Friday, December 31

Remember Cedric Diggory

In case you can't tell, I just finished watching the fourth Harry Potter movie, and I am not ashamed to say that I cried when Cedric Diggory died. I also have to say that I am most definitely Team Cedric Diggory. Sorry Edward. Anyway, I like how this person put it:

Yeah...Robert Pattinson is kind of weird. It's like his coolness died with Cedric.
So, anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I know it's not yet, but I'm probably not going to be posting around midnight, since I stayed up super late last night, so I figured I'd better say it now.
Also, here's the next comic:

By the way, since I don't think I mentioned this, I wrote and drew the comics very messily, and Rianna copied and colored these nice pretty versions you're looking at.
Maybe I'll post the originals if you laugh at my comics...
Just kidding. Though I would love it if we got some nice comments... Actually, you should just comment on Rianna's stuff since she has actually posted for the past three months or so...
I guess that's it. I don't really have anything else to say right now, other than the fact that I'm bored out of my mind and there's no grass to watch grow. speaking of, there was a watching paint dry website made by the same people, but since the paint finished drying, the webcam isn't going anymore. You can watch the videos of it here, though.

Trust Me.

Thanks, Kristin.
I'm bored out of my mind, so I went to the grass growing website... and all I see is snow. It's not even snowing- there's just snow sitting on the ground.
It did not help.
So I drew that. :)

psst: Kristin told me to add the second one, so I did. It's true, though :)

psst2: Here's something interesting to read! It's about an asteroid that I heard about in this song :) And, I'm happy to say that everything said about the asteroid in the song is true! :D

Letter From the Dead

Just kidding. I am not dead, though you may think so, since I've been AWOL for a few months...

I'm been busier and lazier than usual, so that's pretty much why I haven't posted.
Here's an update on my life since the last time I posted (if you actually care) :
  1. I got my wisdom teeth out
  2. I got a car
My memory also seems to have gotten worse, since that's all I can remember.... Anyway, another list. This time reasons why I haven't posted:
  1. Business Tycoon Online (wayyyy too addicting)
  2. Delacorte Press Writing Contest (just mailed my story on Thursday... I'm scared)
  3. Life
  4. Homework
So, this was kind of my welcome back, please don't kill me for being such an awful person post. I'll post later tonight about actual stuff. Until then, I leave you with this nice website for when you are bored: a live webcam of grass (so you can watch it grow! :D)
And.... since Rianna has been waiting on this so long:

P.S.: I will post some other comics later tonight


So, I have some more :)
Here's another one from last summer:
And here's one I just finished:
I've drawn this same picture... at least 10 times now, I suppose, and each time, it's different. Sometimes he's not holding any cars, sometimes there's one car in each tentacle. Sometimes, buildings are exploding, sometimes there are a whole bunch of cars exploding in the background. It's pretty cool. Also, I used my brand new markers to draw it, and I'm really glad with how it came out! Anyway, I drew it on the computer once, in paint, & here's how it turned out:So, yeah.
OH. By the way, I really don't want to copyright these pictures because that gets too legal and I don't really feel like going through all of that, so... yeah. You can use them or whatever, but please don't claim them, because I actually drew them :) blahbloopbleep.
Yay for drawing! It's really a lot of fun, even if you're bad at it like me :)
Now I will come up with more fun drawings!

Thursday, December 30

Being Forever Young Sounds Like A Stupid Idea

Okay, technically, in my time zone, it's still Thursday, so I'm still okay. Just a couple of things tonight- I got caught up when the neighbors (who are awesome) came over & we played on the Kinect, and also a game called Things.... It's pretty fun! Like... Loaded Questions, but without the questions xD Anyway. Apparently, the drawing program I got doesn't really let me actually draw, so what I'll do is make little doodles, take pictures of them with my webcam, and then post them on here :) Like, this one! I made it a while ago (last summer).In the meantime, I'm trying to make some sort of logo-ish thing for the blog, so we'll see how that goes.


Earlier, my brother started singing Forever Young, so I joined in. He immediately stopped, looked at me, and said, "Wow. I didn't know that you knew that song!" Me: "um, yeah. It was on Napoleon Dynamite, and it comes on the radio sometimes."
Aric: "... Really!? whoa! It's a Jay-Z song!"
Me: "uh, no, it's not."

So, just to get something straight- Jay-Z did
not sing Forever Young first. Just like Michael Jackson sang Smooth Criminal first, not Alien Ant Farm or whatever they're called (i can't remember at the moment).
Here's the original version.

Here's the Jay-Z version.

I like the original better, and no matter what my family says, I don't think it's the same voice. It sounds like a different guy sang it in the Jay-Z version, but they insist that it's the same, so... whatever. :)

I made good on my promise- I posted on Thursday.

Goodnight, people of the world :)


Tuesday, December 28

"Dude. What's mine say?" "Sweet! What's mine say?!"

Ah, I love that movie. If you've never seen Dude, Where's My Car... you need to. It's hilarious :)

Anyway, I'm sorry.
It's not really my fault that I haven't been posting- it's Winter Break after all. I'm hanging out with my family... and my new Kinect... er, my family. *cough*
Also, yes. I am kind of sick (truthfully). It's really annoying. Being sick, I mean. I tend to avoid viruses and diseases, but sometimes, I can't. :(

But anyway. My uncle got me this drawing program, and so maybe I'll try it out & draw some pictures for here :) I think that'd be fun! And then, if anyone even bothers to read this constantly anymore (if you do, I'm SO SORRY. I'll try to post more often. And I'll force Kristin to, as well- she really isn't as busy as you might think haha), then you can tell me what you think of my horrible doodles, or maybe give me suggestions of things to draw? I'm so indecisive sometimes, so it helps when you people tell me what you want :) so... I'll probably start that on Thursday, maybe! I'll make a note to do that.

so... yeah. Sorry. I hope you all have had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the Lunar Eclipse (did any of you see it?! I tried to take pictures, but my phone is very... particular about pictures of the moon- as long as there's not a lunar eclipse, I can take AWESOME pictures of the moon) and the Winter Solstice! I got a new camera, so maybe, along with my bad drawings, I'll post some pictures or something so you can compare computer drawings to drawings on paper :D that'll be fun. maybe.

Anyway... toodleloo!
I'll post for sure on Thursday :D
Don't die, don't freeze in the cold outside (don't lie- it's cold where you are, too!), and I'll talk to you (in a way) soon!

Monday, November 29

If only, If only...

(if it doesn't fit, click it!)

Friday, November 26

So. Much. Fun.

So much, in fact, that this ONE LINK deserves a WHOLE POST.

Go there. Click EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. :D it's wonderful.
So does the dude's comic- if you look at the top of the page and click where you see "Zach Weiner" in light blue letters, you can read Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. :) great stuff.

Also, another great thing to read (something I've become almost obsessed/addicted to, actually) is Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques. :) You have to start from the beginning, though- it actually tells a story. A brilliant one, at that!
Oh, jeez. I just went back & looked at the first comic (I'm on 761), and it's soooo different! And then if you look at the more recent ones... wow. It's all so much better!

Anyway... yeah. Sorry for the lack of posts- I'm trying to keep up with four Thanksgivings and birthdays, and I don't even know about Kristin, so... yeah. Sorry. Hopefully we'll be able to post more before exams start, and during the December holidays (I don't know about you, but I tend to get extremely bored during that particular break. Why don't any of my favorite shows come on in the middle of the day?!?! [frown])

Oh. And to all of you who had gone out today for Black Friday shopping... did you have to deal with this? :) I hope you were not severely hurt!

I hope you continue to have a wonderful week, and... yeah. Hopefully a new post will be up relatively soon!

Saturday, November 13

Look at What I Saw on Wordpress!

Um... it might be too small, for a change. D:
But you can still click on it to enlarge it, remember? :D
Yeah. I made an account on wordpress to join my dad's blog on there, and I saw this! It's pretty cool. I like how it says that Kristin & I talk about taking on the world.
Are we... superheroes or something?
Sure. Why not? :)
Yay for popularity & advertising.

Friday, November 5

Mu= -Ff / Fn

I felt really smart because I actually understand this comic :) It made me want to finish my physics homework right now... but then I realized that my pencil is still in my backpack, which is in my room... and I'm too lazy to go get it.
Sorry, physics homework.

(btw: the equation is read: mu [pronounced: Myoo, or for you Pokemon fans, Mew] uh... anyway. Mu equals negative frictional force over (or divided by) normal force.) :D

Saturday, October 30

For those of you looking for a distraction...

funny gifs - I can feel it working!
see more Gifs

EDIT: Here's another!

funny gifs - The only game you want to play on mute
see more Gifs

And another...

Funny GIFs - Always check your rugs for ninjas
see more Gifs


see more Gifs

Friday, October 29

Even though I'm insane right now... It's still funny

So... I didn't get any dinner until 9, and then there was no more food left. So I'm just insane (meaning: I keep laughing at nothing uncontrollably [to the point where even my parents are giving me strange looks, which is rare nowadays], i keep twitching, and i keep making weird faces & noises [um... more so than usual] at inanimate objects), and I scrolled over a link to a website and it clicked even though I didn't click on it... and I found


. It's so hilarious... and it's on a loop, so I can't stop listening to it because it's so funny!! It cusses (poorly) and there's nothing grammatically correct about it at all. And there are a lot of words misspelled, as well. It's awesome. Listen. It's better that it's read dramatically, because if I had just read it, then it wouldn't have been nearly as funny.
Wow. I want to do this. I want to read horrible things dramatically like this guy. It would be greatness.
(it's better when you read along, trust me)

Saturday, October 16


Recently, Kristin's been drawing random comic PSA things when she gets bored, and then I take them & make them more colorful & legible (haha).
But today, I made one of my own (it's really not all that great), but I think it has a funny story behind it, so I'm going to tell it (plus, this way when I see the comic later on, I'll know what I was talking about)

This morning at the cross country meet, Kristin, our friend, and I were walking to the starting line when from the speakers blaring Radio Disney, I hear "Living in a crash world!" To make sure I wasn't crazy, I asked Kristin & our friend if they heard it, too, and they had. Then, I hear, "Am I alive or just dead?" And our friend says, "Maybe you should see a doctor about that..." and we laughed, and then she goes into what that would be like and says in a deep voice, "Okay, what do you see here?" In a higher voice, she responds, "A crash world!" and we got a good laugh out of that (especially me, because I kept imaging it happening for real)

Okay, so it was funny when it happened. But really, isn't everything? Sure, one might be able to transfer the humor in a situation over into the present retelling, but it will always be funnier when the event actually occurred.
And for some reason, that seemed really philosophical or something. Meh. :) I guess it means I should do some homework or something that requires the use of my brain...

Anyway, later Kristin told me that it was "Crash World" by Hilary Duff... it's a pretty odd song to be playing on Radio Disney, but I guess it's just because it's Hilary Duff that makes it fine.
Yeah. I guess I'll finish this math homework. Blah. Goodnight!

psst: Is it just me, or does Hilary make you think of the word "hilarious"? It's close... Hilary, Hilarious... yeah, I dunno. She's not all that funny, anyway...

Thursday, October 14

Ugh. So, I didn't want to post the whole episode, but I can't find my favorite segment :(
If you want to see it, you'll either have to watch the whole episode, or just skip to my favorite part, FROG: THE BOUNTY HUNTER, which starts at... 5:13. xD hahaha it's awesome.

So... I just read these two hilarious blog posts, and you should totally read them!

Numero Uno
Nombre Deux

There you have it, I'm multilingual (not really... Kristin had to tell me how to say "number" in French, but whatever!)


Wednesday, October 13

I Should Get An Award For Still Living.

So... I think I had the best/worst day ever today! It was exciting/scary. If you don't care about how my day went... read for the laughs? :)

I got to school at 6:53 this morning.

Now, that might seem like an insane time to be at school (it is), but my bus schedule is stupid awesome and it gets me to school early, so that I have plenty of time to study for an upcoming quiz, or walk around the school pointlessly (that's mostly what I do, because at 6:40, there are like, 9 people in the entire school). Usually, yes, I get to school at 6:40, but today I had a substitute bus driver (I might have mentioned him before... he was my replacement bus driver for a while last year, and I like to call him "Creepy Old Bus Driver Guy" because that's kind of what he is... you get on the bus and look up expecting to see the nice [but insane- don't get me started on her driving] lady bus driver, only to be met with this creepy old guy all up in your face saying, "HEY! GOOD MORNING!" and, because it's only 6:10 AM, you just turn away and walk to your seat because you don't feel like talking) and he was being really slow, so I got to school later than usual. I walked around aimlessly because today 1/2 of the school (roughly) was going to take the PSAT. Before the PSAT, there was nothing interesting. Eventually the teachers called us (there were 140 students in my room) into the gym. I sat down next to my "twin", and we discussed ways in which we could easily get around the Styrofoam "barricade" between us, and then stuff happened and the test started. It was fairly easy, I think. Anyway, half way through the second math portion, I accidentally punched the table and cut myself... and started bleeding! It was insane. And then the test was over and I went to lunch. While at lunch, I was sitting with my friends, and for some reason, we were all sitting in a line:

Friend #1--Friend #2--Me--Friend #3

I was talking to F#3 when I looked up and saw a random stranger (known to me as Buzz Lightyear Boy [because of his BL backpack]) staring at my donuts, which were on the table in front of me.
BLB: "Are those your donuts?"
Me: "... uh... yeah?"
BLB: "Are you gonna eat them?"
Me: "... yes?"
BLB: "Ah, cool. *pauses* ... Can I have one?"
Me: "uh... no? Sorry."
BLB: "it's cool!"
And then he puts out his hand to do a handshake thing with me. It went: clap (or side-five, whatever you want to call it) clap knuckletouch (or fistbump. once again, it's up to you)
I willingly went along with him, albeit suspiciously (when he stuck his hand out, I moved my donuts closer to me). Then he goes, "Ah, let's do that again." and sticks out his hand once more. Consumed with my paranoia, I quickly took the donuts & threw them in my lap, then went through the handshake again. BLB looked sadly at me and said, "...You're smart." and walked off.
right after that, I felt so smart. And then I felt bad because I almost got robbed. Then, F#1 reached over and took them. So, naturally, I grabbed the donuts, but then F#1 started twisting the wrist that I sprained a while back, so I threatened him & he let go. At that point, I was scared that someone was gonna come beat me up, so I put the donuts away and left. Later on, in government class, I took out the donuts because I was going to share them with one of my best friends (not kristin...). You know what he did? If you guessed that he grabbed the donuts & took off, you'd be correct. I just kind of sat there with this face: D: and he took some donuts and gave them back. And then, you know what else he did? I had some "drug cookies" (the chewy Chips Ahoy ones that are so addicting that if you eat 5 in one day, you become addicted, I swear. It's horrible but insanely yummy at the same time), and HE STOLE THOSE, TOO! but then he gave them back (he didn't take any). But the damage had been done- I had been robbed 4 times today (twice of which were attempted). Then we watched West Wing and I was fine for a while, but I had to go run, so I got all unhappy. We were walking to the park near the school to go run a course some of the coaches had made up (they said it was two miles, but it wasn't. During practice, my times are usually 18-20 minutes, because I run slow. Today, it was 16:20, so... we knew something was up), and some crazy guy in a truck comes driving up really fast behind us and TRIED TO ROB ME OF MY LIFE. Yes, that's kind of an exaggeration, considering I turned around, saw the crazy guy, and then ran off so that I wouldn't get hit, but it was close enough!
Retelling this story to my mom and Kristin at a QuickTrip, the cashier guy added some commentary to my story, and it was funny.
Also, Kristin showed me this hilarious comic she drew out of pure boredom, and I'm trying to recreate it on the computer so that I can post it up here... But I might just redraw it so that I can have a copy and then have her scan it & post it. It's awesome.
So yes. That was my amazing/horrific day. I've decided that I can't bring any good foods to school anymore because someone's going to rob me (and not give it back). [sorry if you read this and I supply you with good foods... it's just too dangerous for me now.]
Yeah... okay. I'm going to the library now...
Rian (along with the "Still Alive" award, I should also get one for longest parenthetical commentary and randomness... Also- some guy on the radio said that Kristin and I are "Awesome... Awesome with an exclamation point." [only... he didn't say it very enthusiastically, but whatever.])
psst: this is really long. And this post script is not making it any shorter... :)

Tuesday, October 12

If You're American, Don't Be Offended. It's Really A Funny Song!

Yeah... we listened to that in History. We also listened to this one... if you listen, you'll see that the Three Dead Trolls took some lyrics from this song, but changed them around to make them relevant.
Personally, I think both the songs are pretty funny... the first one is just humorous, the second one's lyrics make me laugh :D

Sunday, October 10

That Is A Fake Scream. That Little Girl Is Trying Not To Laugh. I Can Tell.

all I can say:


click it, because I'm fairly certain you won't be able to see the whole thing because our post space is smaller than this video. and I don't know how small to make it, so i can't change the code. BLAH.
Enjoy, though. It's greatness.


Thursday, October 7

A Special Post For Hannah

wow. sorry, that title kind of sucked... it makes me think of this book called, "A Special Place For Charlie" and I think it's about a dog getting adopted or something... I don't know. And I'm too lazy to look.
Anyway, our great buddy Hannah is going through a rough spot in life (dude, something about this week is like, a tragedy magnet. This sucks.), so I decided to make a special post for her! :D So here's to you, Hannah!

So, you said you liked the comics, and I'm really not sure which ones, so I'll just put up a whole bunch! Maybe you'll find ones that you like :)


Holy toothpaste in the suitcase. There are a lot of XKCD comics. Anyway, moving right along to:

Natalie Dee! (I'm just going to put the links for months, because they're all pretty funny!)
Mkay. I think that's enough comics to keep you busy for like... an hour. If you scroll slow and read slow, too. It's funny to think of how much time goes into making a good post, but it only takes like, 2 minutes to read it. Fortunately, I like blogging more than I like oranges. It takes forever and 17 days to peel a friggin orange, and only like, 2 seconds to eat it. Seriously. It's not worth it. But staring at the computer for days on end to make someone a bit happier hopefully for 3 minutes... that's worth it :) Anyway, moving right along. Here are some JULIAN SMITH videos (w00t!)
And a few more random videos:
Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I was going to put something else up here, so until I remember, read some AmazingSuperPowers! They're all pretty funny, so I'll let you read them as you please :D Same with Hyperbole and a Half (in my opinion, the funniest ones are in the sidebar, so be sure to check those out!)
Hmm. I guess that's all I've got for now... but I'll be sure to update it if I remember something else! :D Enjoy your Sunday, Hannah, and I hope this helps a bit!

This post was made in memory of Hannah's friend, Cayla.

Wednesday, October 6

So... This Is The Best Show Ever... Just Saying :)

It's called MAD, and basically, it's like MAD Magazine in cartoon form.
Except I've never read MAD Magazine before.
Oh well.

For episodes, click the following (which are my favorites):

Star Blecch/ uGlee
2012 Dalmatians/ Grey's In Anime

:D haha I hope you enjoy them! They really are funny... but sometimes, you have to have a weird sense of humor like mine... hahaha

psst: wow. i started this a long time ago. and then there was pizza, so i forgot about this. Meanwhile, I have been trying to read THIS MAP. Thank you, Randall. I'm so glad he made that so that if you click it, it blows it up super hugely. I thought I was going to go blind from staring so hard at the super-small print. But hey- if you look close enough, I'm sure you can see this blog on the Island of Miscellaneous Blogs! xD (by the way, if you're wondering about the first one, it's HERE)

Thursday, September 30

Julian Smith and Bad News (if you like some of the bands I listen to)

So, I'm kinda bummed out.
Karate High School broke up because Paul was stupid and decided to become a zoologist. This was earlier in the year, but still. Click here to read about it. Then, I found out that The Fall of Troy had broken up, too. Just when I had started to like them. So that was sad, too. THEN, Kurt left Dance Gavin Dance. That one hurt... I'd finally grown used to his hair cut (that's him in the middle... if you watch this music video, you'll see). On the bright side, the line up is going right back to the original... but still. Happiness was an amazing album, so now I'm expecting Downtown Battle Mountain stuff again... (no, not just because now they're making a Downtown Battle Mountain pt. 2... no way.) which was okay. And THEN, as if to kick me while I was still trying to recover from DGD, I heard yesterday that Sky Eats Airplane is breaking up.* D: So I think sometime this weekend, I'm just going to have a party (AKA: Sitting in my room with my laptop) and just listen to KHS, DGD's Happiness album, and SEA. Yup. I think it'll be nice.
And, just to cheer me (and possibly you) up from this horribleness, here's another Julian Smith video**!

:D Awesome possum. Have a nice weekend (if Friday would ever come around -__-)!!!
*- After doing some research, I have found nothing on the possible break up. So... LOTS OF HOPE!
**- if you can't see the whole video, just know that you can click on it & it'll go to youtube... yeah.

Hope is lost. I know a guy who knows a guy who plays for Even Cameras Lie, a band that played with Sky Eats Airplane, so... yeah. They broke up 9/26/10... too close to my birthday, I think. :P I AM SO SAD NOW, AND THERE IS A FOUR DAY WEEKEND HERE. D;

Saturday, September 25

In Which Many Things Are Weird

So tonight, my family and I went to Black Eyed Peas, my favorite restaurant ever. THE BREAD IS THE BEST PART OH MY GOODNESS. Sorry. I just had to get that out.
On the way home (yeah, I totally just changed the topic. sorry), my mom was messing with her hair. She pulled some over her lip, and my brother said, "Mom, I like your mustache!" so I was like, "Hey! I can make a super awesome beard!!" and proceeded to do so. My parents took pictures (at home), and they're pretty awesome looking. Anyway, that got me thinking about how I totally should have entered the beard growing contest at my school (you pay $5 and you get to grow a beard for cancer [yeah, I don't get it, either]) because I totally would have won. I grew my beard in 5 minutes. But anyway, while I was thinking about that, I saw this ad: And I decided that it was really sad that they can't even spell "Support" correctly. And I realize that license plates are weird with letters... but there are 7 spaces (sometimes more, sometimes less... i know that somewhere there are only 4 because the population is so tiny, but still)... yeah.
totally pointless post.

Oh well.
The blog seems lonely to me. No one's commented in forever. If you're reading this, you should (please) comment just to say, "Hey. You guys are [enter adjective/ random word here]!" (please please). And then I'll comment back with a, "Thanks for being awesome and commenting! [enter laughter and actual response to your comment here]!" Yeah.
Okay. I'm gonna try to finish my homework now. (in Terminator voice) "I'LL BE BACK!"

Rian (is hyper for no reason. wooo)

Thursday, September 23

Unexpected/ unnecessary post

This post is mostly unnecessary... or at least a sign of my lack of dedication to homework... I still have physics, and i've basically been sitting on the computer all day. D:

I don't know why, but the physics is really boring and hard. But I guess I should finish so I don't fail, huh? Since I'm pretty close and all...
Anyway, today was Rianna's birthday... or is. It's still today. Um, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wrote her a long, rambling card which you should come to expect if you're my friend. Actually, almost everything I write turns out long and rambling. Including random stuff like captions for pictures...
So, physics. I like the class, but the work is really hard and the book explains absolutely nothing. It's not so fun.
I guess I should get back to work. This post was random.

This will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life. Probably.

I'm Still Going To Act Like An 8 Year Old... Don't Worry!

Yes. Today is my birthday.
Today was one of the worst days ever. (brought to you by: The Universe- "Hating you since the day you were born!")
I only got three hours of sleep last night, meaning I have been super exhausted today. Then I had problems with my English teacher (she hates my class, and therefore really doesn't tell us anything, and then she gets mad at us when we do things wrong. yay.), and then I had a slight problem with my physics teacher (she wasn't too bad... she just yelled at everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, and it was weird), then I had orchestra (in which I had problems with staying awake), and then government (in which I had high hopes, but they were stomped on when the teacher showed us an AWESOME show [it's called "The West Wing", and it's like a soap opera for the White House] and all it consisted of was cliff-hangers). Then I had to run 2 miles, which didn't help the exhausted problem.
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I have some super amazing friends, so I got a cupcake, the best card ever, and a NEW BLOG T-SHIRT (!!!) from Kristin, a couple of pretty awesome cards from a couple of other friends, and... (the best gift ever) A marshmallow supreme. I hope you know that I was being slightly sarcastic. :)
Anyway, yeah. All of the sudden, the Boys Who Cry (from Spongebob) song got stuck in my head- you know, the one where they're all, "It's all about you girl! On your 16th birthday!" and it's kind of annoying. But it always makes me laugh because then I think of the song that Squidward sings, "When my tear ducts get issues! I can't use just any tissues! I need 4 ply! 4 ply! 4 ply, when I cry!" xD... yeah. I need to listen to more songs :)

Sunday, September 19

Who's Awesome?! YOU ARE!

So today, I was inspired to look at our stats...
some of the keywords people use to find us are "donut person", "a lizard called a swift", and "hilarious halloween costumes". The last one makes me a bit confused... Is it hilarious to dress up as the blog for halloween? I would probably laugh :) But I like how people remember my rainbow lizard and Taylor Swift and think... "what was that lizard? swift???? A LIZARD CALLED A SWIFT!" uh... sure, you guys. And then, of course, all the rest of the keywords involve Maximum Ride, which is probably a surefire way to find us, even though we haven't talked about that in forever.
Also- 30 of you have looked at my page, and only 19 at Kristin's. This makes me wonder 3 things: 1) Do people actually want to know about me? For real?!
2) ... Are you just looking to see if I'm mentally stable?! (after all, I talk to myself on here WAY more than Kristin does... she looks normal compared to me!)
and 3)... I now have 30 new stalkers! HELLO TO YOU ALL!
OOh, 6 people have looked at the page via iPad... though it was probably both Kristin & I when we go to the Apple store... haha and TWO WHOLE PEOPLE have looked at us via PSP. And neither Kris nor I have one, so thanks you guys! So many ways to find us!

ANYWAY, I'm moving on. This Halloween, I feel like dressing up like a velociraptor. I'm not sure how it would work... but the idea just popped into my head. And now I can't get it out. I'll just walk up to people in my velociraptor costume, and I'll be the scariest thing on the streets! Maybe this year, I'll bring a camera & take pictures with random neighbors who have awesome costumes. I could be like, the ULTIMATE FANPERSON! xD pahaha
And in other news, I kind of feel like drawing pictures. And posting them on here. There are many things wrong with this, being: 1) I can't really draw... I can pretend, and I make things look "cute" [according to people], but I don't think I have much drawing ability. 2) I'm not very funny (when I try, at least), so my drawings would probably suck and make no sense to anyone. and 3) i'm currently reading THIS HILARIOUS BLOG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ, so I'll feel like a copy cat.
Therefore, no pictures. Unless you want pictures. Then maybe I'll draw some every once in a while, when I have time :) I think it would be fun.
Blah, I guess I need to get back to rewriting this song (total cheese, I don't really like it all that much, sorry- but the video is hilarious!)... so... I'll be back later! Don't worry (if you have been)- neither of us are dead! We'll post every once in a while! When we get the chance... maybe... hahaha just kidding, we will.
Rian (had a lot of parenthetical notes in this post... yay, parentheses!)

Wednesday, September 15

I Just Kind of Died Inside...

So... I heard that they're remaking Back to the Future, one of THE most amazing movies ever (if you haven't seen it... just go. rent it. Netflix it. find it on TV [it happens to come on a lot, actually]. You don't have to watch all three parts, just the first will do).
That's good, right? They're probably going to make it better, right?!


Apparently, Marty McFly is going to be played by [shudder] JUSTIN FRIGGIN BEIBER D: I almost cried when I heard that. I think there needs to be a petition or something... I would really rather them not totally destroy a super awesome movie with... him. This is kind of a repeat with what happened to the Karate Kid... The remake was stupid (or at least, it looked that way- I didn't go see it). WHY DO ALL THE GOOD MOVIES HAVE TO BE REMADE?! Just leave them alone (Leave Miss Teen South Carolina alone! hahaha)
So yeah. Let's petition. :) If you make one and find me, I'll sign it. Even if I don't know you. I promise. :D
Rian, out! (i'll be back, I promise! The poor blog's been lonely)

psst: this petition should also be for a cure for "Bieber Fever". We can't have all of these sick people walking around our schools and stuff :P haha
And yes, I do realize that I've spelled his name two different ways. Personally, I don't like him, so I don't really care. Sorry.

Thursday, September 9


Now I know who to blame next time I play tetris and this happens :)
And I seriously wish this was possible. VIDEOGAMES FTW! hahaha except for the part where everyone goes & dies when the guy is obviously saying NOT to go xD
woot. Have a wonderful Thursday! Here's some Pierce the Veil for you (I don't often listen to them, but I have a couple of their songs stuck in my head)

Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
The Boy Who Could Fly

By the way, for those who are interested: New Chiodos! New PMSN! New Monomate! :D It's all pretty exciting. I'm already armed with my new PMSN (personally, I think that Game Over is the best song ever by him. But then again, if he came out with an album 400 songs long and 24 hours long, I would sit and listen to it all the way through. He's pretty awesome [smile])
Rian (thank you Peter! xD)

Tuesday, September 7

Crazy bus driver.

Actually, he's more than crazy now... first of all, he still doesn't know the route, and he's been driving since last year. Second of all, today he didn't come until 7:10! School starts at 7:30! Luckily, I had already gotten my dad to take me.

Anyway, enough about the bus driver. I don't want to talk about him.
I guess you can already tell that this year is going to be really hectic, because I haven't posted since school started...and I'm pretty sure this is the third week. All of my classes, are pretty good, except English, because the teacher is crazy. Nothing's like, super hard yet, so I think I'm doing good.
I'll try to post again soon. I know I always say that, but I really will. I've just been busy.

Sunday, September 5

I'm Tired of Seeing His Face.

That's pretty much the only reason i'm posting right now (sorry). Every time I get on this blog, I see that weirdo's face with all the flowers and nonsense behind him, and it's kinda weird (whoa). Anyway, here's some awesome stuff!

Open Mic Night!
The Carriage!

The second one is talking about this poem by Emily Dickinson. I suggest reading the poem first, because it might be funnier? I dunno. Worth a shot, I suppose. :)
In other news, I just finished writing an essay through total chaos (my brother watching various movies really loudly right next to me, my dad bugging me about picking pears off of our pear tree, my dog being a jerk, eating pizza, major headache), and i'm really proud of myself. Now I have to annotate something called Burnt Norton by... Some Eliot guy. I'm not really sure right now... so, now i'm off to work once more. Happy Labor Day in advance! :D

psst: If you want to make the poem more interesting, because of the ballad meter, you can sing it to the tune of this song! xD

Saturday, August 28


Aric made me listen to this song, so now it's stuck in my head >:[
On the bright side, the video makes me laugh :) It's called: "I Love You Baby" by Pandera.

Rian (made it so that you can click the picture or the words! yay!)

Friday, August 27


So, this year, I have a government class (I totally just realized that we never posted our schedules or anything usual! no first day posts, or anything D: I'm sorry!!), and it's awesome! Gotta be my favorite so far this year (yes. I know that it's only been a week. But it's felt like months, so...).
ANYWAY. So today in government, we watched this documentary on Chinese democracy (insert gapes here). Basically, if you didn't know, China is communist. Recently, though, they've been integrating with Western society, so they all have TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. It's really very cool. So in this documentary, basically, this class of third graders (they're eight) was told that instead of having their class monitor appointed by the teacher, they would hold elections, and the class could vote. So a girl (Xaiofei), and two guys (Luo Lei and Cheng Cheng). It might sound boring, but it's so hilarious! Cheng Cheng is a master politician, and he likes being naked all the time. No joke. Half the documentary, he's in his underwear. It's hilarious xD But really, you should watch this! It's so... different! They're starting the democratic ideas in the young children, so that when they get older, there will be democracy in the future (my teacher guarantees in our life time). So... yup. Here it is!! :D (oh, I have to warn you- these kids are soooo mean! And they insult each other all the time. It's kind of sad... but the insults are either the same all the time, or they sing them.)

By the way- this happened four years ago. :) Tis awesome.

Sunday, August 22

Last Minute

click here to see the best picture ever!

and here are some funny videos:
I made this for you!
Beached Whale!
Jellyfish! (if you can, read the things in parenthesis! it's hilarious!)
Malk! (Molk? Milk?? whaaa??)
Trees Hate You!
And just cuz it's soooo cool: Techno Jeep comes back!

Well, school starts tomorrow. :/ best of luck to all of you starting at the same time as us, keep on keepin' on to all those who've already started, and you people who haven't started yet: you stink, but do well, anyway :)

It's creepy.

Isn't it?
I figured I should post before school starts (only two more days!), since I haven't in like... a week or so.
Anyway, I just read the most amazing series ever. Like, it's totally my favorite now, and I just want to go to Barnes and Noble, buy all the books, and carry them around with me for a week.
The series written by Kenneth Oppel, and the first book is called Airborn. The second is Skybreaker, and the third is Starclimber. They were all absolutely amazingly awesome, completely hilarious, and totally unputdownable. I stayed up until three in the morning reading Skybreaker last night, and I just now finished Starclimber. I probably read each of them in about four hours, and they're pretty long.
So, I totally recommend those books. They're kinda science fictiony, but not too heavy on the scientific descriptions, so they're really easy to understand. Plus, the second book contains what has to be the cheesiest line ever:
"If my heart was a compass, you'd be north."
Now for another topic.... school. It starts tomorrow and I still can't believe it, though I'm kind of glad because I've been getting pretty bored. You know, except for when I was reading. :D
Here's a nice list of things I hope you do:
1. Read the books. PLEASE.
2. Have an awesome first day of school. If you're not starting school, have an awesome Monday.
3. Come to our party tonight! (the one for 20,000 views) Bring your sense of humor and a friend. And some snacks, I guess.

hmm, I like this font.

Saturday, August 21

I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad, the random strangers I've never met, Bakers of yummy foods...

Hahaha thanks, everyone! We've hit 20,000 views here, and now I feel like we're quite popular :) So I'd just like to say thanks a bunch to everyone who's ever just been on the blog (for I'm fairly certain that many a people have just randomly come across it, glanced at it, and moved on), but an even bigger thanks to all of our friends who've actually read it- you guys get some cupcakes (if we had any). Also, if we had any sort of merch (besides the really badly put together but still pretty awesome motivational poster and the two t-shirts we made [the letters are coming off of mine!!]), we'd probably send some out to you all. /:
But look! I figured out how to take screen shots (finally.), so if you missed seeing the EXACT 20000 views, well, here ya go!Once again, thanks so much, and if you want, you can pretend that the next t-shirt you buy is a KNR one, and same with the next cupcake ;D (i know, i know. it's still pretty lame, but whatever).
Kris & Rian

Friday, August 20


I was bored, so I watched this movie. It's hilarious! It's only too bad that I didn't get to start it at the beginning. But the part I did start it at was awesome- they had just unburied the vampire lady xD hahaha
If you get the chance, you should totally find a way to watch this!

I wish I could make pancakes like THIS GUY. I mean, I can make pancakes, but... yeah. pancakes.

How cool would THIS be?! Pretty cool, I think. Except... you'd be eating ninjas. Which is not cool- they'd totally destroy your stomach. Oh well, I think I'd eat them anyway. :D

More Whose Line

Let's Make A Date!
Scene to Rap!
Sound Effects!

Ugh. I'm gonna have to start taping these now that school's starting up again :(

Wednesday, August 18

Someone do it!!


Hey, it would totally work in this song!!

Tuesday, August 17

Public Service Announcement

Hello, this is Rian here, talking to you about naming children. Not everyone in this world is a nice person. There are people out there who we call "bullies", and they generally just make fun of people and maybe they'll beat someone up, too. Therefore, you can't go around naming people things like "Infant". Yes, when they are born, they are an infant. But people grow older. When they're a toddler, they're no longer an infant. Also, the "bullies" might give them the "ah, does the baby want it's mama?!" taunt all the time. Do you want your child to be made fun of? Do you want your child to have low self esteem? If not, think ahead when you name your child. Also, just because your child's name contains the first five letters of the English alphabet, that does not mean that they will like their name. Especially if it's "Abcde" (pronounced like "obesity"). No one wants that name. It sounds like "obesity" for crying out loud, something that people are trying to stop. Your kid will probably be teased, as well. And please, learn to spell before you have a kid. "X-Ver" does not spell "Xavier". It spells "exdashver", which sounds as stupid as it's spelled. No one wants that name, either. This was a P.S.A brought to you by the mind of Rian, a person who doesn't want any kid to have their feelings hurt because of their name. While a name is something to be proud of... Parents, just think ahead when you name your child. Learn how to correctly spell the name of your choice, unless you want it to be different... but even still, keep it reasonably close, please.

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" -- G.I. Joe P.S.A.s.

Monday, August 16


According to the fifth definition in the Urban Dictionary, this word means:

An extremely powerfull weapon cablable of killing anything in its path. Many people try to use the TMP, but fail misserably.
Only the best hugest nerds that play CS all day long, are able to snipe with the TMP on maps such as de_dust2 and de_inferno

Many times have i been raped by a huge nerd at huge ranged, but this is only possible with a TMP.

The only weapon cabable of beating a huge nerd with a TMP is a huge nerd with duel scoped, duel berreta elites with duel laser sights.
Huge nerd #1 is CT and buys TMP.
Huge nerd #1's team is ecoing and decides to all camp B.
Huge nerd #2 is T and buys Elites.

Huge nerd #1 tries to sniper with the TMP at mid through DD.
Huge nerd #2 Duel Sniper Duel Elites mid from T spawn.

Huge nerd #2 killed Huge nerd #1 with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Heaton with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Potti with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Fisker with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Element with a duel elites

The only thing I know is that CS is Counter-Strike, and it's a game. Other than that, I have no idea what went on here (besides Huge Nerd #2 killing everyone), but I liked the spelling errors and "Huge Nerd #_" and all that stuff. :) haha

Sunday, August 15

new word!


It's pronounced THO-MAH-TURGE, and it means:
A miracle worker (or basically someone who does amazing things).

So the next time you've been defenestrated while somnolent, you'd better hope there's a thaumaturge there to save you. :D


If you don't know those other words, you should click them...

This is kind of a pointless post, but my favorite songs by Pierre Makes Some Noise are called 4 and Plan B.
Also, if you need good songs to run to (especially long distance), you can download all of Pierre's noise here. Also, if you just want to listen to some more songs by PMSN, click here!

*T-Pain voice* I was on a boat, shortaay!

So, my trip to Houston was very exciting :)
I got to hang out with my best friends that moved down there on Thursday and Friday, and it was great fun. The eldest brother makes songs on Garage Band, so we listened to a couple of those. In one of them (my favorite by far), he screams "CHICKEEEEEEEEN!!!" It's great. The middle brother and I watched the movie Taken, and the best part of that movie is: "No, no, penguins live in Antarctica!" Ooh, the first night there, we watched Terminator Salvation, and about halfway through the movie, the younger brother pulls his blanket up to his neck and starts muttering whole sentences in his sleep. No one could understand him, but it was funny :) Then, when the movie ended, my brother turned over in his sleep and said, "Okay, I'll go to sleep now." That was funny, too. And, if they happen to be reading this, to the youngest brother: "Pull your covers up to your neck, son." :D
Saturday afternoon and this morning (Sunday) were spent with some equally amazing friends who live on the lake. Peter and I played "Hide and Hide" with my brother and a younger cousin, but I will not explain the rules. But it was fun. A lot of my family was there, too, and we played three straight games of Mafia until 1:30ish AM Sunday morning. It was so fun, but I kept dying (the one time I got run out of town, Peter shot me in the head & threw me in the dumpster... so I still died). Later this morning, a few of us went out on the lake, and my dad, my uncle, my cousin, Peter, his younger brother, and his dad all wake boarded. I just took pictures. But it was still fun, and I enjoyed watching all of them. My family was funny (let's just say that they all had... problems. Dad, don't deny it. haha).
All in all, I had a really great time, and I wish school that one stupid place that stops all fun didn't have to start so soon, so that I could go back sooner!

Saturday, August 7

In response to my last post...

About how I'm always mistaken for how much younger than I am... Well, I was in Target the other day, and maybe it was because my mom was waiting for me by the door, or because I was holding the car keys, but this lady called me Ma'am. It made me feel old....

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post about... I'm kind of lazy.

Friday, August 6

I, personally, am kind of tired of Twilight. That didn't make this any less funny, though!
Check it out!

Thursday, August 5

Pies, Rings, and Final Fantasy. Link, too, I guess...

All Your Pie
The One Ring to Rule Them All!:
one (there are options to the left of Frodo... click one)
three (in my opinion, the funniest one!)
The Return of Ganandorf!
The best song ever: Final Fantasy Tribute (hahaha)
All About Random Battles!

Tuesday, August 3

I get that a lot.

Read this. The post isn't really the funny part, though I totally know how she feels. The funny part is the comments from people saying things like, "Yeah, when I was 25, I went to a restaurant and the waitress gave me a kids menu. When I asked for the adult menu, she told me they gave kids 12 and under the kids menu. She didn't even believe me when I showed her my license. :("

Yeah...It's pretty funny, but I really do know how they feel. The other day, one of my mom's friends was over, and she asked me what grade I was going to. When I said 11th, she started freaking out and told me she thought I was ten. Then she asked if I got pulled over a lot when I drove.
I know I'm always mistaken for a freshman, but jeez... Anyone else know how I feel?

Best Ever

I'm telling you- this right HERE is the best Song Styles on Whose Line EVER! It's great :)

Monday, August 2


so, I went to the park today with my neighbors. (this is only a big deal because I haven't gone outside without my entire family in forever)
Twas fun :D
When our parents called, we told them we got eaten by mutant lobsters... until we decided to go into details about how they were mutated... (includes: ninjas, space, zombies, robots, etc.)
Parks are awesome.

Sunday, August 1

Clash of the Titans

So, I don't know if you guys have seen either of the movies, but you should go rent them if you haven't. I just watched the remake, and I just have to say that the original is so much better. I mean, Bubo (the robot owl thing) barely even appeared in the new one! ...Just kidding, I don't actually care about him that much. The remake was still pretty good, but if you compare, it's definitely not as good. I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the horrible effects. I do love those old sci-fi movies...

Anyway, that's pretty much all I needed to say.

Baseball?? It must be AstroTurf!!

So today I went to my grandparents' house, and we hung out with them, my uncles, aunts, and cousins :D
It was an amusing day.
To start it off, we played Catchphrase. It's a really interesting game... if you don't know what it is, read here! I really don't know why, but somehow, in every game I play, China is mentioned. It started with my grandmother... She was trying to get us to say, "Oriental Express", and her hint was, "Uh, uh, uh... CHINA!" It didn't really help much. Today, my aunt kept using Chinese food ("thinking... uh, Chinese pasta! Chinese food!! [the words were "Use your noodle" and "Egg roll"]) as her hints. Also, the title is one of my grandmother's things... She was trying to get us to say "AstroTurf", but kept talking about baseball. (click the word if you don't know what it is.)
Before we moved outside, my uncle said to me, "Hey, I saw this stupid music video yesterday, and it made me think of you." He showed me, but warned me that it would get progressively worse as it went on. To see it, click here! It's really funny, but the whole time, you think, "uh... what the heck?!" We decided later on that the person who wrote it was using Cleverbot.
Then we moved outside to the pool, where an elaborate game of painful catch was started. It mainly consisted of my dad, both my uncles, and my cousin. I joined in for most of it, along with my brother & my cousin's daughter. I've decided that tomorrow, I'm going to wake up, but my eyes will be bruised shut. Then, I will try to turn my head, but my neck will be too bruised to do anything. I think everyone else (my uncles, dad, and cousin) would be bruised even worse than I, though, so my more probable guess is that we'll all just be kind of sore. Getting hit with those water balls (you know, the ones that soak up water & stuff) & the one water frisbee is painful. D:
Finally, we moved it back inside to eat yummy foodstuffs and watch one of the most hilarious movies ever- Kung Fu Hustle! I'm gonna learn the dance that the Notorious Axe Gang do :) it'll be fun! hahaha

Friday, July 30

Who's Advertising?!

Okay... hello, all you random people who have randomly come upon our blog all at once.
Unless you are one person...
Yeah. So for all you who don't know, someone (or some people) has (have) been commenting on our cbox lately. For all you who don't know what that is, scroll down & look at the side bar. Hopefully, you'll know it when you see it. All the posts have been around the same time, which is why I'm suspecting it might be one person who puts random links & names.
But yeah. Thanks, whoever you are, for advertising, and thanks to you people (person) for reading! Also, remember that you can comment on the post itself (someone put "Nice post" on the cbox... but there are a lot of posts, and I don't know which one you were talking about). You just click on the little pink line of words at the bottom of the particular post (it says "[insert #] people were awesome enough to comment")... yeah.
Thanks again for stopping by! :)
Kris & Rian

Wednesday, July 28

Or so I've heard:

Tuesday, July 27

Real Quick:

So yesterday, at the airport, I swear to you that I saw Miss Honey. If you don't know who I'm talking about, read Matilda by Roald Dahl, and then watch the movie. The lady who plays Miss Honey in the movie is the lady I saw. Same hair cut, same smile, same little hesitant movements... I'm telling you. If it's not Miss Honey, it's her twin or something. Unfortunately, the two little girls she had with her looked nothing like the Matilda in the movie... but it would've been awesome if they did!
Today on the plane I sat next to a 107 year old man. He was pretty cool, but the lady who was helping him around was not so much.
Last night at the airport I took to walking back and forth in a big giant hallway, and one security lady asked me if I was with the cleaning people. I was dressed in dark skinny jeans, a grey shirt, a brown jacket, and my "snazzy kicks" (my favorite pair of shoes). I looked at the cleaning crew (of advanced years, dressed in AA jumpsuit things). Uh, no, ma'am. I'm not with the cleaning crew.
Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday! I'm gonna finish my homework today, hopefully :)

Reasons why i dislike Miami International Airport.
1) the gates are too far, which makes for a lot of walking, & i don't have a skateboard.
2) they constantly play what sounds like a mix of elevator/ wii resort music.
3) fire alarms go off for no reason.
4) there are no good food places. No mcdonalds, no starbucks, nothing good.
5) i've been stuck here for 16 hours.

fixed this one, too. meaning- I'm back home now!! yaaay! :D

Monday, July 26

Mm, fun stuff. So, we're stuck at the airport until tomorrow morning (hopefully). We is my mom and I, by the way- my dad & brother got out on this last flight. On the bright side, i'll probably end up finishing the rest of my summer homework. I've been really productive today.
In other news, if you look around and notice that there is a lack of Spanish-speaking girls in your city, they're in Miami. Just letting you know, in case you were worried.

yeah, I fixed this. And most of the girls have left by now, so they might be back home. :)

Okay, so airports suck. I always get stuck on the way back. I've been at the stupud miami international airport for almost 12 hours, and the next flight doesn't leave for another 2 hours. :/ also- the fire alarms keep going off. I don't think there's ever an actual fire, but it keeps going off, anyway. Which is stupid.
Anyway, i'm hoping this message doesn't get split like the last one, but whatever. I'm hoping kristin will fix it if it does :)

Sunday, July 25

Too much time spent watching hotel Tv.

The other day, we received the lamest Wolverine toy ever from McDonalds. Why is it so lame? Because his arms and legs don't move, but he's got retractable claws. The thing about the claws, though- they're all connected, and they're not even sort of sharp. As my brother says, "Wolverine got a manicure!" yeah... it's pretty lame. Also, next chance you get, invite my family to come over and watch "Mystery Diagnosis" with you. That show can be made into the silliest joke ever, I swear. Some of those parents are stupid, too. "Oh, my daughter has had the worst headache ever for seven days. I guess I should take her to a doctor... BUT SHE'S FAKING! YOU'RE A LIAR! GO TO SCHOOL! SUCK IT UP!!" xD yeah.
Okay, off to dinner now. And next time you're in a hotel room, keep in mind that they're "itchy and claustrophobic," so be sure to scratch the walls and keep the windows open. :)

So, an update on the Super Lame Wolverine (SLW)- it actually turns its head. All the way around. Like an owl.
Also, when you try to make him attack something with his claws... They retract. He's never gonna get close to scratching anything, even in the super lame circumstances. -_-

In other news- last night in Miami, we're leaving in the morning. Blah.
I'll post later, I guess. In the mean time... anyone in a sparkly article of clothing is SO ICY!

Saturday, July 24

I Seek the Grail!

yeah... I'm watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail... again :)
Anyway, today we went down to South Beach and kind of walked around on Lincoln Avenue. We went to this restaurant called Carnevale and I got some Penne Arrabiata (or something). It was really good, actually. Except it had "Incredible Sauce" aka "You're-doing-it-wrong-sauce". Why? Because it was made backwards. When you have something spicy, usually when you drink water, your mouth burns even more, and when you eat bread, your mouth doesn't burn as much. In the case of this sauce, when I drank water, it was better, and worse when I ate the yummy bread that I get at some restaurants that I do not know the name of (speaking of the bread here).
Anyway, when we first got to South Beach, we stopped at a corner to watch the Raw Miami Group breakdance. It was amazing- and it was just their warm-up! They're really good :)
Also, this guy has been coming up a lot, so I'll tell you the story. A while back, my mom, brother, and I went to the mall near our house. There, we saw a guy riding a three-wheeled Segway. He reached just less than the speed limit in a school zone, and his siren went off- accidentally. Everyone kind of started laughing at him... trust me. It was funny if you were there.
Yet another thing- I like the people here. They're very rational minded. At home, it starts raining and everyone starts freaking out and running for cover like they'll melt or they're hydrophobic (coughKristincough). These people just go about their business. It's nice.
SHRUBBERY! *dramatic music* ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! *more dramatic music*