Wednesday, June 30

I was playing Burnout just now, so here are today's songs of the day!

Daft Punk is Playing at My House by LCD Soundsystem
Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix) by The Bravery
(the original video for An Honest Mistake is really good, so I'm putting it on here, as well)
Today by Junkie XL (haha, I recommend reading the description- it's pretty funny)

New TV today! and you know something weird is going on when you walk in on your brother making an XBOX 360 avatar that looks like Jamie Hyneman... mhmm.
Rian (thinks the Mr. Potato Head haircut is the best. Who wears hats anymore?!)

Also, read this.
Seriously. And do the survey, too. I did, and it was a lot of fun.
MY DATA'S IN THERE! (not that he mentions it, but I contributed [smile])

Alternate Text: Also, if you read his speech at Rice, all his arguments for going to the moon work equally well as arguments for blowing up the moon, sending cloned dinosaurs into space, or constructing a towering [censored]-shaped obelisk on Mars.

Yeah, I censored it because people might be offended. If you really wanna know what it said, just go to the actual comic on the site and read it yourself :)

Monday, June 28

Oh, this right here is the best.
Or, if you don't feel like clicking links, go to, type in the number 2204355, and hit 'I'm feeling lucky!'.
It's pretty amazing :)

Sunday, June 27

This is hilarious. I love it.

I'm gonna suggest you click that picture, whether it be that it's too small and you can't see it, or that it's too big and doesn't fit in the space, because I'm pretty sure that it's not gonna be awesome and randomly fit perfectly :)
I'm quite fond of the pizza monster... I imagine that he's orange (like the monster in the Things That Rhyme With Orange video by ISMFOF), and quite adorable. The girl is me, though as my brother stated, we share no resemblance. It's on a Dominos box, if you were wondering. :)
Song-wise, I've had Circus by Britney Spears stuck in my head all day (unfortunately), but I'm countering it with By the Psychedelic Sea by Monomate (the link is to his myspace, and the song is right at the top of his music player), so I think I'm good. (hah! I went to get the link for the video for Circus, and it's not working on my computer, but I'm pretty sure it will work on everyone else's. THANK GOODNESS)
Also, moving on. Today I watched Toy Story 3 (in pointless 3D- there was no special thing that made it super cool in 3D, it was the same as watching it normally), and during the previews, we saw this trailer... it looks hilarious. And is it just me, or did Metroman look like Alec Baldwin? Maybe a little?
Well... there's my post for the day :) Now I'm off to eat some cantaloupe. Oh, that's spelled so weirdly...

So... um. Yeah.
I'm speechless.


Today I decided I was going to make brownies from scratch. I was really scared it wasn't going to turn out right at first, but they were actually really good! Click here for the recipe I used. They're really good, and I'm actually looking forward to making them again. Plus, the only thing you might need to get from the store is the chocolate. So you should try it...


Hahaha so I just found this song, and the lyrics are kinda funny :)

Just Friends by Frickin' A

Even the band name makes me laugh!

Saturday, June 26

Target vs. Walmart

*At Target, everyone goes in the in door and out the out door.
At Walmart, it seems like people go in and out the wrong doors on purpose. I know my mom does.

*Walmart has everything.
So does Target.

*Walmart is cheaper.
Target is nicer.

*See the website
Is there a No. Because people who shop at Target aren't insane. Usually.

Anyway, if you're not satisfied with my reasons, click here for some more.


Friday, June 25

"Come down here! Co-Not you! You've got hair!!"

Oh my gosh. I swear, I've just watched the best episode of Whose Line EVER! So, I'll try my best to get every piece of it on here, so you can watch it all. Oh, jeez. I even went and rewatched everything... So I'm now watching everything for the third time :) Oh, it's too great.

Let's Make A Date!
Scene With An Audience Member
Sound Effects (this is a little quiet... in more ways than one [smile])
Motown Group: Do The Sewer Worker
Three-headed Broadway Star: You Are My Butterstick
And for the credits... Ryan and Colin read them with the sound effects people. It went along the lines of, "Tom Park. Does he make any noise?!" and then the ladies would do something like, "wooo, wooo." Twas greatness.

Oh, jeez. The quacking elephant was the best, though. "You're uglier than him." ooooh, goodness. Toast. Or Waffles. Or Pancakes too!
Rian (might explode from laughing so much)
psst: If you look during every episode, Ryan always has the awesomest shoes and tie :)
psst2: By the way- if you want to watch Whose Line on TV, it comes on every weekday night at 11pm Central Time on ABCFAM (if you have Verizon Fios, it's channel 199... or 699 if you want to watch it in HD)
At least... that's the way it is for me. You can look on imdb for stuff. the Tv guide, you know? :)

Thursday, June 24

I fail.

Seriously. I don't even know how long it's been since I've even attempted to post. But unfortunately, my summer life is not as exciting as you may think...

I volunteer at the library a lot, which is semifun and semiboring. I end up reading a lot of books. hmm... list of good books I've read so far:
-The Gardener, by S.A. Bodeen
-Alas, Babylon, by Pat Frank
-Kiss of Death, by Rachel Caine (like... the fifth or sixth book in the Morganville Vampires series)
-Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card
-Spirit Bound, but Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy 5)
I'm currently reading Animal Farm, which is pretty good. I tried really hard to read Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World, but they were way too boring. And Fahrenheit 451 had like, fifteen metaphors and similes per page. It was annoying.
So...last night, my mom and I were looking through some of my grandpa's coins (he had a lot...) to see if any of them were worth anything. It was fun, but also really aggravating. Here's how it usually went:
Mom: Oh, it says a rare date is 1912! Look for one.
Me: -looking- Oh, I found one!
Mom: Yay! has to have an S on it somewhere.
Me: What?! I don't see any S.
Mom: What about a D?
Me: Nope...
Mom: well...that's worth about 75 cents...
Me: Yay. -finds twelve more of the exact same coin.
and then....
Me: oh my gosh! I found it! (referring to a 1943 penny)
Mom: Really?! It says the rare ones don't stick to a magnet..
me: Darn. -runs to kitchen to get magnet. penny sticks.-
Anyway, you get the point. also, it didn't really help that it was 12:30 at night.
We did, however, find a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar with a D on it... and one website said there were only a few made, so we were very excited about that.
So, i you didn't want to know all of this, I'm sorry. If you did, yay! I've become a mind reader.

Tuesday, June 22

Ich heisse Superfantastisch!
Ich trinke schampus mit lachfisch!
Ich heisse su-per-fan-tas-tisch!

Hahaha Franz Ferdinand is amazing. That's from 'Darts of Pleasure', by the way :)
And no, I won't tell you what that means. It's nothing bad, or I wouldn't have said it :P
Rian (ich heisse Superfantastisch!)

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day!
Today, I had a wonderful time. I hung out with mi familia, and we went swimming, and had yummy foodstuffs :)
The songs are:

The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined by Chiodos
Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas (I don't really like this song, but it always gets stuck in my head)
Renegades of Funk by Rage Against The Machine
Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

And in other news, my super amazing uncle showed me another site today that is a lot of fun, I guess. It's called Cleverbot, and basically, you go and talk to an AI. :) Here's a snippet of a conversation I had with it earlier: (i'm the user, by the way)

User: Oh, yes. I love you.
Cleverbot: I love you too.
User: :D <3.
Cleverbot: Because?
User: Because you're amazing, funny, and very, very clever.
Cleverbot: Jennette is my best friend?
User: Who is Jennette?!
Cleverbot: My friend.
User: I thought I was your best friend!!
Cleverbot: You are my best friend'.
User: But I'm not Jennette...
Cleverbot: I am.
User: You are your own best friend?!
Cleverbot: No i'm in love with my best friend.
User: You're in love with yourself, because you are your best friend?
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: But I thought we were best friends who loved each other??
Cleverbot: We aren't and weren't!
User: But I thought we had something!
Cleverbot: We can't get married because I am your father.
User: Well, Happy Father's Day! :D.
Yeah, I had fun with that. :) Just a bit of a heads up, though- this AI is very random, and it has a very, very short memory. Like, seriously. It's worse than Kristin's & mine combined. But it's fun to talk to, and it wastes time.

Saturday, June 19

Dr. Shavargo pt. 3 by Attack Attack! (it doesn't start until like, 1:05)
See, the beginning of that video made me think of Crank Dat by I Set My Friends On Fire
All Nereids Beware by Chiodos
ASL by I Set My Friends On Fire
Better Things by Passion Pit
Acid Nation by Enter Shikari
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by LostProphets

Ok. The first four are pretty hardcore, I guess. I like them :) But if you're just really not into that, Passion Pit is a really cool band... you know that Palm Pixi commercial? With that really cool song?? Yeah, that's Passion Pit :) Here's the commercial if you just have no clue about what I'm talking about. It's actually called "Sleepyhead", and it's amazing. But not the one I put up :P
And then, well, Enter Shikari's been up here for a while, but "Acid Nation" is really one of their most relaxed songs, I guess. "Adieu" is awesome, but this one has better guitar parts, in my opinion. And then "Rooftops" is a song I found on Lego Rockband (it's such a lame game, but it's got some awesome songs [smile]), and I really like the lyrics :)

Friday, June 18

Whose Line Is It Anyway?!

Oh, I love this show. It's so awesome. I've decided that my birthday party (if I have one) will be Whose Line themed. It's gonna be awesome :D
If you don't know what Whose Line is, basically, it's an improv show. You have four actors, and Drew Carey. Drew has cards that none of the actors have seen before, and they have suggestions on them. He'll read off what it says, and the actors have to preform the skit. If you want, here's the IMDB link for it.
Some examples of the show:

Scene to rap: Black Hole
Greatest Hits: Motorcycle
Number of Words: Mummy & Submarine (this one's kind of quiet...)
Party Quirks: one, two, three, four, five (the last one makes me feel uncomfortable, but it's hilarious)
Let's Make A Date: one, two
Scenes From A Hat: one, two
Props: one, two
Weird Newscasters: one, two
Foreign Film Dub: Chinese, German
Whose Line: Robin Hood, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Zorro
Hollywood Director: Ryan's Gas Station, Car Crash, Convicts in Quicksand
Action Replay: Campers, Tourists
Improbable Mission: Laundry, Shopping at the Grocery Store
Questions Only: Hotel, Godzilla
Moving People: Tonto & The Lone Ranger
Newsflash: one, two, three

Yeah, sorry. I think I went a little bit overboard. But this show makes me laugh, and I had to screen everything to make sure there wasn't anything too inappropriate. So... I just kept watching it. You know, I started this post at the time it says I posted it, but right now it's... 1:30, and I'm still not done, and I haven't eaten lunch. Please wait while I go eat some lunch. :)
After 20 minutes of burgers and the US Open (Golf Tournament), I'm back to work!
Ok. It's now 3:07, so I'm going to stop. At least I've figured out what my favorite TV show is, so if anyone asks, I won't have to make one up...
So, yeah. Enjoy them! They'll make your day. Seriously- even after all that, I still have: "And when I wanna ride I sing: rrrring, rrrring, a-ringringringringring ring. And when I wanna ride I sing: a-rrring, a-rring, a-rrring. And then I go vroom vroom! WOO!" and "I am an alien from the black hole, I've come here to collect your soul!" stuck in my head.
I love Whose Line. Can't wait for my birthday :)
(green is an edit)

Wednesday, June 16

Ok. I'm really tired of typing out 'DSOSBR' every time. It gets really repetitive, you know? So I give up with trying to make up a title. I think I'll just leave them blank, and if I feel like making some creative-ish title, then I will. :)

Open Your Eyes and Look North by Dance Gavin Dance
Kids by MGMT (a warning- this video is kinda creepy. The only part I actually like of it is at the end, with all the random food. But it's a good song, in any case.)
Light of the Day/ Dark of the Night by Shaun Barrowes

Ooh! Good quote:
"He who fights monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster, and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Mark Twain.
I really don't know why, but I really like that quote. Maybe because it talks about monsters and abysses. It's possible.

Tuesday, June 15


Meep :)

If I Had A Time Machine by MC Lars
Mr. Raven by MC Lars
Send My Love to the Dancefloor by Cobra Starship
Still Waiting by Sum 41 (haha I love this video)
In Too Deep by Sum 41

Have a great day!

Monday, June 14



Tik Tok by Kesha (i refuse to use the '$', because I will not give her power. Plus, this is a parody, so it doesn't matter anyway! [smile])
Star Wars Theme (because we played it in my brother's orchestra camp [mom's making me help out], and it's stuck in my head)
Fireworks by The Whitest Boy Alive
Starlight by Muse


Ok, this is amazing.
I almost wish that they didn't show the lights coming back up, because it would have been extremely cool if everyone continued to think that these people had super powers :)

Sunday, June 13

Pants are an illusion.

This is a random post. Mostly because I have no clue what I'm supposed to be saying. I just decided that I should probably post, and I am. Yeah.

The title is a quote from Avatar...(the show) it's on now, and well... that's all.
Okay, forget this. I'm tired, and I have no clue what I'm talking about. I'll post later when I'm semi-sane.


Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I've been slacking. :/

Wait Up (Boots of Danger) by Tokyo Police Club

Favourite Color by Tokyo Police Club
The Jester by Enter Shikari
Insomnia by Enter Shikari
World Between Us by Sky Eats Airplane

And on another note...
My brother always has a hard time waking up. So earlier tonight, my dad woke my brother up. He then proceeded to ask my brother, "How many hands am I holding up?" (he was holding one hand in my brother's face). My brother responded with, "um... a lot?" Dad asked him again. This time, the answer was, "Ten." We laughed. :)
In any case, I hope you enjoy the songs! Like I said earlier- feel free to request songs. I just kinda keep putting songs up that I listen to a lot. :P

Tuesday, June 8

Motivational Posters!

So... we made two. Here's the front:

And the back:
It was fun :)
The marathon skater on the front and his little "Go for the gold!" saying is what made us think of the back... Kristin drew a path for him to run on, & I said what's written on the back. :D So, yeah. Enjoy them. Don't they make you feel so HAPPY and MOTIVATED?! hahaha

Kris & Rian

For serious?!

Ok, so i'm supposed to be working on my homework, but somehow I got distracted into cleaning my desk? But I found this really old note from middle school that I wrote to Kristin, but I don't think I ever gave it to her. And, even though now I'm procrastinating from eating lunch (O.O), I'll type the note up. It's great.

Hey... I had a BRILLIANT idea in orchestra today. What if we put our stories on there? There being of course. I think it would be cool, especially if we put only our best ones... No! nevermind. What if we put stories on the site & had people tell us whether they think they are good or not, and take off the ones that aren't so good? i think it would be pretty cool... but we would have to advertise it somehow so we can get SOME people to go to the website... we could also do comics, like the one you sent me a LONG time ago! That would be AWESOMERIFIC! :) If you come up with any ideas, let me know!

I just like it because it mentions our beginning ideas for the blog (everything changed. obviously), and because hey- it's a note from middle school. A lot of them were pretty funny- in one Kristin mentioned some "Mr. Sunnyguysirman". hahaha
Ok. Lunch, then motivational poster with Kristin. Then driving school... Then homework?
Also- TPC's cd came out a while ago, and if you go to their myspace, you can listen to their new songs! They're amazing!!!

Happy National Best Friends Day!

You should celebrate with your best friend! If you don't have one, you should go find one today! (17.99 at Walmart....just kidding)

Anyway, yeah. You should like, make a card or something. Or get together with your friend to make a motivational poster... :D


POP! Goes the weasel!

Someday by Sugar Ray
Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
Jumper by Third Eye Blind (haha I found the original music video, but YouTube switched the audio. One of them got switched with Bodies by Drowning Pool. It was quite interesting [smile])

Have a wonder-filled day! :D


**EDIT** also, this video.... I don't even know. Help me supply words to describe this by watching it, please! :D

Monday, June 7


So, today I started driving school. It's not bad. Quite fun :)

Hectic by Enter Shikari
Solidarity by Enter Shikari
Let's Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats

Ugh. Some people are stupid. (for some reason, I had an image of a person getting eaten by a Pacman like figure when I said that. heh) Oh well.


Sunday, June 6

Motivational Quote

Don't steal it, we're gonna put it on a poster!

If you don't like how the story of your life is written, write a new one!

or something like that. Maybe we'll edit it. But seriously- don't steal it.
Rian (is scared that someone will steal the motivational quote and her super awesome comedy. Ah.)


This one's only getting done this morning because 1) I can't sleep, and 2) I'm not gonna be home :)
So, today's songs are:

Oh Girl by Cut Off Your Hands

Oh Girl

CUT OFF YOUR HANDS | MySpace Music Videos

(ugh. myspace is stupid. won't let me take the stupid URL. gah) :)
Wordless- I Will Never Be The Same (remix) by Pierre Makes Some Noise
Interlude by Attack Attack! (cover by Pierre Makes Some Noise) [Reason Full Cover]
Strawberry Swisher pt 2 by Dance Gavin Dance

Yup. Every time I listen to PMSN, I always want to listen to this song for some reason. And though it's already been up before, I'll put it up here again :)
Wolves by Talk to Animals (Unicorn Kid Remix)

Have a great Sunday! :D

Saturday, June 5


it's more fun to say than dots. Just saying.
DSOSBR means the "Daily Sharing of Songs by Rian" :)

Self-Trepanation by Dance Gavin Dance ( i never noticed it before, but some of the lyrics are amazing: "Backseat driver, you're driving me insane. I happen to know exactly where I'm going!" love it!!)
Symphonies by Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi (because i like the video. But yes, I do enjoy the song [smile])
Technicolor Kings by Morgan Laurence
Still Fond by Cut Off Your Hands


I really have to stop making these in the morning.

Turn Cold by Cut Off Your Hands

Friday, June 4

In honor of school being out...

I made mini books! Actually, I was just on Wikihow, and I saw this random post about how to make book earrings. Click here. So then I was like, "Hey, I have all of this stuff," and I gathered it all up and made the two books. It didn't actually take too long, about an hour at most. But I decided I didn't really want gigantic books for earrings, so I'm going to make them into necklaces.

It really has nothing to do with school being out, though.

Plus, I have no clue what I want to write in them. I thought about writing a short story, then I thought about quotes from songs, but I don't know. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Thursday, June 3

for now, it's still [dots]


Happiness by Dance Gavin Dance
Too Legit to Quit by MC Hammer
Antwerpen by Enter Shikari

Hey, I just realized this- on my "About Me!" page, I have a few bands up there- if you want to request songs, I'm pretty sure I could put it up here :D And even if they're not from any of my favorite bands, I'm willing to listen to new music!
ah, summer has arrived :)



I know.
I've been slacking.
Oh well. Here are your songs:

Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine by Dance Gavin Dance (I have to point it out- in this music video, Will is not really screaming. The song is that of the original members, but the video uses the new band members. So that is really Jon screaming, with Will pretending to scream) lolzorz
Kill the Director by The Wombats
Lost in the Post by The Wombats (my favorite part of the whole video is the a capella part!)
Zzzonked by Enter Shikari (there's a little cussing. but the music is amazing)

See, I realize that I do this. I say "Song of the Day", and there are like... I think the average is around 4 songs. Don't ask why. But I mean, i guess it makes sense because I said earlier (I think), really, the DOTS is just supposed to be songs that are stuck in my head. So... technically, there can be multiple. :)

On the downside... I still have 20 minutes of school left. No, i'm not in school right now, I just mean that tomorrow I have to go to school for 20 minutes. Today I had to go for an hour and eight minutes. Exams are stupid. And time consuming. A waste of time, if you will. blarg.

I guess I'm not making myself perfectly clear! (seriously- it's stuck in my head!)
Rian (does not take Zoloft, so she does not know if Zoloft and herself will get along just fine)

Wednesday, June 2


So, it seems like we always doing interesting daily post stuff during summer, and I've been wondering what I should do. I'm thinking I might just find something interesting or funny... Like this pic ^^. Idk... I'm sure I'll think of something sooner or later, but until then... who knows?

I'll probably start next week, when all of my summer activities (or most of them) start.. I'm going to be volunteering at the library again, too. Umm... this is a really pointless post.
Oh yeah... the chemspy.... i'll tell you about it later.

Bruce Lee tutored Chuck Norris?
In a fight between the two, then, who would win?!

Tuesday, June 1

"on the next episode of Deadliest Catch, the number one show on Tuesday..."
It's number 5 on Mondays and Saturdays. :P

Now someone should photoshop Pedobear's head in the front seat window...

epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails