Friday, September 26


Note: I don't like to say people's names, especially if they don't know I'm posting this, so you'll see alot of someone's, and person1's. You wouldn't like to be randomly looking at a blog and see something that you did on there, would you? Also, I switched the background back because the balloons and whatnot were getting annoying...I like this one.

Today was pretty much a horrible day. It wasn't all bad, but it started off bad...I woke up at 6:30, which is when my bus comes. So I missed it. Luckily, I didn't forget my- OH MY GOSH. I LEFT MY ENGLISH PROJECT ON THE BUS. Great...makes everything better. Well, to rephrase that, I didn't forget my english project THIS MORNING. and I didn't get to drop it off in Ms. Smith's classroom because I was running late. Yay! one of my friends just texted me and said she'd get it for me. Okay, back to the story. First period, I had french, which was oddly hilarious today. Our teacher told us to learn stuff about each other, so we randomly went up and talked, and answered questions and stuff. It was especially hilarious when...someone came in about TEN minutes late, and we voted on whether he should stay or not...then we made him tell us exactly why he was late. Basically, it was because his girlfriend, who's a friend of mine, was on the phone with him until one in the morning, so he went to bed late and forgot to set his alarm. Apparently, his parents are out of town. Then someone asked how he had gotten to school, and he said one of his sister's friends brought him. And, randomly, someone else yells, "And how does your girlfriend feel about that?!" Everyone laughed. Except person1, who goes, "It was a guy."
That was even funnier. Next I had biology, which bored me to death because all we did was take notes,and I write pretty fast, so I had a long wait. I also wrote notes to Rianna, who sits two rows ahead of me, and we threw them because it's the easiest way. Half of mine ended up right beside the guy in front of me. It was kinda weird...Awkward moment. Isn't it weird how that's spelled?
Then i had dance, (remember the random dance class?) and we were doing partner dancing. The girl who was my partner was a good dancer, but she kept trying to skip ahead, and she was being very controlling and extremely annoying. She kept trying to teach me the full turn, when we were only supposed to be practicing half turns. We were going to learn full turns next, but she kept trying to show me how to do it. it confused me so much. And once, she stopped the WHOLE DANCE, just because I was "looking at my feet". It made me mad.
Then I went to lunch, which was fine, except we were buying ice cream and these random people were just standing by the machine.

boy: I'm not wearing any underwear.
girl: Cool!

What?! Does that make any sense at all?! My friend and I were just standing there staring... then we had english, and we got an 88 on our presentation, though everyone else got 90's. We were wondering about it, because everyone else did powerpoints, but we did a poster. And the teacher was laughing at us! Ms. Smith. The teacher I highly dislike... She's the one that threatened to hit me with a stick, and all that other stuff that I can't remember right now...She also made one of my semi-friends cry...It was a guy too. she as insulting his religion, basically. We were wondering if she could get fired for that...So I guess that's it. My not so great, pretty annoying, and hilariously funny in some places day. (also, you could majorly NOT spell/ use grammer today...)
Going to try and get some sleep tonight,
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TypingtoOblivion said...

Teachers are definitely not allowed to talk about religion like that. That teacher clearly has some issues.

*kris said...

yeah, I know. i don't like her.

DAS said...

poor kris.