Sunday, September 14

awesome post

Okay. So yesterday my brother and I wanted donuts. I don't know why, but I STILL want them. You'll see why.

So we get to the donut place across the street, and all they have are those sausage roll thingys! (lethologica)
So we got, like five of those... By the way, since I'm bored and procrastinating, I'm going to rant about James.
James is one of my characters. And now I'm really mad because he was trying to break up Rob and Roxie, who are the awesomest fictional characters on the face of the earth, with the exception of Dean and maybe Akio-sama. It made me very mad, which is stupid because I wrote it...So, yeah. I've got to write a bunch because I'm hating this part of the story...Okay. I guess I'll stop. Oh yeah. I was bored, so I put glue on my finger, then when it dried, I pulled it off! Now I have a glue picture of my fingerprint! It's really cool. Try it. If you want to make it different, color your finger with a marker or pen before you put the glue on.
Yay for art projects!
i guess I'd better go,

Hello Donut!!
I'm adding to the awesome post too because I'M procrastinating too! and the donuts thing made me remember... Last night before my Orange Girl dream, i'm pretty sure i had something about chocolate donuts. Probably something like a bunch of chocolate donuts flying around in my field of vision, but because i was asleep, i couldn't move to go get one. AND on the way to church, we passed this donut place, and then that reminded me that i wanted donuts... and yesh. so now i want donuts AGAIN!!! arg!! oh well. that's my saying for today. Oh well. yep. because i've been saying it a lot. Ok, i've got lots of coloring to do... I guess i'll go do that now. AGAIN!!!
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)
psst: this awesome post is awesome because we were being boring and doing homework and projects and stuff, and it seemed kinda weird seeing as we just won the BOTDA, so yesh. AWESOME! :)

Kristin again.
Okay. So I was helping my mom cook dinner, and I started making this pasta. It's the Suddenly Salad, original. It is awesome. I swear, I ate half of it before I even finished making it. So my mom sent me away. I can eat it cold, hot, or in between. It's best cold,though. Omg. I SO want more. I am totally obsessed with this pasta...

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Rian said...

is it all gone yet?! you've been eating it the whole time... loti
u know who... or u should seeing as my name is like, right there!! :)

*kris said...

no, it's not. But it's very mom's outside, so I'm sneaking some. brownies too. yum. i'll bring some tomorrow.