Thursday, September 30

Julian Smith and Bad News (if you like some of the bands I listen to)

So, I'm kinda bummed out.
Karate High School broke up because Paul was stupid and decided to become a zoologist. This was earlier in the year, but still. Click here to read about it. Then, I found out that The Fall of Troy had broken up, too. Just when I had started to like them. So that was sad, too. THEN, Kurt left Dance Gavin Dance. That one hurt... I'd finally grown used to his hair cut (that's him in the middle... if you watch this music video, you'll see). On the bright side, the line up is going right back to the original... but still. Happiness was an amazing album, so now I'm expecting Downtown Battle Mountain stuff again... (no, not just because now they're making a Downtown Battle Mountain pt. 2... no way.) which was okay. And THEN, as if to kick me while I was still trying to recover from DGD, I heard yesterday that Sky Eats Airplane is breaking up.* D: So I think sometime this weekend, I'm just going to have a party (AKA: Sitting in my room with my laptop) and just listen to KHS, DGD's Happiness album, and SEA. Yup. I think it'll be nice.
And, just to cheer me (and possibly you) up from this horribleness, here's another Julian Smith video**!

:D Awesome possum. Have a nice weekend (if Friday would ever come around -__-)!!!
*- After doing some research, I have found nothing on the possible break up. So... LOTS OF HOPE!
**- if you can't see the whole video, just know that you can click on it & it'll go to youtube... yeah.

Hope is lost. I know a guy who knows a guy who plays for Even Cameras Lie, a band that played with Sky Eats Airplane, so... yeah. They broke up 9/26/10... too close to my birthday, I think. :P I AM SO SAD NOW, AND THERE IS A FOUR DAY WEEKEND HERE. D;

Saturday, September 25

In Which Many Things Are Weird

So tonight, my family and I went to Black Eyed Peas, my favorite restaurant ever. THE BREAD IS THE BEST PART OH MY GOODNESS. Sorry. I just had to get that out.
On the way home (yeah, I totally just changed the topic. sorry), my mom was messing with her hair. She pulled some over her lip, and my brother said, "Mom, I like your mustache!" so I was like, "Hey! I can make a super awesome beard!!" and proceeded to do so. My parents took pictures (at home), and they're pretty awesome looking. Anyway, that got me thinking about how I totally should have entered the beard growing contest at my school (you pay $5 and you get to grow a beard for cancer [yeah, I don't get it, either]) because I totally would have won. I grew my beard in 5 minutes. But anyway, while I was thinking about that, I saw this ad: And I decided that it was really sad that they can't even spell "Support" correctly. And I realize that license plates are weird with letters... but there are 7 spaces (sometimes more, sometimes less... i know that somewhere there are only 4 because the population is so tiny, but still)... yeah.
totally pointless post.

Oh well.
The blog seems lonely to me. No one's commented in forever. If you're reading this, you should (please) comment just to say, "Hey. You guys are [enter adjective/ random word here]!" (please please). And then I'll comment back with a, "Thanks for being awesome and commenting! [enter laughter and actual response to your comment here]!" Yeah.
Okay. I'm gonna try to finish my homework now. (in Terminator voice) "I'LL BE BACK!"

Rian (is hyper for no reason. wooo)

Thursday, September 23

Unexpected/ unnecessary post

This post is mostly unnecessary... or at least a sign of my lack of dedication to homework... I still have physics, and i've basically been sitting on the computer all day. D:

I don't know why, but the physics is really boring and hard. But I guess I should finish so I don't fail, huh? Since I'm pretty close and all...
Anyway, today was Rianna's birthday... or is. It's still today. Um, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wrote her a long, rambling card which you should come to expect if you're my friend. Actually, almost everything I write turns out long and rambling. Including random stuff like captions for pictures...
So, physics. I like the class, but the work is really hard and the book explains absolutely nothing. It's not so fun.
I guess I should get back to work. This post was random.

This will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life. Probably.

I'm Still Going To Act Like An 8 Year Old... Don't Worry!

Yes. Today is my birthday.
Today was one of the worst days ever. (brought to you by: The Universe- "Hating you since the day you were born!")
I only got three hours of sleep last night, meaning I have been super exhausted today. Then I had problems with my English teacher (she hates my class, and therefore really doesn't tell us anything, and then she gets mad at us when we do things wrong. yay.), and then I had a slight problem with my physics teacher (she wasn't too bad... she just yelled at everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, and it was weird), then I had orchestra (in which I had problems with staying awake), and then government (in which I had high hopes, but they were stomped on when the teacher showed us an AWESOME show [it's called "The West Wing", and it's like a soap opera for the White House] and all it consisted of was cliff-hangers). Then I had to run 2 miles, which didn't help the exhausted problem.
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I have some super amazing friends, so I got a cupcake, the best card ever, and a NEW BLOG T-SHIRT (!!!) from Kristin, a couple of pretty awesome cards from a couple of other friends, and... (the best gift ever) A marshmallow supreme. I hope you know that I was being slightly sarcastic. :)
Anyway, yeah. All of the sudden, the Boys Who Cry (from Spongebob) song got stuck in my head- you know, the one where they're all, "It's all about you girl! On your 16th birthday!" and it's kind of annoying. But it always makes me laugh because then I think of the song that Squidward sings, "When my tear ducts get issues! I can't use just any tissues! I need 4 ply! 4 ply! 4 ply, when I cry!" xD... yeah. I need to listen to more songs :)

Sunday, September 19

Who's Awesome?! YOU ARE!

So today, I was inspired to look at our stats...
some of the keywords people use to find us are "donut person", "a lizard called a swift", and "hilarious halloween costumes". The last one makes me a bit confused... Is it hilarious to dress up as the blog for halloween? I would probably laugh :) But I like how people remember my rainbow lizard and Taylor Swift and think... "what was that lizard? swift???? A LIZARD CALLED A SWIFT!" uh... sure, you guys. And then, of course, all the rest of the keywords involve Maximum Ride, which is probably a surefire way to find us, even though we haven't talked about that in forever.
Also- 30 of you have looked at my page, and only 19 at Kristin's. This makes me wonder 3 things: 1) Do people actually want to know about me? For real?!
2) ... Are you just looking to see if I'm mentally stable?! (after all, I talk to myself on here WAY more than Kristin does... she looks normal compared to me!)
and 3)... I now have 30 new stalkers! HELLO TO YOU ALL!
OOh, 6 people have looked at the page via iPad... though it was probably both Kristin & I when we go to the Apple store... haha and TWO WHOLE PEOPLE have looked at us via PSP. And neither Kris nor I have one, so thanks you guys! So many ways to find us!

ANYWAY, I'm moving on. This Halloween, I feel like dressing up like a velociraptor. I'm not sure how it would work... but the idea just popped into my head. And now I can't get it out. I'll just walk up to people in my velociraptor costume, and I'll be the scariest thing on the streets! Maybe this year, I'll bring a camera & take pictures with random neighbors who have awesome costumes. I could be like, the ULTIMATE FANPERSON! xD pahaha
And in other news, I kind of feel like drawing pictures. And posting them on here. There are many things wrong with this, being: 1) I can't really draw... I can pretend, and I make things look "cute" [according to people], but I don't think I have much drawing ability. 2) I'm not very funny (when I try, at least), so my drawings would probably suck and make no sense to anyone. and 3) i'm currently reading THIS HILARIOUS BLOG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ, so I'll feel like a copy cat.
Therefore, no pictures. Unless you want pictures. Then maybe I'll draw some every once in a while, when I have time :) I think it would be fun.
Blah, I guess I need to get back to rewriting this song (total cheese, I don't really like it all that much, sorry- but the video is hilarious!)... so... I'll be back later! Don't worry (if you have been)- neither of us are dead! We'll post every once in a while! When we get the chance... maybe... hahaha just kidding, we will.
Rian (had a lot of parenthetical notes in this post... yay, parentheses!)

Wednesday, September 15

I Just Kind of Died Inside...

So... I heard that they're remaking Back to the Future, one of THE most amazing movies ever (if you haven't seen it... just go. rent it. Netflix it. find it on TV [it happens to come on a lot, actually]. You don't have to watch all three parts, just the first will do).
That's good, right? They're probably going to make it better, right?!


Apparently, Marty McFly is going to be played by [shudder] JUSTIN FRIGGIN BEIBER D: I almost cried when I heard that. I think there needs to be a petition or something... I would really rather them not totally destroy a super awesome movie with... him. This is kind of a repeat with what happened to the Karate Kid... The remake was stupid (or at least, it looked that way- I didn't go see it). WHY DO ALL THE GOOD MOVIES HAVE TO BE REMADE?! Just leave them alone (Leave Miss Teen South Carolina alone! hahaha)
So yeah. Let's petition. :) If you make one and find me, I'll sign it. Even if I don't know you. I promise. :D
Rian, out! (i'll be back, I promise! The poor blog's been lonely)

psst: this petition should also be for a cure for "Bieber Fever". We can't have all of these sick people walking around our schools and stuff :P haha
And yes, I do realize that I've spelled his name two different ways. Personally, I don't like him, so I don't really care. Sorry.

Thursday, September 9


Now I know who to blame next time I play tetris and this happens :)
And I seriously wish this was possible. VIDEOGAMES FTW! hahaha except for the part where everyone goes & dies when the guy is obviously saying NOT to go xD
woot. Have a wonderful Thursday! Here's some Pierce the Veil for you (I don't often listen to them, but I have a couple of their songs stuck in my head)

Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
The Boy Who Could Fly

By the way, for those who are interested: New Chiodos! New PMSN! New Monomate! :D It's all pretty exciting. I'm already armed with my new PMSN (personally, I think that Game Over is the best song ever by him. But then again, if he came out with an album 400 songs long and 24 hours long, I would sit and listen to it all the way through. He's pretty awesome [smile])
Rian (thank you Peter! xD)

Tuesday, September 7

Crazy bus driver.

Actually, he's more than crazy now... first of all, he still doesn't know the route, and he's been driving since last year. Second of all, today he didn't come until 7:10! School starts at 7:30! Luckily, I had already gotten my dad to take me.

Anyway, enough about the bus driver. I don't want to talk about him.
I guess you can already tell that this year is going to be really hectic, because I haven't posted since school started...and I'm pretty sure this is the third week. All of my classes, are pretty good, except English, because the teacher is crazy. Nothing's like, super hard yet, so I think I'm doing good.
I'll try to post again soon. I know I always say that, but I really will. I've just been busy.

Sunday, September 5

I'm Tired of Seeing His Face.

That's pretty much the only reason i'm posting right now (sorry). Every time I get on this blog, I see that weirdo's face with all the flowers and nonsense behind him, and it's kinda weird (whoa). Anyway, here's some awesome stuff!

Open Mic Night!
The Carriage!

The second one is talking about this poem by Emily Dickinson. I suggest reading the poem first, because it might be funnier? I dunno. Worth a shot, I suppose. :)
In other news, I just finished writing an essay through total chaos (my brother watching various movies really loudly right next to me, my dad bugging me about picking pears off of our pear tree, my dog being a jerk, eating pizza, major headache), and i'm really proud of myself. Now I have to annotate something called Burnt Norton by... Some Eliot guy. I'm not really sure right now... so, now i'm off to work once more. Happy Labor Day in advance! :D

psst: If you want to make the poem more interesting, because of the ballad meter, you can sing it to the tune of this song! xD