Sunday, February 28


I've been meaning to post for like, three weeks. But I just haven't had time. It doesn't help that we can't post at school. We can read the blog, and even type the post, but it won't let us post or save after that. So, I guess I'll just forgo telling you about this week, which was pretty insane, and tell you about yesterday.

We had a track meet, of course, and it started off okay... sort of. The bus ride was long, so I had a nice sleep. When we got there, though, our coach, a new one, told us to run two laps to warm up. We had barely run anywhere, so everyone was still bunched up, and I was stuck right behind this girl. All of a sudden (sorta) she jumps out of the lane we were in, and I couldn't tell why... so I ran right into the bench that was sitting in the middle of lane one.

Now, it probably didn't happen at all like you're thinking. I didn't just run into it. I landed ON TOP of it. And, since I'm so weird, I couldn't even land on the bench part. I landed on top of the backrest part. Everyone started freaking out and asking me if I was okay while people in the stands laughed. It didn't hurt at all then, so I started laughing really hard. I'm never going to be able to look at a bench the same way.

So, a few hours later, after it was considerably warmer, we started pole vault. I could tell something wasn't right when we first started, but I didn't really think anything about it. On my second vault, I twisted my ankle. The most uncool thing about it was the fact that I didn't even hurt myself pole vaulting. I hurt myself running. So, my coach carried me to the trainer, and she gave me ice. Then, to make things better, they called for the 400 I signed in, then got the trainer to wrap my ankle. Everyone thought I was crazy for running, but it wasn't as bad as they thought. It didn't really hurt. I just couldn't move it.. So I got second to last in my heat, which was pretty good, considering. Then I had a few hours to get ready for triple jump.

I did okay in that, which made me mad (the fact that it was just okay). I really wanted to do good... My goal was thirty one feet. I only jumped twenty nine. And eight inches. But my ankle started hurting after the first jump. Anyway, I think I did pretty good, considering.

Of course, I got ready to go home, and I had to find my mom in the bleachers on the other side of the stadium. It didn't help that the thing was confusing, so I had to limp in circles for like, ten minutes. When I finally found the gate, the guy told me he couldn't let me go up because the gate was closed after halftime. I still don't understand, because track meets don't have halftime. Anyway, I started crying, because I was really angry that I was going to have to walk all around the stupid place to get out, and he let me in. :D

So... the rest of the day wasn't as bad. I'm still limping around, but it doesn't hurt. My ankle is extremely swollen, though. And freezing, since I keep having to ice it. Anyway, not looking forward to practice tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27

Sing with him!

yay for Christmas songs!

Today, kristin ran into a bench and kind of sprained her ankle. Oh, track meets.

Wednesday, February 24


I just got some Gummy Pandas!
Rian (this just made her day. Ice cream, french fries, and no track practice tomorrow would have made it infinitely better.)

If I were Spiderman, the world would die. Stuff like this would happen:

"Woah! Look, it's Spiderman!"
"What's he doing?!"
"... Is that... an algebra two textbook??"
"SPIDERMAN LOOK OUT!!" *bang!* "Ooh, that had to hurt. Was that pole even there yesterday?"
"... He's snoring?! What in the world has happened to Spiderman?!"
"Who?? Doc Ock?? Great, just the person I wanted to see! What's the square root of x+94 divided by 4803??"
"... What?"
"Hey, just because I'm Spiderman doesn't mean that I have infinite knowledge. Just saying."

Nothing would be right.
You'd all be doomed.
Because finally, Vulture would get mad and decide to kill me. Doc Ock would get tired of me asking him for help in math and chemistry. Black Cat... she'll find out i'm actually a girl and set up a conspiracy. Everyone would join.
Maybe even you.

Sunday, February 21

I almost died...

of laughter just now.
reading this.
RIGHT HERE... read the whole page.
oh, jeez.
psst: BTW: that's not a cat. it's an oppossum. in case you didn't know.

I can no longer watch this commercial without almost dying, because of the stupid person.
"Not very friendly, I think he's scared." "Here, kitty!"
oh, jeez.

**EDIT (2/22/10)**
... Really?? Here ya go, another one. Some people... *facepalm*

According to IHOP:

National Pancake Day is next Tuesday.
So... yeah. Now I really don't know.
Maybe someone made 2 on accident.

You see, what REALLY happened was:

engrish, movie, batman, toy
see more Engrish

Ok, so i really didn't expect that to work. You can click the link, it's also in the recommendations page, too.
So yeah. I laugh so hard every time i see that!!
psst: if you click the picture, it'll bring you to the page it was on. Below it, there is a text copy of what the picture says, if you can't read it here :)
i don't even think that made sense... but... hopefully, you get the gist of it...

Thursday, February 18

Don't look into her eyes!!!!

Malcolm: Valid point. Historically. But on a philosophical level, Mom, we've already won. We're free. And no matter what happens tonight, we both know it. (hangs up on his mom)
Mom looks up at the billboard, catches Dewey's eye.
Staring ensues.
Dewey: (robotic voice) I think it's getting cold up here. I don't think we should do this anymore. I don't know who we think we're kidding. We're not gonna be able to win this.
Reese: (shakes Dewey) DEWEY! DON'T LOOK INTO HER EYES!!!
Dewey: Huh? What just happened?
Mom: Dang it!

Oh, my gosh. I almost died when I saw that. The episode is called Billboard, by the way. The show's Malcolm in the Middle. I don't really watch it, but it's pretty hilarious.
Anyway, I guess I'd better get back my math... test tomorrow.
Then track meet on Saturday.
And a horrible chemistry test that my teacher threw away today.
Rian (is spiraling down an abyss of despair)

Tuesday, February 16


Today was National Pancake Day.
So I had pancakes for dinner.
With bacon.
And it's a rule that bacon makes everything, including bacon itself, better.
Today was better than Thanksgiving???
Ah, I hate math.

Monday, February 15

so, um... i'm going to my first driver's ed class today... i guess i'll post about my weekend when i get home. :D


Sunday, February 14



It's amazing.
I mean it.
Kris. the way, NOW up there ^^ is the link... just in case you were wondering.

Saturday, February 13


I swear, the whole time i was just shaking my head, saying, "oh my gosh, please, no." or, "what!? no!!"

Friday, February 12


Thursday, February 11

My Day (not as miraculous as Kristin's)

Before School:
Nothing really happened. We had another substitute bus driver, and he reminded me of a creeper old guy who used to drive our bus. Yes, i later found out that it was, in fact, the same creeper old guy bus driver. Yeah.

We sat and did nothing. Again. It was boring. She wouldn't let us go outside and play in the snow... but all her other classes did.

He wouldn't let us go outside either. But all his other classes did. :(
But, I took my first partner quiz today, and because my partner had to leave early, we got to take it in the hallway. It was cool, because there are windows on each side, and all you could see was trees and snow. It was pretty. But a lot more people were in the hallway than expected, and once, a teacher brought a kid out in the hall.
Teacher: I'm sorry if you think I singled you out. I just don't need you to threaten me.
Kid: I didn't threaten you!
T: I have a wife and kids- a family.
K: I don't care if you have a family!!
T: I just don't need people threatening me, and, when I'm not expecting it, jumping out and attacking me.
K: ...
And they walked back into the room. I decided that either the teacher was insane (and paranoid), or that was the scariest kid in the whole school.

The seven minutes between 2nd and 3rd periods:
Some people decided it would be fun to pelt strangers with snowballs as they left the science building. Thus, I got hit with my first snowball. And I almost got it in the face. If i had been, i would have slapped the stranger idiot kid.

We had full orchestra rehearsal for the first part of class, so everyone was squished, because the orchestra room is small, compared to the band hall (i really don't know why we call it a hall- it's just a room!). So, the orchestra was all squished together, and the band kids that played with us were squished in the back.
When the band kids left, we remained squished, because no one decided to move back.
On the bright side, we took a chair test the other day, and I moved up 4 chairs. So I went from 12th (last, because my wrist was sprained during the last chair test) to 8th. It's nice :)

The tennis team was throwing snowballs at my teacher's windows. It was funny.
We also just watched a movie, and I, too, admit falling asleep. But when she momentarily left the room, I grabbed a mint from my backpack (yeah, I know. a mint?!) and woke up. This part of the movie was just as stupid as the first part. These stupid reenactments are lame.

After school:
I built Nacho (see pic). I froze waiting for my seventh grade neighbor to (finally) get home, and decided to ambush him. What made it even better was that he was (stupidly) wearing only shorts and a short sleeve shirt, like he used to live in Antarctica or something, and this was nothing.
Shortly after the ambush, he called for a war.
We (me, my brother, and his sister) all attacked him. Then we attacked my brother. And then we attacked the seventh grader again.

So yeah. My day wasn't as great as Kristin's. But I suppose it was pretty good :)

I love how the parodies are SO MUCH BETTER than the actual thing.

I mean, if we didn't have to have something to parody, i would totally say, "Let's make it a law that all movies have to be parodies."

Oh, it would be greatness.
Like this: click here.
no joke, it's one of the better things i've seen all day.
that automatically means "it's hilarious" for all those who don't watch videogame shows.
Shows. Not shoes.
Yeah, watch it please :D

Rian (stop it! just stop doing that! seriously! stop doing that! now put your shirt back on!)

Miracle day?

the snowman my brother and i made out in the front yard. it's pretty small, about two feet high..
uh...the view out my window
the narnia light post (also in front of my house) that somehow ended up sideways
the narnia light this morning

It seems like it. First of all, as you can probably see, it's snowing. We live in Texas. That's pretty much a miracle in itself. Then you add the fact that it stuck, and has continued snowing all day, and it becomes super miraculous. I'll add the pictures now, then tell you about my day...which was pretty amazing, by the way. also, i'm kinda lazy, so there's not much capitalization, and there are probably more than a few errors.

When I woke up, it was because my mom was calling me. I thought she had jason with her, though, and they told me to look out the window. so a few minutes later, when he actually did wake up, i didn't tell him about the snow. he looked out the window, and...
j: wow, kristin, come look at this.
me: what? you already saw it. you told me to look at it.
j: what? i just got up.
me: what? didn't you and mommy wake me up?
j: no.
me: oh.
So i'm not sure if it was some kind of weird dream or not.
I had to be careful not to slip while walking down the sidewalk to the bus...
the first part was really really boring and annoying, but at the end, we convinced our teacher to take us outside. it was great. She had a snowball fight with us, and hit this one kid in the face. then the security guard joined us, and these guys across the parking lot, from some other class, threw snowballs at us.

i fell asleep watching this stupid movie that my teacher said was a great, interesting movie that shouldn't put you to sleep.

I did my vocab for english...

we didn't really do much. our teacher let us out early to go play in the snow.

my teacher had a virtual fireplace dvd. but she wouldn't let us go outside. We got to leave 10 minutes early.

jason and I made the snowman, and pretend snow angels (since we didn't really want to lay down, and we didn't know how to make them anyway).

I swear, i pretty much had to dodge snowballs all day. and this is high school, remember? but it's really just because none of us remember a time when it actually snowed like this. and it's sticking, and pretty deep too..
He's turning 13... yes, i know i just had my birthday. we're only 8 days (and 3 years) apart.
I guess that ends this super long post.


Monday, February 8

Luke, I watched the Super Bowl for you

Sort of, anyway.
So, I'm starting driver's ed next week...6-8 every night for two weeks. I am so lucky it's only two weeks, but those weeks are going to be full of long long nights.
Homework sucks. homework + track sucks. homework + track + driver's ed sucks.
Basically, homework just makes everything worse. D:
That's my new favorite smiley by the way. As negative as it is, it's so cute!

On the upside, I have $45 worth of Barnes and Noble gift cards.

Best Super Bowl commercials


^Click there!



And especially this one.

Saturday, February 6


Okay, so Blogger became awesome and made pages. Basically, we can make separate pages on the blog now, instead of just the one page with the blog stuff on it. For now, all we have is the Home Page, which is what you're used to seeing, Rianna's about me page, and mine. They're under the blog title and stuff. Also, they're at the bottom of the sidebar. We got rid of the song (which we basically got rid of a long time ago), the about us section (duh), and I think that's all. You can still use the cbox to contact us. Also, if you have any ideas for what other pages we should make, please let us know, because we're clueless.

Kris. (and Rian!)

Oh. No wonder!!

No wonder there can be so many major fast food restaurants in a small area, and none of them go out of business!! They're all a part of the Mafia!!
See pic here (thanks EpicWin/FTW, and Uniblog!)

A note:
If you don't know:

  1. Jack in the Box. Duh.
  2. McDonalds. Once again, DUH.
  3. Burger King... yeah.
  4. Wendy's.
  5. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  6. Papa John's
  7. Little Caesar's (it's a pizza place)
  8. Panda Express (at least, that's what I'm assuming)
  9. Taco Bell (um, I get that from the Chihuahua)
  10. Sonic (I had to look this one up, actually)
  11. Quizno's (I looked this one up, too)
  12. Subway
  13. Dairy Queen
yeah. I went in the order in which they appear from top to bottom, left to right.


Thursday, February 4

coach: hey, kristin! did you hear the announcement about practice yesterday?

me: no.

coach: oh. so i guess you knew practice was cancelled when the bus wasn't there.

me: the bus was there.

coach: oh. so coach told you to go home, then?

me: no. she wasn't there. Rianna and I had to run to go catch our bus.

coach: oh. well, the principal forgot to make the announcement.

me, internally: how could i have heard it, then?

me: okay....

coach: if i decide not to have practice today, he promised to remember to make the announcement.

me: great.

We didn't have practice.

Wednesday, February 3

today was pretty awesome.

And not just because it was my birthday. Thought that was part of it. I woke up kinda early this morning, so I got to take my time getting ready and opening my present from Jason (a card and a book-The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod). Even so, I didn't get to finish my waffles. :( Luckily, today was early lunch day.

So, when I got to school, Rianna gave the first part of my present, an amazing smiley face spatula, and a card. The card was awesome and hilarious. I swear, I just started laughing randomly during class because of it. The spatula has a bow on it. It's green. (random)

I had a test in math, which was most definitely not fun. Luckily, though, we didn't get too much homework because of it.

Then was history. Another test. This one was much easier, and shorter. Not in problem number, but in time. Then, because we have announcements in second period, and they announce birthdays, my history teacher said we had to sing me happy birthday. Even though she didn't hear my name on the announcements, and someone had to tell her. So they sang, we watched a video on King Henry the eighth, took the test, and did some more work. Yay.

After that, I had lunch, which was just...lunch.

Then, in Chemistry (there were only eight people in there today) they insisted on singing again. My teacher told me that he gave someone else his last cupcake (which someone apparently gave him) and he was sorry. Then he told me that he would give me a beaker I could break. He thinks I'm really clutzy. All because I broke a beaker and knocked over a chair during the same period. And while I was sweeping up the glass, I dropped it again and it shattered into smaller pieces. Anyway, he never gave me the beaker. We just took notes and did some practice problems. That's all we ever do.

In English, I thought they were going to forgo the singing, because about three of the people in my chemistry class were in there, but apparently they just love to sing (off tune). When they finished, my teacher gave me a green paper ribbon with a jolly rancher taped to it and said, "Well, isn't that just lovely?" about their singing. Then we read vocab and wrote an essay.

The next part made me really happy.

I went into the locker room to get my track stuff (then head to the bus) and was extremely glad to see that the toilet water had been cleaned up from the previous day. It was really gross. (this isn't the part that made me REALLY happy.)

I got on the bus, and only Rianna, and a few of our other friends were on there. One of the managers was wondering if we were supposed to have practice or not, so she called someone. Apparently, the coaches just expected us to know that we didn't have practice, because they did not make an announcement. So Rianna and I jumped off the bus and RAN (with our giant backpacks) to catch our buses, which were, quite literally, getting ready to leave. We barely made it.

And in case you missed it, the part that made me really happy was the fact that we didn't have track practice. I'm sure the coaches cancelled it just for me. Kidding.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy. Not to mention the fact that my parents bought me Reese's, the best candy of all time. -sigh-

I'll try not to eat them all at one time.


If you just read the bolded words, that's basically how I saw my whole day. The best parts... As you can tell, the Reese's part was pretty great. I mean, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. :D

You know, this is the longest post I've written in a while. Just thought I'd point that out.

Tuesday, February 2

Viewer Discretion is Advised:

Caution: This show contains material that is extremely graphic. That's why we called it "Raw Nature" and not "Sleepytime Nature" or "A Celebration of Everything that's Boring about Nature".

oh, that's greatness.
Rian (courtesy of Raw Nature, a show on... Animal Planet, probably, that my brother watches a lot.)

Monday, February 1

I hate when people in books are stupid.