Thursday, December 29

Plants vs. zombies

Let me just start out by saying: I hate that game.

Let me continue by saying: I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to that game.
It's basically a win-lose (or just a lose-lose, I can see it both ways) situation.
So, I got an iPad for Christmas, which is awesome, so I downloaded PvZ because I really enjoyed playing that game on the iPads at various Apple stores I've gone to, and I downloaded the trial versions for the Xbox and my computer. And I beat the game on my iPad today, with a total of three deaths. I felt pretty accomplished! And then I get to the mini games and things like this started happening:

So in this game, you had to plant starfruit in the spaces with starfruit in them, and you could plant nothing else in those spaces. Then waves of zombies like this came.

This happened about a minute after the previous picture was taken. By this point, I had given up.

Um, okay, never mind then. Apparently this machine won't let me upload pictures to the site. I'll get on my piece-of-junk laptop & upload them in a minute :)
It was pretty ridiculous... The sunflowers suddenly became very stingy with their suns and I'd have to wait for the sky to give me like, three before I could even get one from one sunflower out of five. And then conveyor belts would stop giving me plants and then huge waves like the ones I have pictures of would show up... I probably died like, seventeen times in the mini games alone. It's kind of sad. But it's probably just the way the game's supposed to be, so it's whatever.

I still hate the game, though.

Yours in kicking zombie butt,

Tuesday, December 27

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, a very merry Hanukkah/day before Kwanzaa/Sunday. :)

That's all.


I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, a very merry Hanukkah/day before Kwanza/Sunday. :)

That's all.


Friday, December 23

Zombie Christmas (bigger picture)

Thursday, December 22


A festive comic:

Kooking with Kristin! (part 2)

Yeah. So Kristin's been over at my house for a while because today was the day we decided to make our annual holiday cookies! :D We've been making them for a while... I mean, the annually part. Like, this is our... 4th or 5th year to do it. We usually have a theme other than Christmas for our Christmas cookies... and we leave the actual Christmas cookies to my mom & our brothers. :) The first year was Maximum Ride, then there was superheroes last year... and we don't remember the other ones haha but this year was ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS! Which I just now realized goes perfectly with the zombie blog thing... but that was totally coincidental. We were making our usual cookies of ourselves because we are vain people who love to see ourselves in cookie form (lol). Anyway, we always have a hard time getting the cookies off the table to the cookie tray so we can bake them... and this year we lost quite a few body parts xD So we decided to make zombies. I'll post the pictures in a second :) But yeah... it's pretty awesome, I think. Kris says that there's nothing really left to talk about unless we start talking about how awesome we are, fighting zombies (we made weapons for ourselves, as you will see)... so I guess I'll just go ahead and post the pictures.


To build your Zombie Holiday cookies, these are the supplies you need: Rolling pins, cookie cutters, icing, and flour. And your imagination, of course ;)

These are the cookies after they were baked... you can see all the random body pieces that will be zombies after we ice them... and the three normal(ish) looking people will be me, Kris, & our friend Kim, whose house we are going to later to spend the night. So we felt she should be included. :) The stocking is actually a smushed car... Just use your imagination when you see it ;) and the trees are just... trees... and the squares are barricades & signs. And then our weapons.

Yeah... and sorry this is obnoxiously small... but this is the finished product! The purple sign in the corner says "ZOMBIE," but it is unnaturally hard to write stuff using gel icing. I don't even know. And yes, the trees are on fire. And there are two random bystanders there... I don't know why, but why not?! And then in order from left to right on the bottom is: Me, Kim, & Kris, with our respective zombies above us. I have an axe, Kim has a chainsaw, and Kris has two guns because she's special (they both go in the same hand so she can double wield [sort of] and still have a free hand lol). Oh. And those presents? They have zombie arms coming out of them. "MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAVE A ZOMBIE!"

So... yeah. I suppose that concludes this episode of Kooking with Kristin! :D


psst: if you click the small picture, it should get bigger, but I'll double check that in a second :)
psst2: nevermind. It doesn't work that way. It's weird. Sorry. SQUINT & LOOK REALLY CLOSELY! lol

Monday, December 19


THIS brings back memories.

By the way, I do like waffles, pancakes and french toast. And now I want breakfast.


Friday, December 16

For Beckham:

At the request of one Beckham on the cbox, I'm posting.
So I can say that I updated the blog recently.
And he/she can't get mad at me. :)
So... what's new? Nothing for me, really...
School got out today, and that's cool.
I'm in a play... that's a lot of fun. This weekend's the last weekend, though. So that's kind of sad.
Now that I don't really have anything to study for the moment... I'm kind of bored.
That's one of the things I hate about being such a nerd. I study so much that it takes up all my time, so when I don't have to study, I don't really have anything else to do.
It's majorly annoying.
I need friends. And maybe a social life.
If I find anything interesting, I'll be sure to post about it :)
Just for you, Beckham.
and all you other wonderful readers, as well.
By the way- if you've stuck with us from the sort of beginning, kudos to you. I should send you cookies or something. Thanks for being great.
And to all (or any) of you new readers... welcome! Sorry we don't post so much anymore xD
Hopefully that'll change, though.

Anyway, have a wonderful day! :D

Tuesday, December 13

The Thing About Zombies Is...

... they don't generally move very fast.
So please forgive us for not posting very often at the moment! Especially this week...
You see, our principal has taken away exam exemptions, so now everyone has to take all of the exams. Which really stinks :( So Kris & I are studying at the moment.
Please don't judge us.
We're nerds. It's in our blood.
Our zombie blood.
...But we're not really zombies.
At least, I don't think we're zombies.
Makes me think of the hilarious movie you should go watch right now called AHHH! Zombies!
It's awesome.
Go watch it. ;) haha
Have a good day/week!


Wednesday, December 7

Kooking with Kristin!

Yes. That's supposed to be "Cooking," but I thought it'd be catchier with a 'k'.
So... Kris & I had to bake a cake today for one of our classes at school. We're having a party on Friday :)
So here's our cake box- look at how elite we are! We got "the best cake" and it's "deluxe" lol

So after carefully reading the instructions and still managing to do it all backwards (we put the water in the bowl,then the cake mix, then the oil, and then the eggs, which proceeded to sink into the batter like it was quick sand), we had some delicious cake batter!

Yum! (yes, we ate some. Gotta love raw eggs!)
Then, after pouring the batter into the pan in delightful scribble masterpieces (i took pictures, but they were really tiny), we placed the cake in the oven to bake.

While we waited for it to bake, we watched the Matchmaker episode of How I Met Your Mother :) it was awesome. Like the Loch Ness Monster ;]

Then finally the cake was done! And it smelled delicious. We might have eaten some of it... but we got some rainbow chip icing to put on it, which is rather delicious, and some purple gel icing to produce the finished dessert:

Yeah. TOK= Theory of Knowledge. That's the class. It's a cool saying because it's a discussion class. TOK it out = talk it out. Yeah :)

And that was this week's episode of Kooking with Kristin! :D haha


Monday, December 5

Snowman Ring

So, I finished my ring! Here's a picture:

It's super blurry, but I hope you can tell just how cute it is! As you can see, I didn't use the white ring I had been making because I got lazy and didn't feel like finishing it. I used a blue and white striped ring I made earlier this year. It was a little big on me, but with the stuff I added, it actually fits pretty well. :)

So, here are the actual instructions (though none of my instructions are very specific or very good) for the snowman ring!
Basically, I drew the snowman shape on paper and then traced onto the foam, which I cut out very carefully. The eyes and buttons are drawn on with a pen, and the nose is a super tiny foam triangle.

Instead of using a needle and thread like I said, I made a sort of harness thing for the snowman with the scarf... It's probably strangling him. (sorry) Anyway, I just made little loops around the ring and then used the red string to go through them, around the snowman's neck, and tie in the back. I secured the knot with clear nail polish, then glued the back of the snowman to the ring so it wouldn't fall off. To finish the scarf, I glued two pieces of thread together in the middle, folded them under and then over the strangling neck scarf, and then glued that down.

I hope that makes some kind of sense. If not, feel free to comment and tell me how crazy I am. I plan on making more, possibly Christmas trees, more reindeer, or something like that, so I'll post when I do!

Let me know if you found this interesting at all!

Holiday Crafts!

So, yesterday I was super bored. Like, really bored. So I decided to make crafts!

The first thing I made was this super cute Christmas card with a reindeer on it. I made it out of that squishy craft foam stuff, and I based my reindeer off of this picture that I found on google.

Then I glued it to some construction paper, and TA-DA! Instant Christmas card. Well, not necessarily instant... But you get my point.

I've made two so far, and I haven't decided if it's worth my time to make them for anyone else yet, but I'll let you know.

The next project, which I have started but not finished, is a snowman ring! It kind of requires you knowing how to make a friendship bracelet, but if you don't know how, don't worry! It's super easy. You can learn here.

So, a while ago, I decided I wanted to make rings instead of bracelets, because they're quicker, and I'm not really a big fan of bracelets anyway. It's super easy, and it takes like five minutes, I promise. All you have to do is make the ring long enough that it will reach around whichever finger you want to wear it on, but no longer. Then you just tie the ends together with a super tight knot (I use clear nail polish to keep it together) and cut off the leftover strings. There's your ring! For the snowman ring, I'm using white thread, which I bought at Michael's for about thirty cents.

So, after you have your ring made, you need a needle and thread (if you're like me and there are no needles in your house because you're broken/lost them all doing random crafts, then see the alternate instructions later. I'm not sure which way is easier, because I haven't actually done it yet, but I'll let you know.). Basically, you just sew the cute foam shape (mine's a snowman) to the ring, preferably in a place that you can cover up with decoration. For instance, I'm using red thread for mine and then I'm going to disguise it as a scarf. :)

Then you have your super cute ring! You should wear it so school, and tell all of your friends how you learned how to make it! :)

So, I guess that's it for now. I'll post pictures and further instructions later tonight when I finish the ring!


Saturday, December 3


But like, 3 days after the fact.
Yeah, sorry we haven't been posting... again...
Okay. Is it just me, or are all of these apology posts really annoying?
We really just need to find something to post about so we can avoid awkward annoying situations like this.
Unfortunately, I don't really have anything to post about.
How about... um... so... how 'bout that weather, huh?
haha this is making me think of the "Act Casual" portion of this video (I'll go ahead & embed it cuz I'm awesome):

hahaha this video makes me laugh. Oh. Speaking of making me laugh... how 'bout these elephants- i mean, uh, this awesome band ;] (you might wanna turn it down or something, especially if you're wearing headphones... this could potentially damage your ears. Don't say I didn't warn you):

pahahaha if you're a part of this band... you are definitely awesome. And if you don't know the song they're playing, click here.
I always wonder, though... was this just an amazingly put together troll? Like, did these guys mean to play this poorly? Or did they really just not know the song at all & were having the worst off day ever?
So... yeah. Hope you enjoy these videos :)
And if you want me to post other videos or if you have any suggestions for posts, I'd love to hear them! And I'll dedicate the post to you ;] hahaha
Hope you've had a lovely December so far!


Thursday, November 24


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a great day, and is not currently waiting outside a store for a sale. I mean, really? There is this dude that has been camping out at Best Buy for a week now... I don't understand how anyone could want material goods badly enough to miss out on food! Especially delicious Thanksgiving food. Besides, look at this! You can't take your tent into the store, so a smart person would just wait until everyone crammed inside and steal the tents. That's how you save money on Black Friday. Also, they probably have some good food stashed away in their sleeping bags...

Anyway, enough about Black Friday ridiculousness; back to Thanksgiving! As a quick poll that will probably get no votes (please, prove me wrong), which do you prefer at Thanksgiving: turkey or ham? (or other, I guess....)

Personally, I'm a fan of ham.

So, I guess that concludes my rambling post... I don't really have anything else to say, except that I am shopping tomorrow, but I'm going at nine, like a normal person.


Monday, November 21

Someone ate my pasta.


I think I'm adding that to the list of things I will forever be mad about. Basically, yesterday we didn't have any food, so my dad sent me to Jason's Deli to pick up dinner. I got this really good pasta, but I couldn't finish it, so I put it in a container in the fridge for later. I was looking forward to that pasta all day, but I got home and it wasn't there! :( And since there is still no food (we're obviously too lazy to go to the grocery store), I ate some cornflakes. Without milk, because we don't have that either.

Luckily, Thanksgiving is in a few days, so I won't have to worry about food for a while!

Hmm... there was an actual reason I was posting besides pasta, but I don't remember.

Oh yeah! If you're looking for something awesome to listen to, you should try the new Mayday Parade album! My favorite song on the album is "I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing at All", which is the song on the blog right now. I also like "Oh Well, Oh Well", but the best song ever is "A Shot Across the Bow", which is basically about how much he hates someone and wants them to die. What makes it hilarious is how happy he sounds about it. You should totally listen to it. I promise it's awesome.

So, I guess that's enough for today. Have a nice Tuesday! Hopefully some of you are luckier than us and aren't in school at all this week!


Sunday, November 20


And unlike unicorns, this post is actually real! O.O
Yes, I wish unicorns were real, too. Do you know how awesome that would be?
... That makes me think of a story Kristin & I tried to write a way way way long time ago... It was about a firefly named Lightning (I think) and a unicorn named Ulysses S. Granticorn (the Third? I don't remember). But we only got 5 chapters in before Kristin stopped adding to it, and I am a horrid writer (my stories are failures), so I figured it'd be better to leave it incomplete than try to finish it myself. Because it probably wouldn't have gotten an ending in the first place... I would've come up with a horrible plot and then given up.
Speaking of horrible plots...
I can't remember the last time I've watched a movie I thought was bad (excluding the Twilight movies... those are just hilarious... ly bad).
But... yeah. A lot of movies that have come out recently have been pretty awesome! It's really exciting! I love being able to watch a movie all the way through and not get bored or confused... Oh. Like... Okay. I don't remember what it's called, but there's one movie about a movie producer who went crazy... and there were these rappers who wanted to finish producing a movie he never finished, or something... and the actual producers hated the rappers... see? I can't even explain it well. It was just too confusing. Movies like that get on my nerves. Movies are not just a bunch of random scenes put together with a very loose, esoteric plot. Movies are stories. With pictures. That move.
... Yeah.
But honestly, I'm really excited about some of the movies that are coming out! Like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows... I don't know. I really like Sherlock Holmes movies... they crack me up, and provide just enough mystery that I can't exactly put everything together until the very end, which is good. Because if I piece the mystery together and there's still an hour left in the movie, I'm going to fast forward to the end (probably). But anyway, this Holmes movie looks sorta interesting, so I'm sorta excited for it. And ooooh, The Darkest Hour looks so incredibly awesome! I really enjoy the slight twist on the alien thing... of course, it's the same general plot- destroy/take over the planet, but... it looks awesome! I like the concept with energy & invisibility... I've always been a sucker for invisibility.
Mmm... Let's see. Oh. I still haven't seen Super 8... that was one of those movies where the trailers told you almost nothing, but it looked good so you kinda wanna see it. Was it good, does anyone know? I hope it's not like that 9 movie where the trailers told you almost nothing, and the movie itself told you even less than the trailer. That's what I heard about it, ergo I never watched it haha
Oh. And I'm rather excited for the Avengers movie... I've been keeping up with all the new superhero movies, just so I have the correct backgrounds for it. If you don't know, all those superhero movies that have recently been coming out (Thor, Wolverine, Captain America, the Amazing Spiderman [possibly... I'm not sure about this one]) and then some of the older ones (Hulk, Fantastic 4 [does anyone know if they're gonna redo these? Because Cptn. America & Johnny Storm are the same person], Iron Man) are all building up for one mega Avengers movie! And if you don't know who the Avengers are, check out this link :) I feel like, doubly awesome because I've actually read a few of the comics! My dad used to buy them, and we still have them. So every once in a while, when I'm bored, I'll pull out a couple of X-Men or Spiderman or Avengers and just read :) It's really quite cool. So yeah, definitely looking forward to that movie. I hope they don't ruin it like they ruined Deadpool in Wolverine... Deadpool's gotta be my favorite mutant, hands down. He's funnier than Spiderman is supposed to be (he wasn't as funny in the movies...), he regenerates like Wolverine, and he wields swords and guns, along with various other weapons. AND he's like a ninja. So... yeah. Best mutant, by far.
Wow. This post is really long.
Guess it goes to show how much I like movies.
Okay. I'll stop rambling now.
Welcome to the zombie blog! I hope you're enjoying our new stuff! You should totally comment and tell us what you think :) That'd be way awesome of you.

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.

Hi, everyone!

How was your weekend? I hope that you have watched the video and enjoyed it! If not, you should :) It will make your weekend better.

We're not sure how often we're going to make videos, but we'll be sure to let you know when we come out with a new one!

So, on a completely different note, since we are reviving the blog, I am going to try to post everyday, at least for a while. Nothing happened today, though, so I guess I'll tell you about the rest of my weekend, which was awesome.

Friday, I went to the football game! It was really awesome, and we got to play in Cowboys Stadium. Even though we lost (I will forever be mad about that), it was a really great game. I mean, we scored a touchdown in the last two seconds and tied the game. It was so awesome I can't even begin to describe it. Everyone was super excited. Like, THIS excited. We lost in overtime (the other team kicked a field goal), but still... It was great.

Anyway, as you know from the video (I'm assuming you've watched it by now), Rianna and I (plus some other friends) went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 yesterday. It was better than the others, but still not quite good. There were some really funny parts, but in general the acting really sucked (except for Charlie, of course! He's my favorite...), and some parts were just awkward. So, my rating:

Breaking Dawn (part 1)


Summary: If you want a laugh, watch BD. If you want to watch a good movie, see something else.

Hmm... I should do that more often.
Anyway, that's all for today!
I hope you all have a good week (yes, all of you invisible blog readers...), and I will post again soon!


Saturday, November 19

yay new stuffs!

So... we pretty much fixed everything! We hope you like it :)
We worked kinda hard on it. Especially the video. The video took forever.
Please comment on what you like/dislike! That'd be awesome of you to do :)

GRACIAS (Merci, thank you, sorry i don't know thank you in any other languages)!!
Kris & Rian


Yeah. Hi.
Those improvements/changes Kristin was talking about?
They're currently happening.
So if you're confused about why stuff is changing (if you're weird & keep refreshing the page)... that's why.
Just wanted to unconfuse you :)
-Rian & Kris

Wednesday, November 16


So, I know it's been forever since either of us have posted (especially me...), but we are going to bring this blog back from the dead! It will be the best zombie blog around, I promise. :)

Hopefully in the next week or so you'll start to see things like:
  • a new background!
  • new music
  • possibly a video
  • and a whole bunch stuff we haven't come up with yet!
We're going to try this out, and hopefully it will be more organized than it was. If you're reading this (is anybody reading this?), please please please comment and let us know. We love you, we promise! We've just been super busy lately, and the blog kind of fell to the side. If you'd like to see anything in particular on the new and improved zombie blog, please let us know! If not, let us know anyway!

More posts to come!

Tuesday, September 13


We really suck at posting, huh?
I'm really sorry about this.
I promise that neither of us have died... School's honestly just been really busy. I have almost zero free time (unless I'm sleeping. That's free time, but I'm gonna use it for sleep), but for me, at least, it really hasn't been too bad. Just... a lot of work all at once haha
I hope you're having a wonderful day/week/month/year... and sorry again for not posting.
If you haven't already, I highly suggest reading the whole blog from the very beginning... I think it's sorta interesting, and you can learn a ton of new, useless facts! :D (so cool! all your friends will be so jealous about your newly acquired useless fact collection, I'm sure!)
But yeah. If you're still checking this fairly frequently... thanks for sticking with us, but you could probably start checking once a month or so... sorry. You're really awesome, though, and I hope you don't forget about us!

Tuesday, July 26


Holy wow!
I just realized that we haven't posted for exactly one month.
I guess I picked an excellent day to finally post something.

"Let Me Just Begin My Three-part Apology By Saying That You're a Wonderful Person..."

Um... that's a semi-accurate quote from the movie Zombieland... and yeah. I'm sorry for not posting in forever. It's just been one of those summers where I don't feel like doing a single thing but become one with the couch and stuff my brains with movies. Seriously. It's waaaaay bad. I'm actually starting to fear that my brain, since I haven't had any software updates and have ignored the "check engine" light for quite a long while, might be expired or just too old of a version to work very well. I may have to replace it... but unless anyone knows a good place to buy excellent brains and feels like taking me there, I'll just laze around on the couch some more :)
Anyway. So... I think ones my brain gets in gear and I decide to do everything the last week before school starts (hahaha I'm kidding, but I really am a horrible procrastinator), I'll work on that mega documentary post I planned on writing earlier but became too lazy to even start haha so you guys will get to see what's been going on this summer (not much yet, but... hey, I guess this segues into the main topic of this post!)

I'm not leaving the blog, I promise. I'm just going on vacation soon! Yay, beaches. Now I can detach myself from my couch potato life and venture out into the sun, where I will quite possibly melt or become blinded by the brightness. But it'll be fun, I'm sure, so... if I melt or go blind, I'll be happy at least :)
Anyway. I hope you all have had a wonderful June and most of July, and hopefully I'll post again, this time sooner rather than later. Sorry again for that.

Sunday, June 26

Where does George Washington keep his armies?


That's the most hilarious joke I've heard in a while... other than this one, which is just hilarious because it's so lame:

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

Where's my tractor?

It's just funny because it's not really a joke at all...

Anyway, I'm back from Europe! Everything was super amazing! I would make a really long post about it, but I don't really feel like it.... maybe I'll post some pictures later.

So... that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed the cheesiness.


Thursday, June 16

Crazy Stuff

There wasn't an embed code as far as I could tell (which wasn't very far, lemme tell you), so you'll just have to click this link.
I dunno... I thought it was perfect, somehow. Hilarious, too... but fitting?
Actually, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I was at Mavericks Central today (Dallas, Tx- along with every other Mavs fan in the country) for the parade... it was hot, and crowded, and I didn't get to see because the guys in front of me (I was standing at the edge of a fountain, but it was weird... I'll draw a picture) would always stick their arms up and shout "CHANDLERRRR!!" whenever any of the players drove by... but only once was it actually Tyson Chandler.

Alright: PICTURES!

So first there was this girl, who I totally agree with, except when you look around and see this:

It's kind of sad.

These were the crazy Chandler fans standing in front of me, constantly blocking my view of the parade, and here is a bad diagram of the area :)

The single x is where I was standing, the 4 x's are where those crazy guys were standing. All the gaps where I was standing on the fountain represent where waterfalls were. Also, pretend each of the giant purple stick figures represent about the same amount of people in the crowd picture... But there were still a lot more. And the rectangles are buildings. There were people in there, and I was slightly jealous because Texas is hot :( There was probably air conditioning.
Also, the tiny stick figures in the fountain represent all the nasty little children who were swimming around and splashing everyone. (Fountain water is disgusting- don't let your children swim in it, or drink it. Ew.)

But fortunately, I caught glimpses of the players and other various people, so I wasn't disappointed. Today was... hectic, to say the least, but enjoyable at the same time. And one more thing: IN YO FACE, HEAT FANS! hahaha sorry, I couldn't resist :) I really don't care too much for basketball, but I'm happy to see the team I grew up watching finally win.
Anyway, I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your week!
Rian (is not a great artist)

Sunday, June 12

Don'tcha know?

The reason I love this show?
Hilarious people like this guy.

Of course, there are the amazing things like this or thi
s (or even this [it's actually just super cute haha])... but when someone says:
"I've only been impaled with them once or twice in the past... so they're pretty safe."
then I just lose it xD


Saturday, June 11

Harry Potter > X-Men

So... I found this on Epic Fail, but I don't necessarily see it as a fail. It's actually kind of a win. I like the Cyclops one best.

The only reason this is here is because I just saw X-Men: First Class, and it was awesome. Like really awesome.

There were some super hilarious parts, but I won't say them because I don't want to spoil the movie. :) You should go see it.

Since we're talking about movies, let me just remind you that HARRY POTTER COMES OUT JULY 15th!!!!!!!
I'm so excited! I love Harry Potter so much.... actually, now I want to reread the whole series. I might just do that.

Unfortunately, I'm leaving soon,
and I won't be able to take all of
the books I would need with me. I forgot to tell you, I think.
I'm going to France and Italy. :D
I'm leaving Tuesday around noon and coming back the following Friday. If I can get on a computer, I might post a few pictures for you (those invisible people reading the blog...) while I'm gone. I'm super excited!


Thursday, June 9

Dinosaurs (and Wikipedia)

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I am pretty much obsessed with dinosaurs.
They're amazing, for one, they're also extinct, large, and generally small-brained.
But they're amazing.
I'd have to say that my favorites are raptors (specifically, Jurassic Park versions of velociraptors, which are actually closer to Utah raptors, but whatever), and I've always had a healthy fear of Tyrannosaurs. Recently I've read Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World. I highly recommend them both, because the first two movies do not do them justice, really (and since the third movie was completely random and not good at all, I'm going to ignore it). However, The Lost World scared the bajeebers out of me when I read about the Carnotaurus. The way Crichton described them made me imagine that someone (like Professor X) grabbed a pot and was creating a formula to create an amazing dinosaur. They mixed in a bit of ninja, some cuttlefish, octopus, and chameleon... and then they accidentally added an extra ingredient- TYRANNOSAURUS REX. *cue explosions* And thus the Carnotaurus was formed! Using their ultra-super powers, they would stand still and scare off T-rexes and velociraptors and other dinosaurs because they could be virtually invisible. dun dun duhduhduh duuuh duh (haha sorry, I enjoy watching Powerpuff Girls)! Anyway, yeah. Crichton had me scared to death there for a while, but then I found out that he just made that up, so I'm all good now :] Anyway. I also think that Procompsognathus (compys from here on out) were pretty amazing, too... As are Dilophosaurs, Apatosaurs, and Pachycephalosaurs. Of course, there's always the classic Triceratops, Maiasaurs, and Pterodactyls... but some interesting ones I found were Gigantoraptors and Supersaurs. They just have cool names, really :)

Anyway, yeah. Today, I got Portal 2!! I've been super excited for this game for a while now, and I started playing co-op with my brother. I think I'm gonna play the first one again, though, just so I can play it all straight through. I think it'll be fun. Or maybe I'll play the second one, and then the first one again? I don't know. Either way, I'll probably end up playing them both before summer vacation is over. That, homework, and maybe a trip or two is all I have planned so far... it's going to be... an interesting break, to say the least.

I'll try to post more, I promise! :)

Sometimes, I think I'm dyslexic

I was at Barnes and Noble and there was a sign:


And when I read it, I thought it said:


Needless to say, I was pretty confused.
To go along with my dyslexia, I've also become horribly clumsy... Yesterday I kicked myself in the back of the leg and cut myself with my toenail. It bled a lot....
I also cut my hand on the car (getting groceries out of the trunk) and scraped my elbow (while getting into the car). I have a lot of bandaids on.
Anyway, that's all. Nothing remotely exciting happened today, so I guess I don't have anything else to talk about...

Tuesday, June 7

In case you're wondering...

(Which you're probably not, by the way)

I'm a Hufflepuff...

Yeah. You can take the quiz here. I thought it was pretty accurate.

Oh, and by the way, we had an awesome time tonight at our cbox party... We'll let you know about the next one in case you want to join us. :)
You know you want to.... it's fun!


That's the noise I make when people try to talk to me when I'm sleeping.

This morning:
Me: asleep in my bed
My mom: not asleep
Mom: hey, kristin, you should go run with your brother.
Me: sleeping
Mom: hey.
Me: unh... what?
Mom: you should go run.
Me: time?
Mom: now.
Me: sleeping
Mom: it's eight o' clock! you have to go before it gets hot.
Me: but it's eight o' clock....

Anyway, you get the point, right? Well, this is my inner monologue while I was running:

Ohmygod, whose idea was this? I knew I shouldn't have gotten up. Why am I here? My ipod ran out of battery. I'm so bored. I feel like I'm going to die. Who thought running was a good idea, again?


Monday, June 6

A long long time ago....

(in a galaxy far far away)

I actually posted.
Well, now that it's summer, I can actually post again!

People always talk about junior year being the hardest, and while I'm not sure about that, I do know that it definitely was the busiest. There really wasn't time to post or think about posting. Sorry.

So... summer! Yay! I can actually stay up late because I want to, and not because I'm doing homework! I've actually been out of school since Thursday, because I didn't have to take any of my exams, but instead of sitting around alone for two stays straight, I decided I would go to school with my mom. She teaches eighth grade. If you don't already know, eighth graders are crazy, especially on the last few days of school.

Amazingly, they did not mistake me for a middle schooler like them, which is what usually happens, but I did get called short, which, honestly, is true. A sixth grader did make kissy noises (yes, kissy noises) at me when I was walking down the hallway, but that was the only really weird (creepy) thing that happened.

Today I started volunteering at the library again. It was pretty fun, mainly because I sat with two of my friends and made paper dinosaurs for the majority of the time.

Anyway, that's my life right now... I'm gonna go to Starbucks. I'll post later.


Friday, May 27


Dear Reader,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever. But you have to realize- school has pretty much been wrapping up these past few weeks... or month... so I've really been too busy to do anything non-homework related. Trust me, if I could have posted, I would have. But I've been up to pretty much nothing but school lately, and it's a nightmare. Now, with these last two weeks of school, I feel as though I'm wasting time. We're not doing anything. I go to school, do nothing, and come back home to do more nothing. And that's what's so horrible! I get home, have no homework, and I'll sit down at the computer and wonder, "whoa. what was it that I used to do on the computer before I got so busy?" and I'll draw a blank. I have no idea how I used to spend my time and procrastinate so much. Did I play flash games? I'm fairly certain that I didn't. Did I read stories? Probably not... Did I just aimlessly search Google, Wikipedia, or YouTube? I don't think so. What did I do?! This summer is going to be either the best, or the worst. I'll either find some non-summer homework way to spend my time that is so much fun, or I'll sit, bored to death, doing homework every day of every week. So, lucky you, I remembered, "hey! whoa! I actually have a blog! Let's post- that's something to do!" so... here I am. Surprise! I wonder if you were even expecting anything anymore. Probably. As far as I can tell, people think this site is too awesome to just not have anything anymore (and now you all probably hate the blog. Sorry for bragging. Or... getting a big head or something haha). So, dear reader, I suppose I will update you all on my life (since I know that you all want to know all about me, because I am so popular. [again, you all probably hate me now. sorry]). Recently I've expanded on my love of dinosaurs, developing a so called "Velociraptor Walk" and stance that I've kind of just fallen into. It's become some sort of weird habit now... and I feel like a dangerous creature. Fear me, Rawr! >:] yadda yadda. So... I've read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and highly suggest it to anyone who's a) never read it, b) only watched the movies, or c) a huge dinosaur fan and didn't know that such a book existed. Because it is a good 598 times better than the movie. And I finally checked out the sequel, The Lost World, and found a channel that actually plays the second movie (AKA: the best movie of the trilogy) on TV, so I'm excited. Hmm... what else? Oh. We dissected a cat in anatomy the other day... that was... interesting. I'm not going to elaborate, however, because I don't really want any cat lovers or animal rights activists on me, talking about how wrong that is because I don't really care. Oh. Today some cleaning people came over to my house... and when I got back, my room was a mess. And by that, I mean: messier than it already was. They had shoved all my stuff around, so I had to reset up my organized messes, and dust stuff off (there was more dust in my room than before, so my allergies are killing me). But whatever. I probably could've cleaned it, but I was lazy. Another thing: ... wait, no, I forgot again... actually, I just remembered. MEATFEST THIS SUNDAY! I'm excited! Another bacon explosion, possibly some kind of turtle thing... I have to go to some website called "Epic Meal Time" or something to look, I've been told. So... that'll be exciting. I have to decorate, too. Fun stuff. Um... I've gained some really awesome best friends, and we have the best inside jokes... that's pretty cool. I'm still as clumsy as ever, so you don't have to worry about that... well, you might, in case I die... but other than that, don't worry so much haha. Mmm. Two new blogs I'd started reading a while ago & then stopped, and kinda am too lazy to pick back up: The Problem with Young People and Cake Wrecks. Hilarious stuff, guys. Um... I kind of feel like that sums the past month up pretty well. For, you know, non-school related stuff. Jeez. For some reason, I've recently been feeling like every day is Friday and every evening is Saturday, because I just though, "Oh! SNL comes on tonight!" but... it doesn't. That's tomorrow. Yes, this is proof that right now, just about everything is a waste of time. If I'm not sleeping, eating, or breathing during an activity, then it's wasting my time hahaha just kidding. That would be horrible.
So, yes, dear reader. I hope you can forgive me for not posting for over a month. That was bad of me, I know, and maybe, hopefully, it won't happen again. But no guarantees. None. At all. Because if I guarantee anything, then I'll probably fail you. And I couldn't deal with too much of that sense of guilt. So... I hope you have a wonderful time until I post next, and please- be aware of velociraptors... or just dinosaurs in general. They are dangerous creatures and can definitely eat or kill you. So... read this comic again, and stay safe!

Have a wonderful life, reader. You rock.


Saturday, April 23


It's so awesomely fake looking... I can't help but want to watch it! :D

Friday, April 22

This is what happens when you play Mortal Kombat & Portal too much.

Companion Cubality Gif - Companion Cubality
see more Gifs

I mean, I'm not opposed to either. In fact, I like them both. But this is just ridiculous hahaha
psst: Also, happy Earth Day, guys! I suppose that's why they were playing this on TV today...
He's gonna bring pollution down to zero! :D
Except I never understood- Earth, Wind, Fire, Water... and heart?! Poor kid.

Wednesday, April 20

If only, if only...

Life would be complete.
Sorry we haven't posted in a while- it's getting to that time of year where everything's all due at once, and then there's a test almost ever day. However, next week is TAKS week... so I'll probably post then :)
Have a great week/day/whatever!

Thursday, April 7

Duck & Cover, guys.

We watched this in history the other day... literally one of the most hilarious things i've ever seen.
People are funny.

Monday, April 4

Seriously, this is just to have a new post.

Yeah, sorry. A lot's been happening.... but nothing really interesting. I promise you though that we will probably have like, 3 posts up on Monday. Why?

  1. No school on Monday! and that means...
  2. ... It's a craft day for us! On Monday we will...
  3. ... be making T-shirts!
so that'll be exciting. and we'll most likely post about that... even though it really doesn't have anything to do with the blog.
but yeah. sorry for the lack of posts!!! :(

Friday, March 18

The Music Is Cute :]

I will totally end up thinking of this if I ever need to ask for/have someone ask me for a jump xD

This sucks

So, I was typing that last post (about what I did in San Francisco), and I accidentally clicked enter before I finished the title. And the rest of the post, obviously. So then I went back, and I was editing it, but my computer randomly shut down the internet! D:

So now my post is gone... I guess I'll finish it in the morning. I don't know why it didn't autosave...

Thursday, March 17

I don't think I

Wednesday, March 16

Spring Break!

Yeah. So... we're pretty much officially half way through Spring Break now.
That stinks.
But it's been pretty fun so far... Kristin's in San Fransisco, so that's why she hasn't posted in a while.
I just haven't posted anything. Sorry.
But for those of you who care (I know there are at least 13 of you haha), I think I'm going to get my driver's license on Friday! I'm kind of excited. And tomorrow, an awesome friend of mine is coming over, and it's gonna be a lot of fun!
Oh. I just painted my nails like rainbows... and that's pretty cool.
Um, so... yeah. I really don't have much to talk about. It's been a pretty mundane Spring Break (if I leave out the hilariousness of Dance Central). How's yours been? I'd love to hear from you random people haha
(this is a lame ending. I'm sorry.)

psst: If you want to request a song for the Awesome Box, feel free! I'm kind of just changing it every once in a while, and usually it's just songs that are stuck in my head at the moment. So, yeah. If you have a song, I might put it up for a while (you know, it's gotta be appropriate, people).

psst2: I totally just remembered to put this on here- I started reading this hilarious comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja! It's super funny, and it involves: A doctor, who is also a ninja. That doctor's family. A twelve-year-old-velociraptor-riding bandito who grew a mustache out of sheer force of will. Ben Franklin's clone. Pirates. and much, much more haha :) give it a look!

Tuesday, March 8

Happy Mardi Gras!

So, here's the story I was talking about a while ago- it's the story of a teacher's dreams getting crushed. Yes, while that might sound horrible, and it kind of was, it was still pretty funny :)

A month ago today, my English teacher (let's call her Mrs. X) walked into class with beads on and she yelled, "HAPPY MARDI GRAS!" Of course, a majority of us students looked around at each other, with the same message in our eyes- "Um... Mardi Gras is usually in March, right?!" But Mrs. X loves to talk, so she began telling us of how she told all of the other teachers, and how excited she was, and how if we were in New Orleans (because she used to live there), we'd have the day off of school. She also told us of her plans for later that day- she was gonna go to some restaurant and eat some crayfish (exciting, right?). And after about twenty minutes of this, she finally was ready to begin class.
Now, on the other side of the room (at the same time my friends and I were kind of looking at Mrs. X like she had cotton candy sprouting out of her ears), Kristin & a couple of other friends were being productive. One friend (who will be called "K"- and no, this is not a Kokoro reference, I promise), had a relative who lives in New Orleans and decided to text her. So, by the time Mrs. X was ready to begin class, K's relative had already texted back. So K moved to the front of the classroom (we were giving presentations & she was the timer) and said, "Um, Mrs. X? My [relative] who lives in New Orleans said that Mardi Gras is on March 8."
And Mrs. X's face dropped like a rock.
It was hilarious.
Many students started laughing (I will admit to a giggle, because I am a mean person) and Mrs. X became very flustered. She was, of course, very sad to find out that she was a whole month early (as a friend said, "I dunno how they celebrate in New Orleans, but in [state name], we don't celebrate things a month in advance," and "It's like being Christian and not knowing when Christmas is!" haha), and she had told all of the other English teachers that today was Mardi Gras. There was an attempt to make Mrs. X feel better:
Student: Aw, Mrs. X, did you wake up all excited because you thought it was Mardi Gras?
Mrs. X: Yes. :(
Student: Well... now you get to do it again!! :D
Class: LOL
... Obviously that didn't work too well.
And, just as a kid was going to start his presentation, Mrs. X suddenly stood up and began walking toward the door. She quickly explained, "I have to go tell all of the other teachers that today is not Mardi Gras."
As she left, we all looked at each other once again, and thought two things:
1) The other teachers probably already knew that February 8 was not Mardi Gras, and
2) How did her husband let her walk out of the house knowing that it was not Mardi Gras?
We generally believed that he was just gonna let her find out on her own.
When Mrs. X walked back in, she asked us, "Do you see the egg all over my face?" and then, as if we didn't understand, explained, "It's a metaphor." -__- whoa, really?
So that was a good way to start off the day.
Let's hope that today is just as great, yeah?
Happy Mardi Gras!

Saturday, March 5

i hate track meets.
we were sitting on the bus because our coach told us to, so i was trying to sleep. And then someome sat on my face. I mean, seriously? Pay attention, please.
and then some lady yelled at us to get off the bus, so now we're standing outside in the cold, and i'm tired.

psst: here's the song to go along with this post from yesterday: FML by The Failed Attempts (aka Kat & her friend haha)

Friday, March 4

Don't Ask Me How I Remembered This...

But it's so funny at the same time.
And truthfully, I don't know where this came from- probably because I was watching this, and he is bad, and... yeah, I dunno.