Friday, October 31

Agent 432 to G the blind gangster who plays backgammon and went to erk.

that's me! i started out as a secret agent- Agent 432. Then, after being "cute" and a "disgrace" and a "backgammon player" and a "gangster" and a "spy", which was the closest guess, i finally changed myself to G, the Blind Gangster who Plays Backgammon and Went To Erk. The "G" part came from a fanfic i read that was TOTALLY AWESOME! maybe i'll be kind enough to find it for you... or you could search for it yourself if you're actually interested. we'll see :). The "blind' part came from the fact that it is DARK outside, and i was wearing SUNGLASSES. they are AWESOME sunglasses (have mirrors on the sides inside), but the truth is, it was DARK! so i said i was blind. like Iggy. totally awesome. Icarus, maybe, but Iggy mostly. (yesh, those are TWO DIFFERENT AVIAN-AMERICANS!!) the "gangster" thing came from a) the fanfic, and b) someone thought i was a gangster. DARN! i didn't get a picture, so i can't put it on the blog! i'll tell you what i was wearing later. so... the "plays backgammon" (am i spelling that right? if i'm not, pleasepleaseplease let me know- i don't wana be an idiot to the whole world!) part came from when some random guy yells, "She's a backgammon player!" to random people. it was weird, but it was only on the driveway, so not many people heard- thank goodness... lotio that reminds me of a joke... anyway. the "went to erk" part came from a misheard word on kristin's part- i said europe, but she heard erk. yeah. so that's what i became. here's what i was wearing- a brownish hat (like indiana jones's, but not quite as... indiana jonesy.) then i had on the sunglasses, and they're like rectangular. then i had on a black short sleeve shirt, some black gloves, jean kapris, black shoes. the socks were the awesomest part though- imagine a witch's black shoes (the ones in like, cartoons) and ya know how they sometimes wear those really long socks that are green and purple and stripety? well, that's what my socks were like- the part where my foot was was black, then they had a goldish buckle, and then green and purple stripes. totally cool. and i carried around my backgammon board, but like a briefcase. i put all my candy in there, and it was totally awesome. people had weirdish costumes- we saw this one kid on skates like, 80258723 times, and this little kid was dressed like a cow (aww!), uuhh... this one guy was following us and kept talking about nerds- he was dressed like one- and his glasses took up his whole face- no kidding. and i was BLIND for crying out loud!!!!! yay iggy! anyways, that was this year's Halloween, and i hope you had a safe one!!! tell me about how your's went, ok? please? it'll be awesome!! and you'll get iRp!!! yay!!!
tZvR (likes candy... :])

Happy (Hyper) Halloween!!


that, and DANG GINA! are about all the things i can say to describe what today was like. oh yeah, HILARIOUS works too, but that's an everyday word. (PS!!! if your name is Gina, please comment. i wana meet someone named gina!!) Anyway, let me tell you what happened, as i'm assuming you're either a) dying to know, b) totally skipping this post, or c) are new and have no idea what anything i'm saying IS, so you decide you don't like this blog and move on. i'm hoping that you're not taking option c. that will make me sad!!! anyway!!! let's start at the beginning... (weird flashback music & special effects)

I woke up. (ooh!!!) lotio jk, i'm not starting THAT far back... that would take WAY too long. ok, for real this time.

Math. (SOMEONE KILL ME NOW!) we went over a quiz that like, 70 percent of the class failed. no kidding (she told us about 30 percent passed, so i can only guess that 70 percent of us failed.) so then she says, "test on tuesday! let's go over chapter four now!" even though the test is on... wait for it... CHAPTER THREE!!! great guessing you guys! moving on. Gym. wOw. DANG GINA!!! ok. walked in there and started reading The Lake House (by JP- not recommended for people who a) are easily scarred mentally, or b) are under the age of... 45802. not really. more like, 14 :]) then, later on, i walked back into the gym after changing into my gym clothes, and this guy (p1) came up to me and put his hand all in my face (more like, 60 centimeters or so away) and it was all red. i asked him what it was, and he told me it was blood. yeah right. then he goes and WIPES IT ON MY FACE!!! not ALL of it, but some, on my jaw. i wiped it off, and it got all on my hand. i then chased p1 all around the gym, and wiped it off on his sweatshirt. score: p1- (-4851934), me- 38205018425072. :] then he wiped some on my shirt, and i'm not sure if it's going to come off... let's hope. Then, these other two guys had the fake blood all over their faces, and they took a picture pretending to be fighting, but it looked really fake. like power rangers. yeah, they're awesome, but they are SO FAKE!!! ok. moving along... Geography. we were talking a lot, and the teacher told us it was like we, "rolled in sugar and syrup, then got dipped in soda". (which reminds me- yesterday my orchestra teacher wanted us to imagine we were sitting at the bottom of an empty swimming pool, then he turned on the water and let it come up to our chins, and he wanted us to play our instruments while imagining we were pretty much underwater. it was weird.) anywhoo... we went to lunch later (not telling about before lunch cuz it was boring) and kristin, f1 and i were walking ahead of f2 & f3, when kristin saw this guy dressed like a ninja. this girl then walked underneath this part of the hallway where the ceiling got lower, and a giant spider (fake, of course) fell on her. totally hilarious cuz she started freaking out an everything. we decided not to tell f3 & f4, but would lead them over there after lunch and let the spider fall on them. so at lunch, kris and i were hyperish, so we didn't really eat anything but part of our sandwiches, oreos, and cinnamon rolls. our after lunch mission was a success, only for f4 though, because it dropped slowly on her, and at first she didn't notice, and when she did, she jumped. twas hilarious, and then kristin and i speedwalked away. then, back in the history hall (said in the same voice as the guy that says, "later, at the Hall of Justice" in the superfriends), my SL teacher came and asked f3, "who's the kid with the electric hair?" and kristin and i started laughing, and one person said i laughed too much, while others asked us why we were laughing. then f5 was dressed like a banana and was asking random people to take pictures with him. then we started talking about the bermuda triangle, and then we went through this chart with all these places on it (17), and only 3 of those were actually in the bermuda triangle. it was weird. in english, we took a test, and then we presented some things, and then the teacher said she was going to go into a coma and then we stopped. and i got an armyman & some orange spider webs. totally awesome.

so i'll probably post again after we go trick or treating (7-9ish) and will post about costumes. ok? talk to you later then!!!


Have you ever had someone say something to you that stuck in your head all day? It just keep running through your thoughts, and you keep wondering what the heck made them say that? Yeah. That's what I'm feeling right now. I'm also feeling pretty good, despite the comment, because I let this guy on the bus read my story, and he said it was good... Well, I didn't really let him. He forced me to let him. I was writing, and he asked what I was writing, and this other guy, who lives down the street goes, "She's writing a story. About aliens and love."

And I was just like, "what the heck?" I didn't say that, though. So then the guy stole my notebook because he wanted to read it, and I was leaning across the aisle trying to get back while trying to tell him that that wasn't the beginning. When he finally got the point, he held my notebook until I gave him the other one. It was all very unfair. Then, when we got to our neighborhood, he gave it back and said it was good. He said it genuinely, though, not like he just thought he should. It was very nice. 
And today, if you bought a five dollar wristband, because everything is a fundraiser at our school, you could wear a costume. One of my friends wore a banana suit. We took a picture...and he said he was going to put it on myspace. 
I stopped typing about five minutes ago, because I wanted to read some of the first real stories I ever wrote. One was ten pages, and it's sequel was twelve. They were not too bad, actually. It surprised me. I have some stories written after that that were absolutely horrid...horrid? Since when do I say horrid?
Yeah...if you ask to read them, i'll probably let you. That was WAAYYYY back in seventh grade. Which was only two years ago. From ten to two hundred pages in two years? wow. I'm actually surprised I fit a story with that much potential into ten pages. Wow. So Rianna and I are going trick or treating tonight...and I already told you about my NaNo plan. I really want a shirt...
This hilarious thing happened while we were waiting outside World Geography after lunch! That's when everything happens. 
Well, there's this one teacher that everyone loves that I won't have until next semester, and one of my friends said hi to him. He asked her who the guy with the "electric hair" was. It was so hilarious! Even more hilarious because Rianna and I burst out laughing, and no one, not even the girl who said hi to him, knew what we were talking about. Then, the guy we were laughing at, not really, came over and asked what was so funny. It was totally hilarious. He's probably reading this right now too...That'd be weird. Well, I'm gonna go waste time until six thirty...
See ya!

Thursday, October 30

oh yeah...55 hits the other day. great job. I'm going to bed now. 

NaNo :)

Okay, I've come up with a plan for friday. Going trick or treating with rianna from 7-9, which means I'll probably get home about 9:05. Then, I'll sleep, but set my alarm clock for 11:30. At 11:30, when I wake up, I will collect my noted for NaNo, and as soon as my clock says 12:00, I'm going to start writing. I'd like to get 3000 words done then, which will make up for the days that I can't write enough. November ends on a Sunday, so that Saturday night, I'll probably stay up late that night, depending on whether I've reached my goal or not.
I don't know why I'm telling you this, because you probably don't care at all, but whatever.

Man, this day was crazy. Mostly english, but everything else was too. So first, I didn't finish last night's homework until after midnight, so I only got about five hours of sleep. Then, in French, my teacher got mad at me again. And in biology, I finished the Lake House. I really DID NOT expect the ending. Wow. I had dance next, and did nothing again. At lunch, we ate. Duh.

Then english. We started off by doing our journal-like usual- and then Ms. Smith chose some people (guys) to get paper to cover the windows. I still don't know why. Then she asked me to clean out her podium. I volunteered, actually. It was fun, because I really like organizing. I'm not a neat freak or anything, and I hate cleaning, except for sweeping. So I organized that and the bookshelf, then helped pass out papers while some angularly challenged people tried to put up a mona lisa poster. It took twenty minutes. Or at least it felt like it. It was always crooked, and then it wouldn't stick, etc. It was organized mass chaos. Oxymoron, right?
Then on the bus, these girls were trying to put these guys' hair into ponytails. They only had three bobby pins, though. It was funny, though. Then, one of the girls, who is always asking me what page i'm on, asked that same question, then asked what the story was about. The only reason I hate when people do that is because it means I have to remember the beginning of the story and explain it, and when they ask why, i'm like, "I don't know! It just popped out o my head!"
It's funny to me...
Well, i'm going to try and finish my homework before late, so I should go now. 
Oh yeah...our bus driver is so weird. Today, people were basically having water fights, and he didn't even look up. Then, that one girl that I keep mentioning, was throwing reese's pieces at people in other cars. He didn't say a thing. It's weird.
also, you should play this game. Super fun once you figure out what to do.

My song of the day

is here.

Wednesday, October 29

My brother just stabbed his toy sword up my nose.

It was weird.

This is going to be short because not much happened today, and I still have a literary analysis essay to write. First off, you should read this fanfiction. The second chapter made me laugh so hard.

Reasons why the day was good:
I got extra sleep this morning
I finished my math homework and project
Not much work
I got to page 200! YAY!
Some really funny stuff happened

Reasons why the day was bad:
I got math homework
I still have that literary analysis essay
I also have a biology conclusion to write
I had an orthodontist appointment

There were probably more in each section, but there's not too much time for that right now.
Rianna, that song I was talking about is here: clicky
I really think it describes the story...
There's this one girl on my bus who asks me almost everyday what page I'm on. It's funny to me, but if I knew someone who was like me, I would probably think it was cool too.
I'm attempting to finish the story I'm writing now before Saturday because that's when NaNo starts and I don't want to be writing two things at the same time. I've done it before, but it's not easy. Especially with stupid teachers giving us busloads of homework.
Well, I'm leaving now. 


ok. didn't post last night, but WAS posting this morning, and then i couldn't post. ugh ugh ugh. so now i have to repost under like, 5 min. because i REALLY have to work on my homework, because my brother has a random basketball game that no one knew about at 7. yeah... so last night. taste 'n trade. got lots of free food, such as:

  1. chicken spring rolls from kyotos
  2. strawberry shortcake from jason's deli
  3. strawberries, grapes, cantalope, and shrimp from albertsons
  4. candy from my chiropractor!
  5. brownie
  6. cookies from whataburger!
  7. awesome vanilla-coke-that-tasted-like-a-coke-float-thing from bahama bucks!
  8. a pickle! from the same place i got the brownie
  9. a gross burger from rama-burger.
  10. uuuhhh... something else that was probably really good that i just can't remember right now. yeah

sooo... yeah today. i had a math test, and it was really hard. like nothing I studied. that the teacher told us to study! and everyone (possibly) is going to FAIL!!! woohoo!!! in gym, this one guy thought i was writing in my diary (like i HAVE one, and would bring it to SCHOOL, of all places) and i told him it was my story. and this one guy said,"it probably starts like this: when i was a little girl..." and i said, "you were a little girl?!" it was pretty hilarious. then in geography our teacher hated us and made us do random things like: learning how to read maps and charts! (like we did in second grade!), read a random story about some people in Peru and answer 3 questions on it, and then reading 2 really long and boring articles about cocaine in bolivia, colombia, and peru. we had to take notes on that- one note per paragraph. it was SO annoying. at lunch, we were wearing out bows (cuz it's red ribbon week, and guys wore red ties, girls red bows, but i tied mine around my neck like a tie kinda) and the same girl who pulled us over earlier with the random questions about us making shirts, said, "OH!" and then, "aww! i already took pictures of you guys!" so kris and i just kept walking, then burst out laughing. because we couldn't be in the yearbook twice. yeah. then in english, we did absolutely nothing because our teacher wanted to put grades in the gradebook. so yeah. interesting day.

tZvR (is bored. and hungry. and busy. and tired. and not wanting to work on homework. and sleepy. and NEEDS TO STOP RAMBLING!)

Tuesday, October 28

some random stuff that has nothing to do with anything.

I'm reading the Lake House. It's an almost, not really, sorta kinda prequel to Maximum Ride. Max is the only character that's in both, but there's a flock and they have wings, etc. I'm only on page seven or so, but it's awesome so far! Also, it doesn't even really have anything to do with the series, and it's told from a different point of view. If only Iggy were in it...That would be awesome. I can't wait to see who they choose for him in the movie!

And in the manga, I think he's the only one that actually looks semi-right. Nudge is okay. Gazzy looks like a two year old, I think Angel should look different. I don't know how, but different somehow. Fang= NO.
Max...she's pretty good, but she looks too girly. And they all look too clean! Yay For Iggyness! 
PS- I still haven't finished my homework. Got another page or two done on my math project, almost done with math homework, texted...alot.

'Super Tuesday' (not really...)

ok. this is gonna be kinda fast since i have to do a literary analysis essay that's due friday and i don't wana finish it thursday at 11 pm. so here we are: it feels like thursday today. in biology we were taking a test, and the class next door started watching a movie that we had watched a while ago. and were taking a test over (kinda, it was over more, but that had some pretty important things in there...) and you can hear through the walls, so yeah. actually, it was the movie that said: "Here! Expand your surface area!" lotio. uuhh.. in student leadership i was reading my book, and it was hilarious cuz these people had come up with illnesses so that they could get out of the war, and they were tortured until they told the hospital dude that they weren't really sick. so this one guy took SO MANY poisons it was amazing he wasn't DEAD yet... he CHEWED ARSENIC, SNIFFED MERCURY, DRANK MERCURY CHLORIDE... etc. it was weird. and apparently this person would give you such a bad fever that you would jump out a window. and some people drank nail polish and ate toothpaste. EW! ok. then spanish was depressing cuz we're talking about El Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead) and we had set up an alter in the classroom and were putting things on there for families/friends, or spanish heroes. yeah. then the fire alarm rang (randomly) at the END of class, so as soon as we went outside we were told to go home. so i was all, ok! and left. yeah. i know, i said this would be quick, but it's not, so oh well. i'll just work on what i can... yay for the dude who plays Gazzy!!! i haven't checked the post yet, but kris says he's awesome for Gazzy, so i've got my hopes up... can't wait to see who plays max & fang... better not be like the people who play Edward & Bella... cuz they don't really fit the part, in my opinion... or most anyone else's... lotio. ok. be back later, to talk about the "Taste 'n Trade" thing i'm going to... cya later!

OMG x 4! = Kristin being spastic...

Today was...almost as bad as yesterday. Almost, but not quite. I took a very boring biology test that I most likely failed, wrote an essay to go with it that I partly made up...yeah. In English we read this story that so so hilarious at the beginning...Let me see if I can find a copy.

Well, that's not going to happen, but it was extremely weird...Oops. Just accidentally threw my phone across the room... Yeah...
In French, when we were supposed to be reading out loud, our teacher got distracted and ended up planning a food day for next wednesday. Oh yeah! Note from...person who's name you don't need to know. Sorry, french reminded me of that and... wow. My thoughts are all over the place today. List that Kristin made so she won't confuse herself:
1. finish math project.
2. start literary analysis essay
3. complete conclusion for biology lab
4. finish math homework
5. read and write back to note
Man, this is going to take a long time. Also, this was something I was thinking about earlier. Do you ever do things to make people think things? Like, on purpose? That probably makes no sense at all... For example, if I wrote this:

And told you that it was a poem but is now in acronym form, you would be confused, right? That's good. I'm confused too.
How amazing is this?! Yeah! Best day of my life! Not counting yesterday, or the day that they cast Iggy. He's my favorite in case you didn't know. I should stop talking about this...I'll end up fainting or something. Well, time to work-
No, not yet! 
...I should probably change the center thing...
Much better. So, I'm on page 199 in my story. How amazing is that? This is the longest story, by far, that I've ever written. And it's not over yet! but I still love Rob and Roxie best...Dean too...These characters just aren't...I don't know, but they're not as good, at least to me. Roxie's my favorite, though. 
Okay. I'm not going to procrastinate anymore. I need to turn off the computer or something....
Well, bye.

Monday, October 27

I'm such a procrastinating crybaby. :)

So I was reading a MR fanfic while procrastinating on my homework, which I should not be doing. But whatever. So the first chapter of this made me cry, even though parts of it were horrible out of character and badly written. No offense to the author. 

Okay...going to pretend to work.

My awesome, weird, crazy, super exciting and totally hilarious day.

This was and is the craziest day in my I've ever had in my entire life. I swear, I'll never drink orange juice before going to bed again. Wow...Well, I guess I'd better explain. 

First off- it was freezing today. And I had to wait outside for the bus...Yeah. So I got on the bus and we went to pick up this guy and his sister at the next stop. When we got to the stop after that, he guy randomly jumps up and runs off the bus. His sister was like, "Woah! Where's he going?"
So the bus driver drove around in circles and eventually came back to the guy's house where we find him talking on the phone and carrying a textbook or binder or something. I don't know, it was dark. So we finish picking everyone else up and my friend says she feels sick, so the bus driver turns around and starts going back to her house, which is as far away as a house could possibly get! He gets off the bus at her house and starts talking to her mom. The tardy bell rings at 7:30. It was 7:00 then. Of course, on the way, we get stuck in traffic. I got to school TWO MINUTES before the bell rang. And of course, I have the crazy teacher who locks tardy people outside the classroom. I was almost sprinting through the hallways, which were still surprisingly full. 
I barely made it, but I did. And almost as soon as I sit down, she tells us we have a new seating chart and I have to move all the way across the room. Other than that, speech was pretty normal. Lots of work. Lots of writing...When I write, my pinky just goes numb...ish, because I write so much. Especially with all the school stuff that's going on. 
So next was journalism, and my teacher has some weird nerve thing wrong with his arm so he can't move it. He said he woke up on Saturday and it was like that. There is this really weird girl in my class...Let me explain.
One day, she keeps asking to borrow my pencil (i may have already posted about this, but deal with it), and I keep saying sure, even though I'm trying to write. Then, when I'm in the middle of the sentence, ( dad is mad, so i had to go downstairs and cook dinner and wash dishes...not fun. And Jason has problems since he NEVER closes the door when he takes out the trash. It's freezing outside! It probably doesn't help that I'm wearing shorts...and a tank top...and I left my blanket on the couch. Yeah, back to the story) she asks again, and I said no. This is what she said : "Man, I hate you!"
Then today, she comes up to me and goes, "What's your problem? I'm gonna beat you in the face! You heard me, I'm gonna beat you in the face!"
And I just sat there, blinking, like, "What the heck?"
So then, while she was talking to this guy, he said something and then she turned to me and said, "She's rolling her eyes at you."
So the guy turns around and looks at me. I didn't say anything. And once again, the girl says, "See! She did it again!"
I started to ignore her.
Then, as I was walking to World Geography, she comes up beside me and says, "You know I'm just joking, right?"
I didn't say anything.
"Do you think I'm scary? Or weird?" she asked.
"Well, you're definitely weird," I answered. She laughed and walked away.
World Geography was super crazy and hilarious...
Well first, Rianna and I exchanged notebooks- so she could read what I had written, etc- and we usually read while paying attention to whatever our crazy teacher had to say. But today he was in a horrible mood, so he got mad at us, luckily, he didn't say our names, and made us watch a stupid movie about South America. The rules:
1. Nothing on your desk
2. No reading
3. You can't put your head down
4. If you do, the whole class has to take notes
5. No talking

It was very annoying because the movie was super boring and I really wanted to just lay down and sleep. But then everyone in that class probably would have hated me forever...After the movie, we went to lunch.
On our way, this girl with a camera stopped us because Rianna and I were wearing matching shirts. This week is red ribbon week, and today the thing was dress like your best friend. And last year, Rian and I coincidentally ended up with the same shirt. So the girl took a picture of us, and asked us some questions. Maybe we'll be in the yearbook! You know I've NEVER been in the yearbook? Other than my normal picture and whatever organizational stuff. Actually, my mom is in the yearbook more than me! It's really weird. 
So we went to lunch, and lots of weird random stuff happened...I don't exactly remember it all. During my uncoordinated struggle, I knocked over my water bottle and his my elbow on my chair. Hard. It's days like these that it's a wonder I don't get hit by a bus. Hehe...So after lunch we went back to World Geography, and our teacher was better...a bit. A bunch of random hilarious stuff happened. I missed two questions on my quiz because I wasn't paying attention. One because I left an l off the last word. And another because I didn't notice that number nine was blue, and talking about the Amazon River, not the Brazilian Highlands or whatever...ugh.
So then, we were walking to math and my friend was texting her mom...Nothing else really happened. Math was pretty normal, except the making fun of the teacher part...Well, I should get started on my homework. Relating to this topic, today in journalism, I wrote a column about teachers and how they get on my nerves. Alot.
I promise, I'll stop writing now. This is super long. Oh yeah...Birthday shoutout.



The not hilarious hilarious day!!

Hello Donut!!
Soo... yeah. today was NOT funny. but it was. yeah. let me explain... and whatever i miss kris will probably get... because yeah. anyway!

1st period- MATH!! (dundundun!)- started falling asleep. got a random adrenaline rush at the end so was randomly hyperish. yeah.

2nd period- GYM!! (yay!)- went to an assembly. the guy kept talking about murder and sad depressing things. yeah. my hyperness just kinda left me, so i was just sitting there being sad.

3rd period- GEOGRAPHY!! (AHH!!!)- teacher was being weird and told us we were having a quiz on 'super tuesday', because he was kind and loving. and he's a "superhero" apparently. Then we were FORCED to watch a movie... seriously. we had to put everything on the floor, and if anyone's head was down then we had to take notes. and it was an hour long, and boring, so yeah. here are my notes on the movie:

horrible spanish accent. ugh. woohoo snakes! Again with the horrible spanish accent!! They don't even try! CARIBBEAN! not carribean, smart ones. Why do these people insist on saying all these Spanish names with horrible Spanish accents?!?! Why was the WATER yellow and orange?! The Brazil music was almost PJPJ, but no. interesting pink shorts. Real nice. At least this guy TRIES to get the Spanish accent... but then e just has to go sound stupid. What's with the elevator music for Peru?! EW! Asparagus! :P reminds me of max and spinach (which i love, by the way) So dramatic! Like the Twilight Trailer/commercial!!! arg! AD 900. hehe. Ahh! The statue was SWEATING!

yeah. it was weird. then we went to lunch, and kristin and i got pulled over by some random girl because we were wearing the same shirt on "dress like your best friend" day. and then she asked us random questions like, "did you make those?", and, "Are you freshmen?", and, "Are you in IB?". yeah. it was kinda annoying. Then we ate lunch. I had a turkey sandwich with dijon mustard and white bread that smelled like pickles. no kidding. anyway, then kristin told me she had had orange juice before she went to bed last night and that could be what caused all the laughing. like when some guy on the video said, "it hasn't rained here in like, a million years!" and then the mouse opposum thing. yeah. then i said the orange juice thing was rubbing off on me, cuz english was hilarious.

4th period- ENGLISH!! (...)- we started off the class by talking about my geography teacher, and dubbed him "downsyndrome penguin". idk WHY... maybe cuz F1 thought he was downsyndrome when she first saw him, and then we started talking about how he waddled like a penguin... yeah. then we took a latin/greek roots quiz (ugh.). and THEN we read this hilarious repetative story. that wasn't really all that funny, but it was. yeah. if i can find it, then i'll post a link here... but otherwise it's called "What I Have Been Doing Lately" by Jamaica Kincaid. pretty weird.

BUS! on the bus... well, i was on the bus. what's NOT weird about THAT?! my bus has got to be one of the weirder busses... right up there with kristin's bus, who has some guy who sits in the back dancing to ringtones. yeah.

oh yeah! everyone kept asking me if i cut my hair today. and when i said no, they asked me if it was wet. and i said it was. but isn't. and they didn't believe me. idk WHY they just didn't. and i'm hungry. so i'm gonna eat now! then do HOMEWORK!! YAY!!! (ugh. do i really have to tell you how sarcastic i'm being?)
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!)

Sunday, October 26

Random rant...well, not too random.

I just saw a commercial for the Twilight movie. It makes me want to bang my head on my desk. It's overly dramatic, and they got ALL of the scenes wrong. Edward DOES NOT just jumps away after stopping Tyler's van.  He's not that stupid! AUGH!

I'm still going to see the movie, though.
You know what else makes me mad?
As you may have noticed from summer posts, mosquitos and I have a love-hate relationship.
So today, I'm just sitting and eating dinner, while doing my biology review, and a mosquito just comes up an bites me! So I killed it.
I actually have very good accuracy, especially with bugs. Once, I killed four bugs in a row. We were in the car...It was gross. I had blood all over my hand. But that's beside the point.
So I kill the mosquito and continue what I'm doing. And all of a sudden, My OTHER arm starts itching. The stupid mosquito bit me TWICE! Once on my right elbow, and once on my left arm...they itch and are about the size of dimes. Already. I haven't scratched them, and it's only been about five minutes. Well, I have lots of homework, but that's just because I procrastinated...alot. I didn't start until today. But I'm not going to rant about homework. I'm going to start doing it...after I start my homework.
PS! I got the final part of my halloween costume! And you shall never know what it is! MWAHAHA! Sorry, felt like being evil for a sec there. And you know what sucks? November first just happens to be a saturday. This was perfect for NaNo, because I could write ALL day long. But of course, we planned to tape our project on SATURDAY. It makes me super mad...But whatever. I've got to speed write that morning and night. Yippee. This was a long post script...Which reminds me, I need to email them the scripts...Okay, I'm stopping now. For real.

Some of my friends are coming over so we can work on an English project. I had a random dream the other day. I won't tell you much, but it involved a shower...and a party. And random people from school. And a hidden camera. and hair., we went to IHOP because my mom's birthday is tomorrow, but of course, it was super crowded (people were parked on the grass, and the line was out the door. It was only 9:45), so we went to Denny's. Not as good, but whatever. Now I'm cleaning and I have to turn off the computer so certain people...don't get distracted.


well, ok?

yeah. i'm rushing right now, because i wana finish my homework, like, BEFORE 8 pm, ya know? anyway, i was listening to the radio, and THIS song came on. probably one of THE MOST RANDOM songs i've EVER heard.wOw- that music video is slightly creepy! ok. not just slightly... :)

i'm so sleepy... oh well... hungry too... cuz my story for geometry is basically about food- there's ramen, spaghetti, sandwiches, pie, ice cream, cookies, salad, etc. and so i'm starving. and i don't know what to eat. which is SO SAD!!! ok... well, i'll get back to work now. cya later!

yay!!!!! i luvluvluv THIS song!!! AND, as a plus, it's NOT scary either. hehehe. check it!

Saturday, October 25

Wow, today was so weird. An tiring.

Got back from the game late last night, and I was super tired, so I slept til 11...Then, we went shopping at about twelve, and got donuts. That was kinda horrible-ish, because we walked the whole time, and I was standing for hours last night at the game. We got back around five, then ate food (yay mashed potatoes!). then I nearly fell asleep on the treadmill while listening to my brother play his sax. Then we went outside and he was trying to hit me with a stick, so I started running. I ended up all the way down the street, with my brother trailing along. Then we ran back. which reminds me of my dreams. The first one was super short, so I'll tell it first.

Max and Fang were in a grocery store. The rest of the flock was there too, but you didn't really see them. Randomly, Max and Fang were sleeping in one of those big crate things that they keep fruit in. And Max kept getting mad at Gazzy for interrupting their sleep.
It was very random....
I was doing some weird race thing at my church with a person whose name I can't remember right now. We were running in this building and in first place. When we crossed the finish line, which was in the courtyard of my school, everyone ignored us and gave the trophy to the girl that came in behind us. I was telling my dad, in the dream, and he was all mad. I was crying.
That one was weird too, but the weirdest thing was that I have had a dream almost exactly like it before. Except in that one, I was running alone, and they gave me the trophy...But after the second place person came in, they took away my trophy and gave it to her...And then they gave her one thousand dollars and a ring.
I cried in that one too. 
Well, I'm getting ready to leave again, and watch Crusoe (!). I think I taped Stick It too. It's a totally awesome gymnastics movie. I also have a Degrassi episode taped too. Hopefully Casey (K.C. I'm never gonna call him that, by the way) is in it. Claire too, I guess. I wish Sean would be. And JT, though he died. GHOSTS!


guess what you guys?! i haven't heard THIS song in FOREVER, and it just CAME ON THE RADIO!!!!! like, less than 2 minutes ago!!! YAY!!!!! check it out- first heard it while at a party & people were karaoke-ing...

(oops. i got distracted, and this is like, 38024 min later... hehe) ok... so i'm just gonna end this now... yeah.

Friday, October 24

Yay, fun game. 

Yay, fun sleep.
Good night.

YAY PANDAMONIUM!!!! (not the game)

yay! totally awesome homecoming game that we won!!!! yeah. twas totally awesome. ya see, we even had more people there than north garland... yeah. they had like, 44 people there, whereas we had... 294834942!!!!! yay!! lotio. the game was hilarious... we paid more attention to the band than the actual game though... but the band is the most entertaining! yay!! hehe. yeah. pandamonium is this thing that the band/drill team type people did... my friend and i call it pandamonium just because rollercoaster is not an original name. to fully understand what i'm talking about, you just have to see it. it cannot be explained. yeah. ok. stopping rambling just because i'm thirsty and my mom is making hot chocolate!!! yummy!!!!

My Super Awesome Amazingtastical Hilarious Day

Today was the most laid back day I've had since we've started school. Counting weekends and holidays. It was really amazing, a bit scary, and awesomely hilarious.

First up is French.
Well, on Wednesday, our teacher told us that if we did all of our work, we would have a free day frieday, since it was homecoming. We did a million different things. We played hangman, telephone, truth or dare and dare or dare (stupid, I know. I didn't play either. I observed.)
So during truth or dare, this guy was dared to lick the floor. It was gross. He dragged his tongue like, a foot across the floor. And, this part was super scary. They dared this one guy to sit on this other guy's lap...I am scarred for life. He has a girlfriend too...
Next was biology, and we took notes and a couple of other things, but it wasn't too much work. The whole time I was talking to the girl beside me and reading this hilarious non scary ghost story. It's called Deep and Dark and Dangerous. I finished it in three class periods. But the beginning was hilarious because the mom overreacted to every single thing.
The main character's name is Ali, and her cousin's name is Emma. Emma is five. Emma's mother, Ali's aunt, visited to ask if Ali could babysit Emma. The mom goes, "You always took everything away from me when I was little! And now you want my own daughter! Can't I have anything?" Then she starts crying. It was super hilarious. The book was good, and I don't normally like ghost stories, but I enjoyed it. I recommend this book. It's by Mary Downing Hahn. What was amazing to me was the fact that all of my guesses, though very close, were wrong. Usually I'm pretty good at guessing what's going to happen next, but this time...not so much.
Then I had dance, which was pretty boring, but good because we didn't have to dress out. We had a test, which was easy. I finished first. Then we got to do whatever. I worked on my biology review, read, and talked to people. Then lunch, which was normal and not as awesome as it usually is. 
Next is English, which was SOOO much better than usual. Well, because our school apparently has too many people, freshman aren't allowed to go to pep rallies. But the band and drill team do go. That left about five people in our class, and the teacher was gone too. One of the guys brought random computer games, like the oldest possible version of Super Smash Bros. to ever possibly exist. It was the Nintendo 64 version. It was hilarious watching them, though. They were all beat by the computer, Kirby, on easy, though. Then they played a weird random game, and then a James Bond shooting game. It was absolutely hilarious! These two guys with the same name were playing against each other (P1 and P2). P1 chose a "terrorist" as his character, and P2 was Sally. It was hilarious. So they were running around trying o find each other, and they both end up in the bathroom. So they're running around in circles shooting each other...and then P2 gets stuck in a stall. And P1 is still shooting him, but somehow he's missing. Then P2 runs out of the stall and all the way down the hall. And P1 didn't even try to shoot him. It was so funny. Then our teacher came back and said that next time, someone should bring guitar hero for PC. She didn't even care. Then she told us to leave early, so we were just walking around, and then we went into a spanish classroom, which just happened to be the room Rianna was in!  So we exchanged stories, then the bell rang. 
Now off to the bus. I was talking to my friend while writing, and she was reading one of my notebooks, and we were talking about crying. I mainly cry during books, but she cries during movies. I cried while watching the episode of Peach Girl where Sae forces Toji to break up with Momo, but Momo doesn't know, and Toji's being all mean...It was SO sad. I also cried while reading this book called Shug. It was a superly awesome book. The part I cried on: They were at this dance, and the girl was going to get her jacket, and she hears her best friend, a guy, talking about how ugly she was to some other guys...And then they turn around, see her, and start laughing! Tears were like, streaming down my face. And we were in the car at the time, and my mom was like, "Kristin, are you okay?"
And I held up the book, still crying, and saying, "It's so sad."
And it was...
Also, yesterday on the bus, this random girl started talking to me and I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she stops in the middle of her sentence and goes, "You are on drill team, right?"
And I'm like, "Uh, no."
So then she starts apologizing and stuff and ignores me the rest of the ride. 
I'm listening to an awesome song, Calling You by Blue October. It is so awesome...I heard it at the skating rink. Ice skating. Which I highly dislike. 
I'm going to the game today. It's the homecoming game, so I kinda have to. But I'm not going to the dance. At least not this year. 
Well, I'd better stop typing...This is very long.
Happy Homecoming!

Pep Rallies Inspire Boredom.

Hello Donut!!!
i'm not even kidding, they do! let me explain... but first, just know that nothing happened up until fourth period today. so i'll start there and go to now. because everything else is just boring.

PEP RALLY was today- yesh, cuz tomorrow is Garland's Homecoming (dance, at least)!! yay, i guess. i'm not a big fan of dancing, but i AM going to the game, so no one can get mad. anyways, they were having a pep rally today, and only seniors, juniors, and sophmores could go, just cause freshmen are only allowed to go to one pep rally. not that i'm arguing or anything... ok. so I was in spanish class with like, idk... (i'm counting)... 10 other people, i think. anyway, so we were bored (thus the title), and one of the girls had candy. lots of pixie sticks. one of the guys spilled some on a desk, and they said, "SNORT IT!!" and some guy (person1, the same one who doesn't know who kristin is) actually does it. and then it "burns his brain" apparently (oh, this other guy established this morning in orchestra that p1 didn't HAVE a brain, but had a nucleus instead ((???))). Then this one girl was all, "i know how bad that hurts!!" and goes off telling this story about how she was sticking sour punch straws up her nose and then sniffed and yeah. it was random. later on, p1 decides to chug pixie sticks. so he grabbed 5 of them and was doing a fairly good job, i guess, when he started spilling some on his face. that got people laughing, and then p1 started laughing, thus causing a huge cloud of the candy to fly out of his mouth and get everywhere. while all of this was happening, i was listening/watching/making a play-doh penguin (my friend had play-doh!) [in a time of chimpanzees i was a monkey! (sry. that song's on)]. it was pretty hilarious. my teacher was just trying to pretend that she wasn't there, and another girl (different from the first 2) was videoing the guys and their "Pixiestick chugging" on her phone. when she asked the teacher what she thought about that, she just said, "i told them not to." and someone said, "that's what she's gonna say when they're in the police station." and everyone laughed. and thus, we came up with a new inside joke for that class- It's not a drug. yeah, pretty funny.

BUS TIME!! so on the bus, i was talking to my buddy that i always have random conversations with, and he asked to see my cow. yeah, i have a cow (it's a keychain that is like, a 3D cow, and when you push a button, it's nose lights up really bright and it moos). so i gave it to him, and he moo'd it in this other guy's (p2) face. the guy tried to grab it, but my buddy moved over in his seat towards me (i was sitting right in front of him). so i take my cow from him, and p2 is asking what it was. since i already showed all of them the mini penguin i helped make (Phil), my buddy and i told him it was phil, and that it made the moo noise. so the whole bus ride, p2 and p3 thought that my friend's play-doh penguin made a moo noise. twas hilarious- we did it again when they were distracted. then p2 went on this rant (OH! p2 btw is the one who tripped over my desk in geography) about how he was going to "eat that thing alive" and "throw it out the window in two seconds" if he saw a "hair" of it. not even kidding- it was so HILARIOUS! so yeah, and they never figured it out. so we're going to do it again when he rides. yup. :) oh, and at one point, p3 (who is a senior), my buddy, and p4 (who's in my spanish class), all pretended that they had phil. i gave p3 a piece of an oreo, and p3 gave it to p4, who was confused, but when explained so that only my buddy and i still knew the truth, p4 threw it out the window. yeah. p2 didn't believe us... oh well. IF ANYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THIS INCIDENT IS READING THIS, LET ME KNOW MONDAY!! AND DON'T TELL!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! just gonna throw that out there in this EXTREMELY long post.

twill possibly (very likely) post again after the game... it depends. ok.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!)

Thursday, October 23

i think...

i just found a new band that i really like!!! called ra ra riot- ever heard of them? if not, you can go HERE for some of their music on myspace... or u could check out fang's blog, who has this link of like, their background or whatever. listening to them right now, actually... pretty awesome!!! actually, fang has their myspace too. oh well. for those of you who have NO CLUE what i'm talking about (meaning, you're asking- who's fang? or fang has a BLOG?!) ((well, DUH he has a blog- it's ONLY in the back of like, EVERY SINGLE MR book!!)) :P jk. anywhoo, for his blog, go HERE! for those of you who have NO CLUE who fang is, read the Maximum Ride books. but it'd be kinda sad if you kept up with this blog the WHOLE TIME, and STILL haven't gone to check out an MR book. nice. :) anywayz... check out R R R!!!! if you like them, comment!

I guess I'll post now. Just so you know, I'm procrastinating. I'm 23 words into my 300 word Readers Response Journal...then I got distracted and started cutting my nails. Then I checked my email. Etcetera. I think that is a very funny name. :)

Now time for my day! First off, it was very weird, and second, Rianna beat me to the World Geography Belize movie thing, so I'm not going to talk about that much. But first, speech!
When I got to speech, I told my teacher there was clear glitter nail polish on my desk. Then, in the middle of class, she randomly comes up to me with nail polish remover and toilet paper. So I had to scrub the nail polish off the desk. And no, she didn't think I did it. She was standing beside the desk when I came in. The nail polish remover wasn't working, because apparently, that person decided to paint the WHOLE BOTTLE on the desk. So she gave me a nail file, and I had to scrape it off. Fun, huh? Then I had journalism, and we were talking about a bunch of random stuff that kids "talk about" at lunch. But I'm sure no kid in their right mind talks about politics at lunch...or some of the other slightly awkward stuff we had on the chalkboard. Yeah. Then World Geography, with the video...It was fun. Then I had math, and we had a sub who didn't really care what we did, and we have a small class, and everyone was going crazy. I'm pretty sure that sentence doesn't make sense, but whatever. I was teased about my arm, because I apparently, "can't make a hill". ...It was kinda funny, actually. It also probably doesn't make any sense to you, but I was trying to explain steepness....
The funniest thing happened when we were on the bus. Only 6 people were riding, so it was fun. But it was all quiet for a bit, and I was randomly listening to the bus radio thing. This lady starts talking and she says, "Be advised, I just got hit by a car."
Everyone on the bus started laughing, first because she said "be advised," and second because the way she said it sounded like she was just walking and got hit by a car, but we all knew that it was her bus that got hit. Wow that was a long sentence. Yesterday, I was asked how many notebooks I go through in a year. It was funny to me. But I've used 8 in the past six months. Which is four every three months. And I had four from seventh grade, but I didn't count those. 
I should probably finish my homework now, so I can do something fun. So, see ya!

woohoo! a new record!

Hello Donut!

idk how to start now. do i keep on with the Hello Donut!! or do i just start with BLAH all the time? idk. comment if you care... lotio that sounded weird. anyways, i was just letting you know that i finished my homework before 4:30~ yay! ok. so today. yeah. Math=quiz+sub=NNNOOOOO!!!!!!! BADBADBADBADBAD!! lotio. next was gym, which wasn't all that funny today, just cold. like the bus. because people are crazy and like the AIR CONDITIONING in FORTY DEGREE WEATHER!!! well, my bus driver said he found the heater thingy right AFTER we got off the bus. ugh. ANYWAYS, i'm getting off track. so then came geography, where we watched a movie about Belize (Beh-leeze ((not BAY LEEZE!!! coughmrcoughredfearncough))) and it was hilarious. because it was mostly about the animals. so we were watching it, and kristin got all weird and started talking about twilight. but anyways, this mountain lion came on the screen and they said it was the biggest predator in the Maya Mountains. and kris adds, "unless Edward comes." and so the whole time, we named the mountain lion Edward... except for they said it was a mountain lionNESS, so it was Bella, but Edward is the lions. so then we went on this whole thing about pairing everyone with an appropriate animal. But by this time, we were halfway through the movie. so i don't remember all the animal names, but here's my list:

Mountain Lion/ness - Edward/Bella
Kitten thing - Alice
Horse/hippo thing - Emmett
Giant goldish/orange fish - Carlisle
Tarantula killing thing - Esme
territorial hummingbird - Rosalie
Boa Constrictor - Jacob

Manatees/Howler Monkeys = Flock!!!
Termites - Iggy
Cricket bird - Gazzy
Red footed... - Max/Fang (that name was hilarious... but i'm not putting it on here)
Great Decorator Crab - Nudge
Owl Butterfly - Angel

Yeah. it was pretty funny. they even said, "Some scientists speculate"... idk WHY it was funny, just twas. then was english, and we had to do random cornell notes over random things. it was annoying. yeah. so today was ok, if you're randomly wondering... yeah. SO HUNGRY!!! gonna go get something to eat now!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

Wow! 53 hits yesterday! New record again! Apparently, october is a good month. I'll post more later, but I just wanted to say that.


Wednesday, October 22

I'm bored, so I'm looking up random games. You should play this one. It's random AND amusing. I got 66.

random edit in random color. I'm just saying that I found a kist of 474(i think) things to do when you're bored. and let me just say- wow. This person obviously has a lot of time on their hands.

I have problems. I told you about the list and everything! I just forgot to post the link... 

Hehe. have fun reading that.

I achieved something today!!!

Hello Donut!!
Yay!!! i finished my homework before 6 o'clock!!!! YAY!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!! yeah. well, nothing else really happened today... yeah. it was SCHOOL. blah bleh. yup. i really wish that something HAD happened... ugh. i'm so bored. wait. that means that I GET TO WATCH THE TWO EPISODES OF HEROES I MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! AND CHUCK!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheehehehehehehhehe sry. i'm just excited now. blah. so WEIRD!!! sry. my dad's watching Smallville... and it's weird. some psycho dude. of course, doesn't smallville ALWAYS have some psycho person? well, at least all the ones that I'VE seen... yeah. ok. i'll stop rambling jonsense about nothing. lotio. hehe.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!!)

Today was interesting. Nothing very big happened, nothing horrible...I have no homework, which is good, but it's not what my life revolves around.

In French, we did more repetitive book work. In biology, we took a quiz and did a lab. I had the exact same sub as I did in french. in the lab, we watched yeast cells move. In dance, i took a test, watched other people fail miserably, and laughed...just kidding. That's mean. At lunch, my friend and I studied for our quiz, like we always do. In English, we listened to people talk about hair and pants. Then took quiz. I'm feeling bored right now. Maybe a lack of homework is bad...well, i'm going to go do something productive. Maybe, anyways. I still have two english projects, an english essay, a math project, a history quiz, a dance test, written this time, and probably more stuff to do/study for. Fun. But not today...Goodbye.
I editted in INDIGO!!! yay!!! lotio. tZvR

Tuesday, October 21


Hello Donut!!
blah. nothing much happened today... math. ugh. in gym one of my "friends" (loti) said he wished he could transform, and when on this whole little speil about the transformers movie, which i've seen like, 3 times. yeah. Then all class he was running around making car noises- when he stopped and was going to start again, he took out some random keys he had in his pockets (idk!!) and stuck them in his ear and pretended to start himself. it was weird. then, if someone started running with him, he said, "Nitro!!" and made psssss noises while running. idk WHY, it was incredibly rediculous and made him seem like he was mentally ill or something... but it was hilarious. yeah. then geography... Uf. then english... i'm starting to really dislike that class, just because of all the boring trivial work we do in it. that's why i like b-days so much... except i would like to switch out biology for gym, so then on A-days i would have: geometry, biology, geography, english. (all the boring classes) on B-days i would have: orchestra, gym, student leadership, spanish. (all the awesometasticrificnessful classes) i'm a principal- just made up that word like, 10 minutes ago- awesometasticrificnessful. if i could spell, it would help. i'm doing LOTS of editting while i'm typing- too many mispelled words. ugh. ok. well, i'm gonna like, go read or something. just because my brain is totally OVERLOADED!!!! i'm not even kidding, i don't think i could do a single other thing today that includes THINKING!!! (fyi- for me, i do not have to think to read- it's habit.)
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!! says that typing/spelling is thinking. so i can't do it. too much editting- which is habit, too)

funny story.

I totally forgot about the hilarious story my speech teacher told. It was about these two kids who used to go to our school and decided to commit armed robbery before class. They robbed a convenience store close to the school while:

1. Wearing a school shirt
2. and using a getaway car with a school sticker on it.
One kid was talking to the guy at the register and he was holding his (school) shirt over his nose. He was holding a gun in the other hand. The register guy put the money on the counter, and the robber guy let go of his shirt, thus exposing his face, picked up the money, and pulled the shirt back up over his face. They then drove away in the car. The police came while he was in english and they threw him on the ground and cuffed him while the teacher was just standing there watching, wide eyed. They found the gun in his backpack. the kid that was with him during the robbery got scared and hid in the car, yes, the same one, in the parking lot. they found him with the gun AND the money.
It was hilarious.
I think that's all I forgot to say in my post...So,
Listening to Calling You by Blue October,

Fluffy Bunnys...Bunnies.

Today was kind of a weird day. This morning was normal, at least until we started grading papers in speech. There were fourteen questions on the quiz, but you can cross out two of them and they don't count. And each question was worth eight points. The guy's paper I was grading was...empty. He only filled out three of the questions. And only one was right. So he had a 12. (Yes, as his grade) BUT- That's not all. He wrote his heading wrong, so he got ten points take off...which leaves him with a TWO! It was really funny to me...For some odd reason. Then, in journalism, a bunch of random, hilarious stuff happened that I've either forgotten or don't feel like explaining because it'd probably take forever. So moving on to World Geography. That class is always hilarious because Rian and I find something random to talk about. Today at lunch, the most hilarious thing happened. I was eating my oreos(I had just stuffed one of the cookie halves in my mouth), and Rianna was eating her pudding. But the bell was about to ring, and she can't eat that in class, so she had almost the whole container on her spoon and was shoving it into my mouth.(apparently i wasn't eating my own pudding then. that's nice.) And I was laughing because it was hilarious, but I still had the whole oreo piece in my mouth,(plus the pudding, obviously) and I had to take it out so I wouldn't choke or anything.(did you take out the pudding too?!) Then, of course, she starts laughing because I was laughing, and I start crying. Then it gets on my oreo, and we're all laughing harder. It was totally hilarious. Then something weird/random/deja vu-ish happened with P1. Why does everything happen in the same hallway?! Weird. By the way, my math class is hilarious, and we were laughing about almost nothing the whole time. And the girl in front of my kept insulting the teacher. She said it was an accident, but I don't know about that...Then one guy kept telling people to shut up, and we were all teasing this other guy because his notes look like they were drawn/written by a dead dog. (what is it with KRISTIN and DEAD DOGS?! omc it's so weird.)Keep in mind that the teacher was laughing at all of this with us.

"My students don't usually start laughing at me until the second semester!"
It was funny. I should start my biology review...and my math homework. And my english project, which is due I don't know when! So yeah...and my math project is due soon too...
Kris. (editted by tZvR)

Monday, October 20

yeah, i know.

Hello Donut!!
I know i didn't change the Quackarooni post...i was too lazy. and doing homework. that's where i've been all day, by the way- doing homework. yeah. after a while, it just gets REALLY annoying and almost pointless. but, unfortunately, it must be done. super sadness... ANYWAYS! i will tell about yesterday AND today, hopefully not in a SUPERLONG version... blah. ok. YESTERDAY: dan's b-day party. went ice skating. didn't fall down, even though kristin did!!! doing hokey-pokey (what kind of name...?) stuck out her left foot (keep in mind we're still on the ice) and fell down. everyone started laughing (meaning me, kris, and friend1). kris TRIES to get up, falls back down. i almost fall down because i'm laughing so hard. oh yeah, my cow got stolen by dan's aunt for like 10 min. so sad. but i (fortunately) got it back. and whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO THE MAGICAL OVEN LAND!!!!! or the magical oven in the sky, for that matter. at least not until you're like, 195. ok. well, maybe like, 94 is a more reasonable age, eh? anywho, just don't go there till you're old. TODAY!!! i went to school. nothing happened except school. then i stayed AFTER school to do MORE homework, jsut to come home and do homework i couldn't do at SCHOOL!!! ARG!!! TOO MUCH WORK!!! so now i'm like, super... tired. but i'm ok. for a while. this song is so WEIRD!!! he goes: a long long long long long long long long long long longlonglonglongl-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-long! and then repeats it. weirdo. it's called sometimes in the fall by Phoenix. that's a weird word. looks like it should be pronounced foe-nix. but it's fee-nix. SO WEIRD!!! but things have basically been either weird or super tiring today, so it's to be expected. alright, i'm all done for now!!!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

Wowie. Rianna still hasn't posted. Wonder what's up... I was just posting to say that my NaNo time is from 8-9. So don't expect me to be on then...At least during November. 


Also, you can watch the new Shugo Chara episode (51) here. I'm watching it right now. Just so you know, there's a second season coming out!


I totally forgot to post yesterday...well, not really. I was kind of being lazy and I didn't feel like typing. So today's post will be super long and include:

1. Third part of random story
2. Danielle's birthday party
3. the eventful events of today....

So, list on birthday party first.
1. We went ice skating.
2. I like ice skating, but honestly, I'm much better at roller skating, and I think it's easier and more fun. 
3. I'm a bad ice skater.
4. While we were doing the hokey pokey,I fell.
5. Twice.
6. Somehow I slipped on "left leg in", and ended up on the ice, which was cold.
7. Then, as I was trying to stand back up, I slipped AGAIN.
8. I was laughing the whole time, and barely anyone noticed.
9. Rianna and I were hungry and the hot chocolate vending machine was out of order.
10. We had awesome cake. 
11. I was the only person with vanilla.
12. I also had vanilla ice cream.
13. And chips with queso. 
14. My computer doesn't recognize the word suggests quasi or quest...
15. This one girl had a package of gum that smelled really good.
16. Rianna and I said the exact same thing at the exact same time, and only one person noticed. It was kind of funny.
17. Now time for the stuff about school today.
18. It's our homecoming week, so everything is decorated.
19. My french teacher made me mad. We voted on whether or not we wanted time to study before we started, and even though only three people said yes, he gave us time anyways. So those of us that didn't want/need to study started our assignment. He was walking around and got mad at us because we had started. So then he threw away our papers and made us start over! It wasn't even a timed activity, or anything! He said he "wanted to give everyone an equal chance."
20. It was cold. 
21. On the bus in the morning, I almost always fall asleep at the exact same time, which is usually when he turns off the lights. I would write the whole time, but:
1. It's dark.
2. I can barely see the lines so it's really messy
3. I'm tired.
So I slept. Then, for some reason, I woke up and could barely keep my eyes open! I was super tired.
22. Biology=ugh.
23. There's a new girl in my dance class, and she's also in my journalism class. The other day, she was talking about a fight she got into with some other girl in the locker room. Apparently the girl just walked up and punched her, and they didn't even know each other.
24. My B-day lunch is always extremely weird. It's kind of funny what we talk about...
25. We didn't really do anything at all in english, but we did find out that our English teacher owns every other textbook that exists, but not ours...
26. I'm going to the homecoming game Friday.
27. Our team is still undefeated.
28. English group people are coming over at one on sunday so we can start our skit. 
29. I think that's all...
Previously, on the story I have not yet come up with a name for:

"..." Playground? What kind of topic is that? What in the world is there to say about a playground?
"Starr? The topic is playground."
I took a deep breath and started talking.

"Playgrounds...are fun, even if you think you've outgrown them. I go all the time because I have to take my little brother and sister. My favorite part are the swings, but when I was little, I used to like the slide best. The best playgrounds are in parks surrounded by trees and grass so you can run around even if kids are overrunning the jungle gym. My little sister takes gymnastics and likes to show off on the bars..." I trailed off.
"That's good, for your first try, Starr. Now sit down and let me start class."
While Ms. Roberts talked, I tried to come up with reasons for me not having done my homework. I could tell the truth and say I was up all night worrying about my speech, but I really didn't want to say that in front of the whole class.

That whole chapter was so pointless..I don't even know why I wrote it. Whatever. I'll write more next time. But first I must inform you that I may seem to be dead during the month of november. Don't blame me, it's all NaNo's fault. I've upped my goal to 2000 words a day, so if I get behind, or have lots of homework one day, I won't fail to meet my goal. I'm going to try and finish all of my work and posting, and everything before...some time that I'll figure out later, so I can have at least thirty minutes a night to type. I might start my homework as soon as I get home, then post, and then work. I repeat, if I seem dead, don't worry. I'm most likely not.
So I guess I should get started on my math. 
Kris. :)
Gloriously long post. Yippee.

Sunday, October 19


(translation: GIVE BOB A BIB, BOO!!)

(translation: i like a ZAM!)

Open Sesame
(translation: Open, says me!)

blah. i'm bored. yup. that's what all of THAT is. yeah... sooo... i'll just like, edit (meaning completely start over) this after Dan's b-day party, ok? i'm gonna go work on finishing that stuff now... yeah. that would be the best, seeing as i have to be at her house in 2 hours... ooh. so, yeah. i'm being boring. and i purposely didn't do the hello donut thing, if anyone's wondering... i like donuts. they're good. but, unfortunately, i have none. *sniffle!* ok. GOOGLEPLEX!!! ARG MATEY!!!!! TREES HO!!! CARNIVOROUS STRAWBERRIES!!!! AARDVARKS IN DISTRESS!!!!!! sry. most of those were inside jokes that no one but me actually remembers- why is that? that I'm the one who remembers all the inside jokes (ok, MOST of them), but i have like, the worst memory EVER?! idk. tis weird. YESH tis!!! tis twas twill thou thy thee... ok i only say the first three, but still. ok. gonna go work on finishing dan's stuff!!!! wooh! or as she would say: whoa. lotio.

Saturday, October 18


I was bored, and on, so I made a random quiz. It's about how well you know me. If you read the blog at all, you should be able to get a hundred. Also if you know me. If not, well, good luck.

Please take the quiz! It'll be funny.


Okay, the most hilarious thing just happened! 

So I was reading this magazine, and there was this baby doll. It was wearing a red dress and it had on a headband. This was hilarious because it had NO HAIR.
I started laughing so hard! While eating too! Wow. It was super weird.
Just thought I'd give you that random update,

Having problems with titles recently

The football game last night was interesting. we won, YAY!

It literally took us an hour to get of the parking lot because there was so much traffic. There were these girls dancing on top of their cars, and it was really weird. Then some guy was yelling about how his car was better than "Ricky's". I don't remember half of what happened because I fell asleep as soon as I got home. And slept about 11 hours. Also, I was talking to one of my friends on the bus and she said something very interesting.
She said that together, Rianna and I are kind of crazy and strange, and laughing, but apart, we're different. she said I'm more "normal", if you can define normal, and Rianna is a bit more crazy. It was kind of interesting to see what other people think...And that was very random. I'm very bored. YES! Birthday party tomorrow! Ummm...I think I'll go. Do something. 

in a rush...

ok. going to all region orchestra auditions soon, but i just HAD to let you know. found this on Fang's blog, fyi... you could go there too. ANYWAYS!!!

click here!!!

omc it's hilarious!!! you go to this site, and don't worry about the login stuff... just answer the questions!!! omc it's totally awesome. they ask random things like:

do you like ice cream?
do you save room for dessert?
Workers of the world unite?
Is John McCain too old to be president?
Should it socially acceptable to stare at people in public? (arg- this one drove me nuts with it's GRAMMER!!!)
do you judge people by simple grammer mistakes? (i laughed at this one- i don't judge the people, but the grammer drives me nuts!)

so yeah. check it out! and when you finish answering the question, they will show a "circle graph" PIE CHART!!! on who said what. and in () they always say what % of people CARED. lotio. so look, have some fun! i was there for like, 4 hours yesterday... lotio.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

Friday, October 17

(: :) :( ): :[ :] [: ]:

I totally forgot about my dream! It was really weird because time was all messed up, so it might not make much sense.

1. Someone named blueflipflopgirl commented on the blog- one thousand times.
2. We were somewhere, in Arkansas I think, and we were getting ready to go to the mall when I saw her. She had on white socks and one blue flipflop.
3. Then, when we got home from our sort of almost vacation thing, I checked my email. I had ONE THOUSAND emails because of blueflipflopgirl's comments. It was really weird. And short.
now, if anyone comments anonymously, I will call them blueflipflopgirl (BFFG). Even If it's a guy...Loti.


these people are WEIRD!!! but i like the song. it gets stuck in your head.

so these are the WEIRD PEOPLE
and this is the ACTUAL SONG



Hello Donut!!
the title will come later, i promise. but anyways! today was interesting. Should i do numbers? idk. that'd make it more organized, but it'd make it longer. so i won't. just bear with me folks. no, i DON'T want a bear (unless it happens to be blue, fuzzy, and a stuffed animal!!)but i'm getting off track. SO... my day started with math. where i took a test. which was weird. and i didn't like it. so basically, the day started out pretty bad. Then there's gym, my second favorite class. but it's almost a tie. ANYWAYS... we did the normal exercises, which was, as usual, hilarious. THEN the coaches told us it was a game day. So that meant that we didn't have to do anything, but people could play with the balls (footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls) if they wanted to. so my friend (friend1) and i sat down and were being excited that we could just sit around today. we were then joined by friend2, and a few minutes later by friend3. (oh, and before 2 &3 came, 1 and i were talking about what it would be like if you had arms that went down to the floor when you stood up, but back to the story) So friend2 asked us if we wanted to play a game, and we said yes. we played the name game (where you choose a topic, then go through and name things in that topic that start with the letter A, then B, C, etc. only we skipped U and X, and stopped at Y) so our topic was food, and we went from there. with some strange foods coming from F4. like horse and dog. and i said octopus. yeah. weird. ANYWAYS, when we got to N, friend5 came up, but we made him wait to start playing. So we finished and got in a circle (which is EXTREMELY ((kiwi, lotio)) dangerous on game days... i swear that some of those balls head at you at around 49 mph!!) and started playing again, only we didn't do alphabetical order, just whatever came to your head first, and TV shows/ movies. yeah. it was interesting. and i'm gonna remind myself and any of those friends reading this- it's friend2's turn. AL... if you're wondering who HE is... yeah. the one with the Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan things. ya know? OK! ANYWAYS! then off to geography. where our teacher told us that we were randomly having D-lunch, which is half an hour later than our NORMAL lunch, because he SAID SO! ARG!!! i was so mad. so geography was NOT all that cool. Then off to English- that class is just totally random. we were righting in our journals when Friend6 turns to me and says,"this is the most awesome sentence ever." and it was about how the teacher randomly stapled his mouth shut- which, by the way, had NOTHING to do with what we were supposed to write about. yeah. So English was Ok... not too funny. but the BUS RIDE HOME was HILARIOUS!!!!! the bus driver gave us candy, too, and, just fyi, ADAM! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THE M&MS DID LAST ME UNTIL ABOUT 2 MINUTES AFTER I GOT OFF THE BUS!!!! :) anywhoo... yeah. ok. this is NOT turning out how i planned it, but oh well. anyways, i was laughing because this person (friend7) kept making weird faces at me, and he told this other guy that i laughed at anything random. Friend7 then said PUDDING in a really hilarious voice, but i was mostly just laughing at the pudding. and he kept saying it over and over again. it was hilarious. then he said,"i bet i can make her laugh without even saying a whole word." and said PU-. so i laughed. then he said DING, but i didn't laugh as much. so he kept saying PU- over and over again. then when he left, i had another conversation with friend8. speaking of which... i should probably do that while i remember. hey- i'm going to the GHS v. RHS football game tonight. i don't normally go to games, but...well, i would say ya know, but you probably don't, so i won't. yeah. ok.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

Some random stuff...

Yay. It's friday. I'm going to the football game, though I don't want to miss Degrassi....nothing really interesting happened today, so there's not much to talk about...We had D lucnh instead of C lunch, but we don't know why. Our teacher just randomly told us....Yeah. Hope I did alright on the math test. yeah. I'm bored...Must do something interesting. 

Well, I'll do my best.

Thursday, October 16



fourty seven, actually. yay us.


First off, I'm making/eating pasta. It's awesome. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm obsessed with this pasta...Yummm. :)

Also, while we were at the pep rally, actually when we were leaving, there was this guy dancing...hilariously. His pants were down to his knees and his boxers looked poofy. And he kept dancing! It was hilarious! Rianna and I were laughing so hard that someone asked why, and Rianna said I fell down the bleacher/riser things. I DID NOT! I ALMOST DID! hehe.
(Make another selection. loti)
ACTUALLY, they were shorts. not boxers. and someone asked if someone fell down the bleachers and if that was why we were laughing. i said kristin almost fell down. And my brother's watching this really weird show... or movie- Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy. well that's an interesting title... i guess... woah. now he's watching Krypto the Superdog. ugh. and i'm trying to do homework, but obviously the universe does not want me to. even though it's due tomorrow. ugh.


42 hits yesterday! NEW RECORD!

Today at lunch, the most hilarious thing happened.
I was sitting beside this guy (P1) and all the people at our table were arguing about whether the ice cream was cheaper at our middle school or here. And then I said:
Me: Does it really matter?
F1: No, not really.
P1: What does it matter to you? You didn't go to our school(directed to me)
Me:...Yes I did.
P1: ...You did not.

Then I started laughing hard. And my friends started laughing because I was laughing.

P1: Who are you?!

I was laughing to hard to answer. Then I started laughing harder, and F1 answers for me.
And you know the funniest thing? The person who sits on the OTHER side of me (P2) said this to me a few weeks ago.

P2: What's your name again?

We've been going to school together for FOUR YEARS NOW. Why don't people know my name?
I find it oddly hilarious. Well, I have to find someone to interview for journalism...Bye! Sorry this was so late! I got distracted! As always.

I declare this day to be: HILARIOUS!!!

Hello Donut!!
yup yup!!! So here's how my Hilarious Day went:

  1. Orchestra: Friend1 and i were laughing at Friend2 because according to F1, "If he were smart he would have been here by now." yeah.
  2. I know this is kinda late, but in spanish, ito/ita/itos/itas at the end of pretty much any word means little. like, Perrito is little dog, or puppy. so, in spanish, Doritos are "little golden things", Tostitos are "little toasted things", Fritos are "little fried things", and Burritos are "little donkeys" (like baby donkeys!)
  3. This is late too- Friend3 said he was going to tell Ms. Smith, and i thought he said Thomas Smith. so thomasmith. pronounced: tom-us-myth. yup.
  4. TODAY! in biology, we watched this super hilarious video... i'm gonna see if i can find it somewhere. If i do, it'll come up. ANYWAYS, on it, they were talking about how if cells got too big, then they would explode or something, so this guy was blowing a balloon. it popped, and he looked so sad it was hilarious! and later on that same guy also told this girl to "expand her surface area" (he gave her a bowl of cereal). Then this other girl was being this announcer person, and she was WAY too serious about it- to the point that it was funny.
  5. In Student Leadership(i still don't know the meaning of this class), we were talking about the learning process (sensory motors and stuff) and how little kids always scream and yell NO at people and say MINE all the time. the teacher was being hilarious (as usual) and Friend3 told this story about how his bunny died and his parents told him it ran away. then Friend4 turns to me and says, "that's what my parents told me when my fish died!" and i started laughing. because fish can now obviously run, and breathe out of water WHILE running.
  6. Oh yeah- back to the bio movie thing, i think they had some inside joke with energy, because they were always saying "that takes energy" and "that uses energy" or something like that... it was weird. and they had random SCIENCE RULES! things in it that had nothing to do with the movie!
  7. At lunch, i was laughing cuz i randomly remembered the balloon thing, and then laughed more when i remembered that i almost choked in bio because i was laughing so much.(btw, while laughing at lunch, i was eating chips.) Then, just as i settled down, i saw this guy's shirt- it was This color and it had a dog (This color) roasting a marshmallow on a stick, and at the bottom it said, "Life is good." HOW?! it makes no sense! so i started laughing more, and when i calmed down from THAT i saw this random girl randomly wearing cat ears. so i was laughing again.
  8. Back to student leadership- we started telling stories about "thumper" which we say (idk why!) when we talk about rabbits.
  9. In spanish, we really didn't do anything.
  10. OH YEAH! i forgot- in orchestra, Friend5 was playing random things on his phone- ice cream truck songs, donald duck, some christmas song... stuff like that. it was hilarious.
  11. PEP RALLY! we freshmen only have one, so it was good. this teacher had to kiss a dead fish, but no one saw it, and we were sad. The band was hilarious- Friend6 was dancing hilariously during a rest, and Stranger1 was being a "headbanger sax player". Also, this one cheerleader forgot the words to one cheer, so she said, "And that's the... (making hilarious UHHH... face here) Battle cry!!!" yeah. it was weird.
  12. on the bus, we were having another randomly on topic conversation. we always do that on the bus- but there were only like, 9 people riding. no kidding.

And that was my oh so wonderfully hilarious day. yupyup. don't forget to smile!!! and i'll look for the video!!! promise!!!!

Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

tZvR (RIAN!! is wondering why it's double spacing again... it's already long enough!!)

Wednesday, October 15

tis the third. oh well

THESE SITES ARE AWESOME. yeah, they might just be google sites, but they're AWESOME google sites. there's a difference. check em out!

Today was a day for weird conversations.

Hello Donut!!
I had SO many WEIRD conversations it's not even funny. Here's one:

Friend1(talking to Friend2): How would you feel if China was communist?!
[insert laughter here]
Friend2: It is communist!!!
[insert more laughter- mostly from me]

yeah. Then friend1 goes and says:

"When was China started?"

and we laughed some more. OOH! read this (at the end, i'll tell you what it's supposed to be):

UCM Puppies
MNO Puppies

lotio. it's hilarious. some random guy gave me this one too:

MR Ducks
MR Not
CM Wings
MR Ducks

yeah. THEN! on the bus, i was bored, so i started talking to Friend3:

Me: Sooo...
F3: yeah.
Me: i like ice cream.
F3: that's awesome!
Me: i know, it's like, my favorite kind of food besides snickerdoodle cookies!
F3: cool.
Me: what's your favorite kind of ice cream?
F3: ... [thinking]... i don't know.
Me: yeah. I really don't care- as long as it has no nuts or caramel, and has some kind of chocolate in there, i'm good.
F3: [nods]

... later...

Me: what's your favorite song?
F3: [thinking] i don't know.
Me: Is it good?
F3: I don't know.
Me: i know what the title is, i'm asking if it's good!
F3: yeah.
Me: wouldn't it be weird if there was actually a song called I don't know?
F3: yeah.
Me: we should look it up.
F3: where?
Me: i don't know- youtube?
F3: no, cuz then you'll get random videos and stuff.
Me: right. we should google it.
F3: ...
Me: that'd be weird. i wonder what you'd get if you googled I don't know. hehe.
F3: haha.
Me: i did that one time. i was gonna check my email, and i was distracted, so i typed in
F3: that's weird.
Me: i know.
F4: what are you guys talking about?
Me: [burst out laughing]
F3: Nothing.
Me: [laughing harder]
F4: no!! tell me!!!
F3: ...
Me: [laughing too hard to talk, much less do ANYTHING but laugh]
F4: tell me!!! rianna!!!
Me: [tries too talk, but comes out as a barely recognizable (sp?) mass of jumbled syllables]

yeah. it was weird. and this is REALLY long. so i'm gonna stop now.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)
psst: oops. i forgot. the first one is like this, only in letter form:

you seem them puppies?
they ain't no puppies.
oh yes they are!
oh, i see.
you see 'em peein'?
(thankz grandpa ((he told me that)))

'em are ducks.
'em are NOT!
oh yes they are! see 'em wings?
oh, i see. 'em are ducks!

yupyup. try looking up i don't know song!!! tell me what you find!! (cuz i know i'm looking it up...)