Thursday, April 29

Make your wishes come true!

Ok. It's the most hilarious game EVER.
So, I have to thank Alex & Ryan for this... wow. I can't stop laughing!
When I looked it up, I clicked a link that said, "Play the game. Listen to the song. Trust Us." That makes it sound scary. :)
But, wow. This song...
You know, maybe I could write better if I wasn't laughing so hard.
Here's the game (play it, seriously! It's not Shopping City, I swear).
Here's the music video for the song... just wow. (it doesn't make any sense at all.)
I totally forgot to mention the dolphins. Yeah, there are dolphins. And rainbows. The whole nine yards. It's like, those stupid unicorn binders come to life, with action movie explosions thrown in, just to spice things up a bit.

Wednesday, April 28

Great song

If you don't like the screaming bit at the beginning, skip to 1:58.
Holy toothpaste in the suitcase is that amazing.
And then, it kinda goes back to screaming, but I'll ask you to bear with it, so that you may hear the amazing piano at the end.
It's freaking amazing, I swear!
AHHH. Me gusta mucho!

Je sais je ne suis pas un loup-garou!

Click here for a sort of guide thing on shopping city...just in case you were playing.

And click here to see the creepy rabbit, Bunnicula.
And I'm pretty sure THIS is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. I guess it's mainly the way he looks all impassive about it, know. It's just funny.
Also, in my neighborhood, there's this van painted to look like the Mystery Machine (from Scooby Doo), but whenever you see it, there's no time to take a picture because it's driving. Well, today I was riding my bike through this part of the neighborhood I've never been to (I'm not sure how that happened), and I found the van! It was great. Also, some guy said I had a nice bike?
Anyway, that's pretty much it. We've got TAKS this week (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), and it has been boring me to tears. The only plus side is no homework and more sleep. YAY!
Oh yeah. and in case you were wondering, the title says, "I know I am not a werewolf!" It's from this game we played in French.... if you've ever played the game Mafia, it's like that.

Tuesday, April 27


seriously- best ever :)

Monday, April 26

So, if you don't know about this, apparently, I have some sort of built in "Pain Attractor for the Universe." Another fun fact- the Universe apparently hates me. So, because of this, I have had multiple injuries. All of which were on my left side, for the most part.


  1. Car door was closing, hit me on the head.
  2. Sprained my ankle
  3. Sprained my wrist
  4. Pulled a muscle in my hip
  5. Got Bells-Palsy on the left side of my face.

Now, apparently, the Universe is taking out it's hatred on my RIGHT SIDE:
  1. Bruised my hand really badly today at lunch
  2. Found out I had a ringworm :(
  3. Got a shot on my shoulder

Now I feel like quoting Three Days Grace: "Pain, without love. Pain, can't get enough. Pain, I like it rough, because I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all!"
And that's true, i guess. If I couldn't feel anything, I'd be a little freaked. So, I guess I'd rather be in pain all the time than unfeeling.
But I do not like pain. Sigh.
Rian (is super tired, and the doctor assumed she had bad allergies. She doesn't right now.)

Book Recommendations

I just finished reading two amazing books this weekend.

The first one is Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz. I've read a couple of other books by her, including the series Blue is For Nightmares, which was also pretty good.
The second book I read, which was just absolutely awesome, is called Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater. I love it so much. Really, I just want to steal it from the library and keep it.
So... read those.
Also, if I haven't mentioned it before, you should read the Vampire Academy Series (Richelle Mead). It's one of my favorites right now, and the new book is coming out in about... two weeks, I think.
I went to a book sale when we were out of town this weekend and bought a bunch of my favorite books. I really wish there had been more I wanted, because hardbacks were only $2, and paperbacks were only $1, but I still got a lot. If you haven't read the 1-800-Missing series, by Meg Cabot (also Jenny Carroll), I highly suggest those. I've read that series like, five times, and it's still amazing.
Anyway, if you need something to read, these are great.

Sunday, April 25


Galleries posted new music!!
It's so exciting!!
You should Like them on Facebook!
You should as be their friend on MySpace!
You should listen to their music all the time!!
... or.... don't.
It's up to you.
But as they say- "Be there, or be a massive square."
... but, "It's hip to be a square."
Ah, whatever. I'll just stop trying.

Well, I can not sleep, I think.
... or, it sucks when I can't sleep and I need to.
Like now.
But at least I'm doing chemistry research.
Instead of sleeping.
Which... sucks.

Saturday, April 24

I forgot to make a key for the previous post:

Green= What came out of the translator.
Purple= words defined.
Turquoise/Aquamarine= used in a sentence/examples.
Black= what I typed into the translator/ what I made up. Most of the time, I said what I put in there... just sometimes, it's not exact, and morphed to fit the context. Yeah...

Friday, April 23

"Select the format of the show. Hope you well!" - Paper Planes

Kooperatyon-(coop-er-ay-tee-on) v.Eating chicken, while getting stabbed in the eye with a fork and knife on the weekend, and then having the chicken walk back into your house. (in a sentence) Dude, you're bleeding- you just got kooperatyoned.
Mary J. Block- A game starring John (from Georgia) committing psychological violence, using DJ Hero and Velociraptors.
If a waiter asks you what you would like, respond: A large mushroom pizza, and serve very poor pianist today. (Which makes me think of the song by Chiodos- "Is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork?")
Windows only Caddell when there are geckos on the window. It's very easy. Or simple. Whichever.
Tokyo, in Africa, the disease spread Slowly learning. This means that, in Tokyo, Africa (yes, there is one), the Zombie Disease spreads Slow learning. Yes, Slow. Not slow, but Slow. Also, the spread was massive.
Binatu your big mouth and I can introduce fresh fish and Shellfish, an error in the link. A climate of fear. Binatu- (been-not-too) v. To open and close your mouth rapidly in the span of 3.0248765028 seconds, creating the illusion that your lips are doing the wave. This attracts fresh fish (the freshest) and Shellfish (once again, not shellfish), as they are used to waves. This also creates errors, and climates of fear.
I blew out the candles on my birthday cake In hopes of RAM. RAM- Random Access Memory.
Sometimes, links, meat, fried, fast food, green, and dreams! My uncle's dreams :) [yes, he dreams of sometimes. don't worry about it.]
RACECAR= ] [Move. (The brackets are the position of your arms when you say this.) In a sentence: "What do you do for a living?" "I drive." "Taxis?" "No. ] [ Move."
BACON=No pigs. (since when, I don't know.) [ah, Uncle says, "Bacon is so tasty, that one day there will be no pigs.]
are there code words? List? uh, no. What's the code word? List? ... you're not sure?
Unicorns met Pegusi :) However, after the meeting). ...The world may never know. Maybe a war broke out? Maybe it caused the Slow disease in Tokyo, Africa? Who knows? Not I.
VERSE 1: At last, my love has come along. My lonely days are over, and life is like a song.
VERSE 2: When the last day of my life music... yeah.... and... wrong. stuff. words. blah.
Do your chain hang low, does it wobble to the flo? Does it shine in the light- is it platinum, is it gold? You know, the design of platinum. Of course. How silly of me to ask. ("Never ask a rich person this question. They will make you feel real small." -Uncle)
The latest killing. Clear Linked to military life? Clear= The internet company. Anyway, there's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying until you run out of cake. And the science gets done, and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive!
A warning to all Ninjas: Ninja avoid Kappa goats Grazing on the surface. The underground ones? Not as crippling as the surface ones. They eat shiny stars. And ninjas should eat llama for brunch after staring at goats who run away. Just saying.
What rolls down the stairs, alone or in pairs, right over your neighbor's dog? What sits on your back, and great for a snack? Well, Who, like dogs, and measures opportunities for women. Miscellaneous. and... LOG LOG LOG!
"Hey, my lipgloss is poppin. My lipgloss is cool. All the boys be stoppin, me after school." "Well, Makeup is my favorite. Poland mouth are normal students." "Yeah.. be sure to Biratu that."
Poland Mouth- Port cities in Poland. Yes, Poland is landlocked. Yes, it's also normal students. Deal with it. :)
Four(4) plus eight (8) equals twelve (12) on 04/12/2008. Only then. Math teachers are wrong any other date. But you didn't hear that from me :)
Where is the man with a pot on his head supposed to be? If you want to buy? The answer? No thanks, I'm good.
Do you know where I can find a broom? In the Back? I don't know. I asked you first.
Who wants to have a cracker? You want to fight? I didn't know those were fighting words... Sorry.
So, I guess we're going to bed now. For more hilarious stuff that YOU can make up, click HEAH!

Thursday, April 22

Ominous homework is ominous.
"find the sum of the infinite geometric series, if it exists"...
*cue ominous music*
... Or Attack Attack, i guess... Nah, doesn't fit with the ominous-ness. Oh well.

partner dances

So, in dance, we're doing partner dances. This might not be so bad if we had more than two boys in the whole class... of like, forty girls. So, instead, I have to dance with a girl, and it's pretty awkward most of the time. I'll be glad when we're done with this. My partner is always either:

A) lazy
B) doesn't know the steps
or C) all of the above
This blog is probably just going to be a mishmash of random stuff that's been going on lately. I have no organization at the moment.
"What do we want?! When do we want it?!"
This was was a piece of a commercial, and after I hear it, all I think is:
"What do we want?! When do we want it?!"
"Wait, what do we want?"
Anyway, ran out of time to write. We're getting ready to leave (my dad has another golf tournament), so I guess I'd better stop.

Monday, April 19


Oh, I laughed so hard when I saw this xkcd comic!! seriously- it's the xkcd version of SNL's Laser Cats!!
And a fun song to listen to- Birdo by HORSE the Band :)
psst: I will say- the link I put for the band cusses a lot. But it's friggin hilarious. Read it anyway. :)


Now kids are doing adult jobs, too?

No learning going on here.


Sunday, April 18


I laughed so hard when I saw this.
my dad and I even went on about it:
Dad: I want some frosted flakes, without the flakes!
Me: ... That's icing. I want a pizza, without the bread! 'Ok, here's your cheese, sauce, and pepperoni.'
Dad: Put it in a cup. I might drink it.
seriously, though. It looks pretty ridiculous, but it's a good concept, I guess.

If you want to play the most aggravating game in the history of the world...

Click here.

It sucks. I've been playing level 2 for two days, and i can't beat it! It's starting to destroy me! I have been so obsessed. So, play at your own risk. And come tell me if you lose at 99%... like I did. D:

Saturday, April 17


Here's some info for the 18th.
You know what I'm talking about.


I want this cake a lot.
This cake makes me confused.
OH NO! Not Raphael! Darn you, Shredder! *shakes fist in the air*
Because they really are robots in disguise... as cake.
This is what I wish I could do sometimes with homework...
this cake made me laugh.
Ok, so as to why I'm looking at pictures of cakes, it's because I can't draw cakes.
anyway, have a wonderful day!
Rian :D




Rian (happy blahblahblah day)

Thursday, April 15

There are some movies that are just bad.
Some movies are simply amazing.
Some movie ideas make it, while some do not.
I think that this movie would be the best yet.
Yes, it's almost better than Dragon Wars (*GASP!*).
So, you should like, totally, like, watch it and junk.
Here! Këtu! Aquí! Ovdje! Здесь! Här! İşte!
(sorry if translations are a bit off...)
Rian (would totally watch this movie, Face Punch*, The Man Who Fell Sideways, and Minesweeper. Seriously. They'd totally make it on my Top Ten Movie List [which contains like, 4 number 2s. but whatever.], and I'm sure they'd be awesome, if properly funded & with a good director!)
*sorry, it's bad. But, it's the best one I could find. "I'm gonna blow your friggin head off! :P

Oh, there's more (to the first one)
Numero 2
(the one previously mentioned is 5)
If someone can find me the first one, I'll be grateful forever. :D

Tuesday, April 13

This helped.

Watch this, it's hilarious!
... It makes me think of that Tetris fanfiction, actually... lawl
as did this.

I think I speak for both of us when I say:


Ya know, I really liked Sue at the beginning of the episode, because she cut some dude's hair off. I had decided that she should come to our school and do that to a dude there.
But... after that... NO WAY.
I won't tell you what it was, I won't link it to this post.
I'm trying to protect you.
Please say, "Thanks, Rian and Kris, you're so awesome because I don't have to scratch my eyes out with a fork in the company of gay sharks now. Thanks so much!"
Then I will be happy.
Now, excuse me while I find an aquarium that has sharks. And forks.

Monday, April 12

You know what really sucks?

When you end up staying up late, and you have homework, and you know you'll have to end up doing it sooner rather than later, and you still procrastinate and save it for the next day.
Ugh, I hate it when I do that!

For example:

I'm doing it right now.

Fail, Rian, fail.

Sunday, April 11

ah, greatness

So, I have a disco ball going (because I was listening to the Raddox remix of Still Alive... it's very catchy), and I saw this.
Someone get a DJ to say this, video tape it, and send it to me. I wanna see!!!

I am the worst co-blog owner ever.


I always think about posting, but I never actually get around to it. Even though I'm on the computer all the time. So... I'll try to post more often. Though, to be honest, that doesn't mean a thing. Oh well.

Saturday, April 10


(Actual Portal Stuff!)
here (complete with the companion box!)

Friday, April 9

Still Alive (again)

Yes, I'm kind of obsessed with Portal.
Portal 2 will have Co-op, so I'm excited for that.
Anyway, I now want Mario Paint Composer. It'd be so much fun... along with like, an EMX of some sort. Or a drum machine. yesss.
Still Alive 2.0
Still Alive 3.0

The funny thing is, and I totally didn't catch this at all until I... somehow figured it out, that Still Alive, sung by the same lady who does the voice of GLaDOS, is a song of Jonathan Coulton. If you haven't heard any of this guy's songs, I seriously suggest checking him out. He's hilarious. To get you started:
Re: Your Brains (lawl. Subtitles in non-Geico Caveman speak)
The Presidents
I Feel Fantastic

So, have fun.


Cousins by Vampire Weekend.
sometimes I wonder if people actually watch the videos I put up here.
sometimes I wonder if it's a waste of time.
If it is, well... Sorry.
Anyway, you wanted to know about my random outburst of a second Portal, did you?
Here you are :)
Ok, and here's some more.
But really, I suggest reading a Game Informer magazine (that's what I'm doing- it's sitting in my lap right now, actually, cuz I'm still reading it).
just reminding you :)
psst: I do actually wonder if this ever happens in the life of a locksmith...

Holy toothpaste in the suitcase!!! Portal 2!? Will update soon.

... I want to do that.

Well... not all of it... but... yeah.
just check it out!

... and all i was doing was looking for pictures of Velociraptors for my Spanish project. gah. Read this :)
This one, too. It's so true.

Wednesday, April 7

In Spanish, we're doing this project. We have to make a Want Ad. She (my teacher) said that we should keep it normal, like a car (or a boyfriend?!), and not too "off-the-wall".
Well, I had planned on using a Raptor. Oops.
So, after she finished giving instructions, I went up to her desk to ask.

Me: Senora, para mi projecto, puedo usar un velociraptor? [Ma'am, for my project, can I use a velociraptor?]
Teacher: ... What's that?
Me: Have you seen Jurassic Park?
Teacher: ... Oh. Yeah, that's fine.

... So... raptors are normal, now.
And I'm gonna have fun with this project... :)


Here's the long awaited answer... or answers.


I like the Norwegian better.

I have never seen this show in my life.
Here's the English theme song.
Here's Tord (bassist from the Wombats) singing it in Norwegian. :)
Unfortunately, now the song is stuck in my head. Unfortunately, it's not the Norwegian version that's stuck in my head. I need to change that.
... Tord, Dan, and Murph are awesome! :D

So, after all this time of liking Vampire Weekend, I haven't seen one of their music videos... until now.
This is the first one i saw (and the only one i've yet seen), but it's really cool. makes me think of this... OR NOT. gah. I was looking for it, and apparently, they took it off youtube. WAH. it was super amazing. It was to Phoenix's 1901- I found it waaay back when I heard it on the Adventure Club with Josh (look it up- super amazing).

Monday, April 5

Ooh, my family is weird...

So my cousin saw this video, and he copied it.
Luckily, one of his friends was working (he planned it), so it was ok.
but yeah.
weird, and pretty cool at the same time :)

Sunday, April 4

He will destroy you!

(we're out of jokes to do!)
check it out! it's hilarious.

For Your Easter Viewing Pleasure

Or... Laughing pleasure. Because that's what I did.


Happy Easter!

Ok. Don't ask why I'm up so early... to quote some of the people I'm going to mention later, "I'm moving to New York cuz I have issues with my sleep. It looks like Christmas came early, Christmas came early, for me!" hahaha
So first off, check out the new layout of XKCD (if you haven't yet). You can still view it normally, but you can use this one, also. (note: If you type in "hi" or "hello", it'll respond. but other than that and the commands, nothing else works).
And, thanks to my music guru of a friend, I've found a super awesome indie band... Galleries from Glasgow, Scotland! They're really amazing, and their music is very relaxing. You can download their EP free from HERE, and I really recommend doing so. :) Actually, I can't give you any favorites, because I really like that whole EP. The songs on it are: +Danger, Clive Wearing, Nothing Grows Here Anymore, Underground Overground, and Deleted Toes. Seriously- they're really relaxing and beautiful and amazing and ohhh, i love it! hahaha
And, last night, while i was looking for lyrics to some of the songs by Galleries, I came across this band (I quoted their song "Moving to New York")... The Wombats! I really like their music, too. My favorites by them are: Backfire at the Disco, Kill the Director (the CSS remix is good, too), Moving to New York, and... I guess they're cover of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. It never fails to make me giggle, especially with they're opening line, "About as professional as a troop of monkeys trying to play an instrument!" hahahaha
Ok, so... I guess I'm stuck awake for a while, so I might as well start getting ready to leave in about 45 minutes... that is, if anyone ever wakes up... gah.
Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Easter (and if you're non-Catholic... well, Hope you enjoy the last day of this long weekend! [and if you didn't have a long weekend... Listen to Sunday TV and Derail and Crash by The Wombats, and have a wonderful Sunday!])
Rian :)

v v)o

Friday, April 2

Invader Zim

lawl, I love this show.

Zim: Gir... what are you up to?
Gir: ... Nothing...
Zim: Nothing... or something?
Gir: AW! YOU'RE TOO SMART FOR ME! Keet's gonna throw you a surprise party after school and he's inviting all the kids at school cuz he LOVES YOU! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!! ... I'm gonna go make a cake!!

Next time i'm up to something, and someone asks me if i'm doing Nothing or Something... well, obviously, they're too smart & suspicious of me.
And also, next time someone asks me why I won't go out with someone, my excuse will be because they are too clean.
that's right. clean.
i forgot what book i was reading in which someone said that... but yeah. too clean. :)
Rian (is going to the park. yay!)

It's true.

So, click here & just look at this picture. I put the links here, but you can also click on them while looking at that picture.
Anyway, here's the hilarious video (containing some cussing) that will make those people look better, apparently...
and here's the people they will take on, once their makeover is complete.
It all makes me laugh.

Thursday, April 1