Wednesday, September 24


Hello Donut!
i decided i had something to post about now. It's DRAGON BALL Z!!! lotio, some of you are probably all, "ugh, that show is SO DUMB!", while others are saying, "THAT SHOW IS THE BESTEST SHOW EVER MADE!!!!". well, i just have ONE little question about it. WHY ARE THEY NAMED AFTER FOOD/DRINKS?! i mean, come on! if you think about it:
Kakarot (or however you spell that) is like CARROT. (Goku for all those who didn't know)
Bardock is like BURDOCK (which can be eaten as a root). (Goku's dad, fyi)
Vegeta is like VEGGIE FAJITA.
Nappa is the name of some wine company. Nappa Valley.
Piccolo is like PICKLE.
Ma Jin Buu (once again, how do you spell that!?) i guess could be like MARGARINE BUTTER or something like that...
Raditz is like RADISH.
Garlic Jr. well, that's kinda self explanatory.
Jeice looks like JUICE.
The Spice Boys. ok. weird.
Ginyu is kinda like the GINSU knives.
Arqua is like AQUA, which technically is a color, but still.
and you can keep it all in the freiza (FREEZER)!!!! lotio.

yeah. they have some weird names. and Pokemon is a copycat. Because they stole Caterpy (caterpie). (dbz came first!!) yeah.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!!)

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TypingtoOblivion said...

Those are some funny comparisons. Especially Ma Jin Buu. I actually used to watch DBZ quite a bit. I stopped a couple of years ago.

Rian said...

lotio. yeah, kris, my dad, and i were talking about it last night at dinner... it was hilarious. i used 2 watch it too. and then my little bro got burst limit, so we're all kinda hooked again, i guess. but that's the way it goes most of the time, eh?