Wednesday, April 29

Do you ever just get annoyed at random people?

Cuz I do...and speaking of random, I want to watch that show...Glee. 

Idk why, but it looks interesting. And funny. And stupid.
I don't really have anything to say.
But the Swine's kinda scary. Hope I don't get sick.


i felt like a total computer geek yesterday- none of my friends knew that if you push the [home] button on your keyboard, it brings you to the beginning of the line you typed. vice versa with the [end] button- it brings you to the end of the typed line. i mean, seriously. they started screaming about how i "changed their lives" and stuff. it was really weird.
i'm annoyed- it's humid & hot outside, and it rains for minutes at a time, like, 3 times a day. it's so annoying.
so today was boring again... & i was still hungry. :P no kidding, though.

Rian (doesn't have much to say.... and it's developing into a really awkward silence on the computer... which is kinda weird.)

PS: these people dance really weird. maybe that's just because they're weird people.
PSS: no, i'm not telling you what i'm watching.
PSSS: ROCKY!!! ADRIAN! ROCKY!!!! ADRIAN! bwahahahahahahhaha. <-- not evil laughter, i promise. :)
PSSS: i really should stop this... but the title is "The Lion King"- we started watching it in Spanish in Spanish class.

Tuesday, April 28

I've always wondered...

When someone comments on your post, do you reply to their comment on your blog or on theirs? Because if you comment on yours, they might not see it, and if you comment on theirs, they might not have any idea what you're talking about...

And Alex, in case you're reading this, yes, this is about your comment...
That's pretty much what this post is about, since I'm not in the mood to talk about today. I don't think I ever will be, though. :(
Sometimes, life sucks.

Taks is really boring. And it makes me really hungry.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Monday, April 27

sims, walks, clouds

To address the subject of the title...

Well, actually, it comes out on June 2nd, which is in a bit more than a month, and also two days before the end of the school. And if you haven't played the Sims, you should. It's awesome. 
Next...walks. So, on Saturday, me and Jason were bored, so we asked if our cousins could come over. Cousin 1 (C1), is my age, a girl, and Cousin 2 (C2) is...18? 19? C1's brother. So we decided to go for a walk. We started out in our neighborhood, but then there was this totally awesome drain thing that was SUPER huge, like, bigger than an alley. So we walked down the hill and through there. We ended up at this one main street, so we walked pretty far down it, until we were almost to Rianna's house, and then turned back. We saw some pretty weird was totally awesome, though.
Oh yeah. Me and Jason watched Charlie the Unicorn 3 today. It was totally awesome and hilarious. 
Haha....watching iCarly.
Sokko (Socko?), Tyler, and Otto (Auto). Totally hilarious. Socko (?) sells socks, Tyler sells ties, and Otto sells used cars. Awesome, huh?
Well, Still Standing comes on in a few minutes, and I'm reading an awesome manga, or two, so I'm gonna stop typing now....yAy!


i was reading a fanfiction (big surprise, eh?) when i heard about him. Dane Cook. Probably one of THE most hilarious people EVER! though i've only heard like, 4 of his skit thingys, he made me laugh sooo hard!

I listened to, and recommend:

  1. Christ Chex
  2. Burger King
  3. The Price is Right
  4. Kool-Aid Man (but i only listened to the audio. i suppose it's better that way)
yep. i'll let you look him up... i'm tired.

Rian (likes not having homework for once! [megasmile])

The Avian Swine Flu! O.o

fyi- swine= pig... avian= bird. basically, i said (with super fancy words) the flying pig flu. all credit goes to my dad. :)

anyway... because you are awesome (you're reading this blog- that almost automatically makes you awesome), i don't want you to get the swine flu. you could die. & if you die, then you can't read this blog.

Awesome people+ swine flu= no awesome people coming to the blog anymore to read it & therefore this blog becomes lost. except to kristin & i.

[that's where you all go "oooh!" because you get it now]

so check this out: Staying Free of Swine Flu (SFSF- i did NOT do that on purpose, i promise!)

... i was going to say something else... but i forgot. :'(
guess what?
[um, this is where you say "what, rian?"]

it was raining today. :)

OH YEAH! i remembered what i was gonna say.

it's CYBERchase! :D it's been FOREVER since i've seen that show... & i forgot what reminded me of it. uh huh. that's it, really.

Rian (for some reason, she kept double spacing everything)

Saturday, April 25

I give a shout out to:


(if you don't know who i'm talking about, it's the Dallas Mavericks)

idk why i called it a shout out... really random. anyway- even if you're not a mavs fan, check out this video. it's pretty... hilarious & weird. definitely more weird than hilarious. definitly.

Rian (is a mavs fan)

Friday, April 24


mostly, it's just kristin & her brother. i can name two- three, off the top of my head.

  1. Aaron on the Cbox
  2. Harry Pottah on my phone
  3. Kristin & Danielle didn't even try on the cbox, but they did

so how would you like to know that i found out that my dad was tricking me on the cbox, too?!! arg!
he was the one who said the old background looked like marshmallows on mustard!! GAH!

the only good thing out of all this?
He tricked Kristin, too. :P

Rian (isn't normally a gullible person- only on the internet.) :'(

There should be a Random Minds Convention

RMC! yay! it sounds like fun! anyway, i'll tell u about the dream i just had (yes, it's morning, & yes, i just woke up from a dream) -_-;;. anyway:

so kristin & i were having some sort of competition- something like track & cooking at the same time. so basically, i think my mom (?) gave us whole chickens (already dead, thank goodness!) and we had to cook them. but at the same time, i think we had to run stuff. (twas weird). so we each had little toaster ovens, except they had taken the toaster part off. so it was basically just little mini ovens. anyway, i kept heating mine in intervals of 30 seconds, and when i pushed the thirty second button (i guess they looked like mini ovens, but they were really microwaves. idk) for like, the 4th time, my chicken exploded. the legs came apart, and some random bone that was between them squeezed out. then the chicken basically melted... it was gross. and when i looked up after yelling, "my chicken exploded!", kristin was eating her chicken & staring at me. just staring. it was kinda creepy.

yeaaahhh... idk either. i don't even WANT chicken!!! i guess it's because in Spanish class, we reached the food chapter, and section A is about the Kitchen. in the picture, there was a chicken in an over (el hondo, or something like that- hey! it's 5:19 in the morning! cut me some slack!) and then microwave is a fun word (microondas, or something), so i just kinda... dreamed about it? idk. oh yeah, i didn't see who, but kristin was sharing her chicken with some really tall person. idk...

Rian (still doesn't feel like having chicken- more like going to sleep, but knows she can't because of school. [cry])

Wednesday, April 22

I got bored again

so i did mad libs!

here's one from "Mad Libs American Idol!"

You're So Bad...
One hollow contestant that came to jibe was so thoughtless that one of the judges made a bet with her. He said she was such a bad librarian that if she pronounced in kitchen, everyone would leave! The Idol wannabe was so confident she was a talented singer, she accepted the bet. If she could sing for a crowd in the kitchen and have twenty five of the people there not munch, she would get to grumble to Hollywood! So the contestant, who sort of looked like Matilda, sang her kidneys out. She shook her shoulders and waved her elephants, and one by one, all of the people in the kitchen left. All except one, that is! Christian Bale stayed and clapped for her! He yelled "Oh my!" and even gave her a standing ovation! She was so happy, she started to explode!

i know, it's not very good. but i had to choose stuff. &... idk.
Rian (thinks she's so bored, she can't even do stuff right! [frown])

Because I can read,

i find some HILARIOUS songs. like this one i found on a fanfiction. i'm not kidding, it's TOTALLY hilarious. OMG i was laughing SOOO hard, but i didn't want my mom to know cuz i'm supposed to be doing homework, & it would be weird if i was doing cornell notes (which i hate) & then burst out laughing, don't you think? yeah... so i almost had to stuff my face in a pillow because i didn't want to be heard. wOw.

Rian (is still laughing... on the inside [loti])

omg. i just watched the video... & stuffed my face in my hand because i was trying not to laugh at their facial expressions (plus the lyrics started making me laugh again).

psst: i believe my word of the day is "totally" today.
... or was that yesterday's, too? O.o


i do NOT recommend Addicted to Curry.

i said, "you should read it" in the last post, but only because of the hilariousness.

i repeat: i do NOT recommend it. because of some parts. they are not to be viewed by people under... 13 i GUESS... but still. no lo recomendo. <-- spanish for " i don't recommend it." (if the grammer's off, sorry)


Addicted to [Manga].

apparently, i am.
so last night, i was talking to you (kinda) about Addicted to Curry. well, i've decided to keep on with it because it's so hilarious. :) you should read it too.

but this morning (yes, morning- i woke up at five, read a chappy of AtC, and then apparently fell asleep), i had one of THE strangest dreams i have EVER had EVER. no joke. so basically this girl kept getting in trouble, so this one guy (g1) would always save her. well, the girl didn't want g1 to save her- she wanted G2 to save her. She liked him, & he was a star athlete. but he was never near her when she got in trouble, so g1 had to save her. But anyway, a whole bunch of people were playing soccer (some from AtC, some i just made up for lack of AtC people), so of course the girl, g1, and G2 were there. So girl gets in trouble, and just as G2 is ACTUALLY going to save her, someone yells "don't let the space ships come!" and then i saw a picture of G2's face (he was really ugly, but whatever). After that, a video played, and i distinctly remember hearing my voice (of logic, which isn't heard enough) say "I didn't know mangas could play videos!" because i TOTALLY thought that i was still reading AtC. but back to the dream: in the video, you see someone score a goal, and all the people are like "yay!". but then you look up at the sky, and there are 4 space ships (that look like guns from Halo... idk either) flying over the field. They suddenly transform into giant robots (VERY similar to those in Transformers) and they just stood there. why? probably because all the little people on the field that they were planning on squishing had somehow all aquired purple lightsabers (i had wished they could've been all different colors, but i guess purple's ok...) and magical powers, and the teams were fighting each other like that. Then my mom woke me up.

but i'm not even kidding- i TOTALLY thought i was still reading Addicted to Curry! Because I had read a chapter, then apparently gotten on the couch & fell asleep. but... i really don't know. it was so weird & random...

RANDOM!! (like pudding. we have some in the refridgerator)


Tuesday, April 21

Did you know...

that kristin only owns one pair of pants- she gets the rest from the Pants Library. she was just jealous that I had MY OWN pants. what made me randomly think of this? ... this:

Dear Aunt Loretta,

Thank you for getting me pants! How did you know I wanted that for Christmas? I love the way my new pants looks on my legs! My friends will be so jealous that I have my own pants. Thanks for making this the best Christmas ever! Sincerely, Greg.
--- "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by that guy who's name i don't remember & don't feel like looking up right now. :)

In other news... BINJAS. I have three words for you: "Un Lun Dun". check it out!

<-- binja :)

Newsflash! I just started reading a random yet pretty hilarious new manga called "Addicted to Curry". i'm only in chappy three, so i'm still getting a feel for it, but the FIRST PAGE was UBER hilarious, so i was compelled to read it. :)

Recently (actually, for dinner tonight, before the Domino's pizza) I had Chick-fil-a. it was good. We had the new chicken strips (i think it's weird how they JUST thought up the idea for that...), and on the bag there was a cow dressed in a business suit with big nerd glasses on, and the sign said: "Memo frum da Boss: Eat chiken stripz. I meen biznes." Just thought I'd share.

This just in (not really, i just randomly feel like using news anchor people sayings... or something like that), weird topics on face book top 5 application (or whatever it's called). For instance: "5 People Least Likely to Kill You", "Top 5 Men's Curling Teams", and... something else that I don't remember right now. yep. ok... MRC FOREVER! :)

Rian (is really bored, and finally finished her homework [thank goodness!])

chef boyardi beef ravioli commercial- awesome. :)

Monday, April 20

I want a penpal

Really...I've always wanted one...speaking of which, that reminds me of this one time when we were in Florida, many many years ago, and I met this one Irish girl at the pool. And we meant to exchange addresses and phone numbers and stuff so that we could talk and write, but we never got a chance to...which sucks. that could have been totally awesome. because I really want to talk to some random person I don't know righ tnow....I'm not sure why, either. But I know exactly what i would tell them...i guess we'd have to be e-pals, since i'm not about to give out my address to some random person I don't know at all. know what I've always wondered?
Why do my posts only double space the first paragraph? The rest is single spaced, and it's very annoying. Rian's double spaces all of it...
Yeah...maybe my computer's just stupid. Actually, I know that's true, but you know what I mean...well, i think i'm going to go take a shower and actually work on my math review, since I have a test tomorrow. A test I cannot fail.

I'm going to make a rhombicuboctahedron! :)

for the new math project... i can either make one made out of just squares & triangles, or squares, triangles, & octagons. it'll be fun. i also get to make a dodecahedron. or something like that. that'll be... interesting. idk what my theme'll be yet, but i'll figure something out. hopefully.
oh... i love this quote.
nevermind. my dad just made those up. i thought that that guy actually said that. (<-- Rianna being gullible)

rhombicuboctahedrons! ... it says it's not a word. tetrahedrons & icosahedrons :)
Rian (is not wanting to do math homework, but enjoys saying fun mathy words.)

Saturday, April 18

The Six Flags Post

This six flags post was so totally awesome that it doesn't just deserve it's own post, it deserves it's own BLOG. I swear. It was totally awesome.

So we got there at 9:55, and went the normal route first. I was with Kimberly, by the way. 
We rode the pirate ship (Conquistador), the sombrero, the Titan (O.o). It was my first time on the was awesome. It's not as bad as everyone says, but it was really crazy...Just in case you were wondering, I'm not a really big roller coaster person, at least I wasn't, but Kimberly wanted to go, so I did.
Then we went on Shockwave, the best ride in the park, the mine train, one of the best rides in the park, and got food. We had foot long corn dogs and curly fries. We didn't finish our fries, so we took them with us in line for Mr.Freeze, which I had never ridden before today, either. 
By the way, if you've been to Six flags, in Texas, lately, you know about the stupid locker thing. So we had this locker, starting from when we rode Mr.Freeze, for about three hours. We made good use of our one dollar locker.
So, Mr. was interesting. Second best ride in the park, I'd have to say. Then we rode Batman, new for me also. It was pretty good, but definitely not my favorite. Then we rode flashback, which was SUPER crazy, and awesome, and the parachute ride, which was semi-stupid.
Oh the very beginning, I bought a superman cape. It's awesome. I'm wearing it right now.
Back to the day...After that, we rode Mr. Freeze again. Then we went back to the parachute ride and took pictures on it, and next, the totally awesome part, Kimberly wanted to take a picture with one of the we found this guy with a food cart and took a picture with him. we were actually surprised he agreed as quickly as he did. It was fun.
Then we rode some more stuff, and we decided we wanted to know food cart guy's name, so we zoomed in on his name tag in the picture, but we couldn't read it, so we went to look for him...We found him pretty quickly. His name is Chris... we kinda became stalkerish after that...but who cares?
So then we went up in the tower with my cape and took superman pose pictures with the wind...the police officer laughed at us.
Then we rode the mine train, and kimberly ended up having a completely exaggerated screaming contest with someone at the back of the train. Then we rode the mini mine train, but it wasn't as awesome...
And somewhere in here, I bought frozen lemonade. It was good. And Kimberly wanted a recycle man cape, so she played a random game...and won. And got the cape.
And then, when it started getting darkish, we rode Shockwave again, this was our third time, and Kimberly screamed really loudly at the end, and the guy in front of us turned around and said, "You're paying my medical bill." And they ended up having this random conversation...and later, we decided we should have taken a picture with Chris the food cart guy. We didn't even know nerd guy's name. 
Oh yeah, and the second time we rode shockwave, there was this random Mr. jim's pizza card on the floor, so we decided we'd see if it was there after the ride...because shockwave has two loops. 
And it was there...upside down. so we were screaming about how the card didn't fall off the ride but it somehow flipped over.
And then, after Kimberly got her cape, we went back up to the tower and did superman poses together, and the police lady took the picture, while this other lady held out our capes, because the wind was being stupid. It was awesome.
Then we rode the bobsled (La Vibora or something...). It was awesome, but the things that are supposed to hold you in the ride didn't even touch our laps. But of course, on the acme rocket thing, they crushed us.
And we saw Chris the food cart guy twice more.
And the last ride we rode was Superman, which was TOTALLY awesome. It was my first time riding that, too. But these stupid people can't follow instrustions, so we ended up sitting separate...and the stupid guys, who were now sitting beside me, kept staring at me the whole time, because I was laughing and not screaming. It was awesome...then we had a funnel cake and an awesome conversation on the way home...All that in twelve hours. Awesome, huh?

Friday, April 17

Just because I can:









if you want, i can sing teen titans... you know what?! WHY NOT?! (i'm watching it right now, fyi. just finished watching PPG...)

or better yet... i'll just post the episode (or at least part of it) that i'm watching. save you the trouble of straining your poor little eyes.)

yo. it's SILKY.

Rian (is a member of the MRC!)

It seems that I haven't posted in a while

It probably hasn't been that long, but it feels like it...But I really have nothing to post about, which is why I haven't posted...

So, I'm going to Six flags's gonna be fun.
Now I REALLY have nothing to talk about.
It rained today.
Really hard.
My math teacher was scared of the thunder. She kept jumping.
It's still not dark out. Well, not really.
I just watched "The Day The Earth Stood Still."
It was a good movie. Umm....yeah.

The world's greatest word game! about Pirates, too!

I just realized that i didn't wake up at two in the morning on Thursday to see what would happen. oh well.

anyway. my day:

Orchestra: everyone (except like, 10 people) is in Florida. so i played Mad Libs with my friends.
Biology: the first hour was spent sorting shoes. then we talked about sharks. we have a test next class over salamanders.
Spanish: the day ruiner. we took a test, and everyone did bad on the verb conjugations. so instead of helping us, she switched rooms with another teacher (meaning: she taught another class while the teacher of that class taught us) and made us do 30 conjugations. possible pop quiz over it. :'(
Track: we do nothing on Fridays. so I played mad libs with my friends. only this time, it was more entertaining. i'll post one for you.

Pirate Pets:

When I think of a pirate, I picture a windy glob with a peg colon, a cancer over his or her eye, and a parrot perched atop his or her earlobe. And whenever that parrot sees a no drugs sticker in the distance, it goes "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia yax," and the crew gets ready to fire. But that's not accurate- pirates may have brought parrots aboard their sharks, but not as pets. Instead, they would bring them back to the chip bag. Parrots were considered highly exotic, and were worth a lot of dr. pepper can tabs. They only pets that pirates probably had on board were epic cats. And what did the cats do? That's right- they kept the backpacks away! Here, kitty, kitty!

fyi- the words in bold where the ones that we put there. yep. we're pretty amazing. :)

so yeah. i have a busy weekend, so i guess i'd better start on my 3 math problems & my essay... boo.

Rian (will be on the cbox mostly- BUT SHE WILL BE DOING HOMEWORK... some of the time.)

Thursday, April 16

And maybe some other things...

Sir Dancealot, Satan Stalker123, and SPAMMY.


I think Lilly Joe is SPAMMY's... wife? i never did find out...

but that was weird too.

Rian (is kinda freaked out now... & totally bored. BTW: WE JUST GOT FIOS~!)

Two things:

  1. Mo + Highlighters = "I'm so great I can set freezers on fire!"
  2. We don't care about the young folks.
Rian (relax- it's just the usual random stuff.)

Wednesday, April 15

I can think of 100 ways to kill you right now.

only 7 of them involve beavers.

12 of them involve little dogs (Yorkies, to be exact) with smiling faces.

the rest involve... well... i'm not going to tell you. that would take out all the fun! :)

ok. apparently, there are beavers in our neighborhood?? and they're disturbing people?? & they've had a professional trapper out here for half a year & they STILL haven't caught the beavers. hey- it's cuz they're "trapwise". :)

so right now i'm watching Cloverfield... it just started, & all these people randomly carrying cameras EVERYWHERE is bugging me. oh well. :)

also, i'm going to write a fictional story involving some of the truth, but not all of it. it's gonna be AWESOME! :)

Thus the Bard continues watching the movie and starts to type up a story.
... did i really need you to say that? & since when am i a "bard"?!

Rian (thinks narrators are cool, but doesn't like them narrating her life. and thinks that cloverfield [well, this party at the beginning, anyway] plays some pretty awesome music)

Tuesday, April 14

***Caution!*** Please note that the following post on 'inthemindsofknr' is rated Q for sarcasm and unoriginality. Please read responsibly.

Ok. first. These people are SO ORIGINAL my head can hardly STAND it!

so when you read this, be SURE to read chapters one AND two.
then, do NOT wait to read THIS totally different & original story.

tell me what you think. :)

Rian (is mopping up her spilt sarcasm- you no longer have to worry about slipping.)

fyi... i am neither of those authors. yesh, both stories are written by different people, DUH. >.>;; i mean, come ON. they have different TITLES, for crying out loud! :)

My level of paranoia just went through the ceiling

why? because someone had to go & say this:

"Remember, the blog admins are watching!"

greaaat. that's just what i need. people dressed in black clothes & dark sunglasses watching everything i put on this blog as i post it. woah. how weird would it be if this post wouldn't post?? O.O

& apparently Blogger's going to have a scheduled outage at 2:00AM PDT on Thursday.

& i need to know that because... now i'm totally gonna wake up at 2:01AM PDT on Thursday. i know, i'm gonna be tired, but hey. i just wana see.
what? i really don't know. something. anything... ok, maybe not ANYTHING... >.>;; yeah.

oh. so i was playing that game kristin put up here earlier- the Roiworld one- and i SWEAR that those people are OBSESSED WITH RAIN! like, there was a famous pop star guy named Rain, and everytime the girl's going to go somewhere (vacation, festival, etc.) it RAINS. i'm not even kidding, and it's ANNOYING! jeez.

Rian (is wondering what PDT stands for.)

psst: AM= after midnight, PM= post-morning. :)

Monday, April 13

randomness. yay.

i like cows. cows are AWESOME. especially THESE cows.

YIPPEE YI YAY! MINI SIRLOIN BURGERS! sorry. i just saw that commercial, & it's stuck in my head. haha guess what show i'm watching!! :)
WHAT?! you want ANSWER CHOICES?! what the heck? jeez you people. but ok.
A. Veggie Tales
B. Wipeout!
C. The Office
D. Heroes

if you still haven't guessed, then... jeez.
YIPPEE YI YAY! MINI SIRLOIN BURGERS! sorry again... i can't help it!!!
OMG THOSE CRACKERS ARE FLYING!!! snack happily ever after. with what? OOH! I WANT CHOCOLATE CAKE!!
hahaha. i like the caption for this: Cake under construction.
fyi. i like all those shows.
but if you MUST know, i'm watching: *drumroll*
congrats if you guessed correctly. if you didn't, well... i repeat: jeez. :)
hey people: "Don't make any assumptions until you know the truth."
:) courtesy of HRG (horn-rimmed glasses). he's a guy. WOOOAHHH. O.o :)
ok. i'm sorry, but i AM bored, ok? and i am SO freaking tired, but my mom wouldn't let me take a nap, so yeah. i'm kinda sorta... hyper-ish... right now.
GOOSE~! bwahahaha.

see? thus the title: randomness. yay. :)
claire said basketcase. so i will sing.

do you have the time,
to listen to me whine?
about nothing & everything all at, once.
I am one of those,
melodramatic fools.
Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.
sometimes i give myself the creeps.
sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.
it all keeps adding up,
i think i'm cracking up...
am i just paranoid, or am i stoned?

OMG IT WON'T GET OFF OF ITALICS!!! ahhhh!!! *runs around in circles*
jeez. i can't click the italics thing to make it come off, i can't do [control][i]... jeez. so annoying.

can you stop being italicized?
i guess not. *sigh*

HET IS SAAI. :) <-- that's basically the extent of my knowledge of the Dutch language. it means "it is boring"... or at least, that's what my friend who speaks Dutch told me. :)

grrg. i think i'll stop typing because i'm annoyed at these stupid italics.
chicken ranch or chipotle ... steak? beef? i don't remember what he said. oh well.
random dancing in the middle of a cafe. o...k... then. OOOH. they just got TOLD. they weren't allowed to dance. & The STUPID THING IS STILL ITALICIZED!!!

Rian (is annoyed with italics.)

Procrastination tools

My main tool is the computer. Usually

But today, in the middle of working on my student leadership project thing, I went to The old roiworld was much better, but this one is WAYYY more entertaining. So if you go to the fashion tab and click story games, there are some HILARIOUS GAMES!
It's like, the most unbelievable thing in the world!
It basically gives you a story and you have to make over a person for that scenario. It always gives me 25 as a score, no matter how great the outfit is. To get a higher score, you have to recreate the outfits shown in the hint's stupid.
So in the first one I played, the girl was asking this guy out, and he was all like, "No, you're nice, but I don't want to date you." 
And then, after the makeover, he was like, "who are you?"
It was funny.
And then the one I just played, this girl is walking with her friend and they're talking about this party they're going to later, and one friend basically calls the other one ugly, so you have to give her a makeover, and when you do, and go to the party, no one's there. And the mean friend calls and says, "oh yeah...the location of the party changed."
And you're just left sitting there.
The scenarios are so stupid it's hilarious! you should try!

Friday, April 10

Me and Jason just found the awesomest games ever.

The grow series...totally awesome.

Click here for a list of them.
The absolute best ones are Grow Cube and Grow Island- I love the little people! And the flower thing in Grow Island! It's so awesome! I don't recommend playing Grow Nano. It's just weird....but otherwise, they're all great! Super fun too!
And if you remember, you should send Grow Ornament to people during Christmas! I'll try to remember!
Have fun playing Grow!
Oh yeah- the ending to Grow RPG is amazing too. Watch it.

you should play this game.

It's awesome.

Btw, I used to have a Gameboy game exactly like this.

alot's been going on these past few days...

So I haven't really had time to post. Not to mention I basically passed out around ten o' clock last night. I was dead tired...but I guess I should start explaining from the beginning, huh?

Well...the district track meet was Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was prelims and some field events, triple jump for me, and Thursday was finals and other field events, long jump for me this time.
So I did good in triple jump (SECOND PLACE! jump: 30' 5 1/2''.) I beat this one girl, who was bragging the whole time, by half an inch. :)
And then in prelims for the 400, which is the only thing I run, I got 5th. Rianna got first.
Also, the weather was great Wednesday.
On Thursday, for long jump, I did horribly. And I mean that. I only jumped 12'9''. One of my friends jumped 14'1'', though. She got second place.
Then, around four, the weather started getting all was like a dust storm. Bleh. we ran the 400 later. 
I got fourth...just one place away from third. :( (duh)
Rianna got first. Again.
And...we ended up winning the district track meet. Yay.
As you can probably tell, I could totally care less.
You know, I really don't get that saying. It means, like, the exact opposite of what you're trying to say. Because you're saying you don't care at all, but it says, " I COULD CARE LESS." Which means, you do care. At least somewhat. 
The other sucky thing about the track meet is that,, because of field events, which start at 1:30, I had to leave school around 11:30. And I stayed at the track meet until about 5 Wednesday and seven Thursday. Not fun. Luckily, it was the last track meet. Yay. I got home and ate, Chick-fil-a!, and fell asleep watching Still Standing. And then I slept until ten this morning. Yay again, sort of. And it took me a while to remember that it's only Friday, not Saturday or Sunday, which I first thought. 
Soo....that's pretty much it. I haven't really done that much...
Only seven more weeks over school (38 days, I think.)
Um...don't ask me what that is. I was just having fun.
Oh yeah. I've been reading this totally awesome manga...actually, I just finished.
It's called Lovely Complex, and it's another one to go on my favorites list. Along with Dramacon, Mars, Beauty Pop and W Juliet. The list just keeps getting longer...that is in order, by the way..
I think that's all I need to say. Oh yeah. There's an anime of Lovely Complex too. And there's also a follow-up manga, called Lovely Complex Plus. Original, huh?
It's pretty good. Both the follow-up and the anime, I mean.


i feel stupid. i already TOLD you about the track meet.

see? told you i was tired.

Rian (is watching Wipeout. great show)

"Hey Chicken. A lot of people want to eat you, but I just want to talk to you. We should do a film sometime."

I must say, even though i have NEVER ONCE watched it, SNL (Saturday Night Live) is one of THE most HILARIOUS shows ever. why? just check out some of my favorite clips :)

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious.

Hey, Donkey.

Let's hug it out.

Russia & stuff.

i'll let kristin tell you about the track meet- i'm still tired. (i decided to sleep in last night... and i did. 25 minutes more than usual -_-;;. so basically, my "sleeping in" was sleeping until 6:25 AM. so i just layed in bed until 7:15. what?! i was bored.) if you watch the videos, then watch the one labeled "hey donkey" before you watch "let's hug it out". it'll make more sense that way. :)

Rian (thought the slide was too fast, so she put speed bumps! hahaha great line)

Thursday, April 9

... or just the track meet.

ok. listen to this while reading this post. i'll make it short so that you can read it while the song is still on... :)
so basically, we won the district track meet. :) Naaman high school came in 3rd, Sachse high school was 2nd, and GARLAND HIGH SCHOOL!!! came in FIRST!!! yay!!!
one of our friends got MVP (most valuable player), so we're happy for her.
Kristin got 2nd in triple jump, and idk what she got in the 400. i was too busy trying to catch my breath.
I won the 400 and we four by four runners (mile relay) won!! :) & that, combined with everyone else getting points (meaning, we all mostly got 6th place or higher), led us to defeat Sachse. dang, the music stopped. if it has stopped for you, click here.
so yeah. i'm DEAD tired, one of the 4x4 runners almost passed out, but all in all, we pulled through & won. YAY US!! :) and (THAnKFUllY), that was the last meet for JV, so we no longer have to run. YAY ICE CREAM!!! ok. i'm gonna go to bed now... if the first song ended, listen to the second one. :)
Rian (is barely staying awake, but thought that you lovely people who actually read this blog would like to know [smile])

Monday, April 6

The Post About Nothing

Umm...for some reason, I felt the need to type this. Though I certainly have other things I should b doing right now...

The only bax thing is that I have no idea what to say.
Well...recently, I reread the Twilight Series. Just because. It took about three days, since I had homework, but I think I always have a better understanding of the book after I reread it. Not to mention it takes my mind off of all the other stressful stuff in my life. 
Hm...just drank two bottles of water. I'm thirsty. 
Oh yeah. I just finished reading this really weird, but totally awesome sci-fi manga called Safe Again Today. I'm entirely sure why it's called that, but it's really good, and about aliens. I like aliens. I actually wouldn't mind being one...Though technically, I am. To people on other planets, of course....Though I'm not sure they would call me an alien. They probably have another word for it, like fortfagle. Yup...nice word, huh?
Dun dun dun.
Idk why I just typed that. Felt like it, I guess. 
Like Mike Felty. Or Phelty. probably won't understand no matter how much explain, so just forget I said anything. Of course, it'd be easier to push backspace and delete those words...but I like this method much better.
I also don't know why I stopped typing right there. But I felt like it.

Sunday, April 5

Ranting on... guys with girlfriends. fictional, of course. :)

so here's the thing i think is majorly stupid: everyone wants to be Edward's or Fang's or someone else's girlfriend, but CLEARLY these fictional characters are already taken. jeez. Edward's had Bella since like, book 1 (twilight). and well... Fang... let's just say everyone wanted him & Max to get together, and they are now, officially (see book 5, Max). yet STILL, girls around the world are all, I WANT EDWARD/FANG! THEY ARE SO HOTT!!! and i'm just like... jeez. it's like you WANT him to be a player! but as SOON as (which is going to be NEVER, because they are FICTIONAL!) they're all "ok" you go & get mad because they already have girlfriends. so i'm just like, WHAT THE HECK!? and i thought it was HILARIOUS because when i would read MR fanfics (prior Max), there would be Fax fanfics & the author's names would be "Fang'sGirlfriend" or "Fangsgirl" or something like that. and i'm all- you claim to be "Fang's Girlfriend", & then say "GO HOOK UP WITH MAX! DUMMY!!" so i'm really confused & stuff. the only thing provoking this is i saw some ads that had shirts that say "Dibs on Fang" so i'm just like, WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE!?

so i ranted. :)

Rian (is tired of ranting.)

There's a party in my tummy. SO YUMMY! SO YUMMY! there's a party in my tummy! SO YUMMY! SO YUMMY!

i really want one of these. with the glasses. it's NOT COMPLETE without the glasses.

oh, and the title? in case you didn't know... it's here :)

or not.
ok, this stinks. here's the VIDEO, and here's the SONG.

stupid because the only one with BOTH is comparing it to GREEN SLIME. (what the heck!?)
so here... i'll put the stupid green slime one on here too. -_- (read the description)

and to think. it all started with the awesome hat. :)

Saturday, April 4

best day ever...

Well, it's one of them, at least. And, by the way, I'm talking about yesterday. started off with school as normal.
then, we went to the track meet.
That wasn't the awesome part...
That came later, when I actually did stuff at the meet.
Like run. And jump.
So, when we ran the 400, I got my best time yet, 71 seconds! (yay)
Then, later, around 9 pm, we started long jump. It was dark.
First, I guess you should know my goals...
long jump: 13 feet
triple jump: 29 feet
In long jump I jumped 13'1'', 12'2''(O.o), then 13'2. YAY!
Then came the best part!
In triple jump I jumped 29'6'', already meeting my goal, then 30'1/4''! Totally amazing, at least for me! And yes, the measuring people are totally precise and count quarter inches. My last jump was okay...but not as good. 28 something.
I was super happy. And to make everything better, we had decided to go to ihop after rianna's play, even though I didn't get to go-I'm going tonight-, so we got to eat breakfast at midnight! YAY! Kimberly was there two. It was awesome...And then I fell asleep as soon as I got home (yay?).
It was an awesome day, though. Well....I have to get ready to go to the play tonight, at 8. A couple of my friends are going to be there too.
I think......well, I forgot. Oh yeah. If you want to have some fun, you should play this game:
I've been playing for a few days now...yay.

Oh mom thinks the reason I did so well was because it was exactly two months from my birthday and I've finally grown into being a fifteen year old...I'm not entirely sure about that, but whatever. :)
Hmm....should be updating the fanfic soon. It needs to be updated. Thanks to Danielle for reminding me, though that probably wasn't your intention.


this is hilarious. you should read it. :)



i had a dream that James Patterson was at a signing at Barnes & Nobles and he asked me to be Nudge. so my dream was basically... me rambling in my head. that's all i did the whole dream. ramble. it was really annoying. and then i had a dream that i forgot, even though i just woke up from it.

i bet you anything the cause of these random dreams are from the chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs i had last night at ihop. they were good... but we went at 11:30. and i was starving.

i left my house at 6:24 AM Friday morning, and didn't return home until 12:30 AM (almost 1 in the morning) Saturday morning. :(

Rian (is being totally random right now... it might be best to ignore her for a while)

Thursday, April 2

car WASH. duh




ok. first: MICAH'S BACK!!!! :D
i'm basically bouncing up and down in my seat. well... on the inside. i'm on a couch, and my mom's on it, too... so she'd get annoyed if i actually WERE bouncing up and down.
second: GO TODDLER TOUCH & GO!!! he let Hiro regain his powers... so he paused time. but now... he can't unpause it. oh yay. time unpaused. for some reason... i wana keep spelling pause as "pawse". idk. totally random :)
third: Peter was randomly in an elevator ....................
anyway... back to the third thing: Peter's mom was in an elevator, and then Peter ...

ok. forget the stupid third thing. i'm never gonna get to explain it. cuz that fourth thing ... >.>;;
apparently i was right, and it was a dream. because she died. :'( *sniffle*

this episode. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it (cuz Micah's back) and i HATE it (because Tracy & Daphne die). and apparently, the Statue of Liberty's eyes are crossed. any of you people from New York got any proof on that? I've only been once, and I was like, 5. so i don't remember (my memory does NOT last that long. I envy people who's memory is: a) photographic, or b) super long term [smile])

so we're watching another episode of my favorite show ever! :) if you haven't figured it out yet, it's Heroes. >.>;; :) don't worry. it's ok if you didn't know.

sooo... since we just started this one, I don't have much to say about it. Yet. except that everywhere, it's like, randomly pouring hard. SYLAR!! :) he's my second favorite character. :)

  1. MICAH! :)
  2. SYLAR! :)
  3. HIRO! :)
  4. ANDO! :)
  5. PETER! :)
yep. that's as much as i'm gonna say. but back to the randomly pouring thing: it was totally sunny for the first 2 minutes of this show, and then all the sudden... it was pouring. hard. like, so hard you could BARELY see the silhouettes of people!

OOOOOHHHH!!! SHAPESHIFTERS!!! i understand them. my dad doesn't. he doesn't understand that if you are a shapeshifter, in order to 'shift' into someone else, you have to touch the person of interest in order to change into them. :) unfortunately, i'm NOT a shapeshifter... though that would be a LOT of fun. If i ever felt bored... I could like, turn into a turtle or something. Idk. something really fun :)
FYI: Emile is NOT that smart. if he was GOING to shoot Sylar, he should NOT have spoken. he should have shot Sylar. jeez.

hm. I wonder if there is a limit to how long a post can be. Should i try it? just a totally random post on ... Heroes and various other random things? that WOULD be fun... like shapeshifting :)
i'm tired though. because I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep lately. and i have a track meet tomorrow... jeez. that's gonna be tough. especially since it's near the end of school. because that's when I get more tired.

Peter is currently pouring his soul out to a statue of Jesus.

anyway... i think that's how this super long until-i-can't-type-another-word post will go. I will start talking about one thing, then randomly break in with something so random (or about the episode of heroes i'm watching) that you might not have ANY clue about what i'm talking about. it'll be fun. and you probably gave up even trying to read this far down. but hey- i don't ... woah. totally lost my train of thought. *blinks a few times* uhhh... you know what? nevermind. i canNOT post that long. maybe one night if i can't sleep and i'm super uber bored... i might. but ya never know. so i'll stop posting now... it's WAYYYY tooo long.

Rian (is still watching Heroes... and is tired of posting. also, she doesn't care if you didn't even bother reading half of this. as long as you came here, you're good in her book [smile])

Wednesday, April 1

hmmm......weird day, week,

Or something like that. I'm in a weird mood right now. 

Yesterday was awesome, though. You know how sometimes everything just seems awesome and great and...awesome?
Well, yesterday was like that. I think the main reason was that I was totally inspired and stuff, so I ended up writing more than TWENTY pages in my story! It was totally awesome. And then I got to watch American Idol and Still Standing, a totally hilarious, kind of weird show. You should watch it. It comes on every night on channel least here. It's at nine. And they usually show two episodes in a row.
Um...don't ask why that's all capitalized. I'm not sure either. I guess I'd better get started on my english's due friday. Yay for procrastination. Sort of...
Oh yeah! the most hilarious thing happened the other day! Me and my mom were in the car, and there were these guys walking slowly across the parking lot. Very slowly. And my mom was driving slow, trying not to hit them or anything. And one of the guys turns around and sees the car, then starts walking towards the side of the street.. But the other guy stayed in the middle of the street. So, about two minutes later, we were trying to back into the park, and the guys were just standing there.
and my mom goes, "I know they see me..."
And I was like, "Maybe they're just stupid. I hate when people think they're invincible against cars."
Mom: "They're not invincible against this car. I'll run them over."
I burst out laughing and the guys moved! it was so hilarious because my mom had this totally serious voice...hilariousness.

One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.

totally random. :) but so was my day. :) so it works. :)

so the day started out... miserable.
i didn't sleep well, so when i woke up (late), i only had 4 minutes before my bus came. so i rushed and ate a piece of cake for breakfast. one little piece of cake. it lasted me... until i woke up again. because i fell asleep on the bus :)
so i get to math- but there's a sub. and he won't let us in the classroom. so i'm holding all my heavy junk and walking around and stuff before i finally just return to the classroom when the warning bell rings. I forgot his name, but, as he just HAD to explain, some of his students call him "Mr. T" because his last name starts with a 'T'. like we were kindergartners (no offense to any kindergartners present [smile]). and at the end of class, he said, "Thank you all for being a wonderful class. You're so... wonderful. Thanks." and i'm like, 'REPETITIVE MUCH?!' (that was me thinking [smile])
Then I go to speech. my teacher is crazy. 'nuff said. :)
So then i went to geography. today, our teacher was back. last class, he wasn't here because of some StuCo (student council) trip or something. so we had this sub who was really annoying and he kept talking about Louisiana (fyi- we're getting into Ancient South West Asia now... so we were talking about Egyptians.) and crawfish and other boring stuff. oh yeah- he said, "Make sure you don't confuse the Akkadians with the Ackadians. The Ackadians (with a c) are from Canada. So be sure you spell it with two k's so that you're not talking about the people from Canada." and i'm like, 'well we WOULDN'T because we didn't KNOW about them ANYWAY. but now that you TOLD us, there are gonna be like, FIVE PEOPLE WHO WILL GET IT CONFUSED NOW!' (me thinking again). it was really annoying. but apparently, he wrote us a good note about how we were so good during class and everything (though in all truth, most of us were half asleep) and so now we get something special on friday! (it could be good... we're hoping for good). but he was being pretty funny today, too. we did this whole math thing about environmentalists and blah blah blah starbucks and stuff. it was pretty great. and then we talked about pyramids & tombs and stuff and what he would want in his tomb and junk. my friend and i were goofing off & he was trying to sell me a pyramid. it was fun.
in english. OH, MY, GOSH. the sub was CRAZY. when this one guy sneezed... he pulled a big stack of napkins out of his pocket and went around the whole class asking if we needed tissues. and then, he was asking for this one guy, who we call "Shine". so the sub goes "Shine?" but he said it like "She-knee?" and we're like, 'HOW DO YOU MISPRONOUNCE 'SHINE?!'' and it was weird. because it's... shine. it's a WORD. like... Shy-n. pronounced just like that! jeez. drove me crazy.
now. i just want you to listen to this song, because the lyrics are hilarious, and it was stuck in my head all day.
in THIS one, you should read the comments. & the lyrics are in the description.
THIS one... well... it's because it DOES sound better on RB. :)

Rian (is almost being pushed off the computer. jeez)