Saturday, October 31

this week has been so hectic...

So, my mom was in a car crash on monday. Some guy basically ran her off the road, and she had to miss my brother's band concert, in which he had a solo...but she wasn't hurt.

Tuesday...something else happened. Oh yeah, Glee didn't come on because of stupid baseball, which I now hate. Because it is denying me glee.
Wednesday was the district cross country meet. we basically got to miss over half of school and run through the mud. I did okay, but the mud slowed me down a like, a minute at least.
Also, this was our homecoming week. We have this spirit link thing where all the classes compete to see who can raise the most money. The money is represented by chains of...links across the cafeteria ceiling. We were winning up until Friday, when the seniors "magically" got a whole bunch to beat us by like, twenty dollars. Because the seniors HAVE to win.
Friday we had the homecoming pep rally. It was kind of annoying, mostly because I had to go to the bathroom the whole time, and this crazy lady was trying to get us (and only us) to sit down because she couldn't see. I don't know anyone who sits down at a pep rally though. At least not at our school...we have school spirit. And I mean that.
The homecoming game was on Friday too, and we won...21-14. The other team was wimpy. :)
We have all these awesome signs, and they had like five that said Hooty Who? Since our mascot is the owl. Kinda cheesy.
Today, I woke up around ten, and we cleaned and sang, and then my brother went over to his friends house and me and my parents (my parents and i) went to eat brunch with their friends. It was a really cool place, but they kept playing random scary music. It was kinda weird..
Anyway, after that we went shopping, which was...entertaining, mostly.
Next, we went over to Rianna's to trick or treat. It was pretty awesome. We were both superheroes, so we ran everywhere at first, with one of our hands in front (LEFT HAND OF DOOM!) like when superheroes fly. We passed this guy who was like, "SUPERHEROES RULE!" when we went up to a house and when we passed him again when we came back down to the street. Then he yelled "GO SUPERHEROES!" when we ran away. Then we started having to wait for other members of our group, so we created the superhero pause, where we stood with a hand on our hip and the other out in front of us like we were saying "stop". Some random guy gave me a high five... And of course, when we stopped walking, we had to stand like superheroes, with our hands on our hips and all epic-like.
It was all pretty epic-like. Especially the fact that during the GRAND TRADE, I acquired nine Reese's...two of them are the double packs. :)
I'm happy.

So, i'm at the mall shopping with my parents and their friends... And the girl was choosing a shirt for her husband. And i was like, no not that one, when she held up this flowery shirt. It was funny. And it was funnier because then she asks 'what could you wear it with to make it look better?' and my mom goes, 'a sweater that covers it up.'

Friday, October 30


yeah, i just made that up- it means, "Oh my quokkas!"

so if i hear someone randomly say that, well... actually, i don't know what i'd do. but... just know i made that up if it ever really catches on... which it probably won't... but whatever.
not what i meant to post about.
though i probably should do a "meaningful" post soon...
but not until Kristin posts about Jason (no, not her brother).
so until then, enjoy this, all ye FANGirls and guys!
i think you will greatly appreciate this.
Rian (... heh. Under Armor.)
psst: a word to add to a list of weird words- Armor.

Tuesday, October 27

Don't be a Squidward!

clicky again

... this person was watching Unbeatable Banzuke.
Rian (is like the electrical dude in the back. poor us)

taco taco

the eye and the sheep are random.
but this commercial never fails to crack me up.
Rian (bell bell)

Sunday, October 25

"Revenge is a dish best served cold. Like pizza."

"Better than hot pizza?! Never."
"Don't tell me what kind of pizza to like!"

hahaha. 30 Rock is funny. I don't watch it a lot, but i do watch it some times.
Rian (Frank & beans!)

Saturday, October 24

best food ever.

Buffalo Wild Wings....If you have never been there, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. And the hotter they are, they better they taste. But, as a warning, they really ARE hot. Like, OMG I can't eat another one but they are so good i have to so i will drink a whole bottle of water in between each one hot. I mean that.

Also, I am SO MAD!! So, if you've ever watched El Tigre, you know that Manny's dad never takes off his mask...except for like, three times. So I've always wanted to see him without his mask. And it's on right now, and a few minutes ago, Jason was like, "THERE, HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK! LOOK NOW, KRISTIN, LOOK!"
And so I spun around, but the picture changed as soon as I did, so i missed it, and I cried and fell on the floor. It was horrible. I'll probably never see him.... -sigh-
Well, enough of my being melodramatic.

"Here at Sargenti's, we believe that your sandwiches, burgers, & and paninis deserve natural cheese."

where'd the panini come from?!
Rian (hardly knows what panini is.)

Friday, October 23





These things have made my Friday.

  1. The story of Jason, and the future up-and-coming stories of his younger siblings Ruben and Christie.
  2. The bus ride home. it's too much to describe, so i won't.
  3. I get to act out this scene in theater... I'm Westley. He's the blonde guy, by the way. I totally recommend this movie... it's The Princess Bride. watch it!!!!
  4. The Ministry of Silly Walks.
  5. The point-ted sticks.
  6. Westley again... he's probably my favorite character :)
  7. The witty remark, "He who throws dirt loses ground."
  8. Having super awesome cake for breakfast, with lunch, and right now.
  9. Not having a lot of homework (for the first time this week).
  10. The priest guy from The Princess Bride... oh gosh. makes me think of...
  11. This guy. INCONCEIVABLE! (no, not the man in black or Buttercup. the short dude)
  12. the poor kid. that poor, poor kid.
  13. this dance...
so... yeah. so far, that's what's made my day better than it probably would have ended up :)
Rian ("Mr. Apricot!" "it's... Adams..." "Right then!")

Thursday, October 22


so today, i went through the day thinking it was the twenty-third (23), even though stuff like this happened:

"is today Thursday?"
"it's the twenty-second (22)."
"ooh, yay! Cirque du Freak comes out tomorrow!"

so... i feel idiotic.
even though i'm over here using imaginary numbers in math.
hah. that sounds weird.
if you don't know, the imaginary number i is equal to the square root of negative one (√-1).
so... i guess i should get on that.
yay for almost wanna-be Friday!
Rian (felt like randomly typing out every number. but then realized that in some languages, the numbers are only arabic, so when written out, it's different [i think. don't hold me to that, please. google it or something.], so she put the arabic numbers in parenthesis.)

To the Readers:

sorry :)

yuh... we're being horrible. but you know, IB is killing right now, and we're trying to survive.
the only reason i'm posting now is because my bus is being driven by a weird sub who is always really late.
and now i have to go wait for him in the rain.
so... yuh. sorry again! we'll try to post more... maybe... later...
Rian (beef jerky)

Sunday, October 18

Awesome game

I was bored, like normal, so I searched for an online monopoly game, and found the most awesome thing ever...

It was really fun...what made it even more fun was that I net worth was like... 70.00, or something, which is like 7000 dollars, and the person in second place was 20.00...because i'm awesome like that. My brother thinks the game is boring, but I found it really fun once I got the hang of it. I might even play it again later.

i don't remember what this post was supposed to be about...

So I'm just gonna wing it. Um...well, that's what I planned on doing, but there's not actually much for me to say. So this just turned out to be a really pointless post. But I'm going to post it anyway. Because I can. My brother hates it when I use that as a reason...


Saturday, October 17

( v v )o

Rian (so what if it's fat?! it's still cute!)
psst: the computer messed it up... it's supposed to be even. oh well.

Land of the Lost

It was a hilarious movie, while completely inappropriate at times. It was so ridiculously stupid that it was funny. and I mean REALLY funny. So you should watch it...and beware of people with tunics. :)


Friday, October 16

When I grow up

i wanna be famous, i wanna be a star, i wanna be in movies!

or not.
sorry. actually, i don't really even like that song. anyway, onwards to the point.
When i grow up, if i ever work in an office, i want to work in a cool office. one like THIS.
only... maybe not Backstreet Boys.
what about, like... Green Day... or Karate High School?! OMG that'd be SO amazing!
Rian (will force her co-office workers to listen to KHS. don't work with me.)

Judge Joe Brown

a lady is suing a dude because he "threw his shrimp cocktail"

my dad says that she wins & that guy loses.

psst: by the way, there was a big girl fight. no, not a big girl fight, but a big girl fight. ya know, like, "i'm a big kid now!" kinda big girl. yuh.

Thursday, October 15

Lately, I've been obsessed with smoothies...

And I really want one now.

Not that that's relevant in any way.
So, this is probably gonna be a mishmash of a whole buncha stuff.
First, if you don't watch Glee, you need to get a life a buy a TV. Because you are seriously missing out. I'm pretty sure I already said this, but it's important. That's the best show ever. Speaking of best show ever, I absolutely adore Hell's Kitchen. It's awesome. If you haven't seen the season finale, which came on Tuesday, please do not read...unless you want to know who won. Anyhow, I am so glad Dave won!!! My favorites were Ariel, Dave, and Van, and I am so super happy that Kevin did not win. He was annoying. But his kid is so cute! in newspaper, this guy was being really really annoying and judgmental. I came into the room and set my book down on the table...then he picked it up. And he goes, "Why would anyone want to read THIS?"
Me: That's my book...
Him: Oh...It just looks... i mean...
Him: I mean, a book called Playing With the Boys?
Me: ...she didn't make the soccer team, so she tried out to be the kicker of the guys football team...
Him: And the picture...
Me: What about it? She's on the football field...

Yeah. That conversation didn't go well. And it made me mad. Not to mention, he thinks Lady Gaga is awesome...which she's not. She's insane. And later, we were talking about one of my favorite songs, and he goes:
That song sucks. Anyone who likes that song is stupid.
Me: I love that song...
Him: ...

The only thing we agree about is Glee, which makes sense because it is the absolute best show ever...Anyway, he needs to think before he speaks. I think that's pretty much all I can say right now. Gotta finish all my work.


One of the most hilarious things ever...
THIS ONE is the funniest.
This one is pretty funny too.

I swear, that show is so hilarious I almost die everytime I watch it. Like Glee. If you don't watch Glee, you're seriously missing out. Also, the guy from Glee, in the wheelchair? He's in a band...or at least he used to be, before Glee. It's called NLT. Pretty good band.
Also, if you're extremely bored, try out this Superhero Creator.

a head's up:

cbox night tonight, in an hour & a half (8:30 pm for us... central time :P)

so... please join us! we're bored & have no life.
or at least, i don't have a life, but whatever! :)
so yeah... hopefully, you'll overcome the desire to run & hide from strange people & talk to us tonight! i promise, the convo will be interesting. it almost always is... unless it's just me. then it's just... epic fail.
so yeah... pleasE? apparently with a capital 'e'?
Rian (is hungry)

Wednesday, October 14

SMs. beware.

so lately... there's been a conspiracy of Subliminal Messages attacking Kristin & I... though mostly Kristin. ok, like, ONLY Kristin, but whatever.

so here's some subliminal messages to look out for- comment if you see some!!

  1. the nonword Dieg. yes, there is a company in Egypt called DIEG...
  2. the nonword tellni. it seems to be a word in a different language...
  3. the number 125,196
  4. the number 139, 517
  5. the year 2012. (it's on a school t-shirt :P)
yeah. so... look out for those. who knows what they mean. well... maybe some conspirator knows what they mean, but whatever :)
Rian & Kris

Are you tired of your Predators calling?


that's how bad the hearing is in my family :P
the dude said creditors, and my brother & dad thought he said predators. yup. it's pretty hilarious. and i still haven't started my math homework... ugh.
maybe i'll take a nap first.
nah, i'll wait.
... i should catch up in Glee. hmm.
Rian (math, then Glee, then sleep. oh, food, too.)

Brain Dead

your tire's all flat & junk!

yeah, sorry. took the PSAT today. it was boring. but i think i did pretty good :)
and i'm brain dead. no joke. after that, i haven't used my brain for anything. we just sat & talked in English today, so i just kinda sat there. same in Orchestra, because the pictures got postponed.
I'm sleepy. But nooo, my math teacher decided to give us a quiz & a lot of homework tomorrow. just because she can. right after the PSAT. ugh.
soooo... yeah. i guess i'll try to start...
Rian (on her little slip of paper for the PSAT, her name was spelled 'Riann')

Saturday, October 10


yeah, i'm freezing right now.

i think it affects my spelling, too, because i spelled every word in that first sentence wrong. Ok... and half the words in that one, too.
anyway, yeah. it's freezing here.
... ok, not literally, but... it's reallyreally cold!
i'm wearing a sweater, jeans, and slippers... and my arms are cold, my feet are cold... and my legs are ok because they're weird like that. but that means nothing!
which brings up an interesting topic.
For some reason, everyone assumes that you're warm when you're wearing a jacket.
just because i'm wearing a jacket, that doesn't mean i'm warm! half the time, i'm quite cold when i wear a jacket.
maybe, just maybe, it's because i was COLD, so i put on a JACKET, and it sometimes takes time for things to warm up. so... it is possible to be cold while wearing a jacket.
and for some reason, the sentence that starts "maybe," has no purpose to me. it's just... there.
yeah, my brain's been scrambled, fried, shorted out, and melted this whole week. especially Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... and today, apparently.
Halo ODST and Spiderman: Web of Shadows, have been constantly on the TV in the gameroom instead of, say, Glee. i have a freaking like, 4-5 episodes to catch up on because i can only watch Halo ODST and Spiderman!!! and because they're recorded in HD, i can't watch them on any other TV. :'(
so today... today's gonna be TV day.
the math homework's not all bad, so i'll do it when i get to the point of doing it.
Rian (is off to kick her brother and Halo [which is a surprise, kinda... except he played Spiderman last night, so i guess it makes some sense] off of the TV. Glee Time!]

psst: i love how i can start talking about being cold and end up talking about Halo and Spiderman. hopefully, it'll be a handy talent to have someday...

Tuesday, October 6

Dance Gavin Dance

ok. i really like this band, too.

once again, i was introduced by my "musical genius" of a friend. yes, the same one who told me about KHS :)
anyway... i really like them.
they're pretty amazing. :)
i don't like a lot of their songs, because they're like, borderline super-screamo and scary-like, but... i like a few songs :)
enough to think that Dance Gavin Dance (from now on known as DGD) is amazing :)
wow. there are a lot of smiley faces already.
my favorite song by them is Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most.
and before you decide to try them out... just know there's a lot of language.
yuh... not necessarily in all the songs... but in a few. i don't listen to a lot with over-excessive cussing, though, so for me, it's not all that bad :P
... there we go with the little faces again...
anyway (again)... yeah.
so... click here if you want to listen to UHWtM (my so far favorite song)
well... i'm really tired.
you know what song's been stuck in my head ever since i woke up this morning at 6?!
... well... i'd HOPE you wouldn't know... that'd be weird.
anyway (jeez!), click here to find out.
i'm not telling. (directly, anyway)
but idk... it's an OK song... but it's too catchy for me. meeeeh.
Rian (is tired, has been doing cornell notes all day, and is working on chemistry... but is gonna go to bed because she's tired. AND WE HAVE STUPID SCHOOL TOMORROW! [no, not stupid school, as in school for the stupid (i wish), but stupid school, as in, stupid is an adjective to describe how i feel about school])

I am confused. again.

so on the dashboard (which has been previously explained [see the post directly underneath this one by kristin]), there is a little birthday cake by the B that stands for Blogger. (haha i accidentally typed Blooger. hahaha)

so i'm wondering... is it Blogger's (not blooger's) birthday?
but there's not a cake on the B for Blogger (not blooger- sorry... it's really fun to type and say) on this place (like... the place where i actually type the post... i'm not sure what to call it), so... i don't know. and none of the Blogger (must...resist...) people have posted about it...
Happy Birthday, Blogger (bloo-NO!), even if it's not your birthday.

anywho, back (not black... jeez.) to my chemistry! (not chempistriy... whatever that is...)
Rian (blooger black chempistriy. oh no, did i like, inherit Kristin's [not ckristin's] Typo Typhoon?!)

I don't have much to talk about right now...

I just had a huge shake (chocolate chip cookie dough), even though I have to run in a track meet on Friday. Yes, out track meet is on Friday this week, which kinda sucks and kinda doesn't. It sucks because I have to miss three of my favorite classes and two project presentations and a party. Not exactly the best day to have a track meet. Luckily, though, those aren't classes I'd have to make up bunches of work in. Except maybe French.

On the topic of french, that's what one of my projects is for. I have to write a story (in french) using the DR & MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs...that's an acronym, by the way, for verbs that use etre in the passe compose. That probably makes no sense to people who don't speak french...anyhow, those verbs are usually action verbs, like stay, go out, die, go up, fall, etc. So I'm writing them into a spy story...I may post it after I finish. I'll also post the english translation, so people won't just ignore it...Yeah.
Anyway, the classes I'm missing are creative writing and french...along with newspaper, which kinda doesn't really count, since most of the time we don't end up doing much, except for roaming around the school or telling funny stories. Near our deadline, we usually work a bit more, go out on interviewing walks and stuff, but it's not like it's a hard class. Also, you know how we can look up our grades online? (if not, now you do) Well, they closed down the site to parents and students until tomorrow because it was running super slowly, and teachers need to put in their grades. And the end of the six weeks (grading cycle, whatever) was Friday, which means I won't get to check and see how I did until tomorrow! It may not seem like such a big deal, but I kinda rely on Gradebook. It's on my bookmarks toolbar, to give you an idea of how important it is. And now that we're on the topic of my bookmarks, i'll explain those. You kinda deserve a long post that's actually about something since I haven't posted in a while.
So, on my toolbar, which consists of my most important links, are the things I go to almost everyday. I usually update it pretty often too, to adjust to my obsessions and phases.
So first is *, for the dashboard, which is where we control stuff for the blog...then it's the blog (inthemindsofknr). Next is my playlist list, which includes links to thirteen music playlists on various sites...I use that religiously. Then is fanfiction (FF), and fictionpress (FP). Fanfiction is linked to the maxride page, not the homepage, by the way...Then I have tetris (!) and my anime list, which has some awesomeness that would take too long to explain, and then the manga list, which includes way too many mangas to count. Next is Quizilla, which has awesomely hilarious stories with bad grammar and spelling, and pretty cool quizzes. Then is the word counter, which comes in handy when I forget where it is on Word...then the gradebook, a game to study for the physical map test, youtube, and imdb. I just realized how insane that is. I'm gonna stop typing now, before I freak you out and scare everyone away from the blog...

fatboy slim= amazingness.

so yeah. I've always liked Fatboy Slim... they're pretty fun to listen to. but today... i found THE MOST AMAZING FATBOY SLIM SONG EVER! :)
seriously! it's the most fun song i've listened to by them (and trust me, the song Praise You is pretty fun- we have competitions when we sing it).
so yuh. click here to listen to it!!!
Rian (is being made fun of by her little brother because she typed 'yuh')

Monday, October 5


I love the Snickers commercials.
so here are some.
because i'm supposed to be doing Cornell Notes... but once again, we all know how that goes. (hopefully)
Also, a bit of warning... in case you've never seen a Snickers commercial, they make no sense. not really. so... yuh.

i love these:
NOOOO! YAY!!!! don't watch this one... unless you want to.
the feast. it's ruined. don't watch this one... unless you want to. i'm too lazy to delete it.
what an unusual character. don't... well... you should get the drift by now.
... actually. just watch THIS ONE HERE.

well... that concludes this snickers post...
arg. i'm soooo hungry. PANCAKE TIME!
Rian (actually does not like Snickers. I just don't like the caramel & nuts & stuff.)

Saturday, October 3

Could i be... A Swiss baker? ^-^

Look at me I'm unbelievable!
I'm a singing, dancing turtle! That makes me UNBELIEVABLE!
WAIT! I'm even more unbelievable! Watch me tap dance in perfect circles!!!
WAIT! I'm even more unbelievable! Watch me juggle these four ducks!!!
No you didn't that's... UNBELIEVABLE! Why didn't you tell me before I rehearsed all of this?!
Rian (loves the singing, dancing turtle that's in the radio commercials for some Sonic [the restaurant, not the hedgehog] thing. he's unbelievable!)

Friday, October 2

HOLY FRIJOLES THE COW! (and any of his cousins)


i apologize in advance.
your video is so freaking amazing that might just have to copy that idea for some random thing.
so... sorry.
i don't mean to break any like, copyright or anything... maybe i should get permission, first?
... nah.
if you sue me, then i get to meet you :)
and of course, the song was just as freaking amazing as the video...
though i must admit that the first time i watched the video, i wasn't really paying attention to the song... but whatever. i listened to it again (just now, as i'm typing this), and i really like it! :D
i'm going to stop talking to the guys in coldplay, now.
hello, super friggin' awesome readers! :D
you should watch this video. right here.
it's so freaking amazing that... that... i don't even KNOW!
Rian (has an unknown song stuck in her head!!! OH NO!!)

Echec Total!

Which, for those non french speakers out there, means EPIC FAIL. The EPIC FAIL in this case is this sentence:

I quickly ran around the counter and put my arm around Bella’s waste.
Ew. No one, not even Edward, will willing touch someone's waste...hopefully not waste that is sitting on the kitchen floor. Right after they finished dinner. Anyway, I will personally murder anyone I know who makes this mistake.