell everyone that I hit him and made him hit the lockers, but no one believed him. It was hilarious.
11. Then this one guy kept laughing at me because I rearranged the desks in my row. They were really getting on my nerves because the desk in front of mine didn't have a basket and I needed something to put my feet on. Then he said he did the same thing before I got there. It was hilarious. What made it even funnier was that we switched seats after that, and he got put into the seat that he moved. It was SOOO funny. Then he was laughing at my OCD moment of straightening all the desks in the room.
12. That was a long # 11.
13. That was pretty much my day. 
14. I'm almost done with my story...only a few pages left. And only 20 pages left in the notebook.
15. PAGE 239!
16. OH YEAH!
17. Okay, I'm leaving now. Homework to work on.
You know what's stupid?
I always type out the numbers, even though there's a button I can push and it will do it for me. I've known the button is there too, but I choose to type them out. Random...
I'm loosing the competition...In case any of you know what I'm talking about. It's pretty hilarious.

Saturday, November 8

I swear, this is the most hilarious thing i've ever read.

It's also very well written.

What am I talking about?
Another MR fanfic, of course!
I love this. Totally amazing.

Making this the title so Rian won't get confused.


Why is this week so super boring it can't even be compared to a biology exam?!
I'm going to die if something interesting doesn't happen. 
I'm going to my cousin's house today, so we can jump on her trampoline, but unless we get attacked by killer butterflies, that's not going to be any more interesting than this. 
Isn't it amazing how people are different over the internet? 
In real life, some people are extremely happy, always running around laughing and stuff, but when you start talking to them online or texting them, they get all emotional and it's kinda scary. I mean, I do that sometimes, but not all of the time. It's kinda weird.
So...that's all I have to say right now, other than the fact that I'm wearing three pairs of socks.

Friday, November 7

i have mixed feelings.

the short overview:

got a cool song in orchestra today. watched parasite movie in bio. watched cool and then scary movie in SL. was superbored in spanish.

the LOOOOOOOONG overview:

got a cool song in orchestra. it's easy, but hey- i'm not complaining.
the movie in bio was HILARIOUS!! i mean, the movie ITSELF wasn't... ok, fine. it was. but it was depressing. but i was laughing the whole time (no, not at the people on the video... that'd be so mean!) at the people who were ew-ing the whole time. and how fake it was when they showed worms. so hilarious.
had stupid A-lunch today. it's the first one, meaning it's at 10:42!!! arg! it was so annoying... i just ate an apple and am STILL HUNGRY!!! argy arg arg garg.
we had started a cool movie in SL... can't remember what it's called. takes place in this African village called Tsavo... on the River Tsavo. yeah. It was pretty cool at first- engineer goes to the place of his dreams (Africa) because he is to build a bridge. Meets cool people - Samuel & Angus- and kills a lion with a single shot. then meets Mahina. THEN, once we were all, oh yeah, this is gonna be awesome! some LION has to come in the middle of the night, DRAG Mahina through SAWGRASS, and DRINK HIS BLOOD!!!!!! so scary. then, when Samuel, Angus, and engineer dude (John) go to hunt it, ANOTHER one has to show up and KILL ANGUS! because it was on a ROOF and jumped down and LANDED ON ANGUS!! AAAHHHH!!! then, John went on a lion hunt with Remington (guy who travels the world- hunter- his name is a gun name cuz his family made the guns) and the Masi tribe. THEN, just when things couldn't get ANY scarier or worse, the gun given to John by the doctor guy (David) MISFIRES!! AND THE LION WAS LESS THAN 10 FEET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! so Remington saves the day. thankfully. and we can only assume that for some reason, David wants John dead. but then again, he hasn't really liked him from the start, so...
then my spanish teacher got mad at us and made us correct a quiz. and we did boring things. i have to draw a picture. and then we have quizzes on tuesday. arg.


I agree with Rianna...this week has been super boring and slow. The only interesting thing that happened was that I got mad at someone (on the inside, of course. i never yell at people), even though what they said wasn't offensive in any way. I think I'm just in a bad mood. So to make up for this mood, I am going to write, eat, watch tv, write more, eat more, and play tetris. By the way, if anyone wants to play, the totally awesome site I play it on is this:

I don't know if I told you that already, so if i did, forgive me.

Thursday, November 6


does NOTHING HAPPEN?! this week has been SO SLOW and it's REALLY ANNOYING!!! has it been extremely slow for anyone else? like, it felt like it should already be friday on monday... arg. argy arg arg. blahbiddy blah blah malarky. googleah. bloopsy! idk. making random noises. because i'm bored. someone tell me something interesting!!! like how i haven't done an insanity post!!! AHH!! oh well... i already put the one thing up that i would've eventually insanity posted about, so yeah. have anything insane? comment. tell me about it. please? it will make like SO much more interesting... or at least this week... please? peas and carrots? per favora? por favor? si vous plate? (i don't have the little accent thingys here... sry) uuhhh... easeplay? :) idk how else to say please... i mean, i only know so many languages!!! as much as my already overloaded brain can handle!!! ahhh!!!! ok. i'll stop being... what was the word?... started with a d i think... i was right. the word i'm looking for is discursive. i'll stop being discursive. it means rambling. yeah. i'm a nerd. who's a nerd? I AM!!! loti. ok. stopping the discursive-ness.

I feel like a giver upper.

I'm totally unfocused and stressed right I don't know if I'm going to do NaNo...maybe next year? Because I really need to finish what I'm writing right now and there's too much homework and projects and stuff like that going on right now...Arg.

Well, my grades are okay. I have like, five b's though. i think I can get my geometry up to an A, as long as I did good on the test, since I got a hundred on the project. Today the most hilarious thing happened. There was a poster on the wall that had a cigarette with a gun on the end and someone wrote "smoke or shoot yourself" on the poster. It was so hilarious! Also, last night I was randomly on neopets, and I found this totally hilarious conversation. This might be super super long because of it...

I'm writing a story about Bella Swankins. Isn't it beautiful? And she falls in love with a vegetarian vampire that sparkles in the sunlight and loves her sooo much and has marble skin! 

That's almost as good as my story about Farry Fotter. 

I'm writing one about Bunny the Umpire Slayer.

I decided to write Peragon. 

Sounds like one epic novel to me

Oh, and I also wrote one about Tinnochio yesterday it was pretty awesome.

It'll be a movie, then a TV show that lasts for 7 years, and then a comic book series.

I wrote about sixty books in a series called Bedwall.

I've written a story about a girl named Fanny Hotter! She has a scar in the shape of a star on her buttocks.

But Peragon has a dragon named Diamonda, and an hot elf chick named Narya. 

Well.... Bella Swankins can see Russia from her house!!

 ... Actually thats Farah Balin

Yeah, well, Bella Swankins doesn't go to Pigpimple's School for Kids With Magic Skillz!

This has actually inspired me to start writing a story about a girl named Fanny Hotter with a star-scar on her buttocks and attends Pigpimple's School For Kids With Magic Skillz and is fighting off the evil that is Moldyshorts!

& Finny! And Fon! And Germione! and Sumblesore, and Horge, so many characters! And Ralfoy. Ralf for short.


and Love Lunagood 

We should also have someone named Susie Marie, or something like that.

She was cursed when she was little so that her eyes change color with her mood.She's also part of the Order of the Ostrich and in a prophecy about birthdays with a boy named Deville. 

and she pwnz at magic and has a love affair with snape and harry and ron and draco all at the same time! 

You mean Kape and Farry and Fon and Treyco. 

Oh yeah, and she should kill nilicent, germione, and hinny. 

Oh yeah, and she should also sceretly be angsty cuz she's Lord moldypant's aunt's sister's daughter's cousin's dog's friend's second cousin's kid. 

And she will single-handedly put a stop to Moldyshorts and all the Meth-Eaters. 

And this is what people talk about on the Neopets writers board...yeah. I jsut ate a twix...they are the best candy ever! Okay, going to eat or something...I have no idea. Oh! An email!