Tuesday, March 30


Elephant Shrew= Super cool!

ugh! it cuts off the nose. :(
I guess you can click on it to see the whole picture... haha- it's like one of those books where you pull the flap to reveal the whole animal :)

Happy Pencil Day!

So, look on the date on the napkin.
Now, look at the date on the bottom right of the picture.
The caption that came with the picture says:
"By popular demand, here is a photo of my cheeseburger experiment. Left out on the counter, uncovered for almost 7 months. Still looks pretty good huh? Haven't been to a fast food burger joint since this began.
Over drinks, ask me about the squirrel that got into my house.
Yeah. And according to my dad, the squirrel was in his house for a long time. and didn't touch the burger. And neither did any bugs. Also, the guy had left out a normal bun next to this McDonald's burger, and before a week was out, the other bun had already started to shrivel and mold... and a mouse started eating it. Only today did he officially end it- the bottom bun cracked (it had been as hard as a rock), and the cheese wasn't looking too good.
Overall, this was awesome!
And in unrelated news, I really want a burger.

Monday, March 29

I just discovered an awesome word.


the act of throwing someone or something out a window.

I know you're thinking, "what a useless word. I'm gonna stop reading this blog."

NO. What you're going to do, is realize that someday, when a bird gets stuck in your house, and you call pest control (or whoever deals with this sort of thing, other than your dad), you can just tell them to defenestrate it. And then you're going to keep reading this blog, because you now know that it can help you through crisis situations like these. And then you're going to say, "Kristin, teach me more words you learned from fanfiction!" Well, maybe not. That's a little creepy. Anyway, the point is, remember this word, and this post. And share it with your friends. Then the whole world will be happy. Especially me and Rianna because everyone in the world will be reading our blog. But that's not the point. I'm gonna stop typing now.

But really. Remember the word.


Sunday, March 28

Saturday, March 27


... and I can't believe it's not butter.
dancing, laughing, and... pee?

yeah. i will admit, that was really annoying.
But i'm procrastinating (which sucks, cuz I have SO much I need to do by Monday), so... yeah.
-Rian (keeps asking, "WHAT TIME IS IT?!" and will not stop until you comment saying, "ADVENTURE TIME!")

Portal & Monsters

Look what I did today!

teaser trailer... I think it's hilarious. you should watch it.
Info here :)
And from EWFTW...
Yeah. It's such a great game.
Oh yeah. To go with this: see here

Friday, March 26

It's a sketch pad.
With handles.

...Ok, Starbucks bag.

Wednesday, March 24

ROTFL, *Almost*

**EDIT** I know, I know, at the top? But whatever. While I was writing this, these songs were stuck in my head. If you want to listen to them as you read this, feel free :)
Giants in the Ocean- Sky Eats Airplane (I like this one better... the techno bit at the end is fun), and Electric Choir- JoyWave (AKA, The Hoodies)
and if you can't tell... The names of the songs are links... just saying :)
If you want to laugh really really hard, while reading a book, I suggest reading this series:

The Name of This Book Is Secret
If You're Reading This, It's Too Late
This Book Is Not Good For You
This Isn't What It Looks Like (coming soon... hopefully)

But seriously. I'm reading the second one right now (almost literally... and technically, I'm supposed to be doing homework... but the contract in the beginning [of all of them, I'm going to assume] says I can read it if I'm trying to get out of doing homework, so it's all good.), and almost literally, I was rolling around on the floor because I was laughing so hard. I kinda wanna give you the intro... but I'm not sure that I'm not lazy enough to actually go and cite it and junk. hmm... there must be a more simplistic way to do this!!
HAH! Thanks, Amazon :) You're a true lifesaver.
So, if you would like to look a few pages into the first three books, click here! You can click the book, and look inside! And, for the record, I totally suggest reading the copyright pages. They're hilarious, too.
OH NO! I just saw that Amazon omits the intros. So... fail. I guess I'll cite it... because personally, I don't want to have the law against me. No plagiarizing! I AM NOT A DELINQUENT! Not officially, anyway :) Ok, so I won't say all of it, just the... end... yeah.
"Better to jump back in.
Never mind how cold the water is. Or how deep. Or how many man-eating --
The only way to write is to write and I'm just going to --
Wait! I need a second to settle my mind.
Two seconds.
There. I'm standing on the edge, pen in hand, ready to take the plunge.
And here I --

yes, yes, simply amazing. Me gusta mucho.
Ok, so no one will get mad at me, here's the citation, RIGHT HERE:

Bosch, Pseudonymous. If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. 1st. New York, New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2008. 8-11. Print.

Yep. It's proof that in fact, I did not write this. Nope. Unless... I'm Pseudonymous Bosch?! O.O Since when?!

Tuesday, March 23


Once again, the crazy things parents say (reminds me of that show... that i can't remember the title of. oh, well.):<- not a... mad face, now, i guess. it's not a face, it's just the closing of a parenthesis, and a colon. Ugh. These emoticons make things so confusing sometimes! (this was an edit...)

"He was one of those people who wear black tight jeans, with that weird hair that covers one eye. You know..... nemo."

Close, but yet so, so far. :)

Various Things:

  1. Sleep stuff
  2. You're gonna go to the record store, you're gonna give them all your money.
  3. I'm tired. Had pizza. Good dinner. (in case you were wondering...)
  4. That balloon-eyed bug thing.

Monday, March 22


Because after Monday and Tuesday, we all know the rest of the week goes W.T.F.
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) [def.2]

I was just on Crazy Things Parents Say, and I read this:

"WTF, well done!"
"What do you think 'WTF' means?"
"Wow, That's Fantastic!" [def.3]

Way to go, person. :)
So, in response to the previous post [kristin's], I say: WTF! (def. 3)
and btw: kristin figured this out a while back: WTF backwards is FTW. :)


So... This is awesome. I found it on Epic Win FTW, I think... or some other site like it. I can't remember exactly. Click on the picture to see the full thing, since Blogger cut it off in the most perfectly suspenseful spot ever. Enjoy this until I find time to post more...
PS. If I don't post before then, remember that Vampire Diaries comes back on Thursday! I am so excited!!!! :D
Also, I'm not sure if I posted about this, but I read Fang... The new Maximum Ride book. And it was good and all, but it made me very angry because it was like a well written fanfiction... with a cliche plot. And I don't want to give anything away, so I won't say much else, except: READ IT.
The best part is the extra stuff at the end. It made me laugh so hard. The rest of it just made me slam my book on the counter repeatedly.
Kris. (for real this time.)

Hi five!

Sunday, March 21

Have you ever watched The Fairly Odd Parents?

Well, assuming you have, you know it's kind of a stupid show. However, you should also know that it's not as stupid as THIS calendar timeline thing makes it out to be. I mean, it may be realistic towards the beginning, but the end... seriously? Dimmsdale takes over Jupiter?

Anyway, if you didn't catch that, click the all capitalized THIS to read the thing. It's hilarious. And odd.

Saturday, March 20

Don't worry. If your dreadlocks are blue, I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm off to find a good sharpie, and print off strips of paper that say "INJA". I plan on having fun :) (and not getting caught by the cops... if anyone asks, the perpetrator was a male, approximately six feet two inches tall, with purple dreadlocks and a grey shirt that read, "LUCK FAIL" with a picture of a three leaf clover with a fourth leaf taped on, and his shoes were lime green with yellow stripes. If you look like this, I suggest you change your appearance, and I'm sorry for placing the blame on you.) :(

Rian (hopes that when the universe reboots [cuz someone's gonna do it], the signs won't go back to what they previously were...)

awesome fanfiction...

This is the best one I've read in a while, so I figured I should reccommend it.


P.S. It's a Twilight fanfiction.

Friday, March 19

AHHHHHHH! -kristin dying from excitement-

FUNimation is on On Demand! I can watch Peach Girl!
You most likely do not understand how excited I am. Peach Girl is awesome, and now I can watch it whenever!

Oh yeah... I guess I should tell you how to get to it. This is for Verizon Fios, btw.
  1. Go to On Demand (duh)
  2. Go to Browse
  3. Free (I'm gonna stop saying "go to")
  4. Cutting Edge (I'm not sure why it's under that, but whatever....)
  5. FUNimation!!! HAHA!
  6. Enjoy free, awesome anime!

Thursday, March 18

aggravating games

also known as addicting games. You get stuck on them, then get annoyed because you keep losing, but can't stop play.

Check out THIS game I've been playing for at least an hour now.

ignore this post

Ok, this is just for me. I always forget what this animal is called, so I need to have something to reference to, besides the Dallas Zoo website and Google Images. :)
It's that "half zebra" thing! :)
Ok, ok. I know it's not half zebra, but that's the way i'm gonna be searching for it when i can't remember :)

Wednesday, March 17

I did not know Wikipedia could be so corny

I got bored, so I was reading the Wikipedia page about Maximum Ride...and in the character description section (fang), it says this:

"He is also in love with Max, and she loves him back with all her heart."

Seriously? I burst out laughing at that, because in the Max section, it's much more... nonchalant.

"She likes Fang too."

Yeah. Also, I have not read Fang yet... I was on vacation (I just got back today), so I wasn't able to buy it on Monday :(
I should be getting it tomorrow, though.
If you've been following the Maximum Ride movie like I have, you might already know that they have changed the release date from 2010 to 2013, because Catherine Hardwicke (the director who screwed up Twilight and got fired from New Moon) wanted to rewrite the script.
Speaking of Twilight, the graphic novel came out yesterday (i think- it might have been today). I really want to read it just to see what it looks like, but I don't really want to buy it...
Anyway, I'll post about my trip and us getting lost later.

Warning: This post contains Insanity.

my dad just made one of the biggest mistakes he could ever... wrongly do?
eh. whatever.
and he said, "one's for your brother," talking about the two new swords. one of them is mine. as is the gun & blow dart thingymajigger. what do you call that, anyway? a tube?? idk.
but yeah. so... i'm in a room with wannabe deadly weapons, and my brother will be home soon. Who knows what will happen.
And to make things worse: The new swords make noises.
OOOH! LIGHTSABERS! my brother has like, 5. So... I think I'll go steal one or two or all five of those... funfunfun!
BTW! listen to Powder to the People by Dance Gavin Dance. one of THE best bands evah!
Rian (needs to make snickerdoodles.)
BTW (again)! Happy Saint Patrick's Day. If you're not wearing green RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, consider yourself pinched. If you are, I applaud & high-five you :)

5 minutes later:
The attempt at my brother's life failed. (because, you know, i would attempt to take it with plastic and foam. I am a brilliant assassin... even better than the crocs next door! Oh, Larry.)
But i did manage to slip on the floor and land halfway on the stairs and break my new sword (lightsaber, whatever) and hurt myself. not badly... just... painfully :)


If your house/apartment/living space is haunted, and you decide to ask a priest/priestess to come bless your house, be sure that he is not a failure.
The priest/priestess must a) not believe that there is an entity in your house/apartment/living space. If he/she does, then it doesn't really work. and b) bless every room in the entire house/apartment/living space. Once again, if he/she doesn't, then it doesn't work.

Yeah... my brother was watching this show called A Haunting, and he left, but he's making me watch it because he wants to know what happens to these people in this episode. So I'm over here freaking out because I can't even rationally deal with a ghost story, not to mention tv shows/movies, which make it visual... yeah. But I've seen enough of this show (and seen parts of other episodes) to know that if a priest believes that there is something evil in the house, and becomes scared of it, or doesn't bless every room in the house (especially those in which there is strong electromagnetic energies ((or whatever those are called))) then the spirit/presence is not banished from the ... place (i'm tired of all the slashes). So... yeah.
In other, nonscary news, I found a new hilarious song! It's called Slow Motion :)

Tuesday, March 16

New Orleans is the most impossible city to navigate. You would also think this if you had gotten lost (both on foot and in car) at least three times day. For hours.

Fun with theme songs

So it all started off with me not remembering how the jimmy neutron theme song started.
So I you tube'd it. And this is what I found:

Jimmy Neutron (1,2,3,4) (the dude singing it sounds sooo bored!)
Fairly Odd Parents (1,2,3,4)
Fairly Odd Parents (Backwards)
Fairly Odd Parents (Slow)
Invader Zim (1,2,3,4) (You gonna make BISCUITS!?)

I know, more Fairly Odds than Jimmys, but whatever. It's more entertaining :)
Speaking of Jimmy... lawlzapalooza.


I wish...

...that I had mad skillz like this guy.
...that I had the super power to sleep anywhere, at any moment in time.
...that I had something better to do than sit, sleep, eat, and do homework that's due in two weeks.

yeah... that was a Pity Party Moment. I'm really bored :)

Sunday, March 14

If, at any point in time, an unexplained phenomenon occurs, and it involves some unknown creature destroying the Earth:

grab a camera and stick with a group of about... 4-6 people.
because you'll have a greater chance of living if your group is directly attacked by the unknown creature.
EXAMPLES: (don't read if you plan on watching these movies... but i'm not gonna tell you what they are, so... sorry. you'll have to read it anyway. this warning was totally pointless. sorry again for the inconvenience!)

Group: 6
Camera guy's death: 3rd to last. The people who took his camera died last. If they actually died. So much was left to the imagination after that movie ended...

Group: too many. (i'm too lazy to try and figure out how many were in the group)
Camera guy's death: 2nd to last, i think. And the girl who took the camera died last.

The Blair Witch Project
Group: 3
Um... there were 2 cameras, and I didn't actually watch this movie, but I know Josh disappeared first. Judging by how this was found in the woods, I'm guessing that they all die?*

And, though it doesn't really count:
Vantage Point
Group: well, they weren't actually in a group, but there were... 6 POVs?*
Camera guy's death: actually, he didn't die. He almost got hit by a car, but he didn't die.
and anyway, the movie wasn't taken from his camera's POV**, so like I said, this movie doesn't really count.

If you wonderful people have any other movies that were filmed like this, please let me know! And fyi: If everyone else in your group has a camera, either drop yours, or join a camera-less group! :)

*- Correct me if I'm wrong, please.
**- POV= Point Of View

Saturday, March 13

The Sasquatch Gang

So, I've finally decided to check out this movie.
And it's hilarious. It makes me laugh.
my brother and I were all, "This movie makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite." and lo and behold, the dude who plays Napoleon himself is in the movie!! Him, and Peter Pan. :)
Here's the imdb link for the movie.
Here's Peter Pan.
Here's Napoleon.
lawl. Coconut Head from Ned's Declassified is in here, too :)
You should watch it. One guy's family doesn't wear shirts, and it's kinda weird. and Peter Pan's name is GAVIN!! It's pretty sweet. Like his biking skillz. And that song about onions in the movie...
Rian ("I can't believe someone broke through my yellow tape.")

this is the best part of the movie, if you want to see what it's like. It's not really like Napoleon Dynamite. :)

Thursday, March 11

If that's not subliminal messaging, then I don't know what is.

I was reading a fanfiction, and I accidentally clicked on the IMDB shortcut... and, lo and behold, there is a giant ad for the Eclipse trailer.

Here's the link: Click.
And, I guess, while you're at it, you can click here too.
It's just a little bit creepy, though.

Tuesday, March 9

There is no candy in me.
There is no candy in me!
I am just a little boy,
there is no candy in me!
Your mother is blindfolded so she cannot see.
She attacked me with a bat- THERE IS NO CANDY IN ME!

Nerd ain't no pinata.


So i found out that if i open a word document, I can draw on my computer. Not like, in paint... but... a little pen appears, and I can draw a picture in this little box :)
and then, I can sometimes write on my computer, and if i draw scribbles, then BAM! There are scribbles on my Word documents. It's fun :)
So, while trying stuff out, I tried to put a picture of a cupcake in there... and it didn't work. Thus, the space cupcake :)
Rian (OH. PO-TA-TO.)

Monday, March 8

Seriously, If you can't tell that I'm procrastinating by now, then... You must be new here. Hello :)

see more Epic Fails

wonderful. I would totally do that (not).
But I love the added note at the end... wonderful. Lisa is blonde. hah.

the alternative text was: "The strong Collatz Conjecture states that this holds for any set of obsessively-hand-applied rules."

so next time you don't feel like talking to anyone, or are just bored out of your mind... well, here's something to do! :)

Wow. Poor Hortensia.

So, I'm doing my Spanish homework, and I just read the instructions for a section.

Hortensia has gone to her counselor because she's having trouble making friends.

talk about a confidentiality fail. If I went to my counselor because i'm having trouble making friends, I wouldn't want random strangers to know that! Dude, poor Hortensia's probably depressed now. She probably received this worksheet, and all her non-friends started making fun of her.
Now I kind of want to find someone named Hortensia and become her friend. Just in case. :)

so, i did the sad assignment. I had to write the counselor's report. It went something along the lines of this:

Hortensia looks for a friend, but it's not supported. Also, she needs a friend to respect her feelings. She doesn't know anyone who is loyal. When they fight, none of her friends admit any errors. She said that no one she knows is nice.

... and I thought I was having a bad week. Poor Hortensia!! I almost cried!! :(

Words that should never be mixed up


acceptable: Edward grabbed Bella's waist.

unacceptable/fail: Edward grabbed Bella's waste.

Notes: That's just gross. Horrible fail on the author's part. I feel sorry for even typing it up.


acceptable: Fang picked Max up bridal style.

unacceptable: Fang picked Max up bridle style.

Notes: Fang is not a horse.

Just thought I'd let you know.


Sunday, March 7


they're making a new Karate Kid movie that I'm not gonna watch.
Here's the trailer.
If you don't want to watch it, here's my description:

An African American 12 year old (Jaden Smith) moves to China, and gets beat up by some Chinese kid gang. Then, a janitor (Jackie Chan) comes out of nowhere and teaches him KUNG-FU.

Or something. I'm not trying to be racist or anything, btw... and I would suggest you watch the trailer over just reading my description :)

Rian (super lame!)

read this article

It's hilarious! Click Here.

I was laughing so hard... this is what I get for looking up random stuff on the internet.

the cutest website ever

Click Here.

It makes me want to spend all my money on this awesome stuff. It also makes me very happy. Which was hard to do today.
I've been doing homework since about two.... not fun. And I'm still doing my cornell notes, so you can imagine how tired I am. I am so happy that we have spring break next week. School is starting to get really tiring.

I have some strawberries here, so bring the grapefruit near!

just watch.
it's hilarious.
and i love how there's a hole cut in the pineapple for the apple. that's awesome.
actually... just watch this channel! it's awesome!!

Ok. so I just saw this commercial (no, not on TV... that'd be hilarious, though), and thought, "what if the guy at the end of this commercial popped up right after that?!"
I laughed.
Imagine: "And he's a Lego maniac!" "ME TOO!"
yeah... because I'm a lego maniac!, too. :)

heh. while looking for the second commercial... I saw this. lawl.

Saturday, March 6

oh yeah.

so. i've been meaning to post for a while now (of course), but I guess this is okay for now. I'm dead tired, so i can't really type much else.

Friday, March 5

Behind Narnia Door Number 309283...

So, on this awesome website that i am about to add to the recommendations page called "There, I Fixed It", there was a contest. They had a door, and people had to decide what was behind it.
Here's the slide show.
It's pretty amazing.

Best Ever

I even have some in my room. I'd rather be in space.
read this!

Thursday, March 4

My Future Self

will apparently have dreadlocks (?!?!?!) and be named one of the following:

  1. Shuhneighneigh
  2. Zhuneijneij
  3. Queen Latisha Latifa Lafonda Lafu
  4. Janeeshaneighnay
aren't friends wonderful?!
(is sticking to her own name)

Tuesday, March 2

Jason Says:

Sometimes, when you wake up, you're still in your dream world.

I think I might start making Jason quotes... some of the stuff he says is hilarious.


People say I have a big mouth for my age.

Monday, March 1

And I thought green beans were nice, too.

i guess not.
if you can, imagine it breathing fire like Godzilla. That's what i did.

Part 1
Part 2 (haha yes, that is the Hulk)

It's even more hilarious that there's a warning on it... don't watch this stuff alone in the dark, man.
creepy stuff happens.

Which makes me think courage the cowardly dog. I still hate that show. But I have the whole intro memorized...

"We interrupt this program to bring you COURAGE! the Cowardly Dog show! Starring Courage! The cowardly dog! (AHH!!)
Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Muriel, who lived in the middle of Nowhere, with her husband Eustace [insert last name here. I never really figured that out.] (Blah!!)
But creeeeepy stuff happens in Nowhere, and it's up to Courage to save his new home! (AHH!!!)

sigh. I always changed the channel after I heard the first half of the first line.


Today is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!!!

(in case you hadn't noticed, I love peanut butter)
Kris. :D