Friday, June 1

So... There's a possibility that this blog is over.

Yeah. Quite unfortunate... I'm really sorry. But Kris & I just graduated from high school yesterday (finally) and we'll both be going off to college next year. Also quite unfortunate, Kris and I are splitting ways... We'll be attending different universities in the fall. While we may post here every once in a while, I can't leave you all with hope that we'll be starting up the posts again any time soon. I'm really sorry. This blog has been a major part of my life, at least, and therefore I (and hopefully Kris) could not bring myself to delete this blog. Knowing that we've made a difference in other people's lives also keeps me from wanting to totally eliminate this. I think that it will be a lovely thing to look back upon in the future... So if you have this bookmarked or even, dare I say it, someone's homepage *dramatic gasp*, don't immediately scrap this. Like I said, it is very possible that there will be very infrequent posts in the future. :) Thank you, readers, so much for all of your support. While the Facebook page is updated even less than the actual blog, I encourage you to like us there if you want to attempt to get in contact with us. If there is something that would just make your day to see post, let us know! I'll try to make sure that it will happen, just for you. Note that if what you say is deemed inappropriate by either me or Kris, your post on Facebook will probably be removed and we will not post that. Just a heads up... But yeah. Thanks so much for everything. It's been great. So until later, I hope you have a wonderful life! Rian