Tuesday, July 26


Holy wow!
I just realized that we haven't posted for exactly one month.
I guess I picked an excellent day to finally post something.

"Let Me Just Begin My Three-part Apology By Saying That You're a Wonderful Person..."

Um... that's a semi-accurate quote from the movie Zombieland... and yeah. I'm sorry for not posting in forever. It's just been one of those summers where I don't feel like doing a single thing but become one with the couch and stuff my brains with movies. Seriously. It's waaaaay bad. I'm actually starting to fear that my brain, since I haven't had any software updates and have ignored the "check engine" light for quite a long while, might be expired or just too old of a version to work very well. I may have to replace it... but unless anyone knows a good place to buy excellent brains and feels like taking me there, I'll just laze around on the couch some more :)
Anyway. So... I think ones my brain gets in gear and I decide to do everything the last week before school starts (hahaha I'm kidding, but I really am a horrible procrastinator), I'll work on that mega documentary post I planned on writing earlier but became too lazy to even start haha so you guys will get to see what's been going on this summer (not much yet, but... hey, I guess this segues into the main topic of this post!)

I'm not leaving the blog, I promise. I'm just going on vacation soon! Yay, beaches. Now I can detach myself from my couch potato life and venture out into the sun, where I will quite possibly melt or become blinded by the brightness. But it'll be fun, I'm sure, so... if I melt or go blind, I'll be happy at least :)
Anyway. I hope you all have had a wonderful June and most of July, and hopefully I'll post again, this time sooner rather than later. Sorry again for that.