Tuesday, September 16

I got a workout today

In English, we were supposed to send a representative from our group, and since no one else volunteered, I went. Really, the teacher just wanted us to get paper. The long rolly one...butcher paper. So we get down there, and the door to the cafeteria is locked. So we had to walk around, basically in a gigantic almost complete square. Then, we all get in and everyone's like, "Hey! We need scissors!" So I go BACK upstairs to get scissors, since I didn't want to walk into a random room. Maybe that would have been better though, because I TRIPPED on my way into the room, where the rest of the class was having a discussion. then I couldn't find my scissors, so I had to get them from a random guy. THEN I get back to the cafeteria, after walking ALL the way downstairs and in the square, mind you, and they decide to rip the paper.

But of course, it doesn't end there! I'm walking back upstairs and more people come out of the classroom saying, "Hey! Where's the paper?!"
So I have to walk ALL the way back down and around to help them. THEN MORE people come and I have to help them. Honestly, it made me very mad.
Then, while the people in our group, which includes person 1 and 2 two from the Library Incident, were tracing me, they made it very weird...So I started laughing while laying on the floor, on paper.
It was the weirdest class period of my life.
And really, that's taken up all the space necessary... So I'll be going.
Off to homework land,
editted by moi! (i'm rian, by the way...) and i ALSO have homework to do too... UGH! WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? (that was REALLY dramatic.)

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DAS said...

hahahahahahhaha. ha. poor kris. so unappreciated.