Tuesday, June 30

I feel like we should be in the Oscar's or something...

I just wanted to thank all you lovely people for helping us reach (and pass) the 10,000 People... something. I really don't know what to call it... it's not a limit, and it's not an award... level? who cares. [not me!] anyway, we've officially had 10,027 people visit the blog! All within a year! it's so amazing... I would say, "I never thought we would make it this far!", but... that would kind of be a lie. :)

so, once again, I'd just like to give a big

THANK YOU *insert colorful confetti flying around everywhere here :P*

to all our lovely readers out there who have made ... GOAL! that's the word, i guess. The 10,000 People Visited Goal. hah, way to give it a fancy[ish] name, eh? :D
but i'm really glad.
It makes me feel popular (hahaha [smile])
yup... so now, Kristin and I need to get another 178 more posts down by July 17th, and we'll have met our 1000 post goal for the blog's anniversary! (hahaha i was about to say "our anniversary" but that would have sounded WAY awkward... haha)
I'm excited!

Rian (is filled with awe and gratitude... and feels slightly stupid for making such a big deal out of this [laugh])

Just because I can... :)

sooo... i'm just going to totally be out of the blue here. i'm bored enough to be able to- for that's correct, person who's actually been paying attention to my rants and other various posts- i HAVE completed my online computer course! (THANK GOODNESS!) it was soooo annoying. but i've finished it now! so now all i have to do is annotate 4 short stories (they seem pretty interesting, so i'm actually kinda looking forward to it!) and math (which i'm not very good at, so i'm not looking forward to that as much). so yay!

doing this dance is fun. i don't know... i guess it's just more fun to dance to this than sing the song.
hahaha "herding cattle! the size of schnauzers! but they're still cattle!" hahaha
um... i kinda want to be like this guy! it'd be awesome- an unlimited amount of trivial information in my head that i can blurt out any time someone gives me a related topic! that'd be AMAZING! :D
THIS GUY IS FREAKING AMAZING! except, i got mad at him because of the song he picked. no offense, but i hate Kevin Rudolf or whatever his name is. Especially that song. why? because when he sang at the All Star game last year, he looked like he was lip singing. i mean, i know that's not a good enough reason to hate, but... jeez. i don't know. it's ... confusing, i guess. but anyway, GO JAY MATTIOLI!!! :D (sorry if the video's a little jerky...)
hmm. Beef Jerky. you know how long it's been since i've had my favorite form of beef? too long. I mean, there's only like, ONE place where i'll get it from, and it's WAY out in the middle of nowhere (almost [smile]), so we don't get it a lot. and i mean, it's not like i don't like Slim Jims.. I just don't prefer them. but now i really want some. and i ALWAYS want beef jerky when someone's having a barbeque (hahaha- avatar joke... though i think the guy says campfire? or bonfire? whatever), because i SWEAR when there's a barbeque somewhere nearby and i smell it... it smells like beef jerky. hahaha that's me & my nose for you, though :D
yeah... *sigh* so i finished HSD, and it's totally highly recommended. it's the best manga i've read in my life (and i haven't read all that many- kristin's the one who does all the manga/fictionpress/fanfiction reading... i just read what she says is good SOMETIMES. hahaha), and now i want to read it again. but, me being me, i can't because i have this thing where if i know what's going to happen next, i lose interest. so i wait like, months (sometimes years) to reread books or whatever. yeah... so what i do is i check them out from the library, and if they're awesome, i go buy them! so then i can read it whenever i forget about it! (which is rare, sadly. so i have a lot of books i've only read twice... sigh) but hey- that's just me.
yay me. hmmm... beef jerky. it really sounds good! i mean, earlier today i wanted cupcakes because we were at Target and my mom was getting stuff for my godmother's kids, so we were in the little kids toys section (i must admit, there were a lot of things that kept me amused, but my favorites were the posable Domo [if you look in the smilies section on the cbox, look for a brown dude chomping at air- that's domo!], the play-doh [especially the one in which you can make fake play-doh desserts], and... the Winnie the Pooh stuff. [like the phone and the giant classic Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal]). I (obviously) had a whole lot of fun! :D
So... that's enough typing for now!
Rian (wonders what's up with all these parenthesis... it's really weird. Everything's a side note. hahaha)

They say you can't buy happiness, but no one ever said you couldn't eat it. -IHOP commercial


The Two Sams=Most Depressing FP Story Ever

And I mean that. In a bad way. Don't ever read it. Seriously. And this is why: The girl and guy meet, fall in love, etc. They have serious relationship problems....they're only happy for like, a paragraph at a time before something bad happens. And then, at the end, the guy dies in a car crash. And the girl is all depressed. And then a bunch of random stuff happens and she ends up seeing the dead guy...and she asks him if she's dead, and he says she is. And the story ends.


Lego Max Ride

Okay, so last night, my brother and I got really bored. So we started playing with legos...and here was the final product: Maximum Ride Characters! I'll explain after the pics, which you can't click to make bigger(sorry) I'll try to upload the bigger ones later...i'm not sure why they're so small:

So, of course, the Flock is on top. Yes, I know Nudge has a flower for a head, but I'm sorry, we don't have any more girl heads or hair. Fang and Max are pretty awesome, though. In the bad guys section, I really like Jeb. He looks cool, and that thing in his hand is a clipboard. And, if you couldn't tell, which you probably can't, unless you're like and lego expert or something, max has a ponytail. And Angel is one of those really old lego people that can't even stand up. Sorry I didn't take pics of the School, though. It;s not all that great, so I didn't think it really mattered. Whatever. We had fun.

Monday, June 29

suddenly, every word seems like it has a 'j' in front of it...

jeah (yeah), juhno (no), and jummy (yummy) are just a few examples.

so dinner has been crazy tonight. i mean, what with my mom crying spaghetti meat (somehow, she got ground beef up near her tear duct... it was weird) and the Teenage Diabolical Mutant Kangaroos (an ingredient found in the chocolate cake we have- TDMK [whatever that is]), i would say... super hilarious. my brother was talking about a "hip-hop yo gabba gabba" and i'm all, "just watch Hip Hop Harry!" so he started singing the "party in my tummy" song using jeah and jummy. also, i was trying to think of how you would spell aight (that's how my dad said it's spelled- basically, it's alright without the "lr", but all the letters still sound the same), but i thought it was spelled something like a'ight or a'ite... but then i thought: ahaight! (like, ah- height), so i say that now. AHAIGHT?! :D hahaha
but yeah. there was also a whole bunch of other stuff that happened, but i either a) don't remember [already, i know!] or b) don't want to share it with you because it would be weird.
QUOKKAS! hahaha i'd totally forgotten about quokkas until tonight when i thought they were spelled with a 'K'. but my brother's all, "isn't it a 'q'?" and i'm all "oh yeah" but he gave me a weird look that said "what kind of word starts with a 'k' but makes a 'qu' sound?" so i told him about Kuwait. :)
yeah... i mean, jeah :D
Rian (found out that a bird once flew into the office window... it was strange.)

About my super awesome reading power

If you don't know what I'm talking about, reread my first post from today... So, I was just gonna mention some stuff about it. Well, it's kinda random, but I was think that my super awesome reading power (sapr) is pretty cool. Of course, when you're reading something like Maximum Ride or Twilight, you kinda know who the main character is gonna end up with. The funny thing is that Harry Potter is pretty much the only series to surprise me! At least, partly. I kinda had a hunch about Hermione and Ron (deeply sorry if you haven't read the seventh book yet, but it's almost been out a year now!), but Harry and Ginny caught me completely off guard! I mean, they tell you she likes him at the beginning (the second book), but you never know how he feels until...maybe the fifth, when she starts going out with random people, and then the sixth, when they kiss...and in case you couldn't tell by this post, I have read HP WAYYYYY too many times, since I know exactly in what books certain things happened. But whatever. This post is totally random and pointless...just a look into my mind, i guess. Which every post should be, actually...since the blog is called INTHEMINDSOFKNR. Since I mentioned it, I guess I should tell you where the blog name came from. So, in English one day, eighth grade, I believe, we were in the computer lab, writing. And, of course, we had to cite our sources. And since I had just randomly come up with some of the stuff, I put "inthemindofk" as my source. And then I thought, oh, this sounds like a blog name! And thus, the blog was born! Well, actually it wasn't for about four more months or so. But you get the point. Um...bedtime for me. Btw, I'm reading a story called California Dreaming on fp this time. It's pretty good, but I'm not done yet, so no recommendations.


Sunday, June 28

NO good no good!

Michael was still staring at me. but with this- i'm sure he's not anymore.

well... this is random.

Rian (is more random than Kristin sometimes [smile])


... well there is...

anyway- i'm posting because i'm really disturbed at how every time i go to type something into the cbox, Billy Mays is just staring, smiling, and giving me a thumbs up. it's really creepy. and i have to make this really long so that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson don't do the same thing... it's giving me the heeby jeebies. HAHAHA!
gah. i need to stop laughing- no kidding. I've been laughing so much and so hard- GAH! THE BUG'S BACK! oh, gone again- that i have a headache. and i've been choking- i think the bug fell off the screen now. good riddance-. So i'm fairly certain that High School Debut is going to lead me to the death all my friends have predicted for me- death by overexcessive laughter.
i am not even kidding. i laugh at something, and they say, "STOP LAUGHING! IT'S NOT THAT FUNNY! You're gonna die like that, you know? You're gonna be on your death bed laughing, and in the coffin, you'll be smiling even though you're dead, and... STOP LAUGHING!" for you see, their explanations make me laugh harder. it's really quite funny...
anyway. HSD is making me laugh SOOOOO freaking hard i really do believe i'm going to die. ...i think that bug's trying to jump back on the screen... GAH! IT CAME BACK!! hmmm... i think it's an ant, but i'm not really sure. and anyway- it's gone again.
but like i was saying: Haruna (back! gah! *bug, not haruna*) was kissed by this kid Outa [i think that's his name, anyway] and she got all depressed about it because she thought Yoh would be mad, but he wasn't. So she's all depressed, and then Outa comes up to her and was all- "if you're pregnant, i'm prepared to be the father" and junk because he (OMG IT JUST FLEW OUT OF NO WHERE ONTO THE SCREEN! THIS BUG IS WEIRD!!!) thought that if you kiss a girl, the girl becomes pregnant [if you think this is true, too... consult a parent or trusted adult... or an o (GAH IT DID IT AGAIN! WEIRDO FLYING ANT! I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS!) lder friend.] so everyone got all mad at him and junk. So Haruna went to the roof and everyone thought she was gonna kill herself, but she really wasn't, but then to cheer her up- YOH KISSED OUTA and it was disgustingly hilarious~!!!!! OMG!! GAH...
hmm.. i hope this is long enough... i really don't feel like typing anything else. You people should read High School Debut too!! Just go to and click "Manga List", then off to the side, click the letter "h" (GRRR BUG!! GRRR!!! GET OFF THE SCREEN PLEASE!!!), and scroll until you see "High School Debut 'AKA: Koukou Debut'" and yeah! it's amazing and hilarious and... gah. i can't believe kristin didn't tell me this stuff earlier!!! [she told me she read it, but nothing about it like she usually tells me... *mock glare*]

Rian (is still mad at the weirdo flying bug, and hopes this is long enough so that neither Billy, Farrah, nor Michael will be staring at her. it's kinda stalkerish... but not really)

by now you should know how random i am.

If not, you're kinda offense. I rhymed!

Well, whenever I get really bored, or there's a random silence in between Jason and I's (?) random conversations, I get, well, random. And most of the time I yell "Boo-YEAH!" Not booyah...booyeah...don't ask why either. I get bored.

mostly likely gonna be a post about stuff

Yeah...nice title, huh?

Well, in case you missed us on Thursday, which you did, since we didn't talk to anyone else, we had a great time. Seriously, I almost died of laughter. So join us this week, on: THE CBOX!
Sounds like an ad.
So...I was supposed to posting about something. Oh yeah! Twosocks.
Well, lately we've been visiting different churches, and the one we went to this week was pretty cool...and since I'm weird and I like to people watch, I noticed this dude wearing two pairs of socks, exactly the same. The had the little nike swoosh thing, so I could tell it was two case you don't understand, which would make sense, since I barely do, he had two identical socks on each foot. Yeah.
And then today, we were at Target and my dad gave me and Jason the keys so we could go start the car, since it was gonna be hot in there. So Jason and I were walking, and all of a sudden he goes, "You know what's stupid?"
And then, together, we both said, "walking in the middle of the street", which was exactly what we were doing. It was hilarious. And then we couldn't find the car...and as soon as we did, we saw our parents walking towards it, so we sprinted and cranked it up and everything within like, two seconds. It was awesome. I also bought neon bandaids because I scratched my arm on a stupid chair.
Oh yeah. So apparently, my mom and I have bad planning skills. Earlier in the week, we decided to have a garage sale. And we did, yesterday. Of course, yesterday turned out the be "the hottest day of the summer so far". I swear, it was like, a hundred and five degrees! Actually, when we got in the car yesterday, it said 106. But anyways, we, which was mostly me and my mom (my mom and I, whatever) sat outside from six thirty in the morning to two o'clock in the afternoon. I was sweating and I didn't even move. On the other hand, I helped my mom with the crossword, which we finished, the sudoku, which I didn't finish, read Dramacon volumes 1-3 and got an awesome idea for a murder mystery. It was a totally awesome day, despite the fact that I had sweat rolling down my back for hours.
What else...? Well, I got my hair cut, not that you really care. I think I like it shorter...makes me look older, so maybe people won't mistake me for an elementary schooler. Like this one lady did at the library the other day. On the other hand (which I have said already), this one lady thought I was a senior. I wanna paint my nails...I also want to eat ice cream. 
By the way, if you enjoy reading, like fictionpress, and/or are bored, you should read the fp story "Perfectly Imperfect." It was so hilariously stupid, corny, dramatic and awesome that I was completely addicted for nearly a week. And you know how fast I read(at least, I think you do), so you should know how long that story must have been. Over 600,000 words! That's longer than all the Twilight books put together! Which is insane, by the way. But back to the story. It kept me up for a few days, where I'd stay up til three a.m. reading. It was awesome. So read it.
Also, I seem to have some kinda super reading power, because I can always tell who the main character is going to end up with at the end of the story. Always. And I'm never wrong. Also, on the topic of Perfectly Imperfect, my favorite character was Chris. He's awesome...yeah. 
Today in Target, Jason and I were trying to get our parents to buy a ping pong table for us. They admitted that it would be awesome, though we didn't get it. :(
Jason and I would end up having ping pong tournaments anyways. It would be awesome.
Well, I think this post is long enough.


those pictures are HUGE! and that was REALLY LONG!

yeah... now i don't know... should i try to make the pictures smaller? and use less words in that post? gah!

i have NO clue why, but i feel bad. because i what? took up space on the blog?! OH BOO HOO i'm doing that right now.

but i digress... whatever.

Rian (knows this was completely pointless, and doesn't care all that much)
psst: High School Debut is still hilarious! :D

so, today's topic is: death, i guess.

so, as i'm sure EVERYONE already knows (if you don't- what rock have you been living under?!) that Michael Jackson is dead. No one knows how (though at first- it was said that he had a heart attack)...

OMG! breaking news! breaking news! (jeez, i sound like a crazed news reporter or something! i mean- it's in red and everything! ugh)

anyway- apparently Billy Mays died, too. Jeez. I hear that his son twittered, "My dad wouldn't wake up this morning. He's gone."... jeez. I think the Grim Reaper's going on a soul spree or SOMETHING... or maybe someone's training to become ninja! OOOH!!! All these famous people that have died within the past...3 days... (Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, and anyone else who died [cuz i KNOW there are more]) were all part of a secret cult planning on world domination through celebrity influence! And someone was assigned to wipe them out! like an assassin!
hahaha, but please ignore that. It's just my imagination (i swear it's gotten to be like, as tall as the Empire state building and as wide as a whaleshark and ... well... it's a sphere. like that.
whatever. it's too confusing.
so... dead people. sorry- correction. Dead celebrities. there IS a difference :)
hmm... i guess... moment of silence?
ok. yeah.
Rian (had fun counting the dots [smile])
psst: in case you don't know:
  • Michael Jackson= singer... think Thriller and the moonwalk. That's the guy.
  • Billy Mays= guy on commercials who seemed to sell everything for $19.95 or $19.99. Really loud.
  • Farrah Fawcett= that one Charlie's Angel with the hair... just look at the picture. >.>
OMG A FAT WASP WAS TRYING TO GET INTO MY HOUSE! sorry... but it was! anyway- the pictures are in order from left to right- Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Billy Mays:

Saturday, June 27

I think my IQ is majorly dropping.

"Why?!" you ask (come on! humor me! just ask!!)

Well... because I have to take this online class that teaches me about the computer.
EVERY DAY i work on it, i feel stupider and stupider. no kidding- YOU try "learning" about something you're already really good at! but, learn it at a beginner's level.

Like... ok. Say... you can sew like nobody's business. This computer class is like going to a sewing class, but getting stuck in the beginners class, so you have to learn the most basic, obvious things that you use ALL THE TIME! ugh! makes you want to bang your head on your desk until you have enough brain cells left that this is all new stuff to you! (or at least, that's what this freaking ... THING (it's no longer a class, people- it's a THING)... is almost making me do.)


gah. ok. sorry. i'm just REAAAALLY bored and ... i guess you could say mad, but i don't think i am. maybe... annoyed. yeah. definitely annoyed. *lets out crazed, frustrated screech*
... now i have a headache.
so yeah.

but the good news is: I'M ALMOST DONE!! i've finished 4/7 of it!! woo!!! but it's so easy and boring that it's basically taken all month to start the first part of it... but i did 3 yesterday while it was quiet. which was a miracle. :)
and i started lesson 4 while everyone was still asleep. so i finished it like, 10 minutes ago. it's awesome.

Rian (is finished ranting [maybe] about her stupid relearning of computers at a basic level [hopefully]) :)

Thursday, June 25

I wish i could whistle, but sadly, i can't. HEY! i'm working on it though!

so anyway, this is just a random post of nothingness.

well... ok, not so much anymore. it has words on it now.

soooo... i am now in possession of "Lightning Yellow" nail polish.
thankfully, it doesn't shock me when i put it on, nor is any big grumbling sound involved.
hahaha! that's hilarious!!
OOOH! there's stuff going on today!!
  1. I'm gonna go see Transformers 2 today!
  2. The first official cbox meeting that anyone who wants can attend! Remember- 8:30 pm Central time- if you're not in our time zone, find a world clock & look for cities like Dallas-Texas, or Chicago-Illinois.
yeah... i've been hearing (this morning on the radio) that the transformers movie isn't as good as it appears. I guess i can understand that, but... I guess i'll just have to wait and see! :D
Rian (might actually have a not-boring day today! wow!)

Wednesday, June 24


You know what I just realized? Our one year anniversary (do you call it that?) is just TWO days after the Harry Potter movie comes out!!! Pretty awesome, huh? Well, concerning some stuff (duh), i'm sure we'll have 10,000 hits by the 17th, we only need like, 175 more. But I don't think we can get our 1000 posts...but we can try! Well, I think I'm gonna go eat lunch now. 


I am so bored.

Oh yeah...I remembered what I was going to post about(because I forgot earlier). So... there's this totally awesome laptop I want to buy...hold on, and I'll get the link. Actually, you don't have to hold on. Because it's not like you're reading this in real time. But whatever. 

I hope the link is right. Yeah, but it's totally awesome. Not to mention it's small, which is a plus for me. So I'm hoping I can get it by the end of the summer...which I can do if I earn two hundred more dollars and don't buy anything...which means I have to have super self control! because I see things I want to buy ALL the time. For example: awesome neon notebooks I'll need when my current one is filled with story ideas and stuff; pencils, since mine always get lost; more notebooks; socks, which I can't resist; and more. You get the point, though, right?
The cool thing is, I can get most of this money by saving change...we went to the Coinstar change to bill machine thingy today and me and my brother emptied our piggy banks (which aren't shaped like pigs, but beary bank sounds idiotic). My brother got thirteen dollars, because he's always spending stuff on games and buying candy. I got thirty eight dollars because I actually SAVE my money. And the funny thing is, I found another piggy bank (this time in the shape of Tweety's head) on the top shelf of my closet.
On a totally unrelated topic, my inbox is insane. You see, I organize it in folders, so I have the normal Inbox, which contains everything, the Fanfiction one, which just has updates for fanfics in it, and the blog one, which has all the blog stuff like comments and whatnot. And recently(since May 25th, actually), I've been ignoring my fanfiction updates because I didn't want to read them. So I had about three hundred unread emails...and yesterday, I decided to finally go through them. It is so crazy! I'm down to 116 now, which is amazing. I might actually get finished tonight! Woah...I jsut realized how late it was. I was just thinking it was like, ten or something, and it's past midnight! Oopsies...
Whatever. I guess I should stop typing now, huh? I'll get back to my fanfictions.

Tuesday, June 23

Now I'm kind of confused.

so i went on IMDb (the awesomest website ever [except for this one {laugh}]) to find out more about CTK.

it was made in 2004.
I personally thought that it was much older, seeing as how Kristen Stewart, Corbin Bleu, and Max Thieriot look tons older in their more recent movies (Twilight, HSM: Senior Year, & Kit Kittridge: An American Girl) than in CTK. it's weird, but then again, i guess that's how movies work, eh? I mean, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) looked the same age as Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) in Harry Potter, when in reality, he is the oldest- 1 year older than Daniel, 2 years older than Emma. I mean, not that it matters or anything. :D

yeah. i really don't know why i'm posting this at all- it's totally pointless and really doesn't matter. No one cares if everyone looks older 2 to 4 years later- everyone looks older 2-4 years older, don't they?!
... The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
sorry- i've never actually seen that movie, but from what i get from it (which isn't much at all), he ages backwards? or... he ages normally, then goes backwards? i really have no clue- someone please tell me.
like that's gonna do anything.
i doubt anyone's going to tell me, because when i ask for help from you awesome readers, no one tells me anything.
if you find it in your heart to tell me, thank you VERY much.
if you don't... don't worry about it.
Rian (doesn't think she should end the post with laughter, but doesn't have anything else to say.)

Monday, June 22

In honor of the good old MR blog, i present:


(even if it IS late at night, or even Tuesday in some places!)

anywho, the awesome videos that will make you laugh on one of the worst days of the week:

watch this video to add the dramatic music.
A spin off of the above video, with a lightsaber.
and now for the James Bond spin off. (it's not as good, but whatever)

and now for the little superstar! (i love this music, that's why it's here)
and the spin off where his head comes off... in Viking mode! (with different music i don't like as much)

yeah... i couldn't find anymore hilarious ones, so i gave up :P
Rian (was laughing at the gopher/prarie dog/ chipmunk thing. if anyone knows what it actually is, please let me know!)

[insert title here] #2!

198 ... now 197 posts left. woo. go us.

... i should make more random posts. like, posts that are only 4 words each. haha that'd be hilarious.

196 posts left:

ennike pie ishtama!
Rian (says, "I like pie!")

195 posts left:

stupid dog! you make me look bad.

194 posts left:

Courage the cowardly dog isn't all that great of a show.
it's really weird.
Rian (was secretly scared when she was little by that show)

193 posts left:

wait. why am i doing all of this on one post?! GAH! it's such a great idea, and i'm wasting it on one post!!!
Rian (is off to post other posts that are like the above)

haha just kidding. :D
Rian (is not actually going to post things like that... unless people want me to? ... gah now i think i talk [or rather, type] too much! [frown])

make up your own title. i'm too lazy to.

ok. that's like, really fake. sorry it's kinda tiny... oh well. anyway... if you make that "cartoon" guy look angry, he kinda looks like Hanai Haruki, the class president from School Rumble.

... i know, totally random. but it kinda... struck me as a weird looking Hanai that doesn't really look all that similar to that random guy. it's really weird.

gah. coming up with titles takes up too much brainpower that i don't have.

so i just watched the "premier" of Catch That Kid (a movie), but i'm SURE that the movie is fairly old... because Corbin Bleu is in it... and i'm SURE that he's younger than he is in the recent High School Musical stuff (no offense, but HSM is really annoying. But i still watch the movies :P). So yeahh... but CTK is HILARIOUS. i'm not even kidding. it's fake, too. like i mean seriously, what kind of person gives $100 for a $3 ticket just because a person's dad needs surgery?! and... gah. i totally forgot what- oh yeah. so, the kids were going down a chute. first a guy, then the girl, then the baby, and finally the last guy... only the baby comes out last. WHAT THE HECK?! that's not possible!!! but there are some super hilarious parts in it- i don't know when it's coming back on TV or if it's for rent or anything, but i suggest watching it if you feel like laughing, and watching an "action flick" at the same time... yuuuuh.

"Now what?" Iggy asked. "Who ya gonna call?"
A quiet voice in the corridor whispered, "Ghostbusters!"
John and Captain Perry groaned. "That phrase is forever ruined," John said.

... i wasn't exactly quoting... but it's pretty close. that was from memory. it's from the book MAX, by James Patterson. totally random. do not know why i did that... maybe because in the middle of that movie that weird Ghostbusters game for the Wii commercial came on... speaking of coming on, i TOTALLY missed the season premier of this season's I Survived A Japanese Game Show! i LOVE that show- it's HILARIOUS! especially the people in the crowd during MAJIDE! haha HAI! MAJIDE! (Ok! You must be crazy!) <-- rough translation :D
so yeah... i figured that out when i watched the Wipeout episode from 5 days ago. :)
hahaha i love John Henson! he's totally hilarious- i don't understand why people like John Anderson more... unless they like him because he's also some sports newscaster guy or whatever... anyway... yeah. just thought i'd share. as usual.
Rian (does not believe that life is fair, nor does she believe that sharing is caring- sharing could just be taking pity on someone you feel bad for, or sharing something you know no one likes to your enemy, or sharing blame... you catch my drift {hopefully}. sharing is not always caring. [smile])


My brother is hilarious. He was just talking to me while he was playing Transformers, and I wasn't really listening or anything...and I was just sitting being quiet when he goes, "Calm down, Kristin. It's not THAT funny." It was hilarious.

Yup...went over to my friend's house and spent the night last night. It was awesome. We walked to the park to swing and jumped on the trampoline, went to Blockbuster and rented a random movie called Ramen Girl. It was pretty awesome, by the way. You should watch it. Hmm...short post today. Reading a fictionpress story called Perfectly Imperfect. It has like 80 chapters, which is cool...It's okay, though the writing was hard to get used to at the beginning. Yeah. Gonna eat lunch now.

Sunday, June 21

Lightbulb above my head... literally, actually

since i'm sitting under a fan and all...

oh how i LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream. especially in sandwich form... ya know, my mom finds the awesomest foodstuffs sometimes?! like, the awesome giant pretzels, the neapolitan and now mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches... wow. i love my mom :D

anyway... i just remembered 2 more movies (since one of them was on) to add to my list of movies to be recommended to you, the reader:
  1. The Greatest Game Ever Played
  2. Back to the Future
Rian ("last night, darth vader came down from the planet Volcan and said that if I didn't take Loraine out, he was gonna melt my brains!" LOL)

If you're bored, and you like this blog (more specifically, the people who post on it), then check this out!

yeah. Kristin & I have decided that every Thursday during summer vacation (that we can make), we will meet up and chat about nothing on the Cbox starting at 8:30pm Central time. i don't know what that is where you live, so you'll just have to figure that out. sorry. :)

so yeah. If you're bored on a Thursday evening, more specifically, around 8:30 pm Central time, then go ahead & join us! we'd be SUPER happy to talk to other awesome people besides ourselves for at least 2 hours. actually, i don't really know how long it'll last... probably till around 11 or so. maybe later. :) yeah...
Rian (hopes that you who are reading this will come visit on thursday!)
psst: if you can find a world clock, that would help immensely. look for Dallas (located in Texas, in the America- that'll give you the time here [smile])

*opens mouth to say something, but shuts it and bangs head on desk*

hi again. it's been a while.

i just had some watermelon. it was good.

yeaahh... i didn't really have anything to post about, so i didn't really come here. i mean, unless you don't mind posts from me being like this:

"So today, I did the same thing that I did yesterday. Except, instead of eating cookies at 4 o'clock, i ate ice cream at 3 o'clock.
Rian (read previous parenthesis.)"

gah that'd be HORRIBLE!

... the best movies I've seen all summer and have watched multiple times because of that reason and for that SAME reason i'm recommending to you, dearest reader:

  1. The Invisible
  2. Arthur and the Invisibles
  3. National Treasure 2: the Book of Secrets
  4. Star Trek (only... i haven't watched it multiple times... but it was still AWESOME!)
  5. Bob the Butler
well, there might be a few others, but i can't remember them right now. On thursday, I'll probably go see Transformers 2 with my friend... YAY! it's gonna be AWESOME!!! \(^-^)/

... i've been swimming for 3 days in a row (not straight, people~ jeez. i'm not metahuman or super endurant (that's not even a word, but it makes sense) or a fish. ... >.> as far as YOU know, anyway...

Rian (is more than meets the eye :P [laughs and wonders if anyone gets that])

Saturday, June 20

my brother and I love singing to this

Click Here


Friday, June 19


So...I think I forgot to tell you this the other day. On Tuesday, I hit myself in the face with the pole while pole vaulting...and it cut my lip (because of my braces). The weirdest thing is that it didn't start swelling until yesterday. Today while I was at the library, volunteering with my cousin, she told me it looked like I got like, a lip job or whatever they call it. You know, when celebrities have the stuff injected into their lips? To make them bigger...yeah. It was weird. And it's annoying, since I can barely eat or drink with this stupid fat lip...or swallow. And my lips keep getting chapped. I can't wait until it goes away!!! Gah.


Thursday, June 18

Another update

Yeah, so Dragon Wars was hilarious, though that movie seriously needs a better ending. I'll always remember the funny parts though. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. The first time I actually saw it was at Rian's birthday party...last year? When she turned....thirteen, I believe. It was a while ago. 

Oh yeah...complaints on Catherine Hardwicke. In case you don't recognize the name, she's the lady who directed the Twilight movie....which sucked. And now, guess what else she's directing? 
She's going to kill it, I swear! She says that she wants Robert Pattinson (Edward in Twilight) and Kristen Stewart (Bella, Twilight) in ALL of the movies she's directing!! I will seriously kill someone if she makes them Max and That would be the worst day of my existence...jeez, I'm feeling bad just thinking about it. 
Well, I'm gonna pretend to go to bed now, which basically includes me reading, writing, or possibly talking to Jason, who likes sleeping on my floor (not ON the floor) in the summer. It's like a semi-eternal sleepover.
Yeah, so I'm going to go now...

I seem to be posting a lot today

So I was reading this book earlier, and there was an interesting conversation that really made me here it is:

Guy: We should break up.
Girl: Why?
Guy: Well, I'm going away to college, and besides, we're going to break up in October anyways.
Girl: So, using this logic, because we're all going to die someday, we should just kill ourselves now?
Guy: ...

Yeah. Interesting thought, huh? I'm hungry. Gonna go get dinner. Then watch DRAGON WARS! Rented it again, since my brother STILL hasn't seen it, and we got free movie rentals for getting good grades on our report cards...


In case you didn't read the title...I got to drive today. It was fun. And funny. What made it funny was the fact that my brother was in the car, and before we started, he was like, "Mommy, can I get out of the car? I don't think it's safe." It was hilarious. But yeah, I managed not to crash into anything, though there's not much to crash into in an empty parking lot. 

See, I've had this idea for a while that I would be an absolutely horrible driver, since I suck at car games, but I'm actually pretty good, I think...but I'm still REALLY REALLY bad at car games. And I mean REALLY bad. Like, I crash into mountains and stop signs, other cars, people...whatever's there. It's kinda funny.

You know how some things just make you mad?

Well, the song No Boundaries, the american idol song from this season, does that. You know why? (and I think I've talked about this before) Danny Gokey would have been PERFECT for the song! But NOOOOO, he got voted off the week before. And everytime I listen to that song, it makes me want to cry because I'll never get to hear him sing it...-sigh-


Wednesday, June 17

My weird emails.

I always seem to get really weird here's a recent one I got:

Socrato Helps Schools and Tutoring Centers Improve Students' Performance

Customer News

Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association Conference



The Socrato team had the pleasure of being a sponsor for this year’s MESPA conference in Hyannis. We enjoyed meeting the many participants and look forward to strengthening our relationships with both our old and new friends.


Innovative Model Helps Condon Improve MCAS Scores

We’d like to congratulate the Condon Elementary School in Boston for their impressive success with improving their students' MCAS performance using their innovative in-class service model. Condon’s in-class service model combines students with special needs with the general student population. The students not requiring special needs performed on average 5% higher on the MCAS when educated in a mixed classroom when compared to similar students in a non-mixed class setting. Condon leveraged Socrato’s unique ad hoc reporting and demographic capabilities to quickly show the fruits of their efforts. We plan to publish a case study on the program in the next few weeks.

Chyten Launches Free SAT Diagnostic For High Schools

The folks at Chyten Educational Services have launched an in depth SAT diagnostic service that has taken their well-known SAT expertise and packaged it into what they call the "Magnostic". By leveraging Socrato’s learning content and analytics platform, they have created a world-class SAT preparation tool. They are offering the service free to high schools. In addition to the detailed reports for students, they also provide school-wide analysis to help schools improve instruction with respect to the SAT.

Learn more.

Spring School Pilot Roundup

We’d like to thank our many pilot customers from this spring. Your feedback has been invaluable in our efforts to improve Socrato for other teachers and schools. In the product update section below you can see a few examples of the major new features we’ve incorporated so far based on your excellent feedback. If there’s something else you’d like to see added or improved, we welcome your input. Don’t be shy about sending us a note or giving us a call.

That's not even all of it. So, since I was in a weird mood, I replied with this:

#1: I don't live in Massachusetts

#2: I'm not a principal

#3: How did you even get my email, since I'm pretty sure I've never been to a Massachusetts school conference, seeing as how I've never been to Massachusetts in the first place, or anywhere near it. I don't even know where it is.

#4: Thanks. At least now I'll have a conversation starter. "Yesterday, I got a random email from someone in Massachusetts."

"Really? Wow. I've gotten one from _______ before?"

"Cool! Me too! What's your email, by the way?"


And the guy replied back:

Hi Kristin,
You received the email because you (or someone using your email address) registered for an account on Socrato ( on August 28, 2008 at 6:10pm EST.  Beyond registering, it does not look like you used the system for much, so I'm not sure why you signed up.  The service is currently free to individuals while we are in beta.  We do have many people use our site to practice for the US Citizenship Test as well as for SAT or GRE vocabulary.  The reason the newsletter mentioned Massachusetts principals and schools is that many of our users are in Massachusetts, but certainly not all.  We also offer services to tutoring companies and other users world-wide.
Let us know if you'd like us to remove you from the site and/or email list.  If you stay on you can expect friendly but infrequent updates from Massachusetts....
Best regards,

Funny, huh? Just thought I'd mention that...since not much else has been going on here lately. Some weird stuff at the library, but not enough for me to remember and type up. 
I'm bored...and kinda annoyed. And sad.
I just read this really awesome story on was amazing. And long, though it only took me like two hours to read. I randomly feel like triple jumping...and so, I bid you adieu.
I don't even know why I typed that.

Tuesday, June 16

Today... is a sad day.

:'( Motas no longer exists! it's so HORRIBLE!!! that is SOO NOT COOL!!! GAH! i'm really sad now, because it was my favorite escape room computer game EVER and now i can't find it anymore. sad. 

if you find MOTAS (mystery of time and space), please let me know. 

Rian (is still really very sad... especially since she did nothing all day)

Sunday, June 14

Today was INSANE.

This morning, we drove my dad to his golf tournament, which was like, two hours away. And if you know anything about golf, you should know that it takes forever. Which basically meant we had five hours to do nothing with. So we dropped him off and started driving to this park my brother wanted to go to...we were out in the middle of nowhere when we realized we had NO gas...the thing was in the red. So we had to drive back to where we were before, and we drove past like, five neighborhoods...with no gas stations. We finally found on like ten minutes later. 

At the gas station, me and Jason were talking about birds coming in the windows, which were opened a little bit, so I stuck my fingers out my window and was waving them. Then I feel something on my hand and I started screaming...turns out it wasn't a bird, just my mom. It was hilarious. 
By the way, too many hilarious things happened throughout the day for me to repeat them all. This post would be miles long. So I'll just stick to the super important and hilarious/interesting stuff.
So we drove around a bit, then went in Target, bought some shorts, talked to a random dressing room lady, got some free cereal samples, and more. 
Then we went to the mall, and of course, since it was before twelve, though only about fifteen minutes before, the mall wasn't open, so we wandered around a bit until they started opening stores. Then we noticed something...crazy about the mall. First off, it wasn't as big as we'd thought, but it still had doubles of some stores! There were two Claires' (?), three Journeys' (?), two Lids' (?-man, I hate those), two Auntie Annes' (?), which is a pretzel place, another pretzel place (((My brother just busted out the soldier boy...weird))), and a whole bunch of other duplicates. Including this one store that was two stores down from it's exact copy. 
We walked around a bit, then went to Barnes and Noble, which is awesome, got Starbucks, and sat around reading books. I read half of Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (new Gallagher Girls book), volumes 2+3 of Papillon, and volumes 1+2 or Punch! They're both amazing by the way, and you can search them on mangafox.
After Barnes and Noble, we went to go pick up my was around five then. We were going to get fish for dinner, but the fish place was closed, so we went to a place closer to home and got "Home cooking". It was pretty good...I had mashed potatoes. Well, that's not all, but that's the most important part. That and the french fries. Oh yeah, and the cinnamon roll. 
So on the way home, Jason fell asleep, and me, my mom, and my dad were talking about super was funny. My dad was talking about Bizarro (I think) and how he did "strange super villain stuff". My favorite is Spiderman, by the way.
Okay, I have to go to bed...but the rest of the night was hilarious also. I'll tell you about it later.

Saturday, June 13

cool guys don't look at explosions

They blow things up, and they walk away.

Watching MTV music awards reruns...

Friday, June 12

Bob the Butler

this movie's always on too. :) it's a really good one :D

personally, i like the song being played in the credits- it's hilarious!!!

My name is Bob- not Bobert, just BOB

hahaha it's awesome. Also, I watched The Waterhorse today... it's sad, but amazing.

yay movies!
Rian (has a feeling that she's going to watch a LOT of movies this summer *he he he*) <-- random evil laughter... >.>

Thursday, June 11

Oh yeah.

I was gonna show you this:Pretty awesome, right? I think that'll be my motto...this is pretty cool too:

so I think I'll sign out while I go look at more...random are some others for you to enjoy. Also, I don't think that pirates are cooler than ninjas...

The Forgotten Post

Sounds dramatic, huh?

Sadly, it's not. I just found this tab open(to the new post thing) and I have no idea what I was going to post about. Therefore, post=not dramatic.
While I'm here, I guess I'll tell you about tomorrow. I'm pretty much going to busy all day, I think, since I go to the library at ten, and I'll probably leave sometime around twelve or so, and then I have track, or more specifically, pole vaulting, practice. It should be fun...
So that's pretty much it. I finished off the last of my amazing cake today.

imagine the sound of a car starting... the whole "vroomchunk-chunk... VRROOOooom-chunk-chu-purrrrrrr" yeah. that's my brain.

for you see, i've just remembered what i was going to tell you. :)

a warning, before you go on:
This post may contain spoilers for: Meet the Robinsons

so basically, whenever i feel like watching a tv movie, Meet the Robinsons always happens to be on- it's quite strange really, but i do enjoy watching that movie... gah. kristin, my English accent's back... ANYWAY... so i must say, my favorite line in that entire movie is:

They all hated me.

because it comes after these two lines:

Hey Goob! What's up? Cool binder!
Hey Goob! Wanna come over to my house today?!

(the above are presented by kids with smiling faces). yuuuuhhh... favorite part!
my second favorite part is: (it's actually 2 people saying this at different times...)

part 1: Frankie: 
Well, you see, there's a like a million people in there, and I have skinny arms. I'm wondering how well this plan was thought through. 
... Mastah?

part 2: T-Rex:
I have a big head, and little arms. I'm wondering how well this plan was thought through.
... Master?

ahahahaha. gah. Renge accent O.O 
... maybe i should leave OHSHC to rest for a while, for i've developed a Renge/English accent. gah. i just made a Haruhi face... yes. It must be laid down... after i finish a few more chapters. 
Rian (is becoming obsessed... it's almost as bad as MR! O.O)