Wednesday, September 10

...i guess this is about books. random :)

Hello Donut!
Right now i'm rereading Inkheart. it's a good book. I just finished reading Kris's story about Rob and Roxie- which was totally AWESOME!- and after i finish Inkheart i will read Inkspell, which is the sequel (OBVIOUSLY!!). When i finish that, i will read The Tiger's Egg, which is a sequel to The Palace of Laughter. It's part of the Wednesday Tales. Yep. I read weird books sometimes. But i read normal books too, like the Alex Rider books (so far i've only read the first one, just cuz the second one is not showing up when i need it), A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter books, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, the Overlander Chronicles (Gregor the Overlander!!), and i randomly have 2 copies of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Don't ask me why... ok. this was totally random, cuz i was just planning on saying blahbiddy blah blah malarky again, cuz i STILL have nothing to talk about, and STILL no one is helping me get any farther into the lyrics, so yeah. ok.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

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