Sunday, August 31


Is weird...

We were in target and I was bored so I tried some. And no, i didn't just open the package and eat it- that's stealing. There were free samples. The one i had had(...) crab or something in it. It was weird, but kinda good. Yeah...I don't want to do anything else, so I'll leave you with the thought of sushi. and Pawky...yum. 

OWLS and Spot!!!

Hello Donut!
So here are today's palindromes:


yep. Spot is totally cool... except he ran out of batteries. whoops! and the owls ARE too hot to hoot... loti. Actually- i think that the following palindrome should be today's- it's REALLY random:


loto that is TOTALLY random... and now i want a hamburger. argh. :)
I feel REALLY bad for the people in New Orleans... they just got back, and now they have to worry if they're gonna have a house (again!) when they get back. SO SAD!!! :(
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

Saturday, August 30

Alps, potato pans, and muffins. Yum!

Hello Donut!
Today I have 3 palindromes, just because I couldn't make up my mind on which one to do. They're all hilarious to me...


personally, i like muffins the best. They are totally delicious. Why would i tell Otis to sit on a potato pan? Seriously, now... I don't think Otis would even FIT on a potato pan... And WHY did I hit Alps? Was i flying and not paying attention? Or did i just randomly splat on the Alps? I'm confused now... Those are almost as weird as THIS palindrome... It doesn't count as one of the daily ones, though...


WHO CARES IF TOM SEES MOTHS?! I wouldn't be quiet just because Tom sees moths... That would be kinda random. Yep.
I'm happy because I FINALLY got to sleep in... the joys of doing nothing on a Saturday. speaking of saturday... Ok, so there are these AWESOME books by Garth Nix... It's a series called The Keys To The Kingdom. So I've read: Mr. Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, and Sir Thursday. So recently I've been going to the library and seeing Superior Saturday. But NO LADY FRIDAY!!! I'm so upset... I really liked those books, and Lady Friday isn't there. I suppose I could find the waiting list for it... But I don't like waiting lists. So i'm randomly waiting to find it, just because normally when I do that, it shows up within, like, 4 times that i go to the library. So, no, i'm not REALLY upset... just bored with waiting. yesh. idk WHY I just told EVERYONE all of that... O well.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

Midnight Sun

Most of you(if anyone's there...) have probably already heard about Midnight Sun, Twilight from Edwards POV, so I won't tell you, but if you haven't heard, go to Stephenie Meyer's website. You can also read the partial draft here. She says she'll still publish it, just not right now. 

And that's the news for today!
Just kidding. But I don't really have anything else to say, so I'm leaving. 
Going to the library to get the Magician, mainly because she hated the ending of the Alchemyst,

Friday, August 29

In Honor Of Maximum Ride

For once I'm explaining the title before my daily!

I'm guessing you noticed the layout change. It's not permanent, but we're showing our...fandom for MR. And also in honor of it, I'm going to copy my favorite quote from the book. In case you're wondering, I do not own this quote, or the image for our background...and I say that mainly because I don't want to get sued. Quote time! (by the way, it took me almost 20 minutes to find the quote. I was looking in the wrong part of the book.)

"Retire as in kill?" I pretended to quote a newscast: "In today's news, seven people were 'retired' in a horrific accident on Highway Seventeen." I changed voices. "Jimmy, don't retire that bird with your shotgun!" Then, "Please,sir, don't retire me! You can have my wallet!"

I absolutely adore this quote, and I think it's hilarious. That's pretty much it for my post....except, last night, Rian and I were on the phone and computer at the same time, talking to each other, and playing a game to help us study.
So if you need to learn your perfect squares, click here.
It's really helpful.
Listening to that's what you get by Paramore, and STILL waiting on Ri to finish Breaking Dawn so I can have my book back,
Kris (Kristina, Tina, Hoshi-chan, etc.)

I FINISHED IT!! that's partly why i went to the library. (rian)

who's Red?!

Hello Donut!
For title, read palindrome:


i wonder who Red is. and I. obviously the person is overjoyed that it's I. not me, but I.
Ok, does that only make sense to me, or do all of you get it? sorry if you don't, but let me know so i can fix it... blah blah blah. sorry. i'm bored. AGAIN! and it's a 3 day weekend!! woohoo!!! and i have english and biology homework to do. BLEH!! i don't wanna. o well...
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks! (help Spoonman!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Thursday, August 28

the pants library.

just read the title. we talk about weird things on the phone. in addition to math. 100th post this month!

kris doesn't own her own pants... she borrows them from the library... jk. but i was explaining the title.
rian (is typing with 1 hand)
kris is too. and i do own my pants! otherwise i have no idea what happened to the money...
I like our background... very MRish- if you catch my drift. I WAS going to say something, but i forgot. so oops.
Typing with 2 hands now,

Does your phone have numbers?

Does your phone have buttons?

typed by Kris...she's weird.
kris is weirder than me... but she's REALLY hi-tech. her phone doesn't have buttons that she can push to change the calls... but her computer takes pictures.

i am not. and this is a really weird shade of grey. it's almost impossible to see...oh well...i can do videos too. like the sailor moon dance...

I once killed a man with THIS THUMB

sooo... yeah.
I'm doing this as an experiment for Kristin- she wanted to know if time travel posts worked backwards- if you can post something, and then have it post at a date that has already past.
Today (the day I am typing this) is July 10, 2009. Now, look at the date that it SAYS it's posted on.
well... maybe.
like i said, it's just an experiment- we're not sure if it's gonna work.
hopefully it will...
yeah. ignore the title- it has nothing to do with the post... really, i was gonna call it "The Secret Post", but that would totally give it away! so... i named it something random :)
yuhh... sooooo boooorrrreeeedddd.
bar codes.
yup. bar codes. you gonky people. it's on a paper in front of me.
never fear, though... gah. no, superman is NOT here. nor is anyone else who uses the "never fear" thing. like underdog. Anyway- don't worry, i was just watching Ratatouille.
hah. i changed the title to be relevant to that. it was called "Look! it's Lightning McQueen!"
Rian (is bored! and hopes this works!)

YAY Q!!!

Hello Donut!
Sorry, i just REALLY REALLY REALLY like the letter Q. Don't ask me why, though. maybe it's because there are so few words that start with it, but all of those words are REALLY REALLY REALLY cool. Anyway, here's the Q word, just because there are NO Q PALINDROMES WHICH IS REALLY SAD!


loto, that word is SO fun to say... try it. Quick-quid-luh-bit. Just like that. Quicquidlibet. I also happen to like the word whatsoever, just because it's like, 3 words in one!! Anyway... looking for random Q words randomly? Go to this site which happens to have some TOTALLY AWESOME Q words. Sorry for all the random Caps, by the way... I just now realized i was doing it... Yesh, i can be REALLY slow sometimes. But yesh. Q is awesome. So yeah.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

Illegal U turns and Maximum Ride

Okay. Same deal as always. Daily stuff first, title explanation later.

I swear, that is the weirdest music video i have ever seen, and if you click the more info button on panel, it'll tell you the english lyrics. They make no sense at all by the way.
Now, to the title. First off, our bus driver has already made TWO illegal U turns and we've only been in school four days. It's kinda scary because today we almost got stuck facing the wrong way in the middle of a busy street.
Now, Maximum Ride. As some of you know, I was put in a random dance class, RDC, and there is this...interesting girl in it. I told Rian(or Tammy) that she looked like Max, except for the makeup. but I forgot the real reason she reminded me of Max. SHE HAD (HAS) A TATTOO OF WINGS ON HER BACK. AND SHE WEARS TANK TOPS. I was trying to find a good picture on the internet, but they all look stupid. No offense to anyone with wing tattoos. By the way, I was reading the newpaper for journalism, and there was this random thing about farm blogs. Apparently, farmers have blogs...It's very weird. Time for Kristin(Tina) to go start on her bunches of apples (homework), because otherwise she'll fail! Yippee!

Wednesday, August 27

my name

I'm totally unprepared today, not that I'm usually prepared, so I'm just going to recommend a book.

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

It's totally awesome. The sequel, The Magician is already out also. Yeah. The reason this post is titled MY NAME, is because today in World GEOGRAPHY (Ri kept calling it geology), we were bored, so I was combining my names. Altogether, my name is Kristina Yamazaki. I didn't put my japanese name, unless you count the last name, because it didn't really fit. 
By the way, if you read the blog, tell your friends. Please. We like writing, but when no one's reading, it gets less exciting. We've been having over ten visits less than usual PER DAY, recently. I'm really bored, and since no one's probably reading this, and I have biology and math homework, I'm gonna go. 
By the way, the 45th episode of Shugo Chara is out,

Stay Puft!

Hello Donut!

the stay puft marshmallow man is AWESOME! the only reason this comes up is because:


yesh. random, i know, but still. The pic is of him... totally awesome. This is gonna be REALLY short. like, no more after this sentence explaining that this sentence is the last one of the post.

Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)

Rian (emi-chan)

Tuesday, August 26

HILARIOUS House quotes

1. I'm ignoring you. You make me sad.

2. Hi, I'm Dr.House. Most people laugh because it's a noun too.

Very hilarious...loti.


You're gonna have to wait to find out.

Random thing time!

Since I didn't feel like uploading the picture and all that technical blah stuff, I just made one more step for you! Yippee.
I wonder how they did that. I should try...
Okay. For the moment you've been waiting for!
Here's the scenario (these are so fun...)

Mom: (pointing to two girls in greens/blue/white plaid skirts) They go to a private school.
Me: ...
Mom: Hey! I think that's Lindsay!
Me: (looks and sees that it is, in fact, Lindsay. Starts running.)
Me(yes, again): Hi Lindsay!
Lindsay: Kristin!

Happy exchanging of greeting, etcetera, etcetera. You know, that is the weirdest word...
It was cool. And I told her how many of our classes she would have been in. Which is a total of 4 for me... 2 for Rian...that I know of.
Well, it's only the second day of school, but I've got an essay, a current events project, and research to do!
Looking for people to start a I hate Orthodontists Club,
PS. Yes, i really am...comment.

B Day!

Hello Donut!
No, I don't mean that today is someone's birthday, but it probably is to someone, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERSON I PROBABLY DON'T KNOW!!! Anyway... Palindrome. I will explain later...


weird. i've never thought of clovers like that. maybe they mean ones that have 4 leaves... you know, because they're so rare and all- they probably get burned and die by the vastly and purely evil fire volcano. Anyway, I said B Day because at school, we only have 4 hour and a half long classes, and we alternate everyday... A days and B days. there you go. so today:
1st period is Orchestra. I play cello (ch-ello) for all those who didn't know, and orchestra is ok.
2nd period is Biology. The teacher went through all the standard 'safety in the lab' thing, and she was talking about how she didn't lock the aprons up, just because she doesn't think that people would steal them. so the whole time Kris and I were planning on stealing them, because we're allowed to have our backpacks in class. yesh.
3rd period is Student Leadership. I have NO idea what this class does, but it is HILARIOUS!!! we get to color, and the teacher (DOCTOR Igo, not Mr., not sir) said that sometimes the truth is funny... and not just the looks, either. He seemed REALLY mean and scary, but he's really funny and a totally awesome teacher, even though we can't tell him that (he thinks we're sucking up to him...).
4th period is Spanish. The teacher is totally cool, and she has a candy troll, and we get to make cookies and it'll be TOTALLY cool. AND we get to make pesos for class... really fun. The only NOT fun thing about it would be that all we do is take notes on GRAMMER!! EWW!!
So all in all, school SHOULD be pretty good... no guarentees, though.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Monday, August 25

School=Kristin being weirded out.

First off, before I talk about school, I'm going to do the random daily thing.

I don't have anything at all to say about this...But, on the other hand, I can fill the space with random craziness about my first day of high school. This is in order of when it happened.
1. I missed the bus twice, once while standing right in front of it. Well not in FRONT. Then I would have gotten run over. And I probably wouldn't be here.
2. My speech teacher threatened to STRIP on the DESK if we didn't pay attention.
3. Our World Geography teacher is very weird. He interrogated us for half the class.
4. I forgot all the other stuff i was gonna say...
And there was ALOT. Oh yeah!
5. We only have 15 people in our Geometry class, and every person, except one, is from my middle school.
6. I randomly got put in dance instead of piano.
7. My brother woke up at 5 in the MORNING! And he didn't have to get on the bus until 8!
8. My bus driver is weird. And he left my neighbor, who missed the bus with me this morning, at school. Even though he was walking, almost to the bus.
9. Luckily, I didn't get lost once.
10. My journalism teacher is very weird. He's funny though. And he has a cute locker...loti.
11. I met a random girl who hates my old school, because we're "rivals". She was kinda nice, though...
13. Person who's name I won't tell you keeps randomly popping up while I'm talking to people...
14. Danielle and Lindsay (two of our friends) were supposed to be in two of my classes! It's so wrong, because they both went to private schools. 
15. Wow, i remembered alot.
Yeah. It was an interesting first day.
Recuperating so I can go again tomorrow,
Also listening to Fall For You.

Today- School AND the usual

Hello Donut!!
Ok, before I forget it, here's the palindrome phrase!!


ok. So here's my first day of school:
1st period is Algebra. My teacher's REALLY cool, but I have a test on Friday. But it's easy, so i could care less.
2nd period is Individual Sports. I didn't sign up for this class, but since piano was "unavailable" [loto] i was put here. But it seems ok, cuz we get to play ping-pong, and cup stacking, and running. so it seems like fun.
3rd period is geography, and the teacher is HILARIOUS!!! but he's weird, too... yep. He expects us to be rude and inconsiderate to him, he WOULD have an afro, but it would make him look like a jerk (WHAT?!), and everything geographical has to do with ESPN. yeah, same as the sports show. But it stands for Economical Social Political Evironmental, so it works.
4th period is English. my teacher is totally nice, and she's really cool too.
It was hilarious at the end of the day because the principal told us that our bus was in between the science and history building, but we looked at all of them, and our bus wasn't there. So we (meaning a group of 7 people) asked a teacher, and HE COULDN'T FIND OUR BUS ON THE PAPER!!! it was really weird. but then by the time he found it, the buses were already leaving. so that's how i missed my bus on the first day of high school. Oh well... it was REALLY funny, though... yesh.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!! (help spoonman!!)
(i'm watching transformers again!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Sunday, August 24


Hello Donut!!
Ok, just gonna let you readers know... because of school, our posts of the day will be put up AFTER school is over- so around 3:30 or so. Just letting you know about the lateness... :)
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help spoonman!!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

I'm back and I have a bunch of stuff to tell you about.

Okay. LOTS of stuff happened, so I guess I'll start with Friday. It took 3 1/2 hours to get there, and it was VERY long, especially since we couldn't even listen to the radio after a while. My brother and I played UNO with regular playing cards, just cuz we're awesome like that, and I wrote A BUNCH. And yes, there will be alot of CAPS in this post, in case you were wondering. When we got there, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went to On The Border to eat. It was really weird because when we passed a Walgreens, the parking lot was full!! And I couldn't figure out why there were so many people at a Walgreens on a Friday night. It was weird. We didn't really do much that night. The next day, Saturday, was the best. After we ate breakfast, we walked up and down the row of stores and restaurants. We were in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in case you didn't know. After THAT, we walked up this hill/mountain thing, which made us very sweaty. It was fun though. There was also this really cool Hot Spring thing where the water just comes out of the ground, and it's 143 degrees. We were bored, so we did research. There were also some really weird names of cities in Arkansas. There's Texarkana, which is in Texas and Arkansas, and, my personal favorite, Arkadelphia. I was trying to figure it out, since it made no sense because:

1. It's in the middle of the state so there's no way it could be by Philadelphia, which is in Pennsylvania, which is farther north than that.
2. It's just a funny name

I found out that it means "arc of brotherhood". But instead of Arcadelphia, they made it Arkadelphia. It was pretty cool. Also, when we were sitting at the hot spring, two things happened.
1. My mom's nails turned PURPLE when she got near the water
2. We were talking to this random lady, and she thought my MOM was my SISTER. It was hilarious. 

I think that's pretty much the only thing that happened, except- when we were on our way home, we saw this lady drinking BEER while DRIVING, beside a sign that said:

It was pretty funny. But my mom was staying far behind her in case she started swerving or something. Also, when we were there, since we were too far away to listen to the radio stations we knew, we had to listen to random stuff. I only heard 14 songs I knew the WHOLE time.
I think I've made this post long enough,


I just played the awesomest game ever! It's not hard, so you don't have to worry about least not too much.

My score was 44172. See if you can beat it!! Thats my random thing for today. It's Sunday, and this is another time travel post, since I won't be home until later tonight. School tomorrow!!
By the way, Rian and I have decided to change out daily posts to after we get home from school, just to let you know. It'l be easier with our new schedules. Expect them around 3:30 or 4.
Still giggling (not like Fang, I hope) about the game,

Naruto and Tootsie Pops

Hello Donut!!
Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? let's see, i know. a 1, a 2, a 3! [crunch!] How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? the world may never know... Has anyone ever tried to count how many licks it takes? i know i was, once, and then the phone rang, i got distracted, and lost count. But have you ever wondered how Mr. Owl could bite into that tootsie pop? well, take a look at this palindrome:


you'd have to be pretty strong to do that. like Naruto!! that show is AWESOME!! :P some of you think it's wish, and you're right. but it's also really hilarious. I like trying to sing along with the theme songs, because they're in japanese with subtitles. Like, one episode he implied that ramen (instant noodles) was a fruit... it was really funny. Anyway, my mom's kicking me off the computer so that i have to work on my homework (which i REALLY don't feel like doing, except that it's due the second week of skool, and it starts tomorrow!!) so yesh.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help spoonman!!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Saturday, August 23

"Do Lip Plumpers Work?"

Yeah. This is a time travel post. I'm typing this on Wednesday. I'm somewhere in Arkansas right now, doing Max knows what, but probably having fun. Today's random thing is a hilarious ad I found while I was on fanfiction.

Okay. This is hilarious and weird. I might have a couple additional posts if I can use my mom's phone to email them.If not, I'll talk about what we did on Sunday!!
Hopefully enjoying herself,

Star Wars and Digimon... and Wallabies?

Hello Donut!!!
Title will be explained later on, but for now,


yesh- i know everyone has HEARD of wallabies, but click here for more wallaby pictures!!!
Also, star wars is awesome! especially the new video game, the force unleashed... my brother found the demo game on the x-box 360, and that is THE ONLY GAME HE'S PLAYED!!! seriously!!! And digimon is one of the most awesomest shows out there... except for data squad isn't as good as the older ones- just because the old theme song is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! (there are 3 other digimons before data squad... and each season has a movie. at least. and the don't all have the SAME theme song... i just happen to like this one!) but yeah. Data Squad is so different it's strange. I like the first 3 seasons best...
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Friday, August 22





Okay, today I'm leaving for Arkansas, so i won't be here but I have my posts set up. These are two totally random lego videos that I found hilarious. The first one's the best, but the computer game is annoying, and the second one was just hilarious.

So, since I have nothing to say, I guess I'll say bye.
Going to check her one email,


Hello Donut!
Yaks are cool. (see palindrome)


haha i don't want a kayak salad. Unless it's just a normal salad you eat on a kayak. Oh, in case you didn't notice, kayak is also a palindrome... Yesh. So, once again, Yaks are cool. Go to this site for more about yaks!! and pictures. Pictures are always cool. yep.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help spoonman!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Thursday, August 21


Hello Donut!!

So, don't ask me about the title, first of all, because i don't know either. These titles are just total random nonsense... which brings me to todays NOT palindrome (there was only one REALLY BAD palindrome for J, so i found a word instead! yay!):


What's a jargon you might ask? Well:


ok, well, my mom's here to pick me up, so i've gotta go!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks! (help spoonman!)
Rian (emi-chan)
Ok, well... I'm home now, and while i was working on some homework, i was listening to the radio. Bleeding Love came on, and THAT reminded me of last night- we were listening to the radio, and they were doing a remix on that song. She said, "before you know it you're frozen." and because of the remix thingy, some guy said, "let's go, let's go!" and we're all, YOU CAN'T GO ANYWHERE IF YOU'RE FROZEN!! yeah. it was wish. AND we got bored and wrote that really long post, and i had to click the publish post thingy so that kris wouldn't keep rambling on and on about how she would talk to you guys again... yesh. So i'm not gonna ramble either... SEE YA! :)

Barbie Movie!!

Hi! Rian's still over here, but we're both posting separately. 

Okay, today I'm posting riddles!! If you comment with the answer, you win! The prize is nothing.
Please no cheating...

Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

What can you catch but not throw?

Yay! Have fun trying to figure these out! I guessed them fairly quickly, so you should be able to too. I'm really bored, but I like pawky. It's yummy. I actually want some right now, but i'm trying to save it so I have some for school. Maybe I can get my mom to buy some more... Last night, we stayed up late playing a random game, Swipe, reading stories, eating pawky (yay!), and talking about MR fanfics. 
By the way, if you don't get the title, don't worry. It's just that my cousin and I were bored, so we made a 16 minute long Barbie video about fixing a broken VCR. It was funny.
Listening to myself make three different voices for the characters in the movie,

Wednesday, August 20


Hello Donut!!

This is BOTH of us, by the way. 
So we were looking at another blog, and there was an apple pi pie. 
The only reason this is funny is because in english we were talking about pie, and how we both like apple pie. So then we incorporated pi to it, so we had apple pi pie. yeah. So we've decided that we should MAKE an apple pi pie. Just for laughs. yesh. 
In other news, i now broadcast the radio (rian). We were listening to 102.2 and the radio would not work unless i was somehow touching it. yeah, i'm just cool like that, though. AND WE HAVE PAWKY!!! YAY!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help spoonman!)
Getting ready to translate all this,
Rian (emi-chan) and Kris


Hello Donut!!
This is BOTH of us, by the way.
So we were looking at another blog, and there was a pi pie. The only reason this is funny is because in English, we were talking about pie, and how we both like apple pie. So then we incorporated pi into* it, so we had apple pi pie. Yeah. So we decided that we should MAKE an apple pi pie, just for laughs. Yesh. 
In other news, I (Rian)*, now broadcast the radio. We were listening to 102.1, and the radio would not work unless I was somehow touching it. Yeah. I'm just cool like that, though. 
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!!! (Help spoonman!) 
Getting ready to translate this, though I already did*,
Rian (Emi-chan), and Kris!

*Some parts may not translate literally. And obviously, this part won't. Yeah...By the way, I (Kris), typed the translation, and Rian typed the non-translation.
And so does Webdings.
Kris. Again.
Cereal at night is better.
And now I'm being totally random. And hungry...I should go eat...And so should Rian, since she's here. IN MY FACE! loto(rian)
We're really done now...Hopefully.
Nothing else to talk about... ... ...

haha i'm still here! FOOLED YOU!!! HAHAHAHA!!! 
Ok. We're leaving for REAL now. RIGHT AFTER KRIS SAYS SOMETHING. ELSE. loto.
Okay, this is random, but when Rian typed We, actually We're, I thought how whenever we go over a bump in the car, I yell WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! But not that long...Unless it's a really long bump.. I spelled really wrong. But I fixed it.
We were playing scrabble, and Rian obviously doesn't REMEMBLE, since I almost had to tell the whole story again. She also says that I spelled rememble wrong. It's apparently spelled REMEMBOL in her mind...Just like this blog is in our minds...kinda...but not really, cuz that would be weird...and squished.
Well, since I can't remember how to spell that word that I can't spell, I'll just leave...
For real!
See ya later!
After some time!
After while crocodile!
See ya later alligator!


Hello Donut!
so... i'm bored and was listening to the radio when a song came on. That made me think, what if I did a post about all the songs i hear on the radio, and then find them so that other people can listen to them too? well... ok. i didn't think that at all. except i DID when i wrote it, so yeah. but anyway, i'm just gonna post a few songs on here that i like, and the artist/band:

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can't Stop
Project Jenny, Project Jan- 320
Muck Sticky- Cereal Time
Blue Oyster Cult- (Don't fear) The Reaper
Cut Off Your Hands- You and I
Soundgarden- Spoonman
The Offspring- You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
Squeeze- Cool for Cats
Smashing Pumpkins- Cherub Rock

Secondhand Serenade- Awake
Secondhand Serenade- Suppose
Bowling For Soup- Ohio (Come Back to Texas)

Yeah, I'll update it later. When I hear more songs that I like. Kris can update here too... then we can have a HUGE GIMUNGO list of all the songs we like, and YOU, yesh, YOU reading this post, can also comment and tell us some of your favorite songs, and then this list will be EVEN BIGGER!!! YAY!! hehe. so help us out here...
Look out for lemons, rusty sporks, and hitchhiking forks!! (help spoonman!!)
Rian (emi-chan)
along with kris!!
and maybe viewers who commented!! yay!

PS: we can't help it if the videos are weird. sorry.

I just had the weirdest dream...

Okay. But before I tell you that, I've got to do the random fact thing.

If you're ever playing scrabble and are stuck with a q, here are a few words you can use.
Qintar,qaid, qats, qwerty, qoph, qindarka, qadis.

I've checked these on the scrabble website, so no one can tell you you can't use them. Loti. You you.
Okay, time for the dream!

I was with this random family, and they had just moved to a new town/house. The house was very old and rundown, and there were spiderwebs everywhere. Me, and "my" sister were exploring when we got to the beach. There was sand, but it was covered in flowers. We got in the water, and the current started pulling us farther out, so we grabbed this random piece of wood and floated on that. We ended up on a platform in the middle of the ocean, and this guy started yelling at us about how we had just won this race when we hadn't even faced the "big wave" yet. Then the big wave came, and we were washed up on shore. So then we started picking flowers... And then we were at a store, kinda like Academy, but with Wal-mart stuff. We were buying school supplies. While we were waiting in line to check out, this random person came up to me, and in this spooky voice, they said, "You're not like us."
And I was very confused (cttm, loti). Then, the check out register lady smiled, and there were all these gross pointy teeth. She was like, "We're monsters!"
But they weren't really scary. They were like adults in halloween costumes. Then this girl cam up to me and started smiling and pointing. And I was like, "I feel like a celebrity."
Then suddenly, we were in this room behind the checkout counter, and there was no way out. It was solid brick. There was this random guy in there that never said anything, just sat there and slept. It was wish...

Probably the weirdest dream I've EVER had...and there might be some words you don't understand in there, but don't worry about that...Ri knows what I'm talking about (I almost typed tlaking. I don't feel like dancing this early in the morning), and so does Danielle. Speaking of Danielle, this is her first day of school!! Wish her luck!...The way I said that made it sound like she was in kindergarten...Well, she's not. She's the same age as us. Well, I guess I'd better stop typing now...
Eagerly awaiting tonight,
(she got the Halloween theme from me... I already have my Halloween costume pretty much ready!... and my dream was about Halloween too. so yeah. If you don't understand some words, like cttm, loti, or wish, just cbox us and we'll tell you!!! I edited some stuff in here- that's why i'm randomly typing! yay! Rian (emi-chan))


Hello Donut!
Don't ask me about the title... it was totally random. Anyway, I have 2 palindromes again today... Just look at them!


Well? which one am i? a lasagna or a salami? idk... i'm really not sure i really like either of those foods... i mean, yeah i'll eat them, but not like OMG I HHHAAAAVVVEEE TO HAVE [lasagna/salami] RIGHT NOW! no way. just like, oh. a salami sandwich. ok. Or oh. lasagna. ok. Yeah. i know. i really should put quotation marks around the sentences that I said, but i'm lazy and don't feel like it. :) hehe.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks! (help spoonman!!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Tuesday, August 19

The Video Bar Wears Diapers!

Brother (J): Hey Kristin! Guess what I found out!

Me: What?
J: The video bar can change it self.
Me: ...
J: Wait. That sounded like it can change it's own diapers.
Me: The video bar wears diapers?!

J: Hey look, it's raining! But it's not really sprinkling or misting, and it's not pouring, so I guess it's just raining.
Me: ...

Yeah. My brother is weird. Speaking of which, he just learned how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the saxophone! He only learned how to play last week, so that's pretty good.
Yeah. Randomness.
Frowning at the rain,


Hello Donut!
So today I went to Wal-mart and noticed 3 things that were really funny- to me at least...

1) There was this car, and it's liscense plate had a big star on it and it said Geez. I wanna see the one that says Louise... that would be really funny :) I know. I have an odd sense of humor- but that's just cuz i laugh at everything!!

2) There was a guy wearing sea green shorts, and COWBOY BOOTS!!

3) Have you noticed that like, everytime you go to walmart, you see someone you know? it's really... strange.

Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help spoonman!!)
Randomly posting about WALMART, of all places...
Rian (emi-chan)

Randomness about Spoons

Hello Donut!
Yeah, I don't have as much about spoons as i do about forks, but there is this awesome song about spoons called spoonman... don't ask me about the random video... but this song is kinda weird. Yesh. I like spoons, because i can eat cereal and ice cream with them. and they generally have cooler designs and colors than forks do... don't ask me why. And no, I will NOT being doing a randomness about knives... unless i find something weird about knives... (that was just a note...) Yesh. If you have any randomness about spoons, please share so that I can have a really long thing about spoons- even a suggestion for the forks will work!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks and rusty sporks! And help Spoonman!! hehe
Rian (emi-chan)


click here

Seriously, you should listen to it!! Make sure your volume is up!! and try to follow it. It's really confusing, but awesomely cool.


OMG! I can't believe it ended like that! And then he said it in front of everyone! And...And...OMG!! That was scary. I can't imagine him doing that! But he did! What?! I can't even comprehend that! Wow... Okay, I'm calmed down now. Okay. I didn't give anything away, but I had to vent, and my brother wasn't listening. 



=3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 ...

Yay! Pie! (Yes, I know it's spelled pi, but I like spelling it like this.) I don't really have anything to say, except that episode 44 of Shugo Chara is out!! I'm actually watching it as I type. There are only supposed to be 51 episodes, which means it's almost over!!
Also, Ri is coming over Wednesday  evening! She's spending the night! So we might not be on very much then. Ow! My rubberband just popped and it hurt. Okay, I guess I should leave now.
Thinking about how school starts in less than a week,

More Evidence

Hello Donut!
Today's palindrome is:


Yesh, it was the best one. Anyway, if you need MORE EVIDENCE that we are weird, here's the dream i had last night:
My mom, brother, and I were walking around, and we saw some random guy. We decided to chase after him, and followed him into a supermarket. He ran into aisle 7, and disappeared. We somehow knew that he had run into a portal at the end of aisle 7 that led to a Halloween Party. We just had to figure out HOW to get to the Halloween party through the portal. (we did eventually, i just don't remember how...) So we ended up in a 7 story library (idk what's up with all these 7's...) with books about 4 ft tall- this is where the Halloween Party took place. So my mom, brother, and had just started walking around when we heard some music. We peeked over to the next aisle, and saw Ikuto (from Shugo Chara) playing his violin. We listened to the rest of the song, and then heard MORE music. It turned out that in the NEXT aisle, Utau (also from Shugo Chara) was having a concert. We listened to a bit of that and then started walking again. My mom and brother went missing, so i was walking by myself when I ran into the flock (Maximum Ride), and we started walking around. People were trying to sneak up on us, so we beat them up randomly. Then I decided that maybe the information desk would have the whereabouts of the guy I was chasing earlier. So we got to the information desk, and my mom randomly teleported there. Some guy in a mummy costume was trying to talk to me, but i just ignored him. He walked off and apparently told some lady with a somewhat scary costume to sneak up on me, and when she did, i just laughed at her. So I don't think I ever got the information on that guy, because I had randomly grown wings, so the Flock and I started flying and beating people up. Then I woke up.
haha sorry for the horrible writing... but yesh. that's more evidence that we ARE as weird as people say we are... or at least I am...
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!!
Rian (emi-chan)

Monday, August 18

HAHA lasagna!

Hello Donut!
Today's palindrome:


I'm sorry. that's just funny to me. I don't even LIKE lasagna all that much... So yeah. Really, there is NOT much to talk about. I'll add something if i think of something to add...
Look out for lemons, rusty sporks, and hitchhiking forks!
Rian (emi-chan)

A Fangirl boy, thing.

There's this guy on Fanfiction (yes a guy), who thinks Fang is the best member of the flock. In his story, it said,

Fang POV (my favorite)

It was really weird.

Yay! First video random, thing...

Today our totally random thing is a video! It's hilariously funny, and it WILL get stuck in your head.

My cousins are staying over, and we stayed up late last night. It turns out Emi-chan did too. :( 
She talked to the flock without me!
Now I'm over least until she gets on. Well, I'm going to go eat breakfast. This is a very short post.
Still sleepy,

Sunday, August 17

A Bit of Nonsense

Today, and every other day, I was listening to my playlist. And there are some weird lyrics...Here are a few:

And I was born to tell you I love you.
Isn't that a song already?
I get a B in originality.
(Vulnerable-Secondhand Serenade)

If you're curious,
My favorite color's blue.
And I like to sing in the shower.
If you like, I'll sing to you.
(Take Me With You-Secondhand Serenade)

I just find those odd...I was going to say some other stuff, but I forgot...So I guess I'll say goodbye!
No, wait!! I just realized that we've had the blog for a month!! We started it On Wednesday, July 17th!! It's our one month anniversary!! Yay! You guys should visit us at 8:30 tonight!!
Going to eat dinner because she's hungry,


I don't know what's up with that title, but I felt like being random. And sorry this is so late.Okay...Time for random thing of the day!

Its a very interesting and random site. Literally. So here's some interesting stuff that's happened recently:
1. I'm getting tired of hearing about Michael Phelps winning every single race
2. My mom and I finished a 500 piece puzzle in a few hours
3. I saw a squirrel
4. My cousins are coming over today.
5. They're spending the night
6. I'm bored
7. School starts in a week

Yeah. I have nothing to talk about...Except- On Friday, we're leaving for Arkansas. I'll have some posts set up, so it'll be like I'm here! Except I won't be talking to anyone unless I can access my email or borrow my dad's laptop. I'll be gone until Sunday night. The day before school starts. Crazy, right? Yeah.
Listening to Suppose by Secondhand Serenade,


Hello Donut!
I like elves. Ok that was random because you have no idea what this is about. so this post is all about elves. Like this palindrome:


I never knew that elves could be remote. Or maybe it's called a remote elf because it always carries a remote around. Idk. But anyway, Angel, from MR is an elf because kris said she was reading this fanfic and there was a typo saying that Angel was elven. So Angel is an elf. You know, I have never seen the whole Elf movie? I've only watched the beginning and it is totally hilarious! Watch the WHOLE movie if you get the chance, because I know I will!! So yesh, I used green for the elves.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!!
Rian (emi-chan)

Saturday, August 16


31 hits! That's a personal best for the blog!! Yay us! Thanks to everyone who visited and commented!


[insert high pitch girly scream here]

Hello Donut!
Holy cow i'm so excited!!! I just found out that Chuck comes back on September 29!!! WOOHOO!! sorry... i know it's pretty pointless to ONLY blog about this, so I'm gonna add something else... but i don't know what. Should i ramble? SURE! why not. So we are watching the Olympics (really now, who ISN'T?!... that's a rhetorical question, btw) and we WERE watching water polo (now watching Versage ((SP?))), and we decided that it was a mix between the following sports:
Swimming (of course), hockey, volleyball, soccer, and NORMAL polo.
yesh. alright... i guess it's now long enough to pass as a normal sized blog... and i don't have any news about stuff that's coming out soon... so yeah. once again, if you hear about something that you're interested in, let me know, and it will probably show up on this blog. maybe... JK!! :)
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!!
Rian (emi-chan)


I'd really like to, but I can't explain the title right now. First is the random funny thing. Today, it's a picture!!

Okay. So first, lets figure out why the chiperrel* has a Pokeball (it looks like I type poke ball, but I couldn't get to accent on the e). Maybe it's planning on guest starring on Pokemon. Now about the power tools. I GOT TO USE POWER TOOLS AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING!
Yeah, that was pretty random. I don't really have anything else to talk about...Oh yeah!! Even though I'd rather not talk about this, one of my friends keeps teasing me about the thing at ABC. and I find it hilarious, for some reason...And I saw him at the orientation. It was weird. 
Still wondering about the chiperrel,

*I couldn't decide if it was a chipmunk or a squirrel, so, with the help of my brother, we decided it was a chiperrel.

All about Olives

Hello Donut!!!

So here is the palindrome:


interesting. do the olives in the picture count as evil olives? idk... they LOOK evil... but i'm not so sure about those rubber ducks in the background... Anyway, i guess this post is all about olives. especially since it's written in like an olive greenish color. i don't like olives. Some of you out there might like them, and that's great for you! but i don't like them. Alright, i'm going to stop talking about how i DON'T like olives...

Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!!!

Rian (emi-chan)
PS: what's up with all the random line breaks?! o well... at least nothing was deleted! :)
oh and sorry the pic looks so weird...

Friday, August 15

Interesting Japanese Stuff

I was searching for some helpful Japanese phrases, and I came across this website:

So now, here are some real helpful Japanese phrases:

So if you ever go to Japan, you can thank me! Just kidding. But I wouldn't mind. And you could get me some pawky when you go...
Today, Emi-chan and I are at Fish Camp! It's basically a freshman orientation. It should be pretty interesting, because we'll get to see all the people we haven't seen since last year!! Speaking of people, this really weird thing happened in ABC yesterday.
The band people were coming in from outside, and they had to pass our room, so we were all waving at our friends. So then this one guy, whose name I won't tell, since you don't need to know, was waving at me, and he made this heart with his hands (like Amu in Shugo Chara). I just waved. It was really funny, because Ri was sitting in front of me, and she saw and she turned around with this weird face saying, "you?" It was really weird. But he's my friend. Sort of. Loti. Now that I've said that, I guess I can stop typing.
Still laughing at he ABC thing,
loto, yes, it WAS kinda weird, seeing as how we were in the middle of answering some questions and i look up to see THAT GUY making the heart, and he SEEMED to be looking at Hoshi-chan, so i looked back and yesh. you know the story... sorry... i couldn't help but hack into this... well, really i just clicked edit, but yeah... alright, i'll get off before i get in trouble...
Look out for lemons, rusty sporks, and hitchhiking forks!!!
Rian (emi-chan)

palindrome CRAZY

Hello Donut!
So I found this TOTALLY LONG palindrome...

Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.

yesh, i just copied and pasted that because i was NOT about to remember all of that... so yesh. Anyway, here's the REAL palindrome:


don't ask me why... maybe it's because today (which is thursday, since i have fish camp tomorrow ((which gets freshman to get to know the staff and the school))) i had SO MANY DESSERTS and sweets... idk. Oh yeah. i was gonna do a separate post about the llamas, but i guess i will add it in... so wednesday night, at dinner, i said something to my dad, and he goes, " you talkin' 'bout my momma?!" and i'm all, NO! and he asked me the question again. then my mom starts talking about baby momma llamas and then my brother randomly said, "you talkin' 'bout my daddy's momma llama?" and it was really confusing and random so yesh. I'll stop rambling now (seems to be becoming a habit...)...
Look out for lemons!!! (and hitchhiking forks, along with rusty sporks!)
Rian (emi-chan)

Thursday, August 14

Probably the weirdest Day I have Ever Experienced.

Okay, so today after ABC, we went to meet my dad at a restaurant for lunch. So we stop by the house to pick up my brother, and I go in to put up my stuff. When we get to the restaurant, I reach down to put on my flip flops...AND THEY AREN'T THERE... 

It was hilarious, though the rest of my family didn't think so. Especially because Jason had to go to Band Camp, which was on the other side of town, in less than thirty minutes. So my dad and Jason went to get a table, and me and my mom went to a store (Rue 21) across the street, so I could go into the restaurant. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service! So now I have new flip flops. But wait! It gets weirder.
Since Jason's band camp is only 50 minutes long, it would be pointless for us to go home, because we'd just have to turn around as soon as we got there. So we went to the bank, and to get a newspaper, so I could do the Sudoku and Scrabble, and that word search thing. 

Mom: It would be easier for us to get out if we went this way.
Me: Okay.

We turn out of the parking lot, and go down the street to find that it just stops. Literally. So then we have to back up and go back through the parking lot and turn around.
It was a very crazy day.
Reading emails,

Randomness about forks

Hello Donut!
Alright. i'm bored. so i feel like talking about forks. Not for a far out reason, just because i just got finished doing some dishes. Anyway, my brother was helping me put up the dishes, and he was picking out the knives, and he said, " GET OFF YOU HITCHHIKING FORK!". so yeah. Now we have hitchhiking forks. and forks reminds me of Forks, from Twilight. I still haven't even STARTED breaking dawn yet... i should do that... and also, forks reminds me of sporks. Which reminds me (yesh, i know, that's a LOT of reminding... i think i had this all planned out too, but just didn't notice it til now) of this fanfic i was reading. It was chatroom style, and it was Max Ride, and i was totally funny because randomly in there, Max kept saying that she was going to kill Fang sooooo super bad that not even a rusty spork could protect him. and i was thinking, "rusty spork"? I didn't know they made sporks out of metal that could get rusty!!! (Actually, i don't even know if sporks ARE made of metal... the only ones i've seen were plastic.) But yesh. I'll stop rambling about forks, Forks, and sporks right after this... I walked into ABC this morning, and they're all, " have a donut!" and i'm like, YESH! so i took one (even though this morning i already had 4 waffles (( the ego homestyle ones, if you're wondering))), but i thought a donut would be nice. now, you might be wondering WHY this has ANYTHING to do with forks. well, it turned out that it is one of the teacher's birthday, so we got cake, too (keep in mind that this class is from 8-12), and i ate that cake with a fork. Alright, i promised you i'd stop rambling on about forks now, so i will.
Look out for lemons!!! (and hitchhiking forks),
Rian (emi-chan)

Weird Error Messages- and some new stuff!

Okay. So I found these weird error messages. I'm going to post four of my favorites.

4. Error 0000: No errors found, restarting computer

3. Error: Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue.

2. Your mouse is not working, please click here to acknowledge.

And my all time, personal favorite:

1. Error: Printer on Fire

Okay. Now I'm going to randomly talk about these because I feel like it.
4. Okay, so it says ERROR, then it says NO ERRORS FOUND. It's just contradicting itself.
3. Okay, so if it can't find your keyboard, how are you supposed to press F1? Who makes up these things?
2. Just like the last one. 
1. What kind of error message is that?! I find it strangely hilarious.

Okay. And, we got a new layout! Hope you like it!
Bored to death,


Hello, Donut!
Palindrome of the day:


yesh, there were only 4 to choose from, so i thought this was the best. yep. Anyway, i found out that on the Olympics, one of the handball teams on there was some people i actually played handball with in france at a school!! Yeah, i knew they were good, but wow. totally awesome! So yeah, i kinda realize that was a little random, but not as random as what i'm about to tell you... so at ABC today (algebra boot camp, once again), there was this little army guy on this desk. so we started playing with him, and this guy in our class comes up and grabs him, saying, "that's mine." so we're all, ok. whatever. then on our second break, we saw him on the desk thing again, so we're all, "OOOH!" and then this hand comes up and snatches him from behind the desk. it was that guy again. and it was randomly funny, and we burst out laughing for about 3 minutes straight... or at least i was. Kris was only laughing for about 2 1/2 min... o well, it doesn't really matter. but u see? i can get REALLY random if i want to. and that was kind of random too, just because it was. yeah, i'm gonna stop rambling nibberish (once again, i made a speako ((like typo in talking)) and i said rambled gibberish, so i decided it should be like rambled jonsense, so yesh, nibberish) now and let you go read, watch tv, or whatever. yep. i'm just nice like that.
Look out for lemons!
Playing random songs in her head (like 320 by project jenny project jan),
Rian (emi-chan)

Wednesday, August 13

Now I Feel Bad

This guy called asking to talk to my Dad, and he was going on an on about how he won some prize. Then he was saying that he needed to verify the address, and he told me it, and it was wrong. It was something weird like forest drive...So then he asked if I could tell him the address, and I was like, "Hold on a second." And then I hung up.

I hope he doesn't call back.

Rambled Jonsense

Hello Donut!
*a note: Rambled Jonsense is something i made up during ABC. I was trying to say that when i say something about math, it comes out as random nonsense, but for some reason, i said rambled jonsense. totally weird. End of note*
So yeah. Today's palindrome is:


a stub? Maybe they're talking about a stubbed toe or something... i'm not sure. but yeah. the palindrome phrase thingy. it kinda does sound like rambled jonsense. o well... i'm a ramblin' jonsense kind of person. so yeah.
Look out for lemons!
Rian (emi-chan)

Olympics- and questions

Okay. Random question of the day. 

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

Yeah. Ponder that. It's seven thirty four, and I'm rushing to post this because I was up late last night watching the olympics. Speaking of which, China won gymnastics, and the US totally kicked butt at beach volleyball!! Okay...I've got to go now. I'm gonna be late for ABC.
Rushing so I can get my seat,

Tuesday, August 12


Okay, today I'm posting a quote. It's funny. that's all I have to say.

"At one point, we decided to fight fire with fire. Well, basically, your house burned even faster." -ex-Fireman

Okay. I find this oddly hilarious. It's really 9:31 at night, but since Ri and I have ABC in the morning, I'm typing this up now. And my brother is sitting here watching me. I have nothing to say...I'm about to go get some hot chocolate and work on the questions I have to do for the book I'm reading for school. It's called The Good Earth. It's weird. And we have over 100 questions. I haven't even started them. Which I guess, is my sign to go.
Listening to my brother go on and on about my typo of "tham",

Palindromes!... well... kinda

Hello Donut!
So now that I've gone through the whole alphabet doing phobias, it's now time to go through an alphabetical list of palindromes... kinda. you see, i kinda like the phrases better, because then you get a whole sentence/ phrase you can say backwards and forwards... for example, UFO tofu. people claim that these aren't really palindromes, so if you are one of those people, well... TOO BAD FOR YOU! hehe jk! Anyway, here's the "palindrome" for today:


yeah, i just like that one for the random outburst of LOOPALOOTALOOFA! i think i might use that word from now on when i get excited. hehe that'll be TOTALLY HILARIOUS when i say that to some random person... wow. Anyway, so I got 1 list that i'm gonna get all of my palindromes from, but i was looking at this other site cuz it says words and i was going to see if there were any A palindrome words (which there are not, i guess), but i just got a lot of things with togas! (chuck fans out there- are you going to the toga party? :P) so yeah. kinda weird and random. but yeah.
Look out for lemons!
Screaming LOOPALOOTALOOFA at random people (in her mind),
Rian (emi-chan)

Monday, August 11


Today is the last day of our normal dailies. Tomorrow, we'll be doing new stuff! yay! Okay (oksy), lets have the last official fact of the...Season? Summer? Year? I don't know. But whatever it is, it's here:

If Barbie were life-size,she would stand seven feet, two inches tall, and have a neck twice the length of a normal human's neck.
Okay, first of all, how long is a normal human's neck? Like, three inches, or what? I don't feel like measuring my neck, so I'll just leave it at that estimation.
Oh. Rian and I start ABC (algebra boot camp) today, so we probably won't be on in the morning. Unless it's really early. And right now, there are sirens outside. Very loudly... 
Okay, listening to That's Just The Way We Roll, by the Jonas Brothers,

ZZZ!!!! the last letter in the alphabet!

Hello Donut!
Ok. So tomorrow I start ABC (algebra boot camp), and I get my retainer, and i have a cello lesson. Yesh. So ok. Let me just post the word...

ZEMMIPHOBIA- a fear of the great mole rat.

Ok. One question. WHAT IS THE GREAT MOLE RAT?! I mean i've heard of mole rats, and i've heard of naked mole rats. BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A GREAT MOLE RAT? I don't know. but if you know, will you tell me? pretty please with your choice of toppings on top? hehe.
Look out for lemons!!!
Rian (emi-chan)

Sunday, August 10

People at Parks

So today we went to the park, and I saw some people that looked like characters from books. 

First is a girl that looked like Nancy Drew. She was there with some guy, who I guess could have been Ned (Nickerson), but I have no idea what he looks like, so I don't know. Then, there was a guy taking pictures of them (I have no idea why they were at a park for that, but whatever), and he looked like Fang from Maximum Ride! It was so weird. Except, he was probably 20 or so. Then, there was this girl who looked like Angel (MR), but her hair was straight. Next is Iggy, but the guy was kinda five feet or something. But he still looked like him. Then there was this little kid running around that looked like how I imagined Ari would be before he was Eraser-fied. And last, but not least, there was a lady sitting and reading a book that looked like Dr. Martinez. Or Anne. I couldn't decide which. 
There. I just typed a whole paragraph about random people I saw at the park. What I still don't understand is what that couple was doing taking pictures at a park. My guess was that they were wedding pictures, or something, but I don't know...they were kinda young. Like eighteen or so. But I guess it's none of my business.
Getting ready for ABC tomorrow,

Random Stuff

Today, on the way to church, we listened to christmas music . :)

I saw a squirrel on the way home.
I'm drinking Sunny D.
I was trying to kill a mosquito, but when I finally got it, it was a feather.
I like doing the Sudoku's in the newspaper.
I'm rereading Breaking Dawn.
I like card tricks.
My leg itches.

Okay, that last one was REALLY random, but I had to say it. I have no idea why I posted this, but I did, so get over it. I'm playing a game called Adventure Quest. Google it. it's fun, has bad graphics, and the people have names like Ballyhoo, and Artix Von Krieger. You should try it.
Listening to my brother yell at inanimate objects,
PS: Rian says that if you have any questions about the game, cbox us...
(i added myself in here cuz i am bored and also playing adventure quest!! yay! hehe)
Rian (emi-chan)

Heroes Fans!... and fans in general.

Hello Donut!
Calling all Heroes fans! Guess what everyone? Heroes comes back on with a new season on September 22, 2008!!!!!!! SO HAPPY! seriously, i've realized that it always comes on ON or just before my birthday. so i always consider Heroes as my birthday present. This year it comes on the day before! SO EXCITED! yeah. Just thought I'd let you know! Yeah, i'm a fangirl for a lot of things. So when something cool comes on that i'm a fan of, i'll tell all you fans out there about it!!! come here for all your fan needs! hehe. Oh, hey. if you are a fan of something and something really big is going on about it (like the Percy Jackson movie coming out on November 13, 2009 ((which is like a year away so i will post about it later...))) then comment me and i will make sure that all the other fans know about it. O hey, just asking, but does anyone know when Chuck is coming back on?
Ok, gonna stop rambling on about random things that don't even have to do with Heroes which comes on on September 22!
Look out for lemons!
Rian (emi-chan)

PS: I just found the Heroes blog on youtube! here's the site!! (click here) But it hasn't been updated since march 2... so yeah. not much to look at. :( sorry all u other fans out there.