Monday, September 22

Maximum Ride Literary Analysis questions!

Since I'm bored, I'm going to answer one of the questions in the back of the book. Hence the title. Also, I came up with an awesome story idea to go in my awesome notebook. It'll have awesome written all over it...Well, probably not, because I'm not going to take the chance of ruining something so awesome...loti.

1. Describe Max's relationship with each member of the flock. How do the character's names fit their personalities?

Angel- Max's favorite, treats her like her own daughter. She is angelic, and extremely innocent and cute.
Gazzy- Max's "little trooper". He doesn't usually question her decisions, and takes care of Angel. He is...gassy...
Nudge- Like Max's sister, but Max sees her more as a kid than someone only a few years younger than her. Nudge...I have no idea why her name is Nudge. Maybe because you have to nudge her to get her to stop talking.
Iggy(THE AWESOMEST!)- Like Max's brother. He's helpful, sarcastic, and blind! Everything you could want in a brother and more! Just kidding. Iggy... Ignis means fire in latin, and since me makes bombs and stuff, that's probably where it came from.
Fang(this should be interesting)- Max's "right hand man". Her best friend too(not JUST best friends). She looks to him for guidance, and sometimes he says the things she's afraid to. I THINK his name is Fang because he's kinda menacing. That's really the only reason I could think of. 
Max(just the name)- Max is short for Maximum Ride, which is the name Max chose for herself. Whatever you think when you're reading the first half of The Angel Experiment, Max is not a guy. (WHO ELSE THOUGHT THAT?! I DID.)
Well, that was very informative. I'll do another tomorrow.

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